The Cincinnati Reds will play host to the Oakland Athletics this afternoon in Goodyear. First pitch is set for 3:05pm ET. Graham Ashcraft takes the mound today before everyone gets a day off (at least from games) tomorrow.

Athletics (2-2) vs Reds (2-2)



1 Nick Allen SS Jonathan India 2B
2 Conner Capel RF Curt Casali C
3 JJ Bleday CF Jason Vosler 3B
4 Brent Rooker LF Kevin Newman DH
5 Dermis Garcia 1B Elly De La Cruz SS
6 Jordan Diaz 2B Nick Solak LF
7 Yohel Pozo C Alex McGarry 1B
8 Kevin Smith 3B Henry Ramos RF
9 Zack Gelof DH Michael Siani CF
10 Adrian Martinez RHP Graham Ashcraft RHP

Wil Myers was a late scratch from the lineup and was replaced by Alex McGarry at first base. No word on why Myers isn’t playing.

Reserve players on today’s Reds roster:

Pitchers Infielders
Silvino Bracho Christian Encarnacion-Strand
Tayron Guerrero Alejo Lopez
Alan Busenitz Noelvi Marte
Joel Kuhnel Richie Martin
Ben Lively Quincy McAfee
Alexis Diaz Alex McGarry
Ian Gibaut Matt McLain
Pedro Garcia Outfielders
Ryan Nutof Jay Allen II
Randy Wynne Allan Cerda
Catchers Nick Martini
Jhonny Pereda
Eric Yang

Where to watch/listen/follow the game

There will be no televised broadcast of the game today. If you are looking to follow along on the radio you can tune into 1360 WSAI for the coverage.

Reds links and news

Will Joey Votto be ready or not?

The Reds emphasis athleticism…. in athletes?

Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer wrote about how the Reds are focusing on athleticism in their scouting of players. That feels like a strange statement to make given that that seems like something that every scout should have been doing since scouts began to exist. While you don’t have to look like an athlete, to play at the highest level you’ve got to have some athleticism somewhere. Be it quick wrists, hands, feet – something athletic is going to stand out. Guys can’t hit 90+ MPH fastballs without some level of elite athleticism somewhere.

MLB Pipeline updates their Reds Top 30 Prospects

The crew at MLB Pipeline has updated the Cincinnati Reds Top 30 prospect list. If you’re into that kind of thing, here’s the link to satisfy you.

20 Responses

  1. JB

    Another game where EDLC starts at Short but the game isn’t televised.

  2. Rut

    While I get your point on “athletes”, I just hope this doesn’t end up being the Full Bowden approach.

    5 tools are great — but ignoring production and results in favor of potential due to athleticism can be self defeating. And the Reds, as we all agree, have been expert at defeating themselves for years!

    • Old Big Ed

      A player who can run very fast is better than a player (with the same other skills) as a a guy who is slow. As Doug suggests, this is a bit axiomatic. I do think that speed is vastly underrated in today’s game.

      I don’t exactly know how to pull it off, but I would try to get guys with 99 percentile eyesight. Hitting today’s MLB pitching requires great hand-eye coordination, and that skill involves eyesight every bit as much as it involves athleticism.

  3. Old-school

    Per cTrent: low back stiffness for Myers.

  4. Bdh

    I kind of understand sliding Richardson into the top 30 even though I wouldn’t. I don’t really understand sticking Karcher in there though.

    How do you justify Karcher over Boyle, Rivera, Aguiar, Hajjar, Cerda, Acuna, Hopkins, Huggins, Hunter, Bonnin, Confidan, and Roa to just rattle off a quick dozen names off the top of my head. I could probably add another dozen

    • Optimist

      I wonder if Boyle is a formula mystery. Perhaps some lists disqualify him based on the BB%, while simply discounting it should have him comfortably in the top 20, if not top 10.

      There’s certainly a small category of all-or-nothing talents and he’s comfortably in that group.

  5. Doc

    Lively remains Deadly. Unless something changes, that will be one easy decision cut.

    • LDS

      Yep, just checked the box score and it’s good to see the pitching staff is in mid season form.

  6. Bdh

    Few thoughts

    Cerda has the power, speed, defense, and arm. He also walks at a very good rate. If he can just cut the strike outs down a bit to get his average up in the 230s-240s he’d be an everyday player in a major league outfield. Glad to see he hit one out today

    Also happy for Jay Allen getting a hit. I think he has a big rebound season this year.

    McLain just walked for the 2nd time today. He’s been in base 5 out of 7 plate appearances this spring!

    Gibaut has 6 k’s in 2 innings pitched

    • 2020ball

      Its looking like McClain has a good chance to outplay Barrero this spring, we’ll see if the Reds will bring him north if he does.

  7. magi210

    CES appears to have hit a grand slam.

  8. Bdh

    Since posting that

    CES – grand slam

    Cerda with a walk to add to his HR last inning

    Allen with a double for his 2nd hit in as many at bats

  9. JB

    McLain with 3walks today. I’ll take that everyday.

  10. JB

    CES having a great day. I really like this guy.

  11. Optimist

    An extreme small sample size comment – the MLB pitchers seem to be in MLB form, the AAAA and MiLB pitchers don’t.

  12. Bdh

    And the inning kept going

    Cerda and McLain walk again

    CES and Marte Single

  13. Old-school

    I wouldnt read too much into early march spring training games in the late innings

    CES yes

  14. DW

    Agreed. Not having Boyle in there is a real head scratcher. He should be in the top 15 at a minimum in my opinion.

    • DW

      This was meant to be a reply to BDH’s earlier comment. Not sure why it didn’t show up there.

    • Bdh

      Wouldn’t be shocked if they admitted they forgot about him

      He was on their previous top 30 list for the reds and all he did last year was throw 100 innings of 2.86 ERA ball with 153 strike outs

      Of course the control problems are there but You know who else has control problems – Ricky Karcher who they have ranked in the top 30

      Hope Karcher becomes a high leverage reliever but Boyle is one of many Id put in a top 30 over him right now