The Cincinnati Reds have made two more roster cuts this evening, optioning left-handed pitcher Bennett Sousa to Triple-A and reassigning outfielder Henry Ramos to minor league camp. Those two moves put the Reds roster at 33 players. That number, though includes several players who we know will not be active for the start of the season.

What the move that sends Henry Ramos to the minors also does is leave the Reds with just 12 position players in camp that are going to be ready to begin the season. That would indicate that as of now an unknown move is coming. Whether that move is that the team decided someone from the minors that they’ve already sent down is coming up (the least likely of situations), or that a trade is completed but not yet announced, or that the club picked up someone on waivers and it hasn’t yet been announced – we’re all kind of just waiting to see.

The move stinks for Ramos, who did just about everything he could. The outfielder hit .448/.469/.759 with three doubles, two home runs, two walks, and two strikeouts in 13 games played (32 plate appearances). Ramos missed some time with the Reds during spring training while participating in the World Baseball Classic as a part of Team Puerto Rico.

As for left-handed reliever Bennett Sousa, he’s heading to the minor leagues as well. And while his stats weren’t as impressive as the ones Ramos put up, he had a fine spring. He pitched in eight games and allowed two earned runs in 7.1 innings. That was good for an ERA of 2.45 while allowing nine hits, no home runs, walking just one batter, and he picked up eight strikeouts.

The pitching staff would seem to be set at this point, assuming that there is no forthcoming roster additions via a trade or waiver wire pick up. The rotation is set with Hunter Greene, Nick Lodolo, Graham Ashcraft, Connor Overton, and Luis Cessa. With Sousa now out, that leaves these eight for the bullpen: Fernando Cruz, Alexis Diaz, Buck Farmer, Ian Gibaut, Joel Kuhnel, Derek Law, Reiver Sanmartin, and Alex Young.

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  1. Bdh

    Called that in the earlier article today. Said if Votto wasn’t starting in Cincinnati they’d go Vosler and Fairchild sticking Ramos in AAA. Just can’t take on 4 NRI’s

    Wouldn’t shock if me when Votto comes back that Ramos comes up with him replacing Vosler and Fairchild who I expect to ask make the team now

    • DaveCT

      Wasn’t it reported that both Volser and Ramos travelled with the team? I wonder if those two play musical chairs for the first week or so.

    • BK

      I expect it to be Fairchild and Vosler, too. It just doesn’t make sense to make an additional 40-man roster move to cover what is expected to be a brief stay on the IL. Besides, Fairchild is solid.

      • DaveCT

        No argument with Fairchild. He is a solid ML ball player.

      • MK

        If talking about 13 position players I’m thinking McGarry which would require a 40-man move.

  2. LDS

    Barring a trade, I read the article as pitching is set. I was slightly more optimistic about Ramos vs Vosler, but neither seemed particularly consequential. A trade or waiver wire move might spark some interest. Otherwise, stick with Fairchild unless Krall comes up with a slick move.

  3. MBS

    Hiura is my guess. Plays 1B, 2B, and even a bit of LF. Good pop from the right side that would play well at GABP.

    • LDS

      I hope not. He’s had one good year. The last 3 not so much. His strikeout rate has increased every year, never has been under 30%, and last year it was nearly 42%. With the number of folks here critical of EDLC’s SO rate, Hiura would be tough to swallow.

      • MBS

        And what about what you said makes you think this isn’t a move the Reds would make?

        Seriously unless there is a trade, this is the highest upside player that has recently been DFA’d, and he happens to play 1B. Maybe the Reds think they can fix him, maybe they think he’d be good depth, but it’s my guess that they are going after him.

      • Harry Stoner

        I’m wondering what makes you think it is a move they would make?

        I realize Hiura was once a high pick.

        Not sure what he offers beyond what a risk with Vosler wouldn’t.

        Hiura bats right, Ks a lot, Reasonable slg %

        But isn’t that covered w Meyers and TS?

      • MBS

        @Harry, Mostly because of upside. If feel like the Gennett, Dietrich, and Drury type of move. There are probably a dozen more that didn’t work out, but he’s good power bat that has had a degree of success in the pros, but has lost favor with their organization. Rightly so, but maybe he may be a change of scenery kinda guy, and if not, no harm no foul. Vosler gives the Reds nothing in comparison.

        Having said all of that, I’m not saying he’ll be a good player here, just that I think the Reds will role the dice on him. Nick Krall said we would need to be creative to improve the roster. I’m paraphrasing, but that was the gist of it.

      • JayTheRed

        Living in Wisconsin I have seen this guy play and his strikeouts are worse than Aquino’s. The guy definitely has pop, but it is pretty rare for him to make consistent contact. I really hope that is not the case for him to come to Cincinnati.

    • Harry Stoner

      Yikes, that sounds a bit scary. Hiura had approx a 50% K rate last year.

      Well over 33% for career .230s hitter.

      Would be a tough sell over Ramos despite the multi position options.

      Why not Myers and TS at 1st as planned?

      I realize no left handed bat, but likely just for a few weeks.

      Picking up Hiura is a commitment to a lot of Ks.

      I agree, a move seems in the offing.

      Reds ship out their two top hitters from ST.

    • LDS

      Perhaps there’s more to the Votto delay than announced thus far, as in he’s further from everyday play than previously thought? Otherwise, a gamble on Hiura seems less practical than using folks already on the roster. For that matter, if Votto was going to miss a couple of months, or retire, the Reds seem to have better options. Oh well, we’ll see.

      • JB

        Hiura came up and played 2nd. Did well but I believe it was the second year he started to get the yips throwing to first. Could never get him better and moved to first.

  4. BK

    This implies three must be dropped from the 40-man roster to accommodate Vosler, Law, and Young. Dunn and Antone are easy choices. Solak is likely next as he was among the first cuts, only notched two hits during ST, and didn’t get another PA with the big-league team for the rest of ST while several others did. Also, if Solak makes it through waivers the Reds should be able to outright him to AAA as he hasn’t been outrighted before.

    • DaveCT

      And if not, he’s not a great loss given his poor defense.

  5. SteveAreno

    Hate to see Henry Ramos get sent down where he has already proven to play so well in AAA for several years. I hope he tears it up in Louisville.

    • Melvin

      Yeah. Also read something else interesting in that article. A quote from David Bell.

      “It came down to the very last minute we could give it to him,” Reds Manager David Bell said Saturday of cutting Strickland from camp. “There just wasn’t a spot. It’s going to work out with Hunter one way or another. It may even work out here if there’s no a major league opportunity. We’d have interest in bringing him back. The hardest part was he was such a team player. The highest level of defining what that means. He was extremely respected in the clubhouse and the bullpen.”

      For those who say we may not have seen the last of Strickland…they many be right.

      • LDS

        My question was whose clubhouse. But, yes, pretty pathetic.

      • David

        Isn’t that just amazing? Still pushing Strickland, after all this time.

        Almost makes me think they will bring back Chad Pinder for that last roster spot now…..because he is SO versatile. 🙂

        Yeah, if it was my team, I would outright Solak off the 40 man, and then reassign him if he wasn’t claimed…or not. He’s just not that good a ball player. Ramos is a guy whose time may have come. I would really like to see him get a lot of AB’s with the Reds to see if he is any good in the Majors. I honestly think he would be better than Pham was last year with the Reds.

      • CI3J

        See, Bell defenders? THIS is the kind of stuff that makes the rest of us so frustrated with David Bell.

        To an objective observer, it is blatantly obvious Strickland didn’t deserve to be anywhere NEAR the team, but Bell would still rather have Strickland than a host of other more worthy players, because Bell values that “veteran presence” seemingly more than any other factor when choosing players.

        Add this evidence to the pile. It’s not that we aren’t frustrated with Bell for no good reason. We have plenty of reasons. And this is just more proof of that.

      • Harry Stoner

        Exhibit A of Bell willingly ignoring the evidence of performance on the field.

        He’s shown this both strategically and situationally.

        He’ll kick off his best hitter of the spring “Today’s not the day.” and provide gushing elegies for marginal players who performed miserably in ST.

        The oft repeated RLN cry of “earning your spot” apparently doesn’t hold for Bell favorites.

        Or Henry Ramos, apparently.

        Sure this could be more Bell gobbley gook to the press…he is excruciating to listen to.

        I have no doubt Strickland was ‘respected’ by the younger players…but for his pitching performance?

        It would be fascinating to hear Krall’s take on this, and to hear the likely debate over keeping The Chad.

        Who could likely return as well.

        Despite a wealth of young talent, I don’t foresee the Reds ever being a winning ballclub with Bell as manager.

      • TR

        What will be will be. David Bell will not be the Reds manager forever. Nick Krall is gradually taking over control of the team from current ownership. I think former catchers are often prepared to be good managers. I have Curt Casali in mind to eventually guide the Reds with their current plethora of young talent. Time will tell. A couple days, Opening Day.

      • Harry Stoner

        TR…I hope you are right.

        And the sooner the better.

      • BK

        Based on how ST played out, Strickland is likely 12th on the bullpen depth chart. In addition to the players that made the 26-man roster, Sousa, Santillan, and Sims are all ahead of him.

        In what way would it be the hallmark of a good leader to avoid publicly thanking and encouraging a 34-year-old veteran pitcher who is fighting hard to prolong his career?

      • Earmbrister

        Thank you BK.

        Words are scary things for some people. And Bell is the manager, not the GM. A manager that the players respect and worked their tails off for.

  6. JayTheRed

    What a kick in the face to Ramos. The guy played his heart out to make the team and it got him sent to the minors.

    Comments from David Bell just make me sick to my stomach on just about anything that comes out of his mouth.

    If Pinder gets added back to the team, I won’t watch a single game until he is demoted or released.

    I do like the choices for the pitching staff. Overton makes me a little nervous though he has not performed too well this spring.

  7. AMDG

    Ramos, who turns 31 soon is a AAAA guy.

    The Reds obviously felt 2 good weeks in Arizona didn’t suddenly make him a viable major leaguer. But it did show he was good enough to merit a spot in L’ville.

    And with Votto, Stephenson, and Senzel on the roster, there will be many IL opportunities in the future for Ramos to get called up, if he hits well in AAA.

    • Redsvol

      Lot of angst on RLN over leaving a 31 year old with no major league experience or infield flex off of the active roster.

      I’m in the camp that 5 of the bullpen pitchers need to be replaced as soon as possible before even seeing a regular season game. That’s where the angst should be.

      • wkuchad

        LDS, I would love to see an example of a poster that opposed Ramos and had no problem adding Strickland.

      • wkuchad

        that was clearly posted in the wrong spot

    • Harry Stoner

      Ramos hit .371 in AAA last year with 12 hrs in 256 ABs.

      Sure he’s 31 but his lifetime MiLB ba is .281 w close to 200 hrs.

      In summary, he’s hit in AAA.

      Those who suggest he’s an ‘unknown quantity’ are looking past his performance and seeing something else.

      How many IFs does Bell need to juggle around?

      • LDS

        And yet, many who oppose giving Ramos the shot based on his age and MLB experience, have no problems adding a 30+ pitcher with an established history of mediocrity, e.g., Strickland who has proven that he’s done. Ramos may crash and burn but it isn’t clear that Vosler is a better choice, other than his “versatility”.

      • BK

        @Harry, they all had decent springs. AAA numbers:
        – Ramos, .822 OPS across five seasons
        – Vosler, .829 OPS across five seasons
        – Fairchild, .890 OPS across two seasons

        Fairchild is also the best defensively. Fairchild and Volser both have better-than-average OPS+ numbers at the Major League level. Of note, Ramos only played in foreign leagues in 2022–his top OPS among the various stops was .734.

        The evidence is pretty strong that the Reds appear to be keeping the two best choices.

        @LDS, I don’t recall “(m)any” advocates for Strickland. I recall “many” not believing Strickland would make the 26-man roster which he did not.

      • LDS

        Strickland was merely an example. All the dumpster diving is frequently met with “worth a shot”.

      • wkuchad

        LDS, I would love to see an example of a poster that opposed Ramos and had no problem adding Strickland.

  8. Arley

    So you tell a guy play well and gets a shot to make the team. He plays as well as Ramos and doesn’t make the team? Ridiculous.

    • Harry Stoner

      Ramos and CES will have a lot to discuss in Louisville.

  9. Michael B. Green

    The 2023 season is all about seeing if the Big Three (Greene, Lodolo and Ashcraft) establish budding stardom. It is also about seeing if India, Stephenson and others serve as the core. It is also about not blocking our youngsters.

    Let’s play some real games now!

  10. SultanofSwaff

    Without Sims and Santillan for the time being, that bullpen is not good….but not terrible like in years past, just one that isn’t built for the rigors of a 162 game season. Let’s hope they can get by on luck and guile until reinforcements arrive.

    there’s an opportunity to stack up some wins these first 2 weeks. Would love to see a sweep to open the season. Gotta make hay when your big 3 are pitching.

    • David

      I honestly wouldn’t count on much from Lucas Sims, as he has a chronic back problem that’s going to make him, in my opinion, kind of breakable.
      Tony Santillan could go back to being a starter. He was a starter throughout his minor league time. I know that is NOT likely to happen, as he has now been “dsignated” as a relief pitcher by the Reds.
      There are several guys in AAA that could end up on the bullpen staff; Karcher, Legumina, Sousa. I think Sousa got sent down (at the end) because he gave up a HR in an intrasquad game on Monday (yesterday). That was the final decision point by Bell.
      I think when Chase Anderson is over his injury and can pitch and get in shape, he could come back as the fifth starter if somebody is getting bombed all the time.
      And give Williamson a few starts in AAA and see what happens; I would rather struggle along with a talented young guy that will get better over time, than somebody who really is not going anywhere.
      But the state of the bullpen is something that should be laid at Krall’s feet. He could have actually spent some money in the offseason and gotten at least two good relief pitchers. That is one place where money spent could have added wins and made the team better.

      • redfanorbust

        Hey David,
        Not sure you could lay the bullpen at Krall’s feet. It’s not his money and he does not sign the checks. Our wonderful ownership are the ones who said this is what you have to spend and that’s it. For me true telling will be next year with Votto/Moustakas contracts off the books. Will they spend it on quality players to augment our youth movement or will they pocket it?

  11. DataDumpster

    I saw that Strickland was given the option to report back to the minor league team and accepted that rather than take a chance that he would be picked up by another MLB team. Smart guy in realizing that David Bell is likely the only MLB manager that will give him a chance to play. He’ll be back, count on it.
    I am encouraged by the younger players and seeing what they can do but it will be hard to follow the team consistently when I have to tune out Sadak and Bell to the extent that can be done.

  12. DHud

    Really scratching my head over Ramos

    IF should be fine for the time being with Meyers/Stephenson at 1B and Newman for 2B/SS/3B

    • BK

      As Jim states below, Fairchild will get the final roster spot over Ramos, barring an acquisition. Including ST, has the 31-year-old Ramos outperformed Fairchild over the last year?

      • DHud

        Not necessarily

        But why option Fairchild and bring Ramos to Cincinnati. If Fairchild was the guy then why make that administrative move

      • BK

        They optioned Fairchild 10 days before the season started meaning he could be recalled on day one without replacing an injured player. I suspect this was the reason.

      • Redsvol

        @BK, you are too smart for your own good. That is a perfectly logical reason. Those darn pesky rules all teams must abide by……

      • BK

        Honestly, Jim Walker pointed out the timing when it happened. Hats off to Jim!

      • DHud

        @BK forgot about having to be in the minors 10 days before returning

        Still though, seems to me that if they thought Fairchild was the guy, just an unnecessary option. Only way I can make since of it is the Reds had two plans: Votto and Ramos or Vosler and Fairchild – that obviously hinged on Votto going or not

      • DHud

        What I also don’t get in that scenario though is why they think they need Vosler instead of Votto. Meyers and Stephenson are essentially another 1B anyways. See below thoughts

      • BK

        @DHud, when the Reds optioned Fairchild to the minors, it looked more likely that Votto would be ready for opening day. It does look like the Reds had two plans: Votto and Ramos or Vosler and Fairchild. If that is correct, perhaps they preferred having Fairchild play daily at AAA over a bench role in Cincinnati. Vosler appears to have been the Votto “fallback” plan all along. His hitting against RHP is solid, and he brings far more versatility than Ramos. Also, Votto appears to be pretty close. I doubt the Reds want to make an additional 40-man roster to cover what may be as little as six games. That’s my best guess.

    • David

      Meyers and Stephenson at 1st base/DH. So who is the DH when Stephenson actually catches? Or if Meyers plays RF against a left-handed pitcher.

      Don’t be surprised to see Kevin Newman as the DH a few times in the first month of the season. You know it will happen.
      They will be really strapped against a left handed pitcher, now.
      Stephenson at 1st base, Barrero in CF, Newman at SS, Meyers in RF, Casali catching.

      Chad Pinder, where are you??!! 🙂

      • DHud

        If Stephenson is catching (which he should be), then any combination of Fraley-Friedl-Benson-Ramos to fill OF and DH. And though not ideal, we know bell wouldn’t be afraid to plug a .230 hitting Casali or Newman at DH

        And I for that he really don’t buy into the LH/RH splits as much as some. Everyone on RLN was clamoring about Winker only being a platoon split OF and then he was an all star once they just left him in the lineup

      • DHud

        I think I had a stroke typing that sentence…

        *I for one don’t buy…

      • BK

        If Stephenson catches, I would expect to see an outfielder DH. Against RHs, the Reds could field the following all-RH hitting lineup:

        India, 2B
        Stephenson, DH
        Myers, RF
        Fairchild, LF
        Steer, 3B
        Casali, 1B
        Newman, SS
        Maile, C
        Barrero, CF

      • BK

        During Winker’s all-star season, his OPS against LHP was just .572, about 40 percent below the ML average. His OPS against RHP was astronomically good. On an objective hitting tool grading scale, Winker was an “80” when facing RHP and a “20” when facing LHP. That makes a very strong argument for platooning a player.

  13. Jim Walker

    While Vosler appears to be in, the Reds haven’t made it official by adding him to the 40 man roster. Thus they actually have two 26 man active roster spots available to work with via trade return, waiver claim awards, and players released by other teams.

    If no one is picked up from outside the organization, look for Vosler to be added and Fairchild recalled to fill out the roster. Vosler is a LH bat who can play both infield corners and LF. Fairchild is a RH bat and defensive plus who can play all 3 OF spots. Additionally, Fairchild would bring them speed on the bases off the bench to go 1st to 3rd on singles and score from 1st on doubles in late game deciding situations.

    • Harry Stoner

      Based on his MiLB performance, Vosler was one of the more interesting of the ‘old folks’ brought in.

      I didn’t get the Hiura speculation…as a right hand hitter, the Reds have Myers and TS at 1st. Vosler at lefty who can fill in at 3rd might scratch some of Bell’s lineup itches.

      Ramos is a switch hitter and JW fav Fairchild has good splits. Likely Fairchild is stronger on D, but what else does HR have to prove? His AAA numbers are as strong as anyone in the organization.

      I would have liked to have seen him get a shot. While some here at RLN blow it off, it doesn’t look so great to ship out your two best performers in ST while talking about ‘earning your spot’.

      I guess it wasn’t the day for Ramos either. I can imagine him and CES having a chat about that on the bus to and from Louisville.

      • BK

        They all had decent springs, although Ramos was clearly outstanding. However, it’s always worth a closer looking starting with their AAA numbers:
        – Ramos, .822 OPS across five seasons
        – Vosler, .829 OPS across five seasons
        – Fairchild, .890 OPS across two seasons

        Fairchild is also the best defensively. Fairchild and Volser both have better-than-average OPS+ numbers at the Major League level. Ramos only played in foreign leagues in 2022–his top OPS among the various stops was .734.

        The evidence is pretty strong that the Reds appear to be keeping the two best choices.

      • SteveAreno

        5yr OPS is not the magic stat but it fits your narrative.

  14. DHud

    Twins just released Hoffman

    Might be good back of the rotation or even long bullpen depth

    • Optimist

      I’m wondering about that as well.

      • Jim Walker

        Me 3 😉

        Hoffman last started in 2021; and. as I recall had some injury issues. So, not sure that would work though. Also, he doesn’t have any MiLB options remaining so they would have to stretch him out on the fly at MLB to be a starter.

    • BK

      I had the same thought. Hoffman was decent out of the bullpen. That said, he’s a fly-ball pitcher whose numbers at GABP were significantly worse than on the road. Also, he’s out of options which is not ideal. Lastly, he only logged 5 innings in spring training. While he may have logged more on the backfields, he doesn’t appear to be stretched out to start, even as a stopgap.

      • Optimist

        These comments note the flaws, but the Reds handled those fairly well when they had him. Could be they also need to work out some sort of MiLB non-roster deal, both for a spot as needed, and to determine when he’s ready if he had a slow start or injury delay. It’s a very small thing considering all the holes they have, but he was about as good as they can get for a multi-inning/spot starter/end-of-the-pen arm. Someone you need once a week for 3-4 innings, and shorter spots in between. Also, not Strickland.

      • BK

        I don’t have a strong opinion either way. I think Strickland is past his prime, but he takes quite a beating around here for a guy that had an ERA+ of 91 last year. I think his multiple blown saves really turned the RLN fanbase against him. As I said above, 12th on the depth chart … I don’t think we’ll see him unless the injury situation gets brutal.

      • Optimist

        BK – agree about Stickland, so perhaps I should clarify. I think the Strickland issue comes down to who-ya-gonna-believe – your eyes, or what Reds management is selling you. The bullpen had lots of failures, and so many of them followed the same script – walk the first guy, allow inherited runners to score, add XBH/HR/general collapse. It happened to so many, so often, and to all the single inning relievers except Diaz. Strickland was most noticeable, hence the ire, but it’s also impossible to manage around when the others are identical.

        Hoffman is not that – that’s my point. He’s the last guy in the pen, but also the guy who pitches the 4th-6th innings. Not one of the guys for the 7th/8th/9th. They need a fifth starter, but they also need that last pen guy as well.

      • BK

        All good points. I agree that Hoffman makes the pen better on day 1. I’m more concerned with adding another pitcher who can’t be optioned, resulting in a better pitcher (e.g., Cruz) getting optioned and a lesser pitcher retained. I would be fine if they pick him up and DFA Kuhnel. I’ll be fine if they pass, too. I just don’t have a strong opinion on this one.

  15. redfanorbust

    Hey David,
    Not sure you could lay the bullpen at Krall’s feet. It’s not his money and he does not sign the checks. Our wonderful ownership are the ones who said this is what you have to spend and that’s it. For me true telling will be next year with Votto/Moustakas contracts off the books. Will they spend it on quality players to augment our youth movement or will they pocket it?

    • David

      Nick Krall is the General Manager or VP for Baseball Operations, or whatever his title is.
      If he thought that getting a couple of additional bullpen arms to make the team better was a good thing, he should have made that case to ownership and laid out the money that was needed.
      Maybe he did, and maybe he was turned down. But still, this is his responsibility to manage personnel and acquire personnel for the team.
      So yes, it is on him. Sorry, not angry about it, but this is the job he is paid for.

  16. Rednat

    what is the point in spring training? and playing a 31 year old if you knew he wasn’t going to make the team? head scratcher to me.
    honestly this is about the time of the year i tend to ” clete out”. Spring training is a lot more entertaining than the regular season anymore. at least the reds were fairly competitive

    • wkuchad

      What is the point of spring training? Was that rhetorical?

      What is the point of playing a 31 year old? Maybe because if the Reds had an injury to any of their outfielders, said 31 year old would have made the team??

  17. SultanofSwaff

    Guardians and Cubs handing out extensions. I’d like to see Reds ownership be proactive here…….they’re gonna look more flat footed than usual when we have a handful of young core guys put up ~3-5 WAR seasons and their price goes way up.

    • wkuchad

      Stephenson and our three young starting pitchers are the four players I want to lock up to team friendly deals ASAP.

    • Harry Stoner

      That and his ~50% K rate inn 2022.

      Gennett Deux he is not.

      • Jim Walker

        True enough 😉 on all counts.

  18. Redgoggles

    Do we really think there is 10-15 filled roster spots that we will have a hard time remembering in another 10 years, much less the last couple?

    Where else are you gonna go?

    • Jim Walker

      Yeah. My main interest is what happens with Fairchild. Last year in his rookie season he posted an OPS/OPS of .800/116 on 110PAs in his age 26 season while being a plus OF defender at all 3 spots. Yet for whatever the Reds’ reasons, they are not convinced he is for real. I believe he is likely a “next Adam Duvall” at the least if they let him slip through their system (again).

      • BK

        I agree, Fairchild certainly warrants more opportunities.

      • wkuchad

        I don’t disagree Jim, but the Reds are lacking in Major League ready outfield talent. I don’t mind Fairchild starting everyday at AAA and ready to be the first man up as soon as any of our main four outfielders hit the IL.

  19. MBS

    Anyone else remember Blake Sabol? We selected him in the rule 5 draft, then traded him to San Fran. 46 AB’s this spring .348 BA, 3 HR, 1.105 OPS. He catches, and can play corner OF. Seems like he’d been a good one to keep, a bit more versatile than our 2 backup catchers, cheaper, with more controllability.

    • BK

      Agree, I was excited when we picked him and disappointed when I learned we traded him. Finding another catcher to pair with Stephenson should be long-term priority.

      • 2020ball

        His defense is a huuuge question mark, but that wouldve been fine if the reds are committed to this ridiculous 3catcher system.

  20. MK

    Fairchild struggles against righthanders and has little power against righties or lefties. Ramos is a switch hitter with power both ways and an above average runner like Stuart.. A much better piece suitable for the bench. Bench needs some pinch.

    • DHud

      In 110 PAs last season, Fairchild put up a .223 ISO. That wouldve put him between 21st in all of baseball between old friend Eugenio Suarez and Rhys Hoskins, and just behind some players named Ramirez, Devers, and Rodriguez

  21. 2020ball

    People are still whining about strickland and Pinder??? Jesus y’all, its time to get a grip on reality

  22. DHud

    Reds Facebook page just posted a video of Fairchild going deep in the intersquad game

    I don’t know how many extras they shuttled up from Louisville for the intersquads, but I’d say that’s pretty fair to speculate he’s been recalled even though it has not been announced