Nick Lodolo struck out eight batters in 6.0 shutout innings and the offense was able to put together a big afternoon that saw them pound 14 hits and score 10 runs as the Cincinnati Reds put together a 10-0 win against the Los Angeles Angels to move them back over the .500 mark on the spring.

Los Angeles Angels (13-8-2) 0 5 1
Cincinnati Reds (12-11-1) 10 14 0
W: Lodolo L: Silseth
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The Highlights

Nick Lodolo was dominant over the first three innings of his start, striking out four batters and allowing a lone walk to account for the Angels man to reach base. In the bottom of the 3rd inning TJ Friedl got the Reds offense started after seeing just 11 pitches in the first two innings. Friedl led off the inning with a single and then he stole second base. With two outs he’d come around to score on an RBI single by Jonathan India to put the Reds on top 1-0.

In the top of the 4th inning things weren’t as smooth for the Reds young lefty. After striking out Taylor Jones to start he inning, Lodolo walked Hunter Renfroe, gave up a single to Gio Urshela, and then walked Logan O’Hoppe. He then went to a full count on Kevin Padlo before striking him out on a slider. Jordyn Adams then flew out to center to end the inning and squash the Angels threat.

Wil Myers then led off the bottom of the inning with his 1st home run of the spring, crushing the homer into right center and extending the Cincinnati lead to 2-0. The Reds weren’t done there, though. Jake Fraley doubled into right center and then scored a pitch later when Kevin Newman blooped a single into center. TJ Friedl followed up with a walk and then both Friedl and Newman scored when Spencer Steer doubled. Chad Pinder then picked up his first hit that didn’t come on a Tuesday in spring training when he doubled down the left field line to make it 6-0. Jonathan India then singled Pinder in to make it 7-0, and on the throw to the plate India took second base. Wil Myers singled brought India home. Tyler Stephenson followed up with a single of his own, but left fielder Taylor Ward had the ball trickle by him and Myers raced home to make it 9-0 and cap off the 8-run inning.

With a big lead to work with Nick Lodolo went to work in the top of the 5th inning. After a leadoff single he induced a ground ball double play. That worked out well because the next batter doubled, but he was stranded when Lodolo picked up his 7th strikeout of the day. Cincinnati padded the lead in the bottom of the frame when Kevin Newman singled and came around to score on another RBI hit from Jonathan India, making it 10-0.

Nick Lodolo came back out for the top of the 6th inning and he made easy work of the Angels 4-5-6 hitters as he retired them in order while picking up strikeout number eight on the day. That would be his final inning of the day, exiting after 6.0 innings of shutout baseball while allowing three hits and walking three batters.

With Lodolo finished for the day, the Reds turned to another lefty and called on Reiver Sanmartin to take the mound to begin the top of the 7th. Jose Barrero also found his way out to center as a defensive replacement. Sanmartin retired the first two batters he faced before giving up a single, but he worked around it by getting Taylor Ward to ground out to shortstop to hold the 10-0 lead.

Ian Gibaut entered the game in the top of the 8th inning in his second appearance since returning from the World Baseball Classic and tossed a shutout inning. The Reds got singles in the bottom of the inning from Matt Reynolds and Will Benson, but they would be left on the bases as the game headed to the 9th.

Alex Young took over and needed to record three outs without giving up 10 or more runs. The assignment was an easy one that he passed as he struck out the side and end the game.

Nick Lodolo’s outing lowered his ERA to 1.93 on the spring and he now has 19 strikeouts in his 14.0 innings. Alex Young has 12 strikeouts and just two walks in 9.0 innings this spring to go along with his 2.00 ERA.

Jonathan India had another big day at the plate and is now hitting .289/.429/.474 with twice as many walks (8) as strikeouts (4). Spencer Steer just keeps on hitting and now has a .333/.415/.556 line in his 41 plate appearances.

Wednesday’s Game

The Reds don’t play on Tuesday. It’s their final day off during the spring until they leave Goodyear on Sunday to come back to Cincinnati to get ready for opening day. They will get back on the field Wednesday night against the San Diego Padres.

35 Responses

  1. Bdh

    What a pickup Alex You g could turn out to be! Best part is that he won’t be a free agent until 2027

    • JB

      Would be a nice second lefty out of the pen.

      • RedsGettingBetter

        Even he could become the first LH in the BP if Sanmartin is not going well at all…

      • MBS

        I don’t get why SanMartin gets zero love from some people. He was highly effective last year in the pen, and looks great this spring too. It’s like you’re almost willing him to be bad despite his success.

  2. Mark Moore

    I couldn’t have picked a better game for my first one back with the subscription package. Great win and Lodolo really shined today.

  3. William

    Lodolo has four wins and zero losses this spring. Sign of good things to come. He has a 1.93 ERA. The Reds have a lot of good young players, especially at the AAA level. I am enjoying watching them, although I do expect a lot of losses this year at the MLB level.

  4. LDS

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Lodolo winds up the best of the Reds starters this year. I understand the motivation for going with Greene for Opening Day – likely a bigger draw. But, I think Lodolo is a bit ahead overall.

    • MBS

      I agree with Lodolo is likely the best pitcher we have in 23, and that Greene should be our opening day starter. I like Lodolo splitting up Greene, and Ashcraft’s power right handed pitching.

  5. Old-school

    Reds have had a strong ST.
    India and Stephenson are healthy
    The big 3 are pitching well
    Young players mostly look ready
    Im not convinced on the bullpen or SP 4/5 but that was always a deficiency in roster construction.

    Hopefully everyone stays healthy and votto can start at GABP on Opening day

    Go reds

    • Bdh

      I think the bullpen will be better this year. With the exception of Sims the guys who should be making the opening day roster have looked good.

      • Melvin

        I agree. It would be hard for them to not be better than last year wouldn’t it? Let’s hope they’re a lot better. 🙂

      • Bdh

        With everyone healthy there’s over 10 guys I trust in the bullpen right now. Probably the best spot the bullpen has been in since the 2nd half of 2020 after they traded for Bradley.

        This year I’d trust (no specific order)

        And whoever loses the Weaver/Cessa rotation battle

  6. Bdh

    Random thought – why haven’t we seen Ivan Johnson or Miguel Hernandez any this spring? Are they not around any longer?

  7. Redsvol

    Nice to see some extra base hits this game. Seems like a lot of singles lately – which are nice, but not as interesting.

    TJ Friedl just a great on base producer. Need him in the lineup for 120 games.

    I can’t recall the last spring training where the Reds have let starters go 6 innings. Between this Lodolo outing and Hunter Greene’s minor league game – where he reportedly went 7 innings. Normally the starters really struggle to go 5 innings in late March in years past. Very encouraging to think the starters may be healthy and ready to go this year.

    Alex Young – not flashy, just seems to get the job done. Why wouldn’t he be in the bullpen. 29 other teams would probably love to have him.

  8. Harry Stoner

    If Lodolo, Greene and Ashcraft can regularly go 6 and sometimes 7 it’s going to take a lot of pressure off the bullpen.

    Yikes, if Williamson gets going and there are two lefties in the SP it’s just going to make for more enjoyable baseball whether the Reds are “contending” or not.

    Steer’s hitting is taking a little of the sting out of the CES demotion.

    Now if India can just start kicking JV’s tail again…..

  9. Brad

    Doug after reading the headline I am wondering how many times you be using the line “bludgeon” or”blowout”as a winning line for the Reds this year. I am thinking “implodes” or “collapses” will probably used a lot more. But you never know.

  10. Rednat

    I Saw part of the game at my local gym on fox sports indiana. i thought Bally sports wasn’t carrying the games this year? i hope they will. my wife hogs the smart tv we have in the house so is out for me lol

    • Jim Walker

      If you have the broadband capacity and in home configuration to stream via a smart TV, you have it to stream via a PC, laptop, or tablet which supports wireless, not to mention most cell phones nowadays.

      If both of you are streaming simultaneously, you probably need about 20 Mbits into your home and out of your router; and less than that if she is watching something that doesn’t require streaming. Just about any cable based or home 5G internet service should be getting that throughput.

      • Jim Walker

        Actually, your PC or laptop would also stream fine connected to a good old fashion network cable as long as the bandwidth was OK. 😉

  11. CI3J

    So what’s the bullpen looking like right now? I know a lot of people are thinking it’s going to be a disaster, but I can squint and see a reasonably decent bullpen taking shape.

    To wit:

    CL Diaz
    LHP Sanmartin
    LHP Young
    RHP Law
    RHP Cessa (assuming he’s not in the rotation)
    RHP Farmer
    RHP Gibaut
    RHP Strickland (because Bell will tell Krall he absolutely has to have Strickland on the team, and Krall will acquience)

    It’s not exactly the Nasty Boys and is noticeably lacking in quality right handed pitchers, but at this juncture, it doesn’t look horrible. And with the possibility of Santillan and Sims coming back at some point (I consider Antone pretty much finished, but maybe he’ll surprise me), there’s still a possibility for it to improve.

    Granted, I don’t think the Reds have a good bullpen, exactly. But it at least might not be terrible.

    • Hotto4Votto

      I’d guess we see Cessa in the rotation. Maybe in a piggyback situation to start. I also think Cruz has a spot in the pen.

      Adding Strickland, Law, and Young would require 3 40-man moves. And the Reds only have 13 position players on the 40-man in ST and one of those is Senzel. I can see them opening up a spot to add Pinder (or Ramos etc) as well. That’s certainly do-able, but maybe they only add two pitchers and keep someone like Kuhnel or Sousa up. Or use that last spot for Overton/Weaver/Anderson as the piggy-back long reliever.

      • CI3J

        I could see them releasing Solak and moving Dunn to the 60-day IL. Hopefully they will use those spots to add Young and Law, and let Strickland walk.

        As to Pinder and Ramos, the Reds will have to decide if it’s worth giving up on some other players on their 40-man to add two 30-year old journeymen.

      • Hotto4Votto

        Antone to the 60-day DL as well would open another spot. I agree, Solak is the only position player I see on the cutting line. I was in favor of Fairchild taking the last position player spot, but that ship sailed yesterday. Unless they go with 14 pitchers or Senzel is deemed ready, they’re going to have to add someone. I’m also hopeful Strickland doesn’t make the cut. For the bullpen I’d go:
        Diaz, Farmer, SanMartin, Gibaut, Young, Cruz, Law, and one of Overton/Weaver (as a piggy back starter) to start the season.

      • MBS

        13 is the max amount of pitchers a team can carry until the sept call ups, then it goes to 14. It’ll be interesting to see the 40 man moves that they make.

  12. old-school

    If Votto is healthy enough to make the Opening Day roster( and he has plenty of leeway to ease back in with the off day and Stephenson and Myers available at 1b/DH) then the roster is set with 12 players in the rotation

    3 catchers, 5 infielders, 4 outfielders and TBD (1) flex guy for 13

    C- Stephenson, Maile, Casali (3)
    1b- Votto,( Stephenson)
    2b-India( Newman)
    SS- Barrero( Newman)
    3b-Steer ( Newman
    RF- Myers(Friedl)
    CF -benson(Friedl,Barrero)

    With Vosler,Pinder and Ramos the only 3 position players left in camp- It would seem Pinder becomes the 13th player if Votto is healthy and slots in as LF platoon with Fraley and 3rd on the depth chart at 1b.

    If Votto is a no, then Myers slots in at #1 on the 1b depth chart Friedl moves up to the #3 Of and Ramos slides in as 4th OF.

    Either way, it would seem Vosler is not in the mix.

    • David

      Vosler. Shaken, not stirred. Not in the mix. Got it.
      Chad Pinder, Cincinnati turns it’s lonely eyes to you.

      He fits into the David Bell mystique. A proven history of sub-replacement level play.
      My guess he is on the team, and easily cut when Senzel comes back, when he is ready to play. Senzel is making $2 Mil this year, and HE WILL PLAY. That’s kind of an iron clad rule with the Castellini Management Team.

      I looked at some other team’s rosters today. The Washington Nationals seem on the verge of being one of the worst teams in the National League this year.
      And while the Cardinals do have a pretty good team, their outfield is nothing to get excited about.

  13. LDS

    Come on Reds, Opening Day is nine days away. Let’s quit pretending you don’t know and set the Opening Day roster. Quit running out players that will be elsewhere and play the starters. They need the work. And if you have been playing the starters then …. Well, let’s not think of it.

    • MBS

      I’m still hoping we get that surprise late addition. Once a team cuts a guy that they shouldn’t have, Scooter Gennett style.

  14. BK

    The Reds have essentially done as you asked. As of yesterday, the remaining position players on the 40-man roster are:

    Catchers (3): Stephenson, Casali, Maile
    Infielders (5): Votto, India, Barrero, Steer, and Newman
    Outfielders (5): Myers, Benson, Fraley, Friedl, and Senzel

    Senzel hasn’t played in an MLB spring training game, so he’s likely heading to the IL. That leaves only one position player spot that a non-roster invitee will likely fill ten days prior to opening day.

    The lineups Sunday (Pinder only nonstarter) and Monday (Pinder, Friedl, and Newman started) drew starters from the list above, and they played most of both games.

    I would expect everyone in contention for the opening day roster to get plate appearances (Pinder, Vosler, Ramos, and Reynolds). Backups need to go into the season sharp, too.

    The MLB season is a grind–do we really want to add a couple of weeks to a grueling season by playing ST games with all of our starters as if they actually count? Do the teams that go to the playoffs do this?

    • LDS

      As I said, if they have been playing the starters then the team is in trouble. You listed four players: Pinder, Vosler, Ramos, and Reynolds who aren’t in your list above and one as you said is headed to the IL. We don’t know officially that Votto will be ready to go although we all expect he will. And there’s still the mess in the pitching ranks. As you know, there are six ST games remaining. Playing guys like Hopkins, Qunitana, Callihan, et al, aren’t going to make the 26 or the 40. The higher-level prospects such as EDLC or McLain made more sense, i.e., they are closer to being ready than the younger guys that are facing the more season ready major leaguers. So, it goes. Understanding the Reds development strategy is tough. I’m ready for serious action and big changes which I realize we won’t see. But, I’m fundamentally an optimist. Which makes following the Reds tough.

      • BK

        “Playing guys like Hopkins, Qunitana, Callihan, et al, aren’t going to make the 26 or the 40.” These guys are playing about 2 innings a game, maybe one PA. I bet it’s a pretty big deal for these guys to get to spend a day with the ML team and briefly get into a game. It also lets the Reds rest players who aren’t going to start as they don’t have to travel. Every team does this sort of thing in Spring Training.

        As for the better prospects, they are getting more reps on the minor league fields. Would having them spend the majority of their day in the dugout waiting for mop-up duty be in their best developmental interest?

      • LDS

        I’d prefer they played the better prospects more than a couple of innings against the better pitchers to see how they are progressing. CES, McLain, EDLC against guys like Burnes would be informative. And if the “regulars” need that much rest, they need to retire. I worked well over 60 hours a week with regularity up until retirement while the younger workers had trouble hitting 40. Where’s the commitment?

      • greenmtred

        Do you think that spring training at bats are the key to evaluating the young hitters? We’re only talking about a handful of them, in the first place, and the top prospects are, I bet, already carefully vetted and their areas of concern pretty well understood.

      • LDS

        No, I don’t think necessarily that ST ABs are. Nor do I think the younger prospects necessarily benefit from playing this late in the ST season.