Spring training comes to an end on Sunday. After that the Cincinnati Reds head northeast to Cincinnati to get ready for Opening Day on Thursday March 30th. There are five games remaining and there are still 39 players in big league camp. Several of those 39, though, aren’t going to be active when the season begins. Pitchers Justin Dunn and Tejay Antone are going to miss plenty of time at the start of the season. Tony Santillan is working his way back and has been throwing in minor league games and is expected to return sooner rather than later but it won’t be when the season begins. On the position side of things it’s just Nick Senzel who is still in camp but won’t be ready for Opening Day.

With those guys out, that puts the number of guys playing for 26 spots at 35. Of course, there aren’t really 26 spots up for grabs. There are 13 spots on the pitching staff. The rotation is going to include Hunter Greene, Nick Lodolo, and Graham Ashcraft. After that things are up in the air due to both competition as well as injuries/setbacks. Luke Weaver seemed to have a bit of an inside track, but he dealt with some arm tightness that put him behind by about a week and now he may not be ready to start the season as a starter. Luis Cessa is trying to build up enough after the World Baseball Classic in order to win a spot in the rotation, but that isn’t guaranteed yet – but he’s going to make the roster in one role or another.

That’s four guys that will be taking up those 13 spots. Fernando Cruz, Alexis Diaz, Buck Farmer, Ian Gibaut, Lucas Sims, and Reiver Sanmartin seem to have spots locked into the bullpen. That puts 10 pitchers on the roster. That leaves three spots up for grabs. The wild card here is Luis Cessa because if he makes the rotation then there’s a spot in the bullpen available, but if he doesn’t then it’s a rotation spot that’s opened up.

The rotation spots seem to be down to Chase Anderson, who is a non-roster invitee, Luis Cessa, Connor Overton, Brandon Williamson, and potentially Luke Weaver if he’s capable of being ready in time.

The Reds seem to want one of those spots to go to Luis Cessa. He left the World Baseball Classic early in order to return to camp to go after a rotation spot. He noted in a statement earlier that he spoke with the Reds before making his decision and given that information it would seem that he was told if he could be ready in time that a spot in the rotation would be his.

Connor Overton has been beaten around this spring, giving up 11 earned runs in 6.2 innings on 15 hits and two walks while striking out four batters. He’s on the 40-man roster so that plays into his favor a little bit. Brandon Williamson is also on the 40-man roster, and his upside is quite a bit higher than the others that are competing for a spot in the rotation, but he hasn’t exactly found a bunch of success, either. In his 11.0 innings he’s allowed eight earned runs (6.55 ERA) while giving up 12 hits and walking six batters to go along with his 11 strikeouts. Chase Anderson has only pitched in two games this spring, throwing just 5.0 innings and allowing three runs on eight hits and a walk while striking out six.

While it hasn’t been announced that Anderson is no longer in competition for a spot in the rotation, he may very well be. He last pitched in a game on March 11th with the big league club and he is also not scheduled to make a start for the Reds over the next four days. It is possible he could be pitching in a minor league game in that time frame, but the writing may be on the wall.

If we assume that Luis Cessa is going to get one of those rotation spots, it would mean that there are likely two or three spots up for grabs in the bullpen. How many spots could come down to whether or not Lucas Sims is ready to begin the season in time. He hasn’t pitched in about a week after having back spasms, but is expected to throw off of the mound tomorrow, and if there are no setbacks he should be ready to go when the season begins. Let’s also assume that Sims will be healthy enough to go, leaving two spots in the bullpen for the taking.

The team isn’t likely to put Brandon Williamson into the bullpen if he loses out on a spot in the rotation. That would leave the two spots in the bullpen for Joel Kuhnel, Hunter Strickland, Bennett Sousa, Alex Young, and potentially the two other starters in Chase Anderson and Connor Overton if they don’t land a rotation spot.

Joel Kuhnel’s had mixed results. He’s posted a 3.12 ERA in 8.2 innings. But he’s allowed 11 hits and walked three batters to go with seven strikeouts this spring. Hunter Strickland hasn’t really been all that good this spring, posting a 7.71 ERA while allowing three home runs on nine hits to go with two walks and seven strikeouts in 7.0 innings this spring. Lefty Bennett Sousa has been solid, allowing two runs in 5.1 innings without a walk, with five strikeouts, and he’s given up eight hits. Alex Young is having the best spring of everyone as the lefty has given up two runs in 9.0 innings on four hits and two walks all while striking out 12 batters.

While what happens in the 5th spot in the rotation still seems to be up in the air, it seems like Alex Young should have a spot in the bullpen locked up if he remains healthy. He’s not on the 40-man roster, but the team can create a spot very easily by moving Justin Dunn to the 60-day injured list because he will not be ready to pitch before he eligible to come off of the list anyways.

The position player side of things seems to have catchers Tyler Stephenson, Curt Casali, and Luke Maile all with spots claimed. On the infield it would appear that Joey Votto, Jose Barrero, Jonathan India, Kevin Newman, and Spencer Steer all have spots locked in. The outfield is going to have Wil Myers and Jake Fraley. That is 10 players for 13 spots.

That leaves up three roster spots for Will Benson and TJ Friedl, who are on the 40-man roster, and then non-roster invitees Chad Pinder, Matt Reynolds, Jason Vosler, and Henry Ramos. Reynolds, who missed much of spring training, started playing in games over the weekend and while perhaps unlikely, could be ready to begin the season with the big league club in a rushed situations.

It would appear that Benson and Friedl may have spots locked in given that the club started giving Jose Barrero time in center this past week with the rationale being that the team didn’t have a right-handed hitting center fielder. Benson and Friedl both play center and hit left-handed. Benson is having a solid spring. He’s hitting .342 with five steals in 14 games, but he hasn’t drawn a walk, has 10 strikeouts, and only has one extra-base hit. Friedl is hitting .265/.324/.441 with three steals, two walks, and nine strikeouts in his 12 games played.

If we assume they’ve got spots locked up, then there’s really only one spot on the roster remaining for a position player and they’re all non-40-man roster players. Jason Vosler has shown some pop, but he’s hitting just .207 to go along with his .517 slugging percentage this spring. He’s capable of playing around the infield and outfield, which he’s done in parts of his two previous big league seasons. Chad Pinder is 4-40 this spring with two doubles and a steal. Like Vosler, he can play in both the infield and outfield. Henry Ramos has played in 10 games and spent time with Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic this spring. But when he’s been with the Reds he’s crushed the ball. He’s 9-16 with four extra-base hits and an OPS of 1.517. He’s walked twice and struck out just once in his 19 plate appearances. He’s only played outfield in his professional career, which could work against him if the team wants someone with some infield experience.

If the decision were up to me, I would not let the lack of infield experience deter me from choosing the best player. While the team may be shallow in the depth department on infielders if they chose Ramos over Vosler or Pinder, that wouldn’t last very long. Matt Reynolds can play infield and outfield and should be ready soon. Nick Senzel, as we were told earlier this spring, is going to play some infield as well as outfield, and he should be ready soon, too. Spencer Steer, Kevin Newman, Jonathan India, and Jose Barrero can cover your infield positions if you need them to do so in a scenario where you absolutely NEED someone to play somewhere until the next day when you can call someone up from the minor leagues.

Of course, the Reds don’t ask for my opinion on roster moves.

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  1. VaRedsFan

    If it were indeed a “battle for the final spots,” the under-performers would have already been dismissed. But as we’ve seen in the past, it doesn’t matter how bad players like Strickland perform in the Spring. Last year he was incredibly bad in the Spring, but still won the so-called “battle” then proceeded to throw up for 5 out of the 6 month season. Two years ago it was Dolittle.
    Here’s hoping history doesn’t repeat itself for once.

    • Melvin

      If I were Doug I’d be tempted to vote for Strickland to make it. There would be a lot more action on here.?

      • DaveCT

        It would also support MLB’s interest in having more offense.

      • MK

        Strickland is Bell’s boy so unfortunately; I think he makes it. I’ve heard Thrall say Bell likes him because he never begs off or says he can’t go.
        I also believe Alex Young locked up a spot yesterday when he ended the game striking out three including all lefties in the ninth.

  2. Mark Moore

    Nice assessment. I tend to agree there are very few “open slots” on the 26-man to start. Some who might make it may find their ride only going around the block a time or two (thinking of Senzel being ready to play again by mid- to late-April).

    Hard to believe we’re officially in “Spring” and first games are just over the horizon. I’m more than ready to get things started.

  3. David

    If it were me, I would take Williamson along as the 4th-5th starter. I know he is young and not polished, but I think his career would progress faster under the tutelage of Derrick Johnson than in AAA.
    Most people here are on the Alex Young train. I’m all for him, too.
    I also liked Bennet Sousa. Three lefty relievers would be a plus, IMHO.
    I think Justin Dunn and TJ Antone go to the 60 day DL. And…I am not sold that Lucas Sims is healthy and ready to pitch. If he goes with the Reds to Cincy, I would wager he will be on the DL withing 4 weeks.

    I think Pinder comes along because he is versatile, not because he is hitting. And his spot can be easily “waived” when Senzel is ready to play. This would not be my choice, but that’s how the Reds roll.
    I would take Friedl and Benson, but I think only one goes. I think Benson is younger and maybe goes back to AAA. This would be a mistake, but not the first one the Reds have ever made.
    If they take only three true outfielders (Fraley, Friedl or Benson and Myers), then Stephenson will play more 1st base, or DH. Of course…”Chad” is there to play first, left field, wherever…and DH too! Lucky for us, too.
    I like Henry Ramos, too. But I think it is unlikely the Reds choose to take him along with the Big Club over “Chad”.

    • MK

      Williamson kind of reminds me of another rookie lefthander on a rebuilding team Tom Glavine, lost 17 games that rookie season. The Braves hung with him, and it seems it worked out. He was ready when the Braves were ready to compete. 300 wins later it might be time to give Williamson a shot and hang with him even if he loses 17 games.


      • Still a Red

        Hah…I wonder if the rest of RLN would be that patient with him.

      • JayTheRed

        I’d like to see Williamson giving the chance to be the 5th starter for opening the season.

  4. DataDumpster

    “I would not let the lack of infield experience deter me from choosing the best player.” Doug has the key phrase and I strongly agree. Yet a manager who doesn’t hesitate to put the best SS in the organization in CF a few days before the season starts probably won’t heed this advice. You know what’s going to happen in this infield.
    As for pitching, Strickland can give a lot of innings which works best for the manager but rarely for this team. Count on him as well. Everything is about platoons, rest days, rotating positions, batting orders and the David Bell “style” of managing. That said, the situation may look much different at mid season with call ups if the team is still competitive by then. The talent is there to win 74 games if allowed to happen.

    • Jim Walker

      The best SS on the team has to play CF because the best all around RH hitting true OF was just optioned to AAA.

      Mistakes tend to breed following mistakes

      • Roger Garrett

        Yep and I didn’t get Fairchild being sent down to start with although I knew once Newman was signed to a one year deal at 2.7 mil he was going to play most of his time at short.

      • MuddyCleats

        Amen, and exactly why the Reds continue to flounder as an organization.

  5. Old Big Ed

    Yeah, I don’t get the angst about having only 4 guys on the roster who play 2B/SS/3B. If a situation arises where 2 of them are unavailable for a few innings, then they could stick Casali or Myers at third base and wing it. If they need someone for a full game, Louisville is 100 miles away.

    We have to assume that Senzel will take over for whoever the 13th position player is, and that it will be in April when he does. And soon enough, EDLC will be there.

    With 3 LH-hitting outfielders and Votto, the roster is a bit vulnerable to LH pitching. Friedl has shown some ability to hit lefties, but Fraley has not. Having Barrero play CF against LH pitching does make a lot of sense, with Friedl in LF and Myers in RF.
    A guy like Pinder would help — if he could actually HIT — because it would give them flexibility when a LH reliever enters the game against the array of LH hitters that the Reds will start against RH pitchers.

    • David

      Actually, I think Barrero playing CF is the key at this point. He gives David Bell that right-handed stick in the lineup against LH pitching, and Newman gets to play short, to boot.

      There will be many opportunities for David Bell to make clever “in – game” changes and double switches. Managing!!

      • DaveCT

        Barrero playing CF is the key ‘… to keeping a third catcher, which I still think is the driving force in constructing this roster and, IMO, will be folly.

  6. Amarillo

    Colin Moran, Alex Blandino, Christian Colon, Derek Dietrich, Cliff Pennington, Arismendy Alcantara, Tyler Holt, Chris Dominguez.

    These are the “13th” position players on the last 8 opening day rosters. Do I want Pinder on the roster? No I don’t. But, he’s better than all those other guys except for Dietrich. I’m not putting too much emotion into who gets the last spot on the roster. Whoever it is likely won’t be around for very long.

    • Tampa Red

      Wow, couldn’t agree more. Don’t get the constant, pervasive hand-wringing over the last roster spot. Whoever it is, won’t play much won’t be around long, and will change from week to week. That’s the very nature of the last roster spot, since the beginning of baseball.

    • JayTheRed

      Pinder has just been awful this spring. I can’t get behind supporting him making the team to start the season.

  7. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I just hope we aren’t holding back any of the prospects, hiding behind “because they are prospects” in order not to put them on the 40 man roster, and using reclamation projects who aren’t any better than the prospects, in some cases worse than the prospects, but trying to justify “they are veterans” to give them a spot on the 40 man roster.

    I mean, Hunter and Lodolo were able to make it. Why not Strand and some of the others?

    • wkuchad

      Because all eight positions are taken, and most with younger guys (besides 1B and RF). I don’t want to rush a prospect to simply set on the bench or get overmatched with ML pitching. Let them fully develop.

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t think that they are doing that as long as Votto’s healthy and ready to play. CES is a third baseman and first baseman. Even with the DH – the Reds have those spots pretty much covered on a daily basis with Wil Myers, Tyler Stephenson, Joey Votto, and Spencer Steer. The other guys you could argue for are De La Cruz or McClain. Shortstop/third base, or shortstop/second baseman/center fielder (he played there for a season while at UCLA). The Reds need to give Barrero a shot to sink or swim at short. India’s playing second. Steer deserves to get a look at third (he’s done all he can in the minors). McLain could be that super sub kind of guy, but he’s also a guy who hit like .230 last year in Double-A. Let him show something in 2023 in the minors and go from there.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        To add a bit, maybe, Doug, to what you stated, because it sounded like you stated a couple of players being stuck back because of players we already have there and not looking for anyone else.

        Then, that’s the other part of what I believe prospects are for, tradebait. If a trade can be set up, let’s do it. There’s little reason for prospects to be relegated to the minors when we would only use them “in case of injury”.

      • 2020ball

        more like “in case we need them to start or play a significant role” because that’s what’s actually going on here. They dont need to be a bench player, they need to be a starter somewhere.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        For 2020ball,
        “just in case”? We could play “just in case” all day long as justification for not moving anyone up.

        Prospects have 2 roles: 1) replace someone on the major league roster, or 2) tradebait. I can understand if a prospect “isn’t ready”. But, if they are, then let’s make a move to get them on the 40 man roster and get them up here.

        They did it with Greene. They did it with Lodolo. Leake bypassed all of the minor leagues. By no means am I saying move all prospects up to the main roster. For simplicity sake, like you said, “they need to be starting somewhere”. If they are “ready” but blocked from the major league club, then move them on to another team or remove the block; get something for them you can use. But, if they are “ready”, you shouldn’t be putting them back in the minors again.

        “Keep them around just in case someone gets injured”. And, what if that someone never gets injured, keeps them blocked through their prime years? You either get rid of the prospect, for something you can use, or get rid of the block, to move the prospect up.

    • 2020ball

      “some of the others” just seems a lazy way to blanket the other young guys without actually having to commit to saying a name. CES looks like he’s ready for a chance, but he’s blocked by the silly 3-catcher system. Not sure I want him sitting most days, but even saying something as ad nauseum as that probably still wont land with everyone whining for all these prospects to be a bench players. McClain was ahead of CES in my mind as far as chances to make the team, but why bother forcing him onto a likely bad team when he’s never even had a AAA AB. I guess I dont really understand why everyone thinks this roster spot even matters, a young player you happen to like in that last spot isn’t going to make a dang bit of difference this year compared to a guy like Pinder, I can promise you that.

  8. James K

    The Reds don’t ask Doug for advice. Well, dang. Nine times out of ten they would make better decisions if they did.

  9. old-school

    The roster on the position side of things is pretty set and it does appear Senzel will be the Inf/OF flex super sub when hes ready.
    The pitching side is interesting. I would go with Williamson and Cessa as SP4 and SP 5 but also have Overton as a long relief guy as Cessa doesnt have his innings up and Williamson might have one of those outings like Lodolo and Greene did early last year. Overton SP6 and Weaver is SP 7 when hes healthy. Id let Williamson go and see what hes got and if he needs to go back to AAA in late april or early may to work on things, so be it. At least hes got real world experience and some specific homework to do. He might be ready though and only one way to find out.

    Greene/Lodolo/Ashcraft/Williamson could wreak havoc on a team in a 4 game series trying to adjust game to game- the power righties vs the tall sweeping lefties with the breaking balls and change ups and good FB. Good luck adjusting to that.

    • Harry Stoner

      “Greene/Lodolo/Ashcraft/Williamson could wreak havoc on a team in a 4 game series trying to adjust game to game…”

      That’s what I’m looking forward to.

      The most interesting SP since the Cueto, Leake, Arroyo, Bailey foursome.

    • DataDumpster

      As usual, old-school puts the facts down clearly on paper where I could only feel that something special might develop in a potential “Big 4”. This rotation should be quite a force to be reckoned with as Harry also noted.

  10. GreatRedLegsFan

    Very good article. My take: Stephenson, Casali, Maile; Votto, India, Barrero, Newman, Steer; Fraley, Friedl, Ramos, Myers, Senzel (IL). Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft, Cessa, Williamson; Diaz, Sanmartin, Young, Cruz, Farmer, Gibaut, Law, Sims (IL).

  11. Hotto4Votto

    The Reds had a RH hitting OF’er capable of covering CF in Fairchild. But they sent him down to play their SS out of position and add someone else who isn’t as good.

    This is (the Reds) way.

    • David

      But Versatility! And Veteran Presence!!!

      The subtext is that Pinder is eminently “waivable” (is that a word?) and will be gone when they upgrade to super-sub, Nick Senzel. And that’s kind of trying to think like David Bell. This does actually make sense, in a very limited way. If that’s what the Reds actually do.
      Some rebuild, huh?

      The three – headed catcher creates problems, but this is being done to keep Stephenson in more games (not catching, playing 1st and DH), and perhaps up his value if he really hits a lot.
      So they can trade him. This makes my head spin.

      • Harry Stoner

        I was almost convinced that there might have been some logic there but then I realized the Reds could option Fairchild when (and if) Senzel returns.

        But the temptation for Bell to have a mediocre 30ish journeyman who can play a bunch of positions with equal mediocrity is clearly one he can’t resist.

        Barrero hit ~.150 against lefties last year, better than Pinder has done all ST, but I don’t get the appeal of him in CF over Fairchild…until the Chad factor factors in.

        After all, what’s a 4-40 Spring when he ran so fast after that one flyball?

        So Barrero can play CF and Newman can’t play 3B?

        I hope Alex Young isn’t a casualty of Bell’s fascination with Strickland’s mediocrity and homer-per-inning ST performance.

        I know. “Strick’s getting close. Real close.”

      • DaveCT

        Harry, the appeal of Barrero in CF is it’s allowance of three catchers, which is driving the construction of this roster. So it doesn’t defy logic but supports whatever logic is involved with 3 backstops,

        I personally want Barrero at short five days a week. I don’t want Barrero in CF other than in an emergency. I want Barrero to be set up to succeed.

        That said, the more I look at it, the more I want to be rid of three catchers. Maile is Pinder. Pinder is Maile. Having one alone isn’t necessary, having two is beyond redundant.

      • Melvin

        @DaveCT – All of this roster chaos just because of freaking over the ever so slight possibility that two catchers (one catching and one at 1B/DH) will get injured in the same game. When it comes right down to it that’s really the only reason. I know it’s happened before but I’ve personally never seen a non catcher go behind the plate in a major league game. It’s a rarity.

      • Jim Walker

        Bob Howsam and Sparky must be spinning in their repose!

      • Hotto4Votto

        Isn’t being option-able better than waive-able? You don’t risk losing anyone and have more flexibility to make later moves?

      • Daytonnati

        I’ve said it here before, Bell loves players who remind him of him as a player.

      • Ryan

        Stephenson played ~1/4 a season last year and ended the year on the IL. Until he shows an ability to stay on the field, he is the primary DH/backup 1B/3rd C. There is no catching depth in AAA. 3 catchers on a 26 man roster, especially when one is your primary DH, is not a big deal.

        I think Reynolds is the guy despite the missed time and agree with Amirillo and Tampa above. The 26th person breaking camp matters very little in the grand scheme. Senzel will claim that spot soon enough and Fairchild will get his shot too.

        Also India, Newman, and Barrero have 0 innnings played at 3rd since 2019. As much as having India backing up 3rd may not seem like a big deal, i just dont see them(or any MLB franchise) doing that( esp with no news of him taking any reps at 3rd this spring).

    • greenmtred

      A lot of us are assuming that giving Barrero reps in center means that they’re moving him there. Have the Reds actually said this? They’ve played him a little there before and it didn’t result in a full-time position change. He’s mostly played shortstop this spring training, I think. He’s pretty fast, has a cannon arm, and would be good injury insurance in center. The Reds have more shortstops among the prospects than they do center fielders. It might be a devious plot to ruin his career and hamstring a team on the cusp of greatness, but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

      • BK

        Exactly. Every player is different. Barrero looks (sounds) very comfortable in CF as he does at SS. He is fundamentally solid defensively. To be a successful big leaguer, he must cut down on the K’s. Any way to keep him in the lineup allows him to improve as a hitter.

    • JayTheRed

      Are the Reds owners Mandalorian?
      “This is the way”

  12. LDS

    Good write up by Doug, logical and sensible. But, like others, I expect Pinder and Strickland are shoo-ins

    • Harry Stoner

      If Strickland is kept over, say, Young then there isn’t much more need to debate the insensibility of the Bell ‘managing’ style.

      With all the fuss over R-L matchups that would keep a non-performer like Chad on the roster, would Bell also keep an equally underperforming righty ….when another sold performing lefty is an option?

      Of course.

      We’ll hear it when the other shoe drops.

      • LDS

        The roster decisions answer yesterday’s contentious discussion – who has the clout, Krall or Bell. I still remember Bell bragging when he was hired that he’d had his office moved in with the FO.

      • wkuchad

        Who cares who the last bench spot and last bullpen spot goes to?

        I care much more about the starting position players (of which I approve) and starting pitchers (tbd…).

      • LDS

        How do you not given Bell’s management style? Roster construction reflects the team’s philosophy. Mediocre, 40+ journeymen occupying spots represents a lack of commitment to winning.

      • David

        After last season, many Reds’ fans wondered why Hunter Strickland was even invited to Spring Training. And we also wonder why Vosler, Pinder, Reynolds, etc are STILL in the Spring Training camp, while others have been sent on their way to the Minor League facility (which is just the next diamond over, as it were). We actually know a lot about Matt Reynolds from 2022.
        Many people here ask too many questions of “Why?” the Reds do what they do. Some other commenters are not happy with these questions. We should just accept this and move on. Why ask why?

        Accept that Chad Pinder will be on the 26 man roster. Some time back, I posited on this very Redleg Nation Sportsblog, that if the choice was between CES and Chad Pinder, that David Bell would choose Chad. Because of course, the talented CES has “things to work on”…

        Accept that Stuart Fairchild, a pretty talented outfielder (of frankly unknown potential) will be playing in AAA at the age of 27. I guess it’s not his time yet.
        Accept that Hunter Strickland will more likely be on the 26 man roster than Alex Young, a talented younger left-handed reliever, who has been very effective in ST.
        And although Chase Anderson was not a choice of mine, one wonders where he disappeared to in the shuffle for the Starting Pitcher sweepstakes.
        As a side note, Josiah Gray (SP) and Jeter Downs (SS) are very likely to be on the 26 man roster for the Washington Nationals when they break camp. Remember them? And frankly, the Nationals are a pretty bad team this year.
        Where else are we going to go for Major League Baseball? Noted Baseball Genius and Management Guru Phil Castellini has posed that profound question. The answer is…..

        “Ask again later”

      • Jim Walker

        David> You missed that Jose Siri, lost from the Reds for nada on waivers, will be starting in CF for the Tampa Rays, an org many people here hold up as an example of how the Reds should operate. 😉

      • Old Big Ed

        It took me a while to figure out that you guys were referring to Pinder as “Chad.”

        I didn’t even know that Pinder had a first name.

      • Hotto4Votto

        Well that’s fine for you David if you’re ready to move onto the acceptance stage of Red’s grief. Personally I’m still in the bargaining stage. Please god let Bob sell the team. Please god don’t give Bell another gritty veteran. If you do I promise to get the Kroger meal deal.

      • David

        It is not so much “acceptance” as maybe…sarcasm? But this too shall pass. The bullpen is actually better than it has been to start this season than the last two, IMHO. Which is not great, but just marginally better. The Reds have 3 young really talented starting pitchers, who may surprise us all and pitch the Reds into (marginal) contention this year. My prediction is that the Brewers will win the NL Central in 2023, but…that’s in the future. I think the Cards are fading.
        There is a lot of REAL talent in the AAA and AA level for the Reds. We will have to endure some crap this season, but as other wise commenters have said…the 25th and 26th spot on the roster is not necessarily going to change the course of the season (unless CES was the 26th man, got to play and DH, and became the next Harmon Killebrew or Pete Alonso…for example).

      • LDS

        The problem with not caring about the last guy on the bench is akin to giving an alcoholic the keys to the liquor cabinet. He’s going to over indulge. So will Bell. Give him Pinder and Strickland and they will see a bunch of playing time. So don’t give him the option.

      • greenmtred

        As Doug has pointed out, Bell doesn’t make the roster decisions. I know that you guys want to believe that everything, everywhere, is his fault In order for you to accurately conclude what you have, you’d have to know Krall well and converse with him or be privy to front office communications.

      • LDS

        @Green, that remains to be seen. BTW, you defend the Reds and their decisions more than Doug ever did. Do you get paid by the organization? Because anyone defending that organization should certainly be paid in some way. Doug’s comments on who makes the decisions is the way it works to the outside world. It says nothing about the internal decision making process or the politics involved. Having spent decades managing in large companies, the public behavior and what happens behind closed doors is seldom aligned, especially in weak organizations such as the Reds.

      • wkuchad

        LDS, I promise everyone that disagrees with you isn’t on the Reds payroll, no matter how many times you want to suggest it.

        I rarely see Green defending the Reds decisions. He simply points out flaws in the negative comments against them.

      • Hotto4Votto

        David – my comment was completely in jest. You just used the word “accept” a lot in your previous post and I tried to play off that.

        I agree the bullpen has the chance to be marginally improved and I do like the talent in AAA and AA. And for those that say 26th man is not important, overall I largely agree. Still, I’d like to see the better player there as an option, especially when that player has already performed well in that role and keeps you from moving your starting SS out of position. Moves on the margins can still make an impact, why not go with your best option?

      • LDS

        Alright, @WKUChad, anyone defending the Reds FO/management should be paid. No one should do it for free.

      • DaveCT

        LDS, agent provocateur. Question is, are you on Doug’s payroll?

      • greenmtred

        Thank you, Wkuchad, for understanding what I’m saying. And LDS, you’ve accused me of being on the payroll before, but I’m not: I’m just having fun. And your statement that it “remains to be seen” is interesting: Seen how? Are you and Harry negotiating with spies and hackers to access the team’s secret communications? No? So you’re also just having fun? I hope so.

      • LDS

        No @GreenMTred, I actually pay Doug for the subscription, which I recommend. I don’t need secret communications to understand how management structures work. Nor do I need secret communications to understand how poorly managed the Reds are.

      • citizen54

        @LDS We knew the rebuild was going to happen the minute they inked Moustakas, Castellanos, Miley and Shogo to those contracts. This is what happens when you go all in. You can’t fault Bell for having no options on the roster just like you can’t fault Krall for having no money available for free agents. The Reds are now paying the piper for the bad decisions they made to placate the fan base.

        The Reds are actually in a decent position right now with some good young talent and not much money tied up in payroll. I’m much more optimistic abut the team now than I was after all those big free agent signings in 2020.

      • greenmtred

        Apparently you do need secret communications, LDS, because you always mistake your opinion for fact, and let your remarkable antipathy for Bell be the basis for your opinions.

  13. Bill J

    Melvin mentioned he never seen a position player catch I remember listening to a game where Dale Long, a 1st baseman went in and caught. Also remember a game where Johnny Temple and George Crowe changed positions for 1 batter.

    • VaRedsFan

      Josh VanMeter did it with the Pirates last year….against the Reds

      • JayTheRed

        VanMeter is playing fairly well for the Brew Crew this spring.
        Brewers have 4 recent Reds players.

    • Melvin

      It’s hard to remember when it’s happened though isn’t it? I heard about VanMeter I think but didn’t get a chance to see it. I wonder which is more rare that or a triple play? Probably the triple play I’m guessing.

      • Bill J

        Melvin another interesting thing about Long catching was he was left handed. Crowe, who played 2nd base for 2/3 of an inning was left handed too.

      • greenmtred

        Did Kyle Farmer actually catch with the Reds? I know he was the emergency catcher.

  14. MBS

    For me it’s going to be about who we can keep in our system. I don’t want to lose Young, Law in the pen, or Ramos in the OF. Beyond that I don’t care who is the last player in the pen or bench.

  15. Eddiek957

    Didn’t Van Meter catch for the pirates against us? Ramos and Young for the last roster spots

  16. JB

    Why do people think Pinder will be gone when Senzel is ready? Don’t be surprised Freidl or Barrero gets sent down. After all it is the Reds way.

  17. VaRedsFan

    I’ve watched a lot of MLB Network shows, and IMO, Mark DeRosa has a great baseball mind, as well as a great communicator. I would love for him to be considered as the next Reds manager.

  18. Dennis Westrick

    Unfortunately, Strickland is a lock to make the 2023 opening day roster! He obviously owns some high quality photography equipment with telescopic lenses. That’s a joke Doug! Can’t wait for the first blown save by Strickland so I can, once again, vent on this site!


    Grumpy Old Reds Fan

    • Redsvol

      I hear you @Dennis, I really do. But I think we better worry more that 7 of the 8 guys in the Reds bullpen this year would not even make a serious playoff contender’s bullpen. There is a serious lack of “stuff” in the bullpen. I’m concerned that it will not be much better than last year – with or without Strickland. Reds really need to quit ignoring the bullpen. Bullpen arms need to come internally from guys that started in the organization, and I just don’t see that happening.

  19. 2020ball

    Well if Santillan is close to returning then I dont see why anyone would gripe over whether the last spot in the bullpen is Strickland or not since that spot seems pretty temporary. Could also see them starting with 4 SP and 9 pen guys with Cessa as swingman. When they need a 5th starter they call up Overton or whomever, maybe Weaver after a rehab stint. Then Strickland also loses his spot if that their choice, which I really dont think is a given.

    Young will make the team, so its Kuhnel vs Sousa vs Strickland. RLN will flip their lid as usual no matter the decision, but I could see the FO choosing any one of those guys. I’m certainly not rooting for Strickland to make the team, but I’m not going to freak out either if he does.

  20. William

    I would go with Williamson for the fifth starter. Williamson has potential to be in the future rotation (2024, 2025, 2026, 2027). He will get hit hard, but the lessons he will learn will be good. He will be a better pitcher in the future with this experience. He has to learn what works in the Major Leagues. I do not think he will get discouraged by the experience, if it does not turn out well. I think it will make him more determined to succeed.

  21. Optimist

    1 – On the one hand, agree with so many comments that the last man on the bench and the last man in the pen really don’t matter.

    2 – OTOH – it’s Pinder and Strickland; and I’m still optimistic.

  22. Steve Schoenbaechler

    If it were me, yes, first, you have to cover the positions, duh.

    Now, this post won’t refer to “all positions”; the main degree of my post here would be the “question marks”, the last positions on the team.

    But, how to cover the positions? I would go with offense. The players with the bats, give them the positions. If they are starters, I always felt it was easier to make good batters into serviceable fielders rather than the other way around. But, glove guys, they are only needed if we can get the lead. If they are bench players, good pinchhitters are always good to have coming off the bench.

    It’s pitching I’m worried about. I remember distinctly a couple of times last year, including at trade deadline, comparing our numbers to the 1990 WS champion team. And, our offense had comparable numbers. But, our pitching? The team ERA was at least a run higher last year than the 90 team.

    • 2020ball

      +1, the pitching is the biggest worry. The pen is missing another high leverage arm, there’s somewhat more depth at the top than past years. The rotation is where I’m most worried, if any of the big 3 get injured things get ugly quickly. Our very questionable defense just makes this an even bigger problem.

  23. Ron S

    Did anyone in the front office watch Strickland pitch last year?If he makes the roster everyone in front office should be fired.

  24. old-school

    Ashcraft gets the ball in what should be his last spring start based on the calendar. I imagine Greene goes Friday and Lodolo Saturday. Hopefully all 3 finish the spring strong and ready to pounce on the Pirates next weekend.

    Mark Sheldon has a good piece up on mlb.com for the Reds on the catching trio and culture. The 3 headed catcher is a controversial subject @ RLN but it does seem there might be some intangible benefits on the pitching staff, team culture and even setting a standard for the minor leaguers. I do recall Castillo’s splits were great when Casali caught him.

    • wkuchad

      I’m curious if we have a designated catcher for some of our pitchers. Sometimes veteran starters will request this. Our guys are probably too young, and I’d like Stephenson to get experience with the main three.

      • Jim Walker

        Just a bit of a contrarian view to consider here. In a season where the bottom line does not figure to be Wins/ Losses, maybe it makes the most sense to have Greene and Lodolo working mostly with Casali. Why? To allow him to teach them how to maximize their potential so that down the road, it doesn’t really matter much who is behind the plate for them because they can call and run their own game.

      • wkuchad

        Makes sense Jim.

        What’s Maile’s reputation as a catcher?

      • Jim Walker

        Maile’s rep as a catcher must be pretty good to have logged just a month short of 6 years of MLB service time with his somewhat lacking offensive stats 😉

        The Sheldon article about the Reds catching group says Maile and Casali share common roots in the Tampa Bay org and did some time together there.

  25. wkuchad

    At the end of the day (or end of this season), the last bench spot and last bullpen spot will matter little. What will matter is starting pitching depth and development of our stud prospects in the minors.

    ANY injury to one of the big three SPs, and we’re in trouble. We may be in trouble anyways, if they don’t take a step forward and we don’t have a #4 or #5 starter.

    We really needed to bring in a serviceable veteran starting pitcher this year to eat innings and mentor.

    Not sure if Krall didn’t think it was necessary, or he simply wasn’t allowed to spend the money.

    • JayTheRed

      More likely he couldn’t convince a veteran SP to come to Cincinnati for a few bucks.

  26. Optimist

    To pickup on some of the comments above about carrying 3 catchers – a few points:

    1 – It’s only an issue this year, and may not even last all season – Casali and Maile are clearly stopgaps, intended to avoid the situation from last season, and to add the “veteran presence” where it actually makes sense in developing younger pitchers and TySteve. There have been several comments on Casali’s future as a coach/manager – i.e. essentially being a payer-coach this season.

    2 – Over on the Minor League site Doug has a write up on Daniel Vellojin. Add Cade Hunter, and Jackson Miller (if he returns), Tanner and Nelson, and the Reds have some higher round catcher picks in the lower minors. Again, clearly want to avoid last year’s situation.

    3 – If TySteve is truly going to be a hybrid C/1b going forward, and if his bat his good enough to be an above average DH, then it’s not really 3 catchers – more like 2 and 1/2.

    Point is, while a roster with 3 “catcher only” spots is unworkable, a roster with 3 platoon flexible spots may be advantageous. Without over committing, it could allow P designated catchers, as well as in-game position flexibility.

    Now, about field management using double switches, pinch hitting, and playing platoon matchups . . .

    • 2020ball

      The Reds can execute their plan for Stephenson with just one capable back-up, two is pointless. I personally dont think itll last all year. If Stephensin gets hurt playing catcher, it still wont change my mind because i dont think it would change his. He wants to catch, its his career, so let him catch.

  27. Grand Salami

    I’m confused – when I attend Opening Day next week who will be the Reds starting SS?!

    If JB is destined to platoon bt CF and SS and play part-time then aren’t the Reds jeopardizing that hope of further development?

    • Old-school

      Bell addressed this. Barrero is the starting shortstop but against lefty pitchers he wants BOTH Barrero and Newman hitting in the lineup and india and steer and stephenson and one of the catchers. He explained barrero is a better CF than asking Steer or Newman to do so.

      Id imagine Barrero plays 5 days at SS 1CF and 1 day off

      Im not advocating for or against but instead of having 5 true OF they have 4…. With the 5 th being shared by barrero minority in CF and ……,Pinder or other righty as platoon LF with Fraley

      I would not be surprised if the Reds mined the waiver wire and the 26 th man isn’t currently on the roster but fits the versatile righty bat LF platoon with fraley. Maybe Pinder explodes the next 4 days and takes the heat off.

      • Melvin

        So do you think Barrero will be in CF every time a lefty is pitching. I don’t know who’s pitching the first series but does that include opening day?

      • Jim Walker

        @OS> I agree something may be going on behind scenes.

        There are a slew of possible moving pieces. Maybe they want that 5th OF spot for Ramos (a switch hitter) but also feel like they need to see more of him after his return from WBC as well as get a look at Barrero in CF before committing to that plan.

        There have been whispers that Pinder could end up at 3B due to concerns about Steer’s defense which presumably would put Steer back in AAA (or traded).

        As you suggested, they may be hoping for an available improvement for Senzel in the swing role either via trade or the late waiver wire.

        Or Maybe Barrero has shown enough they are willing to move Newman early in a package to bring in bullpen help (in the continued absence of Sims and Santillan) or even a back of the rotation guy.

        This brings me around to Fairchild again. More than him eventually being optioned, the exact timing seemed strange. I did some finger counting; and, if I got the counting and the rules right, presuming Fairchild is not DFA (or traded), he would be eligible for recall on opening day. Perhaps he was iced early to let the other pieces play out but still be available by opening day depending on how the other pieces fell?

      • Old-school

        @ Melvin- no.

        I think he will play there occasionally. Once a week. Friedl or Benson will get some reps against lefties or perhaps Senzel is back sopner and its a 1-2 week
        Holding situation
        And as an emergency if someone leaves the game. But, i dont think the Reds are done roster maneuvering between now and next week

        We shall see

      • Grand Salami

        Thank you for the responses all. I got nervous with the CF move. Here’s hoping Barrero can coment the job like India did and make the solution more apparent

      • 2020ball

        I have zero issue with Barrero playing CF occasionally, but he needs to be spending most of his time at SS. I’d be more inclined to teach him 2B and 3B than CF, but im fine with it on occasion.

  28. Kevin Fox

    I would like to see Chad P make the team. He can play outfield and infield. He is a decent player. He has been hitting late this spring.

    • DW

      Kevin, are you a pot stirrer by any chance?

      • Daytonnati

        Kevin might BE Chad Pinder! 🙂

    • MBS

      @Kevin, you’re right, Pinder is the choice I’d probably make for the 26th man. The only caveat would be if we were to lose Ramos if he isn’t on the 26. Other than that I like Pinder enough to give him the role until Senzel is back. End of the day, none of the guys we’re pulling for are likely to have much of an impact on the win loss column.

    • JayTheRed

      Hitting late in spring??? The guy is almost batting .100 He’ll make a great addition to the team. If he gets a hit the remainder of Spring Training, I will be shocked.

    • 2020ball

      I slightly prefer Solak/Fairchild for that spot, but Pinder is fine as a stopgap and I like that he can play SS, the org lacks guys that can do that.

  29. Jim Walker

    Here’s something that will (and should) stir the pot if it turns out to be accurate.

    In his latest roster projection, C.Trent has Pinder and Ramos making the 26 man roster and Benson joining Fairchild at AAA. He has Votto on the active list and Senzel on IL.

    Here’s the link (behind a paywall): https://theathletic.com/4333226/2023/03/22/reds-roster-projection-final-week-2/

    So, in a rebuilding situation, 2 of the youngest OF (at FC 27 and WB 24) who are the best defenders and had an outstanding spring training are optioned out in favor of a 30+ year old bench swingman and nearly 31 year old OF coming off a big season in Korea but with a total of 55 career MLB plate appearances (all in 2021 his age 29 season).

    I don’t know what combination of influences and final authority are making these decisions. However, if C.Trent has it right, the inmates have taken over the asylum.

    • BK

      I read this article earlier this morning. What struck me was that Trent didn’t even mention Benson. Did he forget?

      • Grand Salami

        If so, pretty big oversight for a paid site. Doesn’t seem the likely pot-stirrer role for C. Trent.

        I miss Hal.

      • BK

        Exactly, to not mention Benson is an oversight plain and simple.

    • Jim Walker

      Excuse me. I was so riled up I typed FC instead of SF for Stuart Fairchild’s initials above! WB is Will Benson.

    • David

      Well, I am sure Nick Krall, MASTERMIND!, will be all over this to set it right.

      They traded for Benson, who appears to be a real…stud…and yet, he goes back to AAA. That kind of boggles the mind…if it turns out to be true. I kind of like Ramos, but..wait a minute, isn’t this a year to re-build? Let’s get a bunch of old guys and still finish last.
      Progress! Excelsior! Forward….into the past.

    • MBS

      Benson in AAA makes no sense. Why would they be working out Barrero in CF?

      RF Myers, CF Ramos, LF Pinder if they wanted an all right handed outfield.
      RF Friedl, CF Ramos, LF Fraley if they wanted an all left handed outfield.

      There would be no point in putting Barrero in CF. Lose a switch hitter (Ramos) or lose a right handed OF (Pinder) and now you need Barrero in CF.

      RF Myers, CF Barrero, LF Pinder
      RF Friedl, CF Benson, LF Fraley

      My guess is a bad guess by C Trent

      • Jim Walker

        Fraley and Friedl both sit vs LH pitching. Ramos and Myers on the OF corners, Barrero in CF, Newman at SS.

        If Votto sits vs LH, Myers comes to 1B or DH Pinder takes one of the corner OF spots, Ramos the other.

        Nobody said it really has to make sense. 😉

        I believe Trent writes what his trusted sources are telling him, not what he would necessarily do if he was part of the decision process. He may be juggling multiple sources saying things that in part conflict. His job is evaluating the accuracy of his sources and then writing what he thinks will most likely happen based on that.

      • MBS

        Yea, but you left out Pinder, if you have Pinder and Ramos to go along with Myers, you don’t need Barrero in the OF. It doesn’t add up, I’m guessing C Trent is wrong, and not just because he can be a pompous jerk.

    • Old-school

      Well jim.. i guess Im
      That guy out in the yard screaming at the clouds if Benson is in AAA. That does appear to be service time manipulation. Ramos turns 31 and was drafted in 2010 and has played in exactly 18 mlb games in 13 years as a pro and played in Korea last year.

      Please excuse me while I yell the clouds.

      Organizational schizophrenia


      • Jim Walker

        OS> Barring trades or DFAs that is going to be some team at Louisville till injuries start call ups. OF= Fairchild/ Sinai/ Benson. IF= CES 1B/ Lopez 2B/ McLain 3B/ EDLC SS. Chuckie behind the plate??? Did I miss anyone?

        In a best of 5 with the Reds MLB pitching staff split down the middle, Greene and Lodolo on opposite sides who wins? Louisville or Cincy?

      • 2020ball

        Cincy hands down. Probably a sweep.

      • Old-school

        @ jim

        Someone more versed in service time needs to
        Analyze will
        Benson mlb service

        Reds already gave up a 2nd round pick but its been reported guardians are on back fields scouting reds prospects for the PTBNL

        Or maybe the PTBNL depends on Benson making the 26 man roster????

        Ding ding ding. We have a winner.

      • 2020ball

        “Or maybe the PTBNL depends on Benson making the 26 man roster????”

        I doubt that, would be a needlessly risky clause and hampers your roster construction.

      • 2020ball

        Benson has .066 years of service. Fangraphs and baseball ref has this at the top of their player pages.

      • Old-school

        Thanks @2020

        Seems like the Reds could delay things to their advantage in April/may at AAA with Benson


      • Jim Walker

        OS>> Benson has 66 days of service time coming into 2023. If my math brain is working right that means he can get 105 this year and still be under the 172 required to roll him into his 2nd year of service time at the start of 2023.

        But it will almost certainly result in him eventually becoming a super 2 if he gets even 2 months of service time in 2023 but stays under a year for his career then he goes on to earn 2 full years of service in 2024/25.

        In the Reds current posture, I am not sure what they would gain by extending the back end of control for the “extra” year but having him arbitration eligible for 4 years vs 3.

    • 2020ball

      I could see Krall going this route to keep all the players they would lose if they dont make the team, thereby also keeping the players with options. A lot of teams do this every year, though I’m sure many here won’t think so. Maybe Ramos is lightning in a bottle and becomes trade fodder, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the team goes this route so they can keep as much talent in the org as they can.

      • Jim Walker

        I don’t disagree with the trade fodder or hanging onto optionable players theories as their motivations. I just think those actions are neither productive nor prudent in building a winning team in as timely a fashion as they could.

    • Jimbo44CN

      So how are any of these stud (Ramos, Pinder, et al) right fielders any better than what we had in Aquino. Seems to me they have yet to find a replacement. What’s the plan Nick?

  30. Chris Holbert

    Would they both need added to the 40 man?

    • Jim Walker

      Yes. Trent also has a pitcher who would need to be added. He sees Antone and Dunn as certain 60 day IL candidates to open 2 spots with the third spot being either another 60 day IL or DFA.

      Me speaking on my own now….. No more than Santillan has worked this spring, he would seem to be a clear possibility for the 60 day ILbecause even if everything turned to working right today, how is he going to be ready before mid May at the earliest? I will also believe Sims’ new back woes are not a longer term thing when he is on the mound pitching for the Reds sooner instead of later.

      • BK

        Bobby Nightengale is reporting that Santillan is pitching in a minor league game, today. He previously reported Santillan had thrown bullpen sessions with good results. I don’t see him as a candidate for the 60-day IL right now.

      • BK

        P.S. Thanks for pointing out how the timing of Fairchild’s option aligns with the start of the season.

  31. Melvin

    The pot is stirring. Haha Lots of discussion coming up. Lol

  32. Melvin

    I will say that if this really is true that Krall can’t be doing all of this. He’ll just take the heat again for you know who.

    • greenmtred

      We do know who, Melvin: He who must not be named, the Prince of Darkness, The Anti-Christ. Why couldn’t Krall be doing all this? It amounts to a few player assignments. He doesn’t have to carry them to their respective destinations on his back.

      • Melvin

        I don’t equate David Bell with Satan or the Antichrist. He’s just a manager who makes a lot of poor decisions in my view and has A LOT more to do with roster moves than many think also in my view. Thanks for your input though. I can always count on you for an alternative point of view ( almost every time) lol. I know you’re just doing it to have fun and keep me on my toes right??

      • greenmtred

        Yes, I am. Arguing with you guys gets it out of my system and makes me less likely to point out my wife’s illogical arguments to her. Cheaper than a divorce lawyer.

      • Melvin

        @Greenmtred – Happy to help save your marriage. 🙂

      • Harry Stoner

        Well, Green Mountain, perhaps we should invite your wife onto RLN so she can help point out your illogical arguments to you?

      • greenmtred

        Thanks, Melvin. Harry: Do you not understand humor? Or is it just mine that eludes you? A poor joke, perhaps, but mine own.

      • Melvin

        Didn’t know for sure but humor is good. Haha

    • Jim Walker

      Phil or Big Bob 😉 Not what you were thinking I bet.

      I am mostly with Doug on this. Somebody had to find and sign the likes of Pinder, Ramos, and all the pitching retreads. Krall is in charge of that.

      I suppose it is possible DB or somebody else (the living professional ghost of Walt Jocketty?) has the ear of Phil and Big Bob and can put some back pressure on Krall but it is a (very) long shot such a repetitive string of events would keep happening if Krall wasn’t on board too.

      • Melvin

        Lol Well in a way those three are all kind of all the same. Krall does have the responsibility too. It’s his job. If he doesn’t like taking the heat for it then either take a stand or get another one (job).

      • David

        You know, the funny thing is that the Reds could have actually generated a lot of fan enthusiasm, by keeping up CES, keeping Fairchild to play RH outfielder, playing Benson in CF, etc, and fast tracking EDLC to the Majors if Barrero doesn’t produce.
        I do think Barrero is the better fielder at SS, but EDLC is just an incredible talent.
        The Reds might have ended up finishing in last place, but at least we would have seen some development. Instead…we get…

        Henry Ramos (who might work out, but is 31- midseason trade chum?), Chad Pinder (who also played on the last-place Oakland team last year…does anyone see a pattern?), and David Bell playing the platoon game, knifey-spooney with pitching matchups.

        Catch the fevah? Blargh….

      • 2020ball

        “You know, the funny thing is that the Reds could have actually generated a lot of fan enthusiasm, by keeping up CES, keeping Fairchild to play RH outfielder, playing Benson in CF, etc, and fast tracking EDLC to the Majors if Barrero doesn’t produce.”

        And then have zero depth and have to watch one or more of them struggle in the majors because they weren’t ready and suddenly we have a team full of Senzels. Doesn’t sound very exciting to me. It’s possible ALL the names you mentioned see time this year, I really don’t care if its the start of the season or not.

      • 2020ball

        “Lol Well in a way those three are all kind of all the same. Krall does have the responsibility too. It’s his job. If he doesn’t like taking the heat for it then either take a stand or get another one (job).”

        You’d really rather think he’s on the sidelines and should get another job rather than think HE’S the one behind all the roster decisions? All I can say is Occam’s razor.

    • 2020ball

      smdh…. good lord you’re all obsessed with this notion that David Bell makes all the FO decisions without them having any input, I truly dont understand how you’re all so convinced.

      • 2020ball

        just looking for anything so you can mention his name in a post on the internet, forget actually thinking and the use of logic.

      • Melvin

        If you’re talking about me I don’t think Daivd Bell makes all of them. I just think he has a big part in them. Since it’s technically Krall’s job he has to take the heat for it.