The Cincinnati Reds will go for the sweep this afternoon after back-to-back come from behind, late-inning wins to start the week. The Texas Rangers will try to escape the 3-game series with a victory before hitting the road. First pitch this afternoon is set for 12:35pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Texas Rangers

Cincinnati Reds

Marcus Semien – 2B Jonathan India – 2B
Travis Jankowski – CF TJ Friedl – CF
Nathaniel Lowe – 1B Spencer Steer – 1B
Adolis Garcia – RF Tyler Stephenson – DH
Josh Jung – 3B Jake Fraley – LF
Jonah Heim – C Henry Ramos – RF
Robbie Grossman – LF Kevin Newman – SS
Brad Miller – DH Nick Senzel – 3B
Josh Smith – SS Curt Casali – C
Jon Gray – RHP Graham Ashcraft – RHP

For the second consecutive day, Wil Myers was originally in the starting lineup and then he was scratched from said lineup. Spencer Steer moved over to first base where Myers was originally at and Nick Senzel entered the lineup at third base.

Starting Pitchers

Graham Ashcraft 24.0 1.88 1.17 11 21
Jon Gray 19.1 3.72 1.45 11 15
Links: Graham Ashcraft’s Stats | Jon Gray’s Stats

Graham Ashcraft

Coming off of his worst start of the season where he allowed two runs in 5.0 innings, well, Graham Ashcraft is probably looking for more of the same. His walk rate is up a bit this season in the early going, but his ground ball rate and strikeout rates are also both up this year.

It seems that despite plenty of evidence at this point, opposing managers still don’t seem to understand that they shouldn’t put left-handed hitters in the lineup against Ashcraft. This season they are hitting .049 against him. Last year they posted a .555 OPS against him. He dominated left-handed hitters, yet they’ve been to the plate against him just three fewer times than righties have. Right-handed hitters have found tons of success against him in his career, hitting .326 with an .895 OPS against him.


RHH 50 15 5 0 0 5 8 .341 .408 .455
LHH 47 2 1 0 1 6 13 .049 .170 .146

Pitch Usage

2-Seam Cutter Slider Change
Velo 97.9 96.9 89.1 89.5
Usage 5% 54% 41% 0%

Jon Gray

For the entirety of his big league career, Jon Gray has been stingy with free passes. This season has not seen that be the case. He’s walked 11 batters in 19.1 innings and 10 of those walks have been to left-handed hitters while he’s struck out just six of them. Lefties haven’t just walked a lot, they’ve hit a lot, too. For his career lefties have hit better against him, but the difference hasn’t been all that much. This season, though, righties have done next to nothing, while left-handed hitters have put up MVP caliber numbers.


RHH 36 6 0 0 1 1 9 .182 .229 .273
LHH 46 11 0 0 3 10 6 .306 .457 .556

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Curve Slider Change
Velo 95.3 78.8 83.5 88.2
Usage 48% 8% 33% 12%

When and Where

  • Game time: 12:35pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 55ยฐ, cloudy, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Matt McLain’s hot start continues in Triple-A

Monday we wrote about Matt McLain here at Redleg Nation. Louisville started a new series on Tuesday night and he had his biggest game of the year, reaching base four times and hitting a 443-foot home run for the Bats. His homer wasn’t even the longest of the game for Louisville, though. Outfielder TJ Hopkins, who is now hitting .338, crushed a 468-foot home run an inning after McLain went deep.

The bullpen has been strong of late

Since April 13th the bullpen has a 2.04 ERA with 58 strikeouts in 53.0 innings.

Is today the day for a home run?

In today’s game it’s almost unimaginable that a big league club hasn’t homered in eight straight games, but that’s exactly what’s happened to the Cincinnati Reds. Is today the day that they can break through and give a fan a souvenir? This is the longest streak of no homers by the Reds since 1992.


Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Pirates 16 8 0.0 19.2%
Brewers 15 9 1.0 62.6%
Cubs 13 9 2.0 30.2%
Reds 9 15 7.0 0.5%
Cardinals 9 15 7.0 42.7%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs

246 Responses

  1. Votto4life

    I am one of like 12 people here at the game so far. Go Reds!

  2. SlippinJimmy

    “Playoff odds – 0.5%”

    So you’re tellin me there’s a chance!

    • Dennis Westrick

      Only 7 games out of first place in the NL Central and only 5 games out of a Wild Card spot!

      • Eddiek957

        You know after last years start that donโ€™t sound that bad. Tough schedule and the boys are hanging in there. I just wonder if they picked up a mid rotation arm that was decent where would we be now?

  3. Rex

    Awesome…I wish I could join you!

    Yell loud!

  4. Jim Walker

    Well, at least Senzel got into the game after a 3 hit night even if it took a late scratch. I wonder if Bell left the lineup last night for the 1st guy in today to post because as soon as I saw the early tweet of it at ~930 AM, I wondered how neck spasms could clear enough overnight for a guy to play in an afternoon game.

    • Jim t

      He was probably waiting to see who was available.

      • Jim Walker

        I can’t say how Bell operates but I recall in the past I believe it was either Dusty or Jack McKeon admitted he typically wrote out the getaway day lineup ahead of time and gave it to the coach who drew the short straw to be first in come morning.

      • Jim t

        @jim day after night game also can be a issue at times. Many managers in todays game give players a day off under those conditions. Even at 69 years old I think I could play to that

      • Dennis Westrick

        Got you beat Jim T at 70 years old! Still working full-time and at work today but will check in on the game from time to time!

  5. Dennis Westrick

    Been waiting with bated breath since last night to see what kinda “Getaway Day” lineup that old crafty wizard (Bell) created for today’s opportunity to sweep the AL West division-leading Texas Rangers! Must say it’s formidable especially since Barrero is MIA! But, that master of the batting craft, Newman, is still in the lineup!

    Nonetheless, hoping for a strong outing by Ashcraft and a little offense to support him!

  6. Rut

    The Reds do not have a legit 30 hr guy on their roster– heck, they might not even have a 25 hr guy either.

    Just not sure how anyone can expect this team to be competitive when they will go multiple seasons without a 25 hr player. It’d be like an NBA team without a single 3 pt shooter — good friggin luck with that in today’s game.

  7. Mark A Verticchio

    I guess Barrero is doing his best imitation of Claude Rains, The Invisible Man in 1933, in Bell’s strange mind.

    • DW

      Yeah it would be nice to see Barrero at SS with one of the best ground ball pitchers in the game.

      • Dennis Westrick

        Again, you are applying logic and reason which are not on Bell’s baseball menu! Don’t worry, I hear Newman is very friendly so he will wave to most of the balls that whiz past him!

      • Melvin

        ” I hear Newman is very friendly so he will wave to most of the balls that whiz past him!”


    • Dennis Westrick

      Now that’s going way back Mark! More like Hollow Man starring Kevin Bacon!

  8. Mark Moore

    Almost time to Kick this Pig!!!

    HR drought ends today.

    • VaRedsFan

      Predict here who goes deep today.

      I’ll go with Ramos.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Pig? Did somebody say BBQ? I hear they have some of that up your way Mark!

      • Mark Moore

        They do. But none of the local sauce for me.

  9. JB

    Got to hand it to the guys in the bullpen. They are now 10th in MLB and 3rd in the NL. If only they could hit.

  10. CI3J

    Looks like Bell REALLY wants to give Barrero his “day off”. Barrero wasn’t in the lineup yesterday until Myers had the neck spasms, then Barrero was brought in as a DH (instead of just playing him at SS).

    And now today, Barrero is nowhere to be seen, giving Newman 2 days of starts at SS.

    Maybe Bell really feels Barrero needs a full day off, but if Barrero is not at SS for the next game, then I’m going to be pretty peeved. 2 days in a row of Newman at SS is already pretty bad.

    • Dennis Westrick

      The only thing I can figure is that Newman has a high quality camera with a telephoto lens!

    • Melvin

      Barrero has already had days off I think.

  11. Mark Moore

    Ashcraft pitching for his Grandma who passed recently.

  12. JB

    Good inning. If they can hit today, I think they win. Ashcraft in my opinion is their best pitcher right now.

  13. William

    These have been my favorite Reds games of the year. The Texas Rangers are the other team I am following this year. However, I wanted the Reds to win both games. Texas has some problems with their relief pitching. They just throw money at their problems. Good to see the Reds come from behind. The relief pitching for the Reds has been good recently. Go Reds! Wish I was at the game in person.

    • Votto4life

      I am repping RLN today for you William! I like Business day specials (even tho I am retired)

      • Votto4life

        My wife and I are currently in 415 but we move around for the shade lol

  14. Bet on Red

    always pleasantly supprised with Aschraft

  15. DW

    Ashcraft’s velocity seems to be a little down today

  16. JB

    I give Ashcraft a compliment up above and he comes out and loads the bases. Sorry guys, this is on me.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Need the pitcher’s best friend, the old 6-4-3 DP!

  17. Dennis Westrick

    After a 12-pitch first inning. Ashcraft palying with fire! Let’s see if he can escape this mess with one (1) or fewer runs!

  18. Kevin H

    Great job getting out of a bases loaded no out jam that he created. LOL

  19. DW

    I love Graham’s toughness. Great job getting out of that jam unscathed.

  20. CI3J


    Ashcraft works out of a bases loaded, no outs jam without giving up a run.

    The big right hander is a real bulldog.

  21. Dennis Westrick

    Holy Crap! Bases loaded and NO outs and Ashcraft does a Houdini to escape! Bochy must be punching the dugout walls!

  22. JB

    Seems like Stephenson is coming out of it

    • Mark Moore


      Thinking the same thing.

  23. Mark Moore

    Ramos picks him up with a 3-bagger! Balls may be staying in the park, but at least we’re scoring.

  24. Jim Walker

    Let’s hope Ramos has a longer shelf life than Volser!

    • JB

      Haha was thinking the same. At least Ramos had a great spring and I have no idea why he didn’t make the team out of ST.

    • LT

      Happen every year. Call someone up and they will perform for a couple of weeks.

  25. Melvin

    Just tuned in and saw Ramos hit. He’s definitely been helping.

  26. Mark Moore

    Rushed throw and we’re up early.

  27. CFD3000

    Ridiculous that Newman is starting at SS. Again. Barrero is better Right Now, and might be the Reds SS of the future. Newman will definitely not. Free Jose!

    • Melvin

      I’m looking forward to when EDLC comes up and Bell treats him the same way as Barrero. The whole baseball world will have a microscope on EDLC and Bell will look stupid to everyone embarrassing Big Bob. That should spell the end of Mr. David Bell as manager.

  28. LT

    Not a good sign, Reds like to play from behind ๐Ÿ™‚ not a good front runner typically

  29. Melvin

    Senzel is definitely better at 3B than CF.

    • JB

      I agree. I don’t think he is a good outfielder.

      • CI3J

        He just looks very awkward in the outfield. Like a giraffe on roller skates.

      • Mario

        I never want to see him in the OF again. Glad his IF skills are still there. He looks very capable at 3B and 2B.

    • Daytonnati

      No question. Great play and throw a few outs back.

  30. LDS

    Like Barrero yesterday, Myers injury got Senzel back into today’s lineup. But, the important thing to note is that he wasn’t in the original lineup announced earlier – keeping alive the Bell tendency to punish success, even for a team legend like Senzel. Clearly, Bell didn’t read Jason’s article yesterday or said “oh hell no, Newman’s my boy”.

    • Harry Stoner

      Got to get Newman going. He’s close.

      • Daytonnati

        Dusty would have tagged him as “Newmie” by now ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Kevin H

      That just sounds bush league to suggest that. I don’t know why Bell does it, however I am equal sure its not to “punish success” That just sounds illogical

      • Harry Stoner

        It may not be Bell’s motivation (but you never know) but doesn’t it have that effect?

        Ramos will likely be the next one to sit.

      • DW

        Yeah, obviously Bell isn’t purposely punishing success, but it is astounding how often we see a guy have a good day at the plate and then sit the next day.

      • Melvin

        Why Bell is doing it is anyone’s guess. What I do know is that if it weren’t for a late game time scratch today it would have been the third time in the last week or so that a player had three hits one night and didn’t play the next game. To put it mildly that’s not good managing.

    • Kevin H

      Agree with everyone as it is astounding

    • Melvin

      It seems Newman definitely reminds David Bell of himself. As you pointed out recently their lifetime numbers are very similar.

  31. Kevin H

    Lowe should of been out on strikes

    • Dennis Westrick

      See my reply to CI3J below regarding the umpiring!

  32. LDS

    Ashcraft’s pitch count is running a bit high today. He needs to bring that down and stay in the game for 7.

  33. Dennis Westrick

    What’s with the 2-out walks? Again, playing with fire!

    • Kevin H

      2nd year pitchers. Growing pains indeed.. Other than that, I don’t know

  34. CI3J

    Ashcraft doesn’t have his best control today, but he’s battling. If he can go 6, that would be great.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Inconsistent Ump? Or maybe the HP Ump is from Texas?

      • JB

        Nah Friedl should have struck out there and Ump called a ball. Not sure what he was looking at.

  35. Mark Moore

    Need to keep pushing Gray’s pitch count. Can’t let him off the hook when we have the lead.

    • Mark Moore

      Another reminder why I don’t listen to the TV audio feed unless forced to do so. Fine line between passionate commentary and raving word spewing. Sadak vaults over it regularly.

  36. Jim Walker

    That was a heck of a play by the Rangers catcher on the Fraley topper.

    And maybe some hitting luck for Fraley last night and again today will mark a turnaround for him.

  37. Mark Moore

    And we get the challenge call but it doesn’t end up mattering (other than to run the pitch count up a little and frustrate Bochy some more).

  38. Mark Moore

    And they claw back. Lack of Crooked Numbers really bites.

    • JB

      Feels like the Reds have 10 hits and they have only 3.

  39. Dennis Westrick

    I know I sound like a stuck record, but, walks by Reds pitchers, more often than not, lead to runs!

    Will be intersesting to see if Bell allows Ashcraft to start the 6th inning!

  40. Mark Moore

    Senzel appears to like being the 3B player. He’s showing a little more “umph” today from what I’m seeing.

    • Jim Walker

      These last 2 games have to be a real load off his mind given his start to the year up until Tuesday night.

  41. JB

    Nicky with the steal. Looks like he is waking up. Love it.

  42. Mark Moore

    OK, TJ … here’s a golden opportunity.

  43. Mark Moore

    Honestly, I didn’t think that was deep enough. But it worked.

    • Mark Moore

      Tee’d up by Senzel’s single and stolen base (plus Casali’s SAC).

  44. old-school

    Senzel nice liner to RF hitting the ball where it was pitched. Casali nice bunt. Senzel swipes 3b, India walks, and Friedl Sac fly.

    5 straight quality at bats to get the run back.

    Senzel used his legs on the steal and a shallow sac fly.

    • Melvin

      As soon as Senzel starts playing well I want to shut my eyes. That’s usually when an injury comes up. Hope not this time.

      • Mark Moore

        Note he didn’t crash the wall last night when the opportunity presented itself. I think that could be a part of it overall. That and playing him at 3B more.

      • Melvin

        I think he’s had injuries at 3B too.

  45. Kevin H

    A sac bunt, a steal and a sac fly


  46. Mark Moore

    Good to see Graham in the 6th. Needs to be efficient here and get a quick inning.

  47. Melvin

    Down on the Farm it looks like McLain already has two hits today. Same for CES with an HR.

      • Melvin

        Don’t know whether he’s still hitting the ball hard or not. Remember it’s De La Cruz. ๐Ÿ™‚ I forgot myself recently. haha

    • Old-school

      Abbott 4 scoreless and 7 kโ€™s

      Anybody got a scouting report on Hopkins? He keeps hitting.

      .348 with a 2 run bomb today.

      • Melvin

        Didn’t realize Abbott was pitching today. That’s even better. Don’t know much about Hopkins except that he keeps on hitting like you said. Robinson with another hit today with a .415 BA.

      • Melvin

        Hopkins with a double. He’s killing it.

  48. old-school

    AShcraft with a strong 6th inning.

  49. Mark Moore

    A little showboat move from Ashcraft there to get the 3rd out ๐Ÿ˜€

    Love it!

  50. JB

    Good job. Ashcraft. That’s how you grind it out.

  51. Moon

    Another nice outing by Ashcraft. I have to believe he is done for the day. Well done.

  52. old-school

    Ashcraft crying and hugging DJ in dugout. Grandmother died Monday and he chose to pitch.

    • Mark Moore

      Definitely channeled his emotions into a great quality start.

    • Moon

      My Mom is in a Hospice facility in Dayton. She was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer in December. By February it has already spread to her spine and lungs. She only has hours left in this world. I an only writing this to underscore how tough this is for Ashcraft to perform under those conditions. I would not have been able to do it.

      • JB

        God Bless you and your mom, brother. She is heading to a place we all live for. May someday you both reunite under Gods eyes.

      • Mark Moore

        Losing close family just sucks. I’ve been through it way too many times. The finality of the end has always struck me hard.

      • Mario

        Lost my mom to cancer a few years ago. Peace and blessings be with you and your family.

  53. Mark A Verticchio

    Great outing by Ashcraft on an emotional day where he didn’t have his best stuff. Prayers are with you young man.

  54. Mark Moore

    Casali did a fantastic job hopping on that ball and throwing a bullet.

    • Melvin

      Poor base running after though unfortunately. Ran right into the tag.

  55. MK

    It is unfortunate we have to hold our breath every time Senzel slides or dives for a ball.

    • JB

      He needs to be left in the infield. Cover 3rd and 2nd. Plus DH. Reds have outfielders to cover the 3 spots. Steer can play 3rd, 1st and DH. I would put McLain in CF when he comes since he has played the outfield. He can become the next Robin Yount

      • MK

        JB, are you possibly creating another Senzel with that move? Maybe he needs to stay in infield to be effective and I injured.

  56. CI3J

    I like Senzel’s hustle, but looks like a little too much of a good thing as he runs into an out.

    • Mark Moore

      He went on contact. Casali didn’t put it in the right spot, but he should have paid more attention IMO.

  57. Mark Moore

    Is it just me, or has India’s command of the strike zone really improved? Just seems more selective.

  58. Kevin H

    Trying to do too much perhaps? Senzel that is?

  59. DW

    Young has been quite a pick up for the bullpen. Having a quality LHP out of the bullpen is huge.

    • JB

      Yeah I was just thinking if he is still dealing in August , they might want to extend him. I think he is only on a 1 year deal.

  60. Old-school

    Spencer steer with nice defensive back hand to his knees at first base! Young covers and a big out

  61. CI3J

    Bell taking Young out?

    Bold move, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for him.

  62. JB

    This team can frustrate us at times but man if you squint you can see a nice team forming. The big three and Abbott and Stout.
    C- Stephenson
    1st- Steer
    2nd- India
    SS- Barrero
    3rd- Senzel
    CF- McLain
    RF- EDLC
    DH – CES
    C- Robinson
    Bench- Fraley
    Ramos/ Fairchild

    This isn’t set in stone in my mind. I’m just putting guys out there and showing what kind of depth they have. Senzel and Barrero might not do anything from now until then. What’s great is all the versatility these guys have. They can play many positions. Fun times ahead. Just need to get them here.

    • Kevin H

      I get the enthusiasm as I feel same way. I also agree this team can indeed frustrate us.

  63. Mark Moore

    “He pushed me off …”

    “Yeah, you slid on by and he just kept the glove on you.”

    Nice way to end the 8th.

  64. Mark Moore

    Seeing Eye Single by TySteve! That counts.

    C’mon, Fraley. Time to break the streak!

  65. LDS

    I’m thinking Steer may actually need a rest. His average has plummeted and his SOs are up. Newman? Time to go our separate ways. Bell will have to get over it.

    • Melvin

      We need to get McLain up and find a way for him to play every day some place.

      • LDS

        Won’t happen with Bell managing. Not his style unless the player is over 30 and mediocre or on the downside of their career.

      • greenmtred

        A good description of Jonathan India, LDS?

  66. Mark Moore

    My prediction about the HR streak won’t happen today, or so it seems. Frankly, I’ll take a quick 9th from Sims and the sweep instead.

    What are we all going to do on our off day from each other tomorrow and then those later West Coast games?

    • JB

      At least the Oakland series isn’t bad time wise.

      • Mark Moore

        True. I’ll catch some of the Friday game and the weekend games are 4PM starts my time.

  67. Melvin

    Stephenson out after two hits. Hope we don’t need him later. We do have the lead.

    • LDS

      This PR BS with Stephenson and Fairchild is a perfect example of Bell’s “management”. It needs to end now.

      • Melvin

        Well, we had the lead. The PR thing didn’t work. Now we have a tie game and have lost our DH and our #4 hitter (one of our best).

      • greenmtred

        In a tie game you replace one of your slower runners with your fastest runner? That’s BS? Stephenson was unlikely to get another at-bat unless the game went into extra innings–likely more than one. Wasn’t it you who described going for a tie as a sign of incompetence?

  68. Mark Moore

    I don’t like the way this is starting out. I don’t like it one bit.

    Sims is going to have to be NAILS here to avoid the 9th (and beyond).

  69. Votto4life

    Why didnโ€™t bell start the inning with Sims?

    • Luke J

      Bell just loves to hand inherited runners to his relievers. It’s his nature.

    • JB

      Not sure why or why not bring him in after the double. Not easy coming in with no outs and guy on 3rd.

      • Votto4life

        Bell always has to be the smartest guy in the room. So frustrating.

  70. LarkinPhillips

    I think this is the 3rd time this yeR, gibaut has started a 2nd inning and each time he has struggled. He may not be able to get warmed up multiple times in a day.

    • JB

      Cruz is another guy that doesn’t do good in multiple innings.

      • LarkinPhillips

        Absolutely. I think it’s hard on those max effort guys like those two.

  71. Melvin

    We lost the DH with Fairchild in the game. We also lost one of our best hitters for the remainder too.

    • Jim Walker

      Not a jab at Bell in particular but going back at least to the Dusty days, it seems like every time the Reds pull out the stops for the prevent defense with a 1 run lead in the 9th or later, it comes back to bite them.

  72. Kevin H

    OMG what is happening. Its not loading for me

  73. JB

    Tie game. Ugh Sims should have started the inning and now we have no DH for some reason. Brain fart Bell

      • JB

        They tied it and now going to bottom of the 9th

    • Mark Moore

      PR for TySteve and then he went into play the field. I’m in complete agreement about Gibault not starting the 9th.

    • CI3J

      It’s not a brain fart.

      This is who Bell is. He always has to insert himself into games and/or needlessly tinker to remind everyone that he’s the manager.

      • LDS

        You nailed it, @CI3J. As I said above, the Fairchild PR for Stephenson game has to end.

      • JB

        It’s mind numbing why he keeps making these moves.

      • DW

        I often agree with things you post, but I don’t believe that is Bell’s motivation. I believe it is just his philosophy of managing. And it just isn’t very good.

  74. Mark Moore

    OK, Sims. Get this last guy and then it’s back on the bats to produce and avoid extras.

  75. Mark Moore

    Thin benches on both sides. Somebody needs to step up for us big time right now.

  76. Luke J

    Who’s going to be the hero today?

  77. LarkinPhillips

    Sims sure looked good there. I would have like to see him start the inning fresh, rather than gibaut who likely wouldn’t have finished the inning anyway due to pitch count.

  78. Kevin H

    Well so much for being able to follow, I am stuck in cyber land apparently

    • LDS

      Same here, neither Gameday nor ESPN are updating

    • JB

      Error on SS , Newman makes it to 2nd. No outs

  79. Mark Moore

    Kevin – you back with us yet?

    Bottom of the 9th coming. Gameday is stuck as is the “next up” feed for

    Newman, Senzel, Casali up first.

    • Mark Moore

      Newman on 2nd after a base hit and an error (should just have been an error).

    • Kevin H

      I am here thats about it. Thank you about bottom of 9th inning. I need a radio for the house lol

  80. Mark A Verticchio

    What poor managing by Bell. Sims should have started the inning and the Reds probably win. This is why Bell has to go before the team becomes a contender.

    • JB

      Why does he keep deleting the DH ? It’s redicilous

  81. Mark Moore


  82. JB

    Who would have thought Senzel would break the homer streak. Love that guy. Maybe he is turning the corner. And Bell wasn’t even going to play him.

  83. Jim Walker

    Who is that guy wearing #15 masquerading as Nick Senzel????!!

    • Kevin H

      Number 1 draft pick thats who.. LOL Just kidding you Jim… Lets hope its the start of something for him

  84. CI3J

    Reds win despite Bell doing everything he could to give the game away.

    • LarkinPhillips

      This should be the headline of Doug’s article haha. I’m glad for a win no matter what way they come though.

  85. Mark Moore

    Jim Day interview in full Viking gear … got to love that. Nick looks energized.

    • Kevin H

      Play him at 3rd base.. If steer can play first…

      • Mark Moore

        Steer can play 1B. I’ve no doubt about that.

      • Melvin

        Think that would make too much sense for David Bell?

  86. JB

    As a Senzel fan I vote we throw out Old Schools resignation as President of Senzel club and reinsert him as president. I hope that kid kills it. He has been through a lot

    • Kevin H

      I am so glad as well as he has been through alot. Maybe his rookie auto card I have will go up now

    • old-school

      I mean I still have a Nick Senzel jersey I purchased! Im willing to start it back up. Maybe just keep him at 3b and abandon the outfield thing. Steer looked good at first base and Votto is hurt.

  87. Old-school


    What a series for the good guys

  88. LDS

    Senzel homered? I guess the Myers next spasms paid off. Otherwise, Senzel would have been riding the pine.

    • Jim t

      If Myers was in the line up he may have hit a home run. Most of the managers on this site wanted Senzel gone by any means. Go figure.

      • LDS

        Still do @JimT, two good games doesn’t erase what he’s failed to do over his careeer. Trade him while he’s hitting and healthy. If he becomes an All Star so be it. I don’t think he will. Again, it’s just 2 good games.

      • Kevin H

        @LDS, Yet you want to play Fairchild and Barrero. 3 games in a row and walk off fashion and still glass half empty mentality.

        Playing Major League Baseball is 70% failure anyway

      • Melvin

        Well if Myers can possibly go on the IL we can use that as an excuse to bring up McLain to play CF with Senzel at 3B and Steer at 1B. There’s no telling how long Senzel will last so bring up McLain NOW. lol

      • LDS

        Barrero over Newman any day of the week. There’s not a doubt in my mind. Fairchild over Fraley until we determine that Fairchild isn’t going to. Fraley is strictly a platoon player and currently not a particularly good one. Earlier this year, he was hitting. Now, not so much. The first game of the series was clearly a Ranger fail. The last two games, particularly this one, were actually “won” vs “ranger losses”. Still Bell tried to screw it up and came close to succeeding. But then, that’s what he does. A three game winning streak and a series sweep of the Rangers, why it’s time to nominate Bell for Manager of the Year and give him yet another contract extension. The man’s a baseball genius.

    • LDS

      And BTW @KevinH, it’s not a “glass half empty mentality”. It’s recognizing that absolutely nothing has changed between this 3 game sweep of the Rangers and the 4 games sweep by the Pirates (or the 6 game losing streak that ended with the 1st game of this series). If the Reds win 9 or 10 in a row then we’ll have something to crow about. Otherwise, remember they won their 1st 3 games to start the season as well. Still likely looking at a last place team.

  89. Mike in Ottawa

    I think we just found our third baseman. His bat has been coming around for a while now. Go Nick!

    • JB

      I hope so. And Steer plays a nice 1st base. This move could work out real nice

  90. Moon

    Was following on gamecast. THe 9th inning just fritzed out. Nothing, until the final score of 5-3 popped up. What a pleasant and welcome surprise. Go Reds!

    • JB

      Maybe that’s your mom , saying I got you kid. One last gift to you. God Bless you

      • Moon

        She is a tough lady. 90 years old, and up until a few weeks ago still on top on things physcially and sharp mentally. She was totally independent to the end. Thank you for those words. It was a nice win for me to enjoy that I will pass on to here later if she is still with us. She is a big Reds and Ohio State Buckeyes fan.

  91. Jim t

    Thatโ€™s why itโ€™s hard to give up on Senzel..

  92. Chris Holbert

    Senzel will definitely not be in the lineup tomorrow,now.

  93. Mark A Verticchio

    Without Myers injury this doesn’t happen. The sad thing is that Ashcraft didn’t get the win. All Bell had to do was start Sims in the 9th. Well now it’s on to Oakland, need to win the series. 10-15 isn’t great but it’s a lot better than 3-22.

  94. J

    Congrats to Senzel and to Bell for all those brilliant moves. Everything went just as he planned it, I’m sure. (But he actually does deserve credit for not asking Senzel to bunt. I’ll give him that.) I don’t know what to make of this team anymore. It all seemed so clear a few days ago, and then they do THIS? Can they start winning now?

    • Kevin H

      I truly believe they need to sweep Oakland, as they have 1 road win. Oakland is worse than the Reds and any thing less than well 2 out of 3 isn’t good. I prefer a sweep myself.

      • Mark Moore

        Sweep the Las Vega’s Ace-theltics!!

  95. Mark Moore

    Fantastic post-game with Ashcraft. Quite the young man just letting it out there for his Grandma.