The Cincinnati Reds have gotten back another player from the World Baseball Classic. Pitcher Luis Cessa rejoined the team today after playing with Team Mexico during pool play in the tournament. Team Mexico is still in the tournament and will face off against Japan on Monday evening, but Cessa made the decision to come back and pitch in the spring for Cincinnati to try and prepare for the regular season and compete for a spot in the rotation.

Luis Cessa released a statement about his decision.

Using Google Translate, here’s what it says in English:

With deep sadness I share that I will not be able to finish my participation with Mexico in the World Baseball Classic, an event that I dreamed of so much and where wearing the colors of my country has been one of the greatest satisfactions in my life, a team united as a family within and off the field. Talking with the Cincinnati organization and with my family, the difficult decision was made to return to Spring Training in Arizona to be able to fight for a spot in the rotation and be ready for opening day, since the pace I was having was behind for being able to be ready. I came with a divided heart, but knowing that we will leave our souls on the field and from home I will be supporting them 100%.

Long live Mexico!

With love – Luis Cessa

During the World Baseball Classic with Team Mexico, Luis Cessa was used out of the bullpen and he only pitched 2.0 innings. Those two innings came on March 11th against Colombia where he allowed a run on two hits while picking up a strikeout.

With Luke Weaver, who was also competing for a spot in the rotation, likely unable to be ready to pitch as a starter when the season begins due to his arm soreness last week that set him back in his preparation, the Reds are in a real bind with what to do with the final two spots in the rotation. Cessa, assuming his health, may have a direct line to making the rotation now that he’s back. But given the workload he’s had this month, he also needs to get his pitch count up in order to be able to handle at least 4-ish innings the first time he’s asked to take the mound in the regular season, which begins in less than two weeks.

7 Responses

  1. Redsvol

    Team Mexico wasn’t using cessa – last pitched March 10th or 11th someone said. If they aren’t using him and he plans to be a starter then he really had no choice but to come back and start in a spring training game. Team Mexico did cessa a disservice by not using him. Don’t select him for team if not going to use him.

  2. LDS

    And the Reds pitching needs all the help they can get. Let’s hope Cessa can provide that help.

  3. DaveCT

    Welcome back, Luis!

    By the way, you are starting the third game of the season.

  4. Optimist

    This is impressive in several ways, but what is Team Mexico thinking? It’s a good roster, but only 2 innings worked? Honestly I’m not paying attention to the WBC, and the Mexican roster has plenty of pitching talent, but it’s not like Cessa is a AAAA talent or unproven teenager. Just too many pitchers and not enough games? Short series and shortened staffs? Has this happened with other teams and players?

    Still, good for him.

  5. Michael

    Glad he’s back and hope he’s in the rotation. I know long relief is a need but that seems like a job for Anderson and Gibault.

  6. JB WV

    As it looks fight now, starting rotation: Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft, Williamson, and a bullpen start on the 5th game, unless Bell wants to go back to the top and start with those 4 for a couple weeks, hoping to build up Cessa or another arm between now and then.

  7. Votto4life

    A good decision on Cessa’s part to return early. Although, I think his decision to play in the WBC at all, while fighting for a spot in a major league rotation, was not a great one. I am glad he is back.