Two weeks ago we kicked off this series, but we had to skip last week as there were more pressing things that needed publishing that were time sensitive. We’re back today, though, and Stuart Fairchild is also back after kicking off the list at #10. Only in the last decade or so, though, have we truly been able to measure their distance with *some* accuracy. Thanks to ball tracking in the big leagues we can compare 1-to-1 how far a baseball went. Every week for the next few months we’re going to be counting down the 10 longest home runs hit by the Cincinnati Reds in 2022.

The 9th longest home run of the season in 2022 by a Red was on August 28th by Stuart Fairchild and was projected a foot further than the one he hit the next day that was 10th on the list. This home run came off of Patrick Corbin to lead off the 2nd inning.

The Video

The Metrics Behind The Blast

A 93.9 MPH sinker that sunk right into the middle of the strikezone didn’t work out for Patrick Corbin on this one. Those kinds of pitches rarely do. Fairchild crushed it, sending it to center at 107 MPH off of the bat.

Distance Metrics

Distance: 432 Feet

Reds Ranks: 9th

Major League Baseball Rank: 409th (tie)

Stuart Fairchild Rank: 1

Other Metrics

Launch Angle: 29°

Exit Velocity: 106.6 MPH

Reds Exit Velocity Rank (home runs only): 25th (out of 156)

MLB Exit Velocity Rank (home runs only): 1507th – Tie (out of 5214)

The Story Behind The Blast

Cincinnati got to Patrick Corbin in the 1st inning with the help of an error, grabbing a 1-0 lead. Stuart Fairchild was up to lead off the 2nd inning and he was able to extend the lead with a long home run against Corbin. That would be the last run the Reds scored on the day as the Nationals came back to win 3-2 and Corbin picked up the win to move to 5-17 on the season.

You can follow along the entire series here

15 Responses

  1. MBS

    I’m not what you’d call a Fairchild fan, but he’s got some pop in his bat. I’m stubborn sometimes about giving certain players a chance, but hopefully he proves me wrong.

    • Redsvol

      Count me in on wanting to give Fairchild more of a chance this year. If we keep Senzel and Aquino then he will get no chance. I’m hoping they jettison both and give Fairchild, Fraley and Friedl some more time to develop. Sprinkle in 1 more veteran who can play a passable center field and I think that is the outfield until July.

  2. LDS

    The offseason is shaping up to be one that gives the RLN writers a lot of dead air to fill. Before spring training, they may be down to writing about the number of times the Reds’ reliever didn’t walk the first batter. As for Fairchild, I’d take him over Fraley and Friedl any day of the week. Fraley would be joining Aquino on the DFA list, assuming Nightengale was right. Fraley is a flawed clone of Winke, one sided hitting and lousy defense.

    • Tom Diesman

      Not sure what Fraley did to you but here are the first two scouting reports I found on Fraley’s defense, who by the way has spent half of his Professional career playing CF. “ Field: Above-average fielder with good speed and coverage. Makes good routes to the ball. Covers a large amount of ground. Has the instincts to make the right play consistently. Below-average arm in the outfield.” And. “ That speed allows him to cover more than enough ground to be an outstanding center fielder and he’s shown he’s more than capable of handling the corners, albeit with a below-average arm. He could play all three spots for the time being, but has more than enough ability to be an everyday guy in a big league lineup.” Nobody said he didn’t have warts. He is weak against LH pitching and has a below average arm, but does most everything else very well. He was one of the top 4 hitters on the Reds despite his weaknesses last year and you want release him? I’m not sure what to think if you can’t find a way to find value in Fraley and his skills to be at least a solid stopgap for the Reds until they find three all star OFs for their next successful team. It’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it, but I just want to be be sure others are at least aware that it’s not necessarily true no matter how many times it’s proposed.

      • Jim Walker

        I agree Tom. Just find a league average offensive guy vs LH pitching to platoon with Fraley (instead of using Fairchild in that role) and consider the OF done unless they come into somebody better as part of another deal.

      • LDS

        Looked up his numbers in baseball reference. His DRS is negative. He’s a career .246 hitter against RH’er and .149 vs. LH’ers (Winker was .288/.205, with a higher OPS). I’d say his results fall short of the scouting report. Certainly, he’s not an everyday player on a good team, but maybe on the Reds.

      • Tom Diesman

        I can see how DRS and BA might lead one to an incomplete view of a players value. Hopefully Fraley continues on his current path and makes believers out of many more Reds fans for a few years.

      • 2020ball

        LDS wants to make this team worse just so it lines up with his arguments

      • 2020ball

        Why he’ll use DRS for his argument, then slam analytics in other posts tells the whole story IMO

  3. Mark Moore

    Looking like Winker will be available. MLBTR saying the Mariners are shopping him. I’m sure he’d be a very happy camper to come back to Cincy after his somewhat abrupt departure earlier this year … (hard eye roll). 😮

    • old-school

      Winker will make $8 million this year and they are selling low with only 1 year left.
      Send them Kyle farmer and Lucas Sims( revenue neutral) and give Winker a year at DH in a prove it contract If he reverts to form, sign him to an extension. C Trent had a podcast out and he said he misses his daughter who still lives here. Da wink can hit righties and can hit in GABP.

      • west larry


        I SAID

  4. MBS

    Brendon McKay is also available. He’ll miss 23 with a TJ surgery, but he was a #4 overall pick who could be signed to a minor league contract. If he doesn’t return healthy, after his very long absence from competition, no harm no foul.


    Wow! Is this true? Reds sign 29 year old rhp, Nick Howard. Guess the control problems are behind him.