The Cincinnati Reds get back on the field tonight following an off day on Tuesday. They will play hosts to the San Diego Padres tonight. First pitch is set for 9:05pm ET.

Padres (11-12) vs Reds (12-11-1)



1 Adam Engel CF Jonathan India 2B
2 Tim Lopes SS Joey Votto 1B
3 Rougned Odor 2B Wil Myers RF
4 Nelson Cruz DH Tyler Stephenson DH
5 David Dahl LF TJ Friedl CF
6 Jose Azocar RF Kevin Newman SS
7 Brett Sullivan C Spencer Steer 3B
8 Matthew Batten 3B Curt Casali C
9 Taylor Kohlwey 1B Will Benson LF
10 Seth Lugo RHP Graham Ashcraft RHP

Reserve players on today’s Reds roster

Pitchers Infielders
Buck Farmer Chad Pinder
Hunter Strickland Jason Vosler
Reiver Sanmartin Ilvin Fernandez
Mike Byrne Quincy McAfee
Brooks Crawford Nick Quintana
Pedro Garcia Jose Torres
Catchers Outfielders
Luke Maile Henry Ramos
Eric Yang Nick Senzel

Just in case you overlooked it, Nick Senzel is with the team in an official capacity today for the first time of the spring. He’s going to be on the bench rather than in the starting lineup, but he may be making his spring debut today.

Where to watch/listen/follow the game

You can watch tonight’s game on Bally Sports Ohio as well as and MLB Network. If you want to listen in on the radio then set your dial to 700 WLW AM.

Reds links and news

Checking in on the injured players

Today saw us get some updates on several injured players for the Reds who are working their way back. Tony Santillan, Luke Weaver, and Lucas Sims were all expected to throw today, but it seems unlikely any will be ready to begin the season on the active roster. We also got an update on Nick Senzel, who is in the lineup tonight but will begin the year in Triple-A on a rehab assignment.

Did the Nick Senzel window close?

Wick Terrell of Red Reporter wrote about the potential difficulties in front of Nick Senzel to grab significant playing time with the Reds given the amount of playing time that may be in store for others on the roster at seemingly every spot that Senzel could be asked to play. If nothing else he’s likely going to have to really go out and show he’s a better option than the others because there’s a long list of guys that can play center field with Cincinnati and or cover some infield spots.

Fangraphs isn’t a fan of the Reds shortstops

Earlier today Ben Clemens took a look at the projected value of all 30 teams shortstop position and, uh, it doesn’t look good for the Cincinnati Reds. They rank dead last, and the gap between the Reds and the Diamondbacks (who ranked 29th) is large.

38 Responses

  1. JB

    I don’t see a problem with Fangraphs putting the Reds last. Kevin freaking Newman. They love him so much they want to put Barrero in center. Barrero hasn’t done anything either but let’s at least give him a chance over Newman. The Reds Way.

  2. LDS

    That’s the 2nd rating of ML SS that I’ve seen. In each case, they pick Newman as the starter. And in each case the Reds ranked last. All that tells us is that if the Reds follow the usual pattern, they will again stink. Barrero hasn’t started since Sunday, had one AB out of CF on Monday, and isn’t on the roster tonight. But, Pinder is. What a surprise.

  3. Mark Moore

    I’m finding it a little amusing to see the guys in their Bally gear. I’m wondering how long that will last.

    • Jim Walker

      I just tuned in. Is Brian G. there? He wasn’t doing his studio thing on the Blue Jackets game last night. I was late tuning into that and wondered if he was with the Reds or maybe had moved (or been moved) on.

  4. DataDumpster

    I wasn’t the first to get onto the Pinder phenomenon but I may have caught up. Pinder has praise from Bob Melvin (who I wish was our manager), accolades galore, and management potential. But nobody else bit on this except Krall and Bell. Is this a payback player for Farmer getting released? Is Pinder the foil to move Barrero off SS and/or show Senzel the door? The key to supporting the 3 catcher clunker?
    Funny thing is, Pinder is a corner OF over 80% of the time and only has significant recent play at 3B. Well, Steer is a little shaky too. Don’t expect Pinder to have a significant role in the W/L scenarios but he is the focal point for David Bell’s schemes and the juggling of other players futures. How to quantify that?

    • LDS

      The simple answer is they were cheap and if they perform well, can be flipped for more prospects at deadline. The problem with that strategy is they have to play, meaning better players sit. And that’s independent of the Bell factor.

  5. Mark Moore

    9 pitches, 9 strikes, 3 KO’s … that’s an efficient and spectacular way to start a game.

  6. J

    I’m looking at Newman’s career stats and don’t see any reason to assume he’ll definitely be terrible. His 2019 stats were good, he hit .274 last year (with no power, but he had 12 HRs in 2019), and he’s at the age when a lot of players have their best seasons. He doesn’t have a high ceiling, but he could be well above terrible.

    • JB

      If they traded for Newman just to play SS then why not keep the better player in farmer? Makes no sense to me except Newman was cheaper. If that’s what the Castellini’s want for the future is a team with a budget of 60 million , then I got better things to do in my life.

      • J

        How do we know Farmer is better? When Farmer was Newman’s current age, his stats were pretty awful. He improved. As I said, this is the age when a lot of guys reach their potential. Newman showed he could hit in 2019. He’s not old. It’s possible he’ll have a better season in 2023.

  7. Mark Moore

    Joey got a solid piece of that one. Easy 2B’er.

    • JB

      As Mark Moore would say, “More of that please.”

    • Melvin

      Votto looks good to me at the plate.

  8. Jim Walker

    I am right there with Wick on Senzel’s situation. Without even looking at someone who could be repurposed from the rising IF glut, Siani is probably a better defensive CF, Benson and Fairchild are both Senzel’s equal or better at defense, probably better offensive options and prearbitration for 2 more years after 2023.

    Then there are all the guys coming up as IF that have to be repurposed.

    I’ve thought all along Senzel was tendered mostly because of the sunken cost of his ongoing rehab; and, the Reds hoped he would come into camp ready to roll and flash enough then and through the 1st half to be trade fodder at the deadline if not sooner.

    • Melvin

      Senzel SHOULD have to play well to get more playing time. I agree with that. Whether the injuries were his fault or not doesn’t matter. He has to earn it with nothing given to him.

  9. Mark Moore

    Nice AB by TySteve and a solid hit to drive in Joey. Cowboy saying that was his “true swing”.

  10. Mark Moore

    Well, there goes the no-hitter 😀

  11. Mark Moore

    Filthy pitch. Completely filthy.

  12. Mark Moore

    Thrall and Cowboy talking about how Darvish might be challenged with the pitch clock since he’s spent his ST time with the Japan team. Saying he’s a very slow working pitcher.

  13. Mark Moore

    Oh MY!!!

    Didn’t see that kind of action last season. Way to swipe a run.

  14. Bdh

    Benson’s 6th SB of spring. Been very impressed in areas I didn’t expect with him (base running + defense)

  15. GreatRedLegsFan

    I wonder how much more the Reds will stick to players that seem to always be in the IL? Antone, Sims, Senzel.

  16. Mark Moore

    Ashcraft trying to be as efficient as Lodolo the other day.

  17. Mark Moore

    I’m thinking 4 innings is my limit tonight. I just told my wife, “It’s getting tired in here.”

  18. Mark Moore

    I see Bull Krall is in the Bally-booth with Welsh and Sadak. Is he saying anything interesting? Is Sadak letting him get a word in edgewise?

  19. Mark Moore

    8K’s through 4 innings and he looks like he’s having a blast out there. If this is what our #3 guy can look like, I’m a pretty happy fan.

    Time to back him up with some more crooked numbers.

  20. MBS

    A bunch, Talked about the young pitching, Abbott, and Phillips to probably start in AA. Stoudt in AAA, and Williamson was still competing for a roster spot, but that didn’t land as true as the rest to my ears.

  21. MBS

    Also just made it sound as if Benson is apart of the 26 man

    • Mark Moore

      That’s encouraging. I’d say Benson has earned a spot.

  22. Mark Moore

    Newman put some nice wood on it and got a little lucky. That ball was played perfectly. Too bad Friedl wasn’t still on base.

  23. Mark Moore

    OK, friends. Time for me to shut it down and head to the other end of the house. Feels good to be back with y’all and watching our Reds. Hoping for the best, but I know we’ve set the bar pretty low.

  24. Kevin Patrick

    Ten strikeouts in 6 innings…its only spring training…its only spring training…its only spring training…dang…didn’t work…I’m all aboard the Ashcraft bandwagon.

    • TR

      I look forward to the Big Three and hope they can stay major injury free, and get .500 support, or nearby, from #4 and #5 and from the reworked bullpen. I haven’t followed it closely but this spring training has been different. i think this version of the Reds is going to give the NLC some surprises.

  25. LDS

    Well, the Padres didn’t exactly field their A team but it worked out. Though I see Bell was managing again. Steer to short, Myers to 1st, Pinder all around, even gave up the DH. Probably a preview of his pending regular season shenanigans. Since we’re family friendly here, let’s just say Bell “managing” is like the high school nerd fantasizing about the head cheerleader. He thinks he’s doing well, but everyone else knows, it ain’t happening.

  26. William

    De La Cruz is the future Reds shortstop. Marte is probably going to be the future third baseman. Centerfield gives Barrero another opportunity. Barrero is possibly a future utility man with the Reds at best, if he does not prove himself this year. Senzel is too injury prone. Even if he plays well, his injury risk is too high at this point. If he does play well, it might increase his trade value some. I am looking for someone else for the future competitive team. It seems others with better baseball minds than me are looking past Senzel now, too.