The Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates are both looking for a win tonight to move them up in the standings. The Reds have a chance to catch the St. Louis Cardinals if they win, while the Pirates could be tied for first place by the end of the day if they win. Pittsburgh can seal a series win with a victory tonight, while Cincinnati is looking for a win to keep a series split on the table for Sunday’s finale. First pitch tonight is set for 6:35pm ET. The game will not start on time due to incoming rain.

Starting Lineups

Cincinnati Reds

Pittsburgh Pirates

Jonathan India – 2B Ke’Bryan Hayes – 3B
Spencer Steer – 3B Bryan Reynolds – LF
Stuart Fairchild – LF Connor Joe – 1B
Tyler Stephenson – DH Carlos Santana – DH
Wil Myers – 1B Jack Suwinski – RF
Kevin Newman – SS Rodolfo Castro – SS
Nick Senzel – RF Ji Hwan Bae – CF
Jose Barrero – CF Tucupita Marcano – 2B
Curt Casali – C Austin Hedges – C
Luis Cessa – RHP Rich Hill – LHP

Starting Pitchers

Luis Cessa 12.0 13.50 2.75 8 3
Rich Hill 21.0 5.57 1.33 6 15
Links: Luis Cessa’s Stats | Rich Hill’s Stats

Luis Cessa

After a solid first start against the Cubs on April 4th, things have taken a quick and painful turn for Luis Cessa. He allowed five runs in 3.2 innings on the 11th and then allowed 11 runs in 3.0 innings his last time out against Philadelphia.

Given that he’s allowed 18 runs in 12.0 innings this season, the splits look like you would expect – not good. Righties have hit .382 and struck out just twice in 40 plate appearances. They haven’t hit for much power, though. Left-handed hitters have basically hit like Barry Bonds on a heater in 2004. Cessa has struck out one lefty in 30 plate appearances this season and they’re slugging .962 against him. For his career, Cessa’s pitched slightly better against lefties than righties.


RHH 40 13 3 0 0 4 2 .382 .450 .471
LHH 30 12 4 0 3 4 1 .462 .533 .962

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Change Slider
Velo 92.3 92.5 86.7 81.9
Usage 19% 18% 24% 38%

Rich Hill

The 43-year-old left-handed has given up the most home runs in baseball this season. He’s allowed one home run every three innings this year (that’s 7 in 21.0 innings). Last year he only allowed 15 of them in 124.1 innings. The Reds hit two of them in 5.0 innings against him in his first start this season. After struggling in his first two starts, he’s pitched better in the two most recent ones – allowing just three runs in 12.0 innings against Houston and Colorado.

Left-handed hitters haven’t been given many opportunities this season against Hill, but when they have they’ve struggled. They are 2-13 with no walks or extra-base hits. Right-handed hitters, though, have found plenty of success. They’ve hit for a lot of power, a solid average, and gotten on base at a good rate.


RHH 76 20 6 0 7 6 13 .286 .342 .671
LHH 13 2 0 0 0 0 2 .154 .154 .154

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Cutter Curve Slider Change
Velo 87.4 84.7 82.7 71.4 69.1 80.8
Usage 31% 4% 14% 35% 15% 1%

When and Where

  • Game time: 6:35pm ET
  • Where: PNC Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 60°, cloudy, 55% chance of rain

News and Notes

Is Jose Barrero figuring things out?

Jose Barrero started the season in a slump, but over the last two weeks he’s been hitting better, drawing walks, and cutting down on his strikeouts. Earlier today we looked at his season to see if maybe he’s figured something out or if he’s just been riding a little bit of a hot streak.

More Road Woes

With last night’s loss the Reds have now gone 1-7 on the road this season.


Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Brewers 14 6 0.0 69.4%
Pirates 14 7 0.5 15.7%
Cubs 12 7 1.5 32.7%
Cardinals 8 12 6.0 48.7%
Reds 7 13 7.0 0.5%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs

259 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    Feels like we really need the win tonight. Radar looks a bit iffy for an on time start or maybe an early delay.

    Pig Kicking and all that.

  2. Kevin H

    Interesting article about Will Myers. Charlie Goldsmith wrote the article. Talking about his leadership with the young players, and how he is batting and playing better since April 10th.

    Crazy prediction, Cessa pitches no hit baseball and picks up the win.

    • GMan88

      I bet Pittsburgh is looking forward to their BP session.

      • Kevin H

        Cessation has pitched well before and no reason why he can’t today. I remember Bronson Arroyo giving up 8 or more runs in a inning. Cueto as well. It happens

    • Dennis Westrick

      This was supposed to be a reply to Kevin H. Somehow my old Chromebook allowed me to reply to my own post!

      “We can always dream! About the No-Hitter that is! Actually, the no-hitter I’m hoping for is that Cessa doesn’t get hit by a batted ball!”

  3. Dennis Westrick

    OK folks! Fasten you seatbelts and put your tray tables in the upright and locked position! Likely to be a bumpy ride! May be a rare game where the fireworks happen early and not after the game! Hoping for a good outing by Cessa and lots of runs to support him! We’re probably going to need more than 2 runs tonight!

    • Dennis Westrick

      We can always dream! About the No-Hitter that is! Actually, the no-hitter I’m hoping for is that Cessa doesn’t get hit by a batted ball!

    • Jim Walker

      Maybe it was a few minutes before 6 but you get the picture. 😉

  4. Mark Moore

    Just looked at the radar. We’re not starting anytime soon.

  5. Melvin

    Looks like we’ve got the old righty bats vs. the lefty pitcher going again tonight. It must be extremely difficult managing that way. Lot’s of sleepless nights figuring out who should play. Fraley may, and probably does need a game off but Friedl? At .300/.364/.471 I don’t think so. Especially not when we’re trying to crawl out of the basement fighting for our lives….already.

    • Jim Walker

      Friedl vs LH pitching split 2023BA/OBP/SLG/OPS (16PAs):

      Senzel same split (6PAs):
      Fairchild same split (23PAs):
      And to further push your point, here are Fairchild’s splits vs RH pitching (15PAs) where Bell tries to avoid using him:

      • Kevin H

        I saw those splits and wonder why as you have been saying isn’t Fairchild getting more of a shot. Also Friedl should be playing, I just don’t get Bell anymore. Truly

  6. Jim Walker

    Looking at the Louisville box scores for both ends of their doubleheader today (after they were rained out Friday) and saw Will Benson did not play in either.

    He left the Thursday night game early an inning or so after an awkward play leaping and trying to catch a flyball at the wall. It looked like he might have had an issue with his legs either bumping into the wall or in his off balance landing.

    Louisville’s roster shows his status as “Active” but guessing he may be day to day,

  7. Melvin

    Wow. They just showed on replay that the ball Barrero threw to Vosler for the error actually went through the webbing of Vosler’s glove.

    • Jim Walker

      So it is the error on the glove or did Vosler not have the glove positioned correctly? 😉

      Way back in my high school days, as was often the situation, one of our pitchers was playing shortstop on his day not to pitch. He bobbled a ball right around the 2B bag then came throwing lightning to me at 1B. Turns out in his hurry to recover and throw, he had grabbed the ball with a 2 seam grip and threw an absolute diving sinker which I didn’t pick up in time to adjust for and had deflect off my glove about knee high. When the inning ended, he ran straight to me apologized, and also told the coach it was on him as much or more than me.

      • Jim Walker

        I also caught some and during the summer league had caught this same guy a lot. When that throw came at me, the break started not more than 10 feet in front of me; and, just like a catcher crossed up on a signal, I realized what was going to happen but could not react in time to get my glove position right. Now imagine this at the MLB level.

      • Melvin

        haha Of course if the ball hit the ground the error automatically (right or not) goes to the thrower. Of course if it didn’t hit the ground and the throw would have beat the runner the error goes to Vosler (bad glove or not). I’m not exactly sure what happened to be honest.

    • Kevin H

      I didn’t know he played CF in college. I think that would help him get here sooner. My guess is they won’t call him up till after May, you know the extra year of control? Hope I am wrong.

      With all the infielders in the minor leagues, I think they need to figure out who is a legit player for them and who is expandable. When that time comes of course.

      • BK

        The Reds haven’t played the service time game and FWIW, we’re past the point in the season where they would gain another full year of control.

  8. Old-school

    When and if does Nick Lodolo sign extension contract?

    Reds playing jim day hunter greene house hunters episode

    Seems Lodolo is done by May 1

    • Tom Reeves

      First, Pete bets on baseball. Then Votto announced he’s never had Cincinnati style chili, and now Hunter Greene wants Jim Day to wear a bikini and be his pool boy. Is this never going to end?! LOL

  9. Mark Moore

    Tuned in just in time to see Hayes end up on 3rd. Bad move on the dive (inexperience).

    • Kevin H

      Why is Senzel in Right Field??? TAlk about being out of position good grief

  10. Kevin H

    Well so much for that no hitter hope. LOL

  11. Mark Moore

    Should we just issue the IBB to Connor Joe?

  12. Dennis Westrick

    And it begins! Leadoff triple by Cessa, followed by a sac fly and Voila! Down by a run! Many more to come I’m afraid~

    • Mark Moore

      Lead-off SINGLE that was badly misplayed by an inexperience CF’er … score it a triple and the run still counts.

  13. Bet on Red

    This started badly, but cessa calmed down

  14. Mark Moore

    Only 1 run … I do believe that’s an improvement, isn’t it?

  15. Tom Mitsoff

    Too bad that first hit was misplayed into a triple. Had it been played correctly, no runs would have scored that inning.

    • Kevin H

      Well when a player is playing out of position go figure HUH.. Geesh

      • Melvin

        If Barrero is indeed the best SS we have then might as well play Newman out there somewhere if playing him is what you think you have to do. Barrero with a hit as I’m writing this. 🙂

    • Kevin H

      Sorry Tom, I thought the ball was hit to Senzel, just saw the video. Still frustrated with Reds lol

  16. Dennis Westrick

    Also noteworthy! ALL three (3) of the outs by Reds batters (obviously NOT hitters) in the top of the 1st inning were strikeouts! Pitiful!

    • Mark Moore

      Checked the Gameday box and made a note of that. Way different from what we’ve been seeing (or were seeing).

  17. Dennis Westrick

    Don’t know if this stat falls under the category of Good News, but, Cessa’s pitch count after one (1) inning is 15.

    • Mark Moore

      and only 1 run … I’ll take the positive spin on that pending the 2nd inning

  18. Kevin H

    Lesson is learn what is going on Kevin before posting. LOL

    • Mark Moore


      It’s all good, Kevin. All. Good.

      • Kevin H

        LOL, I saw Nick in right then went bonkers LMAO.. Well not really but…

  19. Tom Mitsoff

    Early on, Cessa is locating very well.

  20. Mark Moore

    Clean inning for Cessa and very pitch efficient. More of that, please.

  21. Melvin

    I hope Cessa does well tonight but if he struggles it will probably mean giving Williamson a shot (since Stoudt has to be down for 15 days). If that happens maybe the next step is moving Abbott to AAA. 🙂 Looks like Cessa is doing okay so far. He can always go back to the bullpen.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      That’s where I believe he’ll wind up. He’s not a starter.

      • Mark Moore


        Classic long-man and spot starter.

      • Melvin

        I agree. He’s only a starter for the Reds. lol

  22. Mark Moore

    Time to push Hill’s pitch count up and add crooked numbers.

  23. Tom Mitsoff

    It’s going to be real interesting to see what this team that can’t hit anyone will be able to do with back-to-back leadoff walks.

  24. Votto4life

    Barrero is one of one tonight. He is batting .1000 just sayin’

  25. Mark Moore

    Just seems to me some of these guys should be pounding those slow curves. I know I couldn’t hit them, but … 😀

    • Kevin H

      Just goes to show how the timing aspect of the game is in regard to the slow curves.

      • Mark Moore

        Yeah … but the guys who have been around more “should” be able to handle it. It’s a little more like BP.

  26. Mark Moore

    Sorry, I still see Myers as looking pretty lost.

    And now the Chumpire is really flexing that zone.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Myers has looked lost for about 90 percent of the year to date.

  27. JB

    Umpire trying to get this game over in an hour.

  28. Mark Moore

    2 walks to start and the bupkus … we can blame the cold night, but Hill won’t even touch 90 so he’s not overpowering them.

    • Kevin H

      Gotta think Reds will break through soon before Hill leaves the game.

      • Mark Moore

        Hope they can, Kevin. But we need to squeak out of the 3rd first.

  29. Mark A Verticchio

    That inning was ridiculous, two on nobody out, zero advancement. This is just a bad, bad team. I don’t see how 100 losses is avoidable.

    • Kevin H

      Same team as a week ago or so when we or some where saying how fun this team was to watch. Teams go through slumps like this.

  30. Kevin H

    Did Senzel miss play the ball for a double? or a legit double?

  31. Mark Moore

    Jim Day saying the HP Chumpire is trying to beat the next storm 😀

  32. Votto4life

    Barrero 2 for 2 tonight..probably the Red’s all-star representative.

  33. Mark Moore

    Probably close to the “best move” by Hill.

  34. Dennis Westrick

    If nothing else, the Reds are running up the pitch count for Hill. Again, don’t know if that’s a good thing or not given how well the Pie-Rats bullpen has performed YTD

  35. Kevin H

    This team frustrate anyone else. As no matter what I say they frustrate me LOL

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. Very frustrating. Should be ahead here with a ZERO on the Pie-Rats side. Instead, we’re still working from a hole (smaller one, but still a hole).

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Agreed. Right now it’s very tough to envision this lineup being able to string enough of anything together to even come close to scoring. I know that’s excessive, but just how it feels at the moment.

    • Dennis Westrick

      This 2023 Reds team is an enigma! Can’t score runs when the opportunity is staring them in the face, they are one of the worst baserunning teams in MLB and, besides the Big 3, their starting pitching is, sorely lacking a quality No. 4 or No. 5 starter ! And, their bullpen, except for Young & Diaz, is a Roulette Wheel of assassins and arsonists!

      • VegasRed

        Has Bell ever managed a good base running team? Sound fundementals in any area?

        I really dont know but i tend to think he doesnt command fundemental peformance from any aspect of baseball.

  36. Dennis Westrick

    This 2023 Reds team is amazing! Four (4) hits and three (3) walks but ZERO runs!

  37. Joe Public

    Last October, the Reds dismissed five coaches: hitting coach Alan Zinter, first-base/infield coach Delino DeShields, bullpen coach Lee Tunnell, assistant coach Rolando Valles and advance scouting coach Cristian Pérez. But not David Bell.

    The team seems more incapable of beating ANYBODY now than it did last fall. Jim Riggleman is managing in the Pioneer League. Can we get him back?

    • MK

      How about Larkin. He seems to have all the answers on TV.

      • Votto4life

        Yeah, last season, Barry Larkin wanted to make Kyle Farmer a Red for life.

        Seriously, that is my fear about firing David Bell, if they hire Larkin or someone like him, I would prefer they just keep Bell.

        I really hope the next time the Reds hire a manager, it will be someone with a track record of winning.

      • Melvin

        There was a time I thought Larkin would be a good choice but I’ve since reversed my thinking. He simply is too much in tune with Big Bob & Son for what I can see.

  38. MK

    The Reds have two centerfielders in the outfield tonight, unfortunately neither are playing center field.

    I was happy with the Myers signing but he looks lost.

    Reds making Rich Hill look like Steve Carlton.

    • Mark Moore

      Technically, they have 3 … but definitely looks like Senzel is baffled.

      +500 for the Steve Carlton reference. I’m old enough to remember watching him pitch.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        Me too! Amazing curve and slider!

      • Mark Moore

        Tom – I don’t think we’ll ever see that many pitchers of that caliber ever again. Carlton, Seaver, Tommy John … guys throwing 250 innings and to fail to complete a game where you were leading was a personal insult.

  39. Mark Moore

    Santana’s belly flop slide was at least amusing.

    Senzel and Barrero with OJT tonight out there … and it isn’t looking all that pretty.

  40. Chris

    Bell is ridiculous.
    Does any other team move their starting SS to the outfield so the backup can play?
    Senzel in RF and Barrero in CF?
    Fairchild batting 3rd?
    Refuses to hit Stephenson 3rd ever? Hits guys like Fairchild there to avoid it?
    Newman batting ahead of Barrero every time he plays?
    Time for someone new

    • Mark Moore

      Well past time, but I think we all know how that little story plays out. He’s “legacy” based on his family name. Misplaced loyalty and intentionally blind to what is going on is hard to combat.

      Nice rip by India. C’mon Steer!

  41. Mark A Verticchio

    This line up has to find ways to score and Bell has no idea what that means.

  42. Mark Moore

    72 mph … seems like you could wait until the last blasted second and still put some wood on that.

  43. Dennis Westrick

    The Reds theme song for this season should be Slip Slidin’ Away!

    • Mark Moore

      Except we’re nowhere near our destination yet … my calendar still shows April.

  44. Mark Moore

    Nice hit … plus blind hog finds an acorn 😀

  45. Mark Moore

    OK, we at least get one back on some fine aggressive play and a flub by Bae.

  46. Dennis Westrick

    Probably seen the last of Hill and any chances of scoring once the bullpen takes over!

  47. Kevin H

    I think I have lost patience with Myers, and Senzel too.

    • Votto4life

      Kevin, you can’t give up on Senzel. We need SOMETHING to talk about for the next 5 months.

  48. Mark Moore

    62 pitches and Cessa is out for our bullpen? C’mon, Man!!!

  49. Melvin

    62 pitches and only 2 runs in 4 2/3 innings. One man on 1B. I guess that’s not enough for Mr. Bell. He’d rather roll the dice with the bullpen. Cessa obviously didn’t want to come out.

    • Mark Moore

      DTBell checked his little book and something had triggered the move, no doubt.

      • Votto4life

        Scheduled day off I suppose.

        Tomorrow, we’ll get the Sunday line up. Lord help us.

    • LarkinPhillips

      No. David bell is just smarter than the rest of us.

      • Melvin

        David Bell cannot stand to be a behind the scenes manager. He has to be in the limelight one way or another.

  50. Mark Moore

    Almost got gifted a TOOTBLAN there.

  51. Dennis Westrick

    So, Cessa is finally pitching a good game and Bell takes him out? Clueless!

  52. Melvin

    So old reliable Farmer comes in and gets nailed for a double on the first pitch.

  53. Kevin H

    I am sorry but that is terrible management. Yestedays game and now today. What the Heck is Bell thinking guys?

  54. Melvin

    Good AB by Barrero there. 0-2 and worked a walk. He’s got two hits and a walk tonight. That’s not quite enough to earn a day off for David Bell. You need three hits for that.

    • Mark Moore

      Very good AB followed by a nice PH single … and then all wasted.

      • AMDG

        leading the inning with 2 guys who can’t hit led to 2 early outs, making the nice inning a difficulty from the get-go.

  55. Mark Moore

    Strand 2 … story of the game so far.

  56. Tom Mitsoff

    Friedl got a hit there, but he’s gone for the rest of the game. Pittsburgh’s bullpen is mostly righthanded. Curious choice with only a runner on first.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I stand corrected. Friedl stays in, Barrero is out, and Luke Maile in at catcher bats in Barrero’s spot.

      • Melvin

        SMH Oooo boy. Take out your best SS who has two hits and a walk tonight. I’m getting sick.

  57. Mark Moore

    On base 3x and you pull Barrero … that’s a MAJOR SMH Hard and Repeatedly.

    • Jonathan

      Why would you pull Barrero?? Makes no sense.

      • Mark Moore

        It was Kevin’s turn to play a whole game, that’s why.

      • Melvin

        Barrero’s mother is here with snacks for the team. It’s his turn and he needs to help her.

      • Mark Moore

        Melvin …

        +50,000 for probably the best response of the year.

      • RedsMonk65

        His mother died of Covid a couple years ago.

      • Melvin

        I thought he lost his grandmother a couple of years ago and that’s why he changed his name form Garcia to Barrero in honor of her. In any case you know what I mean. No disrespect intended. Of course sorry for his loss. I like Jose.

      • Kevin H

        LDS, I owe you a apology Bell is Terrible. I changed after that Fraley being pitched hit foe, however since then just moves after moves that make no sense.

      • LDS

        I won’t be surprised if he gets an extension. Sadly, Bell will likely be there to screw up all the prospects as they arrive

  58. AMDG

    Hunter Green has a great arm, so I think we need to try him out at third base.

    Tyler Stephenson is a good hitter, so I think we need to have his steal more bases.

    Jose Barrero is arguably the organization’s top defensive SS, so I think we need to put him in the outfield.

    All asinine ideas, but sadly the Reds’ manager seems to be in love with one of them…

    • Mark Moore

      Remember Greene was a top-flight SS in high school 😀

  59. Mark Moore

    Let’s see if this “handy” change pays off.

  60. Eddiek957

    Not digging Bell’s moves tonight. Malle in for Barraro who’s 2-2 with a walk leaving in nick and Newman. Thought he pulled cessa too early. I rarely complain about bell probably less than I did with dusty.

  61. JB

    Watching the hockey game. Did Bell pull Barrero after 2 hits and a walk and keep The Great Kevin Newman in ?

  62. AMDG

    So, Barrero who is on base all 3 times gets benched, while the worse offensive and worse defensive shortstop Newman is kept in the game.

    It certainly seems like Bell is either ridiculing upper management’s lack of baseball understanding, or is flaunting his unearned job security.

    • Melvin

      I’ll tell ya. There are times when it seems like David Bell is a double agent. 🙂

  63. Dennis Westrick

    Tonight’s game, with removing Cessa for Farmer and the removal of Barrero, once again demonstrates that: A) Bell apparently does not care about trying to win a winnable game and B) Bell has no “feel” for the game as it is progressing!

    • Mark Moore

      I choose “C” both of the above

      • Dennis Westrick

        Yes, I forgot about option C, Both A & B!

    • Melvin

      I’ll come right out and say it plainly. Whether you like David Bell or not, after 4+ years of this (baloney), it’s time for a new manager….NOW. Interim is fine.

  64. J

    Curious what the franchise record is for consecutive innings without holding a lead. I believe this team is now up to 42.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      That doesn’t surprise me. It sure feels that way.

    • Mark Moore

      That would match up with approaching a 5th straight loss. Always even or behind. Tough way to play.

  65. Votto4life

    I love this forum mostly because it reminds me that, I am not the only one wasting my life following this baseball team. Lol

    • Tom Mitsoff

      You know, I was thinking about that earlier. This is a very hearty and devoted crew. I’ve said before, I love this website because I feel like I’m “home” with a bunch of like-minded people.

      • Votto4life

        Tom I agree. One thing about this group, it’s made up of very loyal Reds fans.

  66. JB

    With those Bell moves tonight , that extension should be coming any day.

    • Melvin

      Hahahaha!!!! Sad thing is you might be correct. Hahahaha!!!! I hope Krall is finally fed up and does what needs to be done or get fired himself for trying to do the right thing.

  67. Tom Mitsoff

    Stephenson couldn’t hit me right now.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Good lord, neither could Myers.

      • Melvin

        Can anyone say Matt McLain? 🙂 I don’t want to imply this team needs a jolt. 🙂

  68. Mark Moore

    Waste another lead off base runner … time is growing very short tonight to salvage this one.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Well, they’re going to see Bednar in the ninth, so that will be lights-out.

  69. Mark Moore

    Steer is definitely no Edwin Scissor-hands.

  70. Mark A Verticchio

    Melvin hit it with Bell, he just has to be seen no matter how the game is going. Nice move pulling Barrero who has been on base 3 times. I just can’t believe this stuff with Bell goes on and on. No other team in baseball would pit up with this.

  71. Old-school

    Team cant score

    Myers and Stephenson arent performing

    First base is nothing

    Pirates handing Reds a lesson

    Good thing bell pulls Young after 2 good outs

  72. J

    The body language, and the “oh well, I guess I’ve failed again” looks on these guys’ faces when they make terrible decisions is just part of the “intangibles” Bell brings to this club. Once or twice a week someone will say “I love that these guys never quit and are always battling,” apparently forgetting the numerous at-bats they seem to give away in what seem like very winnable games. These guys may not “quit,” but they definitely take some long vacations. Bell demands nothing, and that’s what he gets.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I think they’re worn down mentally, just like us. They know by now they don’t have the talent to compete.

      • Melvin

        In my view they have the talent to compete a lot more than what they’re doing if you know what I mean.

      • J

        I believe they have enough talent to score more than one run in this game and to beat the Pirates at least one out of three games. These are reasonable expectations but the guys have to really try and the manager has to not be dumb.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        I think I disagree with you on this one. They are showing no power with the bat. Outside of the top three starters and three relievers, there’s not much there either. I want to believe as much as anyone, but when you watch as much as we do, it seems pretty clear that there is no “there” there. I’m for getting McLain up as soon as possible, and Abbott not far behind.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        That reply was for Melvin. 😉

      • Melvin

        I understand Tom. It’s just the players see the “dumb” moves that are made too just like we do. That alone takes the air out of them.

  73. Dennis Westrick

    I know this question was asked earlier in the comments but, was Cessa injured?

  74. J

    I believe it’s now been 43 consecutive innings without a lead.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      The last time they led was the last game they won against Tampa Bay, right?

  75. JB

    Intermission. So is Vosler in the game yet? Bell has to get him going.

  76. Tom Mitsoff

    Good outing for Sims in a high-leverage moment, even though he was asked to face a weak batter.

    • Mark Moore

      Right. Because a LHP couldn’t possibly have gotten Hedges out. Not a chance.

  77. LarkinPhillips

    Bell genius switches has set up an 8th inning of Newman, Senzel, Maile and then Bednar in the 9th.

  78. Old-school

    David bell needs to be fired again

    Pulling barrero after 2-2 with a walk

    What message does that send

    All the bell defenders ???

    Defend that

    Bell over manages and destroys young players confidence and is a losing manager

  79. Mark A Verticchio

    The Reds are going to have to admit that Senzel was a busted pick and the sooner the better.

  80. JB

    Haha has three catchers and Bell still screws it up. Bring up Chuckie Robinson. Bell needs four catchers

    • Melvin

      Three catchers and STILL lost the DH. One of the things they were so terrified of happening.

  81. Dennis Westrick

    Pretty much sums up the Reds offense tonight! Eight (8) hits, four (4) walks and one (1) measly run! Beyond frustrating!

  82. Old-school

    David bell needs to be fired again

    Pulling barrero after 2-2 with a walk

    What message does that send

    All the bell defenders ???

    Defend that

    Bell over manages and destroys young players confidence and is a losing manager

    • Votto4life

      Good point Old School. I have been on the fence about firing David Bell, only because I just don’t think it’s going to matter a great deal until ownership is committed to winning. But you make a persuasive argument about destroying the young players confidence.

    • Slicc50

      They will say “well he knows something we don’t know.” “He knows the players.” “He works with them everyday.” Baseball players are creatures of habit. They need to be doing the same thing every night! They never know what they will be doing with David Bell! He has NO idea how to guide his team when things are going tough. It shows in the way they play.

  83. Mark Moore

    Sure, bring Fraley in cold and lose the DH. That’s a fantastic move in a 1-run game. It worked very well.

    • J

      I’m fairness, the DH isn’t going to matter.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      For Bell, the choice was to use Fraley in that spot, or wait until the ninth when Friedl, India and Steer are the first three hitters. Fairchild would bat fourth, and we may see Vosler there if they get that far.

    • Mark Moore

      Yeah, J & Tom … I agree. But why did he let it get to that situation anyway? At least we have 3 catchers, right?

  84. Dennis Westrick

    Don’t look now but Bell’s favorite player, Newman, is 0-4!

  85. Mark A Verticchio

    If Bell isn’t on thin ice now he may never be. His in game managing is so bad it’s almost hard to believe.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Rusty? He needed a map to find the mound!

  86. Kevin H

    So I agree with you guys. We may disagree at times, however it is enjoyable to talk baseball or type. And sounds like most are just fed up with Bell and his decision. Ashcraft and Cessa pulled after less than 90 pitches! Barrero on base abd gets replaced. Man….

    • Mark Moore

      If it weren’t for RLN, I don’t know how I could manage a season like this.

      • Kevin H

        Just the decision making by the manager. Just horrid.

  87. Dennis Westrick

    Tinker Bell at it again! Brings Diaz in for Sims in a game the Reds will not win! Guess he needs work?

    • LarkinPhillips

      If he needed work, why not let him start the inning. Let’s him get freshly prepared and keeps Sims from warming up twice since he is coming back from injury.

  88. LarkinPhillips

    5.2 IP, 12ks 3 BBs for Boyle tonight.

  89. Melvin

    Friedl with a great play. That man should NOT be sitting in the dugout when available to play.

  90. Kevin H

    Only David Bell can use 4 freaking relief pitchers in a 2-1 game.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Surprised it wasn’t more than 4!

  91. J

    Can they go five full games without a lead? I believe.

  92. Mark Moore

    Any chance we can get to Bednar in the 9th to force the issue?

    • Mark Moore

      Underwood for the 2-inning save?

      TJ makes it close.

  93. Votto4life

    David Bell went 3-22 last season with a better rotation and still wasn’t fired.

    I do think he will be fired before his contract expires.

    • Kevin H

      Yep. I truly believe they need a change. They may still lose, however Bell in my opinion isn’t the right man for this team. I know I know lol what took me so long

  94. J

    Again, wish I’d been keeping track of how many check swing strike threes this team has had. With two strikes, either swing or don’t swing.

  95. Mark Moore

    I’m old enough to remember when Steer would be met by the trainer with the “freeze spray” 😀

  96. Mark Moore

    Night all. See you tomorrow afternoon. Hoping Greene has enough pixie dust and rest to break these Pie-Rats.

  97. LarkinPhillips

    Wonder if a sweep from the pirates will get Bell fired. (He asks knowing the answer.)

  98. Old-school

    Fire David Bell !!!
    Awful April again
    This team doesnt play for him

  99. LDS

    And who lost this game? Oh, the Reds. Go Tinker Bell

  100. Kevin H

    We all know Reds can’t win if they don’t score. I saying that it’s these game decisions that are really showing lately. In my opinion showing Bell has no management strategy

    • Dennis Westrick

      Glad you are seeing where some, not all, of the fault lies! Perfect example of what happens when you hire a manager for a ML job based upon his last name despite having little, if any MLB managing experience! Can’t take much more!

      • LDS

        And a horrible MILB management record, from which Louisville has still not recovered

      • Kevin

        The Fraley being pitched hit for when at that time Fraley was your best hitter. Then another game the opposite happend. Fraley pitched hit for Newman. I dunno Dennis, he has no baseball smarts or i am just dumb lol

  101. Votto4life

    The Pirates are pretty impressive. The Reds may be a lock for last place for a very long time to come.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Pirates are winning without one of their best players! Their bullpen is obviously much better than the Reds! Got beat by a 43-year old pitcher!

    • John J

      You are overreacting….geez , the offense is just dead, very bad pitching of late.

      Stephonson, Myers and Vosler are disappointing to watch offensively. Just trust the team, we will lose but will be interesting, David bell can’t manage

  102. LarkinPhillips

    For a long time, I guess you haven’t noticed but our minor league system is good (sarcasm.) Every team has a losing record again this year. The culture of the Reds entire system is losing.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Sorry. Chattanooga is 7-6. So not all have losing records.

  103. William

    The Reds just need a better team. I see some help coming. They are minor league players right now.

  104. J

    I would sure love for someone in this organization to make some attempt to explain what it is they think Bell is doing for this team. Do they think he’s got an amazing gift for making all the right strategic decisions? Do they actually think these guys would be playing *worse* if they allowed someone else to take control? Do they just love the fact that nobody seems to be committing any major crimes on his watch? I mean, what could they possibly say right now to justify letting this guy continue to run things? Does anyone in the media ever even dare to ask this question?

    • Mark A Verticchio

      Great post, 100% correct.

  105. William

    The overall records in the minor leagues may not be good, but it will be about ten players in their minor leagues who will help turn things around. This year was always going to be what we are currently seeing. No surprise. I hope they can get a few more extensions.

    • JB

      Oh I’m sure they are working on Bells extension as we speak.

    • Votto4life

      I am very grateful for the Greene extension. I do hope they extend Lodolo as well.

  106. William

    I was not talking about Bell. However, I do not think he is the problem. He is just a lightning rod for criticism. The Reds were winning with Bell the first year. The difference was the players.

    • Melvin

      I don’t remember the Reds winning all that much the first year under David Bell.

      • Melvin

        75-87 in 2019. I agree they probably had a better team with better players.

    • Slicc50

      Not really….I assume you mean 2020? They had a pretty darn good team that year. They horribly under performed that year. I think they actually did get fairly hot with 20 or so games left. They did take one of the gift playoff spots. Then promptly got bounced… embarrassing fashion….against the Braves in the first round without even scoring a run! Man, I guess I just have a different opinion about what winning is than other people do?

  107. William

    Yes, I hope they can extend Lodolo as well.

  108. William

    Melvin…do you remember Bells second and third years. I was off on the first year. I will give you that one. Have a good night.

    • Melvin

      Hey William – Yes. In 2020 it was the short season. The Reds had a pretty good team. Two of our pitchers were in the running for the Cy Young award and one actually got it. The team had a late “surge” and barely made the expanded playoffs with a record of 31-29. They didn’t score a run in the playoffs. In 2021 the Reds also had a pretty good team and, I believe, were 12 games over .500 at one point in the second half of the season. At that point they went into a deep dive so to speak even though it was determined that they had the second easiest schedule of all MLB clubs for the remainder of the season. They ended up with a 83-79 record and did not make the playoffs. Some would say David Bell has had two winning seasons. Others would say yeah he did barely but should have won a lot more. I’m in the second group. The point is even when David Bell has had pretty good teams/players he hasn’t done much with them in terms of winning. Of course winning is the bottom line.

  109. William

    Bell had two winning seasons. I give credit where it is due.