Spring Training is just over one month away. With the Super Bowl also taking place in Phoenix this year there were some things that Major League Baseball had to work around, meaning we found out the report dates a little later than usual this year. But we’ve now got firm dates for when pitchers, catchers, and position players will be reporting.

Pitchers and catchers will report to Goodyear, Arizona for Cincinnati Reds spring training on February 14th when they will see the medical staff and take their physicals. On February 15th the Reds pitchers and catchers will have their first on-field workout. On February 19th the Reds position players will report to spring training for their physicals and then on February 20th will have their first on-field workout.

Those dates, however, don’t apply to everyone. Any player that is going to be participating in this spring’s World Baseball Classic will report earlier. Pitchers will be required to show up to their big league club’s camp by February 13th, while position players will need to be in camp by February 16th. The World Baseball Classic will start on March 8th for Pool A – which will take place in Taiwan, March 9th for Pool B – which will take place in Japan, and March 11th for Pools C and D – which will take place in Phoenix and Miami. The championship game will take place on March 21st in Miami. You can get more information on how things will play out from there, here, if you’re interested.

Not every country has finalized their roster yet for the event, but we do know that several Cincinnati Reds are expected to participate. Alexis Diaz will be on Team Puerto Rico alongside his brother Edwin. The only other player that seems to be confirmed is minor league pitcher Donovan Benoit, who helped Great Britain qualify last year.

Joey Votto has played for Team Canada in the past, but his shoulder injury leaves his status in doubt for now. Pitcher Daniel Duarte pitched for Mexico in the Olympics in 2021 and could be an option for them.

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  1. old-school

    Im ready for on field basebalI reports. I posted this on another thread but assuming health, here is my OD lineup prediction, assuming no injuries( Senzel and Votto written in pencil).

    India 2b
    Fraley LF
    Stephenson C
    Votto 1b
    Myers RF
    Friedl DH
    Steer 3b
    Newman SS
    Senzel CF

    Greene SP

    • AMDG

      Most people here seem to rate Fraley as a worse defender than Friedl, so it’s interesting you want Fraley in the field and Friedl at DH.

      • old-school

        That’s my prediction, not my preferred lineup. I think they view Friedl as a multi-position 4th OF and Fraley more of the everyday LF against righties, especially with Myers now manning RF every day. I would move on from Senzel in the OF and put Friedl in CF until we see how Siani develops and which of the A/AA Shortstops both develop and get moved off SS in 2023. Cowboy was emphatic during the season that Friedl is not a CF, after he had that miserable error prone day at Wrigley.

        I suspect the Cubs sign Ian Happ to an extension and he never hits FA next winter, but that would be my target in LF come 2024 playing every day at GABP, since they didnt sign Benintendi this off-season.

    • Tar Heel Red

      I suspect that Votto will open the season on the IL…seems like his rehab is not going as well as anticipated. If that is the case Stephenson will probably open at 1B and Casali behind the plate

      • Doug Gray

        There is nothing at all that suggests his rehab isn’t going as well as anticipated. When he had the surgery they said it would be about 6 months. That would mean the final week of February when he’s supposed to be “100%”.

    • Bdh

      Senzel is the one I would think could miss opening day. Has there been any report on him since he was still on a scooter at redsfest?

      Lots of league average to slightly better players still out there. If some are still on the board in a few weeks I think the reds could add one. I’d love for them to add Duvall back to this team but am starting to think they could realistically get Kyle Garlick who was just DFA’d by Minnesota. Bringing Naquin back to get another left handed bat on the team wouldn’t be bad either.

      With who’s available and assuming they’re healthy here’s what I’d go with Opening Day

      1 – Friedl – CF
      2 – India – 2B
      3 – Stephenson – DH
      4 -Votto – 1B
      5 – Myers – RF
      6 – Fraley – LF
      7 – Steer – 3B
      8 – Casali – C
      9 – Barrero/Newman – SS

      B – Maile – C
      B – Barrero/Newman – IF
      B – Senzel – OF
      B – Solak – IF/OF

      SP – Lodolo
      SP – Greene
      SP – Ashcraft
      SP – Cessa
      SP – 1 of Weaver/Dunn/Overton/Williamson/Stoudt

      CP – Diaz
      RP – Farmer
      RP – Antone
      RP – Sims
      RP – Santillan
      RP – Sanmartin
      RP – Gibaut
      RP – Cruz / Cessa (if 2 included at my 5 spot beat him out of the rotation)

  2. GreatRedLegsFan

    McCutchen back to the Pirates. I think the Reds are still short in OF and SP. Friedl, Fraley, Senzel and Myers plus one more experienced player like Duvall should make it. They also need another experienced starter pitcher behind Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft and Williamson or Dunn, but no more FA available to fit the bill as Cueto was the last one.

  3. LDS

    McCutchen was never coming to Cincinnati, nor was Cueto, nor Barnhart, nor any of the other names that the FO’s rumors leaked to obsequious media. When the big news, bandied about by all the sports media, is that the Reds signed Henry Ramos, that tells you what to expect this year. Maybe something happens in the next two months, but I’m not betting on it. And if @old-school’s OD lineup is correct, then the under on 64.5 looks more certain.

    • Melvin

      Hey. You know they don’t have to the “money” to sign these players, right? haha Cueto, McCutchen etc…..just too expensive.

    • earmbrister

      I thought that the big news was that the Reds signed Wil Myers.

      And signed Curt Casali.

      And DFA’d Moustakas.

      • LDS

        Those were earlier. In the last few days, it’s all been about Ramos, as if singing him was a great coup. The big news this off season is dumping Moose. Myers & Casali are nice adds but don’t really move the needle all that much. The Reds are still lousy in the OF, short of SPs and RPs, and are rolling the dice on a bunch of players coming back from injury: Votto, Sims, TJ, Senzel, et al are going to change the Reds into competitive team any more than the arriving prospects will next year. They cut ties with Aquino but still keep pretending that Senzel will develop. That’s wishful thinking. I’m sticking with the under at this point.

      • earmbrister

        Wil Myers does move the needle from a very poor OF to a potentially average OF. Yeah, they don’t have a stud in the OF, but they have several Joe Average types who may be able to exceed expectations along with the above average Myers. Casali and Maile are huge improvements over the 2022 backup catchers which were black holes in the lineup. Moustakas was another black hole that won’t be in the 2023 lineup and Steer should easily exceed his “production”. It’s not that hard to remember just how bad and also injury plagued this team was last year.

        Tom Diesman illustrated on another thread how the 2023 SP should be better than the 2022 SP. The bullpen has no where to go but up, and adding Antone and Sims to Diaz, Farmer, Sanmartin, and Santillan will help solidify the pen.

        It wouldn’t be a surprise to see one of the youngsters make the MLB roster sooner than later. After all, Diaz came out of seemingly nowhere last year.

        I’ll stick with the over. Easily over.

  4. AMDG

    So this means the Reds have 4 weeks to hastily find a few starting pitchers.

    Last year, Mike Minor was added at the last minute. Hopefully the Reds don’t get desperate and do something like that again…

    • TR

      Seeing how this offseason has progressed, it is highly likely the Red’s leadership will get desperate (i.e. Mike Minor) as they head toward the nebulous 2023 season.

  5. JB

    I would like to see the Reds pickup Leiter who was DFA’d by the Cubs. He could fit in the bullpen and maybe Johnson can get him back to a starter someday. Has alot more upside than the garbage they have signed this off-season.

  6. Jedi Joey

    It will be interesting to see if the Reds can find some more quality fill-in players like the past few seasons. Maybe another SP and OF to help the youth? I just hope they improve on last year’s record. That was brutal!

  7. Rednat

    I think the reds have to make a splash with Somebody recognizable. or there literally may be no one at the ballpark this year. a fan favorite is needed. Maybe Bring Duvall back, maybe Puig. just something to spark some interest

    • Jedi Joey

      How much do you think signing Duvall would cost? I would like to see him back. Krall makes it sounds like the payroll budget has been almost maxed out.

    • TR

      A decent start to the first month of the year to contrast the horrible start of last year might spark some interest.