Contrary to what some would lead you to believe, there are still plenty of fans out there who enjoy Cincinnati Reds baseball and want to partake in Cincinnati Reds related activities. And for that large, but far less vocal contingent of fans there’s some great news – The Reds Caravan is back after a 2-year hiatus and will get underway in less than two weeks.

The Cincinnati Reds Caravan will kick off on Monday, January 23rd and run through Saturday, January 28th and will cover parts of four states. Here are the stops and information:

Monday, January 23rd

City: Hamilton, Ohio

Location: Spooky Nook Sports Champion Mill

Time: 5:00-7:00pm ET

Tuesday, January 24th

City: Batesville, Indiana

Location: Southeastern Indiana YMCA

Time: 6:00-8:00pm ET

Wednesday, January 25th

City: Charleston, West Virginia

Location: Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center

Time: 5:30-7:30pm ET

Thursday, January 26th

City: Huntington, West Virginia

Location: Huntington Mall

Time: 4:30-6:30pm ET

Friday, January 27th

City: Louisville, Kentucky

Location: Louisville Slugger Field

Time: 5:30-7:30pm ET

City: Columbus, Ohio

Location: Polaris Fashion Place

Time: 5:30-7:30pm ET

Saturday, January 28th

City: Lima, Ohio

Location: Apollo Career Center

Time: 11:30am-1:30pm ET

City: Dayton, Ohio

Location: National Museum of the United States Air Force

Time: 3:00-5:00pm ET

City: Bowling Green, Kentucky

Location: Greenwood Mall

Time: 11:00am-12:30pm ET (10am-11:30am CT)

City: Lexington, Kentucky

Location: LexLive

Time 3:00-5:00pm ET

Who will be on the Tour?

The West Tour (Hamilton, Ohio and Batesville, Indiana)

  • Jose Barrero
  • Austin Hendrick (minor leaguer)
  • David Bell
  • Corky Miller
  • Jeff Brantley
  • Brian Giesenschlag

The East Tour (Huntington and Charleston, West Virginia

  • TJ Friedl
  • Nick Northcut (minor leaguer)
  • Casey Legumina (minor leaguer)
  • Tommy Thrall
  • Nick Krall

The North Tour (Columbus, Lima, and Dayton, Ohio)

  • Alejo Lopez
  • Cam Collier (minor leaguer)
  • Marty Brennaman
  • Jim Day
  • Nick Krall

The South Tour (Louisville, Bowling Greene, and Lexington, Kentucky)

  • Spencer Steer
  • Nick Northcut (minor leaguer)
  • Levi Stoudt (minor leaguer)
  • Corky Mmiller
  • Tommy Thrall
  • John Sadak
  • Sam LeCure
  • Sam Grossman

36 Responses

  1. Rednat

    i would like the reds to start doing a caravan within the city limits in all the different neighborhoods throughout the city.
    the reds weekend attendance numbers have always been pretty solid but our weekday numbers are always pretty lame even when we do have a good team

    if we can get people living in between the colerain and montgomery road corridor interested in the red again maybe we could get 20k to come to the games on the weekdays instead of 10-12 k. could give team a little extra money for the free agents

    • LDS

      It wouldn’t be spent on free agents. Money isn’t the issue. Small market is a canard. Cheap is the word you’re looking for. Some of us want less attendance instead of more. Force the Castellinis to sell – no TV packages, no game attendance, no produce. Hit them where it hurts. Answer Phil’s opening day dig with a “rude gesture”.

      • Doug Gray

        Not watching on TV doesn’t hurt the Reds bottom line. They get the same amount of money no matter if ten people watch or 10 million people watch (at least until the contract is up, far down the road, when it’s time to renegotiate).

      • Red Thunder

        I still think they will sell some time this year. Just seems like the time is right, Low salaries/ high value return, but just guessing!

      • LDS

        No wonder they don’t seem to care about the on field product

      • Darrin Faires

        After years and years, not coming to Athens, Ohio. Just one more reason that I have given up on this team until some changes are made at the top!

  2. Mike in Ottawa

    I wonder if Phil or Bob will be on the tour? Somehow I doubt it.

    • Melvin

      If they are they won’t be able to deflect hard questions…they don’t like hard honest questions. I’m with you. I doubt they’ll be there.

    • JB

      Somehow they won’t be asked the questions that need to be asked. Like ,” Where’s the money?”

  3. Red Thunder

    Seems only 2 bus groups needed this year for Friday and Saturday. Wonder if because of trying to save money where they can or a lack of interest by Reds fans. Still thankful it is back in whatever way. In my neck of the woods, no Evansville or Nashville this year but will try and get to Slugger Field or Bowling Green. Thanks Doug for keeping us updated on this and all things Reds.

  4. David

    Well, we know for sure that Kyle Farmer, Pete Rose and Tom Browning WON’T be on the caravan.

    A few guesses: Jon India, Tyler Stephenson, Hunter Greene, Spencer Steer, and toss in a few highly regarded minor leaguers. Get EDLC’s autograph before he becomes a super star!!
    A few of the new signees are “local” to greater Cincy, so they may be on tour too.

  5. Jim Walker

    You missed that Johnny Cueto will not be making a glad to be back appearance on the caravan 😉

    • David

      Signed with the Marlins. I think that kind of suits him (Johnny Cueto).

      Warm climate, pitcher friendly ball park. They do have a pretty good staff already.

      • TR

        The Marlins have been around for thirty years with 3 pennants and 2 world championships. A problem has been ownership, like a lot of teams, in keeping a winning team together.

      • Redsvol

        Does seem like an odd choice for the marlins to spend their $ on this year. They’ve been rumored to be in on numerous free agents but no one took the bait. Johnny is about the first one.

        Would be shrewd move by Krall to trade for one of their young starters. They’ve got some stud pitchers that are controls r for years. Maybe they need a shortstop prospect?

      • TR

        It’s a good idea. The Red’s are currently loaded with unproven shortstops. Luis Castillo came over to the Reds from the Marlins.

  6. NCRED

    I think the Caravan should have to come to Charlotte NC where the games are blacked out because we’re considered to be in their region.

    • CFD3000

      Same from Asheville, NC. The Reds are a five hour drive away and not on local TV, but blacked out on MLBTV. Hate that! I’d at least like the option for a Reds caravan stop. Sigh.

  7. MrRed

    Cueing up some Van the Man at this news: “And the Caravan is on its way?”.

    Special promo this year. Phil will be participating in the “Where ya gonna go” dunking booth. Participants that nail the target will also be given an invitation to spring training. *All costs paid by the participant, including Phil’s dry cleaning. See the Bull for details.

    Stay well my Redleg friends! 2023 may seem long but it’s still the same number of games as any year.

  8. B-town fan

    No stop in Indy, seems a little short sighted. Relatively large market by midwest standards, a couple hrs drive away with no MLB team of there own.

    • Melvin

      Yep. I’m in Indy and they always used to stop here. I don’t think the Reds would want Indy to start thinking about getting a MLB team of it’s own (maybe Big Bob & Son do want that). There’s already a pretty awesome AAA park here and could just add on to it.

    • JayTheRed

      When I lived in the Castleton area, I used to go to the Caravan every year.

    • TR

      Talk about Indy and MLB has been around a long time. It’s in the middle with many MLB franchises not too far away.

  9. Klugo

    Should be interesting. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  10. Kevin Patrick

    Ouch…not stop in Muncie IN. Its hard to be a Reds fan on the outskirts of WLW in central Indiana.

  11. Redhaze

    Nashville has always had a great turnout. Reds still consider Middle Tennessee part of their viewing market. Games are blacked out. Not sure about the snub this year.

  12. Old-school

    Don mattingly hired today by Nashville as a consultant

    it seems Nashville is building a group to landing an MLB franchise soon

    Perhaps the A’s or Rays

      • Jim Walker

        Actually, I would not care if the Reds went to Nashville as long as I could stream the games affordably.

      • Melvin

        If they are going to move they need to come to Indy. 🙂 We’ve already got the NBA Pacers and the NFL Colts and we’ve proven we’re able to support professional sports teams. The Indy Reds sounds good to me. If that happened people in Cincy could travel easily enough in less than two hours (about an hour and 45 minutes more or less). Actually I’d rather the Reds stay in Cincinnati with a new owner if I had my choice.

  13. Jim Walker

    Seems like a typical reactive response by the Reds to circle the wagons by dropping the likes of Indy/ Indiana and Nashville from the caravan. Essentially they are telegraphing their belief that the 2023 team will be lacking the drawing power to make it worth their while to cultivate these areas in the short term pursuit of revenues. And just as with the baseball operations, they will reactively deal with tomorrow when it arrives but as any of their Spanish speaking players could tell them, ¡El mañana nunca llega! ¡Nunca!

  14. Marty

    Really no Reds Caravan in indy…. well honestly no surprise there the way society is people cant go to a mall and feel safe… Vote Republican it will get better…

  15. Kove

    I wouldn’t waste my time, energy and most importantly money on anything to do with the Reds. Either they put up the money and field a decent team, or Seeee YA!

  16. Matt Rose

    I’m not too excited that they cut the Indy stop. My kids always looked forward to that. Wow, Bob must be getting super cheap. Either that, or Tucker Barnhart is no longer on the team and can’t drive to the mall. 🙂