The Cincinnati Reds have called up right-handed pitcher Casey Legumina from Triple-A Louisville. He’s taking the place on the roster of right-handed starter Connor Overton. He was placed on the 15-day injured list with a right elbow strain. Luke Weaver, who was throwing on the same day as Overton while on rehab the last two times out, will take over the rotation spot left open by Overton’s injured list move. Weaver has not yet been activated from the injured list.

Casey Legumina joined the Reds organization this winter. He was the other side of the trade that sent shortstop Kyle Farmer to the Minnesota Twins following the 2022 season. Legumina has both started and relieved in the minor leagues, but he really took a step forward last season once he moved full time into the bullpen. His ERA was 5.37 on August 7th after his last start of the season. He moved to the bullpen on August 11th and after giving up four runs in his first three relief outings that covered 5.0 innings, he gave up just one run in his final 12 games (0.71 ERA) while striking out 20 batters in 12.2 innings.

The Reds sent Casey Legumina to join Triple-A Louisville’s bullpen to begin the year. The 25-year-old right-handed pitcher has thrown 5.2 innings over four outings, given up six hits, walked no one, struck out five batters, and given up just one run. That’s an ERA of 1.59 and his WHIP is 1.06.

Prior to the game the media met with Legumina. Here’s what he had to say about making the transition to the bullpen:

Casey Legumina Scouting Report

This season has seen Casey Legumina average 95 MPH on his fastball. He’s also throwing a change up at 87.2 MPH and a slider at 81.9 MPH. Legumina mixes the pitches well, throwing the fastball 49% of the time with the slider at 34%, and the change up at 17%. He’s thrown a curveball in the past but he has not thrown it this season so far while in relief with Louisville.

His fastball has been up to 96.6 this year and his spin rate is well above-average on it, coming in at 2447 RPM.  High spin rates also come with his slider, which is averaging 2734 RPM so far this season.

Historically he’s thrown plenty of strikes and he’s kept the ball in the ballpark at a good rate. His ground ball and fly ball rate has been a bit all over the place depending on the season and destination he’s been at. This season he’s gotten tons of grounders, but the sample size makes that data rather useless at this point.

You can see Casey Legumina’s career stats here.

18 Responses

  1. Tom Mitsoff

    The open auditions for bullpen pitchers who can get people out consistently are now underway.

  2. CI3J

    He seems to have the stuff to be successful. Let’s see if he can get MLB hitters out.

    Having another reliable bullpen arm would be huge.

    • Steve

      Having just one who’s consistent would be nice.

  3. MBS

    That’s good, we need a fresh arm up here. When Overton’s spot comes up maybe Farmer will be the next to go down, or to the IL with “elbow strain”.

    • Old-school

      If I am reading correct Farmer has a guaranteed 1.7 mil contract and no options , Gibault and Law dont have options.

      Its Herget, Cruz or Legumina who draws the short straw wednesday unless the IL comes up.

      See who pitches filler innings mon and Tuesday. Ill bet Legumina gets some regular work next few days

      • MBS

        Looks like you’re right about the options, but the IL is also a scenario that can get fudged a bit. Frankly it would explain things with Farmer if he is experiencing some IL issues. He’s no stud, but he was much better in 22.

        SanMartin also has options left, but I doubt they use them at this point of the year on him.

      • CI3J

        It will be Herget. He’s really just a placeholder.

      • JB

        Why would you send Herget down with 1.59 ERA? The object is to get guys out. It won’t be Herget.

      • RedsKoolAidDrinker

        Oh you mean Buck, not Kyle lol.

      • David

        Yeah, Buck-o has not exactly been smokin’ hitters with his speedball.

        Buck Farmer may be the Hunter Strickland of 2023.

        Legumina lengthens the bullpen for a few days. I would guess that either Herget gets the ball next Wednesday, or they call up Weaver and do some other roster witchcraft.

        Weaver, Anderson , as and Lively all have about the same numbers right now, as starters.
        Would the Reds move Andrew Abbott to AAA ball soon?
        Alan Busenitz has a good ERA (well, 0.00), but has about the same of number of walks as strikeouts. Something tells me he is leading a charmed life right now.
        Ryan Nutof, the Riverbats ‘closer’ has also been pitching well, but he is 27. Maybe a late bloomer?

  4. LDS

    I think I have more confidence in Cruz than Law or Herget. I think he just went a bit long last night. I’ll try to give Weaver the benefit of the doubt, but he really isn’t the most inspirational acquisition I’ve seen. He’s 29, has a 4.79 career ERA, and a 1.4 WHIP. Last year’s numbers were far worse. He’s had one really good season, 2019. Maybe he bounces back, but I’m not placing bets on that.

    • David

      Williamson has been more than disappointing at AAA. Well, lousy is another word to use. Stoudt has not been that great. The advantage of bringing them up is that, well, being young, you would expect them to get better. Well, you would expect that.

      Abbot is throwing smoke in AA, so maybe he gets promoted (soon) to AAA and if he stays hot, maybe he gets a call up in…July? The Reds move glacially.

      • LDS

        If Abbott stays anywhere near his current performance, then Louisville soon. Williamson leaves the nagging impression that he’s a bust. I hope not but he really needs to turn it around soon. His SO/BB ratio has gone to the dogs in the last couple of years. So has his WHIP. I’m not sure he doesn’t need a visit to Chattanooga to “find himself”.

  5. Redsfan4life

    I thought Overton would be DFAd today for a fresh bullpen arm.
    They went with the Fake injury instead.

    • Kevin H

      Do you have inside knowledge or proof. Pretty bold to suggest a team is “faking injuries”

      • SteveAreno

        He is accusing the team of fraud which is a very strong charge.