The Cincinnati Reds will go for the series win this afternoon against the Philadelphia Phillies after taking two of the first three games in the series. Philadelphia will try to salvage a split and avoid a potential fall to last place in the NL East. First pitch is set for 1:40pm ET, though the incoming weather may have a say in that. The game is set to begin at 2:25pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Philadelphia Phillies

Cincinnati Reds

Bryson Stott – 2B Jonathan India – 2B
Trea Turner – SS TJ Friedl – LF
Kyle Schwarber – LF Jake Fraley – DH
Nick Castellanos – DH Jason Vosler – 1B
Brandon Marsh – CF Wil Myers – RF
J.T. Realmuto – C Spencer Steer – 3B
Alec Bohm – 1B Nick Senzel – CF
Jake Cave – RF Kevin Newman – SS
Josh Harrison – 3B Luke Maile – C
Aaron Nola – RHP Luis Cessa – RHP

Starting Pitchers

Aaron Nola 15.1 7.04 1.50 3 15
Luis Cessa 9.0 7.00 1.78 5 3
Links: Luis Cessa’s Stats | Aaron Nola’s Stats

Luis Cessa

It’s been a tough start to 2023 for Luis Cessa. In his two starts he’s struck out just three batters, walked five, and given up seven earned runs in just 9.0 innings pitched. Left-handed hitters are crushing him so far, hitting .375/.444/.875 against him with just one strikeout in 18 plate appearances. Righties have a .606 OPS against him, but have walked more often than they’ve struck out in 25 plate appearances.

Last season, and for his career, Cessa’s pitched better against lefties than righties. Right-handed hitters did one thing better last season than left-handed hitters against Cessa and that was to hit for power. The difference between the average and on-base percentage was basically nothing, but the power output was very different.

2022 Splits

RHH 176 40 5 1 10 14 32 .253 .318 .487
LHH 160 36 6 1 4 14 27 .247 .313 .384

Pitch Usage 

4-Seam 2-Seam Change Slider
Velo 92.7 93.0 87.1 82.1
Usage 19% 18% 19% 45%

Aaron Nola

One of the better pitchers in baseball over the last handful of seasons, Aaron Nola is out to a tough start in 2023. He’s made three starts and has been hit around, giving up 20 hits in 15.1 innings, leading to 12 earned runs and a 7.04 ERA. This season, unlike his past seasons, left-handed hitters have crushed him – hitting .391/.440/.739 against him. Lefties have a higher slugging percentage against him this season than righties have an OPS (.676).

Last season he was dominant against lefties. Right-handed hitters didn’t do a whole lot of hitting against him, either, but they did show a little bit of power when they did get some hits. He didn’t walk anyone and he struck out a ton of batters – something that’s holding true this season so far.

2022 Splits

RHH 417 95 25 0 11 11 126 .237 .264 .382
LHH 390 73 14 1 8 18 109 .200 .247 .310

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Cutter Curve Change
Velo 92.3 91.1 86.8 78.8 85.5
Usage 37% 14% 14% 23% 12%

When and Where

  • Game time: 1:40pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 56°, cloudy, 25% chance of rain

News and Notes

Tony Santillan has a strain in his knee


Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Brewers 10 5 0.0 68.8%
Pirates 9 6 1.0 9.2%
Cubs 7 6 2.0 19.5%
Reds 6 8 3.5 2.1%
Cardinals 6 9 4.0 56.4%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs

172 Responses

  1. CI3J

    Tony Santillan has a small strain in his knee. David Bell: “Assuming his body responds well to the treatment, it would have to be starting over the rehab as far as the pitching goes. It could be a couple of weeks.”

    From what I’ve heard, Santillan’s weight has ballooned to something close to 285 pounds. If he wants to protect his knees, he needs to start by losing at least 40 pounds.

  2. Darrin

    Vosler hitting clean up, perfect for a SS game, oh it’s the regular season, I forgot.

    • AMDG

      Vosler is 3 for his last 26, and he’s a career 0.222 hitter.
      Sounds like an ideal candidate for Bell to use at cleanup.
      Especially considering Bell used a 0.205 hitter at cleanup for much of last season.

  3. RedBB

    What does Fairchild have to do to get a start?? Mind boggling…

    • LarkinPhillips

      Started yesterday. Went 1-4 (2b) with 5 LOB. And BB.

      • Melvin

        Only one hit and a walk is not going to get it done to be guaranteed playing the next day. After all we had two players recently who had three hits the day before and they didn’t play the next game. lol The reality is in this case that Senzel has been “GIVEN” a spot….again.

      • Mario

        Melvin, you are absolutely right. Senzel has been given this opportunity he has not earned it. I am convinced that Fairchild is a better player but since Bell loves him some Senzel, Stuart will be back in AAA before long.

      • David

        Nick Senzel is also getting paid a little over $2 Million by the Reds, and Top Management has told David Bell that NICK WILL PLAY.

        Fraley and Friedl (among the outfielders) are the only two that have really hit well. Myers had a great day yesterday, and maybe he starts to hit better.
        Maybe Nick hits, maybe he doesn’t. But he IS getting paid $2 million.

      • Jim Walker

        The box score doesn’t show Fairchild with a BB on Saturday. It says he was 1/4 (a 2B) with 3Ks. So not one of his better days. However, his BA/OPB/SLG/OPS line coming into Sunday was 250/.385./.550/.935 which calculates to a 140 OPS+.

        I think it is legit to ask why a guy with those numbers who is arguably the best defensive OF and one of the fastest baserunners on the team doesn’t get more looks. This is why I advocate for him, not because I am his agent.

      • Melvin

        “The box score doesn’t show Fairchild with a BB on Saturday.”

        In his defense he did score a run and had an RBI. 🙂

  4. Kevin H

    What a great line up. 4th place hitter is a beast

    • Votto4life

      He was a beast for the first week. Maybe he will find his old magic today.

      • Votto4life

        Ok maybe the first few games..but he was a beast.

      • Kevin H

        LOL@ maybe first few games. LOL..

        I just don’t understand the logic of batting volser 4th

      • greenmtred

        There’s also this: Most of us, being older, put a lot of emphasis on the importance of batting order. Close analysis evidently doesn’t find that it matters so much.

      • Melvin

        “put a lot of emphasis on the importance of batting order. Close analysis evidently doesn’t find that it matters so much.”

        That way of thinking in my view is ridiculous and makes no sense to me. So what should we do just put the players name on a list, stick it on the wall, then kind of play Pin The Tail On The Donkey and whoever’s name is touched after being blindfolded is the next guy in the batting order? Of course batting order matters. It doesn’t matter how old a person is. I don’t care what analytics say. I submit the batting order matters A LOT. Don’t feel “old” if you think this way. Instead be happy you have a little common sense. 🙂

      • Old-school

        There’s a little nuance to batting order… kinda like bunting. All bunting is not bad. TJ Friedl’s league leading bunt hits are great. Fairchild trying a sac bunt with runners 1/2 in the 3 hole not so much

        It probably didnt matter if johnny bench or tony perez hit 4/5 or 5/4 nor does it matter probably if fraley hits 2 or 3.

        Did it matter billy hamilton was leading off forever with low OBP? Yes. 9 was better. Do you want to give your best hitters the most opportunities to hit and hit high in the order? Absolutely

        Would you hit Stephenson 7 th and Casali 2nd? Obviously not

      • Melvin

        Old – school – “It probably didnt matter if johnny bench or tony perez hit 4/5 or 5/4 nor does it matter probably if fraley hits 2 or 3.”

        I understand what you’re saying. However even with the Johnny Bench/Tony Perez comparison it would have mattered depending on how one had been hitting recently. Sparky didn’t have a set lineup even with those guys. Sometimes Foster would hit 4 and often did.

      • greenmtred

        Melvin: I know. I grew up believing that batting order was critically important and nuanced. It’s not the only cherished assumption that doesn’t stand up to analysis. As I recall, having your best hitters bat at the top of the order makes some difference because they sometimes get an extra at-bat Beyond that, it doesn’t much matter. Supposedly.

      • Melvin

        greenmtred j- Frankly I don’t care some times was advance analytics say. lol Stats are great and should always be considered in any sport. However if that’s all that matters there wouldn’t be a need for a manager. We’d just need a computer. 🙂 Bottom line: Batting order matters. 🙂

    • old-school

      Bell is very handedness focused and has been since day 1. He pinch hit for 2 breakout core players in Friedl and Fraley the other night, including Kevin Newman for Fraley. If it were Stephenson or Castellanos…ok…maybe….but it wasnt. It was 20% below league average hitter Kevin Newman.

      Go back to the 2020 60 game sprint to the playoffs. The Reds needed to get off to a good start and had the lowly Tigers the first series. They lost 2/3 with a dizzying rotation of players and switches with Akiyama/WInker/Ervin/Van Meter. Who was hitting in the middle of the order on Opening Day against lefty Boyd?? Matt Davidson. Davidson was a career minor leaguer with no MLB success( then or since) but he started. Bell wont bench proven vets for the handedness focus, only young-ish players or players without a big MLB resume.

      That was also the first and last time Nick Castellanos got substituted out for defense late in the game. Reds legend and defensive stalwart Travis Jankowski came in to RF.

      It’s just a defining managerial style for Bell. If you go to MLb stats the last 5 years, the reds who have actually qualified for stats with 3.1 at bats per game played is small. The everyday 8 is gone. Id prefer an everyday 6-7, at least with the DH now allowing for 9.

      • Melvin

        “He pinch hit for 2 breakout core players in Friedl and Fraley the other night, including Kevin Newman for Fraley. If it were Stephenson or Castellanos…ok…maybe….but it wasnt. It was 20% below league average hitter Kevin Newman.”

        If you listen to the latest of The Riverfront podcast Nate Dotson is ready to fire David Bell. That (above) was kind of the last straw.

    • AMDG

      Vosler is a career 0.500 hitter against Nola.

      Of course Bell is going to bat Vosler at cleanup. Even if it’s only 1 hit in 2 at bats.

      When Bell sat Fraley for dead-weight Newman he showed he clearly favors using numbers taken out of context, instead of simply playing the best players.

  5. J

    I almost want this game to be postponed, because I’d be fascinated to see if Bell sticks with this lineup after an off day.

    • Melvin

      I guess this is the day our backup of our backup catcher gets to play. 🙂

  6. Dennis Westrick

    Not complaining, just observing! In reviewing yesterday’s box score in the 13-0 blowout of the Phillies noted that during Ashcraft’s 6 shutout innings he issued 4 walks! If he reduces the walks, especially in yesterday’s start, he most likely pitches 7 or even 8 innings! That would reduce the need for the Reds bullpen to cover 3 or more innings which has been the case for most of the Reds games so far this season. Hoping for a good outing by Cessa today! Let’s win today and take the sweries!

    • MBS

      If it was a close game Ashcraft would have pitched the 7th imo. He was at 89 pitches, which was his lowest number of pitches thrown this season. He averaged just under 15 pitches per inning in that game, so 1 more inning in a close game would have probably put him at 104 pitches.

  7. Dennis Westrick

    Only comment on Bell’s starting lineup today is why not Barrero at SS? Is he injured?

    • CI3J

      Stephenson and Barrero are both out. I’m guessing it’s just a planned rest day. India and Steer should get days off soon.

      • LarkinPhillips

        Steer got one this week already.

      • greenmtred

        I don’t know the answer to this because I don’t follow other teams, but do you guys believe that the Reds are the only team that gives players regular days off?

      • Melvin

        India kind of got one too the day he was a DH.

      • Melvin

        “but do you guys believe that the Reds are the only team that gives players regular days off?”

        I think they get days off in most cases. I just don’t think it’s “normal” to give guys days off when they’re on a hot streak especially after getting three hits the night before. Wait until they’re in a slump. Every player gets one.

    • Kevin H

      I agree. Barrero should be ss today.

      • Mario

        I agree. If they want more RH hitters in the lineup, Barrero should be in CF not 1-12 Nick Senzel. Why does Bell love Senzel so much?

      • Mario

        Look at Senzel with 2 hits today. Is that a career high? I got jokes. Still rooting for this guy, I hope he keeps it up and becomes the .290 hitter that I expected.

  8. Doug Gray

    The Reds just announced that they don’t expect the game to begin on time.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Thrall says projected start time is 2:25pm.

  9. CI3J

    Doug, any word on the game starting on time? Looks like there’s going to be rain in the area for awhile.

  10. J

    When Barrero and Stephenson are hitting home runs in the 2023 World Series, we’ll all be glad they got some rest in the first few weeks of the season even if it costs the Reds a few games here and there. This strategy has always worked for Bell before, and it’s going to work again this season.

    • Kevin H

      Helped them in 2021 in September didn’t it. Resting guys in April. LOL

      • J

        Just checked the 2021 stats and noticed India led the team in games played and plate appearances. And it turns out he somehow managed to have a very productive September. He was one of the team’s best hitter down the stretch. I don’t understand how that’s even possible.

      • Kevin H

        @J maybe he slept in on those days off. LOL

    • Votto4life

      Barerro and Stephenson hitting home runs in the 2023 World Series? Who did the Dodgers give up for them?

    • VaRedsFan

      Pete Rose might have gotten 5000 hits if only he’d been rested 15 games a year.

      • J

        That wouldn’t have been quite enough rest. To play their best, guys need 15 games off plus another 15 at DH. That’s a scientific fact.

      • Woodrow

        And Ashcraft pulled after 89 pitches with a shutout! Nolan Ryan would have finished, plunked two guys in the ninth to up degree of difficulty, and thrown a bullpen today after getting in a bar fight post game!

        Kids today.

      • Votto4life

        Pete Rose would have gotten 6,000 hits had he been player/manager a few more years. Nothing like writing your own name on the line up card.

      • Melvin

        J – “That’s a scientific fact”


  11. Doug Gray

    Game is expected to start around 2:25pm

  12. Jonathan

    I would not have thought that at this point the Reds offense would have been top 10 in the NL and the pitchers would lead the NL in SO. Pretty good progress.

    • LDS

      Yesterday’s victory distorts that a bunch. Obviously, 13 runs adds nearly a run/game to their offensive average. Let’s see if they can do it again soon. And with Bell’s lineup today, it seems unlikely, unless Nola has a bad day and the Phils are much worse than expected.

      • Votto4life

        Sure, but you can’t just discount yesterday’s game either. All teams have their share of blow outs.

  13. CI3J

    Boom, just like that, the Reds are in a hole.

  14. CI3J

    And just like that, Newman shows that he’s not as good of a defender as Barrero.

    Boy, this game is off to a great start.

  15. Melvin

    Why is it that lately it seems when our pitchers DON’T walk the leadoff guy that guy instead gets a homer? 🙂

  16. CI3J

    And just like that, Cessa walks the next batter.

  17. CI3J

    Holy guacamole, Cessa walks two batters in a row.

    Bases loaded, zero outs.

    This could get ugly really fast.

  18. JB

    Looks like the Phillies might get 13 today.

  19. Bet on Red

    THis looks like a payback from yesterday

  20. CI3J


    Well, at this point, just let Cessa keep going and save your bullpen arms. Let Cessa throw about 80 pitches.

    What a disaster.

    • Doc

      Doesn’t appear that will save the bullpen. They might still need to go 7 or 8. But at least it shouldn’t be an equivocal decision on Cessa.

  21. Doc

    The time appears to be getting closer to visiting the monastery and bringing home the abbott!

    • Melvin

      Haha Well he’ll be pitching somewhere anyway.

  22. Steve

    Green, lodolo, Ashcraft, and pray for rain!

  23. J

    At least some of the starters are getting the day off. Gotta give Bell credit for that.

  24. CI3J


    So much for the Reds’ run differential that creeped into positive territory after yesterday.

  25. Mark Moore

    I just pulled a 1 out 1st inning Clete. Thinking it’s time to start my drive a little ahead of plan. Cessa doesn’t have it today.

  26. Old-school

    Bell is brilliant

    Now we know why relief pitchers Vosler and Newman started today in the field

  27. Jon

    Too bad the Reds used Herget Friday. What’s today’s long reliever plan?

    • Melvin

      Maybe we can use that third catcher in relief. Catchers generally have pretty good arms. Have to find some use for him. 🙂

  28. Joe P.

    The one time we needed a rain out and we didn’t get it.

    • Melvin

      Who told the grounds crew to put that tarp on the field? Should have left it off and let the field get drenched. 🙂

  29. CI3J

    That’s twice now Newman has been too slow to get the out that Barrero would have gotten.

    • Old-school

      And out of position.

      Why didnt he adjust?

      Carbon copy of first infield hit.

      • VaRedsFan

        Turner pulls the ball on the ground and has super speed…that’s he was playing there. Nobody gets turner on the 2nd one

    • Melvin

      Come on now. This is the 15th game. Barrero is exhausted.

  30. Old-school

    Let the bullpen sorting commence.

    Herget and cruz

    Chase Anderson is now in the queue for next start

  31. J

    These are the kinds of performances I think of whenever I hear that a promising minor league pitcher “isn’t ready” for the majors. What does that phrase even mean? Cessa is supposedly “ready,” and this is what we get?

  32. MBS

    The Phillies seem to be upset about last night. Now where is that rain? We need this game erased

  33. CI3J

    Cessa’s line from that inning:

    1.0 IP, 8 H, 9 R, 9 ER, 2 BB, 0 K, 1 HR, 81.00 ERA

    • J

      But the HR was only a solo shot, so give him credit for not allowing the pre-leadoff hitter to reach.

  34. Joe P.

    16 earned runs in 10 innings for Cessa. Can’t give him another start in my opinion.

    • Jimbo44CN

      Nope, he’s toast. Bring the kids up . Can’t be any worse.

      • David

        You mean Chase Anderson? He’s 35. 😉

        Yeah, it’s all Ok. It’s still only the middle of April. When the Reds actually get their bullpen and rotation sorted out, then they might start to win with some consistency.
        I don’t know what’s up with Williamson (at AAA). He has pitched pretty lousy. Levi Stoudt is not much better.
        Lively, Anderson and Weaver all have close to the same numbers.

        Does Cessa go to the bullpen, or is he, frankly, now a ruined pitcher?

  35. LDS

    And somehow Bell thought leaving Cessa in was a good idea? I’m almost glad that I have to work on my taxes today. So much for the positive run differntial.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Yep! Gotta finish my IRS tax return as well! Fortunately, no state taxes here in Florida!

    • Kevin H

      Aren’t you the one who says why can’t he pitch the bullpen pitcher more than one inning? Guess what Bell has done that the last few games and perhaps his bullpen is short on arms today?

      I don’t care for bell, however all you do is negative, negative, negative

      • LDS

        I’m not negative. I’m positive Bell is a lousy manager. And letting a reliever go more than an inning isn’t the same as letting the starter pitch batting practice.

  36. Daytonnati

    Where is Alex Blandino when you need him?

  37. Redsfan4life

    Fake Tired arm IL coming for Cessa tomorrow. Just like Overton’s IL is fake.
    Just release these guy’s and bring up the next scrub.

    • JB

      Nah. Cessa will go back to the bullpen.

      • JB

        It’s just how the Reds think. Add some more gas to the fire.

  38. JB

    Way to nice of a day to sit inside and watch this catastrophe.

  39. Dennis Westrick

    Just got back from running some errands! Another outstanding start by Cessa I see! Can we throw in the white towel yet?

  40. Dennis Westrick

    To Do List for the Red’s FO tomorrow! DFA Overton and Cessa! Let’s try something/someone else! Ten (10) runs and 3 walks in 3 innings is beyond embarrassing!

  41. J

    I guess this is why it’s good to have Maile on the team. He won’t actually contribute to a victory, but he’ll allow the backup catcher to get an extra day of rest so that his .167 average won’t suffer from having to catch three times a week.

  42. J

    Games like this always remind me of how dumb baseball’s “unwritten rules” are. If you’re ahead by this many runs and try to bunt or steal a base, you’re breaking the rules and it’s understandable if the next pitch hits the batter. However, you’re allowed to take pitches and attempt to walk, you’re allowed to take an extra base on a ball hit to the wall or down the line, you’re allowed to run has hard as you can on a ground ball, you’re allowed try to score from second on a single, and you’re allowed to come home on a sac fly. You’re allowed to try to take certain bases in an effort to score runs, but other bases are a terrible insult to the opponent.

  43. Woodrow

    For those scoring at home (and really, watching the Reds today, everyone should have at least one hit), I went to Fangraphs to get a 2022 defensive read on Kevin Newman.

    He’s barely above average on the all-in DEF stat, #36 among shortstops over 200 innings played. Barrero was #33. Newman was a bit better overall but ranked lower at the easier position, 2B. (Note: Newman had a better zone rating at SS than Barrero. He converts more outs overall than on a rate basis.)

    My point down 11-1 in the 4th? Barrero needs to start / play 130-140 games this year. But he’s not the starting shortstop on the next good Reds team. Both statements can be true. I’m fine with Newman at short as long as Barrero hits somewhere and he’s not blocking McLain, Elly, Marte, or Arroyo.

    Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

    • Kevin H

      Jeff Brantly Said Newman is best ss on reds roster.

      • Melvin

        Well he’s smart but he’s not perfect I guess. 🙂

      • VaRedsFan

        So far, this year, this is true.

      • Woodrow

        2023 to date per Fangraphs. 19 shortstops with over 40 innings played in the NL. Barrero dead last defensively. Newman – #10.

      • Woodrow

        (So, Newman is – at best – average.)

      • Old-school

        Barrero just turned 25. Hes never played everyday in the big leagues and 10+ games in we are proclaiming absolutism and predicting the future?

        EDLC made 20 errors at SS last year. IS he ready to play SS defensively? No one can say that.
        Barry Larkin made 29 errors in his age 24 season. Anyone watch him on a West Coast road trip early in his career? He could not find first base without a road map and a compass.
        Derek Jeter had 22 errors his ROY season

        Is Hunter Greene finished developing in his 2nd season?
        How bout ashcraft and Lodolo at 25? Seen enough? Are they fixed static pitchers? Of course not. Let Barrero get 500 at bats and play a season. Who is he blocking exactly?

        His athleticism and tools are elite. Certainly better than Overton and Cessa and Backup catchers and Vosler and a rapidly aging Newman who is losing range and arm strength.

      • LDS

        Brantley is just spewing the company line. Shooting for Bell’s job down the line. As for Fangraphs? Yawn. That’s one of the things wrong with MLB, too many attach too much meaning to so little.

      • Melvin

        If Barrero still has fine tuning to do at SS it’s not helping him to play CF. If my memory serves me right the same thing kind of happened a couple of years ago. After playing CF then coming back to SS he started making errors. Just saying, it’s not easy.

  44. Kevin H

    Took a nap woke up saw the score. Cessa took one for the team there. Ouch!!

    Goes back to Overton not getting out-of 4th inning two games ago. Bullpen could be abit tired from being over worked? As Lodolo only completed 5 innings in his start prior to Overton

    • Melvin

      Now see what you get for taking a nap? 🙂

      • Kevin H


        I won’t let it happen again. LOL

  45. Erik the Red

    The Cessa and Overton experiments can be moved the scrap heap of history.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Yes, the lab has exploded and there are no survivors!

  46. Doc

    At least the young guys don’t give up. The come back has started.

  47. Kevin H

    Come back is on.

    Well let’s look for positive rest of the game. Oh, and thank you upper management for not getting any starting pitching other than the Greene, Ashcraft, Lodolo

    • Rob

      Mostly true. But weren’t Williamson and Anderson penciled in as saviors. The whole thing is a bit of a riddle. How many starting pitchers can you sign for the minimum? If we lose one of the big 3, this ship will take on water.

  48. Kevin H

    Is Myers okay? Or is Bell just substituting for giggles

    • Dennis Westrick

      Bell’s favorite Batman characters are The Joker & The Riddler!

      • Kevin H

        Excellent!! Gotta have a sense of humor and thank upper management for once again not providing pitching. As we said Cessa and Overton are not capable starting pitchers. Maybe bullpen, but not starting

  49. Kevin H

    What happend on the Fairchild error?

    • J

      Charged a hard hit single, misplayed it, ball bounced away from him, runner scored. Just a routine error.

      • Kevin H

        Thank you, following in gameday. Didn’t know

    • Doug Gray

      Kevin – you do not have to put anything into the “website” portion to submit a comment. That is only for use if people have a website that they want people to know they are from.

  50. HoF-13

    Just looked over the Louisville roster. Assuming Cessa is replaced in the rotation, who takes his place?

    On the 40 man:

    Not on 40 man:

    I really don’t see them bringing up Abbot

    Out of these choices (I may be forgetting someone), I’d probably go with Stoudt.

  51. GMan88

    Just opened the app and saw Cessa’s statline. Is this a franchise record for runs allowed in a start? I feel bad for anyone in attendance at this game who bought a ticket or made the effort to go. Miserable.

  52. Tomn

    Anyone know the latest about EDLC and CES?

    • David

      I think they are working out at Goodyear Arizona, and will be joining AAA Louisville around the 24th or 25th of April.

  53. JB

    Just came inside to see whats going on and Realmuto homers. I guess my 13 runs for Philly in the first inning was spot on. Back to the yard

  54. GPod

    yesterday on the Philly broadcast, they were talking about interviewing Bell & he said that this is the most enjoyable team he has ever managed and the most fun he has ever had, of any year as manager for the Reds….he’s having a good time & the rest of us have to suffer watching him manage…..hope he’s having a good time today

  55. Woodrow

    Barry Larkin made 29 errors in his age 24 season and was still one of the best at the position in 1988 by about any metric you want to use (including my untrained eye). I’m fine with Barrero at short this year and Newman running the Skyline stand in centerfield. But I’d like him getting used to the role he’ll best play on the next good Reds team – not the every day shortstop.

    (Derek Jeter was the best centerfielder to ever play 20 years at short in the majors!)

  56. Old-school

    Senzel with a nice back hand throw on the SS side of 2b

  57. Slicc50

    Wow…..rough line for Cessa today! What do our Reds do about this? Abbott kid maybe? Otherwise I fear we will see many like today

  58. Melvin

    If the rest of our prospects turn out as good as Steer we should be really good. 🙂

  59. Melvin

    So the Phils are challenging that call with a 13-3 lead?

    • Melvin

      I’m guessing he pulled a back muscle.

  60. Melvin

    Hey! We get to use our three catchers at the same time! 🙂

  61. Old-school

    Vosler get out of it with the 58 mph heater

  62. Melvin

    Casali looks lost at 3B. “Now what do I do next?” haha

    • Melvin

      He caught that last one. Wasn’t sure he would. lol

    • Melvin

      Turn your hat around and inside out. 🙂

  63. old-school

    Vosler K rate is over 35 % and Fairchild kryptonite is the K rate. Hes doing what he does…which is strike out over 30% again. Fairchild has to fix that.

    • Jim Walker

      I agree my guy SF would benefit from getting his K rate down.

      But on the other hand, why should he be denied more chances when has the OBP (.336 in 2022) and OPS (.800 in 2022) he does despite the K (30.9) rate?

      Is his 2022 OPS+ of 116 worth less than someone else’s OPS+ of `116 who strikes out less?

      • old-school

        He is clearly a major league outfielder. Sometimes you just have to grind it out and survive. Fairchild and Senzel were pitted against each other a month ago. Now, Benson is in AAA after failing and struck out 4 times yesterday in AAA. First base and DH are a mess with Votto and Vosler situations and now a potential opening at 3b with Steer leaving with a knee injury. Why you need depth and why players just have to grind it out and stay confident and ready. Never know when your name gets called.

  64. Melvin

    Man. It looks to only be a few hundred people there left.

  65. Dennis Westrick

    I know they keep a ton of statistics in baseball. Wondering how many games the Reds have lost on Sundays during Bell’s tenure. Seems like every time we have to win a series on Sunday we lose!

    • Melvin

      Well it’s not like he plays his best lineup on Sundays. haha

  66. old-school

    I missed the Steer thing. Can someone chime in?

      • Kevin H

        6-9 through first 15 games. With the questions the team has in regards to pitching. I will take it.

      • Melvin

        Old – school – they just said on post game it was a knee. He did walk off on his own.

  67. Dennis Westrick

    Mercifully, it’s over! Now we entertain the hottest/best team in baseball, the Tampa Bay Rays!

    • Melvin

      Who knows? Baseball is crazy. We might sweep them. 🙂

  68. Nicole Cushing

    Reds kick a meaningless field goal in garbage time to cover the spread!

    So would it be totally out of line for the game wrap-up headline to read “Cessna Crashes”?