The Cincinnati Reds spent the 2021 and 2022 seasons gathering as many shortstop prospects as possible. They drafted Matt McLain with their 1st draft pick in 2021, signed shortstop Ricardo Cabrera to one of the biggest international signing bonuses they’ve ever handed out in January of 2022, traded for Noelvi Marte, Edwin Arroyo, and Victor Acosta at the trade deadline in 2022. All five of those guys are rated among the Reds Top 25 prospects and none of them are the guy at the top – Elly De La Cruz. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic is now reporting that the Reds are shopping some shortstop prospects, trying to land trades to fill other holes that they have.

The report specifically says that Cincinnati’s front office is targeting outfielders. That makes sense given that the big league outfield currently doesn’t have a single guy on the 40-man roster that can be penciled into the starting lineup every day, and the minors are filled with outfielders who have a ton of unanswered questions about them without any clear answers in the near future.

It’s great to have a strong farm system, but it’s not just great because in theory it can help you build a future big league lineup and rotation that can get you where you want to be – the playoffs – but that you can also use your farm system to help you acquire talent outside of the organization to fill needs. Cincinnati’s got legitimate shortstop prospects at every single level of the farm system next year if they don’t make any moves. And while all of those guys could slide to other positions if they’re blocked at shortstop, at some point it just doesn’t make sense.

Most shortstops slide to second or third base. At second base the Reds have Jonathan India right now. At third base there’s probably an opening at the big league level, but in the minor leagues there’s also recently acquired prospect Christian Encarnacion-Strand. He split his season between the Twins and Reds organizations and hit .304/.368/.587 with 32 home runs and 114 RBI in 122 games in 2022, getting over 200 plate appearances at the Double-A level. So even if the plan was to try and find other spots for all of these shortstops, there’s still other players that are in the equation and potentially “in the way”.

This isn’t the first time that the Reds have been in a situation where they felt they may need to move a shortstop. You’ve probably heard about how difficult of a decision it was for the Cincinnati front office of the 80’s to figure out what to do with Barry Larkin and Kurt Stillwell. Looking back it’s kind of hard to understand why it was a question at all – Larkin hit .329/.373/.525 with 51 extra-base hits in Triple-A as a 22-year-old, while Kurt Stillwell was hitting  in the .230-.265 range with absolutely no power in the minor leagues while being slightly younger. And it’s not as if there was some huge “upside” difference between the two guys. Larkin was the 4th overall pick in the draft in 1985. They wound up making the correct decision in that case.

The decision here could be a little bit more difficult because the Reds have multiple guys who have actually hit quite well in the minors who have strong upsides. It seems like Elly De La Cruz would be off the table in a trade, though stranger things have happened I guess. Noelvi Marte, who came over in a trade with Seattle at the deadline, put up a .279/.371/.458 line with 19 home runs and 23 stolen bases as a 20-year-old in High-A this year. Edwin Arroyo, who also came over in a trade with the Mariners at the trade deadline, hit .293/.366/.480 with 14 home runs and 27 stolen bases as an 18-year-old in Single-A. Matt McLain didn’t hit for much average in 2022, but in his first full season he hit .232/.363/.453 with 17 home runs and 27 steals in 103 games while in Double-A.

Who to keep among that group may not be entirely up to Cincinnati. What the other teams are asking for will come into play – as will what they are offering in return. What’s clear, though, is that the Reds have a whole lot of options if a team is looking to acquire a young shortstop for the future, and that Cincinnati could make a big prospect trade without moving their top shortstop prospect.

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  1. LDS

    The question in my mind is who is most expendable relative to the Reds future plans and also being highly sought after in trade. Can they pull it off with Acosta or Torres? Or is it McLain, Arroyo or Marte? Or do they ship Barrero and go with Newman/Reynolds? If they were to trade EDLC, I would hope the fan revolt would be massive.

    • votto4life

      They would be no revolt. The response would be predictable.

      I don’t think it will be EDLC, but maybe Barrero or McLain. I just hope they get something close to equal value.

      • LDS

        @V4L, you may be the one guy here with less faith in the Reds organization than I

      • Votto4life

        Yeah, it was an overreaction on my part. Hopefully, if this trade happens it will bring equal value.

    • MuddyCleats

      EDLC is Reds future CF; closest thing to Eric Davis or Griffey Jr n a long, long time. Reds need a stud n CF & he can b that guy w/ his size & speed. He’s long & likely to add weight & out grow SS. Barreo has at least one more yr to prove he can hit at ML level. His Def is good; no need for an A Rod @ SS IF u have hit sticks @ DH, 1st, 3d, LF & RF where they’re supposed to be. 1st & 3rd base positions r also Being overlooked. Both spots need solid hit tools instead of after thoughts filled by utility Infielders!

      • Melvin

        Yep. I agree. EDLC is the CF of the future for as long as he’s here anyway. lol Keep the best overall SS after that and use the others to fill needs accordingly….as long as they (Reds) make GOOD trades if you know what I mean. There are probably better overall 2B guys too in the bunch so if they’re not going to move India to another position then pick/keep the next best overall middle infielder and make India available for a the “right” outfielder. Stephenson is the closest thing the Reds have to “untouchable” at least on the current big league roster as far as position players.

      • MuddyCleats

        Agree Melvin. For a guy India’s age, he sure had a lot of leg issues. Likewise, his range isn’t all that; he certainly doesn’t make plays like Brandon Phillips. 3B might b Reds best option for now and look to add more range and speed at 2B.

    • Colorado Red

      Trading Barrero is a really bad idea right now.
      His is at the bottom of his trade value.
      After the injury, he never got it going, seems to improving in winter all.
      He should be off the table.
      Need to get a minor league prospect in return, of the same value.

      Do not trade, just to trade. DFA Moose. See the Votto can do.
      100 losses this year, and the7th overall pick.
      Someone needs (who will keep the team in Cincinnati) to buy it.

      • MuddyCleats

        The average position player had 2070 minor-league plate appearances under his belt before he first stepped in against a major-league hurler. Votto had over 3,500 before being promoted to ML Reds. If my source is correct, Barrero has had approx. 1,500 minor league ABs. I know as Fans we’re hungry for results, but this young fine athlete needs to be given a fair chance to succeed. It would be great to see him get another 500 ABs, a full season, in 2023. His time probably needs to be split between AAA & MLB to keep his outlook positive?

      • Votto4life

        I agree with hanging on to Jose Barrero. It wasn’t that long ago he was the golden child. What happens if EDLC comes up and gets off to a slow start? The Reds chose this course of building from within. They need to be patient with the young players.

      • Lars Benders

        According to, Votto has had 2613 AB’s in his minor league career. Not quite 3500 but am I missing something?

    • Kevin Fox

      This means the reds won’t get Andrew Mcutchen and they are only looking to get other prospects. Like Nick said “we are looking to trade our shortstop prospects for outfield prospects. Until this team decides to get major league players instead of building for the future I am done with team. I am fed up with this team. They make every day so unpleasant.

  2. SultanofSwaff

    I support the effort. Still a believer in Barrero, but also I have a hunch that Arroyo and Acosta may underwhelm once they reach the upper minors, as both guys are on the small-ish side. More than anything. I don’t see the harm in trying to eliminate a couple redundancies to fill an area of need.

  3. Votto4life

    This is what I have been fearing. The Reds will find a way to trade a more valuable prospect and a bad contract for a less valuable player. It’s coming just as sure as Christmas.

    • Votto4life

      If they don’t move Moose, they will certainly look for “cash consideration” in return. I can’t imagine they are going to land much of a major league outfielder without giving up EDLC or Marte.

    • Votto4life

      After further review, my initial response was an overreaction. I was pretty dumb to criticize a trade rumor.

  4. MBS

    EDLC would seem to be off limits. I’m still crazy enough to think that Barrero will turn it around.

    I’d like a Dbacks trade for Jake McCarthy. I know there are already connections to the 2 teams for one of their OF’s. McCarthy has the speed to play CF, especially at GABP, it looks like he’s split his starts all over the OF for Arizona.

    • Votto4life

      Yeah, there was a rumor a few days ago about the Reds being interested in the D-Backs young outfielders.

  5. LDS

    BTW, Doug is quoting Rosenthal of The Athletic. Is the Athletic one of the credible subscription sites? I’m willing to spend for good reporting/data, but everyone seems to want money these days and their content doesn’t justify the expense.

    • Jim Walker

      The value of The Athletic varies with which sports/ teams a person follows. For me, the overall NHL coverage and the CBJ beat coverage of Aaron Portzline make it worth the cost on their own.

      C. Trent was my favorite Reds baseball writer for years. However, day in and day out, I do not find myself spending a lot of time with his work or the overall Athletic MLB coverage. I suspect this turn is driven by the sad state of the Reds baseball because when I hear about features Trent has written, I usually take the time to read them; and, they are still top level work.

      The Athletic used to be my first stop for Ohio State football coverage but isn’t so much anymore. There is a large cottage industry of Buckeyes specific sites I have levitated to. However the overall college football coverage The Athletic is excellent.

      As for college basketball and NFL, I have no opinion because I do not follow either of these sports.

      • LDS

        Thanks, Jim. The sad state of Reds baseball is going to change after 2023, everyone here says so (well, not all of us).

        Thanks again.

  6. Jon

    “It seems like Elly De La Cruz would be off the table in a trade, though stranger things have happened I guess.”

    I would think EDLC is the most untouchable prospect in the minors, short of a trade for Bryce Harper or Mike Trout. But then again this is the Reds front office we’re talking about…

    • David

      frankly, I would NOT trade Elly De La Cruz for either Harper or Trout.

      Trout is likely nearing the “end” of his greatest days, and has a BIG contract.
      Ditto Harper.
      De La Cruz is 20 years old, and all his greatest days in the Majors are all ahead of him

      There will likely come a day when…..if he (EDLC) becomes the player imagined that the Reds will no longer be able to afford him, but I would not trade him for anything right now. Would you trade Hunter Greene for Justin Verlander?

      Noelvi Marte is pretty close to being ready for the Major Leagues. He’s also put on some weight, and might not be as agile at SS as he was originally scouted. He would be quite valuable in a trade.
      I think McClain was a wasted 1st round choice. So far, I don’t seem him being that good an ML player. I would see him as the Reds saw Kurt Stillwell back in the early 80’s.
      Arroyo is seen as possibly the best defensive shortstop in the Reds system, plus, he can hit. IF EDLC cannot cut it as a ML shortstop, but hits like crazy, he could then step is to play short for the Reds.
      And right now, Barrero’s value is likely down to a waiver price. I think he is much better than that, but he will have to prove it on the field.

      • AMDG

        Marte is “close” to being ready for the Majors?

        He’s never even played a single game in AA, let alone AAA.

        He hit 0.279 in high A ball last year. He was good, but I’m not quite sure he’s ready for major league pitching?

  7. Rednat

    Next year will (likely) be the end of the second Red’s era in the 21st century. first being the Griffey era and now the Votto era. Even the most fair weather reds fan would admit that neither era brought much success.

    Now we enter the third era, the “Rays way” era. I don’t know this strategy has the least chance of succeeding in my mind. You trade established players for prospects and then trade these prospects for even more prospects, etc, etc…
    This requires and advanced degree in Chess and our owners seem to be average checker players at best.
    i guess I will give this new “era” a chance but in a couple of years if we are still losing 100 games, I think I WILL FINALLY GIVE UP

    • Optimist

      Rather than the “Rays way” I’d go with “a time for pitching”. Two big ifs, though, which is unusual given the Reds history. 1 – If Ashcraft performs this season along with Greene and Lodolo, it may match the few times the Reds have had a notable starting rotation. 2 – If they add another starter in 24-25 it may be very potent.

      The only eras that come to mind are the Harris/Derringer combo, the late 60s-BRM staff, and the 2012 staff – only 5 starters all year.

      Doubtful, but the pitching potential is a year or two ahead of the offensive potential. We’ll know soon enough.

    • Jon

      Hoping this “Rays Way” era is short lived and ends quickly with a change in ownership.

      The fact that payroll is getting carved up and no contract extensions given out could mean ownership is looking to sell as soon as possible, perhaps by the end of 2023. We can only hope…

    • Melvin

      “This requires and advanced degree in Chess and our owners seem to be average checker players at best”.

      Good way of putting it. haha

  8. Alex Reds

    Diamondbacks desperately need a SS in the majors. 23 year old Geraldo Perdomo hit .195 with a .547 OPS in 431 ABs as DBacks SS. Matt McLain and Jose Barrero might get a trade done for Jake McCarthy. Diamondbacks might view McLain very well considering they drafted him 25th overall in the first round in 2018 when he didn’t sign. The Diamondbacks also drafted Jake McCarthy with their compensatory A pick, also in 2018. Reds were in Compensatory B that year unfortunately. Barrero is ready now and still has upside considering the AAA season he put up prior to being rushed and the hamate injury. McLain still is an intriguing prospect with some strong OBP potential at SS. Both players are buy low players now but Diamondbacks might value them appropriately. Jake McCarthy had a solid season but was carried more by speed and average than the on base and walks to strikeouts. If Diamondbacks expect some regression from McCarthy, they still have some outfielders while being desperate for a SS, it might be a match. It might make sense for them to sell high on McCarthy after last year. For example, Jonathan India had tremendous value after his rookie season, but had negative WAR last year. The value on McLain and Barrero could by very high by end of next year. The struggle the Reds have is to figure out which player is going to bust and which will be very good in a couple years.

  9. William

    Marte should be off limits as well.

  10. William

    There is no way they will trade De La Cruz.

    • JayTheRed

      Maybe if you give us the best Outfielder prospect that exists then I might consider it.

  11. Klugo

    Well, let’s see what they do. My confidence in this FO making the right moves is low.

    • TR

      My confidence at this point is also low, but I see no choice but to trust that the GM will make the right decisions in consultation with current ownership. ‘The Red’s Way’, as we look toward the 2023 season, is to keep expenses low so new managing ownership, in a year or so, is more easily accomplished. Strong organizations, that want to win, start at the top.

  12. Jeff

    I don’t like the idea of them trading top prospects at this point. Sign some Tommy Pham-style free agents for one year each, and let the kids fight for their places on this team.

  13. Bill

    I’m not sure how I feel about this. It is a huge gamble trading for prospects to begin with. Do we have confidence the Reds have actually sorted their own prospects enough to know who is expendable? Trading the unknown for the unknown could go either way

  14. AMDG

    EDLC is about 2.5 years younger than McLain, and has surpassed him – pushing him off the SS position when they are on the same team.

    With India at 2B and guys who can actually hit (Steer & Encar-Strand) able to play 3B, McLain seems expendable in a trade, as a guy w/o a position.

    • Mike in Ottawa

      Expendable in a trade, as a guy w/o a position….? Last I checked we need outfielders….

      • AMDG


        McLain would be a guy to trade for an outfielder.

  15. Rob

    Doesn’t make a lot of sense. We didn’t trade prospects (Barrero) last year when we had the opportunity to unload Moose. Stubborn Krall. And we acquired more SSs in trade when in at least one specific case (Mahle) we could have had the Phils hot shot catching prospect. Now we are trading SSs?

    • Old Big Ed

      There is zero evidence that I am aware of that any team has ever expressed any interest in Moose. His contract has been untradeable since before the ink was dry on it.

      • Melvin

        If the Reds offered to pay any team, on top of paying his salary (receiving nothing in return) to put Moose on its’ roster I doubt they would do it. He has virtually no value anymore (6 times on the IL last year). He’s just an out of shape, seemingly lazy, perpetual injury guy taking up roster space. I doubt even the Reds will keep him come opening day.

  16. kyblu50

    To Trade (3) Erroyo SS – (5) M Mclair SS – (6) B Williamson LHP – Reese Hinds ROF – Nick Senzel CF

    For Pitts Bryan Reynolds or Arizona Outfielders

    Sign w/incentives Johnny Cueto – Bradon Drury – Adam Duvall – JD Martinez or M. Brantly

  17. west larry

    I would offer the diamondbacks Mcclain ss, Williamson and Senzel for one of their three major league outfielders being offered in trade.

  18. MBS

    After looking at the D backs a bit more, a SS isn’t what they need, at least not a prospect. They have a SS as the 12 overall prospect in baseball Jordan Lawlar. He went from Rookie ball all the way up to AA last season. He’s probably going to be up as soon as Marte will. Obviously we are not trading EDLC, and Barrero isn’t going to bring back much as he’d be a sell real low guy. India is probably the only path forward with Arizona, if we want one of their OF’s. That feels a bit like robing Peter to pay Paul. We need to add bats, not swap them.

    Hopefully Krall is dealing with other teams, where our SS’s carry more weight in trades.

  19. Votto4life

    I wish the Reds would spend cash instead of prospects to obtain an outfielder.

    • MBS

      That was my plan, hopefully we do that. I’ll keep beating the Benintendi drum. He’s a perfect fit, as he’ll probably only want to sign for 4 or 5 years. We are going to be getting all of these young guys up over the next 2 seasons. He’d be a nice Vet bat to join India and Stephenson in the lineup. Also GG quality LF.

    • Jeff

      Exactly. They have the money, despite what they want us to believe. Not as much as the Dodgers or Mets, obviously. But enough to fill a couple of holes with halfway decent free agents.

  20. Mark Moore

    This appears to be “dealing from depth” which we all know can work out well … IF …

    Challenge as I see it is still the ownership. I think Krall is capable of making good deals, but he’s handcuffed behind his back most of the time.

    Sell it, Bob. And go sit in the park and “play checkers”.

  21. Michael

    McClain has played CF in college. Everyone of these top SS prospects should be told to get some OF reps and be ready to play out there a few games per week. The Reds can point to Trea Turner as a good example of being a team player and playing where you are needed. I think Barrero gets first shot at the SS job in the spring. I don’t believe he will hit enough to keep it (AA bound?) so I think that leaves EDLC as the next in line. If Elly holds down the SS job, then everyone else has to move. It sounds like they are grooming Marte to play 3rd. CES is likely a 1B or DH. I don’t suggest trading any of them. I also don’t think Arroyo or any low level guys get a trade done with AZ. These lousy owners should be in on Benetendi as signing him doesn’t stop the rebuild and provides some legitimacy for the organization.

  22. MK

    If the idea was to collect these shortstops because typically good shortstops are great athletes and can be flipped to other positions. Then flip them to other positions. Barrero has already played some major league centerfield. You need outfielders then put him out there. Marte is already at third. Stay with the plan and move them around.

    • Doug Gray

      Marte played two weeks worth of games at third and made a bunch of errors. The guy that played third in Double-A at the end of the year his 32 homers, drove in 114, and hit over .300. If you’re keeping Marte at third, what are you doing with Encarnacion-Strand? And what are you doing with Spencer Steer? And what are we doing with Edwin Arroyo? What about Matt McLain?

      There are only so many positions available.

      • Michael

        Maybe Marte just needs reps. Scouting reports say he is a good athlete. Reports also say defense is not CES’ strong point so likely 1B/DH for him. I think Steer wins the job at 3B in the spring and stays there as long as he keeps it. Eventually, I see him moving to 2B with India moving to LF. I hope Steer is more than a utility IF but like everyone, he’ll have to play well to keep a starting job. McClain in CF unless Elly loses the SS job but very possibly that Elly moves to CF. Spring training and the beginning of 2023 season in Louisville will be very interesting.

      • Doug Gray

        He certainly needs reps. And CES flipped a switch defensively around midseason and went from an error machine to about as sure handed as it gets, almost overnight.

        Point was: There’s not enough room for everyone, no matter how much moving around you want to do. Someone’s going to be left out, and that’s if everyone develops to their potential, which almost never happens.

      • MK

        The point I was making is they have already made one position change among the shortstops, why not more. Encarnacion Strand plays first base , Marte third. Mclain second, India goes to Outfield with Barrero and Steer. A couple of these guys are going to fail.

        A guy forgotten in most of the shortstop talk is Steiger who was having a fine year in Daytona before injury.

  23. Harry Stoner

    If one can imagine Krall having with his lieutenants the kind of conversations outlined above one can sense what a bit of chaos likely lies ahead.

    What is he shopping for? How much of this is tied to unloading Moose?

    One would think that Marte, EDLC and CES would be untouchable. Arroyo would need to go at a good price.

    Who is going to give value for McLain?

    Trading Williamson? For who? He was the centerpiece of the Suarez / Winker salary dump.
    That would be a rash decision and unwind the whole premise of that trade.

    I agree with those who suggest this would be the off season to spend money on an outfielder and let the value of the posse of SSs get sorted out and grow in value.

    This is not when you want a bull in a china shop making decisions.

    I don’t think Krall has the right stuff to work through this right now.

    “I’m impatient….” doesn’t build a lot of confidence in his ability to think this through.

    • earmbrister

      The answers to most of your questions were answered in the reporting above:

      “Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic is now reporting that the Reds are shopping some shortstop prospects, trying to land trades to fill other holes that they have.

      The report specifically says that Cincinnati’s front office is targeting outfielders.”

      What is he shopping for? Uh, outfielders.

      How much of this is tied to unloading Moose? None of this is tied to unloading 3M, it’s prospects for prospects.

      Who is going to give value for McLain? Legit question, probably no one.

      Trading Williamson? Nope, their talking about trading from their excess of SS prospects.

      In general, outfielders have less value and are easier to acquire than SSs, so there should be reason for optimisim in any trade return. I’m not in a rush to spend legit money on an outfielder this offseason just so they can maybe win 70 games instead of 60. Buy low in February, sure. Pay a moderate price for a flip candidate like Pham, sure. Otherwise, sort and save.

      From my perspective, Krall has largely done quite well in a thankless situation. An offhand comment, perhaps thrown out to the masses to appease them, doesn’t mean much of anything.

      • Harry Stoner

        Refuting one set of speculations with another set of speculations isn’t going to get you anywhere.

        Folks were proposing combining one of the glut of unproven SS with (unproven) pitchers to reach trade value of someone who might contribute now.

        You might think this has nothing to do with unloading Moose…but that is another speculation on your part.

        Another Pham? So you can “flip” him for another 17 SS prospect? How does that make sense?

        Any money spent on an outfielder would only make sense if it were a longer term deal and someone who would be part of the speculated next wave in…. ’24, ’25, ’26.

        An offhand comment doesn’t mean anything, but blind faith in Krall because he said he wouldn’t package prospects to unload Moose is gospel?

        Spin it anyway you can, but you aren’t being any more convincing than Krall or the latest rumor mill.

    • MK

      Harry I want a winner as much as anyone but I believe ‘23 is still a developmental year and next off-season is the time to spend as with Votto and Moose off the board there will be money to spend and a chance to compete.

      • Harry Stoner

        This isn’t about trying to bum rush 2023.
        It’s going to depend on what the market is. Buying into a Pham doesn’t make any sense.
        Trading away vaunted (and hard earned) prospects for an MOR outfielder doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.
        Benintendi? That’s another situation.
        For the Reds to stockpile SS is one thing, but if a Kyle Farmer can fill in for 2 seasons then the market for SS isn’t as loaded as it implies.
        If OF are a dime a dozen, why haven’t the Reds produced a home grown version since Jay Bruce?
        The shibboleth that you can turn a SS into an OF is just that.
        So Steer or McLain will turn into mediocre outfielders?
        That’s what Friedl, Fraley and Fairchild already are mediocre enough for.

    • earmbrister

      Time will tell which speculations are more legitimate and which are more questionable. If you chose to speculate, it doesn’t preclude others from speculating otherwise.

      Spin it any way you can.

  24. Michael B. Green

    This is tough. Do you block Siani before he even gets started? We need a corner OF more than a CF but somebody could shift over to RF. Guessing ARI will trade McCarthy or Thomas before Carroll or Varsho.

  25. Optimist

    The FO is not really the problem here – if anything they’re a slight positive as far as recent transactions are concerned. The FO wouldn’t even have a problem if the order is to deal freely, but spend nothing this year. The problem is ownership ordering the FO to spend nothing indefinitely, which is an instruction to deal desperately indefinitely.

  26. William

    I do not think they have to trade for outfielders. McClain could play outfield with enough practice. I disagree with anyone who thinks he could not. I do think they need to spend on a good outfield free agent in 2014. I recommend about 20 million a year be set aside for that type of free agent from 2024 – 2027. Go ahead and laugh, but I am serious. At some point, the Reds owners are going to have to spend. They will lose a whole generation of fans if they do not. The younger generation will find something else to do.

    • MBS

      I also think McLain could play OF, he did play CF in college. That gives us potentially 1 OF. I agree about signing a FA in the range you suggested. That still leaves us short 1 everyday OF. Trading is the most likely way to get there, hopefully they find one.

      23 Reds spend (18M x 5Y) on an OF, Benintendi or…
      23 Reds spend (12M x 2) on a closer, Chapman or…

      24 Reds spend (45M x 5Y), on a dual threat, Othani

      the 24 Reds would be still be under 100M with room to add. Othani is the only player in baseball I’d spend this much money on if I were the Reds. He is effectively 2 players that plays at superstar level. Othani is the primary DH, with Stephenson as the back up DH.

      Othani, Lodolo, Greene, Ashcraft, 5
      Chapman, Diaz, Antone, SanMartin, 5,6,7,8

      Benintendi, McLain, (McCarthy or Other similar)
      EDLC, CES, McGarry, (India or Marte)

      Stephenson, (Maile or Free)

      Seems like a contender to me.

    • Tar Heel Red

      I agree with you William…to a point. The Reds have a few in-house players who could be fill-in outfielders for a year or two. Barrero obviously has played CF and could probably do so again, although I have little-to-no confidence in his ability to hit (same with Fairchild). Matt Reynolds has played well enough in the OF to at least warrant platoon consideration and De La Cruz could be an option once he reaches the Bigs. But the one guy I feel would be a very good outfield option is Spencer Steer, especially in LF since his throwing arm is considered league average.

    • Michael B. Green


      While I think you are right (McClain can play OF), I think we are seeing teams make bad decisions moving IF’s to the OF. Look at what happened to Royce Lewis the day MIN played him in the OF. Look at what has happened multiple times to Nick Senzel (and look at his DRS).

      While it is possible to move guys to the OF, I look at CIN’s championship teams. Davis was a SS that moved to CF very early on. Hatcher was always a professional OF. Geronimo clearly was always an OF. Same with Foster and Griffey. Rose is the outlier.

      It is possible, but I would rather look for a true OF other than perhaps LF. Jose Siri is fantastic in CF and has already played in playoff games 2 years in a row.

  27. old-school

    EDLC and Marte are uber prospects and not on the table. McClain, Williamson, Steer, don’t have enough value to obtain a quality young OF. Reds arent trading pitching prospects as that would violate the #1 organizational priority. The list gets really short if you are looking 1 for 1 and that would be Cam Collier or Edwin Arroyo and those guys are so far away I doubt the Dbacks or any team wanting to be competitive in 2023 would make a trade. You’d have to go with bottom dwellers to find someone willing to wait on teenagers. If you wanted to go big, look at the Nats and Robert Hassel III. Hassell is an uber prospect in AA and would be worth trading away young non pitching talent for a generational outfielder.

    Can the Reds trade their competitive balance pick? If so…

    Hassell for Arroyo, Sal Stewart and the Reds CB pick is accepted on the trade simulator website.

    • Tar Heel Red

      Yes, you can trade Comp Balance Picks, but I would be shocked if the Reds traded theirs. They value prospects too highly right now.

  28. AJ from Hamilton

    As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t think the Reds match terribly well with the Dbacks, who seem to want a major-league-ready for one of the outfielders. (By far the mostly likely Dbacks outfielder to be traded is Thomas, and while I would be fine with a McClain-Thomas trade, I don’t think it’s what AZ is looking for. I would instead be asking the Angels about Jo Adell, who seems clearly on the trade block. An interesting offer might be Barrero for Adell even up–two hot prospects who have both failed with their first teams. McClain instead of Adell would be fine too. I don’t think the Angels have a spot for Senzel or I would suggest him instead of Barrero or McClain. But the Reds are absolutely the sort of team right now that needs to take a chance on a guy like Adell.

    • Tar Heel Red

      It would take more than Adell for the Angels to acquire McLain. Maybe Adell and Quijada would get it done

  29. Magnum 44

    I personally think F.O. should sit on their hands another year and let things sort out. We aren’t winning next year no need to make a knee jerk reaction.

  30. Hotto4Votto

    If you find equal or greater value then sure, trade prospects for prospects. Personally, I’d prefer to trade lower level guys than guys who have established themselves at AA or above.

    Generally, I would think the Reds would just move guys to the OF who aren’t going to stick in the infield. Barrero and McLain have CF experience, it’s not a stretch at all to move a player athletic enough to stick at SS to an OF corner either. I mean, a guy like Rece Hinds wasn’t a very good corner infielder and turned into a solid OF’er in a short amount of time.

    In fact, I’d probably just go ahead and move India to LF, as he’s not proven to be a very good fielder so far. Let Steer have a shot at 3B until Marte is knocking on the door. Let Barrero have another shot at SS until you can’t possibly keep De La Cruz in the minors anymore. Let McLain move to CF, or Barrero if starts to hit again. Sort it out over the next year or so, and move the pieces accordingly. Guys like Hinds, Siani, Cerda, and the current 40-man young OF’ers may also come into play. It’s good to have lots of options and athletic enough guys to move around the field. With enough options and a bit of good fortune you should be fill out a capable competitive lineup.

  31. DHud

    No, no no no

    Don’t count chickens until they’re hatched. As long as these guys are still in the minors, then there are ABs to be had. Logjam isn’t a thing until they’re all vying for playing time at the big leagues

    2 yrs ago we thought we were set at SS with Barrero. And we see how well that’s going

    Last thing we need is to deem anyone is the guy 500 ABs before they even sniff MLB pitching and trade everyone else off cause of it