The 2022 season for Jose Barrero went about as poorly as one could imagine. After crushing the ball in Double-A and Triple-A in 2021 and winning the organization’s minor league player of the year award after hitting .303/.380/.539 with 16 steals, 36 walks, and 84 strikeouts. He struggled in sporadic playing time when he was called up to the big leagues late in the year. In 2022 his season began with surgery to remove his broken hamate bone and when he returned to the field in May things just never got going. After putting up an OPS of .986 in Triple-A Louisville last year he returned there and hit .209/.262/.377 while his walk rate dropped in half and his strikeout rate went up by nearly 80% from where it was the year prior at the same level.

Jose Barrero was one of the very few players on the 40-man roster who didn’t show up for Redsfest last weekend. The reason for that is that he was starting to play in the Puerto Rican Winter League. Following the season he worked with Reds hitting coach Joel McKeithan on some swing adjustments – first reported by Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

A week has now gone by since Barrero joined Mayaguez and he’s played in seven games. Over his 29 plate appearances he’s hit .292 with a double, two stolen bases, seven runs scored, walked four times, and he’s struck out four times. The competition level isn’t big league caliber, though there are big leaguers in the league. There are also plenty of minor leaguers and former big leaguers all over the rosters in the league. Think of the competition level like you would a spring training game – depending on the day, and even the inning, who you match up against could be anyone from a big leaguer to a guy who might have some experience in A-ball. It’s going to be uneven.

So far Barrero hasn’t shown much power – just one double in seven games. But on the promising side of things he’s walked as often as he’s struck out, and he hasn’t struck out much (13.8% strikeout rate). Small sample size, inferior to the big leagues level of competition, etc. – it’s still good that he’s not struggling.

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  1. CFD3000

    Barrero has such a high ceiling, on both sides of the ball, that it would be hugely premature to write him off based on a small sample and following his surgery. It all comes down to plate discipline but I’m still optimistic that he’ll be productive and maybe even a star. We know he has plenty of power. What we don’t know is if he can have enough patience and pitch recognition to harness it. But if he’s focused on plate discipline in PR then he’s working on the right things. Baseball is hard. Don’t dismiss Jose Barrero just yet.

  2. TheCoastMan

    At this point we are probably looking at 90 plus losses so we have very little to lose by running him out there every night and he will either sink or swim. That said, it is encouraging to see the early results. I am personally expecting to see him take a big step up this year.

  3. Votto4life

    I really hope Jose Barrero pans out. It would go a long way to getting the Reds on the right track. I am hoping he was just limited last year due to his injury and is now healthy. But dude needs to be able to hit the breaking ball. Hopefully he is working on it.

    I am also interested to see how Spencer Steer progresses this year. If he can duplicate his number at AAA last year it would be helpful.

    If both pan out, it would give the Reds a decent foundation to build upon. I’m not optimistic, but I am a bit hopeful.

    • Tar Heel Red

      Agreed. I too hope he does work out his pitch recognition, but like you, VFL, I just haven’t seen any sign of it so far. Even in the minors he has struggled mightily.

      • LDS

        Second sentence in Doug’s article: “ After crushing the ball in Double-A and Triple-A in 2021 and winning the organization’s minor league player of the year award after hitting .303/.380/.539 with 16 steals, 36 walks, and 84 strikeouts”. Hardly sounds like a struggle. Injuries matter.

  4. RedBB

    Noticed Edwin Arroyo and Jeter Downs are also on the same team. What’s the competition level of the Puerto Rican League Doug? I would guess a touch less than the Dominican Winter League?

  5. Harry Stoner

    Barrero looked simply lost after his return from injury in August-September.

    It was gruesome watching him flail away.

    I’m sure it was immensely frustrating and depressing for him.

    Hopefully, some of this was “inside his head” and getting away, getting a break and a new perspective will help.

    “Working his way through it” sure didn’t seem to be much of a plan.

    Barrero this season brought to mind the woeful career of Drew Stubbs, who also appeared destined for much better things, but couldn’t make contact.

    Stubbs swing and miss rate was frightening and continued at most stops after leaving the Reds. Even getting worse with some teams.

    Steer didn’t look a hugely better at the plate by the time the end of the season rolled around.

    Will DeLaCruz be able hit an MLB slider or change up? Or AAA version of either?

    No sense getting really excited until he shows he can and force-feeding doesn’t seem to be the method.

    There’s a lot of work to be done before one can get truly optimistic about this crop of Young Turks.

    • Jim Walker

      Very true. Also,the org has a very spotty history of rounding top position prospects into form through the normal farm system process.

      Recall Stephenson and India were both products of the Prasco COVID alternate camp and came to MLB w/o playing a day of AAA.

  6. Optimist

    This is his age 25 season, which is about as late as one can show MLB regular status. Hamate injuries seem to require a lengthy time to return to full ability, and the BB/K ratio fell apart (coaching or pressing or both?), but they should take their time with his return, even if it means starting in Louisville for April and May. Coming to the end of the “plenty of potential” phase.

    • Votto4life

      I would even say, start him at AA. Barrero was lost last year at the plate.

      I think Kevin Newman was signed to be the Reds starting Shortstop. I think David Bell will play him regardless of what Barrero does or doesn’t do.

      • Harry Stoner

        Bell will just love juggling Newman, Barrero, Steer, Lopez, Reynolds, Senzel and Moose around in countless infield variations.

        That’s ‘managing’.

        Resigning Solano would give him just that added bit of flexibility once Krall unloads the Moose…which he sounds like he’s itching to do.

        Which is likely to be pricey in terms of the vaunted ‘prospects’ he’s accumulated.

        China shop owners beware.

      • Optimist

        AA could be useful for Barrero, if just for a few weeks. AAA might be better to get the BB/K % back on track. Alas, Harry highlights the worst case scenario – everyone plays some, nobody plays enough.

      • Tar Heel Red

        I agree with Votto4life on Newman’s presence on the roster. The current Reds team just isn’t gonna pay a player $2.5 million to sit. He is gonna play.

        Short of trading him this off season, I would start the ’23 season with Barrero at AAA and hope he can finally recognize and make contact with breaking balls. He is far less likely to see many of those at AA, where fastballs still rule the day. IF he proves that he has improved in this area, then a mid-season call up would be warranted. If not then the Reds must move on to someone else.

      • Chris Holbert

        That is the one guarantee for the Reds in 2023.

    • Eddiek957

      I agree. If the kid needs some seasoning let him get it. If he looks ready in spring training then he can be ran out there every day

  7. Votto4life

    The Reds were 21-69 after the trade deadline last season. A .350 winning percentage. That projects to about 105 losses for a full season.

    The Reds are going to need a lot to go right just to avoid another 100 loss season. Hopefully, Jose Barrero will be part of the solution.

    • Old Big Ed

      Typo. 21-39.

      They were missing a lot of the 3 rookie pitchers, all of Votto and Stephenson, and India wasn’t right all year. Plus, Moustakas ate all the clubhouse food every day.

      They got an overdose of Murphy’s Law last year, on top of not being very good to start with. Alas, Murphy is still alive.

  8. Harry Stoner

    I know they tanked, but can that be right?

    The Reds couldn’t have played 90 games after the August 2 trade deadline.

    Looks like like they were 42-61 at the TDL and 62-100 at the end of the season.

    So maybe 21-39.

    Which doesn’t make me feel much better.

    There going to need a new Hunter Strickland and a Minor or two and rack up some injuries in order to repeat that ineptitude.

    Things will be bad in 2023, but not THAT bad.

    • Old Big Ed

      It did kind of seem like they were 21-69.

    • Votto4life

      I wrote that wrong Sorry. Ed is right it should read 21-39. But still a .350 winning percentage and still projects to 105 losses or so.

    • Bob

      I’d argue they could be worse because the first half record was bolstered by actual MLB players like Castillo and Drury. If there are injuries to those young starters, or they struggle, this group will be BRUTAL. I mean, in theory Sims and Antone join the bullpen, but come on, they won’t. If they keep the injury luck they’ve had and they don’t get the luck they’ve had with some of their minor league Drury reclamation type deals, I think 110 losses is possible. The offense and bullpen could be historically bad.

  9. MBS

    I think Barrero, and EDLC should start in AAA this year, and split time as SS/OF. A back on track Barrero can really do wonders for the near future of this Reds team.

    I can honestly convince my self either would be better as our SS, CF, or even RF. I really just want to see them both take the next step this year into whatever position they can handle the best.

  10. LDS

    This is probably as good as Reds’ news has been all off season. If Barrero is the starting SS next spring, that’s a plus. If we get Bell’d to death with Reynolds & Newman … Still time to sign an OF or two but we’ll see. Right now, 100+ losses is more likely than not.

    • MBS

      100 loss is hard to do, but if we try we might just make it! JK, but a 70 W team does seem to be a stretch at this point, much less a competitive one. Those 2 OF’s could go a long way to that goal, plus at least one good bullpen piece.

      • LDS

        The frustrating thing was the number of players signed as FAs for well under $20m, easily affordable by the Reds, that would really have helped the team. I’m sure the PTBNL from SF will make all the difference.

      • MBS

        It is frustrating knowing how many good players we could sign, and still be roughly 120M, which is easily in the ballpark of what the team can afford to pay. Bob and co. are just pocketing money in 23, basically flipping the city the Bird. Sub 100M is entirely unacceptable imo.

      • Jim Walker

        The contract term is where the rubber meets the road for the Reds with guys signing at seemingly favorable AAV.

        For whatever reason(s), the Reds simply are not currently making multi year deals.

        Preparing to sell? Getting tax liabilities ordered for generational change in the ownership? A combination of the two? Other considerations?

        We talk about changes in the media and their coverage; and, this is an example. In decades past, some beat writer would be working with their organization’s financial editor/ reporter to drill through the layers and lay out what was going on.

      • LDS

        I don’t live in Cincinnati, but I gather the local media isn’t particularly inquisitive. All I ever see are Nightengale’s “press releases” that are obviously fed to him by the Reds organization. His article prior to the Winter Meetings proved more accurate than Krall’s empty rhetoric at the meetings. And the predictive text completion? RLN upgrade their software?

  11. Votto4life

    It’s just really hard to understand how the Padres can sign Xander Bogaerts to an 11 year deal at $25 million dollars a year, on top of all their other high priced contracts and the Reds can’t even sign a league average player.

    It’s just baffling. I don’t expect the Reds to spend like the big boys, but come on , they should be able to spend enough to make the team slightly better.

    • MBS

      All the talk from Chad D and the boys about boycotting doesn’t seem to be working. My suggestion to them is to give Bob a little bit more money. Get a large enough group of fans together in order to get a “sell the team Bob” chant going. I doubt we have any nationally televised games this year, but that would be an ideal time, embarrassing Bob might be the only weapon left. He clearly doesn’t care enough about how many fans actually show up.

      • David

        And now, going completely off topic, regarding Jose Barrero’s starting performance in Winter Ball (in which I hope that he does well).

        I find it humorous to recall Bob Castellini’s attitude, upon gaining the Managing Partner status of the Reds, declaring that “the losing is unacceptable!”

        Well, Bob, here we are. And yes, under your watch, the Reds have had a really lousy run. The 2010 and 2012 teams were largely players that were in the Minors, etc, prior to your acquisition of the team.
        And the last team pretty good team , 2013, had a lot of signals that it was…the end of the line. Latos collapsed, Cueto was going to become too expensive, etc., etc. Skip Schumacher, the Reds’ fans turn their eyes to you and say…..yeah, that guy was a signal of things to come.
        And now, after a +100 loss season, signing nobody (basically) and claiming poverty too. And then….The Plan! This is their plan; there are many others, but this one is the Reds’ plan. It will be great, and beautiful. And it will work!!! Count on it.
        Mr. Castellini, the losing is unacceptable, and you appear to have no grasp at how you are alienating the fans.

      • MBS

        @Kerrik, Nope, it’s not something I’d say daily, but it’s not a concept that is going to go away until the team is sold, or substantial resources are poured back into the team. I’d also argue that not trying to win has gotten a lot older.

      • Jim Walker

        @MBS, In my mind’s eye, the Reds’ ownership has crossed a fine line from not trying to win to trying not to win.

        2021 was the former. 2022 regressed to the latter.

    • Doug Gray

      Their owner is worth several billion dollars. They committed to winning in a huge way and averaged like 40,000 fans a night all season long. To quote their owner from this afternoon:

      Budgets get better when you win championships.

      • Votto4life

        Like I said, I am not expecting Bob Castellini to spend like the Dodgers, Yankees, Padres etc. but is it too much to ask for him to spend a little to upgrade a couple positions?

        I don’t know, maybe it is too much to ask, but Bob Castellini isn’t being forced to own a Major League Baseball team. If it’s not financially feasible for him to do this, he could sell the darn team.

      • Doug Gray

        I don’t think it is too much to ask at all that they spend like $50M THIS YEAR on payroll. And yeah, if that’s too much to ask then the current group should sell the team.

    • Harry Stoner

      I’m expecting some last minute Minor-Pham style panic shopping once again, on one year contracts to fluff up the budget and make a pretense of improvements.

      A few more “looking into McCutchberry” type leaks along the way to distract the faithful.

      I’m waiting to see what hard-earned ‘prospects’ Bull Krall packages with Moose to unload his contract.

      I’ll try to keep my cynicism / skepticism of his “plan” somewhat in check until then.

      • Optimist

        The cynicism is well deserved. That said, they actually do very well in the discount shopping/rebuild value signings for the field/batting players – not so much so on the mound side of the roster pickups. And they do well in flipping them for greater, younger value.

        The two problems are 1-they’re in that situation to begin with; and 2-they can’t and won’t admit mistakes quickly and move on – Moose had some value very early in the contract, did Minor even have one very good start, and we can all compile a list of the various failed reliever acquisitions.

  12. Old-school

    The big 3 made some significant strides in 2022 and Diaz obviously was a huge development.

    On the negative side going back a year from now was the non-development of Barrero and Senzel and the injuries to Santillan and Gutierrez. Who knows what happens with the first 3 in 2023- Gutierrez is out- then throw in Antone and thats 5 core guys going into 2022 that didnt contribute and are huge question marks in 2023.

  13. William

    I read your articles all the time Mr. Gray. Great baseball mind…a voice for Reds fans. Thanks.

  14. Michael B. Green

    Barrero was sensational in 2021. CIN waited too long to call him up. No way to gauge from there. 2022 was a lost season with the injury and the slow start. No way CIN should give up on him because of 2022 but 2023 becomes a make or break type season for him. De la Cruz is right behind him now. I’m hoping Barrero silences some critics.

    • TR

      I wish Barrero well, but I doubt he’ll ever be more that a .220 ML hitter.

  15. DataDumpster

    I ruffled back through the previous two years and saw that 44 position player were used (of course, some of those players were used in both years) but how many of those became every day players?Just two, with a caveat on each one. Next year, it looks like more of the same as Bell finagles with the rather interchangeable utility pieces to see who can demonstrate 2 or 3 tools fairly well before the 3 strikes and your out comes to bite.
    No worry, the cavalry of prospects coming from Louisville will blow away the guys who haven’t prospered here by now while that same team is posting progressively worse records since Bell got hired in 2019. A few will but not enough to fill a lineup. But if you want
    to get a chance to play and ride the merry-go-round while David Bell stands behind you to see that no one falls off, come play for us. Why not if you have few other options.

  16. Steve

    EDLC will make all of us forget about everybody else at SS.
    Head and shoulders above any other SS in the organization.

  17. rednat

    I don’t know , you either have “the hit tool” or you don’t. I have a feeling Barrero is going to wind up like Aquino. A lot of good tools (speed, defense etc), but not the most important one ,the hit tool which really boils down to pitch recognition.

    I think it is a shame that the pitching is so dominant now. I t drives guys like Aquino, Barrero, Billy Hamilton out of the league. I mean, I would personally rather see Aquino in the outfield than Senzel just because he brings more excitement to the game. But because Senzel has better pitch recognition tools and walk rate he remains in the league despite possessing few other skills.

    I think the one thing that could really bring some excitement back to the game would be to ban some of these hard to hit pitches like the hard slider/ cut fast ball. just stick with the fastball, change up ,curve. any pitch that breaks and is above 85mph is an automatic ball. First it would cut down on pitching injuries and second, it would allow for more position players ( who may have more skills) to survive in the league.

    • AMDG

      Is the pitching “better”, or is it that hitters are swinging for the fences more, leading to more K’s and less hits, which boosts the pitcher’s stats?

      • Doug Gray

        Lol. Pitching is way, way better.

    • Votto4life

      Rednat your idea has some merit. At least it should be explored. I mean, they banned the spit ball because it was basically un hittable.

      Guys like Aquino would have had a place in the 1980s. Now, they don’t stand a chance. I miss the 1980s version of Major League Baseball.

  18. Jim t

    I would start next year with Barrera as my everyday SS.

    Votto /Moose play 1st and DH against RH’ers.

    India 2nd

    Steer 3rd

    Stephenson Catcher

    Senzel is a utility player and DH against LH’ers

    The 3 outfield spots are up for grabs.

    I don’t rush any of my key prospects as 2023 is about development. With the Back up catcher spot being filled I try to sort the outfield with internal options until Votto and Moose come off the books which should free up enough funds to acquire an outfielder or 2 if necessary.

    I don’t rush any of our pitchers at this point so filling the rotations last 2 spots are Minor or Anderson types until some of our prospects are ready.

    If I add anything to the bull pen it’s a lefty. The rest I sort out as the season unfolds. We have a lot of questions with people coming back off injury.

    Again 2023 is about development. We are not competing. Hopefully 2023 will answer some questions that will enable management to accurately access our situation, fill some holes with some payroll flexibility created by Votto and Moose falling off the books and some prospects will take the next step from prospect to major leaguer. Again we will not be competing.

    This is the plan I hope the reds follow.

    • TR

      I’m not convinced there’s much difference between not competing and tanking.

      • Votto4life

        Yeah, and there is a difference in tanking to get better and tanking to just save money.

        Tanking was a strategy to obtain top draft picks, as we have seen that doesn’t work any longer.

        I think there are two views of the Reds plan. Some here believe the Reds are tanking with the intent of spending in the future and others believe the Reds are tanking to simply pocket the money and have no intention of spending to improve the team, ever. That, I guess, is the rub.

      • TR

        I’ll go with your definition of tanking to save (or make) money since selling the current controlling ownership next year, minus two long-term salaries, will bring in considerably more money than at present.

  19. RedFuture

    Barrero does not seem to recognize the slider a foot off the plate. Brief flurries of success will mean nothing to me until he can lay off that pitch. He should hit well in early spring training while pitchers are just trying to get fastball ready for the season but don’t let that fool you. The biggest reason the Reds lost so many games were several huge black holes in the lineup. August/September at SS, most of June/July and all of August/September at C. The catching was even a defensive black hole until Romine arrived, several games lost on passed balls and iffy wild pitches! The fact that Joey was injured and not himself otherwise all year. Kevin Newman is not super but is most definitely not a black hole, he needs to start at SS. That together with a healthy Stephenson and Votto should go a long way towards solidifying the lineup.

    • DX

      You want to play 30 year old Kevin Newman over a prospect with limited chances? In 1663 anbs Neman has a career ops+ of 79. And Redfuture is your tag? Why don’t you change it to Redstaymeh?

      • RedFuture

        This from Through The Fence Baseball:
        Then-general manager Neal Huntington saw fit to acquire Erik Gonzalez to compete with Newman for the shortstop spot in 2019. Gonzalez would emerge from spring training as the starter. However, he was injured in a violent collision with teammate Starling Marte on April 19, leaving Newman to take over. Newman responded by showing why he was a top draft choice. Gonzalez would return to the active roster in August, but not to the starting lineup. Newman finished the year batting .308/.353/.446, 12 HR and 64 RBIs, yada, yada, yada. He and Bryan Reynolds gave the Pirates two rookies who hit better than .300, the first time rookie teammates did that in the majors since a couple of guys named Jim Rice and Fred Lynn did it in 1975 for the Boston Red Sox. Maybe you’ve heard of them.,,, In 2021, Newman reclaimed the shortstop position and turned in one of the best defensive seasons in baseball history. He committed only three errors in 132 games at shortstop (and none in 15 games at second base). His fielding average at shortstop was .993. He was credited with seven Defensive Runs Saved by The Fielding Bible, which ranked him the sixth-best regular shortstop in baseball in 2021 using their ART system, a new-fangled way of looking at defense that incorporates positioning, air balls, range and throwing success.

        Newman doesn’t turn 30 until 8/4, so it’s his age 29 season. He is beginning his prime years at GABP far more hitter friendly than PNC. I truly enjoy seeing the ball put into play and conversely hate wild swings at balls in the LH hitters box. Of course, Elly is the future at SS and I hope it is sooner than later. I had high hopes for Barrero at one time too, but I’ve seen enough. Reds cannot let 1/3 of the lineup to be a complete black hole.

    • Billy

      Barrero is the starter he gets 1/2 season to prove himself.

  20. Roger Garrett

    We aren’t like most other teams in that we have no stars on the field.Most of our players are below league average.2023 is all about seeing if any of our younger players can be given 400 or 500 at bats to see if what they can do.We can argue all day long as to who should play shortstop but the reality is the Reds just replaced Farmer with Newman which adds to an already over filled infield.Bell will move them all over and we still won’t find out about anybody.I already know about Reynolds and Newman and Moose and even Senzel if he is in the mix and for any of them to share at bats or starts with Barrero or Steer or any other younger player is a joke.Yet it will happen because a few more wins means more then a few more at bats for younger players.

    • DataDumpster

      Agree. If Steer and Barrero don’t collectively get 90% of the starts when healthy at short, it leaves me to wonder what the strategy is anymore. At some point, the tryout has to end and be extended for others but seemingly never does. Even when we DFA players, they almost always pass through waivers and we give them another chance while at the same time acquiring other Utility guys for their 1 year chance to draw interest from a good team. Why?
      Again, I wish Aquino the best of luck in Japan. It’s not optimal but I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes an a good draw along with a pretty decent career over there.

      • Jim Walker

        +500 on AA. He is going to make as much or more in direct compensation as he would have in MLB this year.

        In the past, players going to Japan also often received housing (or a stipend) and travel allowances. If this is still the case, he will do even better. And if he plays well enough to draw endorsement/ advertisement opportunities, he may never want to come back to MLB.

    • Chris Holbert

      100%. Bell however likes that journeyman and still has his “legacy” and record to worry about. He was a journeyman player himself and that is his type of guy. That is why he was such a Framer guy until he was told to put Barrero at SS and leave him. He is not a young players manager. When they play a bit and get going, he sits them for days so they can cool down to “keep everyone fresh”. They will not develop and learn at the MLB level under his management style.

  21. MK

    I wa disappointed early on that Jose wasn’t playing winter ball and am glad to see that has changed.

  22. LDS

    Alexis Diaz, 26, and likely to cost the Reds serious money in the future. Based on Nightengale’s writing, paraphrased as “yeah, we’ll trade him, but it’ll cost you”, is Diaz still on the roster come Spring Training?

    • Optimist

      Sure, unless some team makes a silly offer. Note – teams tend to make silly offers for closers.

    • DataDumpster

      Like some team will take on Moose and his $22 mil obligation? Could the Bull resist that? There is probably a GM incentive clause to unload a contract like that one. Besides, 2023 will be a new year and 36 more pitchers to search for pay dirt.
      (Only half serious, but this team needs to make something, almost anything happen except another minor league signing or acquiring something from Dad’s old toolbox.)

      • Harry Stoner

        Packaging Diaz with Moose to unload his contract would be the casus belli for me.

        That would be it for my 40 years of Reds’ fanhood.

        No amount of Krall double talk or Bell jabbering could make that seem like an intelligent move.

        But I wouldn’t put it past Bull Krall or this ownership.

        Alex Diaz, you china shop, you!

      • Old Big Ed

        I’ve never been on the construct-a-trade website, in which the site evaluates the trade based on the expected value of future production. My guess would be that Diaz would be expected to produce more than the $22 million that they owe Moose. Such a trade would only yield some out-of-date chewing tobacco.

        Krall has consistently said that they won’t throw in prospects to unload contracts, and he has stuck to it. While Diaz is now beyond prospect status, I still highly doubt that they will make that move. They’ve gone this far with Moose, so I don’t see them doing it now at their moment of triumph in the War Against Moose.

        The Reds will hold onto Moose into spring training, with the rather forlorn hope that somebody needing a left-handed DH will see him in Arizona and offer to pay maybe $1 million of his contract, as opposed to the $700k that any team could get him after a DFA.

        But, it does matter what the Mets actually offer. If they offer their top 8 prospects for Diaz, then the Reds oughta do it. But nothing like that seems remotely feasible.

        It is also theoretically possible that Moose will come into camp not as the beer league player that he’s been for 3 years, but instead as a guy 35 pounds lighter and running like a teenager. But …

      • Votto4life

        Pffft…within 30 seconds of the Reds trading Alex Diaz to dump Moose, people would be on here praising Nick Krall as a genius and quoting the Forbes report to remind us just how poor Bob Castellini really is.

    • Earmbrister

      Is this what we’re reduced to? Coming up with ridiculous trade scenarios to complain about? Why stop at Diaz? Surely Nick Lodolo and Tyler Stephenson (amongst others) are on their way out the door because they can be expected to draw a big salary some day.

      Thanks OBE for talking some sense.

      • LDS

        No, this is what listening to Nightengale parrot the company line and Reds history in recent years has reduced us to.

      • Harry Stoner

        I wouldn’t put this in the ‘ridiculous trade’ category.

        That’s what trading for Mike Minor was.

        Mets have expressed real interest in Diaz and have been rumored to be willing to sop up a bad contract to get the players they want.

        Projecting a dump of Lodolo or Stephenson because Bull Krall is itchy to dump Moose’s contract is / are red herrings.

        We will be talking about the Reds shipping out Lodolo and Stephenson in a few years however.

        BOE’s talk-in-from-the ledge post was welcome but also full of conjecture, too.

        The ‘Return of the Moose’ would be a heart warming ST story, but he Bull’s “He’s on the roster…” quip doesn’t bode well for that.

        Krall touts his ‘impatience’.

        That’s not a confidence builder.

        I’m not totally in league with the Cassandras here, but I don’t share the enthusiasm for Krall, either.

        I think it’s entirely within him to make a bum deal to unload the Moose.

        Throwing in Reynolds or Friedl isn’t going to get that done.

        His boss would be thrilled to have another $22M to sit on.

  23. west larry

    now that we are talking trades, should the reds trade their third or fourth best shortstop prospects to the angels for Jo Adell? the reds need a young, cheap outfielder, and the Angels could use a shortstop prospect.

    • LDS

      How deep on the prospect list would the Reds have to go? Can they do it outside the top 10? The top 20? Adell hasn’t yet lived up to his earlier hype. An intriguing possibility, but is it realistic? Who knows. They traded Marsh in August. Trading Adell now seems unlikely.

  24. AMDG

    Over on baseball reference they list Jose Barrero hitting 8 for 28

    But they also have a mystery shortstop named Jose Garcia hitting 3 for 7

    Since Barrero used to go by Garcia, I’m wondering if these are the same guy?

    If they are both stats for Barrero, which need to be added together, then Barrero is really hitting 0.314 with more BB’s than K’s.

    • Doug Gray

      Not sure where BRef is pulling that from, but the official site for the team doesn’t have a Jose Garcia. Barrero is 8-28.