The Cincinnati Reds made another set of roster cuts this morning after making five of them on Saturday. Today saw the team option outfielder Michael Siani to Triple-A Louisville and infielder Noelvi Marte to Double-A Chattanooga. Those destinations do not necessarily represent where the players will begin their season, though both places do seem like the destinations that make the most sense for both.

Michael Siani made his big league debut with the Reds last September, getting a late season call up after spending much of his season in Double-A Chattanooga with a brief late season call up to Triple-A Louisville. The speedy outfielder hit .252/.345/.405 with 52 stolen bases in the minor leagues in 2022 prior to his call up. He would play in nine games with the big league club down the stretch, going 4-24 (.167) without a walk, steal, or an extra-base hit. This spring he had played in 13 games with Cincinnati and had gone 5-20 (.250) with two walks, a steal, three runs scored, and four runs batted in.

Noelvi Marte was acquired at last year’s trade deadline in the big trade that sent Luis Castillo to the Seattle Mariners. Marte, the Reds #3 overall prospect, hit .279/.371/.458 with 23 doubles, 19 home runs, and 23 stolen bases last season in High-A while in the minor leagues. The shortstop has started to see some time at third base between the Arizona Fall League and spring training. At the plate this spring he played in 11 games and went 5-23 with a stolen base. Marte didn’t draw a walk or have an extra-base hit.

The roster moves this weekend leave the Cincinnati Reds at 53 players in big league camp. That doesn’t include Vladimir Gutierrez, who was moved to the 60-day injured list and is still recovering from Tommy John surgery. But it does include Tejay Antone, who hasn’t pitched yet and will not be ready to begin the season.

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  1. Bdh

    With Votto back today and Senzel expected to play this week it about settles the 13 position players for opening day


    Only question left would be Senzel vs Pinder for final spot.With Senzel being on the 40 man already and reportedly working in the IF and OF, which was Pinders big value, I’d say he has the edge

  2. LDS

    I suspect Votto returning today puts the nail in CES’s coffin. Not that he wouldn’t benefit from AAA time, but it does suggest that performance in ST has little to do with where you start. Maybe Krall/Bell will surprise us. Senzel over Pinder sure, but again not a big deal regardless. Neither are likely to matter much to the season. The Reds and Votto need to come to an agreement that this year is it and treat the season as his farewell tour. Expecting JV to bounce back to 2017 levels or even 2021 levels may still be overly optimistic.

    • MBS

      AAA should be interesting

      1B McGarry, 2B McLain, 3B CES, SS EDLC
      OF Siani, OF Hopkins, OF Hurtubise, OF Ramos
      U Johnson, U Hernandez, U Northcut, U Pinder
      C Yang, C Romine, C Pereda, C Robinson

      • Bdh

        Solak, Vosler, Lopez, Reynolds, Martini

      • Old-school

        Are we sure EDLC goes to AAA?

        He only played 47 games in AA in 2022. I remember reading an off-season article by C Trent and surprised he was suggesting he would start in AA and rapidly find his way to AAA. Reds have said they wont rush him. I assumed AAA as well

        That would allow Reds to get McLain SS in AAA and Barrero SS in MLB and let the season play out with EDLC moving to AAA in late spring if/when he excels at AA

      • Stock

        I agree Old School. Both EDLC and CES are not sure things for AAA. Also assuming Johnson is Ivan Johnson, I would not play him in AAA as a utility player. Better to let him play everyday in AA.

      • DaveCT

        Agree, Stock, don’t want to let Johnson slide into a under-utilized role. I remember MK remarking that his movements on the field showed impressive athleticism. As with somebody like, say, Jose Torres, who may not be 1st division starter, having good role players on the bench is necessary. I love following these guys, besides.

      • MBS

        Hurtubise is the biggest leap of faith if I were to question my own guesses. As far as Solak, Vosler, Martini, and Reynolds, I wouldn’t hold anyone back to keep them here. However I’ve always liked Lopez.

        I could easily see EDLC in AA as the SS with Marte there as the 3B. I’m still leaning on EDLC AAA as the SS, and Marte AA as the SS.

        CES has half of a season at AA, and it was a very good half. With the strong spring, and the possibility of him being need to take over at 1B as a real possibility, I’m feeling he’s a lock for AAA.

      • MK

        Old School, Some of the shortstops need to change positions and They should start moving some now. Marte is going to third already, McLain needs to spend his time at second. From the reports I’ve gotten Arroyo is the one that needs to stay at short and there will be at least three more to sort out at Daytona.

  3. Old-school

    Charlie goldsmith quoting David Bell on Marte. Sounds like Reds are officially moving him to 3b with Bell referencing a “new home” . If EDLC goes to AA that could be quite the 2/3 order hitting combo and left side of the infield.

    • CI3J

      Not surprised to hear that. Marte LOOKS like 3B. He’s filled out quite a bit and I think he’s probably too bulky to play SS now.

      Steer vs Marte for the 3B job is going to be interesting over the next few years.

  4. Optimist

    EDLC and CES had about equal time in AA last season, with impressively equal production. One reason to start them there is if they want to transition or work them at different positions – CES certainly at 1b full time, and moving EDLC around. Still think EDLC should remain at SS, and expect both to move up the Louisville in June – that would give them roughly a full year of AA experience, and set up for a brief stay in AAA before August/Sept. callups.

    With any injuries or faltering ahead of them, call them up straight from AA.

    I’d also be inclined to have Senzel rehab at AAA for a few weeks and have Fairchild start in MLB.

  5. tim

    opening day lineup:

    1. india – 2nd
    2. Votto – 1st
    3. Stephenson – c
    4. Fraley – dh
    5. Myers – rf
    6. Benson – cf
    7. Steer – 3rd
    8. Friedl – lf
    9. Barerro – ss

    • John J

      That lineup is actually pretty good. I think everyone thinks the OF is bad, but TBH Fraley, Benson, Friedel I think are destined for pretty good years, Fairchild proved he has some game as well, and they signed myers, the depth is there.

      I don’t think Votto should be #2.
      I am a big Votto fan, I guess its all a gamble, your betting on india to get on base in the upper 300s, I would have the lineup as

      1. friedel (Speed, and plus contact, seemed his best when he was #1)
      2. Fraley (Speed, High On base rate, decent contact, I think he hits 25+ HR tbh)
      3. T-Steve (best hitter proven on our team)
      4. Benson (great displine, I really am high on him)
      5. Votto (middle of the order, let him work out this year, I think it could be special)
      6.Myers (meh, lets see the above average offense, think he will be a decent piece)
      7.India (unlikely but I see a rebound season, still seems like he hasn’t proved it yet)
      If he has a high on base rate I see him and fraley/Benson share #1,2 in the order.
      8.Steer (average to slightly above average at everything. I think he can be a 260 hitter with 15-25 bombs a year at GABP, he could be sneaky good, overlooked by our top prospects.
      9. Barrero (honestly if he hits 250 with 10 homeruns I am happy for the kid, good 9)

      I think if you consider….


      COULD POSSIBLE….be up
      Probably all-star breakish or later maybe 2024 for half of them guys.
      If the marbles fall right Im optomistic we could possible make a wild card spot

      I mean the lineup is average, I think its a big improvement over last year. SP is a decent 1-3, 2 aces there, and the last 2 spots meh. Bullpen is acutally sneaky good. I see this year being a 75-85 win season, we can talk once the season is done.

      • Optimist

        That is barely a slightly below average lineup, likely a below average lineup, and possibly a bad lineup without changes.

        I’m an optimist, and Myers is arguably the only reliable bat there. Sure, Votto, India and TySteve should be fine, but let’s see how their returns work out. I don’t mind India/Joey 1-2 in the lineup, as they are the best OBP’s of the group.

        Of the other 5, only Fraley has a full year of stats to examine, and that is spread over 3 seasons, and it’s barely passable for a full time lineup spot.

        Sure, they could all perform very well, and all but Joey and Myers are in the peak performance years – 26-29 – of their careers, and, yes, the bench and MiLB pool is arguably better than last season, but way too many ifs and couldas to expect much this year.

        FWIW, the pitching is further behind the offense in terms of development – same holes in the pen, and only 3 starters to watch for improvement.

        65-70 wins would be good, 75 may include some kind of fluke (Cards or Brewers collapse?) and 81 would be a near miracle.

        This season is when 6-8 of the prospects need 200 PAs/25-50 ip to see who goes where.