The Cincinnati Reds will look to make it two in a row over Tampa Bay after drubbing the Rays last night 8-1. Cincinnati will be facing off against Taj Bradley, who has just one game in the big leagues but is one of the top pitching prospects in baseball. The Reds will send Nick Lodolo to the mound as he looks to continue his outstanding start to 2023. First pitch is set for 6:40pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Tampa Bay Rays

Cincinnati Reds

Yandy Diaz – 1B Jonathan India – 2B
Wander Franco – SS TJ Friedl – CF
Isaac Paredes – 3B Jake Fraley – LF
Randy Arozarena – LF Tyler Stephenson – DH
Harold Ramirez – DH Wil Myers – RF
Taylor Walls – 2B Kevin Newman – SS
Manuel Margot – CF Jason Vosler – 1B
Francisco Mejia – C Nick Senzel – 3B
Vidal Brujan – RF Curt Casali – C
Taj Bradley – RHP Nick Lodolo – LHP

Starting Pitchers

Taj Bradley 5.0 5.40 1.20 1 8
Nick Lodolo 17.0 2.12 1.41 6 27
Links: Nick Lodolo’s Stats | Taj Bradley’s Stats

Nick Lodolo

It’s been a good start to 2023 for Nick Lodolo, picking up two wins in his three starts while posting a 2.12 ERA and striking out 27 batters in 17.0 innings. He’ll look to keep that going against Tampa Bay tonight.

Left-handed hitters haven’t been able to do much of anything against Nick Lodolo for his career. There aren’t many lefties that even get the opportunity to face off against him, but even the ones who have been thought of as good enough to give it a try have hit .145 and slugged .210. Righties have found more success

Career Splits

RHH 446 99 17 3 13 40 130 .255 .348 .414
LHH 70 9 1 0 1 5 28 .145 .243 .210

Pitch Usage 

4-Seam 2-Seam Change Slider
Velo 93.7 93.8 87.8 79.8
Usage 38% 14% 10% 39%

Taj Bradley

There’s not much of a big league track record for Taj Bradley. Tonight he will be making just his second start in Major League Baseball. Last week he allowed three runs in 5.0 innings with a walk and eight strikeouts against the Boston Red Sox.

The #20 prospect in baseball according to MLB Pipeline entering the season, Taj Bradley posted a 2.57 ERA last year between Double-A and Triple-A with 33 walks and 141 strikeouts in 133.1 innings pitched. He was dominant against right-handed hitters, but lefties showed plenty of power against him last season in the minors. They also walked more and struck out less than their right handed counterparts.

2022 Splits (minor leagues)

RHH 287 50 10 1 4 15 78 .185 .230 .273
LHH 245 55 10 2 10 18 63 .247 .314 .444

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Curve Slider Splitter
Velo 96.0 78.4 88.8 89.3
Usage 55% 6% 27% 12%

When and Where

  • Game time: 6:40pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,, ESPN+
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 62°, sunny, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Hunter Greene signs a $53,000,000 deal

The Reds have signed Hunter Greene to an extension for this year and the following five years that is worth at least $53,000,000 and could be worth a lot more than that. You can read more about it all here.

Bally Sports Ohio misses payment to the Reds

Earlier this morning we found out that Bally Sports Ohio did not make their scheduled payment to the Cincinnati Reds. That kicks off a countdown to what MLB believes will be their ability to take over the rights for broadcasting from them. We wrote more about what we know, and what we don’t know here if you want more information.

Levi Stoudt called up, Lucas Sims activated

The Reds announced that Levi Stoudt will be called up to start tomorrow’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays. It will be his big league debut. Lucas Sims was also activated from the injured list this afternoon and is taking the spot from Kevin Herget, who was optioned back to Triple-A. You can read more about all of those moves from our piece earlier today.


Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Brewers 12 5 0.0 72.8%
Cubs 9 6 2.0 24.9%
Pirates 10 7 2.0 8.9%
Reds 7 9 4.5 1.5%
Cardinals 7 10 5.0 53.4%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs

81 Responses

  1. Melvin

    Are we moving up in the playoff odds now having a 1.5% chance? 🙂

  2. Slicc50

    6 years $53 million for Hunter Greene!

    • Redsvol

      YES! bought out 2 of his free agent years – with one being an option year. Way to go Nick Krall and Hunter Greene! Seems very fair to me.

      • Earmbrister

        That’s right. Club option for the seventh year, 6 yr deal starts this year. Looks like HG will be a Red for 8 years, barring a trade.

    • DW

      That is very exciting! Even if it ends up not working out, like Strassburg for example, it is good to see ownership make a move the right move.

  3. LDS

    A pretty team friendly deal if Greene reaches his potential. Now lock up Lodolo, think about Ashcraft.

    • Melvin

      Team friendly for sure relatively speaking. I guess Greene will have to learn how to live on $53 Million. At least he’ll have some good money guaranteed in case of injury.

      • LDS

        I know I’d have problems figuring out what to do with all that extra cash.

  4. DHud

    Heck yes! Now keep it going! Lodolo India Stephenson Ashcraft next!

  5. Lid

    I’m speechless … that’s a good move. Sign Lodolo and Ashcraft … that’s 3 All Star level pitchers. I lean toward signing Stephenson , but trading India?

  6. Dennis Westrick

    For those of us on this site old enough to remember The Twilight Zone TV show, last night’s game would have been the perfect episode of what can happen in MLB. I am still in shock in how the game played out, especially Hunter Greene got literally knocked out of the game! Again, outstanding job by the BP!

    Let’s hope Lodolo can go seven (7) shutout innings tonight to give the BP a breather!

    • old-school

      Bengals have been to the SB and back to back AFC championship games. Downtown cincy and the Banks during Bengals games is something I’ve never seen in this city.Believe in young talent and get lots of it.

  7. Bet on Red

    Hunter greene extension, hope it doesnt backfire

  8. Melvin

    Lodolo 10 pitches first inning. Good job.

  9. old-school

    Anybody got anything to explain this Scooter Friedl thing?

  10. Jimbo44CN

    Myers batting cleanup? come on, he is almost an automatic out. Geez

  11. Bet on Red

    Well the rays have finally leading

  12. Bet on Red

    UH oh…. Lodolo isnt supposed to do this

  13. Dennis Westrick

    Not a good start for Lodolo! Lots of catching up to do!

  14. Dennis Westrick

    Fortunately, Nick’s pitch count is still manageable!

  15. old-school

    Newman and Vosler hitting in the 6/7 hole. Hard to get excited about that knowing neither one will be a Red next year.
    I get Newman had a good game but Larkin as special adviser just outed the Reds plan. He said there’s some young talent not here yet that will be every day players.
    Reds have given up on Barrero and are going with EDLC as the next SS and McLain is also who Larkin is referencing.

    Barrero will play enough to be packaged at the deadline for something else. Jose Barrero is not in the Reds long term plan.

  16. DW

    The way the Rays are hitting the ball makes me wonder if Lodolo is tipping his pitches.

  17. Mark A Verticchio

    Where is Mclain going to play? Lodolo doesn’t have it tonight that is going to happen to the three young guys. Signing Greene is good news but I think Ashcraft may be the best of the three.

  18. Dennis Westrick

    Lodolo was due for a bad outing! Guess this is it!

  19. Melvin

    Lodolo is just not into it tonight mentally.

  20. Dennis Westrick

    Is Bell gonna treat Lodolo like Cessa and leave him out there to “take One for the Team”?

  21. Melvin

    Newman does not look better to me than Barrero. I understand he had three hits yesterday and keeping him in there is wise until he cools off. However I don’t understand why it has to be at Barrero’s expense. Can Newman not play 1B?

  22. Old-school

    Newman has the grounder up the middle and field and throw to first base a half step late for the infield hit down. It’s not like Newman is going to play in the hole and go to his right to get the out. Maybe take 2 steps in and 1 towards first base. Nothing worse than a shortstop who overestimates his arm and range.

    Old and aging and weak arm

  23. Mark A Verticchio

    That should be it for Nick, live to fight another day. Hopefully he will come out ready to go Sunday in Pittsburgh. Looks like 7 and 10 after 17 games. Could be better could be worse, better than last year. Stoudt could have a long day tomorrow.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Five (5) of the ten (10) losses by one (1) run! Not an excuse but with better performances by the Reds bullpen that record of 7-10 could easily be the reverse!

  24. Jason Franklin

    What is the point in letting a young pitcher get destroyed ?? It seems more negative then positive. Yes, he needs to learn to adjust on the fly, but come on, this just stinks of bad managing.

  25. RedsGettingBetter

    I think it is not the same to throw 100 pitches thru 4 or 5 innings than 7 or 8 ones. This is burning Lodolo but the BP is squeezed so there are no choices

    • Jason Franklin

      It is much more stressful on the arm and mind to throw that many, in that few of innings. Your body is getting extra loads of adrenaline and everything else.

  26. Dennis Westrick

    Finally, after 101 pitches and the Reds hopelessly behind, Bell The Brilliant removes Lodolo from the game! Disgusting display of managing!

    • Jason Franklin

      Totally agree Mr. Westrick! I know the bullpen is short, but couldn’t we have called on someone to make a long relief outing? Maybe an extra pitcher? Oh wait.. we are carrying 3 catchers. Nevermind.

      • Dennis Westrick

        I believe the current MLB rule allows a team that is behind by eight (8) or more runs may use a position player (non-pitcher) to pitch! Maybe one of the 3 catchers pitched in high school or college? Just a thought!

    • Jim t

      Tomorrow is a 12:35 start no way can they cover Green’s start and Lodolo tonight with a short turnaround tomorrow. Lodolo took one for the team. Larkin mentioned he’ll grow from this.

    • Kevin H

      I disagree and here is why. You had Greene coming off 3 innings pitched and before that you had Cessa’s meltdown. At some point the starters have to pitch some innings. (Greene got hurt so no fault of his own) least we forget Overton’s game Friday night. So at this rate bullpen will be toast by May 1st.

      Lodolo will be fine. Just my opinion of course Dennis.

  27. Mark A Verticchio

    I thought for sure he would pull him after four. Oh well so much for thinking.

    • Dennis Westrick

      At least you’re thinking Mark! Something that’s foreign to Bell.

  28. Mark A Verticchio

    I have given up on trying to figure Bell out, it gives me a headache.

    • Dennis Westrick

      I majored in Engineering, not Psychology!

  29. Dennis Westrick

    It appears the real TB Rays showed up tonight! Four (4) HRs so far!

  30. Old-school

    The Reds messed up big time. Nick Senzel is a good defensive infielder at 3b and 2b.

  31. Melvin

    Is it just me or are those Kroger patches kind of the ugliest Little League type patches you’ve ever seen? Is it really worth it for $50,000 per year (if I’m correct)?

  32. old-school

    I would go with Senzel india and Steer at 3b/2b with Steer getting some 1b. It’s clear Reds have decided Barrero isnt an everyday player or else he’d be playing over a 1 year filler in Newman. McLain and EDLC are replacing Barrero and Newman when it makes sense at SS and infield very soon.

    • Kevin H

      How jeff Brantley was talking ss is becoming not so good. I gotta believe he was talking about Barrero as well.

    • LDS

      If the Reds have decided that, they aren’t looking objectively. Again, against RHer, Barrero is hitting twice what Newman is. And obviously a far better defender. Barry Larkin’s comments notwithstanding, they don’t have enough data on Barrero or the other prospects to make such a definitive statement. There’s more than sufficient data on mediocre players like Vosler and Newman. This is a bad line up against a good team, but one nowhere as good as their current record. That said, I won’t be surprised if the Reds drop 2 of 3.

      • old-school

        @LDS…Larkin was gloating in the booth today. He is right there with Jocketty in Castellini’s ear. Glad they signed Greene but anyone with a brain can see barrero isnt the Reds pick for the next SS. It’s EDLC and they are using Newman to make sure Barrero doesnt do anything. EDLC is the Reds next SS and Newman and Bell are making sure Barrero doesn’t play too much. That said, I dont know they are wrong on barrero. i do know its insanity playing Newman over him as Newman isnt a starting major league SS.

      • Kevin H

        Not saying Reds have decided that. Brantley was talking about the ss play after a ball went through Newman. He said basically ss is becoming a problem as your good ones make those plays. He did t specific say Newman or Barrero. Just ss position

      • LDS

        As much as I don’t respect Bell’s approach to management, I’m not sold on Larkin as a future Red’s manager. Phenomenal ball player but I’d rather see the next manager come from outside the organization. Break up the insider’s club.

      • Melvin

        I was originally thinking Larkin would be a good manager with at least being an improvement. I’m now starting to think he’s too cozy with the owners.

  33. Doc

    Wow! Leftie throws 6 shutout innings, allowing only 3 hits, in a win.

    Oh, that was Williamson in Louisville.

    • JB

      Williamson hasn’t done squat before tonight. Hopefully he can figure it out in a hurry and be the 4th starter.

  34. Mark Moore

    I was next door at the neighbor’s keeping an eye on tonight’s mess. You had to figure the Rays wouldn’t stay down long, but this is quite the turn of events in 24 hours.

    12:35 first pitch tomorrow. I think my afternoon is relatively clear.

    • Dennis Westrick

      “Clear” is the operative word! Such as in use of a defib device! Hope the offense can be resuscitated tomorrow!

  35. Kevin H

    While I understand the not wanting to use another bullpen pitcher. I really don’t like having a position player pitch

  36. LDS

    BTW, Fraley isn’t exactly setting the world on fire the last two weeks. And Vosler is worse. I’d say it’s time to move Myers to 1B and start Fairchild. And start Barrero EVERYDAY. How many off days does 25yo need? Today is his 3rd day off in 17 games. That’s management malpractice.

    • Kevin H

      Fairchild and Barrero aren’t exactly hitting the cover off the baseball either.

      • LDS

        Again, Barrero, against RH, is batting.286 with an .800+ OPS. I’ll take my chances. But, realistically not too many Reds are hitting consistently well at the moment, excepting Friedl.

    • Melvin

      If days off are in the plans now is the time to give Fraley a few when he’s not doing so good. Why do I get the feeling he’ll get time off when he gets hot?

  37. JB

    So this is the reason they kept a 3rd catcher.

    • Melvin

      Now see. You didn’t think it would be worth it did you? 🙂

  38. Dennis Westrick

    Newman & Vosler both 0-3 tonight! Awesome! In their defense and, for what it’s worth, several other Reds “hitters” are 0-3 as well.

    • LDS

      Veteran presence @Dennis, get with the program.

    • old-school

      look at the hitting stats…holy…regression to the mean.
      Stephenson and Fraley getting ugly quick.

      Fairchild in Mendoza territory

      Vosler and Newman and barrero getting really bad.

      Pirates series could be a 2022 reset if things go sideways.

  39. Bet on Red

    well that sucks…. I might miss tomorow due to my last day of LAW SCHOOL…. Graduating in 2 weeks

  40. Dennis Westrick

    Glad that’s over! Tomorrow’s game will be a distraction from work! Hopefully a good distraction!

  41. John

    Super exited to see how Stoudi does? I mean if it’s decent he might stay up here….
    Looked decent so my expectation is 3runs in 5 innings