The Cincinnati Reds took a 5-0 lead into the 6th inning, but the bullpen collapsed over the next two innings as the Chicago Cubs pounded out eight runs and didn’t look back in an 8-6 victory on Thursday afternoon in Arizona.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (7-6-1) 6 7 0
Chicago Cubs (9-4) 8 10 2
W: Wick L: Stoudt SV: Merryweather
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The Highlights

Cincinnati wasted little time on Thursday afternoon. Kevin Newman led off the game with a single and stole second base. TJ Friedl then came through with a single of his own, moving Newman up to third. Friedl stole second base and the throw to the bag got away and Newman took off for the plate and scored to give the Reds a 1-0 lead. After back-to-back outs, Luke maile came through with a 2-run home run to make it 3-0.

In the top of the 2nd inning it was Jason Vosler hitting a 2-out solo home run to extend the lead to 4-0 for Cincinnati. Two innings later the Reds did some more work with two outs as Alejo Lopez walked and moved to third on a single by Stuart Fairchild before a wild pitch would bring in the team’s fifth run of the day and make it 5-0.

In the bottom of the 4th inning Hunter Greene ran into a little bit of trouble. He allowed a 1-out infield single to Trey Mancini and a 2-out double to Yan Gomes that moved the runner over to third base. Greene locked in against Patrick Wisdom and struck him out to end the inning and hold onto the 5-run lead.

Levi Stoudt took over in the 5th inning and retired the Cubs in order. Things did not go as smoothly in the bottom of the 6th inning. Ian Happ singled and scored on a home run by Trey Mancini that cut the lead to 5-2. Two more singles followed before back-to-back home runs from Patrick Wisdom and Christopher Morel gave Chicago a 6-5 lead. The next inning the Cubs went to work again, this time against Casey Legumina. He walked the first batter he faced before giving up a 2-out RBI double that was followed by an RBI single that extended the lead for Chicago to 8-5.

The Reds didn’t go quietly in the 9th inning. Still trailing 8-5 they got some help when Nick Solak reached on an error to begin the inning and moved up to third when Nick Martini followed up with a double. A wild pitch brought Solak across the plate and moved Martini to third base with no outs, but Cincinnati went in order from there and couldn’t scratch another run across the plate.

Friday’s Games

The Cincinnati Reds play two on Friday. In the afternoon they will face off against the Seattle Mariners in a road contest at 3:10pm ET. Friday night they will play a home game against the Arizona Diamondbacks at 8:10pm ET.

21 Responses

  1. Harry Stoner

    Hunter Greene: four scoreless. That’s the big takeaway.

    • LDS

      That it is. I’m thinking Doug will be reusing this headline this year a lot, just different run counts and teams.

      • Harry Stoner

        Last year there could have been a template.

        This year I’m hoping for a “CES goes X for Y, drives in Z”

        But I likely won’t see it for awhile.

    • REdsvol

      I would add that Hunter was pitching to the Cubs starting offense and our “B” team offense scored 5 runs in the first 4 innings against one of the Cubs top starters. Of course, its only spring training……

  2. DataDumpster

    As much as I have been a critic of David Bell, I think that Krall has landed some very good prospects and the most likely (forced) replacement of 5-6 coaches may also be a factor in what seems to be a much more meaningful SP this year. Separation is being seen among the prospects and more focus seems to be on developing a strong roster of 8 instead a of a optionable roster of 15 or so. I’m still not sold on Bell but I like the urgency and tasking to having a tuned up opening day lineup. Well, 4 years in I see some strides… and we shall see…ASG or bust for the rebuild result!

  3. Eddiek957

    Offense still looking good. Stoudt seemed to get some work out of the stretch. Looking forward to hopefully a surprising season. A repeat of 90 and I can die happy

  4. Old-school

    Greene looks ready to pitch in 3 weeks

    Strong outing

    Stoudt pitched in 40 games in 2021 and 2022. All 40 were as a SP.
    He wont be a SP for the Reds in 3 weeks. Because he pitched in a Spring training game in 2023 on march 9 th following Hunter Greene in the middle innings doesnt make him a bullpen pitcher either. He didnt pitch in the Reds bullpen in 2021…or 2022…nor will he in 2023… at least in April or May or june. The Reds bullpen was bad in 2021 and 2022 and very well may be in 2023 as well . The narrative today is stoudt is exhibit A on reds bad bullpen

    Chad Brendel took that narrative on Cincinnati radio today . Stroudt has nothing to do with the Reds 2021-23 bullpen struggles and a meaningless march 9 th ST game when he happened to struggle big time in the middle innings and the Reds blew a lead has nothing to do with heath hembree or josh osich or hunter strickland or Sean Doolittle

    • Harry Stoner

      I think we’re pretty clear on that, despite the banner headline.

      Legumina was more of a disappointment but it’s ST and I hope he learned from things…as he will likely wind up in the bullpen sooner or later.

      Nice to see the Reds hitting and running around the basepaths.



      That didn’t show up very often in the 2022 narrative.

      And this was kind of the “B” team of hitters.

      • Melvin

        If the pitch clock, larger bases, and limited pick offs means more stolen bases I’m all for it. It should also help in taking the extra base. Maybe eventually it will lead from the foolish thinking of the “three outcomes”. Baseball should be a lot more fun for players and fans this way.

      • Bdh

        It’s the first runs Legumina gave up this spring. He’ll be ok

  5. MBS

    OK, I’m ready for some cuts. It is time that the 26 + the injury replacement few get their work in. I like seeing Marte and EDLC as much as anyone, but spring has shown them still wanting. McLain and CES are obviously looking good, and should get an extended look against tougher and tougher competition. I know 2023 isn’t about winning in many of our minds, but let’s hope that’s not the case for the team.

    Benson 1 for 3, just because he’s fast, not a bad result for a guy with a bad day at the plate.

    • TOM

      I agree with what you said. Let me add that Senzel should be DFA since IMO he’s way down on the depth chart. Also Barrero should be on a very short leach with McLaine waiting in the wings. Barrero has been given more than enough chances.

      • 2020ball

        Why are you DFAing a guy with options?

      • Melvin

        “Why are you DFAing a guy with options?”

        Yeah. Senzel is to the point where he needs to prove himself in the minors again. That may help his confidence anyway. He’ll probably start out in AAA on a rehab assignment. Then go from there as to what to do with him next.

  6. DataDumpster

    With the work Krall did to bolster the OF and with at least one of the Fs likely to get near regular playing time it seems like the clock is ticking on Senzel. How many years has he not shown much of any lasting result and what about that “broken toe.” Seems to me that most broken toes heal on their own and/or much sooner than broken bones. I would love to hear the explanation of how somebody breaks a toe in August? and is still inactive 6 months later.

    • old-school

      Speculation on my part but I think I read he had surgery which would involve some sort of pin fixation and perhaps the bone didnt heal properly or was delayed healing and then extended non weight bearing paralyzes baseball preparation but who knows? I did read that Senzel is practicing both in the OF and IF so it would seem he may be coming back in a super-utility role which may fit his career aspirations better. We shall see. Reds have been fortunate with the 3 injured( Votto, Senzel,Santillan) all working back without setbacks. Antone and Dunn only big ones. Hopefully no new soft tissue injuries in the final 3 weeks as players and pitchers get ramped up.

      • David

        Personally, I would not expect anything this year (or in the future) from TJ Antone and Dunn. Dunn has a chronic shoulder injury, and likely will never again be an effective pitcher. TJ Antone has torn his ulnar ligament twice now, and the likelihood of it healing to be able to pitch again is….doubtful. Which is really too bad. He was such a talented guy, and very intelligent pitcher.
        I think Tony Santillan will be back with the Reds soon. Tony is a big, strong guy and was a starter in the minors. I frankly think he could be a starter again, although now he is a bullpen pitcher. Santillan could again be a very valuable guy for the Reds.
        I am frankly (pleasantly) surprised that Lucas Sims is doing as well as he is doing.
        Senzel…meh. And “old – school” covered that.

        Joey is near the end of his career. This is his last year. I would like him to go out on an upbeat note, at least having a respectable year. But I don’t know what we can really expect after his shoulder surgery last summer.

  7. Marty

    Maybe it’s just me since I haven’t been following the Reds as much as I used to most of my life, but it seems you can have 5 great starters who pitch 5 innings maximum and 12 complete schmucks in the bullpen and what do you have? Half a pitching staff. It almost seems the offense needs to score 20 runs every game just to break even.. Oh well…complete game pitchers have gone the way of the doedoe..

  8. Marty

    Senzel..hmmph! I foolishly bought my grandkids a bunch of Senzel rookie cards in vain hopes they would grow up to be die hard Reds fans. I’m not sure my daughters kids even know what a Reds is..

    • Marty

      I wonder how much it would cost to unload these Senzel rookie cards.. 1 card plus $50 each and I pay the shipping? A clothes hanger clip and a bicycle spoke?