The Cincinnati Reds return to Goodyear Ball Park tonight to host the Chicago White Sox under the lights. First pitch is set for 9:05pm ET.

White Sox (11-12-2) vs Reds (14-12-1)

White Sox


1 Romy Gonzalez CF Jonathan India 2B
2 Leury Garcia LF Joey Votto DH
3 Gavin Sheets 1B Jake Fraley LF
4 Yasmani Grandal C Tyler Stephenson 1B
5 Jake Burger DH Wil Myers RF
6 Oscar Colas RF TJ Friedl CF
7 Hanser Alberto 2B Spencer Steer 3B
8 Zach Remillard 3B Curt Casali C
9 Erik Gonzalez SS Jose Barrero SS
10 Lance Lynn RHP Connor Overton RHP

Reserve players on today’s Reds roster

Pitchers Infielders
Reiver Sanmartin Jason Vosler
Alex Young Jose Serrano
Connor Curlis Michel Triana
Tommy Eveld Outfielders
Spencer Stockton Henry Ramos
Catchers Rece Hinds
Michael Trautwein
Daniel Vellojin

Look for Connor Overton to push his pitch count tonight. After him it’s just Reiver Sanmartin and Alex Young listed as expected to pitch tonight. There are three minor leaguers in the bullpen that can step in if needed, but it seems that they might be asking Overton to stretch out in his final start of the spring.

Where to watch/listen/follow the game

There is no television broadcast of the game tonight. If you want to listen then you can tune into 700 WLW AM.

Reds links and news

Hunter Strickland released

This afternoon the Reds announced that they had released reliever Hunter Strickland. After giving up four runs last night against Arizona his ERA jumped to 10.00 on the spring. We wrote a bit more on the move and where it leaves the Reds if you are interested in that sort of thing.

Will Benson has made the club

The outfielder told Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer that he’s made the team. Benson is hitting .326/.326/.413 with a double, home run, no walks, 11 strikeouts, and six stolen bases this spring.

Joey Votto still uncertain about Opening Day

83 Responses

  1. Melvin

    (Votto: “I mean this, seriously, I think I’m going to play well. I think I’m going to perform well offensively. And, if not, I’m going to retire. So end of story. I’m going to play well and that’s where my head’s at.”)

    I’ll take his word for it. 🙂

  2. CI3J

    Swap Friedl for Benson, and this is what I hope the lineup will be most days this season.

    I would personally prefer this batting order:

    CF Benson
    2B India
    1B Votto
    DH Stephenson
    LF Fraley
    3B Steer
    RF Myers
    SS Barrero
    C Casali

    • Ryan

      Benson(and Friedl) should get plenty of PT. Days when Stephenson catches and Votto should get a good number of days off. Myers and Fraley will get days off as well. Should be enough to go around.

    • BK

      I wonder if the strong performances across the board will lead to Stephenson catching more than planned. I think our best lineup against RHP (assuming Votto is healthy) includes both Friedl and Benson with an outfielder or Votto DHing.

      • Melvin

        I’d like to think so. Bell however has stated that he’s already planned out the playing time (when/where) of TS for most of the season and you know Bell doesn’t like to deviate from his plans. We’ll see. Our lineup does have more potential offense when Stephenson is catching. I agree with you.

  3. Mark Moore

    You have to admire Joey’s candor and integrity. I have no doubt if he see’s he’s not cutting it, he’ll bow out.

  4. Old-school

    Votto also said his swing isnt 100%

    Hes a perfectionist except that doesnt age well at 39. He needs to just play baseball and do his best and enjoy the journey. If its not enough… so be it. His swing looks fine. If hes waiting for 2017… well. Good luck

    • Melvin

      Since it’s Joey Votto, a healthy Joey Votto, I give him at least a decent chance of being “real good”.

  5. Melvin

    I know it’s only ST and it doesn’t mean much necessarily. Still though it’s kind of cool to see five players in the lineup hitting .300 or better.

    • BK

      Agree … I get why many hate that we’re in a rebuild, but it’s where we are. Unfortunately, the last one wasn’t executed as well as this one. I don’t think ST could have gone any better. The young players all appear to have taken a step forward. Of course, it will have to translate when the real games count.

  6. J

    This seems to be the only game in MLB that isn’t being televised. Incredible.

      • LarkinPhillips

        Bally Ohio only did 7 Reds game this spring if my calculations are correct.

    • Greenfield Red

      I know most here get tired of me saying the things I see with regard to JV, but I can’t help myself. So, here goes:

      Where’s the commentary from JV about helping the team win or helping the young guys learn the ropes?

      After his injury last year, he made it clear on the broadcast that he expected to play 1st and bat 3rd in 23. Again no mention of helping the team win or helping the youngsters.

      And, I always go back to the day in March of 15 at ST, when he ignored my son and a few other kids gathered around an infield only practice field. In 45 minutes he never so much as looked up at those kids two or three of which were wearing his jersey.

      I don’t get all the love for a “me first” guy. It seems to me he’s always been this way.

      • Old-school

        We are all going to find out Votto in 2023 together and none of us knows, including him.

        I suspect he is absolutely done and doesnt want to start the clock on Father Time and wants to delay.., But- its 2023 and he gets a say last lap around the track

      • Melvin

        Sounds like you had a bad experience and I feel bad for your son. What about last year when Votto walked through the stands signing autographs, shaking hands, taking pictures? What about the time Votto attended the funeral home of a young kid who had just died refusing to move forward (even though being offered) in the line but instead waited his turn while bringing the mother flowers. I’ve never met Votto but if I had to guess if he knew what happened with your son he would feel bad about it and try to make it right. Just remember, we all have bad days….even superstar baseball players.

      • Greenfield Red

        OS, I agree he should be given a chance. After all, he’s still under contract. I think he could help himself if he came off less self centered and more team oriented.

      • Greenfield Red

        Good point Melvin. And I fully admit, my view soured that day 8 years ago, and now I only look for the negative that support my position.

        You think I’m bad about it, don’t ever ask my wife She will go on for days!

      • Melvin

        I can see how that would make your whole family feel very badly. I hope some day you can meet Votto and turn those feelings into good ones. I hope he somehow finds out.

  7. Melvin

    Stephenson is going to be a good RBI man and the best hitter. There’s no way he should hit lower than 4. Just now got a good strong single to get the run in.

  8. Redsvol

    2 moves across MLB that I would have never predicted;
    – Rockies select Moose to make opening roster after a strong spring (1.087 OPS)

    – Cardinals select Taylor Mottern (yes, ex-Red) to opening day roster.

    • Wallyum

      It bodes well for the Central Division that the Cards will be breaking camp with a 32 year old utility guy who has hit over .200 twice in his career and has yet to amass enough plate appearances to qualify for a batting title. Maybe he has grit.

  9. Melvin

    That wasn’t a good pitching inning was it?

  10. Old-school

    Gotta think overton is a spot starter for Weaver who is a spot starter for ???!!!!!

  11. LarkinPhillips

    I really was rooting for Overton, but I am having trouble seeing him replicate the small sample size of success from last year.

    • Tomn

      Overton needs to be sent to AAA. Whatever he had last year, he doesn’t have now. Next guy up. And I don’t mean Weaver.

  12. Melvin

    Another singe by Barrero = .341 ave. now.

  13. Harry Stoner

    What if Barrero really does start hitting?

    Going to throw some chaos into the organization.

    • Jim t

      How is him hitting going to cause. Chaos?

      • Harry Stoner

        Think about it.

        How many SS are in the queue behind him?

      • Jim t

        @Harry think about this none of them have anytime at the ML level. Filling a hole at SS can not be a bad thing. Having a surplus of good hitting middle infielders can not be a bad thing.

        Think about it!!

      • Harry Stoner

        I’m on it, big fella.

        My question was meant to be ironic.

        Roll with me.

        Given the depth of the Reds IF in the high MiLB, having Barrero start to hit and hit well will suggest some hard decisions are ahead regarding who is playing and who is playing where: EDLC, McLain, Marte, Arroyo.

        Perhaps a bit chaotic. A good position to be in.

    • MBS

      Let’s hope! If Barrero hits, this team gets a lot better.

  14. J

    I’m looking forward to seeing video clips of this game because I want to find out if Overton is pitching overhand or underhand.

  15. Melvin

    Not looking good for Overton tonight. Is there such a thing as a THREE man rotation? 🙂

    • greenmtred

      “Spahn, Sain, and a day of rain.” Boston Braves from a long time ago, and rain was a weather event, not a pitcher.

  16. Old-school


    Who is reds 5 th starter

    Cessa 4

    Serious organizational existential crisis!

    Who is 5 th starter???!

    Nick krall has cut guys who need to be cut

    Time to pivot

    • MBS

      Overton / Bullpen games until Weaver’s ready? Still not good, we obviously messed up by not adding a veteran starter like Cueto.

      • Harry Stoner

        I agree.

        Adding Jonny Beisbol would have been a great baseball as well as PR move.

        A 2023 Reds shed of most of Bell’s 30 y.o.s. Some good Young Turks and Cueto and Votto for a reunion tour.

        My mood for 2023 Reds has much improved since the winter.

        Having Cueto in the SR would have seriously sharpened anticipation for the season ahead.

      • J

        Well, yes and no. At the moment, Cueto wouldn’t be an improvement over Overton. I don’t think we’d want him pitching in real games anytime soon.

      • Melvin

        Cueto could have possibly made us semi competitive.

      • J

        Cueto may wind up having a good season, but right now he’s been dealing with some “arm soreness,” has only pitched three innings of spring training (and gave up 11 runs), and recently declared himself ready to start the season after throwing 61 pitches in a minor league game. Right now, I wouldn’t be any more optimistic with him on the mound than just about anyone the Reds might run out there. Would it be nice to have him on the team as an option? Sure. I think. Maybe. We’ll see.

  17. Jim t

    Overton=batting practice.

    I wonder what Bell did to him? He was so effective last year.

    • LDS

      Overton is 29 and has a bit less than 50IP, 33 of them last year. We’d all like to see him replicate last year’s success, but even Doug warned earlier in the year or late last, that he was 7 likely to.

      • Jim t

        LDS do you think Bell lobbied to sign him.

      • LDS

        Nice try @JimT. But, in reality, would you want to work for a guy like Bell?

      • Jim t

        @LDS really don’t know. From a fan’s perspective the players seem to like playing for him.

      • LDS

        @JimT, would you like it at your workplace if the manager rewarded everyone with more assignments regardless of the quality of their work. Where there was no sense of accountability?

      • Jim t

        @LDS what I really would hate is working for someone who makes assumptions without having the knowledge to support them.

        Reality is this ownership has done very little to give Bell the resources needed to be a contending team.

    • J

      You mean before his season was ended by a broken back?

      • LDS

        After the IL. The bottom line is the Reds relied too much on pitchers returning from the IL and didn’t add in the off season.

      • LDS

        Cheap owners and lousy FO/field evaluation of players. In corporate speak, the Reds do not have a performance culture.

      • Jim t

        @LDS as I have stated many times this team will have a hard time winning until ownership changes hands. Your constant baseless ranting about Bell only minimizes what is most needed. That is the paying customers thumb their collective noses at an inferior product. If that happens a in house assessment of Bells capabilities by baseball people will determine his fate. At this time Ownership has not given Bell anywhere near a team that can contend.

        As a 20 year military veteran and a 30 year corporate manager I can not fault Bell for keeping his mouth shut about how this organization does business.

      • LDS

        Disagree, part of changing an organization’s culture is eliminating the weak leaders. Bell is weak. With your background, accountability mattered. It doesn’t with the Reds.

      • Jim t

        My opinion is Bell is not a weak leader and never to my knowledge has any of his players painted him in that picture.

      • LDS

        @JimT, we’ll agree to disagree. I don’t see him as a leader at all. You do. Let’s just hope some of the games this year are fun.

      • Jim t

        Bell’s issue is his employer has no interest in giving him the necessary players to contend.

      • LDS

        He had a competitive team in 20 and failed. Since they started rebuild #742, probably not. I, too, managed for decades, until I retired in 2020. I guess I was lucky to have spent my career working for companies that expected results and made changes if you failed. Resources were always constrained.

  18. Mark A Verticchio

    Anybody will be better than Overton has been.

    • VaRedsFan

      The ex cy young winner that went to japan would have been my choice. Some people have a problem with a guy that hasn’t been convicted of anything.

      • J

        OJ Simpson was found not guilty of murder, and yet some people have a problem with him. People are so weird that way.

  19. Optimist

    A while back someone mentioned that they can go with a 4 man rotation until April 13 – the first 2 weeks of the season. That seemed interesting, and a possible alternative. Now it looks like a very good idea unless they’re prepared to burn through the bullpen early on.

    Those 2 weeks also buy a possible shared 5th starter slot for whoever is ready first – Weaver, Anderson, someone in Louisville whose 2 starts go well to that point.

    Finally, looks like they’ll scour the waiver wire this week and see if there’s another option available, even on a MiLB roster.

  20. Old-school

    Who is the Reds 5th starter???

    No one can answer that question going into April

    • Melvin

      I’m not even completely sure yet who the 4th starter is legitimately. How can I know who’s the 5th? lol

      • Michael

        Now just imagine one of the big 3 getting hurt and missing significant time. The lack of a bona fide #5 starter is one of the reasons I’m picking them to win about 68 games. I’ll be ok if Cessa can give the team a 4.00 ERA and average btw 5-6 IP/start.

  21. Optimist

    News just in – Hajjar is the PTBNL for Benson. That may sting a bit, though he may be somewhat of a project.

  22. Ryan

    If someone hits that waiver wire with a pulse and has “LHP or RHP” in their bio, they will be a Red. Wouldn’t mind a Benson(but a pitcher this time) type trade. Find an org with a glut of starters and see if they cant get a back of the rotation type for cheap. Barring those options, the 5th starter is a black hole.

  23. CI3J

    Stating the obvious here, but the Reds have a serious 4th and 5th starter problem.

    The last time they were in this position, they made a trade to land Mat Latos to go with the already established 4 of Cueto, Arroyo, Bailey, and Leake. It looks like they will probably need to either trade for or sign a legit pitcher if they hope to compete next season. Cessa is already 30, so he can’t be counted on for much longer.

    It would be nice if some internal candidates can put it together, but as it stands now, starting pitching looks to be a major area of weakness outside the Big 3.

    • Ryan

      They should have better options next season. They need to worry about this season. Chances of competing are slim but they need to make an effort to be a “fun, watchable team”. I’d say they are that 4 out of 5 days. We could certainly do better than Cessa but i do think he’ll at least soak some innings up and not get blown out. Low bar, yes. The 5th rotation spot jeopardizes the entire operation. Exposing what is likely to be a shaky bullpen to more innings is not the way to go.

      • CI3J

        I actually think the bullpen might be better than some are expecting. Maybe not exactly good, but also not horrible, either.

  24. Melvin

    Overton is still pitching getting his pitch count up. I guess he is the 5th starter no matter what at least so far.

    • CI3J

      Yes, they already announced Cess and Overton as the starters. A bad performance now is not going to change that.

  25. David

    I still think that Williamson should have been the 5th starter.

    Yes, there was a lot of bad feeling after his last start against the Mariners, where he got lit up real good. And yes, he would have gotten lit up real good at times during the season, as Hunter Greene did at times last season, despite throwing 100 mph.
    By the end of the season (2022), Hunter Greene was kind of overpowering, as he had mastered a very wicked slider during the season, and had slightly modified his grip on his fastball, to get different movement.
    Likewise, I think Williamson would…by the end of the season (2023) be much more effective than the start of the season.
    But he will start the year in AAA ball, and maybe he gets better there…or just gets more control, etc.
    I think Overton’s appearances early in 2022 with the Reds were a fluke in an otherwise journeyman AAA career. He pitched well, for a stretch, but couldn’t sustain it.
    Weaver is hurt, Chase Anderson is hurt. Who’s next? Because we won’t get fooled again.
    Tony Santillan was a starter in the minors, and maybe it’s time for him to be a starter again.

  26. greenmtred

    LDS, if you could suspend your agenda for awhile, you’d remember that the 2021 team, though it had some good players, also had an historically bad bullpen and a huge number of injuries.