The Cincinnati Reds announced on Saturday afternoon that they had released relief pitcher Hunter Strickland. He had an ERA of 10.00 this spring with the club.

Cincinnati signed Hunter Strickland prior to the 2022 season, but got out to a rough start. He posted an ERA of 9.82 in April, but started moving in the right direction after that. From May 1st through the end of the year his ERA was a solid 4.25 in 55.0 innings where he had 22 walks and 55 strikeouts. He would end the year with a 4.91 ERA overall. Still, after the season he became a free agent. There were no takers on giving him a big league deal, but he re-signed with the Reds on a minor league deal in February as spring training was getting started and got an invite to big league camp.

After a shutout inning in his first appearance he gave up two runs in each of the next two games, then one run in the two that followed. Three perfect outings followed that, but last night he pitched against Arizona and allowed four runs. That took his ERA on the spring from 6.75 up to 10.00. That must have been enough to push the Reds to the decision that he wasn’t going to make the team.

With the release of Strickland, the Cincinnati Reds are down to 34 players that are “active” in camp. That isn’t really true, though, because Tejay Antone, Justin Dunn, Tony Santillan, Lucas Sims, Luke Weaver, and Nick Senzel are all “active”, but none are expected to begin the season on the active roster. Dunn and Antone are expected to miss real amounts of time, with Dunn potentially not returning until well into the second half this season. Senzel is back in games in the spring, but he’s just getting started. Santillan and Weaver are all expected to pitch in the spring game tonight against the White Sox. Sims is expected to throw a side session today. Without setbacks, all of those guys should be ready in April and aren’t expected to miss much time once the season begins.

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  1. J

    The way things are going, one of these days I’m going to check this site and see a headline that Bell has been fired.

    I’m kidding, of course. I assume Bell will be managing the Reds for the rest of his life. But this is pretty amazing news.

    • Votto4life

      You would think losing 100 games would do the trick. But when your father is Team
      Vice-President wins and losses doesn’t seem to matter.

    • mac624

      I honestly believe that day will come when the Reds start getting serious about winning. He’s going to be here for this season at least, and maybe next, but I believe there will be a day in the near future that he isn’t around to befuddle those on this forum! lol

      • greenmtred

        That may well be, but his successor will undoubtedly continue befuddling us. I also think that the Reds are already getting serious about winning or, at least, showing signs of it Too many good young players to easily account for otherwise.

  2. Mark Moore

    Count me among the RLN regulars who is just a little bit surprised … and pleasantly so. Wish Hunter all the best, but we have better options based on what we’ve seen. I consider it a relatively bold move, especially given other moves we’ve seen up to this point.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Surprised? I’m shocked! No ill will and I hope the best for Mr. Strickland in his future endeavors!

  3. Optimist

    Certainly following the recent path of RLN approved transactions.

    If I understand the math, there are 28 players likely available on Opening Day competing for the 26 roster spots? I’ve lost track, but is down to the final 2 pitchers, or is it one each from pitching and field players?

  4. RedsGettingBetter

    Adiós Strickland. Some of logical is still in the Reds FO/Staff decisions. I think Derek Law is the elected to take the spot while Santillán or Sims get back. Who would be the next cut? Sousa? Vosler? Both of them?

    • Optimist

      RGB – I believe you answered my question – it’s down to Ramos or Vosler in the field, and among Sousa, Law, Kuhnel and I suppose Young on the staff.

      • RedsGettingBetter

        I guess Young deserves one spot although Sousa hasn’t be bad but the first is more experienced. I’d choose Young. I think Kuhnel is in. In the other side, the battle between Ramos and Vosler is not finished yet though Ramos is the front runner…

      • Rcsodak

        Vosler can go. Ramos is lighting it up. I also like law and young.

    • Dennis Westrick

      I hope they keep Ramos! Based upon his limited ST stats he deserves a shot with the big club!

  5. Jedi Joey

    Addition by subtraction! Glad he didn’t make the team this year.

  6. Harry Stoner

    “Today wasn’t the day.”

  7. Tampa Red

    That’s two RLN whipping boys released in two days. Which raises an interesting question: Who gets the target on their back now? Bell doesn’t count, that’s too easy. My prediction, based on recent threads:

    Kevin Newman

    • Mark Moore

      +5,000 for the “DTBell is too easy” comment 😀

      Perhaps the 3rd catcher thing as a whole or Newman (though He probably ends up doing fairly well depending on the role he gets to play).

    • Optimist

      No, no, no. Newman is actually the correct signing given the state of the team – he’s a bridge to sorting out the infield lineup for next season and beyond. He’s under 30, has some offensive pop that should play well in GABP, controllable until 2025, and very tradeable into next season for a slightly-more-than-lottery-pick, or last man in bullpen.

      Granted, management may overuse him in preference to the prospects, but that’s not his fault. He’s easily a talent-level ahead of some of the more recent bench/fill-in players they’ve acquired.

      Finally, if not him, who takes his roster spot – Reynolds, a prospect, Lopez/Fairchild? I won’t be surprised if he’s traded this mid-season, and will be surprised if he’s on the roster next mid-season. Still, he’s very useful now.

    • Amarillo

      It will be whichever reliever gives up a run on opening day.

    • CI3J

      It all depends on how Newman is used.

      If Newman is the starting SS and has more ABs and more playing time at SS than Barrero by Memorial Day, then yes, we absolutely should be outraged. But if Newman really is nothing more than a spot-starter who has fewer than 100 ABs by Memorial Day, then that’s acceptable.

      The lineup 8 times out of 10 should be Barrero at SS and Benson in CF. It would be helpful if Newman can take on what Pinder’s role was supposed to be and be able to play all 3 OF positions as well as 3B, SS, and 2B. I would be absolutely fine with Newman being used only as a means to give a normal starter a day’s rest. And based on his stats, that’s how he should be used. We’ll see if Bell does the right thing or not.

      You have to understand, Bell rubbed a lot of us the wrong way when they first brought the red-hot Barrero up and, instead of Bell inserting him straight into the lineup, he continued to play Farmer while Barrero rode the bench and cooled off. Even Doug wrote about how horribly Bell mis-managed that situation. Overall, many of us are upset with the way Bell has handled Barrero, because it seems like Bell refuses to give the kid a fair chance.

      And the question always becomes: Why? Why did Bell always play Farmer over Barrero? Was it because he felt Farmer gave the team a better chance to win now? Well, the team lost 100 games last season, so it seems like that’s not the case. Bell should be managing with the future of the team in mind, not playing mediocre vets who are taking away valuable playing time and ABs from the younger player who may become important stars on the future teams. We need to see what we have.

      This is where the frustration with David Bell comes from. It’s the shortsightedness, and the fact that the team is losing AND the kids aren’t getting any experience at the same time. I could tolerate the losing in the short-term if I felt it was growing pains that was building toward something better in the future. I can’t tolerate losing with a bunch of journeymen who have no future with the team.

      Getting rid of Pinder and Strickland does give me a bit more hope than I had a few days ago. Now we’ll see if Bell does the right thing with the Newman/Barrero situation.

      • BK

        Bell played Farmer over Barrero in 2021 when the Reds were in fact chasing the playoffs. Many wanted Suarez to sit, Farmer to move to 3B and Barrero to play SS. The ice cold Suarez broke out of his slump in September.

        Last season, Barrero was recalled from the minors with a BA at the Mendoza line and Bell moved Farmer to 3B to allow Barrero to start at SS for the remainder of the season.

      • VegasRed

        From your lips (words) to God’s ears!

      • CI3J

        @BK: This is what Doug wrote at that time, and this is why many of us were frustrated with David Bell:

        The question may be, and likely is: How much will Jose Barrero play? Kyle Farmer has been the shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds most of the season. He’s done all that one could reasonably ask of him. Farmer has played a solid defensive shortstop – perhaps even better than solid. And his July at the plate was Barry Bonds-like. But even with an incredible July at the plate, Farmer’s posted an OPS+ of just 86 – meaning he’s still been 14% worse than the league average hitter. Since August began he’s hit just .259/.286/.389 with one walk.

        Jose Barrero is the future shortstop of the Cincinnati Reds. He’s absolutely been killing the ball in the minor leagues this season. He’s the best defender at the shortstop position in the organization. No sanely run organization would, or should default to a 31-year-old who has had one good month at the plate in his entire career over a stud top rated 23-year-old prospect who has killed the ball in Triple-A – which we wrote about just a few days ago. This is where you hand the keys to Barrero and let him show you that he’s not the answer before you take them back from him.

      • BK

        @CIJ3, “And the question always becomes: Why? Why did Bell always play Farmer over Barrero? Was it because he felt Farmer gave the team a better chance to win now? Well, the team lost 100 games last season, so it seems like that’s not the case.”

        The article you referenced was written during the 2021 season. While I don’t disagree with Doug’s logic, it is quite understandable why a manager would prefer a good player over a prospect during a pennant race. Both approaches are easily defendable.

        The Reds lost 100 games in 2022. The way your post is written, it appears that you are using the losing season in 2022 to express frustration about the decision made in 2021. Barrero’s MiLB performance and the Red’s fortunes were very different in those two years.

      • CI3J

        That’s just is:

        As Doug correctly points out, Farmer was not, and has never been, a “good player”. There is zero justification for Bell sticking with him over Barrero. And not only did he do it in 2021, he also did it in 2020 and 2022.

        This is why we all believe Bell prefers mediocre vets over playing talented kids. It could not be more crystal clear than Bell continuing to prefer the mediocre, below-average Farmer over the much more talented Barrero.

        And this is also why we are worried about what Bell is going to do with Newman. We have every reason to expect it to be Farmer/Barrero Redux, where Bell sticks with a mediocre vet over the much more talented younger player.

      • BK

        @CI3J, in 2022 Barrero was recalled on August 3rd. He made 46 starts at shortstops and entered two additional games producing -1.6 bWAR and an OPS of 10 (that is 90 percent below average). Farmer was moved to 3B to accommodate Barrero. The only reason Barrero didn’t play more is Bell was merciful and gave him a few days off in an effort to help him make some corrections.

        Barrero has looked much better this Spring, and I expect he’ll get the lion’s share of the starts at SS and every opportunity to prove himself. If this doesn’t happen and he remains healthy, I’ll join the chorus. That said, Barrero has been given tons of opportunities this spring. I don’t expect to have to ask LDS to pass me the crow.

        FWIW, I thought he should have played more in 2021, too. But I understand why Bell made his decisions as pennant races should trump player development at the highest levels of pro sports.

    • JayTheRed

      No I think Newman is an important part of this team. I’m still hesitant to join the Berrero fan club yet. He has to show me something when it counts for a month or two before I jump on the bandwagon.

  8. greenmtred

    That’s already happening. I think anybody who falters is fair game, and the attraction of fabulist conspiracy theories is far too potent to ignore.

    • DaveCT

      How about a trend of Buddy Bell is really managing the team via the equivalent of pitch com between he and David, with Buddy stationed in an underground bunker 10 floors beneath GABP? When ultimately uncovered and revealed, Bob will insist David be given a real chance and extend him for ten years. Pinder signed as hitting coach and Strickland pitching coach. I could go on.

  9. MBS

    I was just me of the few who didn’t care about Pinder, but I am glad Strickland got cut. We have better arms that are ready now.

  10. J

    We’re all very surprised and excited every time this organization makes a move that increases, rather than decreases, the odds of winning baseball games. It’s like we’ve been held hostage for several years and our captors have finally decided to let us have blankets to help us get through the cold nights, and we’re all so happy and surprised and grateful.

  11. LDS

    A great day for the Reds and their fans. Pile that crow on. It tastes pretty good. One more biggie Krall. Get’er done.

      • LDS

        Bell. I’ll take my chances with the rest of the roster this year. Especially if someone else were managing.

    • wkuchad

      So to be clear, if Pinder or Strickland made the team, it would have been Bell’s fault. But the fact that they didn’t was due to Krall? I’m just trying to understand how things work.

      • LDS

        It would have meant Bell had more clout than Krall. All it means now is further internal conflict

    • Tampa Red

      Man, I do admire your ability to stay on narrative.

  12. DataDumpster

    Ok, Pinder and Strickland gone. Good for the team, but it was fun while it lasted! I got a little hyped up about trying to figure out Bell’s strategy for giving these two obviously overmatched men so many chances. I figured that the Law Of Averages would assert itself and maybe Pinder would have a big offensive day or two and Strickland would finally have a clean inning or two and that could do it for both of them. Didn’t happen, so they became untenable by any reasonable standard. So, call me wrong or just expecting the usual tendencies from this manager, either way those moves put a good cap on a SP that was largely successful in getting the key players more work and also showed a good bit of promise for mid season call ups.
    Still optimistic for a 72 or so winning season but is that really good enough to extend David Bell again when the young guns and a reasonable new money investment would significantly raise expectations in a potentially very competitive window.

    • LDS

      I’d rather lose 100 games and say bye to Bell than win 72 and see him extended. Serioiusly, I dread him managing the young talent coming up. Now, the biggest seasonal risk is how often he promotes the “utility” theory by moving players all over the field.

      • MK

        I think Bell, for his faults gets a bad rap when it comes to using and nurturing prospects. Under his watch he has had a Rookie of the Year, his top three starters were rookies under his watch, He took a long shot chance on rookie Diaz who developed into a closer and has also worked closely with his former top prospect catcher. He has used a lot of guys past their primes or who didn’t have a prime but it is who he has to work with. It has been more about the Fruit guys Bob and Phil and the talent provided.

      • wkuchad

        MK, stop using facts. You might implode certain posters’ delusions.

      • LDS

        Let’s not forget India was helped by injuries not Bell’s management. Regardless, we’ll never agree.

      • BK

        India’s opportunity may have come due to injuries, but he thrived under Bell’s management. While it’s early, ST couldn’t have gone better under Bell’s leadership, with Steer, Benson, Friedl, Fraley, and Barrero all making solid showings and earning big-league opportunities. While optimistic, I did not expect ST to go this well. Bell deserves some of the credit for this progress.

      • Oldtimer

        Pete Rose’s opportunity for ROY in 1963 came as a result of Don Blasingame’s injury in ST 1963.

      • Doc

        Lou Gehrig got the job when Wally Pipp was sick. Manager’s decision in each case mentioned was to go with the replacement, not to revert to the player they replaced. Credit where credit is due.

      • Oldtimer

        Pipp was a Red in the 1920s. Pretty good player. Not Gehrig but good.

      • Votto4life

        That is a myth, Wally Pipp didn’t lose his job because he had a headache. Pipp lost his job because he was having an awful season. Pipp was hitting .244 overall and just .188 the three weeks prior to being replaced by Lou Gehrig.

        If Wally Pipp was benched over a headache, it was the one Miller Huggins got from watching Pipp wiff two or three times a game.

      • MK

        The last Reds Manager who did as well with young people was Sparky in 1970. That team did great with Rookies: Bernie Carbo, Wayne Simpson, Don Gullett, Dave Concepcion and Angel Bravo as well as first year starter Hal McRae.

  13. Kevin Patrick

    Reveling in this release is a bit on the ghoulish side of things. I wonder whether another team will actually view his acquisition as an upgrade? I expect a team with low expectations might find value there at some point. I also did not share the ire at Pinder lasting as long as he had through spring. All that said, I DO feel a bit of relief knowing that I won’t see any player that is universally despised. Its kind of hard to see a player doing their best only to be loathed. This group of Reds certainly has the potential to have a NEW player everyone can loathe. My hope has been that there would be some team with a surplus of actual starting pitchers whom the Reds could sweep in and pluck from the scrap heap as a matter of roster convenience for the departing team. Each day from here till Opening Day keeps me looking at my phone probably in vain.

  14. 2020ball

    And the last domino falls. RLN in full regular season mode all spring though, plenty ready for the season!

  15. Old-school

    Krall is doing a nice job. Nothing wrong with bringing veteran guys in for a look. Roster reconstruction is in full mode

    • TR

      Another good move by the Reds. Nick Krall has the team pointed in the right direction.

  16. Bdh

    I figured this was coming. Didn’t think he’d make the reds and Louisville’s bullpen has enough options just as good too

    Santillan, Sims, and Weaver are all supposed to be back in April. I’m assuming they’ll replace Overton, Kuhnel, and Law. That would give Louisville something of the following

    Rotation arms

    Herget (he still around?)

    Bullpen arms

    Bracho (he still around?)

    I don’t know how many pitchers they’ll even keep on staff there. Just pointing out it was easy to see this move coming

    • Redsvol

      You are correct there is depth but it certainly isn’t very good depth if this Spring training is any measure. We needed about 40 pitchers to get thru last year. If some of these guys get called up we are going to pine for the times we could plug Jeff Hoffman into the hole.

    • Jimbo44CN

      I don’t know about Sims. He looked shaky even when he was fresh, and his delivery is violent and twitchy. Not good for someone with back issues. I hope he comes back and does well, but I would not count on it.

  17. Melvin

    Wow. I thought he might have pitched his way onto the team after getting the final two outs AFTER giving up those four earned runs in that inning.

  18. Tony Cloninger

    Get rid of Senzel then it’s even better. Trying to turn a multi injured player into Cesar Tovar but who hits like Juan Castro. Brilliant

    • Michael

      Tony – Good point. Bell says he is impressed by Senzel’s BP this spring. But I don’t trust Bell as much of a talent evaluator (dude loves his veterans – def think he wanted Pinder and Strickland) so we will see once Nick gets so AB’s in Louisville. Did you see that Bell has called him one of the best players on the team? He might still have the potential to be that but that is completely unrealized at this point. I would say there’s at least 6 obvious names who are clearly better and Nick is in a scrap with Benson, Steer, Barrero, Newman, Casali, Maile, and Ramos to be #7. And of course this ranking doesn’t count any pitchers. What a crazy comment from our manager and even I wonder why Bell gets so much hate from RLN.

    • Bdh

      I think Senzel was only tendered a contract this season because the timeline the decision had to be made. If the reds didn’t have to make that decision until after they signed Myers/traded for Benson I don’t think he’s a Red this year.

      Becoming a utility player helps but He’s still going to have to breakout with the bat if he wants arb 2 money. Even then he’ll likely be in a battle for the last roster spot.

      In 2024 I currently would guess/hope

      C – 2 – Stephenson + Casali or Vellojin
      1B/DH – 2 – Votto + CES
      2B – 1 – India
      SS – 2 – Barrero + De La Cruz
      3B – 1 – Steer
      OF – 3 – Fraley, Friedl, Benson
      UT – 1 – McLain
      Last spot – Senzel, Solak, Fairchild, Cerda (hopefully), McGarry, Siani. Midway through the season Marte gets called up and it doesn’t matter who had this spot.

      • Bdh

        They could also sign a free agent outfielder and that settles it too.

    • Oldtimer

      Love the Cesar Tovar reference. Wonder how many realize Tovar was a Red before he was traded to Twins for Gerry Arrigo.

  19. David

    Coming in late to this, but my gripe with Hunter Strickland was …why was he even invited to Spring Training? They watched him plenty last year, and we knew what he was.
    I get the whole “depth” and the cattle call mentality of sorting out a bull pen for the Reds, but I just think that Strickland was really not a guy that should have even been here.
    Pinder has been a career sub-average hitting “utility” player. If he had batted 0.350 this Spring, then I am sure he would have made the roster. He fit a certain niche that the Reds wanted filled. But he was who most of us thought he was…a sub-mediocre (replacement level) hitter with position versatility. And though he is likely a nice guy and has some value to some team, he doesn’t fit into the picture that a lot of us have of a young, rebuilding team.
    In the 1980’s, one season the Reds had a guy named Kelly Paris as a “utility” player. Some of the coaches were thrilled to have him on the team. He was, again, a sub-mediocre ML hitter, with some fielding skills at various positions.
    The Reds also had another guy filling that role called Terry Francona. He was another guy that was likeable (Marty Brennamen recalled that they became great friends when he was on the club) but not that great a player. He has become a very successful Major League Manager.

  20. Roger Garrett

    Hunter was given every chance to make the team because he was a vet that at one point was a closer.Spending time looking at guys that used to be is just where this organization is and has been and will be until they are willing to spend some money to acquire talent.I would just as soon see younger unproven players pitch and play the field anytime until some money is spent.Reds will have to develop and spend before they can become relevant again and we all know that.Good luck to Hunter and who knows maybe he has some left for some other team.

    • Bdh

      It’s so weird seeing people here get so bent out of shape over NRI’s in spring acting like the reds are the only team that does it.

      The post Im responding to blasts the reds for taking a chance on Strickland as a harmless NRI to see if he was closer to his 2021 self and then after wishing him luck in the last sentence goes on to say “maybe he has some left for some other team.” Basically what the reds were trying to see

      Jason Heyward just made the Dodgers (not owned by the Castellinis last time I checked) opening day roster as a NRI after putting up an OPS+ of 58 last season and a .213 batting average this spring. Can’t imagine if that happened here.

      • DaveCT

        Just watched old friend Ryan Hendrix strike of the side for AZ vs. the Mariners.
        No special point to be made but he was looking good.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        My memory of Ryan Hendrix is someone who finished every pitch delivery with his face looking straight at the ground instead of at his target. I always thought that might be an issue standing in the way of his possible success.

      • Melvin

        @ Tom Not to mention possibly getting drilled by a line drive.

      • DaveCT

        Tom, his breaking ball looked to have a sharper break, but as if he was taking something off of it. I’m also interested to see what other orgs do with out castoffs (Usually about the same as we do, but not always), and like to see them do well. He’s got a great WHIP this spring (0.75) and 14 K’s in 7-8 innings, but also 3 HR’s given up.

      • DaveCT

        Riley O’Brian had another decent relief appearance for the M’s just now. Breaking ball looked really nice, got a big 2-out K on three straight. However, the DBacks were on his fastball. Still, worked around two hits for a scoreless 8th, in something his 9th spring appearance.

      • Roger Garrett

        Easy friend.I do wish him luck as I said and maybe he does get another chance and does well.I wan’t blasting the Reds just stating the obvious as to how they go about doing business and what they need to do.As far as Heyward I would take him in a heart beat as a bench piece and maybe start some games but comparing Heyward to Hunter isn’t a fair fight.Heyward can kelp you win games with his arm his legs and his bat and Hunter only helps by getting hitters out.Reds won’t pay Heyward and Dodgers will and then may cut him and never blink.

  21. wkuchad

    This is a little sad. Just saw who the third highest paid player on the Reds is this year.

    Joey Votto – 25 million
    Wil Myers – 6 million
    Ken Griffey Jr – 3.6 million

    Fingers crossed Griffey has a career year!

    • LDS

      Leaves out Moose who is getting about $18 million. Junior is 4th

      • wkuchad

        I think I blocked that out. Easier to pretend that’s not true.

    • CI3J

      Griffey comes off the books next year.

      • JayTheRed

        After seeing a video of Griffey who was a coach for Team USA this year, I feel like he could be our best hitting OF player. He can still rake pitches that is for sure. Yes, it was batting practice, but he still has really good power.

  22. Tom Mitsoff

    A player to keep in mind — Milwaukee is placing Keston Hiura on waivers. He still has years of team control remaining, and good power stats. $2M contract for this year. Milwaukee will probably try to work a trade before allowing him to go through waivers. If he makes it to waivers, Reds would be in position to make a claim.

    • DaveCT

      Be an interesting reclamation project. Hard to see a GABP effect though as the Brewers stadium isn’t exactly pitching friendly.

      Still watching the Mariners, Jared Kelenic is having a monster spring, after having been grouped with Senzel, Hiura and a few others as having reached the point of no return for their careers. He revamped his swing and looks on the verge of a breakout. Great for him, one, but, two, I was really hoping to grab him in a ‘buy low’ guy with the Castillo trade. Nope

    • DaveCT

      As for another former Brewer (and Card), boy am I glad that Kolten Wong is in Seattle now. Ian Happ, next please.

      • Old-school

        Kinda surprised the Cubs didnt lock him up. Switch hitting GG LF that crushes Reds pitching and played his college ball in Cincy.

        Might be a Castellanos type contract next off season but geez. Reds will have payroll flexibility and a complete player

      • DaveCT

        Schwarber would have been another. Even more Castellanos like given his defense, and haz-mat to Reds pitching

      • TR

        Kolten Wong, as a Brewer, usually made games tough for the Reds.

    • BK

      The good news is that I don’t really see a need for him or how he would be an upgrade, and he’s a decent player, even if he will likely always strike out too much. I expect the Reds to watch the waiver wire closely for pitching upgrades.

      • LDS

        @BK, we going to shake up RLN here and agree with you. Hard to see what adding another IF to the fix accomplishes. Huira isn’t likely to suddenly become Joe Morgan.

      • BK

        Well LDS, that made my day … hope it didn’t hurt too much 🙂

    • DHud

      My opinion the reds should run far and fast from Hiura and that 40% strike out rate

      I’m cautiously optimistic that the days of “swing and miss tendencies” in scouting reports is behind us

      • JayTheRed

        I’d rather have Naquin back than Hiura.

  23. BK

    Charlie Goldsmith is reporting Will Benson has been told he will be on the Red’s opening day roster.

  24. Doc

    All those who were certain Pinder would make the team raise your hand.

    All those who were certain Strickland would make the team raise your hand.

    All those who raised hands, have you maybe just a slight inkling that DB is not calling the shots, and that Nick Krall has at least a clue?

    • Tampa Red

      I mean, they would need to go back and delete like a billion posts claiming otherwise, but one can hope lol

    • Melvin

      I think Krall is more likely to lose his job than Bell. There has to be friction there and we well know Buddy Bell and his relationship with Big Bob. So yes I do believe Krall made those decisions and most likely Bell didn’t get his way…..and I like em. This is one time Krall gets praise rather than having to take the heat. Good job.

      • VaRedsFan

        Krall has done a great job IMO. His only big failure was Mike Minor. He acquired a lot of talent. They might not all pan out like we hope, but there is at least optimism for the future.

      • Tampa Red

        Lol, man the narrative that David Bell wants to lose with 30+ year old journeyman and can only be saved from himself by external forces will never die.

        Long live The Narrative!!

      • Melvin

        @ Tampa I don’t know if Bell consciously wants to lose with 30+ year old journeymen. He may want to do things his way more than winning. I don’t know. I do believe he has a hard time winning period even with good players and therefore do not trust his judgment. I, like most if not all on here, am extremely tired of losing. His record has never shown that he can win. Even with good talent he was barely over .500. That’s my problem with David Bell. It’s nothing personal.

      • greenmtred

        Melvin: The one year he had good players, he also had one of the worst bullpens in MLB history and more injuries than almost any other team. And still finished above .500 and would quite possibly have made the playoffs–despite the late-season losing streak–had not the Cards run off an incredible winning streak.

      • Melvin

        “Why does there have to be friction?”

        Maybe most likely is a better way of saying it. Thanks for keeping me on my toes…again. 🙂

      • Melvin

        @greenmtred – If I were going to defend David Bell, personally, I wouldn’t bring up 2021 when the Reds folded up like a cheap umbrella down the stretch. I’m also pretty sure he had pretty good talent to manage in 2020. Of course we barely made the playoffs and didn’t score a single run after getting there. Everyone has different ways of looking at it I guess. 🙂 I just want to win and am EXTREMELY TIRED of not doing so.

    • VaRedsFan

      Thank goodness they were cut, because we’ve all seen how Bell handles such players previously.

    • Michael

      Doc, it was clear to me that Krall calls the shots when Barrero was promoted last year and Kyle Farmer was bumped to 3rd. I can’t imagine that was a Bell decision in fact in interviews he didn’t seem thrilled with it.

    • JayTheRed

      Both players I have wanted to be cut since after the first week of spring training.