On Friday night the Cincinnati Reds were celebrating a come from behind win that was capped off by a Jake Fraley 3-run home run in the 9th inning. But following the game there was some bad news, too. Jim Day reported on Bally Sports Ohio’s post game show that left-handed pitcher Nick Lodolo would be heading back to Cincinnati to have his ankle/calf area checked out due to on-going discomfort.

It has been a struggle of late for Nick Lodolo. After allowed just four runs in his first three starts of the season he’s given up 20 runs in 17.1 innings, allowing 32 hits and nine home runs in the next four starts. His ERA has ballooned up to 6.29 in the process. Perhaps he’s been trying to pitch through this for a little bit of time now, and that could help explain at least some of his struggles.

Levi Stoudt, who had been scheduled to start for the Louisville Bats on Friday night was scratched and didn’t pitch. The Reds must have known that they may need Stoudt on Saturday, and he’s going to be the starting pitcher for Cincinnati if he can get to Miami in time for the 1:10pm game.

Earlier this season we saw Levi Stoudt make a spot start. The 25-year-old faced off against the Tampa Bay Rays in his big league debut a little more than three weeks ago. Things didn’t go well as the Rays scored seven runs off of him in 4.0 innings at Great American Ball Park that day.

Since returning to Triple-A he’s made three starts. Two of them have been solid, allowing one run in 5.0 innings on April 25th and one run in 4.0 innings on May 6th. The start in between those two didn’t go as planned as he allowed eight runs on six hits and six walks in 3.0 innings to Iowa.

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  1. Tom Mitsoff

    An injury would at least somewhat explain why Lodolo has been struggling.

  2. Jim Walker

    Google Maps says it is less than a 3 hour drive from Slugger Field to the Nashville, TN airport. Surely there is flight out of Nashville or a for hire flight service that could get him from there to Miami overnight????

    • Jim Walker

      Looks like Spirit has a flight leaving Nashville at 510am and arriving in Ft Lauderdale at 821am. That should do it.

      • CI3J

        He’s not going to be very well-rested.

    • Optimist

      Yeah – the “if he can get to Miami” sounds like a front office failure waiting to happen. Even I know someone at NetJets if it comes to that.

      • Jim Walker

        Yes. I just wanted to point out the absurdity of a billion dollar enterprise not being sure they can move someone from Louisville, KY to Miami, FL with about 18 hours of lead time (given they knew to hold out Stoudt from starting tonight for the Bats).

        The actual flight time between Nashville and Miami is a couple of hours. Add an hour or less to that from Louisville. The team doesn’t have a timeshare agreement for a private plane to use in these situations that can raise a plane and pilot(s) to comfortably meet an 18 hour lead time?

    • David

      About equal distance to Cincinnati airport (in Kentucky) from Louisville.

      • Jim Walker

        But probably longer flight time to Miami from Cincy. But yes since they move people back and forth between Louisville and Cincy regularly they might have standing arrangements for ground travel to do that,

  3. SultanofSwaff

    Just happy to hear it’s not an elbow or shoulder.

  4. Bdh

    Not ideal since the matchup is against last years Cy Young winner.

    Start Law for 1-2 innings again and have Stoudt come in 3rd through the 6th or 7th regardless if he’s hit hard or not. If he’s hit hard then you just need someone to mop up the 8th. If he keeps the reds in it then go from there.
    Keep the pen as rested as you can going into a friendlier game 3 matchup for the series win or hopefully sweep

    • Tom Mitsoff

      It will be interesting to see if Bell goes the “opener” route again — and if it works again.

      • Optimist

        Law, Legumina, Stoudt, Farmer – that should get 8ip, if each can give fractional add-ons. If it’s at all close, use Diaz for 3 batters mid-game.

        With Herget and Lively already up, it really seems we’re closing in on Abbott or Williamson (or German?) for a spot start. Next off day in 17 days.

      • Bdh

        Chase Anderson was DFA’d from Tampa after giving them 5 scoreless. He looked fine for Louisville too. If he hasn’t landed anywhere yet then I’d take him back for some starts

      • Bdh

        Never mind he was picked up by the Rockies so maybe we will be facing him soon.

  5. Rednat

    man, just when I was starting to believe in this team the injuries are piling up. Just like last year. This Lodolo injury hurts more than the Friedl injury just because of lack of pitching depth obviously.
    we are down to 2 solid starters with Ashcraft and Greene. I Like what I have seen so far with Weaver. At least he keeps us in the game. I think our best option now is to have more “bullpen days” to fill the other 2 rotation spots. I have faith that Bell could get really creative with this concept and run with it until Lodolo returns and possibly Abbot gets up here.

    if Stephenson really gets going this team can be dangerous. I know everybody is excited about the studs in the minors but I like how this group of guys compete

    • Tomn

      Stephenson looked like the player I remember him being yesterday. He seemed to have woken up. Good to see. The Reds need that badly. Now how about we get rid of this silly 3 catcher experiment, go with two and bring McLain up Pronto- oh if we can figure out how to get him to miami.

      • Indy Red Man

        I’m confident that our Reds are the only team in MLB that could have the best (or hottest) hitter in all of the minors and wouldn’t call him up.

      • Jim Walker

        @IRM>> How about 1 who is the best hitter in MiLB with two more vying with him to be the hottest all with 1.000+ OPS; and, they can’t manage to get any of them to the big team. Then there is the catcher hitting ~.400 also with a 1.000+ OPS and another everyday player with a .900+ OPS.

      • redfanorbust

        Hey Tomn. I understand why you want to get rid of the three catcher plan. I was a proponent for it. I still don’t think Stephenson is built for catching at all. He is a serious injury waiting to happen (again) IMO. He has had two concussions already and Stephenson said he actually had three. The whole idea stemmed from him being one of if not our best hitter coming into the season and needed to protect him. Now that he has had a slow start, everyone is clamoring for the plan to go away like he will never be as good a hitter as he was again. No one quite knows why he is hitting so poorly to start but the only different factor I can see between last year in this is his shoulder injury. Anyway with all the pending call ups from AAA it may be a moot point and there will not be a spot for a third catcher.

    • Kevin H

      He is scheduled to pitch Sunday for Louisville. I agree let’s see what he has. He is in my opinion more than ready

      • Oldtimer

        People said that about Homer Bailey and Robert Stephenson, too.

      • DHud

        Old Timer despite the narrative surrounding how his contract played out, Homer Bailey objectively had a good career and was a good major league pitcher. People want to hate because he may not have lived up to the ace-hype, but he still collected 6.2 WAR over 14 MLB seasons

  6. Kevin H

    While I know people don’t have crystal balls. I Wonder why Reds weren’t proactive and brought a starter and put them on taxi squad, and a extra player as well for Friedl? Is taxi squad still available for Road games?

    Reds bench is thin with Friedl being hurt

    • Redsvol

      Most teams don’t bother with bringing up and extra offensive player when one gets hurt on a road trip – unless it’s a true player to the DL situation. Happens all the time. I was just reading similar situation for dodgers and Mets last month.

      • Kevin H

        I get that, however with two catchers it takes away from a extra outfielder/infielder. I guess that is why players play multiple positions today.

  7. TR

    Nothing new, but the Reds are not the only team to have injuries. I like Bell’s use of a potpourri of pitchers to fill needed positions until stable regulars emerge either from the farm system or by spending money for pitching.

  8. CFD3000

    It’s a very pleasant surprise that the Reds bullpen ERA leads the NL (or maybe 2nd to Cubs depending on last night’s game). And it’s good that Lodolo’s injury is not to his arm / shoulder. But just when the Reds have emerged from the really tough April, early May schedule and seem to be gaining some momentum this is a big setback. It’s really hard to imagine how an exhausted Stoudt helps the team beat Miami and Alcantara today.

    Not only is the flight situation an organizational failure, but how is this decision just being made the day before Lodolo’s scheduled start? Best case he goes on the IL, gets 99% healthy and returns strong having missed only two or three starts.

    • Optimist

      I’m not at all worried about an “exhausted Stoudt”. Much more worried about an absent Stoudt. They’re certainly human, but also young, very healthy athletes (Kruk/Burgess types excepted) who can react interestingly to challenges and opportunities. There are many tales of pitchers feeling they had nothing and were lost during pre-game warmups, and going out to pitch a no-hitter, and vice-versa. If the organization cannot get him to the stadium that is a massive failure – far worse than 5ip, 6h, 2BB, 4ER.

  9. docproc

    Law is listed in the lineup as today’s starting pitcher. Probably an “opener” again.

  10. docproc

    Also, no Senzel in today’s lineup. Anyone hear anything about him?

    • Old-school

      Senzel splits are crazy

      Hes hitting like .500 against lefties and .175 against righties. Hes probably taking a pass on Alcantara.

  11. SlippinJimmy

    In other news, City Connect uni’s: yes please!

    Even David Bell can’t screw these things up!

    (Unless he makes everyone wear an Urban Sombrero)

  12. DHud

    Lineup out. SP listed as TBD

    Stoudt must’ve missed his flight this morning

  13. Old-school

    Stoudt took a 630 am flight and is available to pitch. Herget optioned

    • DHud


      Herget pitched 3 innings two days ago, but with what would seemingly be a bullpen game today you think he’d be valuable. No other really great options though to make room for Stoudt

      • Optimist

        This makes sense – Lively stays for the next spot start/long relief stint, and as needed beyond that. Herget returns after the required stay (IIRC 15 days?) for another long relief spot if needed/Lodolo doesn’t return.