The Cincinnati Reds got a go-ahead home run from Henry Ramos in the top of the 9th inning, but the Milwaukee Brewers came back in their half of the inning as they scored twice to walk the game off on an error and beat Cincinnati 4-3 on Sunday evening.

Cincinnati Reds (11-11-1) 3 9 1
Milwaukee Brewers (9-12) 4 4 0
W: Miley L: Solomon
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The Highlights

Jonathan India wasted no time on Sunday afternoon, doubling to lead off the game. He would score and give the Reds a lead when Tyler Stephenson singled later in the inning. Milwaukee got that run back in the bottom of the 1st when Christian Yelich singled, Jesse Winker walked, and Willy Adames singled to load up the bases against Luis Cessa. A double play brought in the tying run, and then the go-ahead run scored on a wild pitch.

Luis Cessa settled in after that and would retire the side in the 2nd and 3rd innings to complete his day. Derek Law would enter the game in the 4th and toss a perfect inning. Hunter Strickland did the same thing in the bottom of the 5th, holding the Brewers lead to 2-1. That was important because in the top of the 6th inning Jonathan India kept on hitting and crushed a solo homer to center to tie the game up.

Joel Kuhnel took over in the bottom of the 6th and after retiring the first two batters of the inning he gave up a double to former teammate Jesse Winker. But Kuhnel clamped down and got Willy Adames to ground out to end the inning and keep the game tied up. In the top of the 7th Spencer Steer singled with two outs – giving him three hits on the day – to try and get a rally going, but Chad Pinder flew out to end the inning.

The Reds turned to the bullpen again to kick off the bottom of the 7th as Bennett Sousa took the mound. Like the relievers before him he tossed a shutout inning and kept Milwaukee off the board. Alan Busenitz took over for Cincinnati in the bottom of the 8th. He got two quick outs before walking Brice Turang to bring up top prospect Jackson Chourio. He put a good swing on the second pitch of the at-bat and hit the ball hard, but his liner was caught by Matt Reynolds and second base to end the inning and keep the game tied up.

In the top of the 9th the Reds grabbed a lead. Facing former Reds pitcher Wade Miley it was Henry Ramos smacking a solo homer to lead off the game in his first game back after playing for Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic. Jared Solomon came on in the bottom of the 9th to try and close the game out. He would get the first batter to ground out to second base, but Solomon then walked back-to-back hitters before a single brought in the tying run and put runners on the corners with one out. A hard grounder to third base followed and it ate up Nick Quintana and bounced off of him to bring in the winning run for the Brewers.

Chad Pinder went 0-4. He’s now 3-37 this spring if we include the 0-2 he had in the rain-cancelled game earlier this week. Spencer Steer picked up three hits and is now hitting .333/.405/.545 this spring through 37 plate appearances. Derek Law’s perfect inning lowered his ERA on the spring to 1.42 and he now has 10 strikeouts with 1 walk in 6.1 innings.

Monday’s Game

The Reds will be back at home in Goodyear on Monday afternoon. Nick Lodolo will get the start for Cincinnati as they face off against the Los Angeles Angels. First pitch is set for 4:05pm ET.

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  1. Bdh

    Solomon blew it. He won’t be on the reds. No big deal. The rest of the pitching today was very good

    That last spot on the roster is likely just a placeholder until Senzel returns so I’m not really too invested in it like the group that negatively brings Pinder up 3-5 times a day but I do hope that Ramos is getting real consideration for it. Would really like to keep him in the organization this season

    I’m sure he’s fine (and sore!) but any confirmation yet on Fraley?

    • LDS

      Do you think Senzel will matter in the least? At this point, he’s the baseball example of the sunk cost fallacy – throwing good money after bad. Sort of like extending Bell’s contract.

      • Bdh

        I think this is his last year as a Red and they aren’t going to pay him the 2+ million to spend that time in Louisville. He either plays well enough to get traded or is non tendered next offseason

      • greenmtred

        Your hobby may have questionable value, LDS, but it has the virtue of keeping you busy and involved. Any blood pressure problems? I’ve heard that chronic negativity can elevate it.

      • LDS

        @GreenMTred, there you go again, mistaking objectivity for negativity. Clearly, I lack your fan boy ability. For some of us, results still matter. Feel free to list Senzel’s many accomplishments or Bell’s if you prefer. I’m waiting with great anticipation.

      • greenmtred

        LDS, you are the only person who would use your name and objective in the same sentence. Why would you want me to extol Senzel’s or Bell’s accomplishments? Inasmuch as I haven’t praised either, it seems a misplaced request.

      • DHud

        With current roster construction (ignoring the Pinder in the room) there’s no off-the-bench corner IF most teams value for positional flexibility

        In my mind having Senzel on the roster splitting time between OF and at 3B with Steer (who’s glove has been a real ? so far this spring) is a much better scenario than carrying another “veteran” of years past

      • LDS

        Sure @Green, sure, whatever you say. You are certainly entertaining.

    • VaRedsFan

      Last year was supposed to be senzel’s sink or swim year. There wasn’t much swimming, or treading water for that matter.
      I’d prefer him in AAA, and let him earn his way back for a change.

      • Michael

        Absolutely! But RLN has pointed out that he is being paid $2 million this season so he is going to see a decent # of AB’s to right the ship.

      • Redsvol

        I agree here @VA. Why in the world does Senzel deserve a spot on the active roster. His MLB history suggests he is an offensive black hole and he has very little defensive versatility or experience pinch hitting late in games.

    • MK

      I can’t see why they thought Solomon was worthy of taking a 40-man roster spot last year. Bet they would take $50,000 for him right now.

      Ramos made a good impression today. Wish he had stayed in camp as he didn’t get to play much in WBC. The reds need some right handed power off the bench.

      The plan to keep three catchers is really going to hamper the bench. I’d much rather have Ramos than Mailes, especially with him being a phone call away. It should’ve remembered Meyers started his professional career as a catcher and could probably catch a couple innings in an emergency.

      • MuddyCleats

        Bingo, my pt exactly especially w/ numerous young guys showing very good athleticism & potential. If that weren’t the case, I could see going w3 catchers. Not like Malie has shown great tools or upside.

      • Melvin

        Still rolling my eyes as to why Bell will carry three catchers. Is Casali not capable of catching 90+ games himself?

      • Doug Gray

        Why is this being pinned on David Bell? Nick Krall is the one who decided to go out and sign two other catchers to big league contracts this offseason.

      • Melvin

        @ Doug – I guess that’s true. Even if he was just doing what he was told he’s still the one who did it (Krall). Evidently Bell, when it comes to TS catching though, has most of the season already planned out. Pretty easy to “manage” that way. Whatever. I just don’t understand. Worst case scenario with only two catchers Casali gets hurt, TS has to come in from being the DH to catch, and they lose their DH. That would be a rarity anyway. Isn’t that correct?

      • Ryan

        The Reds are 3 fWAR better on paper at catcher than last season. The 6 catchers that played ~120 games in Stephenson’s absence, combined for -2.2 WAR(*horrendous considering the positional boon they get as catchers*) . They raised the floor of their catching depth tremendously, for zero prospect capital and a couple mil. Very savvy/necessary move by Krall.

        Something else to consider, Votto put up -.9 WAR last season, and as we all know, had major shoulder surgery. If he falters, Stephenson is a really nice fall back.

      • greenmtred

        Melvin, how do you know that Bell is the one who made the decision about Stephenson? Not saying he didn’t, but I could certainly find it plausible that it’s an organizational decision.

      • Bdh

        @Ryan – 100% correct

        The catcher spot was as big of a black hole as Barrero was late in the year last season.

        Raising the floor behind the plate (which they did significantly) and getting Stephenson at DH instead of Moose/Moran is just a no brainer move for this season

        Now next season when there’s likely a lot deeper roster I’m fine with going back to 2 catchers (Stephenson + Casali/Vellojin). Lowering the risk of losing Stephenson is just more important this year

  2. JB

    Like I said in the game thread , pencil Steer in at 3rd and leave him there for the year. I think the highway between Cincinnati and Louisville will be busy this year with relievers coming and going. Different year , same mess.

    • Michael

      I don’t think Steer deserves that long of a leash so to speak. If he’s got a .600 OPS in July, then it’s time to see Elly or McClain at 3rd. Now I think he’s good for .750 which is a good for a utility player but time will tell.

      • JB

        Steer has about 110 major league at bats. So by July if he is at .600 OPS you want to pull the plug on him? What happens if McLain and EDLC after 400 at bats are at 600 OPS? Bring up the next guy? The consensus is to give hitters about 1500 at bats to figure out what they are to be in the bigs. 400 at bats and 3/4 of the league would fail. Have to give them time. They aren’t winning anything this year but last place

      • Michael

        Just hard to picture Steer as a high ceiling guy. A .600 OPS is pretty lousy not releasing him if that’s the case but Elly and McClain are waiting in the wings so Steer and Barrero need to seize this opportunity.

      • MBS

        @Michael, I think that Steer is a high floor type, at least with his offense. I’m not opposed to him being deposed from 3B, and moved into a super utility role. That should only be done after it’s clear he can’t field 3B, and we have a better option that is destroying AAA.

      • MK

        I just hope his fielding percentage is above .600 at that point.

      • Kevin H

        So now it is Steer’s turn to be battered around by RLN. How do you know if Mclain or Cruz will make it or be better than Steer? You don’t

  3. RedBB

    Good to see India have a good game. I think we see a bounce back year from him returning to his previous approach to the plate in his rookie year and similar body type. He even looks better defensively to the eye.

  4. MercerRed

    Ramos over Benson at this point. Benson is over-matched currently against proven major league pitchers. Need another Latin American player to keep Barrero company.

    • MK

      Think Cruz and Diaz might fill that bill though I hope they can keep Ramos and Benson as well.

    • RedBB

      His 10-0 SO-BB ratio this spring is still worrisome although I’d still go with him. Although one of him or Friedl may not make it.

  5. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Hi, Everyone,

    Just getting back into it now.

    One thing I’m just hoping with these prospects we have. . .

    I’ve said before, there are 2 uses for prospects:
    1) Replace who’s on the main roster
    2) Tradebait

    Now, I can understand the entire “putting prospects on the 40 man roster” stipulation, etc. But, shoot, some of the reclamation projects we are looking to bring in, are they really better than the prospects? I mean, Strand just led the team in OPS, legitimately, and he gets sent down to AAA?

    Ready/not ready? Alright, but if not now, when? So, more of a “longer term” answer I would look at. Because, yeah, it’s nice to have prospects in the minors. “So, let’s get some veteran reclamation projects until they are ready.” When will that be? I can’t help thinking that by the time the FO think these prospects “are ready”, they are already going to be halfway out of their prime as it is.

    As far as success goes, Hunter got through, Lodolo got through, and they have been doing pretty good. When are we going to make some more spots for these other prospects and get them up here?

    • Redsvol

      Welcome back @Steve. I don’t disagree with your premise but who would these prospects be replacing? Most of the discussion is about the 13th offensive player on the roster – a bench player that might play twice a week. Do we want our high level prospects playing twice a week?

      Are we sitting Votto or Stephenson?

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        One of the reclamation projects, aka “veterans” we’ve signed to “fill in until the prospects are ready”.

  6. Old-school

    The Reds chose to tender Nick Senzel a contract and both Parties agreed to his roster contract at $2 million in 2022 for the 2023 season

    These are the facts

    Why people continue to argue in spring training about Nick Senzel is beyond me. Hes not playing in AAA when healthy in 2023
    Hes not being DFA’d. Hes not being traded . Thats not a statement of support or non-support. Its just fact.

    Go out in your yard and scream at the clouds. Thats more productive than wasting RLN thread space in spring training.

    • Doug Gray

      Going to need you to recant that last part. Coming back to yell in the comments section helps keep my lights on. It’s productive for someone.

      • Old-school


        Im not for or against Senzel

        Just saying the Reds chose 3 months ago to run it back for $2 million more in 2023

      • Optimist

        Agree – come in here and scream all you want, without profanity per the rules, but there is one point to disagree about on Senzel. IIRC there have been trade rumors for years about Senzel, and how much the Indians/Guardians wanted him. That’s obviously dimmed quite a bit, or perhaps not.

        To wit – look at the Stevenson/Hoffman deal – respective highly rated prospects, with flashes of promise, but largely unimpressive production. The trade worked out in a very marginal manner, and each is now onto their second team after the trade.

        Is Senzel now in that category? Is there a trade partner out there with a similar situation (is Adell at that point)?

      • Michael

        Awesome news because we like talkin Reds.

      • Jim Walker

        Optimist>>> My guess is a significant reason Senzel was tendered instead of sent packing because the Reds were on the hook for his injury rehab costs regardless; and, they hoped to eventually flip him for something versus getting nothing for him and taking yet another PR hit during the off season.

        For all the talk about Senzel’s injury plagued career, in 2022 he had the most plate appearances he has ever had in a season (420) topping his rookie season by 6. Yet his 2022 OPS of .601 was the lowest of his career, .141 below his rookie season.

        Every PA he takes during 2022 will be at the expense of someone who could be a contributor on the next good Reds team which he does not figure to be given his age, 28, production to date and team control status (2 years at arbitration rates after 2023).

      • Jim Walker

        Oops>>>>> Above should have been “… Every PA he (Senzel) takes during 2022 will be at the expense of someone who could be a contributor on the next good Reds team….”

    • TR

      Is RLN space rationed? We all have opinions. it doesn’t bother me. Like everything in life, the Senzel situation will eventually be resolved. Nothing quite like the deep blue sky with spring flowers on the way.

  7. MBS

    I’ll say it again Law should make the team. Also the temporary 26th man is looking like it should be Ramos. Pinder is versatile, but Ramos is exciting.

    • MK

      I just don’t see what Pinder or Vosler bring to the table for a rebuilding team.

      • MBS

        I get that line of thinking, but I don’t 100% agree with it. Winning games even in a rebuild matters, at least to me. I also think 13 guys are hard to get AB’s for, so letting a hot young prospect sit on a bench is bad for his development.

    • old-school

      @MBS- any word on Sims back? He was held out recently due to spasms. If hes not ready for OD, Gibault and Law are both in, unless I am missing somebody. If Sims is a go, then 1 of those 2 are fighting for a spot.

      • MBS

        Not sure, I’m really hoping Sims isn’t delayed though. It would be nice to have him at the back of the pen. Sims at least give us another option to pick up saves when Diaz isn’t available.

        Duarte, Sousa, and Kuhnel could also be in line based off of their performance so far. Duarte started the year with the Reds last season, then promptly got hurt. Sousa’s #’s in the minors show he’s ready for a shot in the majors. Kuhnel is liked by somebody in the organization, he got into 53 games despite a 6.36 ERA. I know our pen was bad but come on.

      • Lars Benders

        From “Sims is dealing with back spasms, manager David Bell said. The issue is not believed to be related to the back injury and surgery that Sims endured in 2022, Bell said.”

        Of course it’s not related. Except for the back part.

  8. LDS

    Regarding Senzel, I think he illustrates clearly how seriously baseball’s compensation system is broken. He had a negative WAR, and a 64 OPS+ for the season, adding to his career negative WAR and 73 OPS+. Rationally, a non-tender would have made more sense. Instead he gets a raise of several $100k/year. In reality, he’s nearly as old as Aquino was, with 50% more PAs and less production generally, though a higher BA. Everyone agreed that AA’s time was up. Yet, many still cling to the dimming hope that Senzel will emerge as the second coming of Junior. Senzel, Pinder, Newman, Reynold, and a host of others offer very little upside and a pretty low floor. Move on.

    • Jim Walker

      Well stated. Given Senzel’s age and contract/ team control status, the ship has sailed for him as a significant contributor to the next good Reds team. Meanwhile, he takes a roster spot and PAs from guys who might be part of that team.

  9. VegasRed

    Nothing, MK. But as long as Bell has a day he will default to the type of ball player he himself was. And everyone on this board knows this is true of Bell and one of his identified flaws.

    This is also why “Pinder” is such a whipping boy on here. It is frustrating when one loves a team that continues to sabotage itself with inexplicable management.

    I think Bell must have considerably more clout in the Reds organization than Krall.

    • Kevin H

      I don’t know if that is true. I don’t know David Bell personally. I am not in the locker room and don’t know the ends and outs of coaching at the Major League Level.

      Of course some have that opinion that Bell is this and that, but it is only a opinion.

      • greenmtred

        Spot on, Kevin H. The psychology of David Bell, assessed from afar, is a frequent topic here. We should take it for what it’s worth. As an aside, noteworthy by its omission–even from the comments by small-sample-size aficionados–is any mention of Strickland’s stellar outing.

      • old-school

        With the off day tomorrow and camp ending Sunday, the longer a vet is in camp, the more likely hes going to make the roster. Many times, organizations will release a vet a few days early to give them time to hook on with another team as a matter of professional courtesy. If Pinder and Strickland are still in camp later this week, RLN will have a field day.

        Strickland is 34 and Pinder turns 31.

      • Jim t

        I think what some people miss in the whole, let’s get rid of the aging veterans talk is that at times those aging vet’s provide guidance and leadership to the younger players. If you get the right vet on the team it can be beneficial even in a rebuild. . Also developing the prospects by advancing them through the system is a good thing. Dropping them into the major league before their ready can do more harm than good at times.

      • greenmtred

        I agree, Jim T. And, Old-School: What you say is exactly right. It may well be that Strickland and Pinder will at least start the season with the Reds. I don’t know why; it may have something to do with Jim T’s speculation, it may be that Bell, the coaches and the organization see something of value in them, and itmay be something else entirely. As I say, I don’t know and neither do the rest of us.

  10. old-school

    Reds are at the final furlong. India and Stephenson are ramping up and showing they are healthy and ready. Votto looks great and should be ready soon. The Young OF looks ready as do Steer and Barrero, with Steer needing to prove himself at 3b defensively the first month but his bat looks ok.

    Big 3 look ready. I suppose Cessa, Overton, and Williamson final 3 for 2 spots with Cessa looking like a lock if he gets his arm built up.

    Alex Young and SanMartin would seem to be the 2 lefties in the pen.

    Interesting info from Bobby Nightengale in his notes. Guardians are in the Reds back fields watching for the PTBNL in the Benson deal. Any thoughts on what caliber prospects the Reds put on the table? Guardians already got a 2nd round OF in Boyd. Another Reason that Benson is going to play a lot in CF and given a ton of opportunities.

    • Optimist

      2 comments to pick up on Old School’s note here.

      1 – Young may be the most overlooked newcomer this year. If he can become a faint combination of Hughes and Wilson the Reds have a steal. 40-50 ip without injury, a passable inherited runners production, and an OK ERA, and the bullpen gets better in a hurry.

      2 – Benson for Boyd straight up was likely a plus for the Reds. The PTBNL really should be either a AAAA 26th man, or an A-A+ filler/flyer barely discussed on these sites. Cannot be a “prospect” of note.