The Pittsburgh Pirates may or may not be trying to trade outfielder Bryan Reynolds. The two sides had apparently been engaged in extension talks, but things stalled. That has reportedly resulted in Reynolds asking the Pirates to trade him according to a report from Jason Mackey of the Post Gazette on Saturday afternoon.

Reynolds, an All-Star in 2021, has hit .281/.361/.481 in parts of his four big league seasons. He will turn 28-years-old in January and is under contract through the 2025 season.

His contract situation is a good reason why he probably won’t be traded, but it’s also a reason why just about every team in baseball is probably going to reach out to the Pirates to see just how “unavailable” he actually is. A player in what should be his prime years who has been an above-average hitter throughout his career, can play all three outfield spots and is coming off of back-to-back years in which he played center, has all kinds of value.

Cincinnati is at a spot looking towards the 2023 season where they don’t have a single outfielder that they should be penciling into the every day lineup. And while their farm system is strong and very well regarded, it doesn’t have much in terms of outfielders in the upper levels of the minors and many of the top 25 prospects that are outfielders are years away from reaching the big leagues. The Reds need outfielders, they need them today, and they should be trying to acquire them.

Reynolds and the Pirates have a deal in place for the 2023 season that will pay him $6,750,000. As of now he’ll be due arbitration for 2024 and 2025 unless he and the team come to an agreement. For a team that doesn’t seem to be spouting the idea that they’re going to spend money, his contract is incredibly affordable.

So if a player fills a massive need on the team, is asking for a trade, and falls into your “small market” mindset, it makes all of the sense in the world to explore bringing that player in. The Reds farm system is loaded with talent. This could be the time to use some of that to acquire proven big league caliber players.


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  1. Park Gentry

    I agree … What type of return would the Pirates need? A Senzel and 2 minor leaguers? Or 3 from the minors at various levels?

  2. RR

    Not enough “payroll flexibility” for that kind of coin

  3. Jeffrey Oakley

    That would take the owners trying to do something positive. Have you not seen what is going on here ir do you just suffer from Stockholm syndrome?

    • Frankie Tomatoes

      Who else are you including in that trade because the Pirates would laugh if all you were sending was Spencer Steer and you expected to also get cash back on the deal.

      • jon

        I was waiting for the first unrealistic trade proposal but didn’t think it would be the

    • CI3J

      Reynolds is the kind of player the Reds should try to get whenever the opportunity arises, regardless of where they are in the “rebuild”. Obviously, you can’t field a team made up entirely of early-20’s players, you need some experience to balance that out. Reynolds is in his physical prime years, he would be perfect if the Reds are planning to compete from 2023.

      • Tar Heel Red

        They can “try” to trade for Reynolds, but both teams are looking for the same type players…outfielders and starting pitching. This makes it very unlikely that the two teams can match up on a trade.

  4. Frankie Tomatoes

    I would love it if this happens but I don’t have faith in the team trying to win in 2023 which makes this kind of move unlikely. Hope they surprise me but I expect a few signings of role players to fill out the roster and not acquiring starters.

  5. LDS

    Moose & Senzel for Reynolds. I’m in.

    • Mark Moore

      Plus a case of baseballs. Plus we pay all of 4M’s contract (Meatloaf was added earlier today to the original three of Mike, Moose, and Manatee).

      • LDS

        Hey now, Meatloaf actually worked for a living. Moustakas – n0t so much in the Reds uniform. And his salary less the cost of Reynolds annually. A wash financially and a net one roster slot opened. I’d call that a GM of the year type transaction. A fan has to dream once in a while.

      • Greenfield Red

        LDS, You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (see if anyone gets that rexerence).

      • Mark Moore

        “But I won’t do that …”

    • Oldtimer

      You have to trade something of value. Due to injuries and/or age, those two have little or no value.

      • LDS

        Maybe the Pirates GM is like the Reds and sees a lot of value in dumpster reclamation projects. But, yeah, the Reds are more likely to sign someone in their mid-30s, making $1.2 million/year.

      • Oldtimer

        Luke Maile as back-up C for $1.2 M at age 32 is a good signing. Bill Plummer and Pat Corrales were back-up C on BRM teams of the 1970s. They had similar numbers to Maile.

      • Oldtimer

        I think Maile is a good signing as back-up C.

  6. Old-school

    Reds arent trading prospects and they arent making any major moves this off-season. Solak and Fraley will platoon in the OF. Krall has suggested Senzel might be in a 3b competition with Steer and might not be in the OF with his toe. Friedl and Fairchild are on the 40 man as a lefty and righty combo so as structured the Reds have 2 lefties and 2 righties if you dont count senzel. Siani is 250 good at bats away from taking over in CF. I could see the Reds signing a late winter FA corner OF for 1 year-perhaps Joey Gallo on a 1 year pillow contract or Will Myers as a righty OF/DH/1b option-either of whom could be flipped at the deadline if the GABP effect kicks in.

    This is going to be a dull off-season. Now, a year from now is the tell.

    Its reported Barrero is playing in the Puerto Rican winter league after the new hitting coach visited him and gave him things to work on. They want him getting reps after what Krall said was a lost season. Krall said the lock out hurt Barrero because the hamate fracture wasnt diagnosed until the Reds saw him in March which put him way behind after injuring it in January when there was no contact allowed.

    • Tar Heel Red

      I believe the Reds view Barrero as a lost cause. Otherwise why trade for Newman at $2.4M. They probably plan on him at short as a bridge to whoever PROVES they are ready to play the position…either EDLC or McLain…either late ’23 or beginning of ’24.

      I have not heard any official report of Senzel playing 3B. They do need to bring in at least one RH hitting OF (as the outfield is a mess) and at least 2 starting pitchers

      • Old-school

        Krall in the Enquirer Nov. 21.

        “ Nick Senzel is coming back from injury so will he be able to play some infield and some outfield, or just stay in the infield?”

        Nightengale just did an article on Barrero. Hes going to Puerto Rico to work on things and the SS job is open in spring training between Newman, Reynolds, and Barrero. Same article said if Barrero cant show an improved approach early in ST- hes going to AAA. He turns 25 on Opening Day and article stated Reds werent giving up on the 2021 Reds minor league player of the year.

      • Doug Gray

        That’s exactly what should happen for Barrero. If he can’t show he’s more 2021 AAA version of himself and less 2022 version of himself then he might even need to go back to Double-A. You shouldn’t give up on him, but he absolutely has to show that he can hit the ball again – something he didn’t do for more than like two weeks in Triple-A last year, if that.

      • JB

        Open the season with Reynolds or Newman at short!!! Buy those season tickets now.

      • Melvin

        If David Bell gets a chance or has any excuse whatsoever to play Reynolds or Newman at SS…he will. They’re both just his type of players. Hopefully EDLC has a great ST and takes away any uncertainty as to who to play there.

      • MuddyCleats

        I Realize I’m n the minority, but EDLC is Reds CF of the future. Sure he’s athletic enough to play SS n MLB, but I see a kid who has a somewhat long throwing motion & long strides. Watched him several times n Chattanooga. He throws very hard, but many of his throws r off center. Likewise, he gets to a lot of balls, but is n an awkward position when doing so & then struggles to get into a solid throwing position. IMO, I want him to b the stud hitter & base runner Reds haven’t had since Eric Davis or Josh Hamilton. Playing CF would allow him to use his speed & arm strength at a high level & focus more on ABs instead of positioning on every pitch n the infield.

      • Chris Holbert

        Guarantee DB will play Newman

      • Frankie Tomatoes

        Muddy Cleats why do you think his hitting would be altered by focusing on where the coaches are telling him to stand at shortstop but not by learning a position he’s never played before in his life?

    • LDS

      Fairchild platooning with Fraley is ignoring Fairchild’s splits. He’s the only Reds outfielder with decent L/R splits. And Gallo, though worth a shot maybe, hit far worse than Aquino last year. The Reds and Bell need to pay more attention to what the stats actually say, not what they think.

      • Old-school

        Didn’t suggest platooning Friedl and Fairchild. Platoon Fraley. Simply pointed out in a 4 man OF you need balance overall from both sides of the plate over 162 games. Wouldn’t put it past Bell to platoon them though.

      • Chris Holbert

        Any combination of the three F’s for any significant amount of ABs is not a winning formula. Traditional MLB OFs have at least two significant power bats in the corners. Honestly I am not sure I see the Reds with any significant power bats. The guy who lead last year got traded in July and still lead them in HRs. The problem is they are not fast and athletic either. It may be a long base to base season.

    • Redsvol

      Totally agree old school. Even if they did have $, unless you play at the top of the market (top shortstops, deform, judge) I’m not sure there are any free agents that move the war dial enough to go after versus what we have already.

      Exception being be Benintendi, I’d like to see us go after him – left handed, high in base percentage, good defense, but I know better than to get my hopes up.

      • Old-school

        Im a huge Benintendi fan. Saw him play in high school. He could a hit a triple in 9 seconds. But, this off-season is going to be a dud. Im more interested in what the Cubs do with Ian happ and whether they extend him. I suspect they do but a year from now if were on the FA market…..a switch hitting GG OF who played college ball at UC and destroys pitching in GABP….that would be a big target. That Winker guy at DH too.

    • Tar Heel Red

      Thanks for the info, Old School. I don’t live anywhere near Cincy and I refuse to pay a fee just for the privilage of reading the Enquirer on line.

  7. Runalotte

    If there’s one lesson to be learned from the Reds this Century, it’s that you can’t sort of rebuild. Remember rebuilding with “major league ready players”? Signing a veteran outfielder to a 1-year deal is a good idea; trading young talent for one isn’t. The price for Reynolds would be too high.

  8. MBS

    If the Reds don’t surprise us with a trade, FA, or new role for someone it would seem to be FFF & Solak. If the Reds don’t move India to the OF, maybe in AAA, we’ll see McLain get some time in the OF. He played a bit of CF in college. They desperately need some OF talent to be added to our prospect list, and our SS seem to be the best place to find that talent.

    McLain, and Siani could be 2 of the future 4 OF’s maybe 1 of the 3F’s separates themselves from the rest, and become a long term solution, but we’d still need another OF for the 24, 25 teams. FA seems to be the way, but if the Reds could do a trade like the one @Doug proposed, that could work to.

  9. redfanorbust

    Yeah I would be all in on this but the Reds (sadly) IMO would be all out on it. Unless you as a few posters here mentioned were going to extend him I don’t see the point in giving up valuable prospects, which the Reds paid dearly for. Reds are probably going to cheap out get a SP and OF in the $1-$2M range I would guess for one year. We all can come up with fun creative trade scenarios but in reality probably not going to happen.

  10. scotly50

    I don not believe the Reds have the needed staff to pull off any major, or minor, trades successfully.

      • Oldtimer

        None of those are good yet. Several are promising. None of the players received are MLB ready in 2023 except Steer. Decent INF he is.

  11. JB

    Me personally, I would be all in on this. Give him and extension starting next year when Votto and Moose are off the books. The front Office unfortunately can’t think this far ahead. Maybe trade some of their 10,000 infielders.

  12. Votto4life

    The Reds should do a lot of things, but they won’t. It’s clear that winning is not a priority or even a secondary concern. It’s way down the list, if it’s on the list at all.

    At least, Bob used to make declarative statements like “The losing stops now!” When that didn’t work, he was out of ideas.

  13. SultanofSwaff

    This is the kind of trade that could accelerates a rebuild, but sadly is one that we usually see other teams such as the Cardinals and Yankees pull off. An extension that begins after Votto and moose come off the books makes a lot of sense and would fit neatly in the next competitor window. Edwin Arroyo, Reece Hinds, and Brandon Williamson would be my starting offer contingent on Reynolds signing an extension.

  14. west larry

    I wish the reds would get Brian Renyolds, but if he is really available, other teams will outbid them for him. I think the reds will get a 3 or 4 million starting pitcher and maybe an inexpensive third catcher. I hope that they release mmm meatloaf in the spring. I want a lot more, but this is the dumpster diving reds.

  15. Melvin

    “The Reds should try to trade for Bryan Reynolds”.

    Probably a good idea if it’s done right. Unfortunately Doug is not the GM and wouldn’t have the support of Big Bob & Son anyway. Miracles do happen though. In America we dream. 🙂

  16. William

    It is off the subject, but I cannot believe the Mariners traded Winker. What a dumb move. I hope they miss the playoffs this year. Winker had back and neck problems last year. I hope he hits .320 with a .400 + OBP. The press treated him like dirt in Seattle. Hope he has a better year. I enjoyed his stay in Cincinnati.

    • Votto4life

      The Mariners were really selling low. They must have really wanted to get rid of him. I read on MLB trade rumors that the Mariners were shopping Winker at the trading deadline last season. After what 3 months??

      Say what you want about Winker, but he can hit and was an all star two years ago. This may end up being a steal for the Brewers. The Mariners was looking for a second basemen and got Kolten Wong out of the deal. I think Winker has more value, but it met a need.

    • Votto4life

      The Mariners were really selling low. They must have really wanted to get rid of him. I read on MLB trade rumors that the Mariners were shopping Winker at the trading deadline last season. After what 3 months??

      Say what you want about Winker, but he can hit and was an all star two years ago. This may end up being a steal for the Brewers. The Mariners was looking for a second basemen and got Kolten Wong out of the deal. I think Winker has more value, but it met a need.

    • RedBB

      Disagree…I can’t believe the Brewers wanted him. He has been called out on both teams he has been on now as having a poor work ethic and/or not fitting the culture of the team

      Remember, Winker said as much when he was with the Reds when a Veteran called him out for his poor work ethic on D….that guy was likely Votto. He was terrible last year and is a terrible defender. Plus he is having 2 surgeries in the offseason including NECK surgery! Awful trade by the Brewers IMO unless the other guy coming with Winker is any good…

  17. redfanorbust

    Agreed 99%. Not Hinds. We need all the good prospect outfielders we can get. 🙂 Maybe Victor Acosta.

  18. Colorado Red

    This would be very costly.
    Probably take a package of Marte, McClain, and Fraley.

    • LDS

      Maybe McLain, Siani, and Fraley, which I think would be a good deal for both teams. But, I do suspect the Pirates will seriously overprice him, leaving the Reds out.

  19. CP

    After asking for a trade away from Pittsburgh, I am sure Bryan Reynolds would be absolutely thrilled going from one poverty franchise to another.

    • TR

      What does he or any other player care as long as the money’s there?

  20. Gary

    “Losing is simply not going to be acceptable.”
    ——–Bob Castellini, circa 2006, upon taking control of this once great and proud franchise

  21. Old Big Ed

    The Pirates will want a king’s ransom for Reynolds, and they are under no pressure to trade him right away. He is not a free agent until after the 2025 season. His 3 years of control through 2025 are his age 28-30 seasons, so the team that trades for him and extends him is going to have to pay fairly deeply into his 30s.

    His bWAR went from 6.0 in 2021 to 2.9 in 2022, and his strikeout rate rose from 18.4% to 23. That might just be a natural ebb and flow of a player, but it does at least raise an eyebrow.

    Reynolds is a good example of the risk in trading prospects. The Giants drafted him in the second round out of Vanderbilt, then traded him after his A+ season at age 22 (.826 OPS) to the Pirates for Andrew McCutchen, who was OK for the Giants (115 OPS+) in 2018. The Giants traded him in late August 2018 to the Yankees, for Juan De Paula and Abiatal Avelino, who have a collective WAR that is equal to the Delta house’s GPA – zero point zero. McCutchen since 2019 has a 4.2 WAR, and Reynolds has 13.6.

    I suspect he will end up with the Yankees, especially because Brian Cashman is under some pressure to produce a winner, and Cashman will figure that Reynolds gets them there faster than his prospects will. And remember, Yankee prospects are ALWAYS overrated.

  22. RedBB

    I was thinking about this too but he will be expensive….at least if you believe MLB Trade Simulator. I proposed Barrero and Ashcroft for Reynolds and it wasn’t close. Added McClain and it still wasn’t that close.

    • Votto4life

      Yeah, I would rather the Reds spend money and not prospects.

  23. Hotto4Votto

    Should the Reds trade for Reynolds? I’m not sure. He’s super talented and controlled three more years (at an increasing price tag). Undoubtedly they should check in, but what would it take to make it happen and would it be worth it for the Reds future? Is three years of Reynolds, including at least one season where we will not compete (23), worth more than a potential six years of Marte or Collier, plus other top prospects the Pirates would demand. (All of this assumes De La Cruz is off limits). Sure you’re dealing with potential years vs primarily guaranteed years (though injuries….etc). But trading multiple high end, high value prospects for one extremely talented player may not be the best use of the Reds resources at this time.

    I’d say, with where we’re at in the rebuild, no. You don’t undo all the trading and prospect capitol that have occurred over the past year and half just to undo most of that. If the Reds were a player or two away from pushing them over the top as true contenders, then yes. All day. Spend that prospect capitol. The Reds unfortunately have so many holes they need to sort out, one player won’t make that difference.

  24. LDS

    Based on Nightengale’s article about 90 minutes ago, it seems safe to assume the Reds/Reynolds thread can die. As can just about any other fan fantasy. The Reds aren’t doing anything of significance.

  25. Michael B. Green

    Reynolds can help a team win now. He fits with a team built to win now. That is not the Reds. The Red should establish their key youngsters in 2023, watch Votto and Moustakas go off the Books at year-end of 2023, and then see if 2024 is another growth year or if they can spend on veterans to support the young corp and compete.

  26. JayTheRed

    Just saw Verlander who is old but very good still signed for 43 million a year for 2 years plus a option year for 35 million.

    Baseball is broken the Reds will never have a shot at good guys in free agency.

    The more these contracts go up faster and faster the more baseball makes me sick.
    or they need to make two separate leagues big market league and small market league.

    • Tar Heel Red

      I knew when the new CBA was agreed to that the large market teams would get richer (in terms of affording player’s salaries) and the mid/small market teams would be reduced to also-ran status. Mark my words, within just a very few years small market teams will not be able to compete…including the Tampa Bay’s and Milwaukee’s, who have, to date, been shrewd enough to be at least moderately competitive. The day is coming soon, though, when that will no longer be possible.

      • TR

        And the two year pandemic sped up that fact.

    • Old-school

      Kansas City, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Nashville, Minneapolis, Tampa are cities with good football teams in 2021-22. Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Green Bay ,Baltimore historically very good as well with championships.

      MLB has a big problem of haves and have nots. I will enjoy watching the Phillies become the new Nationals and the Mets following suit spending a gazillion dollars on old guys that will get injured.

      How bout that Phillies OF defense next year with no Harper again and Castellanos and Schwarber making $186 million as glorified DH’s and still a bad bullpen?

      • Tar Heel Red

        The difference is that the NFL has a salary floor and cap, meaning that ALL teams are, if you’ll pardon the pun, competing on the same playing field. MLB is the only major sport that has no salary cap and the current CBA is very much tailored to the large market teams, making the gap even wider. That is why I firmly believe that in just a few years EVERY small market team will not be able to compete. They will be forced to field rosters like the Reds, Pirates and A’s. And I’ll take it one step further…unless something changes drastically, the word “contraction” will start to be uttered by Rob Manfred “for the good of the game.”

  27. Bill

    I don’t think this really fits into what the Reds are trying to do. Trades for proven talent are probably a couple of years away. 23 is already a lost year, so then you would be betting on 24 and 25 being the competitive window and then he is gone. Instead of trading away people for two years of Reynolds I would prefer to see a free agent signing to find a proven outfielder. My guess is they are more likely to sign a few guys to 1 year deals and then trade them if they are successful.

    • JayTheRed

      Bill, I do agree with you that the years where we are possibly more competitive are probably 25′ and 26′. 24′ seems like a transition year for our younger players. 23′ seems like a crap shoot. It sure would be nice to have a decent hitting OF player to cheer on though. I guess it would depend on how much we have to give up getting Reynolds before I could make a solid judgement.

      • TR

        There’s no need to give up unsorted minor league talent in order to get Reynolds or another established player to stabilize the outfield. Just spend some money, that’s apparently available , like other clubs do who want to win, to their capacity, each season.