The Cincinnati Reds’ major-league-leading seventh one-run loss was the result tonight in a 2-1 Pittsburgh Pirates victory at PNC Park — the home team’s sixth straight win.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (7-14) 1 8 0
Pittsburgh Pirates (15-7)
2 8 1
W: Hill (2-2) L: Cessa (0-3) SV: Underwood (2)
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The Reds are rapidly on the path of another season that will essentially be over by the end of April. They have lost five straight, and have led in zero innings — 45 total — over that span. They are 1-8 on the road. They haven’t hit a homer during the five-game losing streak, the first such streak for the team since 2018.

The Offense

After four innings of complete frustration against Pittsburgh’s soft-tossing lefty Rich Hill, Jonathan India led off with a single. An out later, Stuart Fairchild singled to center, and as Pittsburgh centerfielder Ji Hwan Bae overran the ball, India scored all the way from first and Fairchild advanced to second, bringing the Reds within 2-1. But as had happened multiple times earlier in the game, Reds batters Tyler Stephenson and Wil Myers were unable to knock home the tying run.

Jose Barrero went 2-for-2 with a walk, but was picked off first base and had a critical defensive misplay in center field which led to a Pirates run. Barrero is now batting .255. Fairchild was the only other Red with two hits.

The Pitching

Starter Luis Cessa did himself proud after his last terrible start, and should have allowed only one run in his 4 2/3 innings. Ke’Bryan Hayes led off the game with a hit to right-center field that Barrero misplayed into a triple. Had the hit been held to a single or double, Hayes would not have scored based on what the hitters who followed him in the inning did. Pittsburgh scored a run in the fourth off Cessa on doubles by Carlos Santana and Jack Suwinski. Cessa threw first-pitch strikes to 16 of the first 18 batters he faced.

Buck Farmer relieved Cessa in the fifth and left an inherited runner stranded, keeping the score at 2-1 Buccos after five. He then retired the first batter in the sixth before being replaced, finishing his night retiring two batters and allowing no runs. Alex Young got four outs, three via strikeout, and Lucas Sims and Alexis Diaz both recorded two outs while holding the Bucs scoreless.

The pitchers certainly did their part this evening, but when your team can’t hit, that often doesn’t matter.

What now?

I’m in favor of getting some people up from the minors who are excelling, namely Matt McLain. Get him in the lineup somewhere — even DH — and see if he can provide some much-needed thunder. There’s no reason for this team to continue to put major-league retreads out there if there are better options ready in the minors. Lefthander Andrew Abbott needs to get a move up to Louisville. Casey Legumina looked very good in his two appearances, and should be with the big-league team.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds at Pittsburgh Pirates

Sunday, April 23, 1:35 p.m. ET

Hunter Greene (0-0, 4.24 ERA) vs. Vince Velasquez (2-2, 5.12 ERA)

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  1. John

    Tough day(s)….Tough to score runs when your 4,5,6 guys can’t hit (Stephonson, Vosler, Myers), and Newman is playing and getting pulled over Newman.

    If you want to win games leave your best players playing and then we won’t talk about how bad bell is as a manager.

    The tide has to go down soon…

  2. LarkinPhillips

    I remember in 2019 the Reds were terrible at 1 run games. Does anyone have the number of what Bells record is in 1 run games?

    • Enrico Palazzo

      I thought the same thing. I’d love to know Bell’s record in games that are tied or separated by one run going into the 7th inning. It’s got to be abysmal… every opportunity he has to make the right decision, he runs in the opposite direction.

  3. LarkinPhillips

    Also, for people clamoring for people to get called up, ironically the two hottest hitters in Louisville might be old friends Matt Reynolds and Chuckie Robinson, who RLN loved to hate last year.

    • Melvin

      Reynolds I say no to bringing up because David Bell would just find a way to play him all the time. lol Robinson I wouldn’t mind at all replacing at least Maile.

      • Doc

        So you don’t want hot hitters to be brought up to play all the time, or most of the time? Doesn’t that leave as the option to bring up hot hitters and not play them, in which case, what is the point of bringing them up?

      • Melvin

        Well if you’re asking me if I’d rather have Reynolds than Vosler or Newman the answer is yes. Lopez has also been hot of late. I’d rather have him because we know David Bell is not as likely to play him over other players such as Barrero. At this point I’d actually take them both over the two mentioned. At least we would be trying to fix the problems.

  4. Melvin

    I agree with your “What Now?” Tom. Didn’t Herget pitch well too?

  5. JB

    Vosler will be back in there tomorrow against the Righty. That should provide the thunder. Bell can’t write his name in faster.

  6. Moon

    Over the last five games, 45 innings, the Reds have scored in only 4 of those innings with no more than 2 runs. Two innings with 2 runs and two innings with 1 run. I was following via game cast tonight and was not sure if the run they scored tonight would have plated without an error. And it is not like they are facing the pitching of the 1966 Dodgers. The guys they are putting out there are just not getting it done.

  7. CFD3000

    Tiny sample size, I know. But can we please end the Newman experiment? Let Barrero play shortstop every day where he belongs. If he needs a little rest, let him DH. And bring up Matt McLain to replace Newman. He can DH and play a little infield to give Steer and Barrero an occasional breather. Moving Barrero out of position to find space for Newman thus downgrading two positions makes no sense. Please stop.

    On a related note, can we end this three catcher silliness? David Bell had three tonight and still managed to lose the DH. It didn’t matter as the pitcher’s spot never came up, but really? If the Reds were 14-7 instead of the other way around it might be okay, but not only is this lineup lunacy unnecessary, the Reds aren’t somehow better for it. Please stop.

    • David

      Uh, that’s exactly right. Playing Newman at Short, and then Barrero in CF makes the team WORSE defensively. Why? Dunno.
      Friedl could have played right instead, didn’t start (did pinch hit and went into Left Field), who is actually hitting lefties OK. Why? Dunno.

      Senzel is not hitting at all. 0.152 after tonight. $2 Mill to watch this guy struggle so hard at the plate. Top draft choice that the Reds just can’t let go of….well, after this season they will.
      And yes, this team is heading for another 100 loss season. Maybe they’re just in a really bad collective slump and they snap out of it in a couple of days….or maybe not at all.
      Benson is not hitting (or playing) at AAA. Henry Ramos is starting to heat up, after an ice cold start.

      • MBS

        “Ramos ain’t hitting crap in AAA” lol just teasing. He had a good day today in the double header. That what small samples sizes can do, good days can change perspectives.

  8. AMDG

    I think I figured out why Barrero got benched.

    During the Reds’ current 5 game losing streak Barrero has been the Reds hottest hitter with a 0.364 batting average and a 0.462 OBP.

    Since Barrero’s success coincides with the Reds’ failures, it’s obvious Barrero is to blame.

    (It’s certainly not the collective 0.109 batting average from Myers, Senzel, Fraley and Stephenson)

    • Melvin

      The stats of Barrero are definitely trending in the right direction. They currently stand at .255/.328/.353.

  9. Melvin

    The Reds are currently on pace to win 54 games (8 games back after just 21 games). At this rate we’ll be about 56 games out of first place by the end of the year. lol Probably too early to shake things up now though. Probably should wait until June or even July. (Rolling My Eyes)

    • J

      Yeah, I think Bell has earned plenty of leeway given the fact that the team is doing a lot better than last year’s 3-22 start. And the fact that it’s on pace to lose more games than last year’s team is merely a testament to how well he managed last year’s team after it started 3-22. Or whatever. All I know is that Bell is doing a great job and that’s why he’s keeping this job indefinitely.

  10. J

    Tomorrow this team will be so desperate to score, I believe Bell might actually try a hit-and-run when he’s got speed on the bases and a guy at the plate who’s good at making contact. I’m not 100% sure Bell is aware this is a legal baseball play, but if he is, tomorrow just might be the day.

    • Melvin

      Haha I think maybe he’s seen other teams do it but didn’t know exactly what it was or if it was even legal maybe? 🙂

      • J

        I’m not totally sure Bell is aware of what other teams do. It’s a grey area.

  11. Zooks

    The one thing that I’ve said for years when it comes to any team that’s rebuilding is that there HAS to be some entertainment value. The last thing a rebuilding team needs is to be both bad AND boring. This Reds team right now is bad and boring. And no, calling up Matt McLain is not gonna magically fix that.

    Kevin Newman is the new Kyle Farmer, except with none of the “clout” that FarmDawg built up with the boomers of the fanbase who love the muck and grind, .675 OPS type utility guys because they “just play hard”. Sticking Barrero in CF every other day is doing nothing for his development. TySteve’s lack of power is actually concerning at this point; he’s swinging like a player not fully recovered from clavicle surgery. Sad thing is he’s still one of the better hitters in this lineup, which tells you how abysmal the lineup has been. Wil Myers has somehow regressed from 2022, which is amazing since San Diego told him to get lost and not come back after last season lol. He’ll still get traded for something though; Tommy Pham proved that anyone can be traded for something.

    Luke Maile should be selling insurance in Covington.

  12. Mark A Verticchio

    I have to ask myself every day why I watch this team. I know one thing though it would be a lot easier to take if the has been’s and never was’s weren’t playing namely Vosler, Maile, Newman and I would add Senzel and Myers.

    • Melvin

      Myers 0-4 tonight with a .203 BA

      Newman 0-4 .200 BA

      Senzel 0-4 .152 BA

      Maile .188 BA

      Vosler last game 0-3 1 BB .169 BA

      • Melvin

        I might add the Reds weren’t exactly facing a HOF pitcher tonight either. He was 43 and throwing around 80 mph at times.

      • Mark A Verticchio

        Thanks for proving my point sad thing is there are other with stats as bad or worse.

    • Ted Alfred

      It’s funny, +I was really watching the Reds for the first 10 to 12 games, but since they’ve reverted back to form I’m already completely tuned out because I basically know what the end result of this season will be. Now I just come on here to read the post game breakdown and read the
      comments for a few laughs. I’m already done as far as any positive
      expectations with the Reds until they get new ownership and are willing to spend some money and learn how to develop their players better. I’m just at a very low interest level. Its amazing what has happened to my interest in following the Reds over the last decade or so.

  13. Melvin

    Maybe the ones like Sims and Diaz who actually haven’t had an AB yet. lol

  14. Votto4life

    Coming into the season, I thought the biggest areas of concern was a thin rotation and terrible bullpen. Although, I think both will be major issues by mid-season, overall though,the pitching hasn’t been that bad.

    If there was one bright side, i would have predicted it would have been been the offense. I thought this team would score runs. Wrong Again!

    Now, not only am I baffled by this team, I have come to the conclusion that, I have followed baseball for fifty years, and really have no idea what I am talking about

    • David

      This baseball, it’s a weird game. 😉

      Yes, I would have thought, based on that mythical thing called “Spring Training” that this team would have been a decent offensive team. They might yet…this might just be a big cold spell. The whole team is pretty much in a slump.
      If I were the field manager, I would look at who has the best BA, OBP over the last five days and stack the top of the lineup with those guys.
      With a Right hander pitching tomorrow, TJ will be in the lineup. Will Fairchild play or will get more of Myers?

      • Melvin

        Fairchild had a couple of hits tonight and a walk. Probably not a good idea to play him two days in a row. 😉 Knowing David Bell it will most likely be, well, I don’t know since he’s playing Senzel pretty much every day now. I’d say Myers, Vosler and Senzel have a better chance than Fairchild. As always we shall see. 🙂

    • Rednat

      lack of offense has been plaguing us the entire century. I think our pitching has been good enough to compete for quite some time. just not enough offensive firepower. the last good offensive team with speed, batting average and power was the 1999 club IMO and it has been down hill ever since

      • CI3J

        Not really true.

        The Griffey/Dunn/Kearns teams at the turn of the millennium had the opposite problem: all offense, no pitching. I mean, JIMMY HAYNES was the Opening Day starter once or twice for those teams. But boy could those teams put up runs. The problem was the pitching was so bad, that the other teams put up even more runs.

        Also, the Votto/Phillips/Bruce teams managed by Dusty Baker didn’t have much problem scoring runs.

        Heck, even the recent iteration of the team with Castellanos/Winker/ Suarez/Votto could put up runs.

        However, I do think Bell’s managing style and constant tinkering is holding back the team from reaching their full offensive potential.

  15. Ted Alfred

    Yeah, Senzel must have something on David Bell…still trying to figure that out. David Bell elicits the most blah response from myself that I have ever experienced as a sportsfan of any team I have followed. I usually come on here for a few minutes to read the recap, but I’m not willing to any money or more time into the Reds than that…and most nights it’s not even that. The Castellini’s and their dysfunctional cast of enablers have brought me to this place…have forced me to just not care.

  16. Rednat

    since septmeber 1st 2021 the reds are 81-130. that is a .383 winning percentage. the thing that bothers me the most is that there is really not much reaction from the players. No team meetings( as far as we know), no team fights, the players have the same mundane responses in the post game interviews. Always, “dont get too high or get too low”, blah, blah, blah. or it’s a long season, blah, blah ,blah.

    David Bell reminds me of a substitute teacher in a way who is just trying to survive the day without the kids trying to kill one another. No real learning is going on, just get through the day. It just seems like Bell’s goal is just getting through the season without any controversy or emotional outbursts. you always hear that a team takes on the persona of their manager and I think we have that here in cincinnati which is not a good thing

    • Mark A Verticchio

      I love your substitute teacher comparison, I to often wonder what these players are thinking. It seems, like Bell, they aren’t that concerned about what is going on. The entire organization seems to have an easy come easy go style, let’s just not make waves attitude. With a manager like Bell I think it’s easy for everybody to have that type of attitude and not worry about results just accept what ever comes along and that won’t end until some one comes in and shakes things up.

    • J

      It’s the whole organization. They won’t fire Bell no matter how much he stinks. Bell won’t raise any kind of fuss no matter what the players do. (He won’t even call for a hit-and-run or ask anyone to take a pitch — I guess because it would be a bit too demanding and it’s not his place to tell players what to do or when to do it.) The clowns on TV won’t criticize Bell or anyone else in the organization. The media won’t really challenge Bell or anyone in the organization. The fans hardly seem to know the team exists after opening day. The entire system seems to be devoted to doing JUST enough to make it through each year year without anyone getting too upset about anything, and it’s accomplished with bobbleheads, fireworks, fun little home run routines, Viking outfits, and nobody ever being critical about anything. Castellanos flexing and yelling “let’s go!” a couple times was the most exciting thing that’s happened for the last ten years. This has to be the most boring major league franchise on earth. (But there are some very promising young players!)

    • Still a Red

      Yea…team fights, that’ll fix it!

      • J

        I’d settle for the manager looking like he’s annoyed by something a player has done. Like maybe once every season he could show some kind of visible disappointment with something, as a way to suggest there are actually smart and not smart ways to approach baseball.

    • Jimbo44CN

      He reminds me of Mr. Spock, but without the intellect. Monotone Dave. Playing for him is probably like playing for the hypnotist in “The Natural”

  17. LDS

    Looking at the cumulative stats through tonight’s game, Barrero has the 5th highest average on the team, trailing only India, Friedl, Steer, and Stephenson. There’s a .028 drop off to #6 which is Casalli. His OPS is also 5th, higher than Stephenson but Fairchild come in at #4. It is clear from the numbers that Fairchild & Barrero should be starting most games, that Vosler, Senzel, and Maile are not contributing at all. And Myers aren’t delivering but perhaps there’s some potential. And Newman? Offer him to the Dodgers for a decent pitching or outfield prospect and call up someone from Louisville, even if it’s Reynolds. And hasn’t management seen enough yet to realize that Bell will not lead this team anywhere but down?

    • Ron S

      Bell knows he’s bulletproof he’s trying to get Krall removed by deliberately throwing games.

  18. Nicole Cushing

    This team only has two problems: offense and defense.

    • CI3J

      This team only has one problem:


    • TR

      The early excitement for the Reds has faded. They lack a leader in the middle of the batting order. Myers, the biggest acquisition of the offseason, has been absent. Stephenson, potentially the Reds best hitter, lacks power. What many fans predicted for the 2023 season seems to be coming true. Since the blowout loss to the Phillies, once the Reds fall behind, a comeback is tough to come by.

  19. Reddawg2012

    I wish I didn’t care so much.

  20. Kevin H

    I often wonder why managers or coaches change something that is working just because. A lot of discussion here and a lot from me about Senzel. I gotta believe when they tinkered with his swing I think during his rookie year and jacked him around and having him play cf it messed with his confidence. We know this game is more mental than anything. Looking at 2019 he showed promise and no thought he would end up struggling this bad. What is he on now his third batting stance?

    Looking at Fairchild he has produced. Maybe not how some like, however looking at his stats from last season and now. When he gets a shot he does well.

    This season while early and I still think waiting another 30 days to see how it shapes out. The reds need to decide if Bell is the man to lead this charge and all the evidence so far this season says NO. Having some good ball players and teams previously has in my opinion hidden Bell’s flaws. 2020 season was shortned and if I am not mistaken he didn’t manage bullpen right as reds had Iglesias and Bradley and he had no clue. Also 2021 he had a good starting rotation and hitters and a not so good bullpen and Reds were in contention to make playoffs. Last year had some players get hot and carry them, however prior the team started 3-22. Well this year alot more young players and well here we are.

    Some have said the Reds won in spite of their manager and I am believing that after 4 years as manager, maybe 5. He isn’t the one to lead this team. Then we have the team not addressing the 4 and 5 spots in rotation and not addressing the bullpen, again… Although without having stats in front of me the bullpen seems to be holding there own of late.

    • LDS

      I agree. In fact, if you remember Senzel publicly complained at the time. It’s also why I don’t want to see prospects like EDLC coming up in this environment.

      • Kevin H

        Agree, as they regress it seems once they get here. Not all of course, but some

  21. Redsvol

    As long as the big 3 pitchers stay healthy and are effective (pitch 150 innings) we will have a chance to improve. This club will look very different in 2-3 months.

    Votto, McLain and Ces likely up. Newman, vosler, maile, myers and senzel likely down , cut or traded. It’s kind of like the Philadelphia 76ers a few years ago. We need to “trust the process”. Which means not the wins and losses but the individual player development.

    Fraley, friedl steer and barerro are improving. India is proving 2021 was not a fluke. Stephenson needs to prove he belongs.

  22. Joey Red

    I gave up on this organization when they sold out the fans last year. This team showed some fight the first few games this season but now they are heading for another 100+ loss year. I admire but also feel sorry for Reds fans who actually think there’s hope. The Reds are a terrible franchise. And don’t think that an Oakland A’s type scenario isn’t possible here. Current ownership would sell this team in a heartbeat if the deal was good enough. And no question they would sell out the fans because they’ve done it before.

  23. Old-school

    Jon India is back and healthy.
    Leads the team in hits,runs,stolen bases,doubles,steals,BA,OBP and 2nd in OPS. H

    Steer and Freidl are hitting well.

    Need Stephenson and Fraley and Myers to hit better.

    Any word on Votto?

    • Jim Walker

      Voto is “training” in Cincinnati the last I heard. I suspect that as long as the word is “training”, it means he is working on strength, flexibility, range of motion, etc. in the areas impacted by his surgery versus working on baseball specific activities.

      • Old-school

        Hope Stephenson doesnt need to join him. Its one thing to be structurally repaired. Its quite another to be functionally optimal for a 162 game season

        India used the offseason to prime his mind and body for speed athleticism and whole body strength and is firing on all cylinders. He couldnt do that last year chronically battling soft tissue injuries

        Hopefully TS is just in an April power funk and K funk.
        Kyle Farmer had that epic 0-33 slump about this time last year and then got in a groove by june+

      • Jim Walker

        Agree on TS and the daily grind. See my numbers on TS below. TS’s K rate since his OPS was ~.816 after game 7 of the season is 35.7% and his slugging is .234 but his BABIP is .370. When has he ever had a BABIP in the .370 range yet struck out 35% of the time and slugged at .234 over 14 games (56PAs)? I’d guess never.

  24. old-school

    AS for Jose Barrero, his slash line is probably where every Reds fan would say this is more than fine going back to last September or this march in spring training.


    Hes cut his K rate, taking some walks and the occasional extra base hit. Now, let him focus on playing a consistent good SS. Put him in the 8 hole and at SS everyday and be done with it. See what he can do knowing he’s playing SS and batting everyday, no matter if he goes 0-4 or makes an error.
    Why is Bell doing rotational gymnastics to get consistent playing time and at bats for Newman? Bell said that his week. Newman needs consistent at bats. Why? If Newman is a core player instead of a bench back up and utility piece, should have just kept Kyle Farmer.

    • LDS

      Career slash lines:

      Kevin Newman: .258/.301/.357/.658 OPS+ 78
      Kyle Farmer: .254/.310/.392/.702 OPS+ 85
      David Bell: .257/.320/.396/.716. OPS+ 85

      All three played multiple positions. As I’ve said before, he relates to guys like Newman & Farmer. It’s no different than corporate managers who hire folks in whom they see themselves. The problem arises when they aren’t looking for people better than themselves or when they try to mold hires into some semblance of themselves. Baseball is no different. Bell advocates “utility”. He and the FO have done it to Senzel, Moustakas, Suarez, and now Barrero, Stephenson, and Steer. Sometimes it works out, e.g. Steer seems to be adjusting well. Sometimes it doesn’t , like Moustakas & Suarez. And sometimes it contributes to derailing a career as with Senzel. Stephenson hasn’t adjusted well thus far, hitting .307 for his career as catcher but only .250 when playing 1B, and .261 as DH. All his HRs have come when catching or pinch hitting. His OPS as C/PH is over .800. At 1B/DH, it’s about .170 less. Rather than keeping his bat in the lineup, they are actually cutting his effectiveness. Will it keep him healthy? Maybe, maybe not. So if we’re going to be analytical, let’s really look at the numbers.

      • Jim Walker

        see some Stephenson numbers on down the thread. Not especially polished but I think they suggest while his shoulder may not be “hurt” at this point, it isn’t currently up to bearing the everyday stresses to support the output TS has produced in the past. Some things just inconveniently take more time even when a guy is 27 (versus 37).

      • Bill

        I don’t think this is accurate. Moustakas was a 3B for the Royals then moved to 2B with the Brewers, can’t blame that on Bell. Suarez was a SS when the Reds traded for him, but very few thought he would stay there. He was always destined to end up at 3B, he briefly moved back to SS because if poor roster construction and India forcing his way onto the MLB roster. Senzel was a 3B moved to 2B in the minors because he was blocked, I doubt Bell had anything to do with that decision, maybe he influenced the decision to move him to CF, and most likely suggested using him as utility because he isn’t showing the ability to be an everyday player.

        With Stepheson almost every person here wants him to be a 1B, Stephenson wants to be a C, and I think that is where he should be. Maybe I missed something with Steer, I admittedly quit paying attention to the Reds most of the time, but he seems like he is the 3B moving forward- not a utility guy. Barrero is similar to Senzel, if he doesn’t improve at the plate he isn’t going to have the SS job much longer. They might as well see if he can handle CF

      • Melvin

        Those career slash lines are interesting.

  25. GMan88

    Steer, India, and Friedl all have an OPS over .800, but a combined 5 home runs. After that, it drops off dramatically. This lineup is just SO wimpy. Greene will be able to count his wins on one hand this season.

  26. SlippinJimmy

    So Barrero’s error the other night might’ve cost the Reds one win, and his completely boneheaded dive in CF turns a single into a triple–and might’ve cost them another.

    And yet still people say, “play him.”

    Again, both winning and losing are contagious. I understand the team isn’t there yet, but they are there enough that they should be winning a lot more than they are. And while I am not a fan of Barrero, there’s really one person to blame: David Bell.

  27. Doc

    It is just too funny to read this site. Game by game opinions change 180 degrees based on a good or bad performance. Now even Doug has been sucked into playing GM, wanting McClain and Legumina moved up to the Reds, and Abbott moved to AAA. Of course, as is typical of this site, he did not mention whom he would move down, nor how moving Abbott to AAA would affect the Reds at the MLB level. Since this site is RedlegNation, and the sister site is redsminorleagues, the Abbott move does not seem to belong in the discussion here.

    So, whom to replace, Doug? Are you going to bring up McClain to replace India, or Steer, both of whom are hitting well at the MLB level. Or are you going to replace Barrero at SS with McClain, considering that McClain floundered offensively much of last year, which is a far larger sample size than three weeks of this year, and that former Reds minor league player of the year Barrero’s best minor league year outshines McClain’s best at any level, including the first three weeks of this year.

    Unfortunately, in real life, a GM has to make a corresponding move for every roster move he makes. He doesn’t have the luxury of just bringing everybody up without consequences. What’s even more comical is that Doug is about the most vocal “small sample size” person, but now, somehow, that doesn’t apply. Barrero’s 2 for 2 night raised his average 21 points, which shows just how early in the season we are.

    Barerro’s misplay in CF is a problem with the Reds’s current mode of trying to learn a position on the fly in CF at the MLB level. Didn’t work with Senzel, and he got plenty of minor league CF starts; don’t know why they are trying it again. They did the right thing with Marte. Learn the new position in the minor leagues, which are developmental steps. There is no reason to move Barerro off of SS at this point, neither to find playing time for Newman nor to make room for McClain.

    • Harry Stoner

      It’s a fan site for a baseball team, not a publication from the ARA.

      Of course, it’s full of opinions that change every day. That’s what opinions are.

      And people talking about sports.

      One thing consistent, though, are your ‘smarter than thou’ posts, typically filled with factual errors, rhetorical posturing and general gaslighting.

      You woke up on a Sunday morning and wrote this?

      Now that’s too funny.

    • redfanorbust

      Hi Doc. You may have caught your mistake by now about who wrote this article so an apology might be in order. 🙂 Yes we as Reds fans do swing wide with comments and emotions based on what happens day to day on the field. Guess we are forced to over analyze things because of how poor our teams are year in and out. Not many teams have to comment so much on which .210 hitter we need to play. We are rebuilding this year so I for one was never was going to put a ton of stock in wins/losses, or endlessly complain about Bell or ownership but more in growth of the young guys and how much the Reds would spend next year when Votto/Moose salaries came off the books. I would envision by mid year there will be DFA’s, trades etc and a lot of young guys brought up from the minors. Right now management is just trying to get by the first couple of months. I am guessing the Vosslers, Newmans, Meyers and Senzels will be gone soon enough and maybe even a trade for one of our many SS’s we have so we do not have to keep unfairly throwing them into multiple positions and always struggling to find playing time for them all.

  28. SteveAreno

    You say get some people up from the minors who are excelling. Try Henry Ramos! In the Bats doubleheader called Thunder yesterday Ramos provided Thunder going 3 for 5 with a home run and a walk.

    • TR

      Four innings to at least try and score one run to tie the game. The result: another one run loss.

  29. Rob

    I don’t know about those who think this team is improving. Fraley and Barerro hitting 220 ish? Greene with zero wins? Stephenson with zero HRs? A bullpen with like 2-3 saves? And where is the power of Farmer, Naquin, Drury, and Pham? Don’t tell me we are going to hit less HRs than last year. We have some good pieces but I am not so sure we don’t have more holes than last year. We will know more in time but improvement also needs to be judged in concert with other rebuilders as the Cubs and Pirates.

  30. Jim Walker

    Let’s take a look at Tyler Stephenson.

    His peak OPS of .816 in 2023 was after game 7 of the season on April 8. His full OPB/SLG/OPS was .393/.423/.816.

    Since then, in 14 games his OPS has been .573 with a full OPB/SLG/OPS of .339/.234/.573.

    The figure which jumps out immediately is TS’s slugging % has dropped by nearly half while his OPB has at least remained respectable because over the last 14 games he has had a BABIP of .370 and picked up 6BB and 3HBP. However, he has had only 1 extra base hit, a double in these 14 games.

    The question is how does a guy with TS’s career power numbers fall off to a .234 slugging % over a period when he has maintained a .370 BABIP? A 35.7% K Rate over the period certainly is a part of it and very uncharacteristic, given his career K rate thru 2022 was 21.7%.

    I believe it is likely that even if he appeared at or near 100% strength at the start of the season his surgically repaired shoulder is not bearing up well to the stresses of playing every day.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Ironically, (if my memory is correct) he is the only one who hasn’t had a complete day off this far. I may be wrong, but he is used to having days off, and I think he is wearing down fast. He could benefit from a day off greatly.

    • Pete

      Great point Jim. Maybe they should resist using him behind the plate for a while. It can’t be helpful on that shoulder.

      Honestly, why not give Chuckie Robinson a look? Looks like he is tearing the cover off the bar, so it has to be more than good luck. Maybe he’s figured out something?

      • Jimbo44CN

        Agree, Maile has shown nothing, and you can’t help but like Chuckie. INfectious smile. He should be given another shot

    • redfanorbust

      Hi Jim. TS coming back from surgery was just one reason why I was always a proponent of having him catch as little as possible. He is arguably our best hitter along with India. Also when you only have only one or two decent hitters on your team you have no one in the lineup to protect them and pitchers can throw them their premium pitches and give most of their attention to them. Reds need to plan for next year and beyond and TS is going to be a big part of that. Catching is a brutal position to play on a regular basis and IMHO TS is not built for that.

  31. Pete

    Today’s lineup looks like a let’s get serious one. Maybe Bell is starting to feel some heat and realizes he must make every effort to win ballgames. What a concept!

    • Kevin H

      Probably not. I am sure they don’t think in those terms of “feeling the heat” Bell’s managing style isn’t gonna change

      • LarkinPhillips

        Sometimes I wonder of Bell is trying to use 162 different lineups through the season.

      • Jimbo44CN

        At this point I’d almost rather see anyone in the lineup than Myers. He has become an automatic out. He stands way too far off the plate. The first pitch to him is usually a fast ball on the outer 3rd. Strike one. 2nd pitch down the middle which he fouls off. Third and fourth are in the same vicinity. Strike three. Also, and I know this might seem silly, but he reminds me of kids I coached who were afraid of the ball, never really stepping towards the pitcher. SD knew something when they essentially dumped him.

    • CI3J

      Vosler at 3B doesn’t scream “get serious”.

      It screams “Bell just can’t stop tinkering”.

  32. DataDumpster

    I picked the Reds to win 72 games this year, a respectable and achievable number given the talent and development. What I didn’t expect was the continuation of their horrible record against arch rival for last place (2-12 running against the Bucs), continued defensive lapses and substandard fielding (last on outs from grounders, etc.). I thought the speed, youth, athleticism would help but not. Neither has the expectation of more SB, hit and run, moving the baserunners along been met. Their record in one run games is 1-7. Its early but something has to be done. IMO, it mostly points back to the lack of imagination, creativity, and discipline shown by their manager. David Bell took some “initiative” to get himself thrown out of a 8-0 game in the 9th inning but that’s about the only emotions this manager shows and of course to no avail.
    Since the Bucs are playing so well and its still way early, I wondered how Fangraphs have updated their protections for that cellar spot. Was surprised to see that the Bucs are projected to best the Reds by 11 games over the season. Regardless of the records involved, that would be a step down from last season and ultimate shame (for those who aren’t immune to it).

  33. DHud

    I have been the biggest fan of both Stephenson and Fraley

    They both look lost right now

  34. Steven Ross

    I know it isn’t all Bell’s fault because he hasn’t been given the best players to work with the past few seasons but my goodness, this team is lifeless. It’s not even May and we look awful. We’re getting beat by the Bucs this season and last. At some point, you have to say maybe a change isn’t such a bad idea.

    • J

      That point for me was about three years ago when I realized Bell had no feel for the game and made a ton of insane decisions. The “oh well, who cares” attitude is just the latest thing to annoy me. Welcome to the club.

    • CI3J

      The manager helps set the culture of the team. If Bell is not firing his players up and giving them confidence to go get ’em, then he’s not doing his job as a manager.

      How the players play reflect directly on Bell as a manager.

    • Melvin

      The players are starting to show signs already of being deflated like they were at the end of last season. Changes need to be made.