Things went well for Cincinnati in their return to Great American Ball Park on Monday night. After falling behind 5-1, the Reds staged a comeback and won on a walk-off single in the bottom of the 9th as they picked up their first victory in a week. Tonight the Reds will go for a second straight win and a series win against the Texas Rangers. First pitch is set for 6:40pm ET tonight.

Starting Lineups

Texas Rangers

Cincinnati Reds

Marcus Semien – 2B Jonathan India – 2B
Travis Jankowski – LF Spencer Steer – 3B
Nathaniel Lowe – 1B Stuart Fairchild – LF
Adolis Garcia – RF Tyler Stephenson – 1B
Josh Jung – 3B Henry Ramos – RF
Jonah Heim – C Kevin Newman – SS
Ezequiel Duran – DH Nick Senzel – CF
Josh Smith – SS Jose Barrero – DH
Leody Taveras – CF Luke Maile – C
Martin Perez – LHP Luke Weaver – RHP

Wil Myers was originally in the lineup but was removed after having neck spasms. Tyler Stephenson moved from designated hitter to first base and Jose Barrero enters the lineup as the designated hitter.

Starting Pitchers

Luke Weaver 6.0 6.00 1.00 2 8
Martin Perez 21.1 3.38 1.55 7 19
Links: Luke Weaver’s Stats | Martin Perez’s Stats

Luke Weaver

Things didn’t start out well for Luke Weaver in his 2023 debut last week. The Pirates touched him up for four runs in the 1st inning, but after that he settled in and kept them off of the board for the next five innings while racking up eight strikeouts in the game. He’ll try to avoid a big inning tonight against the Rangers.

The 2022 season was a tough one for Weaver. His ERA was 6.56 in 35.2 innings between Arizona and Kansas City. Most of that came as a reliever. Left-handed hitters and right-handed hitters both found success against him, though righties hit for a lot more power against him. Lefties just hit a bunch of singles against him last season.

Splits (2022)

RHH 93 27 10 0 1 6 22 .318 .366 .471
LHH 81 25 5 0 0 7 16 .357 .420 .429

Pitch Usage (AAA Rehab & MLB)

4-Seam Cutter Curve Change
Velo 93.5 85.8 81.5 85.6
Usage 44% 12% 15% 27%

Martin Perez

Since the start of 2022, Martin Perez has made 36 starts and posted a 2.94 ERA. He’s been stingy with the long ball, giving up just 15 home runs in 217.2 innings pitched – though he’s given up four this season. Perez is coming off of his worst start of the season, giving up three runs in 5.2 innings against Kansas City where he managed just three strikeouts.

This season the splits for Perez are quite similar when it comes to the OPS against him – both sides have an .840 OPS. But they’ve gone about it differently, too. Lefties aren’t hitting for much power, but carry a higher average in a much smaller sample size. Right-handed hitters have shown more power, but not as much of an average or on-base percentage. For his career, the lefty has been much better against lefties, who had a .641 OPS compared to a .798 OPS from righties.


RHH 72 19 4 0 3 6 14 .292 .347 .492
LHH 22 7 0 0 1 1 5 .333 .364 .476

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Cutter Slider Change
Velo 92.0 91.5 88.1 82.1 84.3
Usage 3% 44% 23% 1% 28%

When and Where

  • Game time: 6:40pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 59°, cloudy, 5% chance of rain

News and Notes

Who to play and where?

This morning Jason Linden laid out the next step of his plan for the Cincinnati Reds now that the season has a few weeks under it’s belt and we’ve seen how everyone is playing and trending. He wants a call up from the minor leagues, and lays out who should play more, who should play less, and where everyone should be playing.


Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Pirates 16 7 0.0 19.7%
Brewers 15 8 1.0 65.7%
Cubs 12 9 3.0 23.8%
Cardinals 9 14 7.0 45.2%
Reds 8 15 80 0.4%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs

225 Responses

  1. CI3J

    Why isn’t Friedl playing?

    Let me guess, “Scheduled day off”?

    • David

      Yeah, but Senzel is playing CF. Well, wow.

      I would be playing Friedl just about every day. He has sort of shown he can hit lefties, and outside of India, has been the Reds best hitter this season.

      flip-flop Steer and Fairchild; Fairchild bats 2 and Steer bats 3. If Friedl was playing, he would bat 2nd, Steer 3rd, and Fairchild 7th. Or…whatever.

      Newman is playing SS and Barrero is DH. (???)
      Newman actually hits Lefties pretty well, but …WHERE IS MYERS??
      A dark thought: Newman plays (and this has been discussed between Top Management and David Bell) because they want to have him develop some trade value to dump him before the Trading Deadline, to some team that will need a Shortstop or an infield Ute guy.
      Develop Barrero? BAH!!! Perhaps Top Management has already decided against Barrero and is waiting for EDLC to be ready.

      Looking at Perez’ splits, there is an intuitive thought I had. The Left-handers that bat against him are likely really good hitters, not “routine” left-handed guys. Think of Joey Votto in his prime, for example.

      This is going to be a tough one for the Reds tonight.

    • DW

      LHP so you absolutely cannot start a LHH…forget about Friedl getting the game winning hit off a LHP last night

  2. Melvin

    Does that mean Barrero wasn’t in the lineup originally?

    • LDS

      It was Myers at 1B and Stephenson DH. Glad to see Barrero back in, though prefer he and Newman swapped. The question is whether there’s an issue with Friedl or Myers

      • Melvin

        So Bell I mean Newman is back in there instead of our best SS who by the way played excellent defense last night with one even great play. How exciting.

  3. JayTheRed

    typo in the paragraph just under the lineup- next spasms. I assume it should be neck spasms?

    • RedsMonk65

      Personally, I think next spasms are way worse than neck spasms. 😉

      • Daytonnati

        They’re especially terrible because you know they’re coming.

  4. Mark A Verticchio

    So Barrero your 25 year old possible future short stop sneaks into the line up as the designated hitter. I would even accept him getting some time in center but DH come on man.

    • Melvin

      One of the best all around defensive players, with probably the best arm on the team I might add, at the DH. SMH

  5. Dennis Westrick

    Gotta have that hard hitting, slick fielding Newman at SS again!

    • SteveAreno

      Hard hitting is right. He’s tied for the team lead in home runs!

  6. Melvin

    Is Friedl okay? If he is it begs the question as to why he and his .313/.375/.463 numbers are not in the lineup but Senzel and his .139/.225/.167 numbers is? David Bell is losing it… more ways than one. Friedl had the walkoff hit last night against a lefty for cryin out loud. SMH

    • JayTheRed

      Bell probably wants to save him for the later innings to pinch hit.

      • Melvin

        If Friedl is available to play then the man (Mr. Bell) is totally out of it.

  7. Dennis Westrick

    Hopefully Weaver got that “Oh Crap, I’m pitching in The Show!” out of his system after the first inning of his last start! Hoping for good things from Weaver tonight!

  8. Old-school

    We made all those trades last year for a lineup like this????

    5. Henry Ramos RF
    6. Kevin Newman SS
    7. nick Senzel CF
    8. jose Barrero DH????
    9. Luke Maile c

    Add barrero at DH as reason #12 David Bell needs to be fired. Is this a an early march spring training game?

    Or are we already tanking????

    • CI3J

      Or are we already tanking????

      We’re not tanking, we’re tinkering!

      Or at least Bell is.

    • Kevin

      Ridiculous comment. You act like this team is contending, lol. This year is to find out who yer keeping, and who yer not..

  9. AMDG

    If this is a good lineup (constructed by a guy getting paid lot of $$$ to do it) then clearly I don’t know much about baseball lineups.

    +The 27 year old minor league journeyman with a career 0.224 average is batting 3rd
    +The 31 year old minor league journeyman with a career 0.208 average is batting 5th
    +The best defensive infielder is playing DH so the mediocre Newman can play SS
    +The 0.139 hitting Senzel actually has multiple people hitting below him

    • Melvin

      A computer wouldn’t put this lineup together. By the way one of our catchers has to go. Robinson should be up. He’s hot and the Reds need him. Senzel and Maile are just holes in the lineup we can’t afford.

  10. Melvin

    So one win and David Bell goes to total Banana Land. I guess eight games back and a .348 winning % is not far enough. I’m surprised Ramos is back in there. A switch hitter is David Bell’s nightmare because he can’t use that as an excuse to get the Bells/Newmans of the world playing time.

    • CI3J

      Maybe Bell thought saw some angels giving shoulder massages to Newman, Maile, and Senzel in the dugout.

      Which would mean, yes, he’s gone to Banana Land.

  11. Old-school

    David Bell missed his calling.

    He should have been a kindergarten teacher. Now Jose-its not your turn to play SS. Heres a coloring book and a juice box. Its Kevins turn to play.

    And TJ- you can be teachers helper today. Lets keep the dugout clean and you can help in the viking play room. Vikings are fun TJ.

    • Melvin

      It was Jose’s turn to bring snacks for the team the other night. It’s Newman’s turn.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Don’t forget to have those participation trophies ready at the end of tonight’s game, win or lose!

  12. LarkinPhillips

    Is there a player on this team other than India this is not used to play multiple positions? Do other big league teams make sure that every player is a utility player? I haven’t ever noticed if they do. This kind of stuff is normally reserved for high school teams.

    • CI3J

      And the funny thing is, India is playing out of position. He came up as a 3rd baseman. It shows with his poor defense at 2B.

      They could easily move him back to 3B now and let Steer play 2B until they bring up McClain to take over 2B.

  13. LarkinPhillips

    Also, Friedl has 5 hits verse Left handers this year in 15 ABS. The same number that Nick Senzel has total in 36 ABs. Makes no sense why Friedl is not playing following the game winning hit last night!

    • DW

      Great points. But that is Bell’s obsession.

      What quality free agent LHH would want to come play for the Reds knowing Bell will have them riding the pine everytime there is a lefty starter? Plus, get pinch-hit for everytime that a lefty reliever comes in?

      • Melvin

        Morgan, Griffey, and Geronimo would have “killed” David Bell. Rose would have too except he would get off the hook being a switch hitter. 🙂

      • LDS

        @Melvin, as I’ve said in the past, Bell couldn’t win with the BRM. But, Chaney, Crowley, and Plummer would love him as they would get gobs of additional PAs.

      • Melvin

        LDS – No he wouldn’t have won with the Big Red Machine. There were a lot fewer teams back then and much more talent on those teams. It wasn’t easy at all especially with the Dodgers.

  14. CI3J

    All the complaining about Bell’s lineup aside, I am looking forward to seeing Weaver pitch again and see if he could be an answer for the rotation.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Me too! Hopefully this Rag Tag lineup that Bell has concocted using Tarot cards can score some runs for Mr. Weaver!

    • Melvin

      That would be cool. It will be very interesting to see how Abbott does in AAA too.

  15. RedsGettingBetter

    It seems Bell makes the lineup automatically when the opposing pitcher is lefthanded. He removed all the left hitters and it does not matter how they could be performing lately. Friedl should be in the lineup tonight in my opinion because he’s shown to be able for batting well against southpaws too.

  16. Mark Moore

    Only one run on that blast is an improvement. Maybe we break our HR drought tonight? I’m hesitant to predict it, though at least I got the W right last night.

  17. Mark Moore

    Walk/BB sandwich between the outs … at least TySteve seems to be picking up the pace. Nice take by Fairchild.

    Let’s see if Weaver is dialed in for the 2nd.

    • Melvin

      Yeah. Stephenson is slowly getting it back.

  18. Melvin

    Friedl getting interviewed in the dugout. Nothing wrong with him. Larkin talking about Friedl’s game winning hit last night, “He’s not in the lineup tonight. (LAUGHING). I’m surprised about that”. Maybe Larkin would be better than Bell afterall.

    • Dennis Westrick

      My retarded, er mentally challenged, cat could probably do a better job!

  19. JB

    At this point in time, I would be more shocked if Senzel got a hit over making an out. I see no reason for him to be in a Reds uniform next year.

      • JB

        Oh they will give him the whole year. Why I don’t know

      • Melvin

        He’s gone from not being very good to just plain bad.

    • Kevin

      He got that hit, and two ribeye steaks…

  20. Mark Moore

    Good thing TJ is resting tonight 😮

    • Melvin

      You have to understand. When you get a game winning hit you then have to jump up and down a lot in celebration. It’s very tiresome.

  21. Tomn

    Friedl should be in the lineup everyday except when he needs a rest. He, India, Steer and Stephenson.

  22. Reddawg2012

    Random thought, I think Sadak and Larkin have developed a nice rapport. I wasn’t a huge fan at first but now I really enjoy listening to them.

    • Mark Moore

      To each his own. I’m just not a fan of Sadak’s need to continually use up all of his words every single inning.

      • Melvin

        …and emphasizing even the smallest facts. Glad you enjoy it though Reddawg2012. Don’t want to hinder your having fun. 🙂 As Mark said, “To each his own”.

    • JB

      I will say this, Sadak doesn’t bombard us, as much this year, with his stats. Last year was just constant

  23. Votto4life

    Larkin discussing Weaver’s pinpoint control after he gives up a four pitch walk.

  24. Mark Moore

    Solid first 3 innings from Weaver. Let’s not squander it, guys. CROOKED NUMBERS PLEASE!!!

    • Dennis Westrick

      +1,000 Miracles do happen!

  25. Mark Moore

    On pace for a 1:45 game tonight?

  26. Votto4life

    How many home runs do the Reds have this season? I can’t remember very member. That’s a problem playing your home games at GABP.

      • JB

        They just DFA’d their home run leader.

    • Melvin

      Fifteen is I’m seeing it correct. All you have to do is hit the ball hard in GABP. It will go especially when it gets warmer. We’re just not hitting period.

  27. Mark Moore

    Lowe’s got Weaver’s number. Maybe a complete pitch around next time?

    • Mark Moore

      And the Chumpire squeezed Weaver on that low strike called a ball.

  28. Mark Moore

    Not sure why Senzel didn’t get that on the fly. Didn’t look out of his range. Lowe thought he would catch it.

    • Votto4life

      Should have been caught if it landed on the grass. Senzel looked very lackadaisical on that play.

    • DW

      Changing Senzel to CF was a mistake that has been obvious for some time. Yet, Bell continues to start him out there.

    • DW

      I feel bad for Senzel and root for him to stay healthy and succeed, but he just has not worked out. They really should have kept him at Louisville until his hitting improved.

      • Mark Moore

        I do think his rehab time was too short.

      • Melvin

        Maybe his toe is still bothering him as to why he didn’t catch that ball. He definitely needs some time in AAA at least.

  29. Melvin

    I’m not so sure Senzel shouldn’t have caught that.

  30. Mark Moore

    When a catcher plays 1B … at least we got the out.

  31. Votto4life

    Stephenson should be behind the plate. Sloppy defense this innning.

  32. JB

    Stephenson seems to have problems with the transfer. Especially at catcher

  33. Old-school

    My sons 12 u team threw out runners stealing from first with a runner on third. This team cant

    • Dennis Westrick

      Gift giving and it’s 8 months until Christmas!

  34. Mark Moore

    Weaver basically doing his part tonight. DTBell’s magical line-up, not so much. Truth be told, I’m not sure who else to play (except TJ).

    • Dennis Westrick

      The only thing magical about Tinker Bell’s lineup will be if they can score a run!

    • Melvin

      I’d rather play Fraley then Senzel.

    • Mark Moore

      Not at all. Pitch efficient and not giving away too many meatballs (aside from Lowe).

  35. Votto4life

    I have been urging patience with Senzel the past couple of years. But I don’t think he is improving at all. I also think he even likes playing the game. Time for the Reds to turn the page and move on.

    • Votto4life

      * I don’t think he even likes playing the game

  36. Dennis Westrick

    Weaver at 62 pitches thru 4 innings! Needs to keep this game close!

  37. Mark Moore

    May not Clete this evening, but chances of the game transferring to the big TV are growing slim at this point.

  38. old-school

    The bell handedness offensive juggernaut is getting ready to strike.

    Third time thru the line up is reds last chance.

  39. Melvin

    Three runs may do it for us tonight. Hope not.

  40. JB

    Weaver hasn’t been bad. Gave up a dinger there but he wouldn’t be a bad 5th starter.

  41. Melvin

    Benson is hitting 4th for Louisville and at the DH spot with his .059 BA. I DON’T THINK I want that manager up here for the Reds either.

      • JB

        If I was a betting man I would say he has a couple more of those k’s in him

  42. Melvin

    Senzel is not running well out there.

    • JB

      I thought he took his time on the base hit in front of him and let jankowski go from 1st to third. Then got a bad read on the ball to the wall. He isn’t a very good CF.

    • Votto4life

      No, again his head is elsewhere.

  43. Mark Moore

    That pretty well cooks it. Team looks as listless and placid as their beloved field manager tonight. Hope they can get the game over with quickly so they can all get a good night’s rest for the 12:35 start tomorrow.

    And I’ve been in the “patient with Senzel” club as well. I think he needs to be traded somewhere that will let him play only 3B and find his stroke again. He does look “lost” on multiple fronts.

  44. old-school

    Looking at 2024 mock MLB drafts…….

    • JB

      Lol might want to look at 2025 while you are at it.

  45. John

    Seems like are bats are cold…

    Also it’s 5-0 probably would be 2 or 3-0 if Senzel hustled. Friede would have made the play IMO.

  46. Mark Moore

    And just like that, Nick goes with a pitch and lashes it the other way.

  47. Dennis Westrick

    Down 5, but with this lineup, even a 2-run lead was more than this lineup could overcome!

  48. RedsGettingBetter

    Weaver couldn’t avoid the big inning… The line is bad so far but it was solid until fourth inning…

  49. Melvin

    haha Senzel and Maihle with hits. Better take advantage.

  50. William

    The Reds should go ahead and bring McClain to the majors. The Reds need to get the right players developed who will actually help them contend. I think McClain has more potential than half the Reds lineup tonight.

    • Mark Moore

      Sure, but do you trust DTBell to play and develop McClain? I’m pretty certain I don’t. He’ll make another Senzel out of him.

      • Melvin

        Krall really has some hard work to do.

  51. Dennis Westrick

    Wasted opportunity with India at the plate! Probably was our best chance to get back in the game!

  52. ryan

    Barry just said “Luke Weaver hasn’t made bad pitches.” Uh Barry it’s 6-0. This is analysis?

  53. John

    Like weaver = mike minor

    Gosh it feels hopeless as a reds fan, after a good start it seems like the pitching is roughed up and we got the hitters cooling off.

    CES would be the best hitter on the team right now and would play better defense then Myers and Stevenson.

    Priority’s this off-season
    Sign a power hitting OF
    Sign a Legite SP veteran
    2-3 relieverS

    • Melvin

      Talking about the off-season when it’s not even May is not a good sign things are going well. lol

      • John

        I know it’s a small sample size but we should be worried.

        I mean India, Steer and Friedel are our best players rn, and we got 3-4 guys who are just awful to watch

        At least we got tons of talent in triple a right?

    • Votto4life

      I would be surprised if any of those things happen, let alone all three.

      I think this off-season will be more of the same, with the exception of maybe another extension or two.

  54. VaRedsFan

    Leave it to Weaver and Connor Over Ten are pretty much the same guy.

    Paging Abbott

  55. Votto4life

    Players seem lifeless…don’t seem like they care if they win or lose..that’s on David Bell. Time for a change.

  56. Old-school

    This season is over.

    So who is blocking the path to next season for young players who are ready????

    1.) Kevin Newman
    2.) 3rd catcher because it steals a roster spot
    3.) nick Senzel (i dont enjoy saying that)

    Myers isnt part of the future but without Votto you need him for 3 months and hes making $7 mil.

    • SteveAreno

      Kevin Newman blazing a path to score! He knocked Ramos over to third base so Ramos could be the first to score in the game!

  57. LarkinPhillips

    Anyone watching the lookouts game to see why Richardson was pulled after 3 innings? Hopefully he isn’t hurt.

    • JB

      McLain could be blind and he could hit more than Senzel.

  58. Mark A Verticchio

    This line up tonight has got to be one of the worst the Red’s or anybody has put out in years. Fairchild batting 3rd, Ramos batting 5th I could go on and on. A major problem is becoming, how are people like India, Stephenson, Friedl and even Barrero supposed to be motivated playing with all of these journeyman players. I think they would rather lose playing with young guys like Mclain, EDLC and CES and the young pitchers including Abbott. My god it’s April 25th and for all intents and purposes this season is OVER.

    • JB

      It was over when Phil opened his pie hole and said they are out of it before the season starts. The whole system stinks. Top to bottom. I feel sorry for these players.

    • SteveAreno

      Ramos hits it hard and his spirited fast run to first caused the SS to make a bad throw. Ramos scores first run for the Reds tonight! Awesome!

  59. JB

    Senzel will be 28 this summer if my memory is right. By time a player hits 30 he should have peaked and then coming back down as they age. Senzel hasn’t even started up the mountain yet. He is what he is. DFA him. Nobody is trading for that.

  60. Melvin

    Senzel with two hits tonight. Trade him before injury?

  61. Mark Moore

    No shut out … that’s a small positive takeaway.

  62. Mike Adams

    Reds have 6 singles. Rangers have 6 extra base hits out of 9.
    Oh, I so miss the days when the Reds had multiple guys with power!

    • Votto4life

      But just think of all the money the owners are saving!

      • Mike Adams

        Yeah, I know. But I still miss the days when the Reds had more power and the owners were poorer.

  63. Old-school

    Jose barrero might be the infield version of Jose Siri.

    Siri was a A legend. Hes now a 25/26 man roster AAAA guy hanging around back and forth from AAA to 26 th man Roster athlete. That is probably Barrero’s trajectory. Jose Siri part 2.

    • Mario

      OS, I think you are absolutely right. I find it difficult to imagine that Barrero becomes an all star player at any position.

  64. Mark A Verticchio

    This teams lack of power is unbelievable especially for the park they play in.

  65. Melvin

    So we have three catchers and Stephenson is behind the plate again tonight now? Why do we have three catchers? smh

  66. Old-school

    Opposing teams leave lefties in to face Newman. Should have kept Kyle farmer if not playing the young guys. Farmer is 10x better than Newman and destroyed lefties. Senzel is better than Newman

  67. JB

    I should do a rant every game on Senzel. The guy is killing it.

  68. Mark Moore

    Myers with his cranky back as the PH’er??? I’m sure that will work out JUST fine. After all, TJ didn’t win it for us last night … right?

    • LarkinPhillips

      Bell has zero feel for the game. It’s like he manages from a manual “how to manage for dummies.”

    • Mark Moore

      Nope … that was a bluff by DTBell. Fraley it is.

      • LarkinPhillips

        You still have an ice cold hitter instead of one of our best hitters thus far thus year.

  69. LDS

    Myers ph’ing for Friedl? Yeah, that makes sense. Krall, man up and fire Bell.

  70. Melvin

    Myers for Friedl. lol I hope it works but even if it does….smh. Now Fraley for Myers. Hmmm Friedl is better than both of them. Hope it works anyway.

    • JayTheRed

      Bell uses up his entire bench almost in one at bat. Guy is a clown.

      • Melvin

        There was no need to. Friedl would have been fine to hit for himself. lol

  71. LDS

    Bell’s boundless genius. Used up everyone on one AB. Numbers say let Friedl bat. But, then we wouldn’t see the genius of Bell – again.

    • Melvin

      We still have a backup catcher don’t we? 🙂

  72. JayTheRed

    Another example of David Bell being a terrible manager I don’t care if Myers gets a hit you don’t take your hottest hitter out of the game.

    • JayTheRed

      Miracle but still Bell is not making good decisions for this team overall.

  73. LDs

    Well, at least it worked out. Bell certainly lives by the old “rather be lucky than good”

  74. Melvin

    Bloop hit. We’ll take it. Rangers are trying hard to give us another game with their wild pitching.

  75. Bet on Red

    India…. reds come back two days in a row

  76. JB

    So the rangers bullpen is 2nd overall. Hard to believe

  77. Mark Moore

    I can’t believe what we’re seeing!!!

    I still didn’t put it on the TV, but I’ve kept the video on my computer the whole time. What a clutch hit by India.

  78. Moon

    And there you go…Reds playing some ball. Who is the closer tonight?

  79. Mike Adams

    Bell ain’t so dumb when his pinch hitters get a hit…..

    • LDS

      Yeah, he is. Sometimes bad decisions work out, just as sometimes good decisions don’t .

      • Mark Moore

        +5,000 LDS … blind hog finding the occasional acorn and all.

      • Mike Adams

        Bell ain’t so dumb when his relievers shut down the other team….

    • JayTheRed

      There is this wonderful thing in baseball called Luck.
      Congrats to the Reds and them not giving up but like I said before how often are you going to win in that situation. It hasn’t happened in over a decade for the Reds.

  80. Mark Moore

    Diaz for the 9th and a save opportunity?

  81. old-school

    Jon India is a really good player. Best hitter without a doubt. Sign that guy. I dont know where he plays. I know where he hits… Leadoff!!!

  82. LarkinPhillips

    I stand corrected, David bell is a genius and the rest of us are peasants in his world.

    • JayTheRed

      Bah don’t even think that, Once in a while a dumb move can be lucky.

  83. Kevin H

    Can Steer play 1st base? Guess we will find out

  84. Mark Moore

    Jankowski wasn’t playing like that when he was wearing Red, was he?

  85. JB

    Three hits for Jankowski. I don’t think he had three hits total while with the Reds

    • ksdavis

      He was 1-15 with 7 strikeouts for the Reds

  86. Mark Moore

    And it comes down to this … 😮

  87. Beaufort Red

    Another lousy night for all the naysayers. Go Reds

    • SteveAreno

      The whiners and complainers get slapped across the face tonight!

  88. Dennis Westrick

    Just face it guys! Bell is a genius! NOT!

  89. Melvin

    Hahaha!!! Reds win. We’ll take it. 🙂

  90. Kevin H

    When it works it works. Kudos to Bell. Did what needed done and Fraley came through!!!

    Reds storm back against a good Rangers team.

    • Mark Moore

      I’d put this more on our guys buckling down. Plus Bochy did some counter-moves that didn’t pan out.

    • Mark Moore

      Regardless, 2 in a row feels pretty good

  91. LDS

    Another Ranger bullpen debacle, but at least the Reds actually hit the ball this time instead of walking to victory. Made Krall can trade Strickland to Texas for cash.

    • Kevin H

      We been agreeing lately, however Reds beat a good Rangers team. Why can’t you acknowledge a good victory?

      • JayTheRed

        Why can’t you admit it was a little luck in winning this game, But it also was the hitters giving it their all mostly. Bullpen continues to do well which I have been saying all season this bullpen is not as bad as most think.

      • Kevin H

        So if goes bad then it’s Bells fault. If it works it’s luck? Sorry that to me makes no sense. I don’t like Bell, however he knows matches up better than I and did we he did and it worked.

        Why can’t you admit Bell made a good move and his team won the game.

      • LDS

        The numbers say stick with Friedl. He knew or should have known the Rangers would change pitchers. I call it luck because we have seen more than once over the Bell era, the opposing manager out playing Bell on the swaps. Tonight it worked out and that’s a good thing. But it certainly wasn’t some grand plan by Bell that came to fruition.

  92. Dennis Westrick

    Would love to be a fly on the wall in the visitors locker for the post game discussions!

  93. David

    Well, that was interesting? Wasn’t it?

  94. Kevin H

    Oh and how about Senzel. 3 hits and 2 rbi’s. Barrero didn’t get a hit but walked. Fairchild didn’t get a hit.

    • Mark Moore

      Senzel was a very pleasant surprise. Definitely atoned for some of the past “sins”.

      India just continues to rock it.

      • TR

        Nick Senzel has improved his trade favor. Pitching is always needed.

    • JayTheRed

      It’s one game lets not jump on the bandwagon just yet

      • Kevin H

        No Bandwagon, Being a Nick Senzel fan I am glad he got three hits. Geesh Reds win players play well and some still whine and complain

  95. Daytonnati

    I am not a big Bell fan but it says something about leadership when a team does not quit and this team does not seem to quit.

  96. Doc

    How about that bullpen!! Another 3.1 scoreless and how about that guy named Senzel with 3 hits!! Great win. Three times as many wins to start the season as ’22.

  97. Kevin H

    Reds bullpen has been lights out lately.

  98. Dennis Westrick

    Anybody know what tonight’s attendance was?

    • Mark Moore

      Box score report is just under 10K

    • RedsMonk65

      I heard it toward the end: 9,000-something.

  99. SteveAreno

    Only one Red scored two runs tonight. That’s Henry Ramos! He is waking up the offense! Welcome aboard.

  100. Mark A Verticchio

    I am not a Bell fan but in the 8th he got the lefty vs righty match up he wanted which he couldn’t have gotten had he stayed with Friedl. Give credit where credit is do Bell got the best of Bochy.

    • Mark Moore

      I’d say it was Bochy’s mistake. He should have pitched to a stone cold (and cranky backed) Myers. He didn’t, made a switch, and Fraley blooped us forward. I’ll take the outcome, though.

  101. Moon

    The Reds were 1-7 in one run games coming into this series. They have won first two games by one run to improve that record to 3-7. Maybe their luck if finally turning around some.

  102. Doc

    190 comments, mostly castigating Bell and particular players and for what? Another win!!!!!!

    • JayTheRed

      Isn’t baseball fun!!! Everyone of the commenters has a right to their own opinion. Sometime people are right and sometimes people are wrong.

      I’ll give Bell credit for sticking with his starting pitcher for almost 6 innings that in it’s own is almost a miracle.

    • VaRedsFan

      It’s OK Doc. Greene pitches in a few days and you can continue your castigating of him.

      • Doc

        You should read all of my comments about Greene. It’s obvious you haven’t.

    • Harry Stoner

      Make that 191 comments with the same guy coming in late playing the smug know-it-all.