Back at Goodyear Ballpark again today, the Cincinnati Reds will play hosts to the San Francisco Giants. First pitch is scheduled this afternoon for 3:05pm ET.

Giants vs Reds



1 Michael Conforto DH Jonathan India 2B
2 J.D. Davis 1B Tyler Stephenson 1B
3 Isan Diaz 2B Wil Myers DH
4 Casey Schmitt 3B Jake Fraley LF
5 Brett Wisely SS Chad Pinder RF
6 Stephen Piscotty LF TJ Friedl CF
7 Roberto Perez C Kevin Newman SS
8 Heliot Ramos RF Spencer Steer 3B
9 Grant McCray CF Luke Maile C
10 Kyle Harrison LHP Graham Ashcraft RHP

Reserve players on today’s Reds roster:

Pitchers Infielders
Lucas Sims Richie Martin
Tayron Guerrero Jason Vosler
Ricky Karcher Tyler Callihan
Joel Kuhnel Quincy McAfee
Zack Brown Nick Quintana
Brooks Crawford Outfielders
Ryan Nutof Stuart Fairchild
Spencer Stockton Michael Siani
Randy Wynne TJ Hopkins
Catchers Brian Rey
Austin Romine
Hayden Jones

Where to watch/listen/follow the game

There will be no televised broadcast of the game today. If you are looking to follow along on the radio you can tune into 700 WLW for the coverage.

Reds links and news

The first cuts of the spring

Cincinnati announced eight roster moves this afternoon. The team sent seven players back to minor league camp – none of the players were on the 40-man roster – and also officially gave Chase Anderson a big league camp invite.

Wil Myers already leading the way

Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer wrote about Wil Myers leadership this spring and how what he’s been doing has already helped out in the clubhouse and on the field, where something he learned with the Padres seemed to be a bit better than something the Reds were teaching on the bases.

Wil Myers also has a jumper

This spring the Cincinnati Reds decided to have a 3-point contest at the complex. While there’s no doubt that Tejay Antone won best appearance, it was Wil Myers who took the title for best shooter as he topped Bo Thompson – the teams Director of Integrated Baseball Info and Video – in the finals by a score of 13-10.

42 Responses

  1. CI3J

    Eh, no big deal it isn’t on TV today, that’s a pretty boring lineup outside of Steer. Guess the kids needed a rest day.

    I asked this in another thread and I’m still curious to know: Is Elly De La Cruz a better hitter from the left side or right side? I looked around online and couldn’t find his batting splits.

    • Jack

      His splits are pretty similar over the last two years. He hit better against lefties in 2021, but better against righties last year (2022). Overall, he does have better power numbers against righties though (which is a good sign).

    • old-school

      Tom posted his stats since he’s been in the US 2021/22. No stats 2020.
      Basically 2021 he was a freak from both sides.
      Last year, OPS noticeably lower right handed. Needs more data.

    • Doug Gray

      Better from the left side. But I’d also say that looking at his total data from the right side is incomplete and not entirely useful. Last year around midseason he made an adjustment from that side and things picked up quite a bit. From July 1st through the end of the year, he hit .333/.377/.611 as a right-handed hitter after making the adjustment. Prior to that he had hit .236/.304/.292 as a right-handed hitter in 2022.

      • CI3J

        That’s interesting. So he’s actually equally dangerous from both sides of the plate, not like some players who are “switch hitters” but are clearly better from one side. Looks like EDLC is a truly special talent.

        Also good to know the Reds may soon have another dangerous lefty hitter in their lineup, since they currently don’t really have anyone besides Fraley, and possibly Benson and Friedl (although I’m not sure either would classify as “dangerous”).

  2. AMDG

    Ashcraft on the mound. Time to see some runners cross the plate.

    Over his past 16 starts, he’s giving up a 6.05 ERA and a 1.60 WHIP.

    I’m assuming he won’t disappoint.

  3. old-school

    David Bell mentioned Chad Pinder specifically in his managers talk with the Radio guys before the game last Wednesday. He really liked his veteran presence and really liked his versatility and really liked his RH splits against lefties-career OPS+ 118.

    Pinder is in the lineup a lot and getting looks at many positions-LF/RF/1b so much so I cant keep up with where all he has played. So I would give the 5th OF spot/infield utility spot/Righty bat to him based on past history of how Bell uses vets.

    Bell was also quick to mention that CES hasnt played much in the upper minors but also admitted hes still in camp and hasnt been sent down yet. The Pinder/CES roster spot battle should be front and center the next 10 days.

    • LDS

      Come on @OS, it’s only a battle if Krall makes it so. Otherwise, I suspect Bell has made his decision.

    • CI3J

      That’s disappointing, although not surprising. We all know Bell loves his 30-something vets with sub-100 OPS+.

      I guess if Bell actually only uses him as a platoon player against lefties, it won’t be so terrible, but I have a sneaking suspicion Pinder will be an everyday player, regardless of who is pitching.

      • TR

        Based on Bell’s managerial history, I;m sure the initial choice will be Pinder over CES.

      • old-school

        C trent in the athletic has the exchange with quotes.
        Myers will split 50/50 at rf/1b
        TS will get whatever that breakdown was at the beginning of the ST- I think 2 days out of 10 at 1b

        Bell then references other guys at 1b in the mix and CES was mentioned.

        “He’s still here,” Bell said. “He’s here and he’s getting a lot of opportunity to play. He’s playing well. I meant it when I said at the beginning — if you’re here, you have a chance to make the team.”

        “He still doesn’t have a lot of experience at the upper levels and we have to take that into consideration,” Bell said. “But he’s definitely showing a very mature approach in everything he does…“The priority is still to do what’s best for each and every individual in their career path.

        I suppose Senzel could change things if he pops into the right handed hitting outfield equation as he is getting live ab’s now. Votto obviously changes everything at 1b but that seems like months, not weeks.

  4. Bdh

    This is a top 20 prospect in baseball starting against the reds today. Would have liked to have seen some of the reds hitting prospects bat off of him instead of mostly the big league roster.

    I am glad that Fraley and Friedl are seeing another left handed pitcher though. Big shot from Friedl as I am posting this

    • Harry Stoner

      Does anyone think that a Pinder vs CES decision in Bell’s mind isn’t a foregone conclusion?

      Two questions for the Mind of Bell:

      How does a lifetime .240 BA comp against “not playing in the high minors but tearing up ST”?

      Just what does “veteran presence” mean in a journeyman player?

      I think the deal is done.

      CES could continue to rake for the remainder of ST and Bell will find some excuse to not bring him to Cincinnati.

      Mediocrity, thy name is David Bell.

      • Doug Gray

        David Bell doesn’t set the roster.

      • Harry Stoner

        Bell may not “set” the roster, but certainly he highly influences it.

      • TR

        It’s time in Redsland that GM Krall over rules Manager Bell on certain issues like featuring talented young players. That is the only way to get good crowds back to GABP.

      • David

        Pinder is not on the 40 man. Somebody has to go if he makes it on the 40 man. Nominations are Stuart Fairchild (who has not hit much this Spring…too bad) and Solak, who also has not hit much.
        And really, Pinder has not hit much (surprise?). If the Reds outright Stuart off the 40 man, I hope somebody in the league grabs him and gives him a decent chance to play. Likely, at 27, he will be a career AAAA player.

        But, but, but….Veteran Presence. Pinder Knows How to Play the Game. And, he was on the A’s last year, so he also knows how to lose.

      • Melvin

        I have a feeling Krall is “putting his foot down” more and more with David Bell.

    • Redsvol

      India and Friedl didn’t seem to have a problem with Harrison’s stuff – and Friedl is a left handed hitter. I don’t think Friedl cares for being thought of as a platoon only player.

      Regarding the choices for the Reds 26 man active roster; Pinder has tremendous position flex. He has played every position except catcher. Defense matters in the majors – and matters even more in ’23. His MLB track record against righties is impressive.

      Solak is on the 40 man, isn’t known for his defense, doesn’t have much position flex, and hasn’t hit well in MLB. Seems like he could be passed thru waivers and be kept on a minor league deal. Fairchild showed enough to be scooped off of waivers and seems like we need outfielders more than middle infielders.

  5. CI3J

    If I had to guess, I would say the Opening Day lineup is probably going to be something like:

    2B India
    SS Newman
    1B Myers
    C Stephenson
    LF Fraley
    DH Solak
    RF Pinder
    3B Reynolds
    CF Friedl

    I know Bell doesn’t set the roster, but he does have input on it. He’s the guy out here watching the guys play in ST, so he will push for all the mediocre “veterans” to make it and to keep as many of the kids off the roster as possible. If Benson, CES, and Barrero are on the roster, I guarantee you all of them will have fewer than 20 at-bats by the end of April.

    • CI3J

      Actually, the starting lineup for today’s game will likely be very close to what the Opening Day lineup will be. Just swap Steer with either Solak or Reynolds, and I think that will be it.

      • Jim t

        You think Newman will start over Jose Barrera?

      • Chris Holbert

        How will they ever know, if Barrero an be an everyday future if they keep playing journeyman below average guys in front of him, hoping he “figures it out”? Barrero maybe a part of the next good Reds team, guarantee Kevin Newman will not. If you are going with young guys, then go all in, that is the problem, and the frustration, they put their toe in the all in water, but never really jump all in.

      • Jim t

        Chris, JB was given a nice look last year after coming back from his Broken Hamate injury. I think you will see him as the starting SS this year. Newman will be the utility man unless JB fails.

    • Optimist

      That is 1/2 of a major league lineup. The other 1/2 is a AAAA lineup.

      If the pitching is good, they could win a lot of 3-2 games. Don’t see many 5 or 6 run games out of that order.

  6. Jim t

    Doug this site is getting very old. The whole anti Bell conversation has really replaced good baseball conversation. Very sad!!

    • LDS

      Yes, it is. But, it’s a decision that the Reds made to double down on mediocrity with Bell as the front man. Discussing baseball rationally is difficult when fans know that the decisions won’t be.

    • Redsvol

      that 2022 team would have made Sparky Anderson’s hair go from white to platinum. As the old saying goes, you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken ____!

      • Jim t

        Lol!! Exactly!! Fans always seem to comment concerning playing of the younger players while sitting guys like Farmer who was having a career year and playing for his future. Bell’s job is very difficult trying to do right for everyone on the team while still trying to balance the future. Yes Bell makes a bunch of coin but if you think he wouldn’t rather have a management that isn’t constantly pinching Pennie’s and is only willing to compete occasionally you maybe wrong.

      • LDS

        A weak counter. Sparky was not one who would double down on bad decisions, e.g. running Strickland out in high leverage situations. Nor did he play someone just because they were a “journeyman”. Did Sparky have losing records? Sure. 6 out of 26 seasons, 5 of which with the Tigers. Bell? Nut said.

      • Jim t

        Sparky and Bell’s situations were not even close to being similar. Sparky had players he could win with. He also wasn’t fighting the same economic system currently in place in MLB.

      • LDS

        Enough with the small market canard. Winning with a $70-80 million payroll is tough. It can be done as Cleveland showed. But, the Reds have spent significantly more in past years. And could again. Don’t make excuses for a poorly run organization that isn’t even trying.

      • Jim t

        Not making excuses stating facts. And yes it can be done and our ownership group needs to buy in.

    • Tampa Red

      I couldn’t possibly agree with you any more than I do. There’s a contingent on this board that suck the life out of any joy and anticipation of spring training, the literal birth of a new baseball year. I’m about ready to abandon this board altogether after years of following along. Decades actually. The board literally sucks now. Tired of it. If you hate or are disillusioned with the Reds this much, I don’t understand why you’re here.

      Spoiler alert: I’m older than most on this board and grew up with the BRM. Yes, I know what good Reds teams look like, don’t try the “settle for mediocrity” crap with me. I literally just want to enjoy the game.

    • Doc

      Agree, Jim t.

      I am slowly getting better at recognizing those who have nothing positive to say. Skipping them makes the read not only faster but also much more enjoyable. One especially is now an automatic skip.

  7. DaveCT

    I did a double take on the listing of Zack Brown among the pitchers for today. Was that Zack, or Zac?

    Zack Brown the pitcher was the Brewers #10 prospect as recently as 2020. One thing I will say, Milwaukee has some chops when it comes to scouting and developing pitchers. I’d like to see if he can show anything under the Reds program.

  8. Old-school

    Good to see India with a couple doubles and Steer stringing together some good games

    Offense has had a solid week

    • Jim t

      Very excited to begin the rebuild with some very nice young players.

  9. ryan

    At least the basketball didn’t feature Bobby Tolan tearing his Achilles

  10. Jim t

    Good to see Sims throw a nice inning. He can really help the
    Pen if he stays healthy.

  11. Jim t

    Very interested to see how TJ performs as the starting CF. He is having a nice spring after showing some nice signs last year.

    • Redsvol

      I agree Jim T. I think TJ comes across as a leader also. He is probably a 4th outfielder on a playoff team but he deserves a chance to see if he can hold onto a starting position on this team. His arm isn’t strong but many center fielders have the same issue. If he has a strong-armed right fielder near him and average left fielder he should be fine. Give him 300 at bats before the all-star break and see what he can do.

      Someone here compared him to Yankees Brett Gardner. I would take that any day.