The San Diego Padres opened up the series on Monday night with an 8-3 victory. They’ll look to make it two wins in a row over the Cincinnati Reds tonight and guarantee themselves a series victory. First pitch tonight is set for 9:40pm ET. The game will be available on MLB Network if you are out of the Cincinnati market. It will also be on Bally Sports Ohio.

Starting Lineups

Cincinnati Reds

San Diego Padres

Jonathan India – 2B Fernando Tatis Jr. – RF
TJ Friedl – CF Manny Machado – 3B
Spencer Steer – 1B Juan Soto – LF
Stuart Fairchild – RF Nelson Cruz – DH
Jake Fraley – LF Matt Carpenter – 1B
Nick Senzel – 3B Jake Cronenworth – 2B
Henry Ramos – DH Ha-Seong Kim – SS
Kevin Newman – SS Austin Nola – C
Curt Casali – C Jose Azocar – CF
Graham Ashcraft – RHP Michael Wacha – RHP

Starting Pitchers

Graham Ashcraft 30.0 2.10 1.17 15 24
Michael Wacha 25.1 30.0 1.58 7 23
Links: Graham Ashcraft’s Stats | Michael Wacha’s Stats

Graham Ashcraft

It was tough for Graham Ashcraft in his last start. He allowed two runs in 6.0 innings – a good start, no question. But he was pitching with a heavy heart after the loss of his grandmother. After the game he went on the bereavement list for three days. He’s walked 14 batters in his four starts since his first game on April 2nd. He’ll look to continue limiting runs, but also cut back on the free passes tonight.

Right-handed hitters are picking up plenty of hits against Graham Ashcraft this season. They are also walking plenty, and making a bunch of contact. They aren’t hitting for much power. Lefties aren’t hitting much at all – they’re just 4-56 against him on the season. But three of the four hits from left-handed hitters have gone for extra bases. They also walk at a solid clip against him, but also strike out often.


RHH 59 16 5 0 0 7 8 .327 .414 .429
LHH 64 4 2 0 1 8 16 .071 .188 .161

Pitch Usage

2-Seam Cutter Slider Change
Velo 97.5 96.7 88.9 89.4
Usage 4% 57% 39% 0%

Michael Wacha

Outside of a 10-strikeout, 6-inning start against Atlanta on April 8th, Michael Wacha has had a tough go of it in 2023. His ERA sits at 6.75 on the season and he’s allowed 3, 4, 5, and 7 runs in his outings that weren’t against Atlanta.

This season both lefties and righties have crushed Michael Wacha. Righties are sporting an OPS of .891 and have 12 extra-base hits in five games against him. Lefties are doing much better than that. They are slugging .658 with an OPS over 1.000. For his career right-handed batters have performed much better against him – they have a 114 point OPS advantage when compared to lefties. That’s been the case in recent history, too.


RHH 72 21 10 0 2 4 12 .309 .347 .544
LHH 41 12 5 1 2 3 11 .316 .366 .658

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-seam Cutter Curve Slider Change
Velo 92.6 92.0 87.7 75.4 80.2 82.4
Usage 32% 10% 17% 10% 0% 31%

When and Where

  • Game time: 9:40pm ET
  • Where: Petco Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,, MLB Network,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 61°, cloudy, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Reds games to remain on Bally Sports Ohio

Diamond Sports Group failed to make their payment to the Reds on the behalf of Bally Sports Ohio two weeks ago. But they made the payment before their 15-day grace period was up and for now Bally Sports Ohio retains the broadcasting rights for Cincinnati baseball games. We wrote about all of it here if you want some more information.

Nick Senzel’s hot streak

We also took a look at Nick Senzel’s recent tear. There doesn’t appear to be one specific thing that’s led to his hot hitting, but he’s made small improvements in a lot of areas that may be culminating in his tearing the cover off of the ball.

Breaking the losing streak

Cincinnati has lost nine straight games in San Diego.


Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Pirates 20 9 0.0 31.2%
Brewers 18 10 1.5 65.8%
Cubs 15 13 4.5 24.9%
Reds 12 17 8.0 0.6%
Cardinals 10 19 10.0 28.9%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs

172 Responses

  1. Melvin

    For a player that David Bell doesn’t like to use very much he sure likes to hit Fairchild 3rd or 4th.

    • Kdavis

      He should be batting 7 or 8. Bell doesn’t have a clue.

      • Melvin

        The NL Player of the Week is batting 6th. Wow. That must be a really good team he’s on probably fighting for 1st place. No wait, we’re fighting for last place. 😉 haha

    • JB

      I like Fairchild, but not at 3rd or 4th. Does this team have a cleanup hitter? No.

      • Melvin

        We at least have to players hitting really well lately that could be moved up.

      • JB

        I agree Melvin but this team has no legitimate clean up hitter. I would put Steer there and Fraley ahead of him. I’m honestly scared to put Senzel any higher because he just has great mojo right now and I don’t want it messed up. Fairchild has at least a 900 ops in his last 7.

      • Melvin

        Yeah. I know. Help is on the way down in AAA. 🙂

    • David

      Maybe he drinks too much coffee.

      Or maybe it’s the peyote buttons.

      Ask Harry Stoner. 😉

      • Harry Stoner

        Peyote? Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve had any of that.

        Good experiences, iirc.

        Would likely raise Bell’s managing game to a much higher plane.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Bell is still in the crazy phase! I believe there’s a line from a Country-Western song by the late Waylon Jennings that goes: “I’ve always been Crazy, it helps me from going Insane!”

  2. Dennis Westrick

    Bell likes him some Newman!

  3. old-school

    @Jim How did you get that done? Fairchild hitting 4th against a righty.

    Im even perplexed by that one.

  4. Dennis Westrick

    Went to bed early last night with the Reds up 3 to 2 fully expecting what happened to happen! Tinker Bell employing his obsessive late game substitutions and a meltdown by the bullpen! Voila! The game went as scripted!

    Hoping for better results tonight with Ashcraft on the mound! The Reds should be familiar with Wacha from his days with the Dirty Birds!

  5. LDS

    Newmans line against RH’er: .200/.216/.229/.445
    Barrero’s line against RH’er: .261/.340/.413/.753

    Is Barrero injured? Tell me again how much you want McLain, CES, EDLC, and the rest to get the Bell treatment. Tell me again he’s a numbers guy. Tell me again he wants to win. And as much as I want to see Fairchild getting regular ABs, I don’t see him as the #4 hitter. Of course, the innumerate will tell you that batting order doesn’t matter. That’s what was once call “a crock”

    • Dennis Westrick

      Should never use the words “order” and “batting” in the same sentence when describing Bell’s lineups!

      • Melvin


        That’s a VERY GOOD point. lol 😀

        Wait. I forgot. Batting order doesn’t matter. My bad. 🙂

    • David

      But we want McClain, CES and the rest to be here.

      David Bell is a numbers guy! He wants to win!
      Okay, done telling you again. 😉
      ‘Tis a puzzlement to be sure. Newman. Newman!
      Yeah, even the League knows that Senzel is hot. Does David Bell?

      If the Batting order doesn’t matter, then why is the 2nd string catcher batting ninth?
      Flip Fairchild and Senzel and this is not a bad lineup, but why is Newman (Newman!) playing…..AGAIN!

      Chad Pinder, we turn our lonely eyes to you….
      Just think, if Pinder had hit 0.250 in Spring Training, he would be on the squad now, you know?

      • Melvin

        I’m to the point I want ALL of these guys brought up. I want to see David Bell screw everything up so bad that even Big Bob has to fire him. Of course it wouldn’t work out that way though because the Newmans etc. would be off the roster by then anyway. Still though another good reason??? 🙂

      • Harry Stoner

        If Pinder had hit .200 he’d probably be on the team.

        If Reynolds wasn’t hurt a bit during ST there’s be Pinder-Newman-Reynolds out there as often as Bell could wing it.

        He would have been thrilled by the versatility of their mediocrity and his own brilliance in managing it.

    • Chris

      I don’t want to see Barrero or Fairchild get AB’s. They both are terrible, and will never start on a winning team. I can’t wait for these other kids to get up here. And yes, I’ll take Newman over Barrero. I’ll hold my nose, but yes, that’s how bad Barrero is.

      • Luke J

        So the numbers don’t matter to you? Taking Newman over Barrero is akin to telling me you don’t know much about baseball. Barrero is better than Newman and it isn’t close.

      • LDS

        Neither Fairchild nor Barrero have had enough PAs at the major league level to draw any such conclusions. Barrero 25 with about 350 ABs. Fairchild 27 with 160 ABs. Newman, 30 in Aug with more than 1600 ABs. His die is cast. We know how little he contributes, the #30 ranked starting SS in the league. Pittsburgh dumped him and went all in on the young guy. Cincinnati’s management is too clueless to develop their younger players.

      • Beaufort Red

        Don’t even think about being negative about Barrero. He deserved 600 ABs no matter what. LDS will have a meltdown.

      • LDS

        Not a meltdown @Beaufort. Just a realist. I look at the numbers, the players history, etc. I know that he hasn’t played enough to make definitive judgments. And he’s playing in an environment that isn’t particularly favorable to younger, developing players. And far too many here think the hot performers in Louisville are going to come up and perform comparably. Not going to happen.

  6. old-school

    This is actually a really big game. Up and down but now down and 5 under in San Diego. A win is 4 under and a loss is 12-18 and 6 under and a sweep in play tomorrow. One of the bigger games of this year.
    Offense need to score some runs against a pitcher who really isnt much better than Luke Weaver. No excuses on the offense tonight. Ashcraft pitching. This is a 6-3 win or Reds in trouble.

    • Melvin

      “or Reds in trouble.”

      ?? I didn’t know we were out of trouble. 😉

    • David

      Yes, I think that this is actually a big night for the Reds. If Ashcraft does his thing, they should come out ahead. At the least, they would then be 3-3 on the road trip.
      Hope Graham doesn’t come up with a clinker tonight.

      Cessa might be “overmatched” against Lugo tomorrow. Or the Padres just light him up.

  7. Ron

    I don’t know why I continue to read such negative posts on here, but I guess I have nothing better to do. Hopefully this posts get thru the moderator

  8. JayTheRed

    David Bell has a twelve-sided dice, and he has players assigned to certian numbers. He rolls 9 times and that is your daily lineup. This is the only thing I can figure out on how these lineups come out as they are.

    Fairchild hitting 4th is a joke. Since when did he become our best power hitter?
    Also, No Barrero in starting lineup.

    Only thing Bell got right in this lineup is giving Stephanson some rest.

    • Ron S

      Does Bell know that your best hitters should be at the top of the lineup.Oops I forgot the man is a genius.

  9. Mark Moore

    Always hopeful of Pig Kicking endeavors, but beyond puzzled at the line-up construction once again. Hope to win remains. Hope for substantive changes are locked in the closet and deprived of food, water, and air.

    • Kevin H

      That’s why I said “let’s go reds” as I am beyond befuddled.

      Barrero needs to play. Maile (spelling) is hitting well right now. Play him. Oh well.

  10. Bet on Red

    Hopefully, Ashcraft can make some moves and we can get on the winning side

  11. Ron

    Bararro goes 0 Fer last night. Who had the 2 run double last night. Senseless is hitting well why put more pressure on him.

  12. old-school

    Reds announcers are awful. glad Chris Welsh finally talking intelligence. Only one….and yes..that includes you Cowboy. Terrible broadcast team,

    • Kevin H

      I like thrall and Cowboy. Jim day as well as Welsh and Larkin.

      • Ron S

        When Sadak and Larkin do games at home my tv goes on mute.

    • DW

      Thrall does a pretty dang good job and Brantley is fine in my opinion.

    • Votto4life

      Chris Welsh is the only Red’s announcer I like as well. Chris is intelligent and is knowledgeable of the game. It irritates me to no end when he is interrupted by Sadak.

      I am not a fan of Jeff Brantley. Thrall is OK by Reds standards, but certainly nothing special.

      The team has failed miserably in replacing Marty and Joe.

  13. old-school

    Can we just hit India 1 and friedl 2 and not over think it?

    • Kevin H

      They seem to click for sure. I agree

    • Mark Moore

      No, we can’t. You know that. It isn’t in “the book” that way.

  14. JB

    Friedl reminds me of Ryan Freel. Both 5’10 and 180+ pounds and full of grit.

  15. Melvin

    India first to third is good. He held up though and almost paid for it.

  16. Mark Moore

    That’s your clean-up hitter looking at one pretty much down the can.

    • Ron S

      How many times have we seen this movie runners on with no outs and can’t get one run home.

  17. DataDumpster

    During SP, it was speculated by one of the beats that the Reds could have four players hit 20 dingers this year. I think it was India, Stephenson, and some combination of Myers, Fraley and maybe Chad Pinder. It was also noted that the Red’s young, athletic players of large stature would usher in an offense of quickness, better defense, stolen bases, and more creativity. Both scenarios are mostly not happening. However, Senzel has confounded expectations (for the time being), Freidl is exceptional, the relievers are better than expected, and the Big 3 are doing what young pitchers of high quality do. Meanwhile, injuries have been about nil, younger players get better and there is more in the hopper but the team is on pace for about 68 wins.
    After 3 years, I am tired of making my case for this lack of results but many others have picked up the ball; two words only, David Bell.

    • Chris Holbert

      As long as DB is manager. Do not waste the young AAA players. They will not get consistent playing time as long as opposing pitchers can be left and right handed. Everyone knows young players cannot hit both LH and RH pitching, only veteran below average players can. Individual talent seems perhaps abundant in the minors, but the minute it hits the Reds, it hits the bench. I said it last night, the team leading the division traded a below avg SS, to play a younger player with higher upside. The Reds play the same player and his below avg skill consistently. Who is really committed to rebuilding? DB will not commit to young guys and commit to them to allow them to fail, but still know the team has confidemce in them.

  18. Mark Moore

    Sadly predictable. We don’t have anybody who can lift at least a medium fly ball to SF in a run? Anyone … anyone … Bueller … 😮

  19. Melvin

    2nd and 3rd no one out and no one scores. Not good.

  20. Mark A Verticchio

    That was awful, weakest 3-4-5 hitting line up in the MLB, Fairchild is not a clean up hitter and Steer is not hitting.

  21. Dennis Westrick

    Pathetic! 2nd & 3rd with NO OUTS and we fail to score! I have about 30 minutes “til my bedtime thankfully because I can’t take this awful offense for 9 innings!

  22. old-school

    2nd and 3rd and no one out….reds dont score. that cant happen

    • Dennis Westrick

      But it did! Again! And not the first or last time this season!

  23. Mark Moore

    Nice inning by Ashcraft. 10 pitches, didn’t try to overwhelm anybody, let them get themselves out.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Ashcraft should be pitching with a 1 or 2 run lead!

  24. Indy Red Man

    Don’t need to be a cleanup hitter there. I expect anybody not batting 9th to make contact there and get a run in

  25. Kevin H

    With Ramos and Senzel on fire one would think bat them 3rd and 4th. I dunno

  26. JB

    For all those screaming for a cleanup hitter, there is none. Nada. Not one player on the team is a cleanup hitter. The only guy is playing in AAA. CES is your future cleanup hitter. The lineup should be set up for singles and doubles because that’s all they are. Why we aren’t stealing bases and playing agressive is beyond me.

  27. Mark A Verticchio

    My wife asked me why they hadn’t brought up CES yet, my answer, I have no idea.

  28. Mark A Verticchio

    You are correct, but India was aggressive in the first inning and they still couldn’t score, sad.

  29. Old-school

    Reds second and third no one out twice in the last 3 games and didnt get the job done. Difference between 2 under .500 and 6 under .500

    Fundamentals and not executing.

  30. JB

    If Casali gets on base tonight and that’s a huge if, he is going to clog the bases for India and Freidl. I would bat Fairchild ninth.

  31. Melvin

    We may be down to two catchers soon after that hit in the elbow to Casali.

  32. JB

    Lefties are hitting .071 off of the right handed Ashcraft. If Bell was the visiting manager he would have 9 lefties hitting.

    • Ron S

      Does anyone smell a prolonged losing streak coming on ?

      • Votto4life

        Nope, the White Sox are next and they are plain awful.

  33. Mark Moore

    OK, I do believe I’m good for the top of the 3rd and then probably need to go turn into a pumpkin.

  34. Indy Red Man

    Albies has 8 hrs already and an ops over .800. That’s what we need from India. This current roster isn’t going to get it done offensively. Farley’s had some big this, but overall disappointing so far.

  35. Mark Moore

    I’m out. Hoping to see a W tomorrow morning when I check.

    Night, all 😀

  36. Mark A Verticchio

    I just don’t know what everybody sees in Fairchild, especially the way Bell uses him. I feel a 4 game losing streak is very possible.

  37. Dennis Westrick

    Last post for me guys! Reds, especially Bell, should know that Soto was a Reds Killer when he played for the Nationals! Some people are slow learners! Not saying who! Just saying!

  38. Melvin

    Meantime down on the farm today:

    McLain – 2H, 1R, 3RBI, 1BB, 1SB – .313/.445/.594 In 119 PA

    CES – 2H – .441/.486/.853 In 37 PA

    Robinson – 2R, 2H – .424/.472/.621 In 72 PA

    Still early for De La Cruz. He was 1-5 with a double.

    • Melvin

      Abbott did pick up the win too:

      5IP 2H 0R 0ER 2BB 8K 0HR 1.8ERA

      Not bad.

      • JB

        I seen that. McLain had his 4 th error in 27 games and EDLC had his 2nd in 10. They need to clean that up.

      • Melvin

        Yeah. Saw that too. Errors due happen more often when playing up the middle I guess especially SS.

  39. Gpod

    Reds have lost 9 straight in San Diego, players have come & gone during that time, but ding dong Bell has been the constant…..not surprised….I just can’t take it anymore

  40. Votto4life

    I remember when, before the universal DH, Tony Larussa would bat his catcher 9th. For some reason, it always rubbed me the wrong way. Like he was smarter than all the managers who came before him.

    I get the same feeling when I see David Bell’s line-ups. Like he is always trying to prove that he is the smartest guy in the room.

    • JB

      Larussa was hammered probably half the time. Maybe Bell is too. Lol

  41. MBS

    Did anyone hear Sadak say Dougdirt on the air, he thought that was Graham Ashcrafts name on twitter, but I’d take it as win.

  42. Gpod

    I’m sure he was mad when the rules were changed this year regarding fielder positions….took away his ability to inject his brain into that also…I will celebrate the day I don’t see his face in the Reds dugout

  43. Mark A Verticchio

    This team doesn’t even make loud outs. I don’t know how much worse the guys down in triple A can be, This team is flat out boring to watch just like the manager. Watching a game is very similar to watching paint dry.

  44. MBS

    The Reds need to be pesky hitters this inning. Wacha is starting the inning at 84, lets get him out of here.

  45. LDS

    The SD pitcher had an ERA of 6.75, a WHIP above 1.5, and both sides of the plate were hitting .300+ against him. The Reds! One hit, now in the 6th. Way to prep your team Davy boy.

  46. Daytonnati

    Meanwhile Lakers – Warriors lit.

  47. JB

    Great hustle by Fairchild and Fraley. Can they bring them home.

  48. Gpod

    watching this game, it’s no mystery why this team may lose 90/100….offense is pathetic

    • JB

      Yeah I question myself why I’m still up watching this crap.

  49. Mark A Verticchio

    We must all keep thinking that there could be, and I mean could be, a positive to 90 or 100 losses. Good bye to David Bell.

  50. Melvin

    At least Ashcraft pitching well. Can’t complain about that can we?

  51. JB

    First game, back home on Friday, should have McLain, CES and Robinson in the lineup. Unfortunately it won’t happen because they would never send down Newman, Reynolds and a catcher. They can’t embarrass their veterans that way. I firmly believe Robinson could hit 700 this year and they will never call him up.

  52. Melvin

    Ashcraft DOES NOT want to come out. Not happy. You could read his lips, “I got him”.

  53. JB

    I believe that’s three games in a row Bell has let his starter come out and pitch to one batter and then take him out. Must be a new thing. Lodolo and Ashcraft were not pleased with Bell.

  54. JayTheRed

    Ashcraft is clearly not happy about coming out of the game. David Bell to the rescue.

    I can’t say this about many people, but I am beginning to hate David Bell.

    • Richard Fitch

      You people are relentless. This comment section has become toxic. Jeebus. Find another hobby.

      • JayTheRed

        We all have a right to our own opinion including you. We are all allowed to share our opinion. We all have our opinion, and you have yours.

        If you don’t like what people are saying you can skip the comment or stop reading it. You have that choice. I don’t find the comments anyone makes here as toxic. I might not agree with them but, either I don’t comment or I do so in generally a respectful manner.

      • Richard Fitch

        Right. Because hating David Bell is your idea of respectful. You’re right. You have a right to your opinion. And I have a right to say it sucks.

      • Votto4life

        New to the internet, Richard? This is a baseball forum where people discuss baseball.

      • Frankie Tomatoes

        Every day there are probably 100 comments about how Bell is the dumbest manager that’s ever existed and that includes your drunk uncle Bill when he “managed” the coach pitch team.

        Did the Reds win? Oh yeah, they did. But they’ll all tell you it was in spite of Bell. When the team loses it’s because of him. Thankless job. Just hope he doesn’t read Redleg Nation.

      • Richard Fitch

        But you don’t talk baseball. You just replay the same David Bell narrative no matter the circumstance, no matter the outcome.

        David Bell has no feel for the game says the guy on his couch.
        David Bell doesn’t care about winning
        Are you trying to prove you’re the smartest guy in the room?

        The very first post here went after Bell and the game hadn’t even begun.

        Like I said. You folks are relentless.

      • Melvin

        To a certain degree any MLB manager job is thankless. There’s only 30 of them in the world and they get payed well for it, knowing what they’re getting into. It’s just part of it. Of course the more wins the less criticism. Right or wrong, that’s the way it is.

  55. LDS

    Little Davy should have made a statement last inning. Pinch hit Barrero for Newman. The Reds scored 11 runs on Friday. That lineup hasn’t played since. In fact, Fraley and Friedl didn’t start the next three games. Bell is either incapable of managing or likes losing .

    • VegasRed

      Well Richard, why don’t you talk baseball instead of telling other fans how to fan?

      For example, tell us why you think Bell is a good mlb manager?

      • Doug Gray

        One can think that someone isn’t a good manager without doing some of the things that some of the posters here do, which is engage in bad faith David Bell slams on literally any and every single thing he does.

        People show up within 3 minutes of the lineup being posted, commenting on the minor league notebook articles, about how stupid Bell is for batting this guy instead of that guy. It’s exhausting. Truly.

  56. David

    Ashcraft pitches his….well his Ashcraft off. And the Reds can’t score against Michael Wacha, who has been generally ripped in his other starts.

    Looks like a sweep for the Padres in San Diego.


  57. JB

    8th inning and Bell hasn’t made any of his wholesale changes. He must be under the weather tonight.

    • LDS

      No need. Except for Reynolds his boys are playing.

  58. redbone

    Steer looks really bad at the plate right now!

  59. David

    Puzzling. Pinch hits the slumping Stephenson for Fairchild. Why didn’t he pinch hit Matt Reynolds?

    Or why didn’t he start Senzel in the clean up spot? Or Fraley?

    Why ask why?

    • JB

      Reynolds lol. He has no business being on the roster.

  60. MBS

    When you pinch hit for your 4 hole hitter, maybe he shouldn’t be a 4 hole hitter. Frankly Fairchild should be on the roster.

  61. JB

    Fraley. I don’t know why they didn’t bring in a lefty. Wow somebody dumber than Bell.

  62. Melvin

    Fraley comes through again. 🙂 Friedl and Fraley, who’ve been out of the lineup the last three games, both come through. 🙂

  63. JB

    Reynolds is in. It’s all good in Bell world.

    • Melvin

      So if I’m correct, Reynolds in, Fairchild out, Stephenson catching now, Bell uses two players for one AB. Hope it works. Tie game now. Reynolds hitting in Casali’s spot now.

    • David

      It’s amazing, isn’t it? He managed to get Matt Reynolds in the game.


      If only they had Chad Pinder, too. 😉

      • Melvin

        Notice that Newman rarely if ever comes out during a “Bell Shuffle”. 🙂

  64. Mark A Verticchio

    Big hit by Fraley, but two questions: 1. Who on earth pinch hits for a player they chose to bat clean up? 2. Why is Steer up and and neither CES or Mclain is? I think both will have better careers than Steer and don’t get me started about Fairchild, I think Hopkins is a better prospect.

    • LDS

      Remember Steer was hitting over .300 while playing 3B. He’s well under .200 when playing 1st. Perhaps Steer is one of those guys who don’t handle position changes well. BTW, the numbers don’t change much even including prior ML ABs

      • Harry Stoner

        We saw the same thing with Steer last year.

        Bell, obviously, didn’t see it.

        And isn’t seeing it now.

    • Mario

      Mark you are spot on and I have been thinking the same thing for a few weeks. I like Steer but CES/McClain should be in Cincy now and if that’s at Steer’s expense, I am ok with that. Because we know Newman isn’t going anywhere unless there is trade value for him

  65. redbone

    The while central lost today so a chance to pick up a game.

  66. David

    Ian Gibaut threw 11 pitches in the bottom of the 8th.

    I guess he is worn out. What if Law doesn’t have it tonight?

    This is one of those David Bell idiosyncracies that puzzles me to no end.

  67. JB

    Do that’s twice now that we have seen the Kim home run tonight. I don’t know of any other organization that would show the visiting teams accomplishments like that.

    • JB

      What was I thinking. You never substitute Reynolds or Newman.

  68. Mark A Verticchio

    A lot has gone wrong this year, but the bull pen has been much better than anybody expected.

  69. Mark A Verticchio

    The right move was to bunt Steer, who has not been hitting. Even Sadek made that call, Bell has zero feel for the game. Another point Friedl should start every game but don’t tell Bell that.

  70. Melvin

    Ball hit hard. Dodged a bullet. 🙂

  71. Mark A Verticchio

    In the end that was the best win of the year.

  72. LDS

    Diaz is starting to look like the best closer the Reds have had in a long time. Certainly had his work cut out for him tonight. He needs to be on the extension list.

    • Votto4life

      Yeah, right now the extension list should include Lodolo, Ashcraft, Diaz, EDLC and CES. I’m not sure the Reds should extend Stephenson or India unless they are willing to sign below market value.

  73. Bet on Red

    much better this season about getting those comebacks

    • Votto4life

      I agree. It’s a lot of fun to watch. It reminds me why I love the game and the Reds.

  74. JB

    Needed this game big time. Bullpen keeps getting stronger.

  75. JayTheRed

    Thank you India. Reds win first game in San Deago since 4 years ago wow.

  76. Gpod

    Will some real journalist ask Bell why he didn’t use the sac bunt in the 10th….never

  77. Votto4life

    The Cardinals are now 10 full games behind the Pirates. St. Louis will need another great second half to overtake the Bucos. I’m not sure they have it in them.

  78. Mark A Verticchio

    You know for all the complaining we sometimes do, as a Red’s fan you can’t help but think that, despite whatever this years record is, the future is bright.

    • JayTheRed

      Great Comment. The future does look much better for this team than last year.

    • Votto4life

      @Mark I totally agree. Even though we have many spirited debates here, I never doubt this group’s passion and commitment to Red’s baseball.

      Last year was the worst baseball season of my life. It nearly killed my love for the Reds and the game. It was a mixture of the team’s poor performance and comments made by the owner’s son. Anyway, I am shaking that off for now and will root for my favorite baseball team once again, as I have been doing for the past 52 years.

  79. Frankie Tomatoes

    A win is a win but when the team is playing late night games I prefer easier ones that don’t get the adrenaline going at midnight! Retirement has some benefits such as not having to set an alarm to get up for work. Who am I kidding though I will be up by 7am no matter what.