Two weeks ago on the digital pages of Redleg Nation we saw Jason Linden write about how it would be a good idea to bring back Johnny Cueto. Well it seems that the Cincinnati Reds were listening to Linden’s advice because according to Jon Morosi of MLB Network, the Reds have shown interest in doing just that.

Last season was a good one for Cueto. While pitching with the Chicago White Sox he made 24 starts and one relief appearance, posting a 3.35 ERA and throwing 158.1 innings. The soon-to-be 37-year-old allowed 161 hits, 15 home runs, walked 33 batters, and he struck out 102. It was his best season since 2016 – his first season with the San Francisco Giants.

Cincinnati’s current rotation seems like it’s going to include the three second-year pitchers in Nick Lodolo, Hunter Greene, and Graham Ashcraft. But after those three pitchers there are a lot of guys who will be competing for the remaining two spots but don’t have any sort of claim to it. The Reds could certainly use a veteran pitcher on the pitching staff who can bring a lot to the table, and Johnny Cueto certainly seems like he would fit that bill.

While money shouldn’t be an issue for a team that currently has a payroll of $73M for the 2023 season, it seemingly is an issue. MLB Trade Rumors didn’t have Johnny Cueto among their top 50 free agents, so they did not project a salary for him. Given his age, a longer term deal doesn’t seem likely. But given his performance in 2022 he could get a deal that’s for more than a year. Perhaps a deal that would include some sort of option for 2024.

We will all have to wait and see how this plays out, but it seems that the Reds have a good idea here with looking to bring in a pitcher coming off of a successful season. And it plays into their plan of not having to guarantee much into the long term future, too.

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    • Optimist

      6 million reasons this year, with a 4 million buyout or club option 6 million for next year.

      • MBS

        Honestly I think Cueto gets 8+, not sure about an option year based on his age. I’d sign him for that, but a SP isn’t high on my list of needs. The pen needs 2 FA’s, and outfield at least 1, then maybe a SP. Just rating importance of need.

      • Optimist

        Those are reasons for him to sign with the Reds – other teams likely have better reasons – doesn’t hurt trying.

        As for FA needs, they certainly need at least 1 SP, and that will likely cost more than the other FAs they need. They’ve shown skill in finding or claiming very inexpensive hitting FAs – Naquin/Drury/Pham/Scooter/Dietrich/Casali and so on. They’ve shown ineptitude in finding reliever FAs.

        They really should get 2 FA starters, but I fear the 5th-9th starters will be Dunn/Overton/Anderson/Hoffman/Lively/Cessa/Stoudt/Williamson and others.

      • MBS

        The 40 man isn’t looking too hot. We’ve got 1 pitcher I think that’s going to the 60 day, Gutierrez. 4 pitchers who shouldn’t be on a 40 man, Karcher, Kuhnel, Legumina, and Gibaut. Moustakas needs to be DFA’d.

        We need a closer, or setup man to pair with Diaz, and an everyday OF. After that we need another solid RP on par with Farmer, SanMartin. We could also use a Cueto type to give some innings. Oh, yeah we also don’t have a 3rd C.

      • Melvin

        @LDS – I disagree. The Reds may go as high as 9 or 10 dollars on their offer. They’ve got “a little” money to spend. 🙂

      • JayTheRed

        6 million hahahaha….. I’m thinking 10 million at least. Huge maybe, he gives us a discount for more than one year guaranteed.

        I want him here but with his good season last year he is going to cost money.

        Here is to hope. Been clambering since the season ended to sign him.

      • JoshG

        as far as the Pen , don’t forget they are getting guys back from injury
        Sims, Antone and Santilian are all pretty good relievers
        and if Cessa returns to the pen…. it’s looking pretty good.

        could still use another lefty maybe

      • Frankie Tomatoes

        Two guys coming off of serious back injuries and another guy coming off of his second Tommy John surgery doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies it gives you for the bullpen look in 2023.

      • Tar Heel Red

        Antone will be coming back off his second TJ. Most pitchers don’t recover well from this situation, but I hope Antone is the exception rather than the rule.

      • MBS

        I think Antone said he was throwing in the 93 or 94 range recently. I don’t know if that’s him peaking or just getting warmed up, but If I remember correctly, he really hit his stride as a pitcher when his fast ball ticked up to the upper 90’s. That combined with his spin made him unhittable. I guess only time will tell if that’s the guy we get back or not.

  1. LDS

    I’ll believe when I see it. Too many of these leaks from the Reds these last few seasons.

    • JayTheRed

      Yes, it’s the “Oh we tried line, but he signed with someone else”.

  2. Moon

    What is your opinion on Overton. He pitched very well for the Reds until he got hurt. Is he injury prone and can’t be counted on? Was last years good performances and anomaly? Or can he provide some solid innings for the Reds? I never hear much talk about the guy when next years pitching rotation is discussed.

    • LDS

      Overton is 29 1/2 with about 50 ML IP. Maybe he works out. Maybe he doesn’t. But, he is higher risk than the other 3.

    • JayTheRed

      Big if. If Overton can return and pitch like he did before. That would be something great for this team. I don’t have a ton of confidence in that happening though.

      • LDS

        The Reds rotation is very untested. No real innings eaters and which Ashcraft this year, pre-injury, post, or something in between? Sadly, another 100 loss season seams likely.

    • Frankie Tomatoes

      He is the kind of guy you want to have in AAA as insurance and hope you don’t have to call up. He’s nearly 30 and he’s pitched less than 50 innings in his big league career. Maybe he’s Tony Fossas, but he’s far more likely Luke Hudson.

  3. Magnum44

    I don’t want to pat my own back, but I posted on here after the Sonny Gray trade they should of resigned him just for media reasons alone, but they didn’t traded for Mike Minor, and the factory of sadness goes on. By the way I am not a GM just a guy who knows Mike Minor stinks.

  4. JB

    Blue Jay’s have interest in Cueto. Reds aren’t out bidding the Jay’s for Cueto and Cueto would not want to waste what’s left of a career in last place.

    • TheCoastMan

      You can take that one to the bank… Only chance Big Bob okays a Cueto signing is if his asking price drops to a used baseball and a box of craker jacks.

    • Kevin Patrick

      I think it possible the Reds could outbid the Jays by offering another year. At the length and the performance last year, I would love to see Cueto retire a Red. I feel so old typing this, because in my mind…he’s still that up and coming Reds pitcher who was compared to Pedro Martinez. Bring in McCutcheon and we’ll have a mixture of babies and the geriatric. Sounds fun…why not?!

    • Jay johnson

      With the signing of 3 players, the reds could possibly be a 500 club maybe even a contender for less than 30million, while still keeping the payroll under in the stands could recoup the 30 or so.loyalty will return just like that.
      Resolve #4 fan favorite innings eating pitcher
      2right handed outfielders who can field and hit with a little power
      Easy solution to lots of current problems both on and off the field

    • JayTheRed

      At least I get to enjoy his work on my AL fav. team.

      Honestly If I were Cueto I go to Toronto for sure. They have a huge chance to be a strong potential World Series team.

    • TR

      If the money is there, Cueto will choose the Reds for sentiment reasons.

  5. Redsvol

    There is a heat-beat in the Tin Man after all……

  6. Old-school

    Cueto turns 37 in February. Give him a 1 year contract with incentives for innings and starts. Hes a ticking time bomb with back, arm and soft tissue injuries. Krall isnt giving contracts into 2024 nor should he unless its India or Stephenson extensions.

    Reds arent winning in 2023.

    • Jay johnson

      Look around the league.
      Every pitcher that steps on the mound is a ticking time bomb.
      What did the reds use last season
      37 or so
      He can pitch
      It would be a pleasure to watch him pitch

      • Old-school

        Give him a 1 year contract with incentives. Bring him back absolutely

        But signing him to be Alex Wood or mike Minor or Wade Miley at $10 mil a year to make 7 starts is foolish.

        Giving him 2 years is insanity.

    • Frankie Tomatoes

      The Reds will never win if they don’t try. I prefer them to try.

    • TR

      My realistic hope for the Reds in 2023 is that they lose less than 100 games.

  7. kyblu50

    To Trade (3) Erroyo SS – (5) M Mclair SS – (6) B Williamson LHP – Reese Hinds ROF – Nick Senzel CF

    For Pitts Bryan Reynolds or Arizona Outfielders

    Sign w/incentives Johnny Cueto – Bradon Drury – Adam Duvall – JD Martinez or M. Brantly

    • MBS

      Marte to BlueJays for Kirk would be the principal pieces of a deal

      India to Arizona for McCarthy would be the principal pieces of the deal

      Even if Barrero has to give way to EDLC we’d still have a great infield. This would be end of season / post Votto

      C Stephenson / Kirk
      DH Kirk / Stephenson
      1B McGarry / Steer
      2B McLain / Steer
      3B CES / Steer
      SS EDLC / Barrero
      RF Friedl / Fairchild
      CF McCarthy / Fairchild
      LF Fraley / Solak

      • MBS

        BTW sign 1 of (Chapman / Kimbrel) 15M, Hand 6M, Cueto 8M, and Benintendi 18M, and lookie there, 120M with a team that can compete for the playoffs.

      • JayTheRed

        This is a pure guess, but I am thinking the Reds have somewhere between 10 to 15 million to work with to fill all of our holes at most. 20 million at absolute most.

        I do like your plan though. Doubt the Reds will do it though.

      • MBS

        @Jay, I agree with you, I’m just frustrated to see so many paths forward to a competitive team, but knowing we aren’t taking any of them. Someone has to play GM, since Bob is handcuffing Krall with a ridiculous budget. I could be more patient if a plan was laid out with a clear direction, but I think 23 isn’t about a plan, it’s just to fatten Bob and co’s wallets.

  8. Jim t

    I wouldn’t sign anyone beyond a 1 year contract. This year is about establishing our youngsters at the ML level and moving our players in the minors up another rung. I think ownership will invest some money in the team if some of our youth show promise with Votto and Moose coming off the books After this year. Time will tell.

  9. Redgoggles

    Maybe they could sign Homer Bailey too, and make it a 10 reunion tour of the last good team. The ownership is running out of smokescreens for this fan.

    I get the rebuild (again), but if they don’t at least invest in their young “core” then I’ll remain unconvinced they are doing anything different.

    I’ve found better things to do. Thanks for the encouragement, Phil.

    • JayTheRed

      Does Homer Baily even play anymore. Lost track of that guy.

  10. AMDG

    In his last 9 starts Lodolo allowed a 2.75 ERA, with a 0.182 OBA, and 10.8 K’s per 9 IP.

    Over his final 14 starts Greene allowed 3.36 ERA with 0.200 OBA and 11.6 K’s per 9 IP, and over his final 6 starts the ERA was 1.02 with 13 K’s per 9 IP.

    Ashcraft, on the other hand, was too much like Mo Sanford – some initially success followed by a lot of struggles. After his first 4 games, Ashcraft gave up an OBA above 0.300 OBA and an ERA nearly 6.00.

    Cessa pitched well enough as a starter (3.77 ERA, 1.16 WHIP) to merit a look – especially on the 2023 Reds.

    I have to think Lodolo and Greene are both locks for the rotation, and probably Cessa. The door is open for Ashcraft, but if he pitches like he did for most of 2022, he is likely on the bus between Cincy and L’ville. And there are guys like Williamson & Stoudt as desperation call-ups.

    That seems to leave at least one, if not two, starting spots available in the rotation.

    Cueto isn’t the dominant pitcher he once was (ERA+ around 100 since 2017), but he is a veteran presence who knows how to pitch, has won, can consume innings, and won’t go out there to get shelled (a la Minor).

    Also, I believe he made $4.2M last year, so he’s certainly a lot cheaper than what the Reds were willing to pay Minor.

    • MBS

      Ashcraft Carried a 3.97 until he got injured. It was more than a good 4 game run, it was 16 games. After his injury he stunk up the joint. It could have been Fatigue, not being fully recovered or maybe the book was out on him. I have a feeling it was a bit of all 3.

      I’m really excited to see all 3 back in action in 23.

      • Optimist

        +100 to this, and they will need Cessa in the bullpen. Both were injured at times last season – fix that and let them resume their roles, which are ver much needed. That would be a very unnoticed and valuable 200 ip.

  11. Redsvol

    No offense to Johnny, because I loved him as a Red, but I’d rather go after Cory kluber.

    Johnny relies heavily now on jerky jerky motion to throw off hitters because he can’t strike out a batter very often. MLB and umpires are supposed to be focusing on cutting that stuff out this year. Most of that stuff is supposed to be called a balk. If he loses that he will lose his effectiveness. I’m sure Simone will give him a major league deal but is want to try him on a minor league deal first.

    • Harry Stoner

      With his career success and record and his performance in 2022, nobody is going to offer Cueto a minor league deal if they don’t want to get laughed off the phone or out of the room.

      I’d enjoy seeing the Reds going after either Kluber or Jonny Beisbol. Not sure how either would adapt to pitching at GASP at this stage of their careers, though.

      And I’d be amazed if the Reds shelled out the kind of $$ needed to sign either one, even on a one year deal.

      While we haven’t heard anything from Krall or the ownership about the catastrophe that was the Minor trade, one can guess they are looking to avoid that kind of mistake again.

      Cueto or Kluber would be a much safer bet than Minor, of course.

  12. Doc4uk

    Anyone have an interest in claiming Jeter Downs off waivers?

    • LDS

      Minor league contract maybe, given that he’s only 24. But what do the Reds need another mediocre infielder for? They have Reynolds, Newman, Moose, etc.

    • Old Big Ed

      My theory on Downs, who had a promising certainly not Elly-like age 19 year at then Low-A Dayton in 2018. He had better numbers in 2019 at A+ after the trade to the Dodgers, but did it in the hitter-friendly Cal League. He also had 56 PAs at AA Tulsa that year, and did very well but with a huge small-sample-size (against tiring pitchers) alert.

      He then got traded to the Red Sox in the Mookie Betts deal in early 2020. Covid hit, and Downs had no live ABs in 2020, although he probably was at the Red Sox equivalent of Prasco Park.

      Then, after a year off and 56 PAs above A+, the Red Sox made a big blunder and sent him in 2021 to AAA Worcester, where his strikeout rate soared, his BABIP was low (.208), and the Mendoza line wasn’t breached (.191). In other words, coming off a major layoff and taking a big step up, Downs was thrown into the AAA slider-heavy vortex, and he struggled badly, as should have been expected. Downs should have started 2021 at AA, but the Red Sox rushed him, and Downs is paying the price. 2022 was much the same, but in both AAA years, he had good BB rates and low BABIP.

      I think the Reds ought to look at Downs as an outfielder. He’s fast enough, and they need some RH-hitting outfielder. Start him at AA, let him get his confidence back, and then move him up as is warranted. It likely won’t work out, but it is worth a try.

      • Old Big Ed

        Not my best leading “sentence,” but it gets better.

        The point is that teams should not write off Downs, just because the Red Sox horribly mismanaged him.

      • LDS

        @OBE, you may be right. I’m looking at his numbers, not his history. Can he pitch? Play multiple positions? If he were older, like 35, he’d already have a Reds minor league contract with an invite to spring training

      • Harry Stoner

        Picking up Downs would be a smart low cost move.

        EDLC is heading straight towards that same reality check of AAA and then MLB sliders.

        The same ones that Aquino, Barrero and apparently Steer are struggling with.

        Why not take it on and develop a dedicated organization wide focus on improving pitch recognition and learning to lay off what you can’t hit?

        What is learnt from working with Downs can inform how to head off issues with EDLC, Marte et al.

        Maybe even help Barerro.

      • Old Big Ed

        They all have trouble with sliders. Johnny Bench did, and Nick Castellanos chased his share, too. Moustakas has a problem with the sliders served on little buns. They all just have to learn to lay off them more often, because there really aren’t all that many sharp-breaking sliders that end up in the strike zone.

    • AMDG

      Well, the Reds already have Barrero, India, Lopez, Fairchild, Greene, Solomon and Moreta from that 2018 Dayton Dragons team on the big league roster.

      No reason not to bring back Downs (they did bring back Fairchild) and see how many ’18 Dragons they can fit onto the ’23 Reds roster 🙂

      • DataDumpster

        That Dragon’s team finished with a 52-80 record. Nothing like David Bell’s 51-93 Louisville team of 2012 but similar to what happened last year with the Reds so why not!

      • DataDumpster

        I also saw that David Bell’s buddy “Kolo” was on that team too but I don’t know if he is still in the organization. Lopez registered a scoreless inning of relief for the Dragons also. Might be on to something here.

  13. Redhaze

    This team needs veterans besides Votto. Moose can’t produce. Cueto, Duvall, and Brantley would be my picks.
    Michael Brantley would be the perfect pick.

    • Old Big Ed

      He would, but Brantley has the chops and value to ensure that a contender will sign him. He doesn’t need the Reds. Maybe if his twin sister was managing the Reds …

      • JB

        Most good free agents would rather retire or wait than sign with this crap hole.

      • Old Big Ed

        True to a point. GABP is a good place for hitters to get back on their feet, plus the Reds have had some luck with that kind of retread. Gennett, Naquin and Drury were all good scrap heap guys.

        They need a RH-hitting guy who can play corners in both the infield and outfield. Drury is a possibility; Brian Anderson (Miami) would fit, and maybe Jurickson Profar, who has played all over the field.

        I’m not trying to put together a 90-win team, but these are the types of guys that they will look at, plus maybe a starting pitcher. With some positional flexibility and good starting pitching, they at least could develop into a team that makes the opponent play a good game to beat them. Eliminating being down by 5 in the 3rd inning will help immensely.

  14. MK

    In addition to all the positives stated above, a Cueto return would put some butts in seats definitely something necessary to help future financials.

    • Redgoggles

      No offense, but I want a better team not sentimental favorites who are past their prime who cannot get better deals with contenders. I love me some Johnny C, but I won’t be spending any more money to this ownership group until they improve their product.

  15. James

    I think this is just fake news put out by the reds. We are the now the cheapest team in baseball. We are a joke

  16. Michael B. Green



    Cessa holds spot until Williamson earns a call-up. Cueto holds a spot until until the Trade Deadline.

    More young arms are a coming.

  17. redfanorbust

    Cueto would be a fun get but like many posters said he asks for at least $10M. Probably wants two years as well. Seriously doubt the Reds will go for that. If you are JC and another team that has serious playoff contention offers you the same, to quote our owners son “where you gonna go”?

  18. Michael B. Green

    I think Cueto will ultimately need to decide if he is insurance for a contender or a leader for a rebuilding team. That’s why I still think CIN has a shot versus TOR, et al. Nothing wrong with winding a career down with the team that inked you and the ability to joining a contender at the Trade Deadline.

  19. LDS

    Benintendi off the boards at $15m AAV, Gallo $11m, and Trevor May $7m. The Reds aren’t even pretending. Nightingale should be writing soon that the Reds tried but….

    • JB

      But but the Reds will sign him. He is a home town boy. Lol. Reds aren’t signing squat. Reds kick the tires and see if he would take 4-5 mil a year to which all FAs laugh . People need to wake up.

    • MBS

      18M AAV Was my guess, what a shame the Reds didn’t try on any legitimate OF help.

      • JB

        Whoever is left in March the Reds will sign for one year- 2mil. I think Fans ,like me, will stick around this year but if they sign nobody next year, I am done. I am not going to watch a team that is ran like the Pirates.

      • TR

        The most boring part of the offseason will soon come to an end with the turn of the new year. The the Reds will likely step forward with an outfield acquisition at a moderate price to strengthen the offense along with Stephenson, India and Votto. The acquisition of at least one more starting pitcher and attention to the bullpen will then be needed. Better days are ahead in Redsland.

  20. Harry Stoner

    Bull Krall has pretty much said over and over that they weren’t going to be dropping big coin in the FA market.

    Benintendi did seem like a decent fit and signed for what you’d think the team could afford.

    Just as Luis Castillo did.

    But Joey Gallo? Come on.

    Are you folks serious?

    Geno Suave was a bum and folks here want to sign Joey Gallo?

    • LDS

      The point wasn’t necessarily to sign Gallo. It’s just noting the number of FAs better than the Reds current OF that went cheap. The Reds will sign someone in their mid-thirties from the dumpster for $1m or $2m

  21. Roger Garrett

    Its sad but free agents aren’t going to sign with the Reds unless they get over paid or there is nobody else that wants them.Reds pretty much are just pretenders and don’t resemble any more then a minor league team.This year maybe just maybe they sign a core player if they believe they have one or more to an extension which would tickle most of us and give us some hope as we go into 2024.

  22. Redhaze

    Any word on a Reds Caravan? I doubt they will have one because they always do a question/answer session. The Castellinis will definitely not show up. Other than picket in front of the stadium what are some legal ideas fans can do to show their displeasure in current situation of the Reds?

  23. LuciusRuber

    why does this remind me of Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown?

  24. Redhaze

    Michael Brantley 2/24
    Johnny Cueto 2/16
    Adam Duvall 1/7

    A glass half full moment.

  25. Old-school

    Looking at the Royals Hunter Dozier’s contract. 7 mil this year and 9 mil next then 1 mil buyout, you wonder if there’s a way to work out a Moose trade. Dozier is OF and right handed and near average hitter with wRC+ about 97 but negative WAR player and not part of the Royals rebuild. Maybe the Reds give the Royals $4 mil in cash to pay off the Moose 2024 option buyout and trade Dozier for Moose and perhaps the Reds throw in a Hurtubise or Cedrola as well. Baseball simulator gives Dozier a -17 and Moose a -22 so maybe Moose can retire as Royal, the Reds get a serviceable RH bat for RF and DH and GABP might give Dozier a bump. Most importantly, the Moose era can mercifully come to an end. Red Soz just DFA’d Homer, so that would be the other option.

    Royals get Moose retirement reunion plus Hurtubise plus $4 million cash
    Reds get Dozier for 2023/24 and addition by subtraction.

    • DataDumpster

      Since they couldn’t keep Drury (and don’t seem to be offering at a second chance), moved on from Farmer even though it was deemed necessary to replace him with a (deservedly) cheaper option, and Krall sending out the shingle with you know what on it to prospective turnaround opportunists, this kind of a deal probably has some legs. Trading one overvalued player for another with some possible “change of scenery” benefits seems like the most important objective for them. They do need another outfielder … the 3 Fs and Good Ole Nick notwithstanding.
      Your earlier point of the benefits of “not being down 5 runs in the third inning” needs more consideration by the organization as well.

      • Old Big Ed

        I was the one lamenting too many games in which the Reds were down 5 runs in the 3rd inning. The “old” people on here get confusing.

        I have tried to figure out if a “pass-the-trash” trade with Moustakas is feasible, but I don’t fully understand the AAV aspect of the luxury tax, so it is a bit fruitless to try. The Homer Bailey-Kemp trade was one of those, and as you remember the Dodgers DFA’d or released Bailey immediately, and the Reds ditched Kemp early in the season. The buyer would be a team that is bumping against the luxury tax threshold(s), and that has a contract that eats up AAV that Moose could lessen. I’m not sure that guy exists.

        The Braves would want to get rid of Marcel Ozuna, whom they still owe $16mm both in 2023 and 2024. He isn’t the guy you want around young players, though, and he pretty much stinks on and off the field. Just for the sake of causing a Doug Gray meltdown hackles, I will suggest trading for Trevor Bauer.

        I would sure like to have Eric Hosmer at minimum wage to take over Moose’s spot, especially if Votto isn’t ready for the opener. The Padres are paying the rest of his salary, so the Red Sox did Hosmer a favor and let him become a cheap free agent. Hosmer is exactly the guy you want around young players, although the Reds may be better served to go all in on younger players.

      • Jon

        They made a similar type of move last season involving two bad players (Minor and Garrett). Certainly could happen, given the Reds shortage of OF and glut of IF. Also due to Moose’s history in KC. Could be a miniature version of Pujols’ homecoming from LA last year.

    • Mark Moore

      The defensive metrics on Dozier in LF or 3B are retched based on what I read. Given how much of 4M’s contract our Reds would still have to eat in a trade like this, I don’t think he ought to be a target.

  26. Bill J

    Doug, just wondering if the Reds De La Cruz and the Phillies are related, Elly 6’5″ and Carlos 6’8″?

  27. Mark Moore

    At $177 for 7 years, I’m surprised the Stupid Cubs weren’t out-bid for Swanson. Then again, we may say it looks “bad” in a few years because nobody knows the future.

    All I really know is that we were never in the running.

    • Old Big Ed

      Given that we have strong shortstop prospects at every MiLB level, we can’t really complain about the Reds not being in the market for a $25 million/year shortstop, especially one with a career OPS+ of 95.

      I am in favor of other teams in the NL Central entering into ill-advised contracts.

      • Mark Moore

        Fair point. We are pretty flush with SS options for a while. I was the most surprised that the Stupid Cubs were the final destination.

  28. Redhaze

    Michael Brantley off the board. I thought it would be 2/24. Looks like it was 1/12.

    • Jim Walker

      And now Justin Turner, not that he should have particularly been a Reds target. Just bringing home the bunches of switches Reds fans are getting for the holidays.

      The Bird app such as it is functioning nowadays seems to think the Cubbies are closing in on Barnhart. If so that’s actually a blessing in disguise because it will keep the Reds from overpaying for a guy who would cause a positive buzz among some fans but be a guy whom they don’t actually need.

      • Jon

        The Reds already signed a backup catcher to a Major League contract. Any additional catchers signed will be minor league deals. But Barnhart wouldn’t have been the worst signing for the Reds. With all the young pitchers, having a proven backup for if/when Stephenson gets injured/gets a day off would be a smart idea.

  29. Redhaze

    Where are the veterans for next season to help the young talent? Votto only???? Moose hasn’t been the greatest example. Who else???!!!!!

    • Doug Gray

      Can you cite your source on Moose not being “the greatest example”?

      • Redhaze

        I am not basing it on him as a person. I am basing it on his health and productivity. It is similar to Senzel but Moose has been a pro longer.

      • Doug Gray

        Except those things don’t mean he couldn’t be one who could help the young talent – they just mean that he hasn’t been good on the field (or on the field often).

    • Melvin

      Well he hasn’t been the greatest example in terms working hard and keeping his body in shape anyway. That’s pretty obvious. Votto leads in that area like few do/have.

  30. old-school

    RIP Tom browning. WOW. What a loss to RLN.

  31. Steven R

    Why on earth would Cueto want to play for the Reds? He’s in the twilight of his career and wants another shot a winning. Not being out of it before June.