The Cincinnati Reds are back in action this afternoon, hitting the road to take on the Oakland Athletics. First pitch is scheduled for 4:05pm ET.

Reds (10-10-1) vs Athletics (8-11-2)



1 Kevin Newman SS Esteury Ruiz CF
2 TJ Friedl LF Seth Brown DH
3 Chad Pinder RF Aledmys Diaz 3B
4 Luke Maile C Jesus Aguilar 1B
5 Jason Vosler 1B Ramon Laureano RF
6 Alejo Lopez 2B Shea Langeliers C
7 Stuart Fairchild CF Brent Rooker LF
8 Noelvi Marte 3B Tony Kemp 2B
9 Alex McGarry DH Nick Allen SS
10 Brandon Williamson LHP Kyle Muller LHP

Reserve players on today’s Reds roster

Pitchers Catchers
Daniel Duarte Cade Hunter
Ian Gibaut Daniel Vellojin
Daniel Norris Infielders
Reiver Sanmartin Edwin Arroyo
Alex Young Austin Callahan
Zack Brown Tyler Callihan
Michael Byrne Outfielders
Tommy Eveld Blake Dunn
Nick Plummer
Brian Rey
Justice Thompson

Where to watch/listen/follow the game

The game will be available on as the Athletics crew is broadcasting the game on their regional sports network. If you would like to tune in on the radio it will be broadcast on 700 WLW.

Reds links and news

Lucas Sims shut down for a few days

After back surgery for a herniated disc that cost him much of the 2022 season, Lucas Sims was shut down for a few days due to a back spasm. Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer reports that it was unrelated to his previous back injury. Sims was originally listed as one of the pitchers expected to throw today in the game notes from yesterday, but that isn’t happening now.

Ian Gibaut loved his time in the WBC

“It’s an awesome tournament. It means a lot to guys” said Gibaut when he returned to Reds camp in Goodyear after pitching for Great Britain in the World Baseball Classic. Bobby Nightengale wrote about Gibaut’s experience, and the WBC as a whole over at the Cincinnati Enquirer earlier today. It’s worth a read.

34 Responses

  1. JB

    Wow what a lineup. I believe the Shirelles once sang “Momma said there would be days like this”

  2. LDS

    With a week to go before the end of ST, I would have thought Bell would quit playing guys that have no chance to make the opening day roster (Marte, McGarry, and the entire bench) or guys that shouldn’t like Pinder, Newman, and Vosler). It’s time to be playing the regulars and getting them ready for opening day. Yesterday’s lineup should go again today. And tomorrow. Knock off the little league BS. Everyone doesn’t have to play.

    • Kevin H

      My God dude. Go manage the team if you can do better.

      It is so easy to be a couch manager

  3. Jimbo44CN

    I watch the MLB network, and on most of the shows they when they talk about
    Spring training they spend quite a bit of time on prospects STILL with the team.
    Why in the world were all of our good ones sent down. Why Mr. Bell? And why is Pinder still here? My Grandma could hit .111 and bless her heart shes been gone 50 years.

    • Harry Stoner

      The fix has been in for Pinder with Bell since day 1. He could be hitting 0.011 and Bell would keep him on the team.

      “He’s getting close.”

      Bell’s clumsy kixx off for CES “Today’s not the day…” may suggest some underlying reason or just be more of his witlessness when talking to the press.

      I don’t mind seeing the B team out there, but Pinder in the 3 spot is another part of the puff piece. He’ll drive in a run and the Bell lovers will celebrate his ‘managing’.

      I hope San Martin and Duarte get some solid innings in.

      • LDS

        Duarte was reassigned to the minors earlier. Why is he back?

      • David

        Sending down Duarte was really a bit of a puzzle. He has not given up a run in Spring Training.
        Is this a clue that he is a good pitcher? Probably not. What do us stupid fans know?
        Or maybe, it just wasn’t his day. Joel Kuhnel will likely be on the 26 man roster…in the bull pen.
        Will Hunter Strickland, with a briefcase full of Veteran Presence be on the pitching staff? He “KNOWS HOW TO PLAY THE GAME”.
        Newman will be on the 26 man roster, but the other guys…????

        Where have you gone, George Grande? Cincinnati turns their lonely eyes to you.

    • LDS

      To put it perspective, Pinder & Newman have combined for twice the ABs and one more hit than Barrero with half the XBH and fewer RBIs. And there are folks here that say Barrero can’t hit ML pitching.

      • Doc

        When people said it, he couldn’t. Feel free to show us when he hit MLB pitching prior to this year.

      • DW

        I am very hopeful for Barrero. He is one of my favorite players on this team. But I certainly wouldn’t conclude that he can hit major league pitching yet. He definitely didn’t last year. And spring training has been such a small sample, with minor league pitchers mixed in. The potential is easy to see though.

      • LDS

        Recovery from the wrist injury played a part last year. And Newman has never hit, nor has Pinder in years. I’ll take my chances with Barrero. At least there’s a potential for an upside.

  4. Tomn

    Does it cost to watch a spring training game on

    • Jimbo44CN

      mlb tv and the mlb network are two different things. YOu have to pay extra to your cable provider to get mlb network. Not sure how works, but some kind of streaming I believe.

      • Jim Walker

        sometimes MLB.TV has a free game of the day of the whatever but at least at my location, Dayton,OH area, I am not getting the game today.

        I am signed up for the basic MLB membership which includes the Reds radio play by play and also MiLBTV when it starts. When I click on watch icon it plays the Reds radio play by play.

      • MBS

        You do have to pay, I paid for the monthly plan so I could get spring training games. I didn’t do the whole package because of the uncertainty of regular season blackouts.

  5. Melvin

    Not exactly the most exciting lineup today is it? 🙂

    • MBS

      no, 1 – 4 were the guys that didn’t get into the game yesterday, and 5 – 9 are just filler. So we got a game full of bench & AAA players.

    • Jpser05

      Marte looks really good. Excited to see him move through the system.

  6. MK

    I hear Phil C. Making radio commercials and it reminds me of the days when Jim Bowden thought he was a media darling making commercials. As popular as Phil isn’t right now you have to wonder what the advertisers are thinking.

    • David

      Who else are you going to listen to? You’ve got the Reds’ Radio Network on….and Phil’s Dad is the Managing Partner.
      Listen to Phil. He’s got a lot to say. (puts fingers in ears)

  7. Bdh

    Good outing from Williamson

    Duarte solid in his inning as well. Hasn’t allowed a run in his 6-7 appearances this spring. I think he’ll be back in Cincinnati sooner than later

    • Bdh

      Add Sanmartin to the list throwing well today

      If Cessa starts in the rotation and Weaver/Sims miss a little bit to start the year then give me the following 8 in the bullpen


      Weaver, Sims, Santillan replace the bottom 3 and who knows who gets moved out when Antone and Gutierrez come back

      • Bdh

        Wow that was a bad omission on my part. Slot him over Law only because Kuhnel is on the 40 man currently

      • JB

        I thought Duarte got reassigned the other day? Kuhnel shouldn’t make it over Law, but it’s the Reds.

      • Doug Gray

        Just because guys get sent to minor league camp doesn’t mean they can’t play with the team in spring training. It just means they aren’t going to make the big league club (unless an injury opens up a spot for them). Every day there are 5-10 guys from minor league camp on the roster for the big league game.

  8. doofus

    Noelvi Marte instead of Speer goes north with the team?

    • JB

      Already got sent to the minors. Some guys here today have already been reassigned.

  9. Tampa Red

    Lol at the hysterical “Bell sux woe is us” pre-game comments vs the post game “nice win boys” lack of comments. Never change RLN!!

  10. DW

    Agreed LDS. Barrero should be the starting SS. Pinder should be cut. Newman trade should not have happened. I’d rather have Moreta.

  11. Kevin H

    The anti bell fans are out in full force. So easy to “manage” from the couch, or computer.