After an exciting 9th-inning comeback Sunday afternoon against the Phillies to avoid a sweep and pull even at 4-4, the Reds continue their week-long road trip with NL East teams as they get ready to start a three game series with the Atlanta Braves.

When and Where:

  • Game Time: 7:20 pm ET
  • Where: Truist Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: partly sunny, 61 degrees, 0% chance of rain


Cincinnati Reds

Atlanta Braves

2B Jonathan India RF Ronald Acuña Jr.
CF TJ Friedl 1B Matt Olson
RF Jake Fraley 3B Austin Riley
C Tyler Stephenson C Sean Murphy
DH Wil Myers 2B Ozzie Albies
1B Jason Vosler DH Eddie Rosario
3B Spencer Steer SS Orlando Arcia
LF Will Benson LF Kevin Pillar
SS Jose Barrero CF Eli White

Starting Pitchers

Graham Ashcraft 105.0 4.89 4.02 4.21 4.09 1.42 15.3% 6.5%
Bryce Elder 54.0 3.17 4.25 3.78 4.16 1.24 20.7% 10.1%

**Stats are from 2022 season.

Graham Ashcraft

Ashcraft couldn’t have started the season much better than his start last Sunday against the Pirates. He pitched seven innings of one-run baseball, while giving up only four hits. He struck out six batters and walked only one.

It’s only one start, but there were promising signs that Ashcraft will improve his strikeout rate in 2023. He still pitches to contact, with his GB% being near 50% for his first start, but against the Pirates, his K% was 23.1%. Yes, it is an incredibly small sample size, but his career strikeout rate is 15.7%, so even increasing that slightly will make him a better pitcher overall.

Bryce Elder

Elder, a fifth round draft pick by the Braves in the 202o draft, made his MLB debut last year after pitching 105 innings at Triple-A Gwinnett. He bounced back and forth between Triple-A and the big leagues, but pitched a total of 54 innings for Atlanta. In the month of September, He allowed only five runs in 25.2 innings. Four of those five runs came in his last start of the season against Miami. 2023 has started well for Elder. In his first start of the season, he allowed just two hits and no runs while walking three and striking out six in six innings against St. Louis.

The 23-year-old right-hander has four pitches in his arsenal, but relies heavily on his fastball and slider. He is not a high-velocity pitcher, with his fastball topping out at 91.5 last season and 90.4 mph through one start this season. His slider is almost as fast as his fastball at 89-90 mph.

News and Notes

Will Benson earned MLB’s Play of the Week for his leaping catch against the Cubs.

245 Responses

  1. Dennis Westrick

    Glad to see Barrero in the starting lineup tonight! Let’s Go Reds!

    • Jim t

      I’ll be glad if he has a good game.

    • Melvin

      Yeah. He’s been doing a lot better than his average would indicate.

  2. Mark Moore

    Somehow thought the start time was 7:40. Tuned in to see Friedl on base and TySteve get rung up.

  3. Mark Moore

    Bad luck for India. Thinking he was rushing that. No idea if he had a chance had he fielded it cleanly.

    • VaRedsFan

      Maybe…I’m guessing no.
      He probably should have tried the barehand.
      BPhillips might have got him

    • wkuchad

      I don’t think he had a chance. Not faulting India for that play.

  4. VaRedsFan

    Usually MLB Extra Innings package carries the home team feed. Not so far this year. I get the Reds announcers on the road games.

    Cowboy in the TV booth tonight.

  5. Mark Moore

    Nice recovery by Ashcraft. That last one that got fouled off had some major R to L movement.

  6. old-school

    4-6-3 dbp. Barrero absolute cannon. Guy throws harder than Overton.

    • wkuchad

      Maybe they should also try Barrero in the bullpen.

      Kidding of course. ?

  7. VaRedsFan

    Myers stands so far away from the plate. Which is fine if you dive toward the plate.
    He either strides neutral or a little in the buckett. I would pitch him down and away all day.

  8. old-school

    Steer rips an oppo double after Myers and Vosler overwhelmed.

    Vosler avg/obp and K rate trending really bad.Those extra base hits better keep coming

  9. Mark Moore

    What in the heck was that call on Benson? Did I blink and he half-swung at it? I mean it was further inside than the ball on the last pitch!

    C’mon, man! Be better than that! No wonder guys like me are calling for the Robo-Zone.

    • Matt Eggemeier

      I just said the same exact thing

  10. Mark Moore

    Getting squeezed AND nibbling … that’s a good strategy to follow

  11. Mark Moore

    That’s the way to start it Jose

    • Michael

      He tried to pull that pitch when he needs to go oppo field. Got lucky. Sometimes better to be lucky than good.

  12. Mark Moore

    Who is tonight’s HP Chumpire with that terribly flexible zone anyway?

  13. AMDG

    Barrero currently hitting a higher average than Newman.

    I expect that means Barrero will be benched tomorrow, or relegated to CF so the inferior defender can play shortstop…

    • Melvin

      Barrero wouldn’t be playing CF at all most likely if it not for David Bell’s thinking on lefty/righty matchups. It is possible to let one of his LH outfielders try hitting with a lefty on the mound. Just a thought.

  14. Mark Moore

    Got to swing at that because the inept Chumpire keeps calling it a strike anyway.

  15. docproc

    Tonight’s home plate ump is crazy erratic. A couple of wacky calls on Benson and Stephenson (among others).

    • Mark Moore

      It’s pretty much systemic at this point. They are supposed to review and improve, but we never see any improvement from guys like this. It’s arrogance in my book. And it detracts from the integrity of the game, especially when pitchers hold a distinct advantage now anyway.

  16. Bdh

    I’m not one to complain about the umpires often but this guy behind the plate has already taken walks away from both Benson + Friedl and his calls swayed that entire Stephenson at bat as well. Only the 3rd inning. You have to be better than that

  17. Reddawg2012

    I think I’m ready to see Spencer Steer hit ahead of Wil Myers.

    • Mark Moore

      Oh yeah … but the money always bats higher on this team.

  18. old-school

    I m not willing to make any projections on Barrero hitting, other than to say he is giving more competitive at bats than last year. I am willing to say i cant see how anyone says newman is better defensively right now or next year or the next year. Barrero looks phenomenal at SS. I also challenge anyone to say newman is an offensive difference maker.

    • Mark Moore

      My eye test says he’s looking better at the plate so far.

    • old-school

      Uh-oh…narrative not going well for some. Barrero 2-2 against a good pitcher who Steer hit well too but nothing else from the reds after 5.

  19. Jim t

    This umpire is terrible. Steer was called out a pitch no where near the zone

  20. docproc

    Horrible strike 3 call on Steer, too.

  21. JB

    Steer was a little stunned there on call 3rd strike. Just swing at anything boys. Going to be a fast night

  22. Mark Moore

    A 2-hit night for Barrero on some nice hustle.

  23. Kevin H

    Barrero 2-2, Maybe he is starting to figure out MLB pitching. One can hope. Looking at his stats, I noticed he has only struck out 3 times this season. a definite improvement

    • Harry Stoner

      Things are going to get complicated in Redsland if Barrero does indeed start hitting.

      It’s a problem I’d love to see…..

      • Jim t

        On the contrary. If he secures the position it helps this team immensely.

      • Kevin H

        I tend to agree, and we know if Cruz hits and fields well he will be up here in May, well I assume as we dont know lol..

        Cruz has said he wants to play ss so it will be interesting indeed.

  24. Melvin

    Another hit for Barrero. Both hit hard. (thumbs up).

  25. Jim t

    2-2 for Jose B so far tonight. Hope this gets him started. Him securing the SS position opens up so many possibilities for this team.

    • Michael

      I hope so but not optimistic. Those were not hard hit balls tonight. The 2nd hit was better. Idk what to think about fans getting giddy about 2 ground balls.

  26. Votto4life

    Hopefully, David Bell remembers Barrero’s two hits tonight when he makes out to
    Prow’s line-up.

  27. Votto4life

    Hopefully, David Bell remembers Barrero’s two hits tonight when he makes out to
    Prow’s line-up.

    • JB

      Bell has Barrero scheduled off tomorrow. It’s his turn to rest .

      • Melvin

        Don’t start cracking me up again. lol

    • Jim t

      Hopefully Barrera remembers his 2 hits and continues to use this approach and not go back to chasing balls off the plate

  28. Mark Moore

    Long, loud 3rd out … love it when that happens to them.

  29. Mark Moore

    This is one way to take the Chumpire’s variability out of the game.

    • JB

      Variability, I like it. 50,000 points for you.

  30. Mark Moore

    Good throw had more than a small chance to get Riley. I put that one on Benson’s throw.

  31. JB

    Riley was out if Benson threw it on line to Stephenson.

  32. Melvin

    Watching that last play, if Benson is the best arm we have out there I have a feeling our outfielders are not going to have too many assists this year. Say what you want about Aquino but you have to admit it was fun watching him throw runners out….at home plate…practically from the warning track.

    • VaRedsFan

      95% of MLB outfielders throw Riley out there.
      We got the 5%-er there.

    • Kevin H

      You bring up a valid point about Aquino, He played great defense. Used to be back in the 80’s and 90’s and maybe even 00’s that counted for something. Now it seems every position has to be a power position.

      • VaRedsFan

        Well…Aquino also hit better than Benson

      • Melvin

        Haha I miss AA. I hope he knocks the cover off the ball in Japan then comes back to the majors with some team and kills it.

  33. Mark Moore

    91 pitches from Ashcraft. Definitely a quality outing. Hope we can string a couple together and at least tie it up for him.

  34. Melvin

    92 pitches after 6. I think we can live with that. Hopefully he goes out for the 7th.

    • JB

      He should. Elder is at 100. No reason Ashcraft can’t.

  35. old-school

    I mean if I didnt care who won…good pitchers duel against a WS contender.

    • Mark Moore

      Yeah, Kevin … it’s been like that all night. HP Chumpire is beyond erratic and variable not to mention very pitcher friendly.

  36. Kevin H

    Then a ball to Benson at top of zone that could of been a strike. This ump is not having a good night

  37. Dennis Westrick

    Looks like the Reds are going to waste another quality start by a member of the Big Three!

  38. Mark Moore

    Is Ashcraft going to walk the first batter because he thinks that’s what the bullpen would have done? Perhaps.

    • Mark Moore

      So Diaz wasn’t on a 1-batter leash, but Ashcraft is? I mean, I agree on Ashcraft after those last 5 pitches, but talk about consistency … DTBell just continues to puzzle me.

      • Dennis Westrick

        Not puzzling! Full on baffling! This team is doomed to another losing season as long as DT Bell is the field manager!

  39. Old-school

    Ashcraft pitched well.
    This isnt on bell.
    It’s the offense and the bullpen to win it. But, the Braves are really good, just like the Phillies were. Both teams have more talent across the 26 man. Reds need more offensive firepower and more bullpen firepower

    • Mark Moore

      Nope. Not on DTBell at all. Good move pulling him after that really bad first batter in the 7th (see my comment above). Way too close to risk in given how early in the season we are.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Agreed, Ashcraft pitched well, again! Lack of offense is NOT Bell’s fault but on the FO. I recognize that the Reds don’t have the firepower to match most of the other NL teams! That’s why it is important that the Reds focus on taking advantage of scoring opportunities when the game situations arise! Numerous times already this season Reds batters have failed to just put the ball in play to simply advance runners but instead make NO contact and strike out! Just frustrating to watch night after night! Love my Reds (for 60+ years) and just want them to win!

  40. Melvin

    That was a quick hook for one of our best pitchers. Hope it works. A BB on balls could indicate fatigue I guess. Will be interesting to hear what Ashcraft has to say about it.

    • VaRedsFan

      Velocity was down. Strong indicator

    • Mark Moore

      Almost no control is what I saw. I’m in favor of a quick hook there. And you know I’m not a member of the DTBell fan club.

      • Dennis Westrick

        George “Sparky” Andersen was very successful with a quick hook for SPs! He earned his nickname of Captain Hook! Granted, Sparky had MUCH better bullpens to work with!

  41. AMDG

    Why does rolling out Buck Farmer feel like the Reds are punting from deep in the opponent’s territory – giving up what they worked so hard to do so far…

  42. Bet on Red

    I think that the pitching is good in places but the batting is somewhat suspect

  43. Mark Moore

    Acuna, Juna … figures. He’s having a hot night tonight. Not sure why you yank Farmer, but let’s hope the lefty/lefty schtick works here.

  44. old-school

    Big outing here for San Martin. He needs to establish himself as an outgetter. Im skeptical but open minded. See what he does.

  45. LDS

    Checked in about the start of this inning. I think pulling Ashcraft made sense. Having not seen the game, my only thought is that Benson needs to sit a bit and let Fairchild start. Right now Senzel may be a better option than Benson as well.

  46. AMDG

    Well, Sanmartin still hasn’t given up a HIT to a left handed batter this year 😉

  47. Mark Moore

    Another mix of lousy calls and loss of focus. Glad he made the switch when he did.

  48. Melvin

    Four pitch walk. smh Now he HAS to pitch to two more batters until he gets an out with two outs.

  49. Mark Moore

    Even my wife is cursing DTBell by name right now for this choice in pitchers.

  50. Melvin

    Well, the first batter BB came around to score.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Always! Granted the BB was issued by Ashcraft! Seems to happen every time a Reds pitcher walks a leadoff hitter!

  51. JB

    Stephenson is no Tucker at blocking pitches.

  52. LT

    Let’s rally Reds. String some hits together right now

  53. Old-school

    The 3 catcher thing isn’t working. Stephenson should have blocked but Sanmartin all over the place. Adds up to a run. Reds need players to have an identity and they dont. Who is the catcher? Who is the SS? Who is the 1b? Who are the outfielders?

    • Kevin H


      Same as bullpen in my opinion. Who is long man, 8th guys and closer. Well Diaz is closer…. but…lol

    • LDS

      Seriously? Bell go old school? Not happening. It’s more likely that Barrero sits tomorrow after going 2-3 than he becomes the full time SS. Vosler has a high OPS right now but only 3 hits in his last 19 ABs. The Reds need to be thinking about an option there.

      • Old-school

        Hes in Toledo desperately postponing the start of his last year as long as he possibly can making $32 million afraid to begin the last lap around the track knowing how it will go.

      • LDS

        I was actually thinking better option rather than more popular. I’m not sure he’s bouncing back to even Vosler levels.

  54. Kevin H

    You all think Era is overrated stat? I mean bullpen allows inherited runners to score and it can Ballon a starting pitchers era.

  55. LT

    Hit a HR right here and all forgiven Stephenson.

      • LT

        A forgettable night for him. It seems when he DH, he hits better.

  56. J

    Stephenson hasn’t had a particularly stellar game. He seems to be not entirely tuned in.

  57. J

    I remember spring training when the Reds were stealing bases left and right. They ran all over the place, without hesitation. That seems like a long time ago, but I can still remember it.

  58. docproc

    In a tight game like this, it’s the little things. Lousy throw to the plate by Benson, ball in the dirt that isn’t blocked by Stephenson. Both led to runs that could have been prevented with sound defense.

    • VaRedsFan

      correct sir…the little thing always add up

  59. LT

    I’ve seen this movie many times. Reds for whatever reason have games where they collect decent # of hits but can’t string them.

  60. Mark Moore

    Hitch in Barrero’s step. Off his toe.

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. Go figure. Actually getting things done in the 8th for the moment. Chumpire not helping (again).

  61. Mark Moore

    Now none of those are strikes … SMH!!

  62. Mark Moore

    And that’s the game, folks. Chances of us coming back from 2 in the hole in the 9th is slim to none and Slim didn’t travel with the team.

    Night all.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Maybe slim is playing AAA ball?

      • Mark Moore

        Could be. It’s a Monday, so no games scheduled anywhere.

  63. VaRedsFan

    Good pitch. But the Barrero boot comes home to roost

  64. Dennis Westrick

    Well boys, looks like this one is over! That last run given up by Sanmartin hurt!

    • Daytonnati

      “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?” 🙂

      • Dennis Westrick

        Perfect! A quote from the late John Belushi in Animal House!

  65. old-school

    Fairchild over benson. Not even close.

  66. docproc

    Wil Myers finally took an outside pitch to right field. That’s all I was asking for in an earlier post.

  67. old-school

    Fairchild almost HR and collision at the wall by braves LF. Great AB but misses by inches.
    Fairchild is on the 26 man. Move on.

    @ JIm…take a bow.

  68. Bet on Red

    Tie Game!!!!! Hope a bunch of people didnt dip early

  69. LDS

    Will this earn Fairchild a start tomorrow?

  70. VaRedsFan

    I always wonder why fans bail in the 9th of a 2 run game

  71. Mark Moore

    Wait … WHAT??? I checked on the website to see us only down 1, flipped on the game to see Steer’s bloop RBI.

    I guess I’m back in 😀

    Which means that DP ball is on me.

  72. Old-school

    6-4-3 dbp Newman to kill the rally

  73. VaRedsFan

    Sadak spoke the blown save into existance

    • Mark Moore

      I was kind of Sadak was gone along with the whole Bally Sports going down the drain.

  74. LDS

    Newman! It’s like watching a Seinfeld rerun.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Assuming he does his job, you either have him pitch 2 innings to get a save or use a different reliever. I wouldn’t use Diaz until a save situation came up on the road.

  75. Mark Moore

    Can we hold ’em down in the 9th and then conjur a little more magic?

  76. J

    Is there a new rule that says you’re never allowed to attempt a steal or a hit-and-run? That might explain what the Reds have been doing.

    • Mark Moore

      Stealing is only by very special permission. Hit-and-run is so 70’s … C’mon, man!

      • J

        Sometimes I miss these rule changes. Thanks for the update.

      • Mark Moore

        I only know that one, J, because I’ve wondered about the same stuff. Especially the hit-and-run. With the shift banned, you’d think it would make a comeback.

  77. Melvin

    I was hoping a sac bunt by Newman there. Oh well. Would have at least given India a chance no matter what Berrero did.

    • J

      I was hoping for a hit-and-run. Newman generally makes contact and hits the ball on the ground a lot. Bell considers that play “too risky.”

    • Mark Moore

      You are assuming Newman can bunt, sir … that’s a dangerous assumption at best.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Sacrifice bunts are also so ’70’s! The art of bunting is truly a lost art for today’s players!

  78. Hanawi

    Give me regular at bats from the three Fs in the outfield for the next month regardless of which hand the opposing starter throws with.

  79. old-school

    This team is absolutely #interesting

    • Mark Moore

      May be the understatement of the day

  80. Mark Moore

    “Throw the next one at the Bull …”

  81. Mark Moore

    Took an extra strike but Acuna is down.

  82. old-school

    Reds giving Phillies and braves all they want. they are missing that it factor.

    Extra innings we go

    • Dennis Westrick

      It was a great, and scary, movie! The sentimental Reds fan in me is still hoping JV is the missing “it” factor!

    • Old-school

      Jon India..#IT

      Barrero speed scores go ahead run

  83. Dennis Westrick

    If the Reds make it to the 10th inning and they still have that stupid Ghost Runner rule to start the inning with a runner at 2nd base, why not bunt that runner to 3rd? Again that assumes the first batter has the ability to lay down a successful sacrifice bunt!

  84. J

    “Guy ahead of me walked on four pitches, so that means I’m swinging at the first pitch. What could go wrong?” Have baseball players ever watched any baseball games?

  85. Mark Moore

    I do believe were we in 2022, it would now be about 10:30 or later. 9 innings done in just about 2:40 really helps here.

  86. Soto

    The number one thing I see from this team is energy. I like that they seem to be competing, and having fun. I like their energy. I think the addition of some very talented youngsters will only build on that. Votto is the only ‘old timer’ that they need. He will provide good veteran leadership while fitting in well with the youthful energy of the youngsters. Compared to the utter misery of last year, I think this team is going to be fun to watch this year and just might surprise some people.

  87. Mark Moore

    Nice job by India to score Jose.

    Then a solid Sac Bunt from TJ (though he was trying for a hit).

  88. Melvin

    Barrero didn’t look like he had a bad hamstring there as he crossed the plate. lol

  89. VaRedsFan

    Beautiful peace of hitting by India

  90. Mark Moore

    TySteve’s hit streak ends as well

    • VaRedsFan

      He normally pokes that pitch to right…Pulled it to SS instead

      • Mark Moore

        Yeah … was wondering why he was pull happy.

  91. LT

    Moment of true. Can Diaz do 2-inning save?

  92. J

    “I’ll just groove one down the middle. What can go wrong?”

  93. Mark Moore

    Can he lay down the Law against these Bravos?

    Nope. One pitch and we’re done.

    Night all (this time I mean it)

  94. Old-school

    Derek Law cant pitch . Move on. Part of the bullpen problem and Red bullpen has a big problem. Need 3-4 new pitchers.

    • Melvin

      I think if Santi pitches one more clean inning he’ll be up.

  95. JB

    Like we expected the bullpen to do it again. You new it was going to happen!!!

  96. Luke J

    Is something wrong with Young?

    He’s been lights out this year, but hasn’t sniffed any of the high leverage innings the last several games.

    • VaRedsFan

      Pitches with the wrong hand vs. the 1st batter

    • J

      He’s a lefty. Bell believes this means he can only be used in situations where he needs to get a lefty out.

      • Melvin

        Lefty or not he may very well at least be the setup man we’re looking for. Maybe someone should remind Mr. Bell that out of Charleton, Dibble, and Myers two were lefties.

    • Ted Alfred

      Bell is saving him until we’re 30 games out…then he’ll be the closer?

  97. LT

    Better ‘pen and the Reds would be 6-3. Fun game nonetheless

  98. RiverCity Redleg

    Why does he keep using Law in high leverage situations?!!! He’s not good.

  99. Mark A Verticchio

    Bell just can’t seem to ever make a decision that is going to lead to a victory. This time he had other options, give Diaz another 2 inning chance or give young a chance very few thought Law could get the save there at least it was fast.

  100. VaRedsFan

    Law is the new Strickland who was the new Dolittle.
    Will Bell keep using him in high leverage like he did the others?

    • William

      This is what you get when you do not spend any on proven relievers, and you try to make do with players who could not make the cut with other teams. You can only get lucky so many times. Get use to it, I saw this coming before the first game. I hope the GM and owners learn their lesson and do this different next time.

  101. Soto

    The Cowboy just made the statement “that in today’s day and age, you live by the bullpen.” I couldn’t agree more. I’m so sick of the Reds bullpen blowing games. I know 20 years ago it would have been blasphemous, and many of you think I am crazy, but the game is different today. A dominant bullpen is more important than dominant starters that don’t go deep in games. I think the number one thing this team needs to do is make Hunter Greene their “get me to the 9th” late inning reliever. I just don’t see him as a very effective starter. He basically only has two quality pitches and not enough speed difference and movement on his fastball. Let him uncork it for 1 or 2 innings and get us to Diaz in the 9th with the lead. Three and 4 inning starts don’t lead to wins without serious bullpen help.

    • VaRedsFan

      Preaching to the choir man. I’ve been yelling for bullpen upgrades for 3 years. Just look at the Rays. Orioles last year…Every playoff team.
      These losses are demoralizing

  102. J

    I wonder if Bell ever notices how many of his strategic decisions don’t work. Does he think they’re usually working?

    • VaRedsFan

      Is that a rhetorical question. You watched what he did with Doolittle…Strickland ect right?

  103. Soto

    You put a healthy Simms, Greene, Diaz threesome at the backend of the pen, you just might have something. Get the energetic youth manufacturing some runs and this team can flirt with 500.

    • Doug Gray

      Is there another Greene in the organization that you must be talking about and not Hunter Greene, who is a young starting pitcher with an elite upside?

    • DW

      Really? You have to have the lead when you get there. If our starters weren’t doing a good job we wouldn’t even be talking about the bullpen imploding. Greene has potential to be an elite starter. He even has been in short stints. He hasn’t been great so far this year, but he hasn’t been terrible either. He is young and figuring things out.

  104. Soto

    J… Lol. I often wonder the same thing. The dude seems like a nice guy. He must run a good clubhouse, and the players obviously like him… But unfortunately the manager has to make in game decisions. Some dudes got and some don’t. It’s easy to second guess in-game decisions but I have watched a ridiculous amount of Reds games over the last 45 years and his decisions work out worse than any manager I can remember. Maybe Price was as bad but easily he is either the worst or second worst game manager for the Reds in the last 50 years.

  105. Soto

    DW, 20 years ago I would have agreed with you. Greene very well could turn out to be a great starter, but I just don’t see it. Starters need more than two pitches. Some guys are just better closers. The best example was Chapman. Everyone in the organization wanted him to be a dominant starter. He just wasn’t. But for a while he was the best closer in baseball. I hope I’m wrong. Just telling you what my eyes see. Starters need 3 quality pitches that they trust. Team that up with the fact that in the modern game, starters often only go 4 innings, I would rather see him every other game in key situations, than for 4 or five innings every 5 or six games.

  106. Soto

    I know Doug. My old ass feels crazy saying it, but I really think in today’s game he has more value as a setup man or closer. Now if he turns into an elite starter that can consistently go 7 deep and have elite stats I will admit I was wrong. But so far in his career his third time through the order stats don’t warrant him being a starter. Not with his elite fastball and slider.

    • Doug Gray

      You remove Greene from the rotation and you’re going to get Brandon Williamson’s 8 walks in 4 innings in his place.

      Greene is one of the youngest starters in the league. Maybe give him more than 25 starts in his career before deciding that he’s probably a reliever for a team that has three starting pitchers between Triple-A and the big leagues.

  107. Dennis Westrick

    For all you Bell supporters out there, this loss is squarely on Bell. Once again he had options and like the idiots in The Raiders of the Lost Ark movie, he DID NOT choose wisely! Hard to take when it keeps happening in a game where you needed a lousy 3 outs!

    • wkuchad

      I’m not a Bell supporter, but these ridiculous comments after single loss are humorous. Bell must be the first manager in MLB history responsible for every one of his team’s losses.

  108. Soto

    Doug, I’m sure the Reds are going to be very patient with Greene. Your point of view is definitely the accepted point of view and you may be right, but my views on starting pitching have drastically changed over the years. I would tell Greene to work on his changeup in non leverage spots while he helps us win in critical situations. I just view the bull pen to be the more valuable asset. starters that don’t go deep in games just aren’t that valuable. I believe there are better ways to make his talent more impactful. The idea is to win as many games as possible, not to develop starters that the Yankees or Dodgers will eventually sign.

  109. Soto

    Fair or not I have been critical of Bell for going on two years. Tonight had zero impact on my opinion of his decision making and in game managing style. Managers do not make individual plays but they are ultimately responsible for the decisions made in the game. Over his career I have seen no sign that he is very good at in game decision making, especially bullpen decisions. It may be as simple as bad luck but luck in baseball matters, ask Crash Davis. He just doesn’t seem to have the mojo. I never claimed he had an easy job. Bullpen decisions with a subpar bullpen are not easy, but he is nicely compensated.

  110. Mark A Verticchio

    I believe that sooner rather than later the Reds need to realize that Stephenson should either be the DH or first baseman, he is simply not a MLB ready catcher. The play last night was not a difficult one. He could be a very good first baseman. That means the Reds need to find a major league ready catcher. They could probably get one at the trade dead line this year for one of the their prospects and a little more.

    • Kevin H

      Tucker Barnhart was just fine for the reds. Just doesn’t hit to satisfy the analytical people in baseball.

      • Mario

        Tucker is not a young guy anymore. Neither is Casali.