The Cincinnati Reds are trading infielder Kyle Farmer to the Minnesota Twins according to Ken Rosenthal and Dan Hayes of The Athletic. The trade is pending a review of medical records. C. Trent Rosecrans, also of The Athletic, is reporting that the Reds will get pitcher Casey Legumina in the deal.

Kyle Farmer is entering his second year of arbitration and was due a raise. MLB Trade Rumors projects Farmer’s arbitration number at $5,900,000. Farmer is coming off of a season in which the 32-year-old (he was 31 for much of the season) hit .255/.315/.386 with 25 doubles, a triple, 14 home runs, and he drove in 78. A utility player in some ways – he could play several spots, getting time at shortstop, third, and first base in 2022 but also having experience with Cincinnati as a catcher, left fielder, and even as a pitcher for 1.1 innings back in 2019.

For Kyle Farmer he’ll be moving over to Minnesota and remain in the central – just the American League version. Like the National League version, the AL central is the weakest of the three divisions. For the Twins they will be getting a player who can handle just about any defensive assignment he’s given and at least hold his own offensively. Cincinnati is likely saving some money in this deal – though we can’t be certain yet without knowing the return.

The Reds are getting back right-handed pitcher Casey Legumina in the deal, who was just added to the 40-man roster by the Twins this week and as such he’s now on the Reds 40-man roster. He was the Twins 8th round pick back in 2019 out of Gonzaga. In 2022 he made 16 starts and 17 relief appearances – mostly in Double-A Wichita (three starts in High-A Cedar Rapids).

The 25-year-old posted a 4.80 ERA between the two stops, throwing 86.1 innings with 36 walks and 92 strikeouts in 2022. Those numbers don’t quite tell the entire story, though. Legumina started 16 of his first 18 games of the year before moving to the bullpen on August 11th. From that point forward, all in Double-A, he posted a 2.55 ERA with six walks and 26 strikeouts in 17.2 innings. He was much better against righties on the season, holding them to a .665 OPS on the season. Lefties had an .830 OPS against him during the year.


The Cincinnati Reds officially announced that they had non-tendered minor league outfielder Allan Cerda and right-handed pitcher Daniel Duarte. Both players are now off of the 40-man roster and are free agents.

Cerda split his time in 2022 between High-A Dayton and Double-A Chattanooga. In some aspects the outfielder stands out. A strong defensive center fielder who can make highlight reel catches, has a big arm, and plenty of power (he hit 24 home runs this season) – you can see why he was on the 40-man roster to begin with. But the 22-year-old also struck out 168 times in 506 plate appearances this season in the minor leagues and hit just .208 (with a .360 on-base percentage thanks to 84 walks and being hit by 13 pitches).

It’s certainly strange that the move was made when it was given that he had two option years remaining and was due less than $100,000 in salary next year if they kept him on the 40-man and he didn’t reach the big leagues. To non-tender a guy at 22-years-old isn’t something that usually happens.

Daniel Duarte was a surprise of the offseason a year ago when he was – at least to those of us who don’t work for the Reds – a surprise addition to the 40-man roster. The team liked what they saw, though, and he showed it again in spring training and made the team to begin the season. His season, though, didn’t last long as after his third appearance he injured his elbow and went on the injured list. Duarte didn’t return to the mound until September when he began a rehab stint in Triple-A Louisville. The team would option him back to Triple-a on September 25th and he didn’t return to the big leagues.


Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that both Allan Cerda and Daniel Duarte have re-signed with the Reds on minor league deals.

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  1. votto4life

    Not surprising. You make over $5 million dollars on this team and you get traded.

    • Melvin

      Yep. That’s pretty much it for now at least. As you said not surprising at all. Although everyone likes Farmer to some degree at least this takes the ability away from David Bell to use him too much and not develop the younger guys. Steer looks like to me to be the super utility guy now. Maybe Lopez will get more chances. I look for Senzel to be gone before ST too. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Cruz and Marte up sooner than most think.

      • Votto4life

        Good points. I wasn’t opposed to dealing Farmer. I haven’t been opposed necessarily to any of the trades. What I am opposed to is the Reds not reinvesting the savings back into the team.

        For people to think the Reds have a master plan, other than to save money, IMO is just misguided.

        I went to one game last season. The fewest number of games I have attended since I was 13 years old.

        Normally, I attend 25-40 games per season. But, I am just not going to pay major league prices to watch minor league talent. When the Reds decided to field a major league team again, I’ll be back,.

      • Michael E

        yep, I am hoping it means using the young guys, but then they add Newman. The Reds FO will probably sign some 35 year old retread UT, overpaying by several million, and then tell us how they splurged in FA and us fans should be content.

    • Jake

      Odd trade, I guess they see Legumina as a ready to go bullpen arm. Looks like he was a closer In college (a good one) so the bullpen looks to be his way forward. Put up solid relief numbers and Ks.

      Hard throwing righty, potential plus slider, modern day reliever. Hopefully he can surprise us but seems lopsided considering the give-up.

      How many Twins players have we traded for at this point???

    • Rick

      Agree. The future for the Reds is gloomy. Ownership cares only about $$.

  2. AllTheHype

    ’23 Reds all about the yutes and 2 old guys.

    • earmbrister

      What is a Yute?

      Perhaps the laws of physics cease to exist on your stove …

      • PTBNL

        My cousin Vinnie knows what a yute is.

      • earmbrister

        Yes he does! He also knows how long it takes to cook grits.

  3. Old-school

    Roster reconstruction in last 12 months. Hit the restart button. One more to go.

  4. Votto4life

    Payroll down to $65 million now? How low can they go?

  5. Votto4life

    A 25 year old pitcher who pitched in A ball as recently as last season. Yeah, that sounds about right.

    • earmbrister

      Legumina was drafted and signed as a Junior out of Gonzaga (drafted twice before) in 2019. He was shut down after just four starts with arm trouble and had TJ surgery. That’s why he’s older. Didn’t make his pro debut until 2021.

      Per MLB pipeline:

      He pitched well in Low-A, though taking a line drive off his forearm while he was in the dugout cost him some time. He earned a late promotion to High-A, where he returned to start the 2022 season.

      Legumina has a legitimate four-pitch mix when he’s 100 percent healthy. He has a fast arm which fires fastballs in the 93-96 mph range. His best pitch is his hard, sweeping slider, a mid-80s breaker that’s particularly tough against right-handed hitters. He can fold in an upper-70s curve, and he does a nice job of killing speed and spin on his changeup to provide some depth off his fastball.

      The right-hander tends to be around the strike zone, albeit without pinpoint command. There could be more velocity to come as he gets more reps, but he is already 25 years old and a bit old for his level. Legumina is being developed as a starter now because of his repertoire, but it’s not hard to dream on what a fastball-slider combination would look like in shorter stints out of the bullpen.

      It’s not like we have a ton of talent in the bullpen …

    • Votto4life

      Thanks Ermbrister. So he has also already had TJ surgery? Should fit right in.

      • earmbrister

        Cheer up. He did the rehab so you don’t have to.

    • Jake

      First year coming of TJ surgery it looks like.

  6. LDS

    Legumia, a 25yo, mediocre AA pitcher. The salary dump continues.

    • Votto4life

      Don’t forget he had one good month.

      • LDS

        Don’t forget, there’s a large percentage of the RLN fan base that thinks Farmer should be an everyday starter. Thus worth more than this pitcher. I’ll wait to see Doug’s spin/scouting report, but his numbers aren’t encouraging.

      • Votto4life

        LDS very true…it’s a good thing he won’t have Kyle to put in the line up everyday, but it’s just another example of Castellini’s tight fisted ways. I would have no problem with the trade, if they would put the money back into the team, but most of us know isn’t going to happen.

      • 2020ball

        They save the money everyone here thought they would save given their market, and they get some pitching depth for it. Plus y’all get what you want and it opens up a spot for someone younger. Yet you whine all the same, and try and passively throw in an insult towards those who thinks he’s starter worthy on this team, something that given the roster he 100% is. Strange but good on ya. They got something for a non-tender candidate is all I see. Sounds great to me.

      • LDS

        @2020, are you going back to the small market canard? It’s a rather weak defense. Other small market teams spend more. Other small market teams spend less and do better. It’s not the market, it’s the incompetent organization.

  7. RedsGettingBetter

    Well , Is there a team other than the Twins or Mariners whom the Reds can trade players with?
    At this moment I guess Bell should be crying very sadly..

    • Old-school

      Mariners won by signing Castillo long term.
      But is there anyone who thinks Suarez(2 years) Winker(injured 1 more year), Gray(injured 1 more year), Mahle( injured 1 more year), and Farmer( $6 mil utility player) are difference makers at a combined salary of $46 million?

      Castillo may be worth it at $100 mil
      Time will tell.

      • Jim walker

        Suarez was and remains a bargain at the terms of his contract.

      • Alex Reds

        There’s no way you add back Suarez, Winker, Gray, Mahle, and Farmer in 2022 or 2023 for $46M and the Reds are in the playoffs or anywhere near it. Mariners win Castillo trade if he stays healthy and has about 3 more good years and the Reds prospects still have a chance to beat that value but Marte or Arroyo will have to be very good. Or, you could argue since the Mariners window to win is now, they need about 2 more really good years in the next two years. Anything can happen. The Giants didn’t win in signing Johnny Cueto to a big contract. Reds return was huge with Marte and Arroyo. Reds could still win the Castillo trade overall, or win in the 2 to 8 year window from now, which is when the prospects will be more ready for MLB. It could be a win win for both teams, as the Reds weren’t going to win until 2024 or later.

    • Melvin

      For those of us who aren’t crazy about David Bell, trades like today may cause him to give up his job voluntarily. i don’t think he enjoys developing these “youngins”. Farmer was definitely a favorite of his.

  8. TheCoastMan

    Last year we got rid of the 10 mil players. I guess this year it’s time to dump the 5 mil guys.

    Look on the bright side; a 5. ERA, AA guy that should slot right into our 6. ERA pen.

    I wasn’t a huge fan of Farmer as a starter, but for a super utility guy that could put up those kind of numbers, I think 5.9 mil was more than fair.

    • Votto4life

      We are pretty much at the point where anyone who is making more than league minimum is subject to be traded.

  9. RedBB

    Sorry but Farmer is not worth the ARB value he was gonna make. The return sucked but it is what it is.

  10. Michael

    Surprised the team had the guts to trade a popular player at a relatively low salary. This should open up 3rd for Spencer Steer but he has to play well to keep it with other guys on his tail.

  11. earmbrister

    So is there more movement to come seeings how the 40 man roster now stands at 38?

  12. Bdh

    Farmer was likely to be non tendered and Krall got a potential bullpen piece in Legumina the Twins #27 prospect according to pipeline

    From the new non tenders the only one I’m questioning is Cerda. He deserves another year to try and up the average so hoping they can get him back on a minors deal.

    Starting to see plenty of room on the 40 man for additions. Would be great to see a few more spots open up from Moose and Reynolds

    • craig

      You want a spot to open up for Moose? Love to know your thinking around that.

  13. Hotto4Votto

    Really hate to see Cerda let go. He oozed potential, and the Reds had some time (options) to let him develop. It’s not like fell flat on his face at AA, he had a .751 OPS (Siani who is talked about having an offensive breakout had a .754 OPS on the same team for a reference) which is solid. I don’t know, probably a casualty of the lost year of development and signing at such a young age. Maybe they can re-sign him.

    Farmer had a really nice tenure here, seemed beloved by teammates. I’m sure he’ll be missed in the clubhouse.

      • Jimbo44CN

        Hes gone but the bashing continues. Unbelievable.

    • BK

      The mistake was adding Cerda to the 40-man roster last year when he had only limited time at High-A ball. I don’t understand the timing of this move, but he was unlikely to stick on any team’s 26-man roster for an entire season.

  14. DX

    Could be Moneyball time. The only way to get the young guys to play is take away the players Bell would pencil in.

    • LDS

      Or Krall could have fired Bell and hired an actual MLB manager. Reminds me of a company trying to get a manager to quit because he’s too connected to fire.

    • Votto4life

      Or… they could fire David Bell.

  15. Brad

    There is nothing from this front office about baseball. It is all about getting as much money as possible. They are going to clear millions from MLB and TV contracts no matter what they spend on the team. So make it as cheap as possible. In 2024 when the last 2 big contracts are gone I am sure this will be a 25-30 million ball club at the best. But hey, Were are you gonna go? Will never forget.

  16. Michael B. Green

    Wonder if this means that Senzel or India transition to 3B….

    • Melvin

      I would think for the time being, since they like to move Steer around, that it would be India at 3B and Lopez at 2B. India really isn’t a great second baseman and doesn’t have a future there with the talent that’s on the way. Lopez will go back to the bench as soon as the other guys arrive. Barrero will get another chance in ST although he may get traded too. Who knows? India may even be traded.

    • MK

      Think it means Elly is the opening day shortstop. For the Barrero lovers he can’t carry Elly’s jock.

  17. IndyRedsFan

    I really don’t understand the Cerda thing. I can understand taking him off the 40 man…..but why non-tender him rather than DFAing him?

    By non-tendering, he immediately becomes a free agent…and can sign with whatever team he wants.

    If he was DFA’d, the Reds would have to put him thru waivers, then one of two things could happen.

    1) another team could claim him and the Reds at least would get the waiver claim fee.
    2) no other team claims him, and then the Reds can assign him back to the minors.

    There must be some reason for the Reds to do it this way….but I sure don’t know what it is. Any thoughts?

    • Colorado Red

      Wonder if there is a rule 5 player the Red like?

    • MadMike

      If there’s any puzzling move made by a team in sports, I usually expect that there is some human factor involved; maybe there was a prior handshake guarantee, maybe the player wanted to live somewhere else, maybe one of his teammates thinks he smells bad. Shrug. Feels much easier to explain it this way than just assume incompetence in a franchise.

      • 2020ball

        Seems there may have been a prior handshake guarantee. Good on ya for mentioning it, whether it was in the context you meant it or not.

    • Jim Walker

      Sounds like a fix was in for Cerda (and Duarte) to immediately re-sign with the Reds on minor league deals.

      Since there is no salary cap in MLB, we have no idea what they are paying them; but it is probably more than they would have made off a DFA and eventual outright by the Reds or another MLB team or by being on option in the minors.

      So, the bottom line is the Reds won the gamble of maintaining control of them without risking waivers still yet opening 2 spots on their 40 man roster.

  18. LDS

    At this point, I think it’s fair to say that Krall had demonstrated that he can tear down a team and that he can add potential to the farm system. He hasn’t showed that he can make the big decisions, like dumping Moose, firing Bell, or building a competitive MLB team. Show us what you’ve got Bull Krall.

    • Mark Moore

      Well, there are limits to what he’s allowed to do.

    • 2020ball

      What’s the urgent reason to dump Moose, because the fans want it to make them all warm inside?

      Bell’s under contract and I think his seat is far hotter than you think. He needs to show something this year or he might be out, but why bring in your favorite new manager whomever that is into a bad situation. might as well ride out the current one with a bad roster before making a move.

      Building a competitive team is apparently his motive for the trades he’s made. It’s not his roster yet so thats just another easy thing to say and people will like how it sounds. I think Bob/Phil are more to blame for that one.

      • craig

        Why dump Moose? Other than the fact he can’t hit or field very well or is injured a most of the time, has not come close to living up to his contract since we traded for him and he is taking up a valuable roster spot for some young guy. The whole point of a painful rebuild is to get them experience and make them better players.

      • Greenfield Red

        2020, I agree with all of this. I don’t want Moose clogging up playing time from any of the younger guys, but unless they need his 40 man spot, they can keep him until ST.

        And, I agree on Bell. Let him stay this year. Take away his veterans (Farmer) so he has to play the youngsters. Let him go after 2023 when the building up phase of the rebuild begins.

    • 2020ball

      Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Moose isn’t on the team coming out of ST, why anyone thinks they needed to make the decision by now is exactly the attitude I expect from most of the Cincy fanbase.

    • gregteb

      Y’all must have forgot that Buddy Bell is the “Senior advisor” to Castellini. We are not going to see Bell fired as long as the current “owner” (of one share BTW) is in place.

    • joekr

      Dumping $22 million isn’t Krall’s call. If he cut Moose without ownership approval, he would be fired. It’s all about money for the used car salesman and his daddy. They might have to pay Moose, but if they do, they are not letting someone else have him.

      Reds fans should just hope the no more shift rule helps him.

      • craig

        There is no logic IMO to keeping him. He is dead weight and takes up a valuable roster spot. The whole point of a very painful rebuilding is to let the young guys play to get better. Reds have to pay him either way so for me it’s a no brainer to DFA him.

      • Melvin

        If it’s like 2022 they won’t get much of a chance to play him even if they want to. If I’m not mistaken he was one the IL six times. The non shift conditions won’t help if he’s not healthy. He’s really just wasting a valuable roster spot. I don’t think there is much worry about someone else having him….. if Big Bob & Son are wise…at all.

  19. DataDumpster

    Farmer’s value is the same as a journeymen AA pitcher? Seems to me that the 5 mil limit led to a trade made in haste. My analysis has taken a darker turn (away from trying to improve the team in small increments next year to a big spend when they know what they have) to perhaps blowing off all spending and setting up David Bell to fail (to insure no reasonable doubt) at ASG time. Put in a clean slate with Freddy as caretaker for a whole new beginning and/or end of the Castellini regime with bottom end payroll and (hopefully) bountiful prospect capital. These owners may show us how ruthless they really are, the fans are not a consideration at all.

    • earmbrister

      Don’t get how you label Legumina as a ” journeymen AA pitcher”.

      He has 135 IP to date, all with the Twins, the organization that drafted him.

      • Redsvol

        was going to say the same. Any arm with only 135 innings of professional ball on it is an arm worth trying to develop further.

        I also like it that the innings Farmer would have gotten go to some of the youngsters. This means EDLC and Steer can come in and play and not worry about making a veteran mad. Kyle Farmer is not a $3M player much less a 6$M player. We got a potential bullpen piece for a player most teams would have non-tendered. I like the trade. But I do hate to see any player go that has worked so hard for the Reds franchise. Thanks to Kyle for being a good Red!

      • Earmbrister

        I agree Redsvol on both counts. No need having a merely solid vet, with little upside, blocking a young SS prospect. And Kyle Farm was indeed a quality clubhouse leader who represented the Reds with grace, class, and a great work ethic.

  20. Randy Peterson

    Just sell the team Bob. All you keep doing is alienating the fan base by giving away fan favorites such as Castillo, Suarez, Winker, Drury, Barnhart, and now Farmer.

    • Randy Peterson

      And how could I forget Castellanos?

      • Votto4life

        Ali Tyler Mahle and Sonny Gray.

    • Jimbo44CN

      I concur, please sell the team Bob!

    • Greenfield Red

      They did not “give away” any of the players you mentioned. Not one.

      • Randy Peterson

        Oh yeah, they got back a plethora of stars with great value. Deals that will be talked about for years to come.

  21. Votto4life

    Reds acquired Kevin Newman from the Pirates

      • Votto4life

        No word yet on who the Reds are giving up. Hopefully, Casey Lugunia lol

    • LDS

      Younger and cheaper than Farmer, with better L/R splits, but hard to discern Krall’s “strategy” at the moment. OF, RP, & SP seemed more urgent.

      • Votto4life

        Newman the lowest ops in the major leagues in 2021. He probably won’t want to mention that at arbitration.

      • LDS

        But @V4L, he had a great year in 2019. You know they had to give Bell something after giving away his favorite player. Maybe Pittsburgh decided to take on Moustakas, contract and all, because, well maybe the Pirates are dumber than the Reds. Surely, it’s possible that the greater fool exists.

      • Votto4life

        If Newman keeps the Reds from rushing EDLC or Marte or one of the other 73 shortstops they have in the minors then fine. But, at some point you really have to make moves that will improve your team.

        The Reds lost 100 games last season with Luis Castillo, Tyler Mahle, Brandon Drury, Donavon Solanao etc. playing with the Reds for a large chunk of the season. If they lost 100
        Games with these guys, how many games will they lose without them?

        I think 2023 is shaping up to be a total disaster. The Reds could lose 110 games next season. How anyone can believe this team will be competing in 2024 is beyond me.

      • 2020ball

        With this team’s roster last year, if Kyle Farmer was Bell’s favorite player, it actually sounds like he’s pretty smart. If you think that’s an insult somehow, that’s just plain silly.

      • Jeffversion1

        Wait… Kevin Newman had a great year in 2019. Mike Minor had a great year in 2019… hmm. I think Nick Krall’s strategy is starting to come into focus.

  22. Moon

    This is why the Reds will not sign someone like Ryan Yarbrough. I think they are looking a year or two ahead and not really too worried about next year. They may sign someone cheap off the trash heap to eat some innings or fill in while prospects develop. But if someone is not going to be contributing on this team in 2 years they are not going to be spending dollars on them. Perhaps they will then use the dollars saved and the dollars available when Moose and Votto are gone to sign the younger guys to longer contracts and then build around them. We will see. But my feeling is next year is going to be a lot like last year.

    • 2020ball

      I’m personally for them going for it every year, because I’m tired of teams doing the opposite and ‘rebuilding’ on the regular, but yes its seems the FO is thinking of a 1-year reboot. Doesn’t mean they cant compete next year anyway, with EDLC close the team could surprise with a few shrewd moves.

      • Jim Walker

        I agree, a midmarket team such as the Reds should strive to always be in a position to make a run for the post season when an opportunity presents itself. This is especially true with the expanded playoffs and the division the Reds are in.

        It is unfortunate Nick Krall did not say the Reds goal was to avoid valleys and always be positioned to reach for peaks. I want to believe this was the sentiment he meant to convey when he spoke of avoiding peaks and valleys; but, the team’s roster management behavior has been very ambiguous.

  23. Greenfield Red

    I have no problem with moving Kyle Farmer and not paying him nearly 5 mil on a bad team. I would rather them have gotten a Hector Rodriquez or Carlos Sanchez type in return.

  24. Steven Ross

    I like Farmer. He’s a gamer but in case you haven’t been paying attention, the Reds have acquired multiple SS. Need to let one of the kids play.

  25. Mark Moore

    “Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and back on again?”

    • Mark Moore

      I type that having needed to do a hard reset on my laptop this evening 😀

      Let’s hope we don’t acquire somebody else who blocks the young guys again.

  26. Klugo

    Good trade. Get something for Farmer. He’s not good enough on the field. What’s the difference between losing 100 games and losing 105 games?

    • craig

      Much as I hated to see him go I agree with your post. The whole point of a painful rebuild is to let they young guys play and get better. I am not so sure Reds lose 100+ in 23 even without Farmer. Health is the key and if Antone and Sims can regain their form. If the Reds were not the most injured team in the majors last year I pity the poor team that was.

  27. Bdh

    Today will be a day to look back around the start of spring to judge whether it was a success. They flipped a 6 mil Farmer into Newman who’s basically a younger+cheaper Farmer and got some potential help for the bullpen.

    Depending on the return for Newman I’d already say that it’s a plus for the reds but if they use the money they’re saving from this to add some other pieces then it looks very good

  28. Bdh

    Moreta the return for Newman so the 40 man stays at 38.

    Bullpen probably looks like this right now


    In AAA


  29. MK

    Now we have Seattle (Reds West), Minnesota (Reds North), and Cincinnati (real Reds) tp root fpr.

  30. Tomn

    Sorry to see Farmer go though I think we have younger talent in need of pt, and Cruz may be ready sooner rather than later. But Farmer is a great guy and I liked how he plays the game.

    • 2020ball

      Loved watching him play, he maximizes his talent better than 90% of guys that come through the major leagues. It was time for the Reds to trade him and let him help another team, I’d take him on my team 100% but the timing of the talent in the org made him expendable. Sounds like we got a guy with potential strikeout stuff, doesn’t look bad from my POV, they didnt even have to tender him a contract.

      • 2020ball

        I argued for tendering him mostly because I felt he had trade value. Glad the Reds were able to find a deal.

  31. AMDG

    In 2021 Farmer hit about 0.350 over a 30-game span
    In 2022 Farmer also hit about 0.350 over a 30-game span

    The problem is, in the other 230 games he played for the Reds, he hit 0.230

    He’s kind of like Aquino in that regard – he’s mostly an underwhelming hitter who can string together a little flash of something impressive.

    The return is difficult to discern. He is an older prospect with mediocre stats. But he’s also been slowed by injuries, and the Twins valued him enough to place him on the 40-man, and the scouting reports seem favorable.

  32. jim m

    if I am Votto i ask to be traded.. Why go thru another rebuild?? Reds ownership is following the Pirates plan.. Suck and keep the payroll low and cry poverty while banking 125 million revenue.. There should have been a CBA rule that if you tank 3 years in a row your done getting revenue..this would stop all these teams that do not care to win to be forced too

    • Votto4life

      I think Votto want to just finish his career as a Red. Very very players stay with them me team their entire career. Votto and Molina may be the last, unless the Yankees re-sign Judge. Lord knows, Votto deserves better than this mess.

  33. Scott C

    I hate to see Farmer go. He certainly was not a star but with his tenure here, he was a familiar face to root for. Glad they resigned Cerda and Duarte. Newman could be a good trade if he finds a wait to get the BA an OBA up.

  34. JayTheRed

    I have to ask this are we becoming the Oakland A’s of the National League? Funny thing I just rewatched Moneyball two nights ago.

    It’s sad that top players are pushing 35 million to 40 million a year when back in 2002 The top players were getting around 10 million a year. Baseball is still broken. Billy Beane said it best I have to make a good team with the least amount of money in the league. Reds are moving closer and closer to this distinction.