This afternoon the Cincinnati Reds will hit the road to take on the San Francisco Giants. First pitch is set for 3:05pm ET.

Reds (1-0) at Giants (0-1)



1 Jake Fraley RF Michael Conforto DH
2 Curt Casali C Mitch Haniger LF
3 Spencer Steer 3B Mike Yastrzemski CF
4 TJ Friedl CF J.D. Davis 1B
5 Matt Reynolds DH Isan Diaz 2B
6 Elly De La Cruz SS David Villar 3B
7 Nick Solak LF Brett Wisely SS
8 Richie Martin 2B Joey Bart C
9 Alex McGarry 1B Clint Coulter RF
10 Luke Weaver RHP Sean Manaea LHP

Reserve players on today’s Reds roster:

Pitchers Infielders
Levi Stoudt Christian Encarnacion-Strand
Tayron Guerrero Steven Leyton
Joel Kuhnel Alejo Lopez
Alan Busenitz Noelvi Marte
Ben Lively Matt McLain
Alexis Diaz Jason Vosler
Ian Gibaut Outfielders
Silvino Bracho Allan Cerda
Zack Brown Nick Plummer
Manuel Cachutt Henry Ramos
Brooks Crawford Michael Siani
Jhonny Pereda
Chuckie Robinson
Daniel Vellojin

Where to watch/listen/follow the game

The game will be live on the Reds on Radio Network. The broadcast will be on 1360 WSAI AM. There is no televised broadcast of the game today.

Reds links and news

The Padres continue to embarrass “small market” owners

Despite being a small market team, as defined by Major League Baseball, the San Diego Padres are acting like a team with unlimited resources. This morning Jeff Passan of ESPN reported that they signed Manny Machado to an extension for the next 11 years for $350,000,000. The Padres entered spring training with a payroll of $266,000,000 for 2023. They are collecting superstars and keeping them around for the next decade. Other teams, however, are mad that the last collective bargaining agreement didn’t help them enough.

Nick Senzel should see games in mid-March

After early reports the first few days of the spring from David Bell that Nick Senzel was ready to go, it seems that he jumped the gun on that one a bit. Senzel probably won’t see game action for a few more weeks.

25 Responses

  1. Bdh

    I’m assuming since Newman hasn’t been around for either game so far he’s still not 100% from his food poisoning

  2. Bdh

    Padres really going for it!

    However, After this season they have decisions on Snell + Hader with Soto who’ll they’ll want to lock up before he hits the market the year after. If they try and keep those 3 they could be paying 8 players (majoity of which will be in their declining years) well over 200 million per year. That would not be smart. Their farm system has been torn apart already so they’re a long way off from getting help via trades/depth there. An injury or two could derail a season at that point.

    In just a couple years the short term future could look brighter for the diamondbacks than the Padres. Will it matter for their fans if they win it all in the next couple seasons though?

    • Optimist

      With a few years of 5-7% inflation, the final years of the Machado (and others) contract will be very affordable. Doubt they extend anywhere near the same terms to the pitchers, at least the duration.

      • Bdh

        2025 competitive balance tax starts at 241 million

        Soto if they resign him will be getting over 40 million a year
        Machado will be just under 33 years old is getting 32 million that season
        Bogaerts at 32 will be getting over 25 million
        Tatis jr will be making 21 million
        Musgrove st age 32 will be making 20 million
        Darvish at age 39 will be making 21 million

        They didn’t trade for Hader to let him walk in free agency after they’ve signed these hitters. He’s going into his age 29 season this year so what kind of deal will he get? He’s getting 14 million this year in arbitration so likely over that

        Blake Snell in a similar situation. He’s getting 26 million this year so what’s it going to take to sign him back.

        I’d say you’re looking at minimum 35 million per year for those 2 pitchers

        That’s around 195 million for 8 players (4 position players, 3 starters, and a closer)

        They have Suarez under contract for 10 million + aging Wacha/Martinez have options for 14 million. Should they all stay they’re around 220 million. Then they’ll hit the tax limit as soon as you figure in Cronenworths last year in arbitration and will still be under half of the 26 man roster.

        Grisham and Nola would both be in their final year of arbitration and there’s an 8 million mutual option they’ll have to decide on with Kim. Then 11 more spots to fill on the major league roster if those 3 are kept while hoping everyone stays healthy

    • Frankie Tomatoes

      Smart for who? Their owner who looks at the books and says it’s not an issue from a revenue standpoint?

      As for their farm system who cares? They don’t need the farm system to do a whole lot for the next five years giving them tons of time to draft and trade for and develop plenty of guys.

  3. Mark Moore

    Rather dubious start for Diaz, yes?

    • Mark Moore

      Cowboy once again stressing how important the first pitch strike is and to avoid the 25 pitch innings we saw so many of in 2022.

      OK, at least Diaz escaped with only 1 run in for his inning today.

  4. GreatRedLegsFan

    Same old story for Senzel, every year, poor guy is not able to put a season together.

  5. Kevin H

    Thoughts on Mcgary making the team? As he seems to be the replacement when Votti retires.

    Om another note the Bats should be good this year.

    • Mark Moore

      Someone yesterday noted he’s not on the 40, so he’s easier to keep at AAA this season. Still, if he really shows he belongs, it could be hard to keep him back.

    • AMDG

      McGarry is a limited defender and a career 0.250 hitter in the minors who K’s about 1/3 of the time.

      That doesn’t seem to be a recipe to be much more than what Scott Heineman provided the Reds in 2021.

      • Votto4life

        EDLC strikes out 1/3 of the time as well. Which is why there should be no discussion of bringing him up until he can drastically improve in that area.

  6. Mark Moore

    Contact and a little speed equals an RBI for ELDC. Yeah, a grand slam would have been sweet, but contact and scoring still works for me.

  7. Mark Moore

    Another “excuse me” RBI and suddenly we’re up 4-1 in the 6th. ST or not, two in a row would feel pretty good after the long offseason.

    • LDS

      Let’s just hope this isn’t the season’s high point.

  8. Mark Moore

    First batter walk from the pen … that feels a little more familiar.

  9. Mark Moore

    How we escaped loading them up TWICE and only surrendering one run is nothing short of a miracle.

  10. Mark Moore

    Cowboy seems to love himself some Matt McClain

  11. Mark Moore

    And then THAT happened … 😮

  12. Mark Moore

    And BOOM goes the dynamite out near the dumpster. Marte must have just made a highlight real snag and throw to keep it tied.

    • Mark Moore

      Not that it matters now anyway. Just preparing us for the season, I suppose.

      • Harry Stoner

        Busnewitz and Livelly look like they’re both ready to step into the 2023 Reds’ bullpen!

    • LDS

      Not a game that matters but one we’re all familiar with.

  13. JB

    There is enough guys in that bullpen trying to make the team. Not a good showing for the last two to pitch today. Plenty of time to turn it around but one check mark against you.