After Philadelphia took their home opener on Friday, the Cincinnati Reds will look to get back in the win column on Saturday afternoon. The Phillies and Reds are both sending left-handed starters to the mound in a match up 25-year-olds. First pitch is scheduled for 4:05pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Cincinnati Reds

Philadelphia Phillies

Jonathan India – 2B Trea Turner – SS
Spencer Steer – 3B Kyle Schwarber – DH
Wil Myers – 1B J.T. Realmuto – C
Tyler Stephenson – DH Nick Castellanos – RF
Kevin Newman – SS Alec Bohm – 1B
TJ Friedl – LF Josh Harrison – LF
Stuart Fairchild – RF Edmundo Sosa – 3B
Jose Barrero – CF Bryson Stott – 2B
Curt Casali – C Cristian Pache – CF
Nick Lodolo – LHP Bailey Falter – LHP

Starting Pitchers

Bailey Falter 5.1 3.38 1.31 0 3
Nick Lodolo 5.0 3.60 1.80 2 9
Links: Nick Lodolo’s Stats | Bailey Falter’s Stats

Nick Lodolo

In his season debut last week, Nick Lodolo picked up the win against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The left-handed starter struck out nine Pirates and allowed just two runs while throwing 109 pitches. Lodolo faced the Phillies twice last year and it came in back-to-back starts in the middle of August. The first time out he dominated, throwing 7.0 shutout innings with eight strikeouts. The next time out Philadelphia touched him up for four runs in 5.1 innings.

Managers do their best to avoid sending lefties to the plate to face Nick Lodolo. The few that seem to be deemed good enough be in the lineup against him probably shouldn’t. Last season they managed to hit just .109 against him with one extra-base hit in 53 trips to the plate. Righties had far more success, hitting .252 with a solid walk rate and solid power against him.

2022 Splits

RHH 388 85 14 3 13 9.0% 28.4% .252 .351 .427
LHH 53 5 1 0 0 7.5% 39.6% .109 .226 .130

Pitch Usage (from 2022)

4-Seam 2-Seam Change Curve
Velo 94.5 94.2 88.4 81.6
Usage 36% 23% 11% 30%

Bailey Falter

The lefty is now in his third big league season. In 2021 he pitched out of the bullpen for Philadelphia and struggled, posting a 5.61 ERA. But in 2022 he moved into the rotation and things got better as he pitched to a 3.85 ERA with 17 walks and 74 strikeouts.

Left-handed batters didn’t hit for much average or get on base often against Falter in 2022. But when they did get hits, they hit for power. Right-handed hitters found far more success against him, posting an OPS of .818. Not shown in the splits below were the extreme home and road splits for Falter. Last year his ERA in Philadelphia was 5.49 (2.42 on the road) and batters had an .883 OPS against him (.695 on the road).

2022 Splits

RHH 275 69 13 2 13 15 56 .273 .324 .494
LHH 74 16 4 0 3 2 18 .229 .257 .414

Pitch Usage (in 2022)

4-Seam 2-Seam Curve Slider Change
Velo 91.6 91.2 76.7 83.8 83.3
Usage 56% 37% 16% 16% 5%

When and Where

  • Game time: 4:05pm ET
  • Where: Citizens Bank Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 52°, partly cloudy, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Tony Santillan looks good on rehab

Last night saw Tony Santillan make his second rehab appearance with the Triple-A Louisville Bats. He threw a shutout inning in his first appearance but his control was iffy. Yesterday things went much better as he picked up a strikeout in a perfect inning where he needed just 11 pitches. His fastball was 96-98 MPH on the night.

Graham Ashcraft’s start pushed back

Connor Overton and Graham Ashcraft will swap spots in the rotation starting tomorrow according to Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer. Overton moves up a day and will start against the Phillies tomorrow, while Ashcraft will take the mound on Monday and face Atlanta.

Cam Collier’s 2023 debut couldn’t have gone better

It was surprising to nearly everyone that Cam Collier, rated as high as #2 in the 2022 draft, was available when Cincinnati was on the clock at the 18th spot. The Reds selected him and paid him an overslot bonus. He only played nine games after the draft, hitting .370/.514/.670 with more walks than strikeouts. Last night he got back on the field as an 18-year-old in Single-A Daytona and things couldn’t have gone much better.

Collier drove in a run in his first at-bat. In his final at-bat he doubled in the game tying run in the 9th inning. He also walked three times, finishing 2-3 with three walks and three runs batted in. He wasn’t the only teenage prospect that showed off for Daytona last night, either. We’ve got some video and a bunch more words over at if you wanted to check that out and see the future.


Team W L GB Playoff Odds
Brewers 6 1 0.0 71.3%
Pirates 5 2 1.0 10.5%
Reds 3 3 2.5 1.7%
Cubs 3 3 2.5 13.5%
Cardinals 2 5 4.0 62.4%
Playoff Odds via Fangraphs

232 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    Got a good walk in early this morning (cold and a light drizzle), did my regular Saturday breakfast scramble, did errands and my weight routine at Planet Fitness, and I have some fresh guacamole (I made it) here with me. I’m ready for Lodolo to have a solid game and see us light up these SillyPhillies today.

    Bring it on!

    • Mike Adams

      Well, you were half right. lodolo has had a solid game but ‘see us light up these SillyPhillies’ was more like a dim bulb. But the Reds are ahead batting in the 7th

  2. GreatRedLegsFan

    Cannot expect everything to go right for the Reds this season, but a couple should in order to avoid another 100 losses season: Greene must be able to go deeper into the games and Myers must hit some HR’s. So far none of those.

  3. Dennis Westrick

    Too bad the 3rd round of The Masters golf tournament was suspended because of rain this afternoon! Given the Reds hitting prowess in their last game I was hoping to watch a sport where the athletes actually HIT the ball!

    • Mark Moore

      “Rain” being an understatement, Dennis. We’re due to see it keep on coming in Raleigh until about 4AM Sunday. It has at least slowed down a bit, but we’re close to 2.5 inches at this point (since it started on Friday).

    • Melvin

      Did you see that giant tree the fell near the spectators? Amazing no one was hurt.

      • Mark Moore

        My wife was telling me about that, Melvin. Scary to say the least.

    • Brian Rutherford

      At this point why do you even watch the team. You complain constantly and seemingly can’t find any redeeming value other than to give you an outlet for your unending sarcasm.

      I like Doug and the other writers on the site and would like to enjoy a game thread without all of the insults and constant complaining.

      I may be in the minority but I really wish you would give it a rest

      • Dennis Westrick

        Glad you recognize sarcasm! Avid Reds fan since 1961. Seen the good, the bad and the ugly for over 60 years! Just hoping for some runs and a win today! Hoping Lodolo goes 6+ today and the offense comes alive!

  4. Old-school

    Spencer Steer anyone? 2 iron out the front door

  5. Mark Moore

    7-game streak for TySteve. Would love to chase Falter early on this chilly day.

  6. Mark Moore

    Hello again, Newman! Nice AB and a sweet stroke.

  7. Mark Moore

    Well, that could have been a little more fun, but we’ll take a 1-0 start and running up the pitch count a bit.

    Let’s go, Lodolo!!

  8. old-school

    Steer 108.9 mph and 438 feet to dead cf.

    • Mark Moore

      Smacked the living k-r-a-p out of it!

  9. Kevin H

    Interesting comments from Hunter Greene, and in my opinion reading between the lines. He gets frustrated and loses his focus. Says he knows he needs to throw other pitches.. I do think he will be fine, however he has gotta cut down on walks.

    Lets see what lodolo can do!!

    • Mark Moore

      Interesting, Kevin. I know he’s still young but I thought we were seeing quite a bit of maturity from him in the latter part of last season. I know I was a bit critical of him yesterday. Maybe I was recalling the young wonder that was Doc Gooden when he came up so early or perhaps David Price. I tend to agree he’ll get there. Focus and less walks will play a huge part (and less reliance on the old #1 heater).

      • Kevin H

        It is frustrating and in my opinion he doesn’t trust his change up enough and starts nibbling as I think you said yesterday.

      • Mark Moore

        +500 and completely agree. The nibbling gets to me. It seems it rarely has positive outcomes and it definitely runs up pitch counts.

  10. Old-school

    Good first inning for Chris Sale.3 K’s

  11. Optimist

    If ESPN gamecast uses the Strikezone feed then it seems the ump cost Lodolo an extra 4-5 pitches. Still, 3 ks, but perhaps should have been 12-15 pitches.

    • Mark Moore

      Just another in a litany of examples why it’s time for the robo-zone and way more consistency.

  12. Mark Moore

    Not a bad 1st inning by Lodolo. Definitely had them guessing.

  13. Mark Moore

    Held up on a breaking ball and got some good wood on it … I’ll take that as improvement from Barrero.

  14. old-school

    Fairchild and barrero really good at bats. Barrero deserved a better result.

    • Mark Moore

      Same thought. Harrison played both of them well. WLW booth commented on that.

    • Mark Moore

      I’m sitting in my living room alone and I said “gift strike” out loud … 😀

  15. Mark Moore

    Weak ground out after what should have been a walk. But at least our K-rate appears to be down. That’s way more encouraging.

  16. JB

    India screwed. I hate that “only thing close is a strike” on 3-0 counts. Just totally screws the hitter .

  17. Mark Moore

    Got that gift back on Bohm it would appear

  18. old-school

    Lodolo leads the league in striking out guys who swing at pitches that hit them.

    • Noyes

      The rarely-seen back knee slider, lol

    • Mark Moore

      Weird one-off stat, but I’ll take it 😀

  19. Mark Moore

    Harrison screwed himself into the ground on that one. I’m betting Gameday didn’t show that.

    • Mark Moore

      It’s his Spring Training is how the WLW booth is putting it. I’d tend to agree.

  20. Mark Moore

    Gave Falter an easier inning there. Can’t do that again, even if we’re not scoring a ton. We want to get into their bullpen early today and press them for tomorrow.

  21. Mark Moore

    Nope, nope, nopity-nope-NOPE!

    Need a DP here.

    • Mark Moore

      Or at least make Turner look that bad on a swinging strikeout

  22. Mark Moore

    Looked like Casali closed his mitt too early.

  23. Mark Moore

    Looks like he’s out, but it’s still 1-1.

  24. DHud

    Unacceptable. Winning teams do not make that error.

    You want to be a winning team tomorrow, make that unacceptable today.

  25. JB

    With the shift on that’s the only play Steer had. I think it’s taking so long because they are looking at the runner and if he crossed the plate.

  26. Dennis Westrick

    Schwarber is another “Reds killer”! Wished the Reds could have acquired him back when he was playing for the Cubs! I believe he is an Ohio native as well.

    • VaRedsFan

      They had him, except he spelled his name Suarez back then.
      Bat around .200 and hit maybe 1 HR per week.
      No thank you.

    • old-school

      I want reds killer and Gold Glover Ian Happ who is a FA after this year.

      • Mark Moore

        Agreed on that point. Would be a nice addition.

      • Dennis Westrick

        With you 100% on that acquisition~

  27. Mark Moore

    Oh you’ve got to love that outcome. Explains why it took so long to review. “Out” was easy. The timing of the runner headed home was more complicated to figure out.

  28. Kevin H

    Here I thought gameday was stuck lol Thanks for explanation guys and gals

  29. JB

    Struck Realmuto on that same pitch and location.

  30. Mark Moore

    The inside of the zone to the RH hitters must be blurry … seems to be more than a little variation batter to batter (maybe pitch to pitch).

    • Mark Moore

      Nope. The guy lagged it down the line and the tag came before he stepped on the plate. That’s the part that took so long to review.

  31. Mark Moore

    Lodolo looking pretty good today. Enough movement on the pitches to keep them off balance. Recovered from the bad “flip” nearly over Myers’ head and got some help from replay.

  32. Kevin H

    Anyone else think Barrero is due to break out. Brantley was saying this past week he is hitting the ball well, just not fallin in.

    • Mark Moore

      He’s looking more selective at the plate. He did flail at a fastball above the zone, but that will happen with any hitter. I’d tend to agree with the Cowboy.

  33. JB

    Greene, Lodolo and Ashcraft are going to be fun to watch. Sit back and enjoy them growing up right before our eyes.

  34. Mark Moore

    Nice DP with Newman covering on a 5-6-3! Lodolo has to love that action.

    • Mark Moore

      Looks way better after that double

  35. Old-school

    Steer makes up. Nice turn by Newman at 2b for the 5-6-3 DP.

    Offense needs to get going. Looking at you Will Myers.

  36. old-school

    Lodolo is answering the Bell.

    Striking out some really good hitters over and over.

  37. Mark Moore

    Good choice to walk Turner and watch Schwarber whiff. Solid performance from Lodolo and he should be in good shape to go the full 6.

  38. Mark Moore

    Back foot slider for the whiff again!

    Thing of beauty, Kevin H!

  39. Mark Moore

    11 K’s through 6 and he’s still looking fresh. I really hope he gets his shot at the 7th. I also really hope we touch them up for a few runs in our half.

  40. Mark Moore

    Really nice looking bunt by TJ.

  41. Hanawi

    Feels like averaging 10 Ks per start is a good thing, but that might just be me.

    • JB

      If only Friedl could run like Billy and know how many outs there are. SMH

    • Mark Moore

      On Realmulto? Probably. We’ll never know if TJ could have made it there.

    • JB

      Yeah I don’t understand it. They were stealing left and right in ST and have a lot of base stealers. The aggressiveness has gone away.

  42. Mark Moore

    Borderline Little League DP there. I say “borderline” because TJ was heads down on the run and probably didn’t have any chance to course correct back to 1st anyway.

  43. Jim t

    Senzel with 3 hits for Louisville today.

    • JB

      Fraley made up for it with a great catch

  44. Mark Moore

    Nice snag by Jake. Lodolo needs this batter.

  45. JB

    Dang. Bullpen grass looks better than my yard.

    • Mark Moore


      Aside from a few patches of Zoysia where I laid sod, pretty much anything looks better than my yard.

  46. Jim t

    Nice outing by Lodolo. Hope th bull pen can get him a win.

  47. Mark Moore

    Way to go Nick! Strong outing and the full 7 innings. The breaking stuff was FILTHY at times and it showed.

  48. MBS

    That’s how a #1 pitches, Great outing 12K’s!

    • Mark Moore

      In complete agreement. I’d say he’s a bit ahead of Greene at this point. Hoping they both can really develop this season.

      • MBS

        Yes, It wasn’t a knock on Greene, but excitement for Lodolo. I still see Greene as a stud, just needs to trust his stuff more.

    • Mark Moore

      Maybe. Guy seems a little slow to the plate.

  49. Mark Moore

    Diaz warming up for a 2-inning save attempt?

    • Jim t

      @Mark I kind of like Bells approach to closing games. If the heart of the order is coming up I’m the 8th why not use your best reliever then.

  50. Jim t

    Looks like Diaz will be pitching the 8th facing top of Phils order

  51. Mark Moore

    I could hear the late Harry Carey saying, “Popped him up!” somewhere in the back of my mind. Missed opportunity (so far).

  52. Jim t

    Myers has got to deliver a RBI in that spot.

    • VaRedsFan

      He is struggling mightily out of the gate.

      • VaRedsFan

        He should not hit in front of Ty

      • JB

        I would sit him a couple of days to clear his head. I think he’s pressing.

  53. LDS

    I see Lodolo threw a great game. I wish Bell would knock off the musical chairs approach to lineup swaps. Absolutely no reason to pull Fairchild, Barrero, or even Casali. As the old saying goes, dance with who brought you.

    • Jim t

      Isn’t the whole team who he brought?

    • Randy in Chatt

      The Casali move was a good one. Get a man on base with some speed and possibly get a tack-on. Didn’t work, but a good move nonetheless.

    • LDS

      Yes, it has been a good game. But, it’s also a 1-0 game in the 8th inning. Bell has now used all the position players. It demonstrates a lack of situational awareness. And I’ll be surprised if Diaz pitches the 9th.

      • Jim t

        Get ready to be surprised. Monoid warming up.

      • Jim t

        Absolutely nothing wrong with how Bell managed this game.

      • LDS

        Never confuse luck with good management. Just because a decision works out doesn’t make it the right call.

      • Hanawi

        Agree. It’s a lot of tinkering just to do something.

  54. Old-school

    Wil myers sighting?


    Anyone seen this guy?

    Everyone rips castellini for not spending money

    3 highest paid players cant play baseball

    Votto cant hit AAA
    myers is a no-show
    senior citizen griffey Retired a decade ago

    • JB

      It’s early and he will come out of it but I wasn’t big on signing him. I would have went with the guys they have. Used the money on a relief pitcher.

  55. Jim t

    Does Bell bring back Diaz for the 9th? He hasn’t pitched in 5 days and his pitch count is 14

    • VaRedsFan

      for sure….unless they score a bunch

  56. DW

    Alexis Diaz = Elite

    Hope that doesn’t jinx him for the 9th

  57. Old-school

    Pitching dominant

    Win the game

    Diaz needs to go 2

  58. Mark Moore

    Let Diaz go sit by the pot-bellied stove and keep warm so he can at least start the 9th. Great job in a super high-leverage inning! Phil’s big guns are really pressing today.

  59. Mark Moore

    Another nice job by TJ. We REALLY need to score here.

  60. JB

    Freidl should never sit in my opinion. Energy , high energy.

  61. Mark Moore

    Even a little insurance feels good right about now. Nice execution by Vosler and Fraley.

  62. Roger Garrett

    Bell got out managed again by taking down Fairchild and Barrero in the 7th.Couldn’t do anything in the 8th and the 9th is lefty on lefty.Bell is just clueless and when I say out managed the other guy just watches him and has to laugh.

  63. VaRedsFan

    2 great ABs by JV and Rake to get the run in.

    • Slicc50

      HUGE, we need more of this. Farley with the sac fly against a lefty too!

  64. Mark Moore

    Phillies Phans appreciative of Maile’s acting attempt.

    Make ’em shut up, Luke.

  65. Old-school

    Good baseball game folks

    Get 3 outs and Reds have had a great first week

  66. Kevin H

    Reds in a battle. Great pitching duel and a few whining about Bell’s moves. If they worked would they given him credit?

    • Hanawi

      Whether a move works or not, doesn’t mean it is the right play bc you don’t know how it would have turned out otherwise. For all the talk about Bell being into analytics, the biggest thing I’ve seen is just good ol’ lefty-right swaps, just overdone. He overmanages pretty regularly.

      • Kevin H

        Not really as he knows his players and how they hit right or left handed pitching.

        I do agree at times He over manages his pitching staff yes. Again he knows his players and how they are feeling etc. Stuff we as fans don’t know

      • Hanawi

        Guess we’ll see if it comes back to bite him if they get to extra innings like it has in the past. Never really seems to learn that lesson

  67. Jim t

    Where are all the would be managers? Does Bell pull him here?

    • Slicc50

      Nope…. If the Phil’s are to win, make them beat your best!

  68. JB

    I thought Newman could play straight up the middle?

    • Mark Moore

      Rule states he has to be on his side of the bag with feet on the dirt at the time of the pitch. He’s probably clear by an inch or so.

    • J

      Should have been pulled when it was obvious he didn’t have any control. When you walk the lead off guy in a two run game, that’s a red flag.

      • Jim t

        Lol!! So when he walked the lead off hitter in the ninth you would have pulled him?

      • LDS

        Absolutely JimT. Tying run at the plate. Diaz beyond his usual pitch count, etc. Bad pitcher usage period.

      • MrRed

        Hilarious, LDS. Let us all know when you get a call right ahead of time.

        You stick with your best players. Any other opinion is bellyaching for the sake of it. And spoiler alert, this team isn’t that good and that should have been understood from the outset. If this is how you feel now, wait till you witness the rest of this season.

      • LDS

        Bad management in any field is never hilarious. This is a typical Bell pattern with the usual result. Hey, but I see Strickland has a couple of scoreless innings in Louisville. Call him back up and really make Bell happy

    • Kevin H

      He had thrown 30 pitches and no one out. And they scored a run.I agree with it.

    • Hanawi

      I wouldn’t have thrown him the 2nd inning, but agree with pulling him now. Didn’t mind him going out in the 8th to face the top of the order.

      Believe the Reds are now out of position players for extra innings because of all of the needless shuffling Bell has done.

    • LDS

      Should have pulled after the first batter. Diaz has seldom if ever thrown that many pitches. This loss, if it comes, is purely on Bell.

      • Jim t

        You make me laugh. Have a good evening.

  69. VaRedsFan

    Gibault needs to come in and leave with no worse than a tie

  70. Jim Walker

    I just Cleted. I’ll check back later to learn the sad but true details.

  71. Slicc50

    Man…. This lineup is tough! The big market teams are just too stacked

  72. Mark Moore

    Big loser here is Lodolo and that stellar start. Of course, we didn’t back him with a bucket of runs either, so there’s that.

  73. Mark Moore

    Great throw on a terrible pitch. And it was still close.

  74. LDS

    If they lose today, and looking at the schedule over the next couple of weeks, they won’t have a winning record again this year.

    • MrRed

      If we were being realistic, did any of us think they were going to have a winning record for long this season?

      Best to just enjoy the game for what it is. A nice afternoon/evening.

    • TR

      What a game until the bottom of the ninth. The Reds have a lefty ace in Lodolo.

      • Votto4life

        Yes, unfortunately they play 9 innings.

  75. Tom Reeves

    Welp, that’s totally on not pulling Diaz. No way around it.

  76. LDS

    And that’s what bad managers deliver.

    • MrRed

      No, that’s what bad teams deliver. You and I have watched this game long enough to know the difference.

      • J

        The Reds have enough talent to win a game when they’re leading by two runs in the 9th. However, if a pitcher is obviously struggling with control and the manager leaves him until it’s too late, then they don’t. It’s actually MORE important for less talented teams to have good managers, and this team doesn’t have one.

      • MrRed

        Yes, because the Reds are loaded in the bullpen. What roster are you looking at. Diaz is it for now. You know that.

      • J

        Young has given up 0 runs in 4 innings. Gibaut has given up 1 run in 3 innings. Between the two of them, they ought to be able to get 3 outs without giving up 2 runs. Diaz is a better pitcher, but when he’s clearly struggling with his control, he’s not.

    • LDS

      @MrRed, a winnable game with better bullpen management.

      • MrRed

        You mean with a better bullpen. Once you get the right perspective, things make much more sense.

      • J

        The bullpen needed to to pitch one inning without giving up two runs. Unless every relief pitcher’s ERA is over 9, then you’ve got enough talent on your roster to pull that off.

  77. Mark Moore

    And there you have it, friends. We can second guess DTBell all we want, but you just know Diaz wanted the 9th. His 8th would indicate he should have it … yet the collapse was on.

    Back at it again tomorrow for the getaway game.

  78. Kevin H

    Yes was a good game. Bell went with his best pitcher. It didn’t work.

    Lodolo looks impressive and Friedl should be starting every game. He makes it happen.

  79. Gpod

    This bullpen doesn’t deserve to be called a major league bullpen…it’s a joke

  80. NKaren

    Once again, the bullpen lets us down.
    Reminds me so much of last year.
    And the year before.

  81. RP Proctor

    David Bell in a nutshell. Makes a BRILLIANT move in the 8th, putting Diaz in for the heart of the Phillies order.

    He then follows it up by refusing to pull his closer until the train is completely ablaze.

    • Slicc50

      I thought that was the plan. Use Diaz for the toughest inning (the 8th). Bring someone else in for the ninth. No problem with Diaz going back in for 9th. Lead off walk a KILLER…..but what is Bell to do? There really is no one else he can depend on!

  82. MBS

    What a joke! The Reds need Santillan to come back ASAP. Gibaut isn’t a closer, Law isn’t a closer. If you can’t use Diaz to close the game, Bell has no one to turn to.

  83. J

    When the pitcher walks the leadoff hitter in a two run game, it should tell you that he doesn’t have good control. When he then has trouble throwing strikes to the next guy, it should be obvious he needs to be removed. Bell was smart to let Diaz start the 9th, but then he seemed to forget he needed to pay attention to what was happening on the field. He’s a terrible manager whose strategic decisions are worse than if he just flipped a coin.

    • MrRed

      Good one, J. We all know Gibaut was the call immediately. No doubt this team was losing less than 85 games.

    • Hanawi

      Was it smart of him to put him out there in the 9th? Diaz has never really been a multi-inning reliever. He only threw 2 full inning four times last year. Maybe ease him into the season instead of asking him to do too much after not pitching in a week.

      • J

        I liked sending him out for the 9th. I was amazed Bell made what seemed to be a sensible decision. But the moment he walked the leadoff batter in a situation where he should absolutely be throwing a pitch down the middle, I was very concerned. I would probably have sent my pitching coach out right there. And then when he had trouble throwing strikes to the next guy, there’s no way I’m leaving him in the game. Baseball just seems to move too quickly for Bell to process what’s happening.

  84. RS

    Gibaut looks like he has some arm fatigue. Not throwing with the same gas we saw last year.

    Probably should have taken Diaz out of the game after the leadoff walk to Castellanos, but definitely out after the wild pitch and single by Bohm.

  85. Dennis Westrick

    Another defeat pulled from the jaws of victory! Feel bad for Lodolo! Great game for our ace SP, not so much for our offense, Again!

  86. Frogem

    Not a bad call for Bell to have Diaz pitch the 9th. Diaz simply must have let it get in his head. Player issue the first occurrence. Bigger question to me is how you get 2 runs out of eight hits. Pethaps because Myers is batting 2nd and not Friedl, and Fraley is benched yet again. Friedl and Fraley are two of our offensive weapons, but Bell isn’t leveraging it enough.

    • Mark Moore

      I’ll agree that some of the batting order choices are puzzling. And I think Diaz should have started the 9th but have been on a very short leash. He was commanding in the 8th and didn’t really show us that at all in the 9th.

      Myers slow start this season is reminiscent of Joey’s slow starts. And it’s beginning to hurt on days like this.

  87. Mark Moore

    On the bright side, Doug can pretty much recycle the headline from yesterday’s game.

  88. Gpod

    Reds blow a game & I’m disgusted…then I think, another loss to help get rid of the worst manager the reds have ever had….and it cheers me up

    • Mark Moore

      If that were the case, I’d be right there with you. But this ownership and FO are not going to can DTBell or move him to some other innocuous position. They just aren’t.

      • TR

        What a game until the bottom of the ninth. What a sad ending. The Reds have an ace lefty in Lodolo.

  89. Slicc50

    I’ll say it now…..there is no reason for TJ Friedl to NOT be in the lineup from this point forward!!!!!

    • MrRed

      He is a fun player to watch. And with this roster, I would agree that there’s no reason for him to not get regular time.

  90. Erik the Red

    The losses are about to mount up in my opinion. You can not waste starts like this on a young pitcher. This will ruin starting pitching. Also you have to score more than 2 runs a game in this ballpark. The lack of offense could be a bigger problem on starting pitching than the bullpen.

    • MrRed

      Agreed, Erik. Not surprising really. This team as a whole isn’t that good and these days are to be expected. Really loved what I saw from Lodolo today. Hoping for some good health and progress from him and our other younger players this season.

  91. GMan88

    Remember when we were 3-1? That was fun. It did take 25 games to get three wins last year. This bullpen is atrocious. Then again, you get what you pay for. Maybe not 100 losses this year, but at least 95.

  92. Daytonnati

    “Remember when we were 3-1?”

    Yeah, those were the days 🙂

    I envy Jim Walker and his ability to bail out and avoid the pain.

    • Jim Walker

      Since I’ve been following the Blue Jackets since the end of the 2022 MLB season, I’m already in mid-season Clete form. 😉

      And at least the Jackets signed (arguably) the best offensive UFA and retained their top RFA, also considered a star league wide during the last off season. But they’ve had a gazllion man games lost to injury.

  93. GMan88

    I bet Lodolo’s outing was just making everyone in the pen anxious. Nobody wanted to go out and blow it, which they all knew was inevitable. They were probably playing “Not It” and putting their fingers on their noses. AA bullpen.

    My wife and I are going to Cincinnati June 30th for a Taylor Swift concert. I have tickets for the July 1st game versus the Padres. I wonder how many games back they will be by then. 20? 25?

  94. Melvin

    “Cam Collier’s 2023 debut couldn’t have gone better”

    Sounds like he could be a real good one in the not so distant future.