released their first Power Rankings for the 2023 season, and if you are thinking that it’s still too early for that, you’re correct. There are still difference makers out there on the free agent market that will alter the rankings.

With that said, when it comes to the Cincinnati Reds, well it’s not likely they’re going to be making any moves between now and the start of the season that is going to change the opinion on the team. Alyson Footer penned the digital article, but she wasn’t the only one voting on the rankings for MLB. The group placed the Reds 25th on the list. They are ahead of the Kansas City Royals, Detroit Tigers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Washington Nationals, and Oakland Athletics.

After finishing 62-100 in 2022 the Reds team is quite different than it was for much of the season. Trade deadline moves saw the team move quality players like Luis Castillo, Tyler Mahle, Brandon Drury, Tyler Naquin, and Tommy Pham, as well as moving Kyle Farmer after the season ended. The moves this offseason to bring in players has seen the add Kevin Newman, Luke Maile, Curt Casali, and Wil Myers.

On paper, the team isn’t good. They’ve got real questions about the back end of their rotation, rotation depth, most of the bullpen, most of the outfield, and much of the infield. If you squint hard enough and see where everything goes right, the infield isn’t bad because Joey Votto’s healthy and productive, Tyler Stephenson is healthy and plays a full year, Jonathan India is more like he was in 2021, the three second-year starters remain healthy and take a step forward, and the three injured relievers (Tejay Antone, Lucas Sims, and Tony Santillan) all return to form you can see a solid team taking the field in Great American Ball Park in 2023. It’s rare that every single thing tends to go right, though. And that seems to be the situation the Reds are in if there’s a chance that the team could find a way to finish over .500.

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  1. CFD3000

    It all comes down to health of the established players and development of the younger players. The 2023 Reds might be good enough to win as many games as they lose. And in that case a trade deadline upgrade or two might give them a chance at a playoff run. But it’s probably more likely that it’ll be a year of two steps back for every three forward, and they’ll lose more than 90 games, maybe even close to 100. Except for Votto, this should be a year of development, of longer term planning, of contract extensions and prospect sorting. I’d love a small miracle and a competitive season. But I’ll be thrilled if there are many bright spots on a team that’s fun to watch. And I’d love to see a recharged Votto either finish his career with one last strong year, or play so well that it makes obvious sense for him to play some more. So rather than worrying about a winning year, I’m hoping for a fun year. Go Reds!

    • Zebach Radeem

      I expect them to improve to 63, maybe even 64 wins.

  2. Redhaze

    This team still needs veteran leadership. Adam Duvall, Andrew McCutcheon, AJ Pollock, and Johnny Cueto could help the younger players.

    • RedsGettingBetter

      I think bringing back Cueto , landing Duvall and maybe counting on the health of the relievers coming back of injuries and a breakout year of any rookie could lead the team to a .450 / .480 range season …

  3. Michael

    Love this article because this is exactly what I am thinking. A lot of ifs but in a perfect world, the team could bounce back close to .500. More likely, they will need major contributions from holdovers like Dunn, Overton, and Cessa and rookies like CES, Elly, Siani, McClain, Stoudt, and Williamson. I am not going to sweat the win total as long as it is north of 62 but I want to see progress.

  4. LDS

    A .500 team? That is the most overly optimistic expectation I think I’ve ever seen published. Reminds me of the old saying: “if a frog had wings…”. This team is more likely to lose another 100 games than win 81.

    • Bdh

      The 2021 orioles lost 110 games. Their biggest addition to their 2022 group was a very good rookie and they turned around and had a winning record last season. They did that in the AL East which is a lot tougher than the current NL Central. I’d take the current reds lineup when healthy over what the orioles had last season before adding our potential superstar rookie to the group.

      I’m not saying they’ll wind up with a winning record but the constant 100 loss talk is just nonsense. It took last years group to the final day of the season to get there after leading the league in days missed from injury by a wide margin.

      • earmbrister

        Here here!

        The 2022 Reds probably lead the league in missed games on the IL, and THEN traded most of their best players at the trading deadline.

        No where to go but up.

  5. Mark Moore

    It’s all projections (albeit highly educated ones) until the season unfolds. I’m a little more optimistic about the product we’re putting on the field, but we didn’t do anything drastic to improve (not that I would expect that to have happened).

    As others note, health and development are key. We’re not going to the playoffs, but I’m hoping we can avoid another abysmal start.

    Countdown to ST camps begins. Happy 2023 everyone!

  6. Danny

    25th in power rankings is about the best I have seen the Reds projected this year, I have seen them dead last in multiple reports/stories.

    Good to at least see a little positivity coming the Reds’ way.

  7. Optimist

    It’s hard to lose 100 games without trying, so that shouldn’t happen again. Still, a 10 game improvement gets a 90 loss team, which isn’t much.

    Thankfully, they’ve shed all they can, and there won’t be much left to move at the deadline, so as others note, it comes down to young players performance and health.

    Barring another horrendous start, the expanded playoffs keep everyone within distance of a wild card spot until the break. By then we should be seeing multiple call ups, and whether any of the opening day starters breakout.

    Not much, but at least it will point to 2024.

  8. SultanofSwaff

    Still some unfinished business imo. While I’m good with the outfield, it would be smart to add another veteran starter…..or, trade one of the surplus SS prospects for a young controllable starter (the Braves have a surplus, Bryce Elder comes to mind). I’d also like to add another bullpen arm–Andrew Chafin would be a nice pickup. Sadly, it sounds as if Krall is finished for the winter. After Castellini’s disastrous comments last year that poisoned the well with the fans, you have to wonder if ownership even comprehends how little the fans think of them. I’d think they’d bring Cueto back just as a fig leaf.

    • Bdh

      I think Duvall would be a good addition. RH power bat, GG caliber defense who can handle centerfield, coming off an injury he won’t demand a ton of money.

      Lineup pre Elly call up

      1 – India – 2B
      2 – Fraley – LF
      3 – Stephenson – DH
      4 – Votto – 1B
      5 – Myers – RF
      6 – Duvall – CF
      7 – Steer – 3B
      8 – Casali – C
      9 – Barrero – SS

      Maile – backup C
      Friedl – 4th OF
      Newman – INF
      Solak/Senzel – Fraley platoon partner who can also play in the infield

      • earmbrister

        I don’t see Tyler Stephenson, at age 26, hanging up his catcher’s mitt. Do you really think he has ANY interest in sitting on the bench while someone else is behind the plate?

      • Bdh

        True but I don’t think the reds signed 2 major league catchers + brought back 2 catchers they used at the major league level for AAAA depth to still have Stephenson catch 100 games a year either. His bat is arguably the most important piece to the reds offense and we saw last year how freak injuries can derail a catchers season fast. I could see him per week going 2 at catcher, 2 at 1B so Votto can rest or DH, and 2-3 at DH himself. Need to get his bat in the lineup as many games as possible

      • Earmbrister

        You might see TS at DH 2-3 games per week but is TS interested in that? What does TS want? He might be on board with that, but he might not.

        There’s many Cardinal fans who think that Yadier Molina belongs in the HOF. Would he be considered anything but a mediocre ball player at any other position other than catcher? Would TS be considered anything but an average first baseman?

        The Reds burned thru 7 catchers last year (which of course supports both of our positions). I was adamant that they should’ve kept Casali a few years ago, only to see him return. Catchers are worth their weight in gold, and TS is WAY more valuable at catcher than at 1B or DH.

        However, ultimately when you’re a plus player, the player will have a huge say on where he plays.

  9. JB

    To many “ifs” on this team. Let’s remember folks , they aren’t playing the Pirates 19 times this year. 100 losses could very easily happen. Stick to the sorting of young players and let the losses come. I would rather they figure out who is legit for next year than winning 70 games.

  10. wkuchad

    “It’s rare that every single thing tends to go right, though. And that seems to be the situation the Reds are in if there’s a chance that the team could find a way to finish over .500.”

    Seems like we’ve had our share of every single thing going wrong, so why not right for a change. 🙂

  11. Still a Red

    At some point the Reds are going to have to cough up some extensions or they will have to be perpetually talented/lucky to bring up rookie-of-the-year caliber players to replace the ones they trade before free agency kicks in for any good players, or they will be perpetually in a rebuild.

    • Jim Walker

      Agree 100%.

      Stephenson and India will be arbitration eligible for the 2024 season. Greene and Lodolo are on track to be just 1 season behind them.

      • Jim Walker

        RE: Ashcraft>> Fangraphs credits him with 136 service time days and is projecting him as not eligible until 2026.

        To make it in 2025, Ashcraft would need to meet the Super2 criteria which varies from year to year. This off season, it was 2 years and 128 days minimum; so, he has a good shot.

  12. David

    Well, ESPN Power Rankings has the Reds at 28th, just ahead of the Tigers and the Washington Nationals. Lookout Rockies! They’re 27th and the Reds could leap over them! (and the Rockies have Kris Bryant on the team, too)

    But ESPN still has Moustakas on the team (and we all know he was DFA’d). Probably behind on the latest left handed reliever acquired, etc.

    Anything could happen. And probably will. Go Bob! 2023 could be an all time low for the history of Cincinnati baseball.

  13. redfanorbust

    Article and most posters on here seem to be on target when it come to the 2023 Reds. More interesting to me is 2024 Reds. Moustakas and Votto’s contracts will come off the books. Money aside, replacing two below average hitters with hopefully above average hitters. If main young core stays healthy, if they get better with another year under their belt and if ownership spends the money saved on those two contracts on good above average talent then I see us having a puncher’s chance at the playoffs.

    • JayTheRed

      No chance we are in the playoffs in 24 either. It will be the first significant improvement year, but we still won’t be playoff ready.

      The year I am watching close to see if these owners are really going to try is 2025. If they don’t commit to winning with all the younger guys who maybe work out, then I am done with this team forever. There will be zero excuse for not spending money on new quality players to help the young good prospects and the few good players we already have. Large Markets are spending over 3x what the Reds are spending this year. I’m not just talking about the Mets and Yankees either. Payroll does not need to be 200 million or higher to have a solid winning team, but the way baseball is set up these days It gets harder and harder for small to mid-market teams to compete for top notch players.

  14. Harry Stoner

    I think a positive scenario for the Reds will come down to how much consistency Greene, Lodolo and Ashcraft can develop.

    If that trio can regularly hold a lead through the 6th inning and the bullpen clown car can hold its own (and deal with Bell’s Ouija Board style management) then we’ll see considerably more sunshine.

    If Cessa / Dunn / etc. can produce for even a 4/10 winning rate, there will be fewer days of misery.

    Actually, I have little confidence in Dunn, but I’ll roll with it for the moment.

    I must have missed any discussion surrounding the non-tendering of Hoffman some time back.

    He seemed like a Bell favorite. Not like he’d instill much more confidence, but was just wondering.

  15. Bdh

    I think Cueto is going to get more money than the reds will want to dish out. I think the reds do still add a vet but it’s something like bringing Anderson back.

    He had a brutal final start on the year but the 5 games he pitched before that he threw very well.

    If he’s resigned I think they’ll find some combination out of Anderson/Cessa/Dunn/Overton/Williamson/Stoudt who will prove to be at least average at the back end of the rotation next year.

    • JayTheRed

      I am wondering if they offered Cueto a 2nd year with a lower salary this year, but higher next year would he bite?

  16. Tar Heel Red

    I continue to ask the question…who is going to pitch? You cannot enter the season with three established young starters and several question marks. On average teams use roughly ten starters to complete a season. The Reds have nowhere near that many starters.

    • Tom Diesman

      These 3 are in:
      SP Greene
      SP Lodolo
      SP Ashcraft

      These 7 will compete for the 4th/5th spots in ST:
      SP Dunn
      SP Cessa
      SP Overton
      SP Lively
      SP Herget
      SP Williamson
      SP Stoudt

      These 3 could be used from spot starts from AAA/AA if needed later in season:
      SP Wynne
      SP Phillips
      SP Abbot

      Plus you know a few more AAAA arms will be signed to Minor League contracts and invited to ST between now and ST.

      I’d also like to see them look into stretching Santillan back out and looking at him for the 4th/5th starters role in ST.

      • David

        Lively is pretty much AAA dogmeat, but Herget could be better than expected.
        Overton was “lightening in a jar” for a few weeks in 2022. I don’t know if it was just good pitching, luck, or whether he could be that good. Could be disappointing if we expect too much of him.

        If Cessa stretches out as a starter in Spring Training, I think he could be OK. Not great, but a good 4th or 5th guy in the rotation.
        And Williamson is young. He is a guy with a tremendous upside. If he can manage to improve his control, he could be the fourth young “ace” after Greene, Lodolo and Ashcraft (if they all are better than last year and don’t get hurt or regress).

        Stoudt, Abbot, Phillips: one of these guys may break through in 2023.

        There is real pitching talent there, among the young guys. Just how fast they get to ML quality pitching is the question.

      • MK

        Don’t know if they would consider it but Sanmartin began 2022 as a starter.

      • Tom Diesman

        That seems a little harsh on Lively, curious why you would believe that? He was having a pretty good year at AAA last season before an injury sidelined him in June. Otherwise he would have seen time with the Reds for sure in the second half.

  17. RedFuture

    Checking in from my trip to Aus/NZ. I remain hopeful that health will be great this year and if so the Reds can mount a surprise.
    1) One last hurrah from Votto!
    2) Stephenson resumes and completes a year like he started last year!
    3) Greene, Lodolo and Ashcraft all pitch > 175 innings with combined ERA of a run lower!
    4) Antone, Sims & Santillan join Diaz for a killer bullpen!
    5) Myers is rejuvenated by GABP!
    6) Senzel finally matures!
    7) Friedl & Fraley & Fairchild improve a bit more!

    • Jim

      That sounds good if it develops. I would love to see Votto have a good last year, but watching the past 5 years, with the exception of the 2nd half of ‘21 he hasn’t gotten many at all meaningful hits, like he used too.

      He has been slipping defensively and can’t run the bases anymore. Than in ‘24 the Reds have to make a decision like Moose, to give Votto 20 Million more, or pay him 7 Million to leave. What a decision!!
      It would be nice to see him this year as a DH only against right handed pitching. But he would never agree to that.
      Nevertheless, I think he Was the Reds best hitter in his time.

      • JB

        No way he gets 20 mil. Reds will part ways with him. Reds are just going to sort through the young talent this year and start anew next year. They will figure out what they have and what they need and sign FAs to fill holes. They won’t be elite FAs but will be good. Votto at 20 mil is a waste of money. He was an outstanding player but he is not that anymore.

      • Bdh

        People need to get the 20mil number out of their head. Votto is getting 7 regardless so the decision the reds have to make is how good does he need to perform to be worth 13 million next year.

        In half a season with a bum shoulder he was about 10 total feet from 4 more HR (2 robbed + 2 reviewed and ruled doubles in the same game) and was on pace for another 30+ double season.

        The shift ban should give him a slight tick up in average. If the surgery gets him feeling closer to normal then I don’t think it should shock anyone if he has close to 60 XBH this coming season. That’s only slightly above the pace he was at playing with a bad shoulder and in the current market would be worth 13 million IMO

  18. Redblaze

    I like the optimism guys, but I think some have forgotten just how bad this team was in 2022. It wasn’t just a bad start. They also had equally terrible finish. There were injuries in 2022, but there will be injuries in 2023 too.

    I think a couple months without Reds baseball and we have lost perspective. This team was really bad in 2022 and the FO hasn’t done much to improve the team in my opinion. The Reds don’t even have enough pitching to cover all the innings in 2023.

  19. RedDawn

    This team was terrible in 2022. This talk of the Reds finishing .500 in 2023 is just nonsense. If they can avoid another 100 loss season it would be a serious accomplishment.

  20. Old-school

    Pitching is a big problem in 2023 and Kralls greatest area of failure in roster construction. 25% of the bullpen will be injured. 25% of the bullpen wont perform. 1/3 young guns will be injured and 1 will underperform

    The rest of the SP lineup is long shot gambling.

    Overton maybe as depth

    Justin dunn no

    Cessa is depth

    • JayTheRed

      I am very curious about Cessa He did a nice job filling in at the end of the season last year. I don’t have much of an opinion on Dunn. Williamson seems to have some decent potential. Overton. Did a great job for a chunk of the season but with injuries you have no idea what form of quality he will return to.

      The guys coming back from injuries should not be counted on at all. Hopefully one or two will have a decent comeback but none of them are going to be the top-notch relievers they once were.

      • TR

        With 12 weeks to go before Opening Day there’s still plenty of time for the Reds to strengthen their starting and relief pitching by either trades from their loaded farm system or even spending some money.

    • Doc

      Which 25% will be injured and which 25% won’t perform? Perhaps you could send that information to Krall. I’m sure he would appreciate the insight! What’s that? You don’t know who fits into those 25% categories? Aye, that’s the rub.

  21. earmbrister

    This was a belated response on the ESPN (does anyone watch them anymore?) thread, but seems to be relevant to this thread …

    This team is better than the team that won 62 games in 2022.

    2022 Outfield: Pham, Senzel, Naquin, Fraley, Friedl and many others (read Aquino).
    2023 Outfield: Myers, Senzel, Fairchild, Fraley, Friedl and others.

    Myers with a career OPS+ of 111 is a big upgrade over Pham who had an OPS+ of 88 last year. Friedl is a swap of 101 OPSs with Naquin. Fraley is a huge upgrade on OPS+ over Aquino (118 vs 63). We will miss AA’s D.

    2022 Infield: Votto, India, Farmer, Drury and others (read a largely hurt Stephenson and SIX other catchers).
    2023 Infield: Votto, India, Barrero, Steel and others (Newman, Stephenson, Casali, and Maile for starters).

    It could be argued that Newman is as good as Farmer (and understand I was a Kyle Farmer fan), with Barrero representing a possible upgrade. Newman seems to hit well in GABP, but that might be selective memory on my part (although GABP is certainly a better hitter’s ballpark than PNC). A full year of Drury is much better than Steel? Did we get a full year of Drury? No, we got 385 PAs of Drury before he was traded. I’d say that a full year of Stephenson, who had an OPS+ of 130 last year, is better than 2/3 of a year of Drury (128). And the offense from the second and third string catchers should be much better than that of the SORRY SIX who provided OPS+’s of 81 (Kolovosky, the PB guy) as well as a 38, a 24, a 7, an 11, and a 17 OPS+. Upgrade.

    Overall offense: Solid upgrade.

    2022 SP: Mahle, Castillo, Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft and others.
    2023 SP: Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft, Dunn, Cessa, and others.

    Much like the discussion of the offense, you have to consider the time spent in a Reds uniform. Castillo missed the first month of the season and was traded at the deadline. Thus his starts spanned 05/07 thru 7/27. Is Castillo better than any pitcher on the current roster? HECK YES. However, he only provided 85 IP in 2022. Likewise, Mahle only provided 104 IP between his injuries and his trade. So you’re only looking to replace 189 IP.

    How are you replacing those innings? Lodolo only gave the Reds 3.5 months last year. Will he be healthier in 2023? Who knows, but 103 IP seems like a floor, hardly a ceiling. And Lodolo visably grew as a pitcher in his short time in the bigs. Hunter Greene had a 6.01 ERA on 7/4 and 8 starts later (he lost most of August to injury) his ERA stood at 4.44. It seems like he was figuring out how to pitch, not throw. Greene gave us 125 IP. It hardly seems a stretch to expect better pitching, and MANY more innings, from Lodolo, Greene, and Ashcraft (105 IP in ’22). Dunn should be much healthier in 2023 – can he contribute going forward?

    Now we DO need to replace Mike Minor’s 98 IP of 6.06 ERA ball. That’s more innings than Castillo’s 85 and just less than Mahle’s 104, BTW. Considering the modest innings pitched by Castillo and Mahle, as well as the (welcomed?) departure of Mike Minor, I’d say that

    the starting pitching in 2022 will be no worse, but probably better in 2023.

    The bullpen returns a young Diaz, and promising pitchers in Farmer, Sanmartin, and Gibaut. Antone and Sims are two legit relievers who should be healthier in 2023 than in 2022. Huh, six decent relievers – looks like the 2023 BP will be much better than the sorry 2022 BP.

    Now, I haven’t said a word about any prospect who might break through. Diaz broke through in 2022. Would it be unrealistic to likewise assume ONE prospect breaks through in 2023?

    I’ll concede that the schedule MAY be more difficult. I’m tired of typing …

    In short, we shouldn’t be comparing the 2022 lineup (which didn’t include Castillo to start the season, and certainly didn’t include Castillo, Mahle, Pham, Drury, Naquin to end it) to the full season 2023 lineup. And we will ALL miss the contributions of Mike Minor, 3M, Hunter Strickland, Chase Anderson, TJ Zeuch, et al.

    In addition, I don’t understand the 55 win predictions, but today’s social media is all about the shock value, despite what the evidence might show us.

    Put me down for 75 wins, and I’ll be happy watching youngsters, not retreads or vets on their last legs, getting their innings for our Reds. I’ll buy low on this team.

    • Scott in Texas

      What he said – all of it!

    • David

      None of that sounds bad or out of this world. There might be some upside surprises and some downside surprises. But overall, I think that the 2023 team will be better.

      I honestly think that Fraley will surprise a lot of people if he can play the whole season (primarily against right handed pitching).

      And there is always the possibility of a few of the AAA players breaking through.
      Alex McGarry, Christian Encarnacion-Strand, Elly De La Cruz, Drew Mount, TJ Hopkins.

      • Old-school

        I agree on Fraley
        He has the plate discipline tool and some pop. He was the guy that launched one into the allegheny river if I remember in pittsburgh

        No he cant lefties but reds are lefty hitting depleted against the 75% righties. Votto, Fraley and ???

        Some tough power righty arms in MLB. Id like to see reds grab Brandon Belt as DH and backup 1b

        He was injured 2022 but was AS caliber hitter in 2020/21 and needs a pillow contract to prove himself

        India 2b
        Fraley LF
        Stephenson C
        Votto 1b
        Myers RF
        Belt Dh
        Steer 3b
        TBD CF
        TBD SS

    • DataDumpster

      Liking that analysis as much more comprehensive than my slightly reasoned “hunch” of 74 wins. It’s hard to project when you are counting on significant improvement from promising young talent. But, if this team can’t get to a “respectable” baseline that gives an impetus for significant spending on 2024, then fireworks will need to go off. Then, it will be way overdue to examine why the young talent has not matured and/or fundamental baseball skills have not been well executed. At the very least, the 5 year David Bell experiment will need to be terminated and new management under any number of ownership/GM scenarios needs to happen to salvage this strategy.

  22. Jake

    My god, no wonder the Castellini family takes advantage of the fan base – the absurd optimism in this comments is nuts. They have holes EVERYWHERE, and almost no proven performers. They are a guaranteed 90+ loss team. It’s been 32 years since a championship. After Pittsburgh they have the worst ownership in baseball. They will never win with Castellini as the owner.

  23. Gonzo Reds

    Would be smart to sign Chapman to a $3-4M one year deal with incentives to bolster the back end of the pen. Think he’d sign with the Reds to rebuild his value and would get to work with the Drivetrain folks. Might add a few preserved wins to our young starters bolstering their confidence. Then flip him at the deadline for more minor league talent which would be worth the $. Of course, I said smart and we all know there is zero chance this front office will recognize that.

    • JayTheRed

      Would not mind Chapman back on the Reds. He is not the pitcher he once was with us but i am pretty sure he would at least be solid.

  24. Doc

    Some guy named Leitch predicts that Votto will be the Reds best player this year. If a 40 year old sub par performer for the last five years who is coming off major shoulder surgery is the Reds best player in 2023, then we will either be close to .500 because Votto is on fire and others have improved, or struggling to not lose 100 because Votto continues a five year trend and nobody else is better.

    • LDS

      Dead on Doc. And which way are you betting?

      • Doc

        I’d be betting that Votto is not the best Reds player in 2023, but I’ll only take the rest of the roster. I don’t follow closely enough to drill down, nor does my crystal ball currently tell me who will actually be on the team.

  25. LDS

    The annual optimism of Reds fans, still trying to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. C Trent Rosecrans tweet this morning more or less sums up the Reds coming season – how are the concessions at GAPB. While other teams are improving (Cards & Cubs both listed in the top 10 most improved teams), the Reds media are discussing hot dogs and beer. Who knows, maybe the Reds will draw the winning card on an inside straight. I’m not betting on it. At this point, it’s a competition for last place. Are the Reds good enough to beat the Pirates? But with the “balanced” schedule, losing more games this year than last isn’t out of the question.

    • Rednat

      yes, i think people are underestimating the impact of the nba type balanced schedule. i look at the detroit pistons 10-30, houston rockets 10-27 now. these winning percentages are coming to an mlb team near you soon. i don’t like the idea of having to play the yankess and redsox every year. basically guaranteed losses

      i guess the commissioners office feels this will generate more money but i think in the long run this will just cause teams like the reds and pirates and roylas to fall further behind

      • Doug Gray

        Since every team was officially integrated there have only been 3 seasons with a sub .300 winning percentage. I don’t think we’re going to start seeing them because now you’ve got to play the Yankees 3 times every year.

      • old-school

        @ Doug- Will you be out in Goodyear at any point in ST?

      • Doug Gray

        It’s not likely. While I’ve not made an official decision yet, I believe that my plan will most likely be to go spend a week in Daytona in early to mid-April, and then another week in Chattanooga at some point early in the season, and then just let the travel schedule work from there based on circumstances.

        While Goodyear does make it easier to see everyone at once, I spend nearly a full week in the car – 10+ hour days driving – just to get there and back. That time, plus the cost of all the hotels along the way and in Arizona (where even the roach motels are $125+ a night because with spring training there are like 10,000 people needing rooms), it’s just a tough situation that I’m not sure justifies the time/cost.

      • Old Big Ed

        Well, the Reds do play the Yankees and Red Sox both this year, but they also pick up the A’s, Tigers and Royals, plus 7 against Washington. They will also face more teams this year that have never faced Lodolo, Greene or Ashcraft.

        The Red Sox aren’t very good. They won only 78 games, lost Xander Bogaerts, and no longer sell out Fenway Park. And the Reds only play 2 games against the Red Sox. The Reds also won 2 of the 3 “guaranteed losses” against the Aging Yankees last year.

    • Redgoggles

      There’s plenty of places I can find good grub. There’s plenty of places I can buy knick-knacks (bobbleheads.) There’s not many places I can watch major league baseball close to me. I think I’ll wait until they actually compete with the unique product they can offer. It’s not the food people.

      Plenty of things to do, Phil. You’re losing the fanbase….