The World Baseball Classic’s Pool Play is now completed. And two of the four quarterfinals are also completed with Cuba and Japan advancing with wins against Australia and Italy. The Cincinnati Reds will be getting nine players back in camp – both Major League and Minor League. Five Reds players are still playing for their countries in the tournament.

Returning to big league camp

Ian Gibaut and Reiver Sanmartin are coming back to join the big leaguers in Goodyear. Gibaut pitched for Great Britain and picked up a save in his only appearance. While throwing his 2.0 innings where he picked up two strikeouts, the T in the word Great on his uniform fell off.

Reiver Sanmartin pitched in two games for Colombia. He was charged with one run in 2.0 innings while striking out three batters.

Still missing from big league camp

Pitchers Luis Cessa, Fernando Cruz, Alexis Diaz, Silvino Bracho, and outfielder Henry Ramos are still active in the World Baseball Classic. Cessa is with Team Mexico, who plays on Friday night in Miami against a Puerto Rican team that features Fernando Cruz, Alexis Diaz, and Henry Ramos. Silvino Bracho is still playing with Venezuela. They will play on Saturday night against Team USA.

Returning to minor league camp

Seven players are returning to Goodyear and will be joining minor league camp. Nicolo Pinazzi is the only player of the seven who didn’t get into a game. The pitcher was on Team Italy but never got the opportunity to pitch.

Donovan Benoit pitched in two games for Great Britain, with one of them going much better than the other. Kyle Glogoski made a start for Team Australia and picked up the win. Evan Kravetz picked up strikeouts of both Juan Soto and Julio Rodriguez when Team Israel faced the Dominican Republic.

Pedro Garcia pitched in two games for Team Colombia, giving up a run in 3.0 innings while striking out four. Arij Fransen gave up a run to Taiwan while pitching for the Netherlands.

Steven Leyton played in all four games in pool play for Nicaragua. He went 3-15 with a walk, double, run, and two runs batted int.

22 Responses

  1. Jon

    Given the news about Edwin Diaz being out for the year, you have to wonder if the Mets’ GM has called Krall to once again inquire about Alexis Diaz…With how much the Mets have invested in this season, they desperately need a closer. Could Krall somehow pull off a heist?

    • Harry Stoner

      Maybe Diaz for a couple SS prospects?

      • LDS

        Seriously Harry? And folks think I’m cynical. If the NYM want to give Avarez, Baty, and Ramirez maybe and even then probably not. Though moving Díaz would boost Strickland opportunities so there is that.

      • Jim t

        I love your optimism. Do you really think we are going to be a team that has a bunch of save opportunities? Lol!!!

      • David

        @ Harry
        Well, that would certainly fill a big need for the Reds!!! 🙂

        I think Diaz is one of only 2 or 3 credible bullpen pitchers for the Reds, and if they traded him for a bag of magic beans, a lot of fans might kick up a fuss.
        Jacob Pinder is a “ute” guy. Can he pitch too? 🙂

      • LDS

        Don’t be surprised if Pinder and Newman are the left side of the starting infield

      • Jim t

        Jose Barrera will be the starting SS until he flops or secures the job.

      • Jim t

        It will be Barrera. Steer really needs some work on his fielding.

      • greenmtred

        Lots of players who don’t play shortstop in MLB were shortstops at lower levels. Shortstops tend to be outstanding athletes and very capable of playing other positions. I would be reluctant to trade Diaz for anything less than an improbable haul because that would leave us without a single good relief pitcher.

    • redfanorbust

      Reds should definitely listen to offers. Reds should ask for Mets minor league OF Alexander Ramirez and minor league catcher Francisco Alvarez. I would not be shocked if the Reds made a deal for Diaz as Mets seem to be all in for a trip to the WS and Reds are all in on rebuilding with youth.

      • LeRoy

        Yes, the Reds are still in a rebuilding phase, but I’d say no to trading Diaz because he has enough youth and control to be a big part of the next Reds great team.

  2. Votto4life

    I feel that overall closers are overvalued. If the Mets would offer a top 10 talent for Alex, then sure make a deal. The Mets were unwilling to trade Batty or Avarez last season. I doubt that has changed. Maybe they have an internal candidate for closer? If not, they may have to overspend to meet this need. I suspect we won’t know how desperate they will get until a few weeks into the season.

    I definitely wouldn’t give Alex Díaz away. But if the Mets want to overpay then sure.

    • Rcsodak

      How do we know he’s not a 1Yr wonder? Take a top 10 Player and RUN!

      • Votto4life

        I agree, if the Mets are willing to overpay.

  3. MK

    The Mets do have David Robertson who has a lot more experience and success as a Major League closer than Alexis.

    • Jim Walker

      Yeah, but for teams looking to make deep post season runs, back end relievers are like tailbacks used to be in the era of I formation football, every contender needs a pair and spare.

      • MK

        The also have Adam Ottavino who has over 70 saves in his career and are looking for a role for Carlos Carrasco.

        Another related topic Fernando Cruz was the starting pitcher for Puerto Rico in the clincher game for them. Fernando Mania on the rise again, Reds Style.

    • Votto4life

      Yeah, I just don’t see the Mets trading Avarez or Batty. At least not for Alex Díaz. if they trade one of those guy it will be to acquire whoever is the best player on the market at the trading deadline.

      As RCSodak points out, A.Diaz doesn’t really have a long track record of success.

      • 2020ball

        He came somewhat out of nowhere, and the book is out as to whether its an outlier season or not. I have no reason not to believe in him, but the Reds bullpen would look a lot better if they had someone to pair with him for high leverage innings instead of relying on him having to be a top 10 reliever for the pen to be decent.

        Unpopular opinion, but its possible the Reds look bad for not trading him this offseason/this year’s trade deadline. I dont think they’re wrong at all for keeping him in either scenario, but he’s the most volatile of the Red’s good pieces right now IMO. Here’s to hoping he continues his rise, he’s capable.

  4. Harold G Bowman

    Have you seen how our bullpen has been the primary reason we lost 100 games last year. We still need 3 or 4 bullpen pitchers. Don’t be crazy enough to give up one the only pitchers who has a chance to secure wins for the Reds. Good closers don’t come around every year. If you want to ever build a team continue to keep our young talent in Cincinnati.