The Cincinnati Reds pounded out 12 hits, with Stuart Fairchild picking up a double, home run, and driving in three runs in a 7-1 victory on Saturday evening over the Oakland Athletics.

Cincinnati Reds (11-10-1) 7 12 0
Oakland Athletics (8-12-2) 1 5 0
W: Williamson L: Muller
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The Highlights

Brandon Williamson had to work around a walk in each of the first two innings but he was able to do that and avoid letting anyone cross the plate. But Oakland was able to get to him in the bottom of the 3rd inning when Nick Allen tripled to lead things off and scored on a single by Esteury Ruiz to make it 1-0. The lefty tossed a perfect 4th inning, wrapping up his day with a run two hits and two walks while picking up two strikeouts and giving up one run.

In the top of the 5th inning the Reds finally got their offense moving. Jason Vosler led off the inning with a double. After a strikeout, Stuart Fairchild and Noelvi Marte added doubles of their own to tie the game and then give Cincinnati a 2-1 lead. Marte scored to extend the lead when Alex McGarry singled him in.

Daniel Duarte came out of the bullpen in the bottom of the 5th to take over for Williamson and he worked around a 1-out single to throw a shutout inning and keep the Reds lead at 3-1. The offense got back to work in the top of the 6th inning with some help from the Athletic’s pitching. After a ground out to begin the inning, Oakland went to the bullpen to bring in Zach Johnson. He retired Chad Pinder to start his outing, but then went walk, single, walk, and walk to make it 4-1. Noelvi Marte then singled on a line drive that tipped off of the glove of a leaping shortstop to bring in another run. That led to a second pitching change on the evening. Alex McGarry welcomed Austin Pruit to the game with an RBI single that made it 6-1 before the inning ended on a play at the plate.

Reiver Sanmartin returned from the World Baseball Classic where he was pitching for Colombia and made quick and easy work of Oakland in the bottom of the 6th as he got two ground outs and a fly out in a 1-2-3 inning. Ian Gibaut had to work around two walks in the bottom of the inning but he got through it unscathed.

In the top of the 8th the Reds offense got going with a 2-out solo home run by Stuart Fairchild – his first of the spring – to extend the lead to 7-1. Noelvi Marte and Alex McGarry followed up with singles, but they were stranded on the bases to end the inning. Daniel Norris allowed two singles in the bottom of the 8th but was able to keep the Athletics off the board.

After going quietly in the top of the 9th the Reds turned to Alex Young to try and seal the win in the bottom of the inning. He walked a batter with one out but rebounded by inducing a game ending double play.

Noelvi Marte and Alex McGarry both went 3-4 with two runs batted in. Jason Vosler went 2-4 with a double and he scored two runs. Daniel Duarte has now pitched a scoreless inning in all six of his spring training appearances in 2023.

Just after the game started the team announced that they had released catcher Austin Romine.

Sunday’s Game

The Reds will be on the road again on Sunday as they head east to take on the Milwaukee Brewers. Hunter Greene will get the start with first pitch set for 4:10pm ET.

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  1. LDS

    Hope today leads to Fairchild getting a shot. And Pinder joining Romine elsewhere.

    • Harry Stoner

      Pinder is now Sub .100 line.

      He’ll have to drop another 100 pts on his BA for Bell to give up on him.

      Remember: he ran very fast after that fly ball.

      • Mark Moore

        Pinder still isn’t on the 40-man last I checked

      • LDS

        Merely an administrative detail. Easy to remedy if Bell gets his way.

    • MK

      Watched the Oakland TV broadcast and those guys love Pender

      • Colorado Red

        Or send him back, with cash.

      • 2020ball

        He the Reds new Skip Schumaker, Kyle Farmer, Kevin Newpinder… eh nevermnd

      • AMDG

        They could send him back with a Cash Case, if he was still in the organization

    • 2020ball

      Who should Fairchild replace on the roster?

      • LDS

        Isn’t Fairchild already on the 26? I know he’s on the 40. All they have to do is not bump him from the roster. Besides I wouldn’t be surprised to see Senzel open on the IL. It’s what he does.

      • Hotto4Votto

        Doesn’t need to replace anyone. Just needs to be the 5th OF’er and RH bat off the bench.
        C: Stephenson, Casali, Maile
        INF: Votto, India, Barrero, Steer, Newman
        OF: Fraley, Benson, Meyers, Friedl, Fairchild

      • 2020ball

        @Tom +100

        I still see Fairchild starting in AAA if Senzel comes back in time.

  2. Mark Moore

    Not a bad showing by the guys today. Especially the pitching staff.

    • DaveCT

      My impression of Williamson passed the eye test in terms of poise and presence. He had a few issues with spotting his pitches but was just plain effective.

      • Harry Stoner

        What if “the Big 3” quickly turned into “the Big 4”?

      • DaveCT

        The old Four Aces hype about A’s prospects back in the day.

    • Harry Stoner

      Nice to see Duarte and San Martin do well.

      I have a feeling Bell will wind up keeping “1 Tater Per” Strickland instead of a younger Turk proving his effectiveness.

  3. DaveCT

    Marte’s first hit was scorched. The bat speed was really impressive. Barracuda like attack on an inside pitch down the LF line for an easy double. His second hit was hit pretty hard, too, and the third was solid as well.

    Note shameless attempt to suggest Marte’s nickname above.

    • MK

      Never saw a Barracuda attack an inside pitch. A person maybe but not a pitch

      • Harry Stoner

        Early money on Marte proving the best of the recent haul of Young Turks.

      • Kevin Patrick

        I’m too old for this sense of humor…but I’ll just point out that Barracudas attack balls.

  4. JB

    Good to see some of of the bullpen guys back today. Where is Lodolo? Hasn’t pitched since the 10th in the 2nd game.

    • DaveCT

      Pitched a simulated game the other day. My guess to keep him on schedule for the opening series’ rotation.

  5. MK

    Is Steer getting Knoblauch/Sax disease? Looks like he is really struggling with throwing the ball across the diamond. When he does make a decent throw it is sometimes late as he holds it and thinks about it before he throws.

    • David

      You might think he throws like a DH. 🙂

      My impression of him last year was that he was a decent defensive player. Perhaps he is just a guy that needs a lot of reps to get sharp. Some guys seem to be able to step out of the shower in March and be ready to play.
      I also think the deceiving thing is that a lot of the Latin ball players played during the winter in Mexico or the Dominican…. Winter league. They may have been sharper coming into camp.

  6. MBS

    This is how I’d like to pitching start the season

    Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft, Williamson,
    The 5th spot being a piggy back with Cessa, and Weaver, as neither are stretched out enough to be called a starter right now. Overton, and Stoudt in AAA.

    Diaz, Sims, Farmer, SanMartin, Young, Cruz, Law

    Duarte, Gibaut, Kuhnel in AAA.

    • JB

      Like it. I like Gibaut . If Sims isn’t ready he would be a great replacement

      • David

        I don’t think we are going to see much of Sims, Antone or Dunn ever again ….pitching for the Reds or anyone else.
        Back injuries can wreck a players’ career. A pitcher twists and torques his body to thrown and drive the ball.
        Antone had had two…TWO TJ surgeries. Guys usually don’t bounce back from that.
        Dunn has a chronic shoulder injury that is probably never going to heal on its own.
        If you don’t count on them, you won’t be disappointed.

    • Harry Stoner

      Weaver isn’t going to be a factor for awhile.

      I’d enjoy seeing GLAW and Cessa or Overton if he can turn it around.

      With rose colored glasses, pitching doesn’t look quite as bad as Krall’s craxx shoot sometimes appears.

      Much of it will depend on how Bell handles the starters and the ‘pen.

      That sort of dampens my enthusiasm.

      • TR

        Instead of from DB, I’d like more influence from the Reds highly regarded pitching coach.

    • MBS

      I guess this was assuming health, and I’m not up to date enough on their statuses to know. Gibaut could easily step in for Sims, and maybe Anderson for Weaver if these guys aren’t good to go. Things will look even better with some of our bullpen guys getting healthy hopefully soon.

  7. Amarillo

    I’m starting to feel bad for Pinder. The guy is a 6 year veteran that is much better than most of our 26th man types who probably isn’t actually going to make the team. Yet, he’s become the scapegoat because people don’t like the manager. There is also Vosler/Ramos/Martin/Reynolds/Solak and the entire bullpen but Pinder is the one catching all the hate.

    • Harry Stoner

      A .097 BA will do that to you.

      I recommend the you feel bad for the young players who are being shipped out so Bell can cling to his favorites and tout the the benefits of mediocrity.

      No shade from me on Pinder the man, just in terms of the cynical approach that Bell is taking to shaping the team.

      Yeah, Pinder is the whipping boy but he’s also far underperforming the list you’ve included somehow remaining in Bell’s favor while far better prospects are shipped out.

      Sure, some of us are unimpressed by Bell’s preference for mediocre journeyman utility players over young productive talent so he can indulge in his ‘managing’ style.

      • greenmtred

        You’re knowledge of Bell’s psychology is really astounding, Harry! As is your knowledge of the organizations protocols for personnel decisions. Pinder has a 6-year track record in MLB and is not the only player to have a poor spring training BA (India and Votto spring to mind). But of course, it’s all about the fix being in.

      • greenmtred

        Your. Geez, I hate it when I do that.

      • Harry Stoner

        Yep, Green Mountain. You got me again, didn’t you?

        Pinder’s ‘track record’ is a .242 BA. Just about on par with Joey Votto, right? And his ROY stats? I guess I overlooked those.

        FWIW. Even with his slow ST start India’s BA this spring is 2X of Pinder’s. CES was 5X before we found out that “Today wasn’t his day!”

        And of course India and Votto are coming off serious injuries. But that wouldn’t keep you from making another weak argument by comping them with the might Pinder.

        Aren’t you one of the RLN folks always calling for players to “earn” their role on the team?

        Send Pinder down to AAA until he shows he can still hit MLB pitching and then bring him in. That might reflect differently on Bell’s “fix” for his veteran presence.

        I may be relying on my crystal ball, but you keep tossing up weak counter arguments just to be contrary, it seems.

        I’ve read much better posts from you. You have a ‘track record’ that easily beats out Pinder’s.

      • greenmtred

        You missed my point, Harry. Not surprising since you view everything Reds-related through Bell-colored glasses. My point was that this is spring training: veterans aren’t evidently very concerned with spring training stats and neither should we be. Pinder isn’t a star, certainly, as his career .242 BA suggests, but it’s worth pointing out that the median BA for MLB last year was–wait for it–.243. He may not make the team, but if he does, he would be a placeholder. Kyle Farmer was a lightly-regarded placeholder, and he certainly provided value at a time when the Reds were desperate. I’m not sure why you guys so ardently need scapegoats. Is it just something that fans do?

    • Redsvol

      Pinder does seem to be quite the scapegoat Amarillo. Some on hear think 30 spring training at bats are more important than 6 years of mlb experience. They also ignore defensive versatility.

      They’re the same ones that say prospects should play after 100 double A at bats and then blame management for rushing a prospect before they were ready. As they say, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  8. DW

    Marte is a big boy. Every time I see him I am surprised that he has been a shortstop. He looks like he would lack the quickness. A move to third seems best, which looks to be the plan.

    • Tomn

      I saw one game with him at ss for the Dragons. Granted, it was only one game but I didn’t think he had the agility to move and set his feet to field then throw to 1st especially on a ball hit up the middle. I think 3b is the right position for him (not that it also doesn’t demand some those same skills). He was new to the team, younger and maybe out of shape, so hopefully he’s overcome those shortcomings. His bat is certainly coming around.

    • CI3J

      Marte has gone through a growth spurt and has “filled out” in the past year. He wasn’t this big when he came to the Reds.

  9. BK

    I understand the point of view to some degree. However, I’m more concerned about Pindor’s performance last year than during Spring Training, as Spring Training stats are notoriously deceptive. We have no insight into how he has looked on the back fields or in other drills where he has faced live pitching.

    I don’t want to see a young player riding the bench. Most of us agree on this point. I’d much instead Pindor do that. Furthermore, he’s far more versatile than most of our prospects. His best position is LF, where he will likely receive starts as the weak side of a platoon with Fraley. Last year he hit league average against LHP; he’s well above league average for his career. We don’t even know if Pindor will make the team right now.

    • Votto4life

      I should have said Luke Weaver MAY start the season on the IL.

    • Jim Walker

      I am not a Dr. or trainer but episodically, “forearm” woes tend to be indicators looming or underlying elbow issues.

      …“I think it’s going to be really close, though. I think we’d have to push pretty hard to get him (Weaver) ready for Opening Day.”

      This quote from Bell isn’t encouraging, especially given he tends to make things never quite as gloomy sounding as they typically end up being.

      • Redsvol

        Cessa has barely pitched (why did he go to wbc?), weaver has forearm issue, and Sims back is flaring up again.

        I think it’s time to search for low level trade or waiver claims this next weak because both starting and relief depth are not looking good. I think it’s time to realize Lucas Sims may never be healthy again. We need 2/3 young pitchers to step up and seize the opportunity. Duarte? Abbott?

  10. Reddawg2012

    For anyone who may know…should I have been able to watch this spring training game on MLB TV without a subscription? I’m in the Cincy market, but could not get the game to “launch”. I wasn’t sure if I need a paid subscription, or if there was an issue with my computer. I’m a little nervous about being able to watch regular season games after this Bally Sports buyout.

    • JB

      You need a paid subscription for MLBTV.

  11. old-school

    The biggest issue on the 26 man roster for OD continues to be Joey Votto because it leads to a domino effect. He looks pretty good IMO so far and I could see a scenario where he starts the season at first base on OD but gets frequent rest, especially against lefties. The Reds play a lot of lefties the first few series in the Pirates, Phillies, Cubs and Braves.

    If Votto is a go….Votto/India/barrero/Steer/ Newman are (5) IF
    OF is Benson/Fraley/Friedl/Myers. (4)
    3 headed catcher is Maile/Casali/Stephenson (3) and as Tom D points out , this is really where the Roster crunch hits.

    Maile and Casali will be hitting 7th or 8th in in 60% of Reds games, with Stephenson login time at DH and Stephenson, Myers, Votto logging the 1b time. Votto being back allows Myers to play more in RF, narrowing the opportunities for a 5th OF.

    With Votto, thats 12 position players and only 1 more. I’ll take a crack at defending why Pinder will be the 13 th player.

    1.) We all agree we want the young guys getting regular at bats and developing. Pinder allows that. The 13th guy should be a plug and play guy who can sit 3 days in a row and then play a game and then sit 2 more. Thats a veteran role player.

    2.) The 13th guy should be a versatile guy capable of playing corner INF or corner OF when ever the soft tissue injury bug crops up for a series or day game after night game against a lefty.
    3.) Fairchild would be the other option as a true OF and that flexes Myers to 1b more but Fairchild isnt playing over Benson/Friedl and Fraley in the OF. You can make the argument , flex fraley to DH some against righties but the math doesnt work if Votto is at 1b and Stephenson is getting DH reps flexed from catching by the Maile/Casali catching combo.

    4.) Pinder hits lefties well with an MLB track record and I predict becomes the 13th position player and platoon role against lefties. I also predict by mid april, (Rich Hill Pirates.Bailey Falter Phil’s, Cubs- Steele/Smiley,Braves-Max Fried, Jared Shuster) Pinder will hold up ok in his role as an occasional platoon corner IF/OF plaything only against lefties. Pinder wont play much nad you dont want a young player in the that 13th role.

    • JB

      Pinder will be gone when Senzel comes back so it doesn’t really matter. To me I would give Fairchild the benefit of playing a few times a week. Pinder has no future on this team beyond Senzels return. The three catchers is a waste of a roster spot. Stephenson catches 3 days a week and DHs or plays first 2 times a week. That leaves 2 games for Casali or Maile. Neither Casali or Maile should ever DH because that would be taking a spot from a better Hitter. I for one send Maile down and give the roster spot to somebody who can fill different roles than third string Catcher.

      • Jim Walker

        Sometimes being reactive can be a good thing if it isn’t taken too far. The stockpiling of Casali, Maile, and Romine was a reaction to the Stephenson (and Votto) injuries and surgeries. It was a prudent reaction in real time but now may be the time to start backing away from it.

        Sending Romine on his way was a 1st step. Maile appears to have an option; but, I believe he has the requisite service time (+5 years) to reject it and become a free agent. Maybe he doesn’t have a split salary clause in his deal and would be satisfied to do time on ice at AAA?

        It will be interesting to see what the Reds do, particularly since backing away from it would involve a major serving of eating crow for David Bell since he went on the record with his plan to get Stephenson a season’s worth of PAs on less than half a season of time behind the plate.

  12. Harry Stoner

    Pinder batted .260 against lefties in 2022.

    So who leaves when the Senzel Super Sub Strategy kicks into gear?

    NS splits against lefties are comparable.

    • Redsvol

      Senzel 2022 vs. lefties – .596 OPS

      Pinder 2022 vs. lefties – .727 OPS

      I don’t see these as comparable at all. Plus, I haven’t seen Nick Senzel play a passable left field, right field, first base, 2nd base, or shortstop in a very long time. And he looked very diminished at third base in limited time last year. I hope Nick comes back and tears the cover off the ball. It just doesn’t seem likely after so many injuries and he isn’t used to coming off the bench.

      • Jim Walker

        It does not seem prudent to me to carry only 1 RH batting OF given Fraley’s splits vs LH pitching and that Benson has a grand total of 6 MLB PAs vs LH pitching. Senzel was reimagined in the super sub role to address this issue. However, he is not available.

        Fairchild projects significantly better vs LH pitching than Pinder (or Senzel) and is a true OF who can cover all three spots. If Pinder is in, Friedl or even Steer, given his shaky defense thus far in ST, could end up on the bubble instead of Fairchild.

        BTW, as of prior to Sunday’s game, Fairchild’s OBP/SLG/OPS for spring was .441/.462/.903 in 34 PAs.

        Let’s make a comparison. Will Benson, who has been all the rage of the camp for many fans, in exactly the same number of spring PAs as Fairchild has a .353/.441/.794 line spring line.

        Fairchild’s spring comes off of a .800 OPS in 110 MLB PAs in 2022. Benson had a .450 OPS in 61 MLB PAs in 2022. 2023 will be Benson’s age 25 season and Fairchild’s age 27. Benson was the #17 overall pick in 2016. Fairchild was #38 overall in 2017. 2022 was the 1st significant MLB look for both.

        So, a Mid 1st rounder vs high 2nd rounder (#2 in the round). Who’s to say which has the higher ceiling at this juncture? Could be either. Could be both have outstanding MLB careers. Could be neither does.

        The point is with where the Reds are at, there darn well should be a spot for both Benson and Fairchild on the Reds 26 man MLB roster versus filling it out with a 31 year old journeyman swingman who won’t hit as well or play OF defense as well as either.

      • JB

        Jim Walker- Bingo. Pinder has no ceiling and the only thing he has going for him is he is a veteran, can play different positions and can run real fast. Might as well bring back Aquino.

      • Jim Walker

        @JB> Thanks. I was getting long so I left out that they actually have their swingmen times 2 without Pinder. They would be Steer and Wil Myers. Both can play 1B/3B and corner OF. Steer I suppose would be the 3 deep at 2B but getting a third 2B in Pinder on the everyday 26 man roster hardly seems more important than a 2nd RH hitting OF who can play all 3 spots competently.

      • Tom Diesman

        Steer has played exactly 1game in the OF his entire college/professional career and it was last season in RF at Louisville.

      • Jim Walker

        @Tom. If you say so. I thought Bell spotted him in one or the other corners later in a game or 2. I’ve probably mixed him up with somebody else.

  13. old-school

    For those not watching, major drama in the WBC game last night between a good Venezuelan team and USA. Venezuela 2 run lead late USA on verge of elimination until the Reds bullpen ….er….Venezuelan bullpen coughed up the grand slam. Silvino Bracho, Reds bullpen pitcher came in with the bases loaded and looked good throwing tough up in 2 seam FB at 95 to righties. Until he hung something down broadway and Trey Turner hit the grand slam. #Redsbullpen

    • old-school

      Bracho had Turner 0-2 before the GS
      Got Betts to fly out and struck out Trout and Goldschmidt after that, His 2 seam FB looked good.

  14. Tomn

    I saw one game with him at ss for the Dragons. Granted, it was only one game but I didn’t think he had the agility to move and set his feet to field then throw to 1st especially on a ball hit up the middle. I think 3b is the right position for him (not that it also doesn’t demand some those same skills). He was new to the team, younger and maybe out of shape, so hopefully he’s overcome those shortcomings. His bat is certainly coming around.

  15. RedBB

    Only the stupidity of the Reds would pick Pinder over Fairchild. Which means it’s likely gonna happen..

    • LDS

      +1000 BTW, Pinder is starting yet again today. Apparently, no number of hitless games is enough to get Bell to take him out of the lineup. The Reds were better off with Aquino. At least, had he played as much as Pinder seems likely to, he’d hid an occasional HR.

      • Michael

        It seems like they are giving Pinder the opportunity to play himself off the team. As long as he doesn’t go 0 for the rest of ST, it appears his roster spot is secure. The questions are does this mean Fairchild is not going to make it? And does Pinder get released when Senzel is activated? I would start Senzel in AAA and see if he can earn another promotion. I am pro Fairchild seeing him platoon vs LHP. This is a requirement when you have 2 lefty hitting OF’s.

      • LDS

        Fairchild’s splits L/R are nearly identical. I’d start him daily instead of Friedl. Still think he has a higher ceiling than Friedl or Fraley for that matter.

  16. Old-school

    A lot of angst over roster construction but the Reds have made 2 huge off-season commitments and they arent deviating in mid/ late march on what took months of decision making .

    1.) 3 catchers with Stephenson non-catching more than catching. Agree or disagree but this is what the Reds are doing in 2023. The end result is 60% of games have Maile and Casali in the regular lineup. That means a healthy Votto and Stephenson and to some extent myers dominate the 1b/DH rotation.

    2.) the Reds had a choice to non-tender Nick Senzel in December and not agree to arbitration number. They didnt do that. They paid him $2 million to play for the Cincinnati Reds in 2023. By all accounts hes hitting well and playing multiple positions both IF and OF. The reds arent paying Senzel $2 million to play in AAA. They arent DFAing him and he has no trade value.

    As soon as Votto is on the 26 man… Fairchild is in AAA. As soon as Senzel is on the 26 man
    Pinder and others are off.

    That said, injuries always happen and the Reds have a history of adding productive players late- Gennett, Drury, Dietrich

    • Michael

      Old School, I think you’re right. Like any Reds fan, I want Stephenson in the lineup as much as possible (81 games each would be ideal) but they have committed to 3 catchers so extra OF/IF spots are at a premium.

      I was pro DFA of Senzel but the team chose not to do that. That very likely means he is on the roster when healthy. Are there actual reports of him getting reps in all 3 OF positions and IF as well? I thought he was only well enough to hit.

      I want Fairchild on this roster but I guess that’s at the expense of Friedl. I think the team sees this other way and Friedl is on the OD roster.

      • Old-school

        Sensel isnt running the bases after at bats full speed

        Reports are taking out field and infield reps