The Cincinnati Reds hit the road today for an afternoon contest against the Arizona Diamondbacks. First pitch is set for 4:10pm ET at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick.

Reds (13-12-1) vs Diamondbacks (13-13-1)



1 Kevin Newman SS Josh Rojas 2B
2 Spencer Steer 3B Evan Longoria 3B
3 Jose Barrero CF Kyle Lewis DH
4 Will Benson RF Christian Walker 1B
5 Curt Casali DH Corbin Carroll LF
6 Henry Ramos LF Nick Ahmed SS
7 Luke Maile C Jake McCarthy RF
8 Matt Reynolds 2B P.J. Higgins C
9 Jason Vosler 1B Alek Thomas CF
10 Hunter Greene RHP Zac Gallen RHP

Reserve players on today’s Reds roster

Pitchers Catchers
Fernando Cruz James Free
Alexis Diaz Daniel Vellojin
Buck Farmer Infielders
Ian Gibaut Austin Callahan
Hunter Strickland Ilvin Fernandez
Michael Byrne Carlos Jorge
Ryan Nutof Outfielders
Spencer Stockton Michael Siani
Jack Rogers

There are five relievers scheduled to pitch today (the top five guys listed above). That would suggest that we probably aren’t going to see Hunter Greene in the game for all that long as each of them are probably scheduled to throw an inning. Then there are the three minor league guys ready to come in if there’s any further need.

Where to watch/listen/follow the game

There is no television broadcast for today’s game. If you want to listen to the game you can tune your radio to 1360 WSAI AM.

Reds links and news

Chad Pinder was released

The Cincinnati Reds made four roster moves today. They released Chad Pinder, but also sent pitchers Brandon Williamson and Chase Anderson, as well as utility man Matt Reynolds to minor league camp. We wrote about it in more depth earlier today if you wanted to give it a look.

The rotation is “set”

We’ve long known that the top three of the rotation would be Hunter Greene, Nick Lodolo, and Graham Ashcraft. It was the other two spots that were unknown. That’s no longer a question as the team announced that it would be Connor Overton and Luis Cessa taking the 4th and 5th spots. That, of course, comes with a caveat from me – not from the team. There’s always the opportunity to pick up someone who was waived by another team to take one of those spots if it is deemed to be an upgrade. Overton has allowed 15 hits and has an ERA of 14.85 in 6.2 innings this spring, and while he did have some success in the big leagues last year, it may not be something the team feels can be replicated.

58 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    But will Pinder still go to DTBell’s house for cook-outs? I mean, that’s along the lines it seems some commenters thought was the relationship (removing tongue from cheek).

    The final 26-man will be interesting to see. This line-up certainly isn’t full of starters, but everybody does need to get some reps in. I’m just happy we’re a week out from actual games that count. And that I get to share the 2023 rollercoaster with all of the RLN friends.

    • LDS

      Maybe, Pijnder’s thinking “I washed your car. I cut your grass. What’s a guy got to do to get a job around here?”

  2. Bdh

    Glad to see Ramos is making the opening day roster while Senzel continues getting ready. Got to think Vosler is only around now in the chance Votto still misses time to start the season as well

    C – Stephenson
    1B – Votto / Myers
    2B – India
    SS – Barrero
    3B – Steer
    LF – Friedl
    CF – Benson
    RF – Myers / Ramos
    DH – Fraley

    B – Casali
    B – Maile
    B – Newman
    B – Ramos / Vosler

  3. Melvin

    “Overton has allowed 15 hits and has an ERA of 14.85 in 6.2 innings this spring,”

    Well hey. You can’t ask for more than that can you? 🙂

  4. Dennis Westrick

    Won-loss records in ST don’t necessarily indicate how a team will perform during the regular season! Haven’t done the research but I don’t recall the Reds teams of the 70’s lighting it up in spring training! And, at 70 years old, my memory is not what it used to be!

    What is improtant is getting everyone in playing shape for the long 162 game grind ahead that is the regular season! Especially the pitching staff because, as we all know, there will be injuries to both starters and relievers! Hope Greene has a good outing today and can go 5 innings!

  5. Bdh

    4/5 spots look like they’ll be a revolving door this year between 10 possible players

    Cessa – will be fine but idk if he’s going to be able to throw a full seasons workload

    Overton – the other pitcher to get first crack at the starting rotation in 2023. I’d go with Anderson but being on the 40 man already probably won this spot for Overton.

    Weaver – probably takes Overton’s spot when he returns but like with Cessa can he handle the full season of innings

    Williamson – was hoping he’d run with his opportunity but obviously still needs to work out a couple things. He’ll be fine

    Stoudt – If other names on this list work out then I think he’ll make a very good reliever but I think he’s an ok back of the rotation option when the time comes this year

    Anderson – I was happy when they brought him back. I think he will throw some quality innings for Cincinnati at some point this year.

    Dunn/Gutierrez – both will start games at some point this season. Would be great if we see the better versions of these guys when they return

    Abbott/Phillips – long shots but they’re the future. If none of Williamson/Stoudt/Dunn/Gutierrez cement a spot in the rotation then these 2 along with the big 3 could be the 2024 rotation.

    • David

      I am not opposed to Chase Anderson, but I think he is hurt right now and not ready. He will get some time in extended Spring Training in Arizona, then pitch some innings in AAA to get ready. Then….Overton is on the bubble. If Cessa flops as a starter, then he will go back to the bullpen.

      Overton pitched lousy early, but did have a couple of later good outings. And yes, it will be sketchy out there past the Big Three young guns. If Williamson or Stoudt gets off to a hot start in AAA, then they may be up to get plugged in.
      I would not count on Dunn this year…or likely ever.
      Gutierrez is still recovering from TJ surgery.

      Tony Santillan? He’s a big guy with a big arm, and was a starter all through the minors. Maybe his time has come!!!!

  6. DaveCT

    Hunter Greene V. Corbin Carroll could be a fun matchup.

  7. CI3J

    Really happy to hear Pinder has been removed from the equation.

    Now the only thing I have to gripe about is the continued poor treatment of Barrero. Is it really so hard to just let him play SS for a full season?

    But I guess Newman should really be called NewFarmer. Because that’s what he is, another washed-up vet who is going to get the majority of playing time and ABs at SS while they continue to jerk Barrero around.

    • Jim t

      Farmer was far from a washed up vet. Did you watch the games last year? Barrera will be given another opportunity to secure the SS position. If memory serves me he saw quite a bit of time there last year after the trade deadline. I hope he is successful. He is a year removed from an injury. The position is his for the taking. I hope he can do it. If he doesn’t it won’t be Bell’s fault.

      • CI3J

        Kyle Farmer has never put up an OPS+ above 90 (last year), and is a below-average fielder.

        You’re right, he isn’t washed up. He’s just always been a below-replacement level player.

    • Roger Garrett

      Exactly but Newman is a true short stop and he was signed to a 2.7 mil contract and I don’t think that means being a utility guy.Barrero will have to learn a new position it appears while he learns to hit major league pitching.Now where have I heard that before?

      • LDS

        So is Barrero and likely the better defender. Certainly, the better hitter potentially.

      • Old-school

        We will see Roger. I think Newman was brought in to be an insurance policy and compete against Barrero to push Barrero but also be a back up at 3b/Ss/2b

        Reds have cheapest 3b/SS/2b in baseball in Steer Barrero and India and Newman

        A veteran utility guy who finished second in GG at SS in 2021 at 3x the minimum salary is a great asset

        Steer plus newman plus barrero plus india combined makes less than Tommy Pham last year and 4x less than Moose

        This is value. I think Barrero gets a long look. As I told LDS- if Barrero is not regularly playing SS- I will join the criticism but I dont see it happening unless Barrero is hitting .151 in may with a 37% K rate

      • Jim t

        Roger, Jose B started 46 games for the reds at SS last year. He has also played a few games in CF for the Reds previously. Having him play a few games in CF is not a huge undertaking for him. If he dose not improve at the plate it won’t be because he played a few games in CF. He didn’t play an inning there last year and didn’t hit 200 in 165 AB’s. Fact is Bell has given him an opportunity to establish himself at the ML’s that he hasn’t taken advantage of. If he doesn’t succeed it won’t be because of him playing a few games in CF.

      • LDS

        Don’t discount the injury and he’s hitting well this spring as he did before the injury

    • J

      The “washed up vet” is 29, which is often around the age players have their best seasons. This is guy who was the 19th overall pick, hit .308 (with 12 homers) in 2019, and 2022 was his best year since then. So he’s actually trending in the right direction and there’s no reason to assume he’s “washed up.” He may turn out to be a bust, he may actually be pretty good. And he’s a legit shortstop.

      • LDS

        Senzel is about a year younger and a high draft pick. He’s over 1500 ABs and isn’t likely to suddenly explode as an all star.

      • J

        LDS, maybe we have different understandings of the term “pretty good.” To me, that doesn’t suggest “all-star.” What I was actually trying to suggest is that he’s young enough, and trending in the right direction based on 2022, to potentially have his best season, which, if true, would make him a pretty good player. He simply doesn’t qualify as a “washed up veteran.”

      • LDS

        We’ll see. He hit over .300 once several years ago. I still think Barrero’s ceiling is higher and deserves the lion share of starts at SS.

      • J

        Maybe I’m just very old, but 2019 doesn’t seem like many years ago to me. I have a pretty clear recollection of life before covid.

        I agree Barrero has a higher ceiling. That fact doesn’t make Newman a “washed up veteran.”

      • Jim t

        @ J,Newman andFarmer only became a washed up veteran when it can be used to discredit our manager.

      • LDS

        No JimT, Newman has a career OPS+ of 79, Kyle Farmer an 85. They aren’t washed up veterans. They are below average journeymen. Never weres is more accurate than washed up.

      • J

        Newman’s 2019 season his OPS was .799 (and he didn’t play half his games at GAB). Since then, he’s had the equivalent of two season’s worth of plate appearances. I’m not sure that’s enough to say he can’t possibly ever return to his 2019 form. He’s 29 years old.

        I remember a below-average never-was named Drury who turned out to be pretty good. It happens.

      • CI3J

        So what? I don’t want to see a 29 year old journeyman playing SS. I want to see the young talent playing, so we can see what we’ve got for the future.

        There is no justification Newman should be getting more playing time at SS than Barrero. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. It’s counter-productive to the future of the team.

        Barrero should be the full-time shortstop with Newman getting a few spot starts here and there.

      • J

        Nobody is arguing Barrero shouldn’t be playing. I assume the Reds believe the shortstop of the future is in the minors right now, and they’re trying to figure out where else JB can play. If he plays every day at short, they can’t figure that out.

      • Ryan

        “There’s no reason Newman should play above Barrero”. I mean sure, he’s had a great spring, and I’m here for it. Newman was a necessary addition thought because Jose had a .400 OPS last season, and didnt hit well in AAA. The Reds gave him an opportunity to make the roster this spring and hes done that. They are likely 1A and 1B at SS with Barrero getting looks against LHP in CF.

  8. Old-school

    Steer homers off Zac Gallen – good mlb pitcher

    Hes had a strong spring offensively

    • Bdh

      He’s definitely capable of having a Drury-ish season. .260 – .270 average, 800+ OPS, 20-25 HR thanks to GABP. Is this that much of a stretch?

  9. Old-school

    Barrero singles and steals 2b

    Hitting near .300 and OPS .800

    Thats a strong bat with great defense.

    See what happens when it matters

  10. Jim t

    Oh my Gosh!!! Barrera got a hit and scored a run. The strange thing is he is playing CF. How could this happen?

  11. Old-school

    Greene 4 shutout innings and hitting 102 mph

    Shut it down

    Next stop…GABP

  12. Jpser05

    Barrero – Our new star Centerfielder, with a homer! I am really rooting for this kid to hit!

    • RedBB

      Please no…he should play SS most days.

      • greenmtred

        Why? He’s played some center in the past and the Reds have high-level SS prospects waiting in the wings. That said, I tend to agree and think that he will likely mostly play short.

  13. Jim t

    Barrera just homered while playing CF. Bell is a genius. Just kidding guys. So good to see that young man putting it together. Hope he has turned the corner.

  14. DW

    So good to see Barrero hit a homer off a cy young candidate quality pitcher. Strikeout rate is still high, but loads of potential there if he figures it out.

  15. Roger Garrett

    Hunter is in and well its time to go.As much as I want all the Reds to perform well its beyond me how some guys just keep getting chance after chance and others just don’t.

  16. J

    I wonder how many runs Strickland needs to give up today to make this organization have some doubts about him.

    • LDS

      I don’t know but if Krall dumps him this weekend, l’ll become a fan of his. Fire Bell and I’ll be calling him baseball’s GM of the year.

      • Melvin

        If he fires Bell he’ll likely be a GM for another team because he won’t be one for long on this one. lol

  17. MK

    Strickland must have naked pictures of Bob or Phil’s spouse.

  18. DW

    Heck, successful outing for Hunter…no HR’s allowed

  19. old-school

    Pinder got his shot and didn’t cut it and Krall moved on. Strickland same. He will move on as well.

    Young guys making progress and most have answered the bell. Williamson not withstanding. Barrero and Steer and benson have earned starting jobs and done what was asked. Doesnt mean they are MLB players but they earned a long look in 2023.

    • RedBB

      Ramos over Benson especially if Benson has options which I’m pretty sure he does.

  20. Mark A Verticchio

    I don’t see how Ramos doesn’t make the team. Also Strickland has to go.

    • RedBB

      Reds brain trust will find away….same reason they sent down CES

      • greenmtred

        They either sent down CES because they concluded that he needed to work on aspects of his game or because they’re committed to not playing their best players. That sum it up?

  21. RedBB

    If Benson has options that he should be sent down. Henry Ramos is playing too well IMO

  22. Eddiek957

    I guess I’ll remember Farmer fondly. When he was hot fun player to watch. Played hard every game for terrible teams. The last man standing from the dodger trade

    • Jim Walker

      The issue was never Farmer the player or person for me; and, I suspect many others.

      Ironically and beyond his control he became the poster child for what the organization was intentionally becoming.

      • Roger Garrett

        +1000 with intentionally becoming being exactly correct

  23. Jim t

    Farmer was a hard working veteran leader which was much needed. The youngsters on this team hopefully learned a lot from him. First and foremost is that it isn’t always about talent. His work ethic and dedication to his game is something I hope the youngsters remember and apply to their careers. All this chatter about him being an obstacle for young players is laughable. He was an example
    of what it takes to be a major leaguer. I’ll bet if you asked the India’s and Stephenson’s and quite a few others on the team last year they would tell you just that.