Last night’s come from behind win by the Reds evened up the series. This afternoon Cincinnati will try to pick up a series win against the Chicago White Sox. First pitch is set for 4:10pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Chicago White Sox

Cincinnati Reds

Tim Anderson – SS Jonathan India – 2B
Andrew Benintendi – LF TJ Friedl – CF
Andrew Vaughn – 1B Spencer Steer – 1B
Luis Robert Jr. – CF Tyler Stephenson – C
Hanser Alberto – 3B Henry Ramos – LF
Yasmani Grandal – DH Nick Senzel – 3B
Gavin Sheets – RF Wil Myers – RF
Elvis Andrus – 2B Kevin Newman – DH
Seby Zavala – C Jose Barrero – SS
Michael Kopech – RHP Graham Ashcraft – RHP

Starting Pitchers

Graham Ashcraft 36.0 2.00 1.17 16 27
Michael Kopech 31.2 5.97 1.58 21 34
Links: Graham Ashcraft’s Stats | Michael Kopech’s Stats

Graham Ashcraft

After his debut this season, Graham Ashcraft walked at least three batters in his next four starts. He didn’t pay too much of a price for it, but there were more walks than you’d like to see. Last time out he walked just one batter in his 6.0 innings against the Padres.

For some reason, despite all of the evidence, teams still send a bunch of left-handed hitters to the plate to face Graham Ashcraft. He has reverse splits and they are pretty big, too. Left-handed hitters have hit just .108 against him and have an OPS of .421 this year – and it wasn’t much better last season, either. But right-handed hitters actually hit quite well against him. This season they are hitting .297 against him with nearly as many walks as strikeouts and an OPS 332 points higher than that of lefties. The same held true last season.


RHH 75 19 5 0 0 8 9 .297 .378 .375
LHH 73 7 4 0 1 8 18 .108 .206 .215

Pitch Usage

2-Seam Cutter Slider
Velo 97.1 96.6 88.8
Usage 7% 55% 38%

Michael Kopech

It’s been a tough start to the season for Michael Kopech, but he’s coming off of a good start where he allowed just one run in 6.0 innings against Minnesota – though it did feature five walks to go with just one hit.

This season both lefties and righties are finding success against Michael Kopech, but they’re doing it in different ways. Left-handed hitters aren’t getting many hits against him so far, but they are walking a ton and hitting for plenty of power when they do get hits. Right-handed hitters are doing well across the board – hitting for average, drawing walks, making contact, and hitting for power. Last season lefties hit better across the board than righties did against him, and that’s been the case for his career.


RHH 69 18 1 0 4 8 12 .305 .406 .525
LHH 73 11 3 1 4 13 22 .190 .329 .483

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Curve Slider Change
Velo 96.2 81.1 85.6 88.7
Usage 63% 7% 25% 6%

When and Where

  • Game time: 4:10pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 76°, partly cloudy, 15% chance of rain

News and Notes

Jake Fraley is available today

Eloy Jimenez to the IL

Prior to the game yesterday the White Sox announced that Eloy Jimenez was admitted to a hospital here in Cincinnati. He’s now on the injured list after having an appendectomy.

More Elly De La Cruz impressiveness

Last night was another big day for Elly De La Cruz (and Matt McLain). He continued his hot hitting, picking up a double and a home run. His home run was a moonshot that went well beyond the wall in center field and came off of the bat at 116.3 MPH. If you want to read about any of that and watch some video of the homer runs hit by De La Cruz and McLain, and wonder why at least one of them isn’t in Cincinnati right now…. well, we’ve got you covered right here.


Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Pirates 20 14 0.0 24.8%
Brewers 18 15 1.5 56.5%
Cubs 17 16 2.5 29.2%
Reds 14 19 5.5 1.4%
Cardinals 10 24 10.0 18.8%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs

106 Responses

  1. Optimist

    Get well soon Eloy, an appendectomy is surprisingly debilitating with a lengthy recovery – really not much to rehab other than time. Hope it was caught very early and at least it’s not a joint or bone injury.

  2. JayTheRed

    I am generally ok with the lineup today. Nothing really glaring like there usually is.
    Newman keeps starting one way or another though.

  3. LDS

    Bell said Fraley is available off the bench today? Let’s hope that’s not the usual Bell speak for going on the IL in a couple of days. If he’s available off the bench, let him DH.

  4. J

    It’s very bad, poor, unsatisfactory, unwelcome, terrible, unfortunate, unpleasant, displeasing, inadequate, substandard, awful, terrible, disagreeable, rotten, crummy, and imperfect that this team is still going with the three-catcher roster rather than adding a player who could actually be useful on a regular basis.

    • LDS

      Maybe Doug will let you swear in some uncommon language like maybe Ancient Greek.

      • J

        I prefer swearing between the lines. It’s always there, but so subtle that most people probably wouldn’t even notice.

    • J

      *One of those “terribles” should have been “dreadful.”

  5. Optimist

    At this moment Pirates, Cubs and Cardinals all losing. Let’s go Reds!

  6. Votto4life

    A Sunday game we have a good chance of winning Go Reds!

    • JayTheRed

      I know usually it’s the worst possible lineup day.

  7. old-school

    Jon India for mayor!!!

    ROY version is back!

    • Kevin H

      GABP bandbox homerun strikes again LOL

  8. old-school

    Whats the opposite of a Tootblan by the fielding team? never seen that. White Sox buffoonery.

  9. Daytonnati

    Man, Stephenson doesn’t look like he’s having fun.

  10. Tom Mitsoff

    So, what is going on with Stephenson? He continues to take fastballs down the middle for strike three. It’s an ongoing trend.

    • Kevin H

      Needs glasses? I am serious as its becoming a trend for him.

    • Old-School

      Rusty. Really has never played 150 games at MLB level. They jerked him around with Barnhart and Casali tip toe dance and last year concussion, broker finger and major surgery. Reps and continuity and playing most every day matters. Throw in a role change where you sit for an hour between reps… Give him another 100 at bats.

  11. Ted Alfred

    And once again Stephenson swings at Ball 4 on a 3-1 pitch that’s 6 in inside and 6 in high and then takes strike three right down the middle, so instead of having the bases loaded with nobody out with a great chance to break this open in the first inning you got nothing. Stephenson needs to be bumped down to seven or eight in the order and he needs to be sitting a lot more than he is

    • Kevin H

      He is too good of a player to be sitting. He has yet to find himself and besides he has been hitting just not the way some like.

  12. Tom Mitsoff

    Wow, that should have been at least a crooked number inning.

  13. Mark A Verticchio

    Stephenson is killing this team, he looks lost at the plate. All the more reason to bring up CES. It would give the team a legit # 4 hitter. He should bring Mclain along with him.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      We know he’s a good hitter, but something is definitely not right.

  14. Indy Red Man

    Seen enough of Ramos. He’s not Thames or whatever his name was with Milwaukee. Fairchild is better then him. Drop Stephenson to 6 as well and let him get it going again. Bell is stubborn

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Ramos is a lefty bat against a hard-throwing righty.

    • SteveAreno

      Ramos is second on the team with OBP. Seen enough of Baserunners, huh?

  15. Dennis Westrick

    A walk followed by a home run! Where have we seen that before!

  16. Dennis Westrick

    Ashcraft needs to refocus soon! Hopefully the Reds can score more than one (1) run against another SP with a pregame ERA of nearly 6!

  17. MBS

    Looks like Abbott found himself a big league basher. Franmil Reyes takes him deep for a 2 run HR.

  18. JB

    Man Ashcraft following Lodolo’s start with the same pitch count. 42 in the second is going to be a short day. Bullpen is going to be called on again to save the day

  19. Old-school

    Ashcraft leaving the ball up in the zone.

  20. Old-school

    This game went sideways quick!

  21. Dennis Westrick

    Ashcraft doesn’t have “it” today! Bad timing as other NL Central teams are currently losing!

  22. LDS

    Ashcraft too? What is going on with Reds starters?

  23. J

    Sorry I’m late to the party, but I just have to say: Stephenson’s at-bat is a perfect illustration of why I dislike Bell so much. Nobody should ever be swinging at a 3-1 pitch in that situation unless it’s down the middle (and even then, I’m not sure you should be swinging at a 3-1 pitch when you haven’t been hitting well and the pitcher doesn’t seem to have any control), and absolutely nobody should be taking strike three down the middle after swinging at what would have been ball four. It’s just terrible leadership that guys feel they can do this sort of thing without any concern that the manager might so much as express any displeasure, let alone move them down in the order or bench them.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Stephenson is a good hitter, and no manager is ever going to give a good hitter the take on a 3-1 pitch in the first inning with two on and nobody out. However, something is making Stephenson perform like less than a good hitter, and it feels like more than a slump, because it’s been this way for quite awhile.

      • Votto4life

        Yeah, I see the IL in Stephenson’s near future.

      • J

        The manager shouldn’t have to give him the take sign. He should know the pitcher is having trouble throwing strikes, he’s been struggling at the plate, a walk in that situation would be great, and thus his job is to take anything that isn’t right down the middle. And then, with two strikes, he’s got to be ready to swing at anything close. It’s Baseball 101. WE all know these rules, but he apparently doesn’t. Why?! I believe it stems from a lack of leadership. The manager wants to be friends with everyone (or at least with certain people), and if that means you want to do exactly the wrong thing, so be it.

  24. Ted Alfred

    Ashcraft definitely does not have his good location today. He’s giving up a lot of two strike swings that are killing him when he’s ahead in the count because the balls are just over the middle of the plate. And that is followed up by alligator arms1 play by Myers in right field because he was more worried about hitting the fence then catching the ball turned the game from 4-1 going to bottom 2nd vs 7-1 game over…yikes. A really poor game all around so far by the redlegs…pitching, defense and the 1st inning offense.

    See ya Tuesday

  25. Indy Red Man

    Ok. Time to mow. We have 1st/2nd nobody out and 3-1 on Stephenson and choke while they get a procession of 2 out hits to blow us out.

    Don’t worry, any decade now they’ll turn it around.

  26. Votto4life

    Such a shame. A run in. Two on, no outs. Your ace on the mound. Playing one of the world teams in baseball. Mets coming in tomorrow. May be a very long week.

    • Kevin H

      Reds don’t really have a ace. In my opinion, they have 3 equally good starting pitchers who are learning as they go

  27. Dennis Westrick

    Wow! Ashcraft with 7 runs allowed and 50+ pitches before Bell says he seen enough! Gonna be a long day for us here at RLN as well as the Reds bullpen!

    • Votto4life

      Same. Sure didn’t look like an ML outfielder on that play.

    • Kevin H

      Looked like ball kept drifting away from him and he just couldn’t reach it. It happens from time to time.

      • Votto4life

        It looked liked he had no clue where he was at. You sign a $7 million dollar to play right field at GABP, you should become familiar it.

      • Kevin H

        I don’t think money has anything to do with a player maybe misjudged the ball or ball tailing away from him. It happens

      • Votto4life

        It was a sloppy play Kevin. It shouldn’t happen

    • SteveAreno

      Myers stopped the home run with a spectacular catch! I’m a fan of Myers defennse!

  28. Indy Red Man

    Gotta walk George Herman Alberto on 4 or he’ll take you deep

  29. Dennis Westrick

    At least Legumina followed the Reds BP Rule No. 1, walk the first batter you face!

  30. Dennis Westrick

    White flag time! Time to let one of the position players pitch!

  31. Indy Red Man

    Craps. Don’t see too many 11 spots. Are they done?

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Biggest inning vs. Reds since 2003.

      • JayTheRed

        Are we having fun yet !!! haha…. Glad I didn’t watch the game.

  32. Dennis Westrick

    Ashcraft nearly doubled his ERA in 1.2 innings today!

  33. John

    If fraley was in RF, and Stephonson wasn’t hitting 4 we would probably be 4-2 after the 2nd inning…

    What bigs me the most is we couldn’t spend money on a veteran SP like wacha or just ANYONE with some value.

    They are depending on the young guys to perform. They will bounce back, ashcraft had his first bad start of the year it’s okay.

    Also I am convinced Stephonson has zero power and will be below average overall. Ramos, Myers and Newman BigL

  34. Votto4life

    Can things get worse? Yes, John Sadak will be appearing on the Jim Day Podcast this week. It’s a good thing I avoid podcast.

  35. RedsMonk65

    Well this got ugly very quickly. Atypical of Ashcraft. I guess everyone has a clunker now and then. Bats need to take up the slack!

  36. Indy Red Man

    An Woo Jin is a 6’4 righty in Korean baseball. Same age as Greene with much better command. 95-98 mph heater. 44 innings, 1.23 era, 59 Ks, 7 walks.
    Take that Votto/Moose $ in the off-season and do something.

    • Kevin H

      Nothing wrong with Greene’s command

  37. CI3J

    Can the Sox score 20?

    That’s about the only interesting thing about this game any more.

  38. Mark A Verticchio

    It probably would not have mattered but had the Reds put up a bigger number in the first inning who knows what would have happened. Ashcraft could have been more relaxed with a little lead and who knows. Stephenson’s at bat really turned the Reds first inning around. That was just one bad inning that Ashcraft will battle back from but Stephenson’s bat is becoming an issue. On a side note it’s time for Ramos to go along with one other and CES and MClain to come up. All three young pitchers had a bad week end but they will learn and get better.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Let’s hope our Big 3 SPs bounce back! And, yes< time for Ramos to go! Another Reds experiment that failed and blew up the lab!

      • JayTheRed

        Watch Cessa pitches a complete game shutout on his next start. Baseball is such a strange thing.

  39. Indy Red Man

    The crowd was restless and they all wore a frown
    As the mighty Casey gave up a touchdown

      • CI3J

        And it might be THREE touchdowns before this is over.

  40. Kevin H

    Let’s see what kind of fight this team has.

    We have seen them comeback before this season.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      They need two touchdowns and two extra points.

  41. Old-school

    Bell has permission to take Friedl and India out of the game.

  42. Daytonnati

    Stephenson must have been reading RLN on the bench? 🙂

  43. Kevin H

    Back to back Jack’s. Steer and Stephenson!!

    Stephenson the new person to dog now since Senzel is doing okay

  44. old-school

    Stephenson can hit…Barrero and Newman not so much.

  45. Erik the Red

    Batting practice at GABP. Unfortunately, it favors the White Sox by a bunch now.

  46. Mario

    Senzel is now 2 for his last 18. Hope he regain that momentum. He is playing some really good defense at 3B and I’d like to see him stay there until EDLC is called up. But he has to earn that over the next few months.

  47. Kevin H

    Where’s Evan McPherson when you need a few field goals. Hahaha

  48. RedsMonk65

    Home run fever! Keep them coming! (by the Reds)

  49. Indy Red Man

    Hit 4 hrs and down by 10. That’s got to be rarer then a 11 run inning

  50. Mark A Verticchio

    The Senzel issue will not go away until he hits consistently. However his play at third base has been stellar. However, I think the infield for next year is in a flux and decisions will have to be made. You have Senzel, Barrero, India, Steer, Mclain, EDLC and CES. That is seven people for four spots. At least one maybe two are going to have to go to the outfield.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      If Senzel keeps hitting, he’s the third baseman. I’m bringing McLain up to see if he can play shortstop and hit well. (Barrero is improving gradually, but I currently see no hint that he will be a great hitter or a great defender.) India at second, and CES at first. Of course, if EDLC goes completely bananas at Louisville, he comes up and joins the team as a DH until he shows he’s better defensively than Senzel or McLain. Steer looks like a decent hitter, but the only spot on the infield for him is third if Senzel can’t keep hitting. The only way any of these guys goes to the outfield is if they show they can play it at an above-average level — better than Wil Myers, for example. 😉

      • Votto4life

        Will Myers is looking more like Tommy Pham than Brandon Drury. Not sure there is going to be much of a market for him at the trading deadline. He has looked particularly bad in the outfield.

  51. Melvin

    “Last night was another big day for Elly De La Cruz (and Matt McLain). He continued his hot hitting, picking up a double and a home run”

    Another HR for De La Cruz today.

    • Melvin

      His BA is up to .257 and climbing. .257/.278/.500

      McLain with hit and a walk. .333/.448/.667

      CES Two hits. .404/.433/.807

      Abbott not too bad of a game 5 innings 3ER 1BB 9Ks

  52. Mark A Verticchio

    While the Reds have a day off they can send San Martin down along with Ramos.

  53. Kevin H

    Sanmartin hurt? Said injury delay, then Young came in

    • Tom Mitsoff

      He left the mound with the trainer. Nothing obvious to TV viewers.

  54. CI3J

    Hmm… Cessa pitching from the ‘pen…

    Could that be a hint that Abbot might be on the way?

    • JayTheRed

      They said earlier this week they were going with a 4 man rotation due to the extra off days coming up.

  55. Melvin

    Whitesox have 17 runs on 17 hits. That’s really getting the most out of your hits.

  56. Old-school

    Glad to see India and Friedl replaced.

    Hilarious that literally every day Newman and Barrero are within .001 of each other batting average. Kudos to Newman with single in a 17-4 game to keep it close.

  57. Kevin H

    Reds 0-11 with runners in scoring position and 10 men left on base.

    14-20 on May 7th. I am starting to wonder if CES would make a difference, don’t think it could hurt anything. Mets coming up and according to some on RLN, they are too old to be even playing. The two starting pitchers the reds face.

  58. Dennis Westrick

    At least we kept it to 2 touchdowns and a field goal!