The Cincinnati Reds have acquired outfielder Will Benson from the Cleveland Guardians. Cincinnati is sending prospect Justin Boyd and a player to be named later to Cleveland in the deal. Benson needed a spot on the 40-man roster and to make room for him the Reds designated Alejo Lopez for assignment.

Will Benson is a prospect in his own right, sort of. He falls into the limbo area where some places will list him because he hasn’t reached 130 at-bats in the big leagues, but other places won’t because he had more than 45 active days on a big league roster. In his time with the Guardians last season in the majors he hit .182/.250/.200 with 3 walks and 19 strikeouts.

The 24-year-old was much better than that in Triple-A with Columbus during the 2022 season. In 89 games in the International League he hit .279/.426/.522 with 20 doubles, 3 triples, 17 home runs, had 75 walks, and 91 strikeouts in 401 plate appearances. He also stole 16 bases in 20 attempts. Benson was not named among Baseball America’s Top 10 prospects with Cleveland, but he was named the best athlete in their farm system.

Benson doesn’t have much of a hit tool, but he’s got power for days with some places giving him plus-plus raw power grades. He’s also got above-average speed. With that said, the speed doesn’t seem to play as well on defense where scouting reports suggest that he’s a below-average corner outfielder.

As a left-handed hitter he crushed right-handed pitching in Triple-A last year. His OPS was 1.003 against righties and he had 60 walks to go along with 68 strikeouts. Against lefties he managed a .761 OPS with 15 walks and 23 strikeouts.

During the 2022 season in Triple-A he posted what was easily the lowest strikeout rate of his career. He struck out just 22.7% of the time he stepped to the plate for Columbus. The lowest rate prior to that came back in 2019 when he struck out in 29.4% of his trips to the plate, and that came while he split time between Low-A and High-A. Obviously that contact rate didn’t follow him to the big leagues last season, but he also only got 61 plate appearances in 28 games spread out over two months. It’s tough to jump into that kind of role as a rookie who is used to playing every day. If he can find a contact rate somewhere close to what he did in Triple-A then this pick up could get real interesting for Cincinnati.

For those wondering, Will Benson has three option years remaining.

You can see Will Benson’s career stats here.

Alejo Lopez is now going to have to go through the waiver process. He’s spent parts of the previous two seasons with the Reds. In those 73 games he’s hit .262/.307/.321 with three stolen bases. He’s played al little bit of everywhere on the field, logging game action at every spot on the field with the exception of shortstop and catcher. Most of his time, though, has been at second base, where he played in 33 games. No other position saw him play in more than eight games.

Going to Cleveland is prospect Justin Boyd. He was one of the Reds 2nd round picks in last years draft. The outfielder from Oregon State struggled in his professional debut, hitting .183/.263/.239 in 21 games with Single-A Daytona after the draft last season. Known for his speed and athleticism, Boyd could play center (or the corners if you wanted him to), but had some questions about his bat from some scouts.

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  1. 2020ball

    Gonna be a dogfight this year for who plays the corners in the outfield. His big advantage for making the roster is he’s a LHH and that helps balance the team’s handedness either in the starting lineup or off the bench.

  2. Melvin

    Doesn’t sound like a bad trade considering what the Reds gave up. What I don’t like is possibly losing Lopez. Power or not he’s a hitter. More power would come especially at GABP.

    • Oldtimer

      Lopez is an INF. The Reds have plenty of INF coming up the ladder.

      The Reds did this in the early 1960s also. They had INF like Cardenas, Rose, and Helms coming up. They traded Rojas and Tovar. They lost Chacon in NL expansion draft.

  3. LDS

    Why? Doug’s write up doesn’t suggest he’s any better than the current options.

  4. Colorado Red

    Doubt Lopez passes waivers.
    He is a decent utility player.
    Will did not perform at MLB worth anything last year.
    He is a long shot. The question is who the Player to be Named Later.

    • 2020ball

      I think Lopez might pass through waivers, I wouldnt be surprised at all. Boyd looks like the headliner here.

  5. Bdh

    Wondering if the PTBNL is the headline going back to Cleveland or if they still see Boyd as a 2nd round talent and he’s the headline. Depending on who is going over with him will determine how much I like this deal. So will the status of Lopez. Right now I like this move but If the reds lose Lopez, Boyd, and a the PTBNL is better than I want then I’m going to sour on this deal fast.

  6. Optimist

    I like Lopez, but he’s a 10th-13th man on the offensive roster. Someone could claim him for that spot, but I doubt he’ll be the loss on this deal. Either it’s a wash of nothings, the PTBNL is a low-level lottery ticket that works for the Guardians, or Benson ends up slightly better than the Fs.

    Benson seems like he’s on the Trammell career path – TT is a few years older and may work out to some extent – we’ll see if Benson does as well. He has his opportunity.

  7. JB

    Hasn’t had a lot of at bats in the bigs so I’ll reserve judgement . Has power so hope he works out. Lopez? There is no room for him with the Reds. Way to many guys that are coming that play the infield. Hope somebody else picks him up so he gets his chance.

  8. Redsvol

    This seems like a lot to give up for a guy that wasn’t protected from the rule 5 draft last year – regardless of his 2022 minors season. Cleveland took a guy they were willing to give away for $50,000 and got a top 20 prospect from us (Keith Law ranking) plus a player to be named. That seems steep – especially if the 2nd player turns out to be ranked. Seems like we probably could have got him at the end of spring training when Cleveland will more than likely need to clear 40 man roster positions.

    • MBS

      Benson was the 14th overall pick in 16, so he’s got a better pedigree than Boyd. Don’t get me wrong I liked Boyd, but he’s years away from likely being able to help, if ever.

    • Reaganspad

      I agree with the price paid. I was really excited to have Boyd as I watched him in college.

      Unless Benson pans out in the show, we will hate this day in history

      • Doug Gray

        What if Boyd never gets to Double-A?

      • Redsvol

        Doug – do you think he is a better hitter than Fraley or Fairchild? Not a big sample size but at least Fairchild showed he could hit major league pitching, and he did very well against minor league pitching.

  9. William

    I am not impressed with this trade. I like it that Lopez might be able to find an organization that will give him a better chance. Good for him. Hope he can get beyond the Reds grip on his career. He has the potential to be a .300 hitter.

  10. BlueYoda

    Timing is good for Lopez. All MLB rosters are full, and most teams are ready for Spring. A month ago I thing we’d have lost him, but this week not as likely. The Reds can outright him if he clears, and he’ll be right back in Spring Training. If I understand the timing right, he’ll clear waivers just before the 60-day DL kicks in and some teams (including the Reds) have more spots.

  11. Old-school

    This just seems like another admission the Reds Of stinks and perhaps there are some injuries or underperformance we dont know about yet but will soon-see Tejay Antone, Nick Senzel.

    • DataDumpster

      Same here. Seems like they finally started realizing (like many of us) that the 3Fs and Senzel add up to maybe 1.5 mediocre positions filled. Except for the pickup of Myers, is there anyone who can hit from both sides of the plate or even play above average defense?

      • Tom Diesman

        Not sure how you came to that realization. All three of Fraley, Friedl, and Fairchild played above average last season as expected and all three are projected to play above average next season as expected. Fairchild requires no platoon, and most likely Friedl does not as well. Fraley most likely does and a LH hitter in a platoon plays about 75% of the time which equates to around 480 PA. So these three alone easily account for 2.75 above average ML in the OF for the Reds next season. The Benson trade is no reflection on them, it is a move to add another LH batter to the OF/DH mix.

  12. David

    I think Benson is now a candidate to play right field, and Wil Myers will be playing first base, as Joey is likely not going to be ready to start the year. Senzel is likely not ready either. Benson in right, Fairchild/Siani in center, Fraley -Souk in left. Where does Friedl fit in? Maybe in center (weak arm), maybe somewhere if someone else falters. I dunno, it isn’t even Spring Training yet. We’re all just spit ballin’ here.

    That’s the way I read it. Benson is a lefty, has power, and will probably be alright in GABP. .240-.260 hitter, with 15-20 Hr in 400 -plus at bats in 2023.

    I like Alejo Lopez, although others don’t (and I understand why). But yeah, not much power yet, but he is a good hitter. But where would he play? Yes, someone will grab him off waivers.

  13. KDAVIS

    So the Reds draft two 3rd baseman with their first two picks in the 2022 draft. Then in the second round they draft an outfielder – a position of need all through the organization – then they trade him not even a year later.

    Yet in the second round, Baltimore drafted right after the Reds selected Sal Stewart – an outfielder who through three minor league stops hit .328 with an on base percentage of almost 440. And he was signed for only 103 thousand more than Stewart. You think the Reds could have made an adjustment somewhere to sign him? That is why people have lost faith in the Reds

    • Doug Gray

      If the Reds are drafting for need in the 2nd round then that’s when I will lose faith in them because that’s the dumbest thing they could do (well, actually it’s drafting someone that high without even trying to sign them like they did with Jeremy Sowers 18 years ago or whatever it was).

  14. MBS

    I seem to be in the minority here, because I do like this trade. He seems to be a nice combo of OBP and Power. The defense is a problem for me, as I really want a defensive oriented team, but this is a low risk move, with decent upside.

    I’m going to assume Votto isn’t going to start the year healthy, So I’m pegging Myers as the 1B.

    LF Fraley / (Solak or Senzel) depending on Senzel’s health
    CF Friedl / Fairchild
    RF Benson / (Solak or Senzel)

    That’s 3 subpar defenders starting in the OF, but they are also the only LHB’s likely to start the year on the 26 man for the Reds.

    • DaveCT

      Agreed. I think it’s a pretty good flyer on a guy who looks like a late bloomer. Reminds me of the Duval acquisition.

      • MBS

        @Dave, It’s funny you say that this was a quote on MLB Prospect ratings circa 2017.

        “ Benson is a standout athlete with slightly above-average speed, although he’s likely to lose a step or two as he fills out physically. It’s also why Benson, a center fielder in high school, is best suited to play right field in pro ball, where he profiles as an average defender with a plus arm. Benson has the tools to develop into a middle-of-the-order hitter, but he may require extra time to refine his skills in the Minor Leagues.”

        The more I dig into him the more I seem to like, His sprint speed from last season would have made him the fastest player on the Reds. I’m not getting too excited, but there is definitely aspects to his game that I like, lets see if they translate to the MLB level.

      • DaveCT

        MBS, yeah, it’s really a low risk, high gain trade. If we pick up a power hitting platoon left fielder, possibly right fielder but go with me here, it’s a win. Boyd’s a nice prospect. Buts he currently redundant given the presence of our collection of 4th outfielders. He could develop into a Jake Cave/Ryan LeMarre type, possibly a bit more. But if Benson hits 20 plus HR’s a year for five years while platooning, I’ll take it.

    • BK

      Agree; I like this pickup. He has good speed, a good arm, and his bat seemed to arrive last season.

  15. RedBB

    OF version of Jose Barrero but Prol not even to that level….

    • Bdh

      I’d say he’s more a left handed Aquino

      • Tom Diesman

        Looks a lot more like a LH Allan Cerda to me.

      • Jimbo44CN

        If thats the case I would rather have Aquino. Oh , that’s right, sorry. Boy am I glad he’s gone(echoing the majority on this board)

  16. CFD3000

    We just don’t have enough information to assess whether this was a smart trade or not. Benson clearly has upside – but the Guardians didn’t protect him and don’t have space for him. Justin Boyd is a second round prospect who struggled in A ball, but it was a really small sample size on his first professional stint. It will be years before we know if this was savvy or silly. Alejo Lopez was a nice utility / depth piece but was never going to be a difference maker. I hope he clears waivers and stays with the Reds, but I’d be surprised if he does and won’t be distraught if he’s gone. So now I’m hoping Will Benson finds his major league groove and proves how smart this trade was. Pitchers and catchers next week. Can’t wait.

    • TR

      Spring Training is coming up. A lot of sorting has to be done to get the Reds set for 2023 and the new balanced schedule.

  17. MK

    Have seen Benson play several time versus the Drsgons for Lake County Captains. He is big and intimidating at the plate and I was surprised he didn’t move up faster.

    • DaveCT

      Low risk, high gain acquisition in my opinion.

    • AMDG

      He likely didn’t move up faster because he can’t hit a baseball.

      Being a career 0.220 hitter in the minors could cause a team to not race you thru their system.

      • MK

        Typically a first round draft pick gets moved faster just because of the teams investment and the fact they want to challenge them.

      • Jimbo44CN

        Umm, really?
        “In his time with the Guardians last season in the majors he hit .182/.250/.200 with 3 walks and 19 strikeouts”.
        That does not look to lively to me. I agree his triple A numbers are impressive, but as we all know, that does not always translate to the majors

  18. SomeCrazyJason

    Are the Reds banking on the idea of just drafting or trading for the best SS available and then turning them into outfielders? If so, this may make sense (with how sad the OF situation looks now). Maybe in a year or so things will look a bit better in that regard as players develop upwards. I hope so.

  19. Kevin H

    What about T.J. Hopkins. Is he even on anyone’s radar? He can play outfield, and I do hope Siani gets to play as well as Fairchild.

    • 2020ball

      I dont think Hopkins is any better than the guys we have personally, he’s a 4th OF type for me. I like Siani more since the team desperately needs better defense, but he’s blocked too.

  20. Michael B. Green

    I like this trade. Oddly, every time Krall says the roster is set, he makes another transaction. I expect Lopez to clear waivers. If he doesn’t good for him. That means he stays on a 40MR and makes more hard-earned money.

    • 2020ball

      I dont think thats odd at all, no roster should be “set”. But I also dont understand why people think minor league signings count as transactions when all he was talking about was the major league roster.

    • 2020ball

      Areed completely on Lopez. He’s fringy, its too bad he’s not a SS.

  21. Michael B. Green

    Think this also clues us in that at least Votto and/or Senzel begin the season on the DL. Wonder if it is the DL60 for either.

  22. Michael B. Green

    Door is now open for Pinder to grab a roster spot when one of the pitchers goes on the DL60 too.

    • 2020ball

      Guys like Fairchild look optionable now. Bench is two catchers (ugh), Barrero to back up SS and 1 of Solak/Pinder/Fairchild assuming Votto and Senzel are on the IL. If Senzel is healthy he takes that second spot. They could even opt for 14 pitchers.

      • David

        Actually, I think that ML baseball now has a rule about how many pitchers you can carry on the 26 man roster, and I think that number is 13.

        I think there is a lot of garbage on the Spring ML/minor league roster. I hope they shake out a lot of this.
        My biggest concern is that too many of these ML/minor league players that Krall has rounded up for the Spring cattle call end up in AAA, and take away playing time for the top prospects there, or pitchers.
        “Roster depth” is the cliche’ used for this, and teams do it ALL THE TIME.
        For once, I would like to see the Reds actually foster a winning minor league team, to foster a winning attitude among their top prospects.

      • Greenfield Red

        Agree David. A winning year in the minors would be a nice change

      • 2020ball

        Oh yeah, I remember that being a thing now, thank you.

        I don’t pay much attention to minor league records, plenty get to the show based on their talent and have success at the top level. If its wins your after for your minor league programs though, it would seem stacking your AAA roster is the way to do it. I highly doubt it blocks anyone, if a guys good enough and not being challenged in AA they will still promote him. Pump that AAA roster, last year was tough to watch when guys got injured.

  23. Votto4life

    Which scenario do you feel is the most likely?

    1. Nick Krall has a discussion with Joey duringSpring Training or early in the season, to tell Joey the Reds will be buying out his contract in 2024. That this is essentially his last season (at least as far as the Reds are concerned). Krall also could offer Votto a farewell tour, including “Joey Votto”
    Day at GABP.

    2. The Reds don’t communicate well with Joey and end up announcing nothing and buy out his contract after the 2023 season.

    3. The Reds allow Votto to play in 2024 and then milk a farewell tour for all it’s worth.

    4. Offer to trade Joey to a play off team(say Toronto) at the trading deadline, provided he is willing to waive his no trade clause.

    5. Joey remains on the IL most of 2024. At the end of this season, the Reds tell him to retire or they will buy out the last season of his contract.

    I know some of these options will depend on Joey’s health, production and the team’s need at the time.

    I would love to know how you see this playing out. Not necessarily how you want it to play out. But, which scenario is most likely to occur.

      • Votto4life


        Thank you Sir for responding, I think you are correct. I fear the Reds will take the path of least resistance.

      • Votto4life


        Thank you Sir for responding, I think you are correct. I fear the Reds will take the path of least resistance.

    • Optimist

      “Is the most likely” may actually be “has already happened”, and I suspect it was 1, 2 and 4 – Namely, they’ve already told him 1 and 4, and probably bungled the timing and communication, which is 2.

      Even with 2, to whatever extent, it’s likely irrelevant since Joey and his agent certainly planned for it, and have plenty of experience dealing with the front office, long before Krall arrived.

      The crazy wild card would be if Joey has a monster year, or even 1/2 year, and wants to spend 2024 on a contender, and the Reds decide to exercise the option for 2024. Extremely unlikely, but it is Joey, and with a lucky second half from the youngsters and rookie callups the Reds may see a marketing opportunity for 2024.

      • Votto4life

        Thanks for replying Optimist. I appreciate your point of view.

    • 2020ball

      Well, they’re gonna buy out his contract 100%. I dont see why they need to communicate with him at all, but I’m certain they will. They aren’t going to tell him to retire or else that’s lunacy even for this FO, and I doubt they tell him its his last season with the club, both of those are completely unnecessary. And they’d trade him if they could, but I doubt that happens either. So I guess I pick #6 – The Reds buyout his contract and leave things open for him to return on a team friendly deal.

      • David

        That’s kind of what happened to Barry Larkin after his (disastrous…for the Reds) big 3 year deal for 2001-2003, of which he was hurt a lot of the time. He came back for one more year in 2004 on a team-friendly deal, had a decent year and called it quits.

        It was, after all, the Castellini management group that gave Joey Votto the big 10 year contract. It wasn’t little elves doing this on their own in the middle of the night.

      • Votto4life


        Thank you for your Your response

      • 2020ball

        thanks for reading, fun question my friend

    • Rednat

      i like number 3 option. for some reason a lot of people on this site think 2024 will be some magical year for the reds where we will really turn things around. I just don’t see it. who the heck are they going to get to come here , free agent wise?

      so I say ride the Joey train for as long as possible. I have really enjoyed the person Joey has become in his later years. He has really found his voice. He is really the only reason I will be following the reds this year and i would follow him in 2024 if they elect to extend him another year.

      • Votto4life

        That’s interesting! thanks for responding Rednat!

    • Greenfield Red

      I hope it’s number 1.

      I had hoped they would have offered 75% of a monies owed last season when he got hurt to gracefully bow out.

      But, JV made it known when he was on the TV broadcasts that he planned to play 1st and bat 3rd in 2023.

      • MK

        If you ever hear him talk the boy likes his money so I can’t see him giving anything up. I wouldn’t either.

    • Jim t

      #3 is my guess. Just don’t see Management missing an opportunity to pad their pockets. Dragging Joey’s farewell out is something they would do.

    • Old Big Ed

      The Reds are not going to make a final decision on Votto, until they have to make that decision next fall.

      They are going to base their decision on what they see out of Votto this year. I doubt he will be ready for opening day, but he may be ready in May. If he has a good year, they will consider ponying up the extra $13 million for another year, most likely as a DH. Votto could also agree to take the $7mm buyout, and renegotiate for less than the extra $13mm, or at least extend the payments out a few years.

      If Votto proves to be washed up, or if enough young Reds emerge to make Votto superfluous next year, then the Reds will pay the $7 million.

      I can’t imagine that the Reds haven’t already discussed this with Votto’s agent, that Krall and Votto won’t have a 5-minute conversation to this effect this spring, or that Votto himself doesn’t already instinctively know what to expect.

      • Jim Walker

        Votto and opening day……

        Check out this tweet by the official Reds site from several days ago. It has of Votto sitting at a table playing chess and a short GIF that appears to be him arriving at the venue for the chess match.

        For the most part, it looks like he is keeping that upper left arm and shoulder unnaturally almost locked in on his body.

    • Michael

      Unfortunately, #2. I expect Joey to come back and have a good year. The Reds won’t want to pick up his contract (or even extend an offer for 2024) short of a .300/.400./.500 slash line which will leave Joey with another team in 2024.

  24. redfanorbust

    I would like more perspective on Alejo Lopez. So far the most damning thing I have heard against him is he does not hit for power. So I guess Reds want power and average? So does every team but few, even the big spending teams rarely find such a jem. Teams need guys to get on base so what power players they might have have someone to knock in. Lopez had speed, could play multiple positions decently and can really get on base. With the larger bases Reds might want to run more and take advantage of anything they can. With so many players striking out a lot sure would be nice to get some players on base and put some pressure on the other team. Maybe it’s just the Reds don’t have a spot for him given all the young guys they want to bring up but it’s a shame. As others commented I hope he gets claimed by some team that could use someone who could hit 280+.

  25. Rednat

    the Lopez move puzzles me again. The guy can hit. i think he lead the team in batting average for a while last year. he is durable, he hustles, can play many positions. Kind of reminds me of the Jose Iglesias scenario a few years back. I just don’t understand what the reds are thinking sometimes. Just because a player doesn’t have a lot of power doesn’t mean he can’t be valuable to the team. Plus both players were just fun to watch. it just seems like if player is entertaining they must automatically be released by the reds. I Would rather have Lopez than Senzel to be honest. just seems like he has more upside to me and is more durable

    • Jimbo44CN

      Agree 100%. The kid is a ballplayer in the real sense of the word. Another stupid move, doubt if he lasts a day or two on the waiver wire. Good luck to him.

    • Michael

      agree, Lopez over Senzel any day. Kind of knew this day would come for Lopez and hope he gets a legit chance in another organization

  26. JEYork751

    Not sure I understand why so many are down on this move. Former 1st round pick who performed at Triple A, with power, speed, and on base skills. Reds are getting him just as he reaches the majors with 3 option years left. Only gave up a minor leaguer who is not projected to be better than replacement-level and PTBN for a higher upside player. with much closer proximity to production. Losing Lopez would be tough, but he’s blocked and also unlikely to better than replacement-level. His roster spot was never going to hold until Opening Day in any case.

  27. AMDG

    Heading into last season, Benson was a pretty terrible hitter who frequently struck out.

    0.209, 38% K – 2016 (Rky)
    0.238, 34% K – 2017 (A-)
    0.180, 30% K – 2018 (A)
    0.230, 29% K – 2019 (A, A+)
    0.206, 33% K – 2021 (AA, AAA)

    Then as a 24-year-old in AAA last year, he suddenly has a career year over half a season, slashing 279 / 426 / 522 with a K rate down at 23%.

    If 2022 was a statistical anomaly, then this trade is a wash, with the PTBNL determining if it was a bad trade.

    But if 2022 was him turning the corner, then this was a great trade.

    • Michael

      Where do you find strike out percentages? I don’t see them on baseball reference.

    • RedBB

      Ya…the guy was absolutely dreadful except for 2022. Guardians capitalized on that and got a 2nd rounder for him. I trust the Guardians front office way more than the Reds as everyone should.

  28. Old Big Ed

    This is an old-fashioned trade that had nothing to do with money. The Reds saw something they liked in Benson, and the Guardians saw something in Boyd. The Indians kind of specialize in pitching, so the PTNBL will likely come from a group of pitchers in the low minors that the Guardians will walk down the street and evaluate in ST, and I would guess that the PTNBL will not just be a throw-in.

    Benson is a big guy — 6’5″ and athletic enough to be a second-team all-state basketball player in Georgia. His interviews reveal him to be pretty sharp mentally, and he had signed with Duke to play baseball. The best interview point that I saw was that somebody gave him Barry Bonds and Mike Trout videos to watch before last season, and his takeaway was their determination to get as much out of each AB as they could. He then drastically lowered his K-rate last year, which indicates that he is coachable.

    The Guardians were in a pennant race last year when they called him up, and didn’t have the luxury of playing him regularly. They called him up on August 1, gave him some late-inning playing time, and then started him on August 4 against Justin Verlander and August 5 against (left-handed) Framber Valdez. (“Welcome to the big leagues.”) After a 0-11 start, they pretty much gave him a start every 4-5 days; he did go 3-8 in 3 consecutive starts in mid-September.

    Taylor Trammell is a fairly good comparison. Trammell is 9 months older, but both are multi-sports guys from the Atlanta area with excellent athleticism and good heads on their shoulders.

    I am all-in with making this team faster.

    I’ve always like Lopez, who has a now-unique skill set of being able to hit to all fields. He doesn’t have a lot of pop, nor is he particularly fast or outstanding defensively, and perhaps the [ridiculous] no-shift rule devalues his hit-to-all-fields approach. I hope he finds a place this season and does well.

    • greenmtred

      I like Lopez, too, because I like small ball. But for a guy who has no power his .307 OBP looks like a small red flag. It is, it is true, a smallish sample size, but if your job is to get on base, you should cultivate your ability to draw walks.

      • Redsvol

        This is how I’ve felt about Lopez. A player that doesn’t have power in today’s game has to do at least 1 other thing at a very high level – either excellent defense at 1 key position, stolen bases/speed, extreme defensive versatility, or high OBP. Lopez really doesn’t do any of that.

        Nice guy to have in AAA, but that’s about it. I hope he passes thru waivers and keeps improving his game.

    • JB

      Nice comment OBE. You always seem to go the extra mile and bring some interesting info that you take the time to look up. Hoping Benson and the other outfielders have an outstanding year.

    • Tom Diesman

      I’m not sure if there is actually a PTBNL or not. I seen this trade reported three ways now in various places, Benson for Boyd and a PTBNL, Benson for Boyd and a PTBNL or cash, and Benson for Boyd and cash. So there may or may not be another player going Cleveland’s way.

      • Doug Gray

        I checked the Reds official transaction log they put out for the press (I have no idea if it’s any different than what shows up on the Reds website) and it’s Benson for Boyd, a PTBNL or cash.

      • Old Big Ed

        I’ve seen the “or cash” version, too.

  29. AMDG

    Looking closer at Cleveland’s roster, this move seems to be a case of having no room for him, and opening a spot on their 40-man roster.

    He wasn’t going to be one of their top 3 or 4 OF’s heading into spring training.

    Whereas the Reds have a lack of established MLB-ready talent in the outfield, and he suddenly has a chance to earn a lot of playing time.

    • Old Big Ed

      I wondered that, too. Cleveland has plenty of LH hitters in their lineup already, with Steven Kwan (LF), Andres Gimenez (2B), and Josh Naylor (1B/DH), with Jose Ramirez and Josh Bell as switch-hitters. They are likely committed to glove-first Miles Straw in CF. It is an old-fashioned trade in which money pays little consideration.

      You are right that the Reds can afford to give Benson 375+ ABs, and the Guardians would not have done that.

      • Optimist

        Excellent OBE – these are much more detailed comments along the lines I’ve been speculating. Aside from the Trammell comparison, he seems like the Guardians version of Steer – MLB ready, let’s see what’s there. The Reds certainly need a version of that in the OF, and he’s clearly an OFer rather than one of the moveable SS prospects.

        Still thinking the PTBNL may define the deal – even if not a throw in, hope it doesn’t reveal a huge gap in Reds talent evaluation.

    • Jim Walker

      Also Benson is still under 25 and per Fangraphs, still has multiple year minor league options remaining.

  30. MK

    Richie Martin who they signed earlier this winter can easily fill the Lopez role. He is a right handed but has much more experience as a shortstop at big league level.

    • Harry Stoner

      The Richie Martin of the .167 BA, .242 OBP?

      I’m not suggesting that Lopez is the next Altuve, but his potential upside as a high contact hitter is already been demonstrated.

      Bell has no use for the guy, unfortunately, in his Ouija board lineup.

      Wouldn’t moving Antone to the 60 day list free up a spot on the 40 man roster?

      • BK

        Players can’t be placed on the 60-day IL until the start of Spring Training.

        As for Alejo Lopez, he had no power and no defensive position. Although versatile, he’s not good defensively. Due to his lack of power, he projects as a below-average MLB hitter, even with above-average contact. In sum, his ceiling is the 12th or 13th position player. He’s really not someone the Reds would want to fill in long-term for an injury.

      • Jim Walker

        Can’t send guys to the IL, 60 day or short term just yet.

        My Google sense isn’t working good enough right now to mine the date it is allowed in the spring

      • MK

        No talking about Baltimores 2019 starting shortstop, replacing a guy who couldn’t win a starting spot for a juggernaut like the Reds.

      • Harry Stoner

        I see.

        Martin, the starting shortstop for the juggernaut 2019 Orioles that lost 108 games.

        He pitched in with a .208 BA and a .260 OPP.

        Can’t imagine what they would have done without him.

        He’s your man, though.

  31. Bob Dobalima

    Such a sad situation in Cincinnati. We are stuck in purgatory until the team switches ownership ( which will not happen in my lifetime). I have seen reports that have our farm system as low as #15 and as high as 5. Imagine trading everything of value on your roster and still have a middle of the pack farm system. I see a bunch of felipe lopez and pokey reeses in the minors. We could be in this position for the next decade. The people running this “rebuild” arent the answer. Nothing resembles a plan. Reminds me of the mike brown the gm days in the 90’s, but even they had a punchers chance. We are dead last in every pre season ranking. Not 25th, but dead last. Theres is no excuse for that at all. This organization seems to love trolling their fans, like trading players for no rhyme or reason. Lateral moves. We did not need another aquino but we got one now.

  32. MK

    For the base on ball lovers Benson led the Guardians system in walks in 2022

    • MBS

      He was also the leadoff in AAA, obviously because of his eye, and speed. Apparently the biggest problem is his swing and miss on pitches in the zone. 22 it all seemed to come together, hopefully it will continue in 23 on the MLB level.

      • jeffversion1

        Yeah, hope he… uhh… knows what he did last summer to produce those results and can repeat them.

  33. Max BRAGG

    Just another move to baffle some if the Die Hard REDS fan base. All these invites and NO one can Hit!

  34. Tom Mitsoff

    Sorry if I missed it above, but how does Benson profile defensively?

    • Jim Walker

      I think average at best overall but with a pretty big arm.

  35. Old-school

    Jonathan Mayo has a twitter vid of Benson v Greene at Dayton retweeted by Lance McCalister and Benson obliterated a line drive up the middle. Nice pickup. Perfect swing against a 98 mph fb

    If anyone has better social media forwarding skills than me, its an impressive at bat.

  36. CI3J

    Seems like the kind of young player who would benefit from consistent ABs in the majors.

    Luckily, we have a manager who loves to play the kids a chance and g….

    Oh, wait.

    • Roger Garrett

      Yeah I get it and agree but whats not to like with a 24 year old that has some speed and pop.Eventually the stars may align and we hit on one of these deals.By that I mean he comes out of the gate on fire and never slows down.Time will tell of course.

    • 2020ball

      What non-kid is blocking him that isn’t a better choice for playing time?