The San Diego Padres were the benefactors of poor pitching by the Cincinnati Reds on Wednesday afternoon at Petco Park, racking up seven runs on 10 hits and seven walks. The Padres picked up a 7-1 win that gave them a series victory of the Reds.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (13-18) 1 8 0
San Diego Padres (17-15) 7 10 0
W: Lugo (3-2) L: Cessa (1-4)
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TJ Friedl would single into left field with one out in the 1st inning, but on the next play he would be doubled off of first in a TOOTBLAN where he misread a fly ball off of the bat of Spencer Steer into shallow center.

After stranding two runners in the 1st inning, Luis Cessa couldn’t do the same in the 2nd. Jake Cronenworth singled to lead off the inning and Ha-Seong Kim walked. Jake Fraley made an impressive diving catch for the first out of the inning, but Brett Sullivan laced a ball down the right field line that brought both runners around to score and put San Diego up 2-0.

The Reds would put some pressure on the Padres in the top of the 4th when Tyler Stephenson walked and Nick Senzel singled into right with two outs to put two men on. They couldn’t come through, though, as Stuart Fairchild struck out to end the inning.

San Diego would get a leadoff single from Jake Cronenworth in the bottom of the 4th. After a pop up for the first out of the inning, David Bell came to the mound and made a pitching change to bring in Alex Young to replace Luis Cessa. He would get a ground ball that led to a force out at second, but Rougned Odor beat the throw to first to keep the inning alive. It was a big play because Brett Sullivan crushed his first big league homer, a 2-run shot on the next play and put the Padres up 4-0.

Cincinnati got singles from both Kevin Newman and Jose Barrero to start off the 5th inning but they were unable to produce any runs thanks to a double play and a fly out. In the bottom of the inning Alex Young walked Juan Soto to begin the frame and was promptly replaced by Buck Farmer.  The Reds caught a break when Xander Bogaerts lined a ball into right field and Stuart Fairchild trapped it, but Soto thought it was caught and returned to first base – the throw into the infield was caught by Kevin Newman who trotted over to second and stepped on the bag for a force out. Two fly outs followed to get Farmer out of the inning.

Spencer Steer took the first pitch of the 6th inning and crushed it into the seats in left field to put the Reds on the board and make it a 4-1 game. The bottom of the 6th saw Buck Farmer return to the mound and get a ground out to begin the inning, but that was the only hitter he saw before Reiver Sanmartin entered the game. He would give up two singles with a line out sandwiched in the middle before he exited the game in favor of Casey Legumina. The rookie came into the game to face Fernando Tatis Jr. and walked him on five pitches. Juan Soto then hit the first pitch he saw into the right field corner to clear the bases and make it a 7-1 game.

San Diego would threaten in the bottom of the 7th against two relievers as they loaded the bases with one out, but Derek Law was able to get out of the jam and keep the Padres off of the board. Neither team would reach base in the 8th, leading to Tom Cosgrove entering the game to try and seal a win for San Diego. He would do just that, getting the Reds out in order to send Cincinnati back home with the loss.

Key Moment of the Game

Juan Soto’s 3-run double in the 6th inning. A 3-run lead turned into a 6-run lead and any thoughts of a comeback become a lot tougher.

Notes Worth Noting

The Reds finish up their 6-game road trip at 3-3.

Luis Cessa’s ERA is now 9.36 through his first six starts of the season.

Alex Young went from not having allowed a home run since September 7th of 2021 to allowing a home run in back-to-back appearances.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Chicago White Sox vs Cincinnati Reds

Friday May 5th, 6:40pm ET

Lance Lynn (0-4, 7.16 ERA) vs Hunter Greene (0-1, 2.89 ERA)

46 Responses

  1. Ruan

    But someone else signed Heath Hembree yesterday

  2. Tar Heel Red

    If someone has asked me last week if the Reds could go 3-3 on a west coast trip I would have said “yes please!”

  3. CI3J

    Going 3-3 on a West Coast trip is good, but it’s a shame Bell didn’t try harder to win the last game of the Oakland series.

    The Reds had a very good chance for a sweep if Bell had just put out a “normal” lineup and batting order.

    The lineup and batting order that was used today with Lodolo pitching probably could have won the game in Oakland.

    So yes, 3-3 is good, but it also leaves a bit of a bitter taste knowing the Reds had a very good shot at going 4-2 if their manager had just fielded a better lineup in one of the games.

    Oh well. I said before the season began: This team, as currently constructed, is capable of playing .500 baseball and winning about 80 games. However, with Bell in charge, he will cost them about 10 games due to poor managing, so 70 wins is probably about the ceiling. They are currently on pace for about 68 wins, so pretty close.

    • Dennis Westrick

      You guys keep using the word “normal” and Bell in the same sentence or post! I would not describe a lot of Bell’s decisions as normal. Case-in-Point, the lineup in last Sunday’s series finale against the A’s.

      An attorney I worked with years ago used to say about things that happened in the past and could not be changed that “Done is Done”!

      Time to move on to game 1 of the home series against the White Sox and start a new winning streak!

    • Jason Franklin

      When is the Cessa starter experiment over ? Wouldn’t he work out better as the long man?

      • SlippinJimmy

        Cessa would work out better as a long man on a short pier.

        That said, he’s really just barely treading water in the big leagues.

        It’s time for him to sink or swim.

        Seriously, somebody throw this dude a rope, he’s drowning out there.

      • VaRedsFan

        He used to be an effective middle man, but he was failing miserably at that before he tried starting.

  4. Kevin H

    Time to promote Andrew Abbot. That is all

    • Dennis Westrick

      I second that recommendation for promotion!

    • JayTheRed

      Too soon. Give him like 6 starts in AAA. If his numbers look good by then, then move him on up.

  5. Andy

    One of the few games that the reds have not been in. After 31 games that’s an improvement

    Would love to see this team with a better 4/5 rotation pieces, McClain playing SS and CES at 1B.

    Cessa to Pen Revier down
    Abbot to rotation DFA Karcher
    CES to 1B Reynolds down
    McClain to SS Barrero down

    Do it by Friday please

    Ely see you in 30 days

    • Columbus Reds Fan

      I love this! And Robinson — what does a guy need to do to merit a call up when there is a guy playing his position on the big league club hitting below the Mendoza line?

    • Protime

      Agree! 100% Additionally, dismiss Bell and bring in a proven MLB manager…

    • CFD3000

      If we’re dreaming up changes that should happen but won’t, I keep Barrero and jettison Newman.

      • Steven Ross

        Barrero can’t hit. At least, not yet. Pitchers school him on breaking pitches.

      • Mario

        Good idea. Barrero would only be in AAA until Newman can be traded. Would Barrero be able to duplicate McClain’s numbers in AAA? I think not. Some folks on RLN keep spouting that these guys aren’t ready. Angels called up a SS who was drafted last year. He is doing just fine, worth .3 WAR already. Who knows if it will continue. Point being – Just because McClain and CES haven’t been in AAA long does not mean they aren’t ready. When these guys come up and hack, I want to see some mea culpa. If they come up and hit .220, you’ll see it from me.

    • TR

      Overall the Reds are much improved from the terrible start of last year. I look forward as the young players take over as the season progresses. I think the word is getting around that the
      Reds are a team to lookout for.

      • Mario

        Reds are not pushovers but they aren’t scaring anyone with Fraley, Freidl, Senzel, India, and Stephenson and those are their best hitters right now.

  6. DataDumpster

    Didn’t follow the game until the late innings but after rifling through the box score after a half heard comment from the Cowboy, the following actually happened;
    The #8 hitter (Odor) who entered the game with a .097 average was met with a change of pitcher from David Bell in the 4th, 6th, and 7th innings. Odor reached base and scored 2 of those 3 times with the relief pitchers allowing 5 runs. Now, of course, some of those guys were ripe for a trip back to reality (Legumina, Young) and the handedness battles turned south (again), but is an off day tomorrow an excuse for the bonehead decisions that led to 6 guys covering less than 5 innings?
    The end result is an .097 hitter (Odor) and a catcher (Sullivan) who entered the game with no extra base hits knocked in 5 runs today (via Double, HR). Those two pretty much bludgeoned most of the Reds pitching staff today. Considering this and the 3rd game in Oakland with the “rest days” lineup and I say again that managing does matter more than many people realize.

    • oklared

      To me this just proves none of our bullpen performed in getting the #8 hitter and Sullivan out. Who should he use if pitchers cannot get those 2 out several times.

  7. David Cubbedge

    The Cincinnati Reds by September:
    (Considering how major league teams manage their lineups)
    1. India 2B
    2. Friedl CF
    3. Stephenson C
    4. Votto DH
    5. Steer 3B
    6. Fraley RF
    7. Encarnacion-Strand 1B
    8. McLain LF
    9. De La Cruz SS

    (need a left handed bat)



    • JB

      Senzel at 3rd and Steer at DH . Votto isn’t helping this team.

    • DHud

      Barrero might hit just enough to keep a spot on the roster, especially if he can pass as a serviceable OF

      Doesn’t solve the lack of LHB though.

    • Tar Heel Red

      Stephenson at 1B

      Votto released

      Fairchild optioned/released, replaced by Ramos

      CES as DH

      Robinson stays in minors, Casali remains with big club

  8. Redsvol

    Other than the complete lack of a competent 4th and 5th starter – and that is no small deal – the main problem is there is no power in the lineup. If we’re going to be a team of slap hitters, then we need to do 2 things – steal bases and hit doubles. We are ranked 15th in stolen bases (and worse in success%) and 27th in slugging%. That’s just not going to get it done most days.

    I’m encouraged by the development of a few players this year, but if we are still almost dead last in slugging% at end of May then there has to be wholesale changes. I just hope the 4th & 5th starters get addressed soon and the bullpen arms are able to hang in there. Lets get some home cooking going this weekend!

    • David Cubbedge

      Would be a legit and justifiable reasoning, however, Votto, if healthy, will be in the lineup every day.
      My aim was to be as close to reality as possible within the framing of what is expected from management.

    • DHud

      Stephenson’s complete absence of power is concerning. Fraley and Steer have been in a slump, and India has some doubles but only 1 HR. Myers has been a complete non-addition

      Overall I don’t think this team is *this* lame duck at the plate, but definitely has been a cause of issue so far

      Fingers crossed, those mentioned start hitting to more of their potential and arrivals of CES, McClain, and EDLC add much needed pop throughout the entire lineup

  9. J

    I think Cessa probably needs to start again on Friday, and maybe Saturday also. Gotta get him going.

    • Beaufort Red

      Every time there’s a post about Bell I quit reading. Like I said, except for venting. you’re wasting brain cells. He isn’t going anywhere.

      • TR

        DB loves his managerial prerogative of substitution and he’s ownerships chose for this sorting season of 2023 and perhaps beyond.

  10. James B.

    It was obvious three starts ago that Cessa had no business starting, with the back end of the rotation being, of course, a disaster. Imagine how this season will be if the Reds do their usual player-control-cheap-out and leave the likes of McClain, Strand, Abbott and Cruz in the minors all year. They might be down to 4000 a game. It’s hard to get excited when you hear things like – they called up Mark Reynolds. I had to retreat to only checking box scores but have watched recently. There is good potential but we need more horses. Lodolo is baffling right now.

  11. Jason Franklin

    When do you guys think Hopkins will be up from AAA? The man is smoking the ball right now. Is he a September call up due to the team’s OF situation? Or will someone like Fairchild get the boot to open a spot?

    • JayTheRed

      We can’t get rid of our cleanup hitter!! ROFL.

  12. CFD3000

    Slightly off topic, but is TOOTBLAN a term in general use beyond Redleg Nation, or is it exclusive to our little community? Now that I think about it I know I’ve heard Chris Welsh use it but I don’t think I’ve seen it beyond Reds world. If it’s just an RLN term that’s glorious!

    • Jim Walker

      My recollection is that TOOTBLAN arose out of Cubbies fandom of all places. Bing AI says:

      Coined by Cubs blogger Tony Jewell in 2008, the TOOTBLAN was invented to measure the impact poor baserunning has on a player’s on-base percentage and offensive value….

      Digging a little deeper that paragraph was lifted from the MLB(.)com baseball glossary (and so noted by Bing AI)

    • Doug Gray

      It would certainly be cool if it were, but it’s not.

      For those who are unaware, TOOTBLAN stands for Thrown Out On The Bases Like A Nincompoop

  13. Jon

    Any update on Myers? The whole IL scenario with him seems odd. Was scratched from the lineup one day, then later pinch hit. Was in the lineup the next day and scratched again for neck spasms. Then put on the IL without an injury designation and didn’t travel on the road trip.

    • Jim Walker

      I have not heard anything since it was acknowledged Myers would not join the team for the San Diego series.

      The regular injury IL can only be backdated a maximum of 4 days from when it is officially declared. So, if he were put on the standard IL today (Thursday 4 May), Thursday would presumably be the 5th day; and he would be eligible to come off Wednesday, May 11 if I counted the days correctly.

      But the fact they haven’t declared him for the regular IL makes it seem to me they do not plan to which would presumably make him eligible to return whenever (sooner or later) he meets whatever protocols that may be associated with whatever list he is on.

      • Jason Franklin

        I wonder if it’s Covid or some other nasty thing? Isn’t that how they place players on the IL usually?

  14. SultanofSwaff

    That Bell was non-committal about Cessa moving forward is encouraging. That’s about as strong a signal as you’ll get that a change is imminent. Personally, I don’t think Stoudt showed enough to outrank Abbott, but in typical Reds fashion it’ll probably be Ben Lively. To say the Reds are risk averse would be an understatement.

    • David

      Ben Lively call up is not ridiculous, based on how he is pitching. Also, Andrew Abbott is likely regarded as a true Top Prospect, and they don’t want to waste an option on him if they (Top Management, Top Men!) think he is not quite ready, and comes up to the Majors and gets shelled. But it does happen…young guys getting shelled.

      Moving up both Abbott and Lively will also entail making some other moves to fill out the staff at Louisville with promotions from Chattanooga, and on down the line.

      So yeah, Ben Lively for either Cessa or Weaver, and then bring up Abbot if he continues to throw shut-down baseball in AAA. I mean, if he does, what does he have left to prove?
      Waive Weaver, maybe move Cessa to the bullpen, or trade him or something. There are a lot of teams out there whose pitching staffs have holes in them too.

      Starters have to routinely get the team into the 6th or 7th inning. This four and five inning nonsense from starters is going to burn down the bullpen, plus putting the team in the hole giving up four or five runs in that span.

      Bell was likely “non-committal” because he could not think up the words to make it sound like Cessa was doing a half-way decent job without getting guffawed at.

  15. Votto4life

    I’m not crazy about rushing prospects, but I am more in favor of promoting pitchers over position players. I would like to see the Reds give Abbott a shot.

  16. Mark A Verticchio

    I am not for rushing prospects but CES might give this team some power they really need and he should have made the team out of spring training.