With the World Series now completed the 2022 Major League Baseball season is now over. That means that players are now free agents who have completed their required service time. For the Cincinnati Reds it means that five players are now on their way to testing the market for their services. Pitchers Chase Anderson, Hunter Strickland, and Justin Wilson, as well as catcher Austin Romine and infielder Donovan Solano are all now officially free agents. Players who have options on their contract for next season could join this list, but those decisions still have a few days to be made. For the Reds that list only has one player on it – Mike Minor.

Teams do have an “exclusive window” to negotiate with their now former players for new contracts until Thursday at 5pm ET. After that, the players and their agents are free to talk to any teams to try and secure a job moving forward. I can’t recall a time in which a player re-signed with their former team during this period, but it may have happened before.

As for the Reds players heading out, only Donovan Solano could be argued as someone who performed solidly. He hit .284/.339/.385 in 80 games after missing much of the first half of the season. Chase Anderson, Hunter Strickland, and Justin Wilson either performed poorly, or just didn’t perform in the case of Wilson – he threw 3.2 innings on the season and underwent Tommy John surgery in early June. Austin Romine, who had his contract purchased from the Cardinals on August 2nd, hit .147 over the final two months of the season after joining Cincinnati.

Important upcoming dates

As noted above, free agency really begins on November 10th at 5pm ET when teams can begin to talk with everyone instead of just the players that were on their team in 2022 and are now entering free agency. In two Tuesdays, November 15th, teams must finalize their 40-man roster moves with regards to adding players to the roster who would otherwise be Rule 5 draft eligible (we will cover these players this week, so be sure to check back in).

On Friday November 18th teams must make their final decisions on whether to tender contracts for the 2023 season to anyone who isn’t already signed beyond this year. That list for the Reds is quite long. We covered the players earlier in October if you want to take a look and see what decisions the team has to make.

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  1. Old-school

    It will interesting to see how much new money the Reds commit to paytoll in 2023. Farmer will need to be tendered at over $5 mil. Do the Reds spend money on 1 year deals again in that $5-10 mil window as they did last year with Solano Pham Minor.

    I could see Reds tendering Farmer, signing a #4 SP vet and signing some cheapish bullpen arms.

    • Mark Moore

      OS, I know it was a typo but “payTOLL” makes me laugh. It’s completely appropriate for our illustrious FO. I’m afraid they’ll choose to take mostly alternate routes that avoid tolls. 😀

    • GreatRedLegsFan

      It seems like a ton of money in Reds’ currency the +$5M to Kyle Farmer, specially considering the current IF depth in ML and upper minors. It should be allocated to a RH corner outfielder and SP.

    • RedBB

      $4-5Million Max. No way do they spend anything close to $10M on a player. Might as well just accept that fact. Nothing is gonna change until they get Votto and Moose’s contracts off the books and that is 2024

      • Votto4life

        I don’t think much will change even after Votto and Moose’s salaries come off the books. I think it’s an assumption people are making, but I think a lot of people will be disappointed when 2024-25 rolls around and the payroll is still under $100,000,000.

        There was definitely a shift in the Red’s front office approach after the 2020 season.

        Maybe it was due to Covid or maybe there was just a change in the team’s philosophical approach. But there was a hard shift after their sole post season appearance in 2020 and I just don’t think Bob Castellini is going to return to handing out expensive, multi-year contracts.

        Personally, I am hoping it signifies that a decisions has been made by the Castellinis to sell the team. If not now, then when Uncle Bob crosses the rainbow bridge.

        It’s being suggested today that Dan Synder is preparing to sell the Washington Commanders of the NFL. Initial speculation is that the team could sell for as much as $5 Billion Dollars.

        The Reds won’t bring anything close to that, but I have to think, the thought of selling the team after his father passes on, has at least crossed Phil’s mind. Even more so, after the criticism he received last April.

  2. Mark Moore

    Twinkies picked up Gray’s option. Nats resigned Doolittle to a Minor League contract. Those per MLBTR.

    As for the five listed, maybe Donnie Barrels, but that’s all in my book. The Lettuce Guy was a solid stop gap in our situation, but I wouldn’t rush to resign him at this point. Unless the FO knows something more about TySteve that we don’t (likely the case).

    • Optimist

      Sure, see if Solano will return, and Anderson will likely take an MiLB offer as a fill-in starter. The rest are AAAA or worse, though 2nd/3rd catchers can always find a role. They need a better 2nd catcher though, to limit TySteve’s time behind the plate.

      These are the easy decisions – as Doug notes, the 15th and 18th are when they really need to make moves.

  3. LDS

    I’m more in favor of the old saying: “don’t let the door hit you in the …”. Other than Solano, maybe, the rest of these guys are of little value, even to a lousy team like the Reds. Minor will be joining them shortly. Now on to the 15th so we can see what’s really gone and available on the market. There’s a handful of reasonably affordable candidates on the current FA list that would be major upgrades for the Reds. Of course, it could turn out to be a really good off season and Bob announces he’s selling out, though Mr. “PR” Phil would likely make the announcement.

    • Jim Walker

      You must have Hoosier connections with the saying about doors and (backsides). Another Hoosier favorite of mine (I worked in and around Indy for ~5 years) that fits the Reds is ‘a day late and a dollar short’. Most likely whatever the Reds do will fit that description.

      • LDS

        Sadly, it will be a day late and a dollar short. And yes, grew up in southern Indiana, across from Louisville. Left Indiana in my late 20s.

      • Jim Walker

        LDS, At the time (early to mid 1970’s) I was a manager for a fast food franchisee. I hired on in Richmond adjacent to my family home on the Ohio side and made the grand tour of Anderson, Kokomo and Indy. In Indy I was on the far east side, downtown, Glendale and Castleton Sq. areas.

      • TR

        I loved my time in the limestone country of Southern Indiana as a student in Bloomington at Indiana University. Many tough football games at old Memorial Stadium in those days and not too much better even today.
        But it was a lot of fun cheering on the Hoosiers against their Big Ten basketball rivals with center Archies Dees and Coach Branch McCraken.

      • LDS

        TR, I was at the other school and I’m guessing they keep possession of the Bucket again this year, though can’t say either is setting the world on fire.

      • Oldtimer

        LDS I’m also Purdue. Grew up in Northern Kentucky across the river from Cincinnati.

      • LDS

        A mountain of coal and the lion that never roared

    • Harry Stoner

      For some reason, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Mike Minor.

      It’s like that sinking feeling in my gut watching Barerro or Aquino at bat.

      I’ll breath a sigh of relief once he’s real real gone.

      At least until the next panic signing of a washed up innings nibbler comes along.

      • LDS

        Not ready to give up on Barrero. Could even live with Aquino batting. But, Minor? If he’s still a Red on the 16th, Krall needs to go.

  4. Bill J

    LDS must be something in Indiana, stop in Evansville at a gas station to use the restroom but a sign in the window said “IF YOU DON’T WANT OUR GAS WE DON’T WANT YOURS”.

    • LDS

      BillJ, Yes, that would be Indiana. Keeps the bathroom clean.

    • Votto4life

      I guess if the offer is good enough,
      your kid brother is expendable lol

      • Jim Walker

        If the NYC baseball media hounds have it right, 5 years guaranteed at an AAV of $20+m with an option for a 6th year on the club side. The player has an opt out option after year 3 and full no trade through the 3rd year.

    • Votto4life

      The Met’s closer will now be earning more than the Red’s entire pitching staff.

      • Harry Stoner

        Mike Minor was earning more than the rest of the Reds pitching staff put together.

      • Votto4life

        Yeah, but in Minor’s case he was worth it (sarcasm)

      • Votto4life

        That Mike Minor deal is just baffling. Who looked at an aging, injury proned, fly ball pitcher, who had back to back seasons of a 5 plus ERA and thought “hey, this would be a great deal for us?”

        Nick Krall should have been fired for
        That trade if for nothing else.

  5. Old-school

    Mets $102 million for Diaz.
    Phillies beat Mets. They are all in.
    Time to trade Alexis Diaz for Brett Baty and best Mets young pitcher Blade Tidwell and throw in Lucas Sims and Austin Hedrick. Add Moose contract with Reds contributing $ 10mil and truly start over .

    • Votto4life

      It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Reds package Diaz and Moose. I don’t think the Reds would get anything of player value in return though. other than maybe a lottery ticket.

      • Votto4life

        On second thought, I think the Met’s primary motivation was to acquire Alex, so they could hang onto Edwin. Sounds like they have already achieved that objective. Doubt they would take on another $20,000,000 to
        Acquire Alex D.

      • MadMike

        I think they would do it for Moustakas and lottery tickets. What I recall from last year is that they felt they got fleeced by the Crow-Armstrong trade + trades made by prior regime, so they are now supposedly reluctant to part with any of their top prospects. But, they do have tons of money to spend…

    • Redsvol

      I love the spirit but no team is trading 2 of their top prospects who are close to major league ready for a relief pitcher with a 1 year track record. You might be able to get rid of Moose with Alexis for a prospect in the teens and only if if you include half his salary.

      On the flip side, I think its foolish for a major league team to give 120$ million to a closer. All you have to do is make a trade at the deadline for the best closer available if you are within striking distance of the playoffs. You don’t have to sign a closer to a long term deal. Steve Cohen will soon learn that just because he spends big $ doesn’t mean he will win. Phillies and Braves will both get better and Mets will be minus DeGrom.

      • David

        I don’t know how much “better” the Braves will be, but a few of the guys playing for the Phillies (Castellanos and Bryce Harper) really had lousy years. They could likely have better years in 2023.
        Ditto J.T. Realmutto.

        Losing a frontline starter like DeGrom really hurts. There is likely no way, really, they can replace him. They can find another good starter, but DeGrom was a top-drawer pitcher, when healthy.