The Cincinnati Reds picked up a 7-3 win this afternoon on the back of two doubles by Jonathan India and a 3-run blast from TJ Friedl. The pitching was solid on the afternoon with the bullpen allowing just one run in their six combined innings.

Final R H E
San Francisco Giants (3-9)
3 8 3
Cincinnati Reds (6-5-1) 7 10 0
W: Ashcraft L: Harrison
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The Highlights

Graham Ashcraft’s 1st inning didn’t get out to the best start. He would hit J.D. Davis with a pitch before giving up an RBI double to Isan Diaz. The Reds offense had their starters back in the bottom of the inning when Jonathan India doubled to lead off the inning and scored on a single by Tyler Stephenson. After the next two hitters made outs, Chad Pinder walked to put two men on for TJ Friedl. The outfielder committed lefty-on-lefty crime as he clobbered a 3-run home run – his first of the spring – to put Cincinnati ahead 4-1.

Ashcraft had a much better 2nd inning, retiring the Giants in order. Jonathan India got things going for the Reds offense again in the bottom of the inning with an other double, and he would score this time on a single by Wil Myers to make it 5-1. San Francisco got that run back on a Michael Conforto leadoff home run off of Ashcraft in the 3rd to cut into Cincinnati’s lead. In the bottom of the 3rd it was Chad Pinder’s ground-rule double that helped lead to another run. He would move up to third on a ground out and score on a wild pick off attempt.

Lucas Sims took over in the 4th inning and tossed a shutout frame with two punch outs. Joel Kuhnel came out of the bullpen in the 5th and gave up a solo home run to Isan Diaz that saw the Reds lead cut to 6-3. Cincinnati got the run back in the bottom of the inning when Chad Pinder singled, moved up to third base on a single by TJ Friedl, and then scored on an error by the shortstop.

The offenses for both teams went quiet after that. Ricky Karcher worked around a hit and a walk in the 6th inning. Tayron Guerrero came out and tossed a perfect 7th inning with a strikeout. Ryan Nutof pitched a perfect 8th inning with two strikeouts before giving way to Randy Wynne who sealed the 7-3 win with a shutout top of the 9th.

Jonathan India finished 2-3 with a walk, two doubles, and two runs scored. Chad Pinder went 2-2 with a walk and three runs scored. TJ Friedl went 2-3 with three runs batted in, raising his average this spring to .412 in the process.

Wednesday’s Game

Cincinnati hits the road as the Reds take on the San Diego Padres at 3:10pm ET with Luke Weaver taking the mound for Cincinnati.

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  1. Jim t

    Tomorrow’s game will be a big outing for Weaver. Right now I think he is not in the 5 man rotation. The last two spots belong to Anderson and Williamson.

    • JB

      You know I tend to agree with you here if we had a manager that had a clue. Bells coaching style is borderline odd.

  2. Bdh

    My guess for the opening day 26 right now would be

    C – Casali
    1B – Stephenson
    2B – India
    SS – Barrero
    3B – Steer
    LF – Friedl
    CF – Benson
    RF – Myers
    DH – Fraley

    1 – Maile
    2 – Newman
    3 – Pinder
    4 – Fairchild

    1 – Lodolo
    2 – Greene
    3 – Ashcraft
    4 – Weaver/Cessa
    5 – Williamson

    1 – Diaz
    2 – Sims
    3 – Gibaut
    4 – Farmer
    5 – Cruz
    6 – Sanmartin
    7 – Young
    8 – Cessa or Weaver

    NRIs Pinder and Young get 40 man spots from Dunn and Antone being transferred to the 60 day

    Fairchild goes down when Votto returns

    Senzel starts in AAA

    I don’t know who gets sent down when Santillan returns

    • Old-school

      Thats a nice depth chart. I think the bullpen is spot on and I hope Williamson earns a SP chart. Still have 3 weeks to go so I am sure 1-2 pitchers and 1-2 position players will pull up with soft tissue injuries and not be ready. Reds also have a history of adding a guy late on cut down day. We should see if Senzel is ruled out here in the next 7 days but he is taking live reps.

    • Randy in Chatt

      Looks like a good possibility as far as opening roster goes. Nice job.

    • Stock

      What has Williamson done to earn a spot thus far? I think he is bound for Louisville. Cessa and Anderson seem to have the final two spots thus far.

      • Doc

        He’s had an average showing in very small sample size against ST invitees.

        I find it comical that people are projecting roster spots based on a week of ST, and pitchers who have not yet thrown as many ST innings as they would be expected to throw in a single regular season start are suddenly promoted to being part of the rotation.

        Position players are being clamored for to get roster spots based on about 20-25 ABs early in ST, yet when some of us said last year that Barrero’s 0.150 BA and astronomical K rate did not deserve a spot on 26 man we were told he only had 50 ABs and the sample size was too small to reach conclusions, and those were MLB ABs. How is 25 ABs against pitchers being given a courtesy look in ST good enough to decide but 50 ABs against the best in MLB is too small a sample size to decide?

      • Randy in Chatt

        Why project? Because it is fun to speculate. That’s what fans do.

      • BK

        For Spring Training, it’s always going to be more than the stats we see. No one questions Williamson’s stuff. However, can he harness it to the point needed in MLB? The reports from the staff have all been positive. That said, he’s on the bubble right now, but I bet he was penciled in for AAA before he showed up to camp. Great to see so many of the prospects come to camp ready to compete.

      • Optimist

        I hope he’s headed for Louisville. I think he’s a very good, to excellent prospect, and he is on the older side – about to turn 25, but he has comparatively little experience, all the way back to college. That’s good – in that he hasn’t had huge wear and tear already, but he also needs a few more starts in AAA to fine tune things – look at the drop off in WHIP as he moved up levels. Better to work on pitch counts and control/command in that setting rather than worry about getting out of innings in MLB.

        I don’t think it will be long for a callup – after 8-10 starts in AAA, and when the Reds need a spot start, or move off of whichever stopgap veteran is faltering.

        CES is the one most likely to get to MLB first, largely due to the Joey/Senzel timetables.

        Otherwise, let the prospects get in 6-8 weeks in AAA and start moving them up as performance demands. By August we should be seeing 2 or 3 pitchers and 3 or 4 of the field prospects.

    • SteveAreno

      Good possibility, and it’s crazy that only one of the three best producers get to stay.
      That’s Benson (.538). Ramos (.571) and CES (.647) are probably thinking what else can I do?

      • Harry Stoner

        Consider who is managing the team and it will make sense.

        Multi positional mediocrity remains Bell’s modus operandi.

      • greenmtred

        Consider that those gaudy stats, racked up against pitchers who may not even make the cut, and in a very small sample size, impress us more than they should. It might be a good idea to follow another team closely and see whether Bell is such an outlier among managers.

      • JB

        Steve, the funny part is these same people who are saying CES is racking up great stats against minor league pitchers, are also ignoring that the other players ,like Pinder, can’t hit these minor league pitchers. Yet they want to place these people ,like Pinder, on the major league roster. Then they will point out in April , what a weak bench the Reds have.

      • greenmtred

        I’m not saying that at all, JB. Spring stats–early spring training stats–don’t mean much for anybody, CES, McClain, etc. may well be ready to be contributing MLB players, but it’s a mistake to conclude this based on these stats. The coaches have other data to work with for now and the pitching they face will improve shortly and their results then will be more indicative of their readiness or lack thereof,

    • MBS

      I think Solak gets a shot over Fairchild. He has the track record against LHP, and is more versatile on defense. I don’t think the Reds are going to want to carry a 5th OF, when they are sacrificing 1 bench spot to a 3rd C. Just doesn’t give you many options.

      • Jim Walker

        The 13 pitcher limit is now being enforced which opens up a spot which is how I see the 3rd catcher.

      • MBS

        Maybe it’s my bias against Fairchild, but I don’t want to see it. I’d much rather see Solak / Pinder until one gets bumped for Senzel.

        To be clear I don’t really want to see Senzel, Solak or Pinder, but these are the guys we got until we see CES, McLain, EDLC, etc… arive. So I guess in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter if Fairchild gets in over Solak, but if I had my druthers.

    • MK

      Good roster but bench is thin on a left-handed bat.

      • TR

        It comes and goes. During the years Suarez was here the Reds were thin in righthanded bats except for Geno.

    • BK

      Pretty good rundown for where we are today. 18 games to go … we’ll have more to go on soon.

    • mac624

      I think Williamson starts in AAA. I think the top 4 in the rotation is set with Lodolo, Greene, Ashcraft and Cessa. Then Anderson and Weaver battling for #5/8th bp spot.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Excellent list. I’d like to think CES will make it instead of Pinder if he continues his red-hot hitting. That will be a challenge, though, as he will be facing a higher percentage of actual big-league pitchers as spring training progresses.

    • 2020ball

      You have an extra position player listed here. I think theyll carry 13 pitchers personally, but maybe they start with 14 position players for the first few weeks

  3. Old-school

    Reds have had a solid first 2 weeks of ST and have reached the 1/3 mark. Young hitters have competed- CES/Freidl/Steer/Benson/McClain/Fraley. Even barrero has had a nice week and we’ve seen a new identity with speed on the base paths. Next 2 weeks are going to be about staying healthy and getting the pitchers going. Other than Dunn and Antone, health seems ok. Santillan and Senzel are getting into live action and while Votto seems awhile away, no set backs either, just deliberate preparation.

    Strong first 2 weeks. Go reds and lets see some pitchers string together some good outings and get deeper into games. Reds are intriguing this year with youth and talent. See how the next 2 weeks go as players ramp up everything.

    • Melvin

      “Reds are intriguing this year with youth and talent.”

      At least they’ve been more fun to follow so far.

  4. Rcsodak

    Pinder? Please! His one good game raise his ba 2x. Keep a younger instead.
    What scares me is they didn’t cut the really bad pitchers yet.

    • 2020ball

      Doesnt matter to me if they keep a guy like pinder instead of senzel rehabbing his injury and keeping the youth in AAA to prove their ready first. Its a transitional year, no problem letting it play out.

  5. David

    I don’t think Senzel will be ready by Opening Day, so where does he go?
    Extended Spring Training? Rehab starts with the Riverbats? What if he doesn’t hit? Is he owed a spot on the 26 man roster when Re-hab time runs out?

    And will we get any idea of when Joey Votto will be ready? April 30th? May 15th?

    And in the meantime, we get the David Bell “veteran presence” show, and you KNOW they will make room for Pinder. Why?
    David Bell and Nick Krall will have to rassle with that one.
    And Solak? Why? He is on the 40 man…but why? He’s hitting like crap this spring.

    Many here were upset (me too!) that the Reds, with 100 losses, were so inactive in the off-season. Yet we knew that Young Talent was “on the way!”.
    Yet instead of Young Talent, we will get Veteran Presence.
    Commitment to losing! I truly wish it was otherwise.
    Spring Training performance is not all – indicative, but if the player you dislike was having a poor spring, that would rationalize getting rid of them.
    Alex Diaz did not have the greatest Spring Training last year, but the coaches told Bell that his stuff was great, and just give him the opportunity to show it in the ML.
    When in doubt, take the more talented player, regardless of age.

    • CI3J

      The ONLY reason I’m watching the Reds right now is for the young talent. Bell’s managing style frustrates me to no end, and I still don’t want to give any of my money to the team when nimrods like Phil Castellini are in charge.

      Last season, I watched fewer than 9 innings total of Reds baseball. If Bell continues to stunt the growth of the Reds’ young, talented players by giving all the playing time to mediocre “veterans”, I will not be watching this year, either.

      • Roger Garrett

        I have always felt Bell just follows the company line and that is lets try to win a few more then last year to keep the fans optimistic and it has worked.He is the perfect guy to do just that and will continue to do so unless Krall dictates playing time to him for the younger players and not worry about wins and losses but he may be Bell’s boss but he has one as well.As die hard fans we live in hope it gets better but its just hope until we see this club spend money and give the young players a legit shot.

    • MBS

      @David you kinda argued both sides of spring training results.

      “And Solak? Why? He is on the 40 man…but why? He’s hitting like crap this spring.”

      “Alex Diaz did not have the greatest Spring Training last year, but the coaches told Bell that his stuff was great, and just give him the opportunity to show it in the ML.”

      Solak not having a great spring isn’t why he should make or not make the team. His ability to hit LHP, and defensive versatility is why the Reds traded for him, well that and the fact that he’s getting paid league minimum.

      • Jim Walker

        Solak and Senzel are the same player. Fairchild is probably a better pure OF than both, and based on his MLB sample from 2022 and career AAA stats may well be the best offensive player of the three. He is also a year younger.

        If matters come down to 1 spot among these three, the Reds have to decide if they want a pure RH hitting OF who has shown he can cover all 3 spots (Fairchild) or a swingman who can also play infield (a pick’em between Solak and Senzel).

      • David

        Argue both sides of the situation?

        Why…yes! 🙂
        But maybe my point was that you can draw whatever conclusion you want from Spring Training, but if the Reds are actually “rebuilding”, the choice should ALWAYS be the younger/better/ higher potential player that can improve or develop, rather than a “known” League-average replacement level player.
        What are we (well, the Reds) gaining from a roster of “league average replacement level” Players, like Solak and Pinder?

      • MBS

        @David, lol ok at least you knew it.

        I get what you’re saying about the youth. I think by mid season this team will be all youth a Joey Votto. Myers, and Pinder/Solak will be traded away if they have any value. CES, EDLC, McLain and others will be pushing their way onto the roster.

      • DaveCT

        Scouting reports on Solar are that he is versatile but a below average defender wherever he plays. With a young pitching staff, I’d rather roll the dice with somebody who can make the plays in the field.

        From BA: “Solak has major defensive questions, but his track record of hitting is impressive …He’s a well below-average defender at second base, where he has an average arm but stiff actions and footwork. He played fringe-average defense in left field with the Rays”

        Maybe he’s improved, or maybe he’ll only be a last ditch replacement at 2nd. We’ll find out how much they want his bat, I suppose.

    • BK

      With the DH, the dynamic for bench players has changed somewhat. I don’t expect our bench players to log much playing time. I see opportunities to start as part of the weak side of a platoon, which yields a start about every 4 to 5 games. If that is the case, then go with the vets.

      I don’t want to see a top prospect spectating with only an occasional start. They are better off logging regular playing time in the minors.

      • Stock

        THANK YOU BK!!!! My thoughts exactly. The back up players should be vets not CES, Siani or even Fairchild.

        How can you complain about no youth? You have Friedl, Benson, Fraley, Steer, Barrero, India and Stephenson with 4 or more years of control. I would have Fairchild or Senzel starting while Votto is out.

        This year should not be about winning. It should be about player development, running out Votto’s contract and maximizing veterans contracts to increase their trade appeal come July (Myers, Cessa, Anderson).

        If the Reds could get a return similar to what they received for Drury, Naquin or even Mahle on each of these three players then the Reds system would just be that much stronger heading into 2024.

        All bench roles should go to veterans and let CES and other prospects develop in AA or AAA.

      • DaveCT

        This. CES, while I’m sure he’d rather be in the ML’s, needs to play every day. Same for McClain. Ramos is 30-plus, so (I hate to say it) he doesn’t count. Heck, Ramos could be a veteran bench piece if they choose him over Solak or one of the others. As far as the Jonathon India argument — that he came out of AA and wasn’t’t even invited to ML camp, then became ROY — he came into a job opening with full-time play, then showed his chops.

      • Melvin

        I’m in the camp that says if the young “superstars to be” are up in the majors they should be playing every day. Using them as bench players would be detrimental to their development. Playing every day at this point is the most important thing. I’m with you guys. The bench is for the veteran guys as a backup role. I still don’t understand the need for three catchers by the way. Is David Bell planning on playing them all at the same time? With two you still will always have a backup even if he’s at the DH that game.

    • BK

      P.S. Spring Training stats are meaningless. What matters in Spring Training is if players have changed noticeably for better or worse–that is rarely evident from the small sample size of Spring Training statistics; it’s up to the coaches to discern those changes.

  6. AMDG

    It’s great to have Lodolo and Greene atop the rotation, but hopefully between Cessa, Anderson, Ashcraft, Weaver, and Williamson they can find at least 1 or 2 guys to step it up and become middle-of-the-rotation guys over the duration of the season.

    Otherwise, they will have 2 aces, and a pile of #5 starters 🙁

    Interesting statistic on the Reds’ starters.
    Here are the % of games they were solid (game ERA below 4.00) last year.

    L Cessa … 67%
    L Castillo … 64%%
    C Anderson … 63%
    B Williamson … 56% (minors)
    H Greene … 54%
    N Lodolo … 53%
    T Mahle … 48%
    L Weaver … 38% (2021)
    G Ashcraft … 37%
    M Minor … 32%

    • Redsvol

      Interesting #’s. We are thin on qualified, MLB starting pitching. Reds know it, league knows it and we know it. It would be interesting to see these #’s for the top 5 pitchers in rest of league to compare.

      What we have are 2 burgeoning aces, 1 young guy who might become a #3 starter one day (but isn’t now), and a bunch of #5 starters.

      We need 1 more of the young guys to step up (Abbott, Phillips), lots of health, and a solid offense that can score 5-6 runs a night. Bullpen is also light IMO. Luis Cessa and Chase Anderson are probably the best 2 options to fill out the rotation at this point in ST. Weaver to the pen. Lord help us if 1 of the big 3 starters gets injured.

      I do believe the offense is going to be much better this year and that is the intriguing part to me.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I think Anderson is a sleeper. He had some very bad starts last year, but the majority were quality starts, as your numbers show. If he has an excellent spring, I think he’s very much in the running for #5 starter.

    • DaveCT

      There is also the Dan Straily type pickup project (not to be confused with the Alan Parsons Project). A late spring release or waiver pickup, a brief audition, voila!

  7. old-school

    From Charlie Goldsmith, Senzel is not running at 100% yet but is practicing in both the OF and IF and comments its looking more and more likely he wont be available Opening Day. Votto is hitting and playing first base but no time table for him to play in games. Fair to say both are out on OD. Assuming the Pirates start a righty, here’s V1 of the Opening day lineup.

    1.) India 2b
    2.) Stephenson C
    3.) Fraley LF
    4.) Myers 1b
    5.) Friedl RF
    6.) Steer 3b
    7.) multi-positional vet DH
    8.)Barrero SS
    9.)Benson CF

    • David

      I would bat Friedl second, have a left handed hitter in the batter’s box, making it harder to see/throw out India from the catcher’s position. Also, if they use the hit-and-run with India, Friedl can pull the ball on the ground. Stephenson would bat 4-5th.

  8. SultanofSwaff

    Seeing that we’re at the time of year when contract extensions for controllable players are usually handed out it got me wondering who among the Reds should be in that conversation. For example, the Rays are discussing an extension with a 22 year old prospect who has yet to reach the majors. Certainly it takes a large risk appetite for a front office, but I would think when applied judiciously the long term cost savings would be significant…..and maybe more significantly it demonstrates that ownership has confidence in their own talent evaluators. If I were in charge I’d be talking right now to the agents for EDLC, Tyler Stephenson, Lodolo, Aschraft, and Greene.

    • MBS

      I’d have that conversation after the 2 year mark, so Stephenson, India would be the guys I’d have that conversation with, and I would have had it before the winter meetings last year. I really hope we start extending our guys, I’m not talking long Votto like contracts, but adding a couple of years at a fair market price. We won’t be able to extend everyone, but we can build around those who will.

    • BK

      India and Stephenson are obvious candidates from the Red’s perspective, but both are coming off down years. Their agents are likely advising their clients to wait.

      As for India, with all of the infield talent on the farm, the Reds may also be reluctant to commit long-term to India.

      • MBS

        I agree both might hold off, but conversations help both sides know where they stand.

        For example, if India isn’t open to signing, and with the influx of infield talent coming in, it will let the Reds know if they should make him available once his trade value is greater.

        However if both sides make a fair deal, then the Reds will know that they maybe better off trading a middle infield prospect for another position of need.

  9. Old-school

    60% of the time Maile or casali will be catching and Stephenson will be playing 1b or DH. Myers will be playing 1b 50% of the time. Point being, 8/10 games Tyler Stephenson or Myers will be at first base and Stephenson will be at DH 30% of the time. The 26th guy will not play a ton- 3rd string 1b, 5th string OF, back up DH and Bell will use Newman to rest 2b/SS/3b. Thats why I think it goes to a vet who Bell plugs and plays on an intermittent basis on Bell’s spreadsheet. Young guys far better off in AAA playing everyday, including Fairchild. The Reds chose to tender Senzel and agreed to pay him $2 million this year. Once healthy, he will be on the 26 man and could be a superutility guy. He’s not going to AAA to make $2million.

  10. old-school

    Raise your hand if you like todays starting lineup.
    get Friedl in the lineup over Casali and its a good one.

    • Harry Stoner

      I’ll raise my hand.

      As much as I have been a critic of Bell’s ouija board lineups, having CES batting 9 and thus ‘cleanup’ behind Steer, Barrero and Benson is pretty interesting.

      Agree on Casali but he likely can use some game ABs.

  11. Stock

    This will upset many on here but I can’t help but feel that if India has a good 3 months he becomes trade bait in July.

    The 2024 IF will be some combination of CES, McLain, EDLC, Steer with potentially Barrero and Marte. If Barrero turns it around and Benson is the player I think he will be then 2024 could very well look like:

    C: Stephenson
    1B: McGarry, CES or Steer
    2B: McLain
    3B: Barrero
    SS: EDLC
    LF: CES or Steer
    CF: Benson or Siani
    RF: Benson or Big signing (since we are free from Votto and Moustakas Contracts)
    DH: Big Signing

    • SultanofSwaff

      I tend to agree. Even if McClain is a lateral move, trading India could address other needs. That said, India seems to embody the mindset you want. Kind of a coin flip for me at the moment.

      Ultimately, we might be looking at a hyper-athletic middle infield of Barrero or EDLC at SS and the next Robby Alomar at 2B, Edwin Arroyo.

      • DaveCT

        I think I’d rather have India become one of the veterans we can benefit from the next time we make a run. Plus, prospects are just prospects until they aren’t. With Stevenson and Greene, we have two ‘face of the franchise’ type of players, who can both play and do really well in front of a microphone. However, we’ll need a few more guys who know how to win at the ML level.

      • BK

        I would expect any near term trade involving India would be to supplement the big league roster rather than acquire more prospects.

      • DaveCT

        I was thinking of our own prospects, but yeah, others’ too.

    • Melvin

      “This will upset many on here but I can’t help but feel that if India has a good 3 months he becomes trade bait in July.”

      I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. We’ll see.

    • John J

      100% agree, India while we love him, everyone wanted that contract extension, then he had his slump in 2022, he still has value being young and if this year goes well I could see him being traded, I think he would be a great target for the dodgers and we could pick up a decent prospect, either a top OF or Pitcher would be nice.

      I think if we WANT to operate like the GUARDIANS then we got to sell at high value and keep the talented but cheaper contracts.

      I also want to point out if you think our outfield still sucks your wrong.
      Will Benson, Jake Fraley, TJ friedel but seem to be 260 plus hitters with power I think fraley and Benson hit 25 plus, Friedel can easily get 15. Not to mention you got Will myers, Senzel isn’t that good, Fairchild I think should be your 4/5 OF, he is versitile and has performed well in the past, he deserves a shot to play at least some regular time.

  12. Kevin H

    I just love how some on here no more about coaching a major league team than the manager of said team.

    The anti- bell committee is in full force.
    Gonna be a long year indeed.

    • Harry Stoner

      I suppose that perspective would pretty much limit people’s ability to talk about anything on a baseball discussion site.

      Except for current or former MLB players.

      Or to have a discussion about anything except your own business.

      Come to think of it, there might be some benefits to that.

      Anti Bell Committee? If I can be a member, I’d like to sign up.

      • old-school

        LDS is the chair. Send him a note.

  13. SultanofSwaff

    It’s quite possible Bell IS qualified to manage in the big leagues, but at the same time, what are the odds he would’ve ever been hired by a team not connected to his dad? Methinks the answer is zero.

  14. greenmtred

    Bell has coached for the Cards and Cubs and worked in player development for the Giants, in addition to coaching and managing in the Reds’ organization. Seems like a reasonable cv for a manager. As fans, we’re predisposed to dislike whoever is managing the Reds. Bell is the current flavor du jour, but we’ve been humorously consistent in this for many years. People like Sparky and Lou in retrospect, and probably liked them when they were managing. Not coincidentally, Sparky and Lou had really good players.

    • G-man

      I agree Greenmtred. When fans complain about David Bell as a manager, I often think of this quote from our beloved Sparky Anderson:

      Baseball is a simple game. If you have good players and if you keep them in the right frame of mind then the manager is a success. – Sparky Anderson

      Unfortunately, ownership hasn’t given Bell many good players during his tenure.

      • Melvin

        Well in the not too distant future Bell is going to get “many good players”. If he’s still around we’re going to find out if he can win or not.

    • Nick in NKY

      Tend to agree. People argued about how the Reds should adopt a more analytical approach to things, and then they complained when Bell plays handedness matchups and sits hot players because the numbers say they need a rest.

      That said, not all complaints are just general discontent; there’s some “there there.” It’s easy to add fuel to those complaints when you add the nepotism angle. Hopefully an influx of talent over this year and the next settles things a bit.

      • greenmtred

        Reasonable perspective, Nick, though the there that is there is the opinion of avid amateurs and requires a bit of salt: rarely is the importance of available players considered, and the absolute lack of inside information further compromises these opinions. While not generally favoring nepotism, I’m forced to observe that it is the treasured goal of many small, family-owned businesses; the appearance of nepotism may not automatically indicate the hiring of a family member who is less qualified than other applicants.