The Cincinnati Reds have traded right-handed starting pitcher Chase Anderson to the Tampa Bay Rays.  Jon Heyman of MLB Network was the first to report the move. In return the Cincinnati Reds will get “cash considerations”.

Chase Anderson spent the 2022 season with three different organizations. He began the year in Triple-A with the Detroit Tigers organization. After the All-Star break he was released and a week later he signed with Tampa Bay. He pitched with their Triple-A team for a month before they released him and he signed with Cincinnati. The Reds brought him straight to the big leagues. Anderson would make seven starts and pitch in two games out of the bullpen the rest of the season, posting a 6.38 ERA along the way.

He became a free agent following the season. The 35-year-old didn’t seem to garner a ton of interest and re-signed with the Reds just after the start of spring training on a minor league deal. Chase Anderson has been in Triple-A with Louisville all season. He’s made five starts and posted an ERA of 4.30. In his 23.0 innings pitched he has allowed 23 hits – including 4 home runs – while walking 13 batters with 19 strikeouts.

Anderson had an opt-out clause in his contract that he was likely to take soon. Cincinnati used that opportunity to get something – even if it’s minimal – in return. The righty has already been added to the 40-man roster for the Rays and activated him on their big league roster.

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  1. JB WV

    Anything in return is a bonus. Nearing retirement.

    • Doug Gray

      “Nearing retirement”

      What a dream. Where do I sign up for that?

      • JB WV

        Social security and years of work. Feels great, baby.

      • Votto4life

        I retired two years ago. I worked in government, so I get a state pension (no
        Social security). Retirement is very nice at times. But I do miss working. I miss public service. I miss my employees and I dream about work almost every night. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to have the opportunity to retire,
        But it’s not a panacea either.

    • LDS

      Retirement can be overrated. It really cuts into the cash flow.

      • Jim t

        @LDS after working most of my life my fear of retirement is what to do with myself.

      • LDS

        @JimT, that is a serious question for most of us. My first year was the COVID lockdown and the last two were screwed up by medical issues. Now it’s time to figure out what to do next. Good luck. Not working after 50 years of 50+ hours or more a week really changes life’s cadence.

      • MK

        I e been retired since 2009. If you are young but something away for retirement from every pay check even if it’s just $5 Try to put it somewhere you can’t get to it.. With my gov’t retirement and savings I have more money to spend now than I ever did working. It took me 5 minutes to adjust to retirement life.

  2. Bdh

    Not a fan of this. Felt good about having him for depth if they needed him. With Dunn, Gutierrez, + Overton hurt to go with Williamson + Stoudt not off to the strongest starts would the next man up already be Abbott?

    • David

      Bed Lively? He is pitching well at AAA.

      Not sure why Tampa Bay would want Chase Anderson at this point in his career, but maybe they want an additional arm for their AAA level team, because they are going to promote a talented younger pitcher to the Majors and he fill that slot for them.

      On another note of “minor leagues”, I see where Alex McGarry has been demoted to AA from AAA and is frankly not doing so hot down there, either. He was great last year, moving from High A Dayton and finishing at AAA Louisville (with just a handful of AB’s there). Struggling mightily to hit this year.
      Prospect or suspect?

    • VaRedsFan

      Drop the cash request and throw in Franco

      • JB

        No way. You know Bob loves his pocket cash.

    • MK

      Be happy with the cash. Get a dozen used balls if you can.

  3. Jim Walker

    Anderson finished the 2022 season on an MLB 40 man roster with more than 6 years of MLB service time. I believe that the CBA now grants such players on MiLB contracts the following season the right to request release from those contracts on May 1 and June 1. Such notables as Gary Sanchez and Julio Teheran have in fact been granted releases within the last 36 hours or so.

    My guess is Anderson either requested release or was leveraging that right to try and get a raise from the Reds; and, in turn the Reds (or Anderson’s agent) worked something out with the Rays which brought about this “trade”.

    • David

      That actually sounds like the most plausible explanation. Chase wanted more money or a shot at pitching in the Bigs again. Tampa Bay had an interest in him.

      Don’t really know what his future would have been with Cincinnati. By the numbers, he wasn’t doing that great in AAA this year. I think going into Spring Training, there were higher hopes for what he could offer.
      But he is what he is; a marginal major league pitcher.

      I still think that there is a chance we might see Ben Lively up in Cincy some time soon. I think Weaver is really lousy, and although Cessa got bombed one time real bad, he has not been consistently bad. He might still fulfill his role.

  4. Rut

    Trade return here really will be the proverbial “bag of balls”…

    But Reds actually get value by ridding selves of a less than mediocre veteran option that our manager seems to prefer to giving young players more playing time.

    If this means that Abbott, Williamson, or even Stoudt gets more innings then that, in the end, is valuable to the organization

    • Jim t

      Don’t underestimate the manipulation of service clock as part of the reason for delaying roster moves.

      • Mario

        It’s difficult to find precise information but most people are saying the service clock issue passed about 2 weeks ago. At most it could be a salary issue (super 2) but the team hasn’t played that game with their other young players.

      • Doug Gray

        Service clock stuff is gone after 11 days have passed in the season. The Super 2 date, though – it’s a moving target. You don’t really know until after the season because the exact date isn’t set in stone until you know the service time for everyone from that season. It usually comes somewhere in that May 15th-25th range, though.

  5. Hunt4RedsOct

    Anderson already activated and added to active roster for Tampa. They may need a spot starter tomorrow.
    Reds should claim Burdi for Bat’s bullpen. It’s been brutal so far

  6. MK

    Talk about outhouse to penthouse. Can’t pitch for powerhouse Reds but can for the poor playing Rays.

    • Jim Walker

      Per agreement in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, each season a set percentage of players with between 2-3 years of MLB service time (top 22% in service time) are granted arbitration rights ahead of reaching the typically required 3 full years of service time. These guys are called Super 2 players.

      The advantage for the player is he gets an extra season of arbitration eligibility (4 total vs 3 normally) without pushing back his free agency date.

      Currently with the Reds Nick Senzel is a Super 2 player in his 2nd arbitration year with 2 more remaining.

  7. Eddiek957

    Burdi back in Louisville hopefully he can get back on track at a place he was successful

  8. Melvin

    Tampa is usually pretty smart. They wanting him makes me hesitate to like it.

  9. RedsFaninVA

    So, Chase Anderson comes out of the Rays bullpen last night and goes 3 innings, 2 hits, 0 walks, 2 strikeouts and 0 runs and gets the save.

    • Melvin

      About what I would expect from Tampa. lol That is so funny.