Continuing our countdown of the longest home runs hit by Cincinnati Reds in the 2022 season we move on to the number six spot on the list today. Over the last decade or so we’ve been given the ability to at least *sort of* be able to compare the distances on home runs thanks to ball tracking technologies, making lists like this a lot more fun to look at because there’s not nearly as much guesswork on it as there used to be.

The 6th longest home run of the year in 2022 by a Red was on August 20th by Jake Fraley. The lefty hit the ball an estimated 437 feet.

The Video

The Metrics Behind The Blast

Tyler Beede was not having a good start and things got worse when he hung an 89 MPH slider in the middle of the strikezone against Jake Fraley, who turned it around at 110 MPH and sent it somewhere towards California.

Distance Metrics

Distance: 437 Feet

Reds Ranks: 6th

Major League Baseball Rank: 273rd (tie)

Jake Fraley Rank: 2nd

Other Metrics

Launch Angle: 30°

Exit Velocity: 110.0 MPH

Reds Exit Velocity Rank (home runs only): 5th

MLB Exit Velocity Rank (home runs only): 426th (tie)

The Story Behind The Blast

The Reds were up 1-0 when the 4th inning began. Austin Romine made it 3-0 with a 2-run double and that brought Jake Fraley to the plate. Tyler Beede served up a slider in the middle of the plate and Fraley unloaded on it and put it into the river for a 2-run homer to give Cincinnati a 5-0 lead. It would be the only hit of the day for Fraley, but he drew two walks and made his lone hit count. The rumors that the baseball arrived in Cincinnati before the Reds got back in town could not be confirmed.

You can follow along the entire series here

15 Responses

  1. LDS

    Well, maybe we’ll get lucky, and the winter meetings will give you something flashy to write about. Nightengale essentially said no, but who knows. As for Fraley, it’s hard to get too excited when he’s got two of the Reds top six HR distances. Says a lot about where the team is in my view.

  2. Mark Moore

    River shots (or SF Bay shots) are always fun to watch. Kind of like the old days when a ball ended up on Waveland Avenue at Wrigley. I know they don’t count more, but they are more fun to watch than bleeders over our short fences.

    Thanks for the continuing diversion that is this series.

  3. LDS

    Day 1 of the winter meetings reminds me of the old Chevy Chase/SNL routine: “Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead”. Reds’ news today? It’s TeJay Antone’s birthday.

    And of the news from the meetings today? Spending $86 million over 2 years on a 39- year old pitcher shows the insanity of modern baseball.

    • David

      Take comfort in the fact that…in a few years, some team will be spending a lot more to sign Hunter Greene when the Reds’ can no longer afford him.

      You know it is coming.

      • LDS

        Yeah, but think of all the prospects the Reds get back for Greene that’ll never amount to anything.

      • MBS

        If both Greene and Lodolo have nice sophomore seasons, then I’d offer each a (6Y X 10M) deal giving the Reds 2 extra years of control. I could see 1 saying no, and the other accepting, but if both do, that would be great!

      • west larry

        I would offer the same 6 year for 10 million to India, Stevenson, Ashcraft and Diaz to see if any would sign a malty-year contract at those figures.

    • JayTheRed

      Yes, that deal and the 300 million + going to Turner, both made me feel ill toward baseball in general.

    • Votto4life

      5 years/ $185 million for Jacob Degrom who is 34 years old and hasn’t pitched 100 innings since 2019.

  4. MBS

    @West, yea, I agree, if we offer it to all of those guys, we might get 2 or 3 to say yes, and give the team some stability. Greene and Lodolo would easily be the 1st 2 I’d try to extend, followed closely by Stephenson. Short extensions might be the only way to keep some of these guys around for more than the 6 years of control. I don’t see another Votto type deal coming any time soon. If EDLC is what we’ve all are hoping for he’s going to command BIG money. Maybe double what JV signed for. I can’t see the Reds doing that.

    • Votto4life

      I really hope I am wrong, but I think the Reds are no longer in the business of giving out contract extensions or multi-year contracts. At least for awhile.

      To the extent there is a plan, it’s to keep young players as long as they are affordable. When the young players start to become expensive, then the Reds will trade them. It’s a plan that focuses on profits instead of winning. If winning occurs, like it does with teams like Cleveland or Tampa, that will be a bonus, but it won’t be the objective.

      I think we have just entered a long, dark winter as Reds fans. Eventually, if we live long enough, it will change. But I do believe, it will require new ownership.

      • LDS

        Come V4L, the Reds did resign Chuckie and Solomon, what more do you want? BTW, anyone listen to Bell’s press availability? Rather empty as usual.

      • Votto4life

        @LDS true and they did splurge on Kevin Newman.

        So many here seem excited every time the Reds do something that saves money. Even though the Reds don’t reinvest the savings back into the team. All we hear about is how smart it was to trade Gray, Barnhart, Winker, Castillo, Suarez, Mahle etc. of course, that led to the Reds losing 100 games last year, one of the worse seasons in their history, but the important thing is Bob Castellini saved more money.

        It’s baffling to me. I really don’t get it. I am a baseball fan. I get excited when the Reds field a team of talented players. Some though, seem to find joy when Bob Castellini pads his pocket books.

        People keep claiming that Moustakas and Votto’s contracts are albatrosses and once they come off the books the Reds will be in a position to spend. Well, they haven’t spent, despite slashing payroll for the past three years. I’m not sure why anyone would think that’s going to change, when Moose and Joey are no longer on the payroll. People are just lying to themselves.

      • David


        Yeah, I think that pretty much nails it. Baseball (and to a certain extent, a lot of pro-sports) are getting more disconnected from people, yet, the money still rolls in. Somebody, somewhere is watching, and the advertising is paying the freight.
        The DeGrom contract is….puzzling, as is the Verlander contract. Probably a lot more strangeness to come.
        People here have urged the Reds to sign Johnny Cueto. I honestly wonder NOW how much he might command in a contract.
        I don’t claim to be able to read Bob Castellini’s mind, but actions speak loud enough. And yes, when Votto and Moustakas contracts are gone, and their options are paid off, there will not be a rash of signings of quality players to “plug the holes” and make the Reds competitive.
        The Reds may become competitive by accident, and not by plan. But success will breed higher contracts, and then the salary dump begins again.
        The Pittsburgh plan. Perpetually rebuilding, and actually acting as a minor league development team. The Pirates developed Brian Reynolds, and now he will be auctioned off for “more prospects”. Bet on it.

        New ownership might someday arrive for the Reds, and new ownership might also take the Reds out of Cincinnati, which I honestly think is the end game.
        Manfred wants to internationalize baseball, and I see at least two ML teams ending up in Mexico. Mexico City, and maybe Monterrey.
        The Monterrey Rojos.

      • LDS

        I agree. Teams like the Dodgers, Mets, and Ranger are being irrationally exuberant. While teams like the Reds are not even pretending to be interested in winning. And we’ll hear the usual small market canard. Successful teams create markets. Ownership groups like Castellini and company destroy markets. When I was growing up in Indiana, the Reds were the local favorite. Now, you hear about the Cubs and occasionally the Cards. And if you do hear much about the Reds, it couldn’t be repeated here.