The Cincinnati Reds are playing two games today and doing so in two different states. At 3:10pm ET they will play in Arizona and hit the road to face the Los Angeles Angels. At 4:05pm ET they will be in Las Vegas and play as the visiting team as they take on the Oakland Athletics for the second time in two days.

Reds (3-4-1) vs Angels (4-3-1)



1 Will Benson CF Taylor Ward LF
2 Kevin Newman SS Mike Trout CF
3 Wil Myers RF Brandon Drury 2B
4 Chad Pinder 2B Anthony Rendon 3B
5 Jason Vosler 1B Hunter Renfroe DH
6 Nick Solak LF Jake Lamb 1B
7 Elly De La Cruz DH Livan Soto SS
8 Noelvi Marte 3B Max Stassi C
9 Austin Romine C Mickey Moniak RF
10 Luis Cessa RHP Patrick Sandoval LHP

Reserve players on today’s Reds roster:

Pitchers Infielders
Fernando Cruz Alejo Lopez
Daniel Duarte Edwin Arroyo
Buck Farmer Tyler Callihan
Casey Legumina Steven Leyton
Hunter Strickland Nicholas Northcut
Daniel Norris Jose Torres
Mike Byrne Outfielders
Manuel Cachutt Henry Ramos
Connor Curlis Allan Cerda
Mac Sceroler Jay Allen II
Catchers Austin Hendrick
Chuckie Robinson TJ Hopkins
Daniel Vellojin Brian Rey
Eric Yang

Where to watch/listen/follow the game

This game will be available to watch if you have, but it will not be on Bally Sports. If you would like to follow along on the radio you can tune in on 1360 WSAI AM.

Reds (3-4-1) vs Athletics (2-5-1)



1 Jonathan India DH Cristian Pache CF
2 Tyler Stephenson C Seth Brown DH
3 Jake Fraley RF Shea Langeliers C
4 TJ Friedl LF Jonah Bride 3B
5 Spencer Steer 3B Kevin Cron 1B
6 Jose Barrero SS Zack Gelof 2B
7 Matt McLain 2B Ernie Clement LF
8 Michael Siani CF Lawrence Butler RF
9 Alex McGarry 1B Max Muncy SS
10 Nick Lodolo LHP Paul Blackburn RHP

Reserve players on today’s Reds roster:

Pitchers Infielders
Ben Lively Christian Encarnacion-Strand
Connor Phillips Richie Martin
Bennett Sousa Quincy McAfee
Andrew Abbott Nick Quintana
Zack Brown Outfielders
Brooks Crawford Stuart Fairchild
Pedro Garcia Nick Martini
Spencer Stockton Nick Plummer
Randy Wynne
Luke Maile
Jhonny Pereda
James Free

Where to watch/listen/follow the game

THIS game will be available to watch on Bally Sports Ohio. There is no radio broadcast for this game.

Reds links and news

Hunter Greene threw a lot of change ups yesterday

When Hunter Greene arrived in Arizona this spring he stated that one thing he focused on this offseason was his change up. He worked on the pitch itself, but he also planned to use it more often than he had last year. Yesterday in his start against Oakland he did just that, and then some. We wrote about that and looked at some of the information from the start and compared it to some things he did last year with the pitch.

Mike Moustakas signs with the Rockies

The Cincinnati Reds released Mike Moustakas in January and will be paying him this season even though he’s not on the team. That made him a free agent and today he officially signed a minor league deal with an invite to spring training with the Colorado Rockies.

28 Responses

  1. CI3J

    Nice to see Benson back and hitting leadoff. Wonder where he disappeared to the last few days? Guessing it was a minor injury.

  2. CI3J

    Man, I don’t want to seem like a Benson fanboy, but that kid can RUN. From 1st to home on a double to LEFT field. He has game-changing speed.

    • old-school

      Reds traded a top draft pick for benson. I think he makes the team as an Of’er or why else do u make the trade when he succeeds in ST? Fraley, Freidl and Benson lefty OF. Myers looks great as an everyday righty RF mostly with shared 1b reps with TS for the lefties. If Pete Alonso continues to hit, you have another 1b/DH in the rotation late spring.

      Not looking good for the Pinder + minor league invite crowd.

      • Harry Stoner

        I’m with you on Benson, but also observe that the Pinder, Vosler, Kojak, Reynolds multi-position mediocrity push a lot of buttons for Bell.

        Fairchild is likely to be the odd man out, and Siani sent back to AAA.

    • MBS

      I think there are a lot of people excited for Benson. He’s got a lot of great tools. The OBP and speed makes him a possible leadoff candidate once he establishes himself.

    • Kevin H

      Just because you like a player doesn’t make you a fancy. To me that is silly.

      Not calling you silly, just saying not sure why one can’t like a player.

  3. ChrisInVenice

    Is Bally West remote play by playing this game? Zero ballpark sound.

  4. Bdh

    Cessa and Weaver going to battle for sho starts in the rotation and who starts in the bullpen

  5. Bdh

    Going to be fun keeping an eye on the results of the Farmer and Moreta trades. Don’t even have to squint to see a situation where Newman + Legumina outperform them for half the price

  6. Bdh

    Benson ok? Seems a little odd for him to be the only sub out for the bottom of the 4th inning

    He had caught the 3rd out the previous inning and didn’t bat

    • CI3J

      He wasn’t on the roster the past few games, so maybe he has some kind of small injury we aren’t being told about. Maybe a tight hamstring or something like that.

  7. Old-school

    India Stephenson Fraley and Myers are hitting 1-4.
    Solid pro hitters.

    If votto and Steer get in the mix…this a good offense.

  8. Old-school

    Jose barrero solid Ab with a single on breaking ball.

    McClain rips one.

    Do we need all these old guys?

    • LDS

      Newman, Pinder, Reynolds? No. But, they’ll likely be there.

      • David

        They traded some value to get Newman, and he is on the 40 man roster. I can see keeping him ….for a while.
        I don’t think Pinder and Reynolds are on the 40 man. Somebody has to either be disabled or outrighted to make space for them, meaning NIck Krall also has to approve. I don’t know if Krall actually thinks the same way as Bell. Is this a rebuild or a baseball pensioners program?

        Reynolds and Pinder are kind of sub-mediocre pros with versatility.
        I actually think Reynolds was a 1st round draft choice by the Mets years ago (and how did that work out?).
        And where do Votto and Senzel fit into the 26 man roster if you keep those guys?
        I really expect Pinder to survive cuts (to the end), because Bell would just love to have the super versatile guy with Veteran Presence on the squad. Krall may have to put his foot down on that one.
        And I do think that Fairchild is on the bubble unless he starts hitting this Spring. He’s younger (27?) and has talent, but he has to do something…and he likely knows it.
        Benson, Fraley, Friedl, Myers….and Solak (he’s on the 40 man). And where does Senzel fit in if he returns? Does Myers slot into 1st base until Joey returns? An opening for Ramos (not on 40 man either) and Fairchild (will he hit this Spring?). Does Solak stick if he doesn’t hit in Spring Training?
        Infield: Barrero, Newman, India, Steer (?), CES (?), McClain (?), Pinder (?), 2 catchers (Stephenson and Casali). Does Luke Maile stick?

      • David

        Adding a few more comments: as of right now, Solak is batting 0.154 in Spring Training. Is he going to stick? Magic 8 ball says….”ask again later”.
        Newman is actually hitting ok. And he is on the 40 man.

        And EDLC is now on fire; 2 for 3 today. This kid is just a super talent.

      • Harry Stoner

        A thriving EDLC is going to throw a serious monkey wrench in Bell’s planning for ‘multi position mediocrity’.

        Just imagine his angst if Barrero starts hitting.

    • CI3J

      We probably don’t need them. But they are like a security blanket for David Bell, it makes him feel all warm and fuzzy when mediocre vets are out there stealing valuable playing time from the kids.

    • Melvin

      Eventually some of these guys will have to be traded. There just won’t be enough positions and playing time. Hope Krall makes the right call when doing so. I don’t know yet. One of them may very well be India according to the Reds way of thinking at least.

  9. Ozzie

    I have liked that in general the young guys are putting the ball in play and not striking out. Making line drive contact and aggressive baserunning has served the Reds well the past two days. And it’s fun to watch.

  10. Old-school

    HUnter Greene interviewed and referenced opening day. Dont think there s any way its anyone there than Greene or Lodolo OD starter.

    Lodolo is good.

    Greene and Lodolo 1/2

    • LDS

      Greene, he’s a bigger draw. Lodolo is probably the better pitcher at this point in time. That may well change over time.

      • MBS

        Lodolo is the only starter that I’m confident that he’ll pitch like we expect him to. Greene is amazing, but I’d believe a prediction of a 4.35 ERA, or a 2.65 ERA in 2023.

      • DaveCT

        As a polished college guy at age 25, Lodolo should have some degree of upper hand in comparison to Greene, at 23, with three years of full season ball. I’m thinking we see a lot more growth this season for both, nonetheless.

  11. LDS

    The Reds look pretty good playing Oakland. Too bad they can’t play them everyday

  12. LarkinPhillips

    Connor Phillips has some really good stuff. If he can get more consistent in the zone this year, the Suarez/Winker trade could turn out real nice for the Reds.

  13. Votto4life

    Will Benson certainly does look promising.