The 2022 season is over and for the Cincinnati Reds the final game was a microcosm of the entire season. Embarrassing. The Chicago Cubs beat the Reds 15-2 on Wednesday evening to give Cincinnati their 100th loss of the year. That has only happened one other time in franchise history, 1982. With the Pirates winning, the Reds officially finish tied for last place.

Final R H E
Chicago Cubs (74-88) 15 13 1
Cincinnati Reds (62-100) 2 7 0
W: Alzolay (2-1) L: Ashcraft (5-6)
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The Offense

Cincinnati was threatening early on as they loaded the bases with two outs in the bottom of the 1st inning, but a strikeout by Spencer Steer ended the threat. After the Cubs grabbed a 3-0 lead in the top of the 2nd inning it was Cincinnati’s turn to go to work. Jose Barrero walked and moved up to third on a single from Austin Romine before coming in to score on a passed ball to get the Reds on the board. In the next inning a 2-out triple by Stuart Fairchild led to him crossing the plate on a single by Spencer Steer to make it a 3-2 ballgame.

Still down 3-2 in the bottom of the 5th inning, the Reds got a 1-out single from Kyle Farmer that was followed by a double from Donovan Solano and a 2-out walk from Spencer Steer to load the bases. A visit to the mound seemed to straighten things out for Cubs reliever Adbert Alzolay as he got a pop up to end the threat and hold onto the Chicago lead.

The Cubs then scored 10 runs over the next two innings, leaving the Reds in need of two touchdowns in order to get back in front. The first two batters of the inning reached before Aramis Garcia stepped in as a pinch hitter in his first big league at-bat since early July (he had been on the injured list). He would fly out. Stuart Fairchild walked, loading the bases for the third time on the day, but just like the other times the Reds couldn’t come through as a strikeout and a pop up left all three runners stranded.

Trailing 15-2 as the game entered the bottom of the 9th, the offense needed to score two touchdowns. They went three-and-out, ending the 2022 season with loss number 100.

The Pitching

Graham Ashcraft made quick work of the Cubs in the 1st inning, retiring them in order. He would come out in the 2nd and strike out Ian Happ to begin the frame. Things got away from him after that as he allowed a single and two walks – though there was a caught stealing in there – before giving up a 3-run home run to David Bote.

Graham Ashcraft didn’t run into much trouble over the next four innings, but the 6th inning got away from him much like the 2nd did. He hit the first batter before giving up a single. After a line out an intentional walk was called for that loaded the bases so Ashcraft could fake P.J. Higgins. He walked him on five pitched as the Cubs took a 4-2 lead. That would be the final batter he faced as Derek Law came out of the bullpen with the bases still loaded and just one out. The pitching change made no difference as Law gave up a 2-run double to the first batter he faced as Chicago extended their lead to 6-2. After a strikeout, Law then gave up a 3-run homer to Zach McKinstry to make it 9-2.

Joel Kuhnel took over in the 7th and gave up a leadoff double. Franmil Reyes hit one back up the middle and Spencer Steer was in position to make the play until the ball struck the bag and changed direction, rolling into the outfield for an RBI single that made it 10-2. Another single and then a 2-run double followed to put Chicago up by 10. Chase Anderson then took over and the first pitch he threw was smacked back up the middle for an RBI single and the Cubs continued to just bury the Reds pitchers.

Things didn’t get any better in the 8th when Reiver Sanmartin took over. He walked the first batter of the inning and then gave up a 2-run homer to Franmil Reyes to make it 15-2. Hunter Strickland followed things up with a shutout 9th inning. You’ll be surprised to read that the offense didn’t score 14 runs in the bottom of the inning and that they would lose to the Cubs to wrap up their 100th and final loss of the season.

Notes Worth Noting

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

The offseason where they need to reshape the entire roster.

100 Responses

  1. CI3J

    100 losses.

    In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter that much. If you aren’t in the playoffs, it doesn’t really matter how many you lost.

    On the other hand, 100 losses is a true milestone of ignominy, and no matter how bad your team is, you hope they never hit it.

    Hopefully, this season represents true rock-bottom for the Reds, and brighter days are ahead.

    Hey, at least we can rest assured that they can’t get any worse.


  2. Old-school

    Thanks Doug, JIm,NIck,Ashley,Tom.

    Thanks Mark,Indy,Roger,Kevin, Va, LDS,VFL,DD,MBS and others.

    Dont like the emerging narrative going into the off-season that the Reds bullpen is “developing”. It’s not. It’s still broken.

  3. Doc4uk

    Really no longer sure that Ashcraft can be relied on as a starter. Might be better coming in from the bull pen?

    • Ted

      Hey Phil, you finished in last place. Where you gonna go now?

    • greenmtred

      ashcraft is a rookie and has things to learn. isn’t it premature to decide he isn’t a starter?

      • VaRedsFan

        3 starts after a DL stint means EVERYTHING GMtRed….sarc font

  4. Josh

    Until fans punish ownership by not attending games or watching on TV, nothing will change. 1.3 million in attendance is bad, but it should have been about 800,000 – that might get ownership’s attention (might).

    • SteveAreno

      Wouldn’t the TV and radio rights be worth more than attendance?

      • Jim Walker

        TV rights are a big financial mess right now. Sinclair/ Bally is supposedly on the cusp of bankruptcy and said to be pursuing a strategy that would allow them to escape/ void all the contracts.

        MLB, NBA, and NHL have formed a consortium to attempt to address the situation. They may try to buy the contracts and implement a direct to consumers subscription service which is a course of action Sinclair/ Bally was also rumored to be looking into in addition to the possible bankruotcy filling,

  5. scotly50

    I am so glad to see this team get 100 losses. It is well deserved. the record should reflect the effort the ownership put into fielding this team.

    I rarely watched the Reds after the first of the season, but read Gray’s blog here. Thank You Doug !!!

    • CI3J

      I was exactly the same.

      In fact, this final game was the ONLY Reds game I watched for more than 15 minutes all season.

      I would say total this year, I watched less than 4 hours of Reds’ baseball, with the vast majority of that coming this afternoon/evening.

  6. Redsvol

    Pirates won – making us 3rd worst record overall. 16.5% chance of top draft pick and larger bonus pool to sign later picks. Got to look at the bright side.

    Doug – love the picture of Mr. Redleg with the “100” sign……classic. They need to make T-shirts for us putting up with this you know what-show this year.

    • Bill

      Actually they tied with the Pirates, both 62-100, and the tie breaker was who had a worse 2021. That drops them to fourth worst and a slightly lower chance of the first pick

  7. Dennis Westrick

    For Whom The Bell (David) Tolls! Time to start the housecleaning! Starting with D. Bell, the pitching coach, batting instructor(s), etc.! No chance to improve with a managerial and coaching staff that keeps doing the same thing hoping for different results! That’s the definition of INSANITY! I love my Reds and have been a fan since 1961. That being said, this is one of the worst Reds team and season that I’ve experienced. Always hopeful each spring but things have to change and that change has to start from the top down! This team has some good young pitchers but the offense needs a major overhaul. As a Florida transplant from Northern Kentucky I will be rooting for the Tampa Bay Rays in the playoffs!

    • TT79

      As far as Bell goes, he is certainly no Sparky Anderson or Earl Weaver. But I like him a lot more than Bryan Price. He uses platoon advantages. He gives young guys, like Ty Steve, India, Vlad, and Santillian last year their chances. Once India started to hit he put him in the leadoff spot the rest of the year. Can you see Price or Dusty doing that? Or letting Stephenson get over 400 PA last year and hitting him in the top of the lineup. As soon as Barreo and Steer came up, they were in the lineup regularly.

      But I really wanted to reply to my pet peeve. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is NOT the definition of insanity. In fact, that could be called perseverance. I mean how many MLB ball players, when they were kids, hit the ball the very first pitch that was thrown to them do you think? Any? But they kept swinging trying to get a different result. Does that make them all insane? Now there is a point where something has failed so many times that continuing to do it becomes stubbornness. But still not insanity. Not trying to single you out because a lot of people say this. But this saying drives me nuts cause it doesn’t make any sense. I am an RN in a psych unit. I’ve seen insanity. And its not doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    • Case

      How is it the managers fault they have a AAA roster playing major league games? Bell can only do so much with the talent the front office provides. The dumpster fire that is the Cincinnati Reds is owned by Bob Castellini, you should be getting mad at him not David Bell.

  8. TR

    You’re a real trooper, Doug, to keep this wonderful blog going during this miserable season of our favorite team. Thank you. And thanks to the lead writers and commentators who have expressed various opinions to make the great game of baseball interesting whether the sentiments are up or down. All the best to everyone in the offseason.

  9. GMan88

    Not long ago the Reds were losing 97-98 games per year, but there was hope. This season offered nothing but misery with no end in sight. What do we have to look forward to? Fraley hitting in the 3rd spot? Hunter Greene throwing 6 good innings only for the bullpen to blow it? I think the picture of Mr. Red holding up the “100” sign sums it up. There is total complacency with losing. The Reds are officially a joke. Sucks. It was such a proud franchise not terribly long ago.

  10. Erik the Red

    Actually the Reds had more fans than the Guardians this year. If the Reds had a decent team every three or four years they would be close to 1.5 to 2 million fans on average. Not sure we will see much improvement next year either.

    • B-town fan

      Who are the Guardians? I’m sure a lot of Cleveland fans think the same thing.

  11. Doug

    Fitting end to the season I’d say..
    Kudos to the Castellini ownership group for their relentless pursuit of putrid!

  12. Greenfield Red

    I thought there was a 10 run rule in Little League

  13. RedsFan11

    The problem is this team has maybe, and I emphasize maybe, 3 legit starting position players going into next season.

    Everyone else does not make a legitimate MLB roster. Yet I can guarantee the roster at the end of this miserable season will look extremely similar come spring training.

    Sell the team Bob

    • Jim Walker

      Wondering who are your 3? Stephenson, India and a recovered Votto? As you said, “maybe”

      • MFG

        Stephenson and India for sure, Votto should only be a platoon player at this point. The roster needs an enema and allot of players need to be released and traded.

  14. CI3J

    All I can say is:

    Payroll and resources: successfully aligned.


  15. LDS

    With the exception of Riggleman, finishing Price’s season, the Reds haven’t had an experienced ML manager since Baker. Price never managed again. And Bell is no better. So Krall, how about hiring an experienced ML manager and turning this team around. Or stick with failure and hope the Reds never fire you. Otherwise, who is going to hire you if you maintain the mediocrity of the status quo?

      • LDS

        Might be worth a shot. He had a far better record when he was fired than did Bell.

      • Greenfield Red

        Pretty sure Maddon would require about 10x what Bell makes. I don’t think so

    • A.B.

      What’s an experienced manager going to do with this horrible roster? Maybe we only lose 94 games? I don’t think Bell’s as big a problem as some do. More about the clown show at the top of the organization.

  16. Dennis Westrick

    Thanks for putting up with us all season Doug! Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

  17. David

    Well, all I can say is….that got out of hand quickly!!

    I am not really worried about Ashcraft, in 2023. Getting arm rest in the off season, and then starting fresh next year.
    Lodolo, Ashcraft and Greene have not thrown that many innings prior to this season.
    I think I would rather have seen Overton start today. He pitched better (in relief of Ashcraft) last week than Ashcraft did.
    Cessa pitched decent as a starter (not great, but decent).
    Let’s hope that they keep Overton. But…you never know.

    I was looking at the rosters of several Playoff teams this year, and a lot of their “stars” came up to the majors at 19, 20 or 21 years old.
    For instance, Yordan Alvarez, who hit 37 homers for the Astros this year, is 25, and this is his four year in the majors (missed most of 2020). So he came up at 21 (and hit 27 homers that year). Kyle Tucker, OF for the Astros (led them in RBI’s) came up when he was 20 years old, five years ago.

    Lastly, I don’t blame Krall for hiring David Bell. That is on Top Management, and Bob What’s -his name.
    Michael Harris (rookie) of the Braves, is just 21, and hit 19 homers and batted .297 this year.

    These are playoff teams, and they bring up their stars pretty young. But we have to have CES and EDLC play in AAA next year to get them ready.

    • JayTheRed

      Have you looked at the Blue Jays line up? Most of that was brought up through the minors. Yes, they had to go out and get starting pitchers through trade and free agency. That’s a model this team should be going off.

  18. Mark Moore

    I’ve counted to 3 and said my peace … 😀

    Bring on whatever comes next on this wonderful forum. All 2022 points were awarded on the game thread. All of them deserved and well earned.

  19. Tim

    Doug, we sincerely appreciate the work you’ve put into this site. It’s very informative and helps us all keep abreast of the issues with our Reds.

    I reflect on the conversations on opening day when many thought this would be exactly the record on closing day. A team cannot win with inferior talent in baseball. Too many games to not get a true picture. The on the field product is a direct reflection of the off the field product. The ownership set this record in motion last fall. I really miss good, competitive baseball. Not real hopeful about the next few years. Maybe we’ll get a team here in Nashville.

  20. Votto4life

    One of the worst records in the 153 year old history of this franchise. This team has been around since Ulysses S. Grant was President and yet, we have just witnessed one of the worst season this team has had in that entire time period.

    Just think of all the bad owners, general Managers, field managers and players who have worn Red’s uniforms in that time frame and yet, this team have done worse than almost all of them.

    This shouldn’t be a surprise of course. After all, the Reds did exactly, what they told us they were going to do and yet so many here refused to believe them. Nick Krall told us plainly that the plan was to align resources with payroll. He said NOTHING at all about winning. He still hasn’t.

    In fact, no one from the Red’s front office has mentioned any plan to make this team competitive.

    Yet, so many here insist there is such a plan.

    Wouldn’t it make sense, if there was such a plan, Nick Krall would mention it to the fan base when they were slashing payroll and trading fan favorites?

    Yet, neither Nick Krall or anyone else, associated with this organization, have spoken about such a plan.

    The fact is the Reds have already successfully implemented their plan. Their plan was to slash payroll. Nothing more, nothing else.

    When this team started off 3-22 and no one was fired, it became clear that the Castellinis were not concerned at all about winning or even the pretense of trying to win.

    The team that lost 100 games this season, will essentially be the same team that will take the field on opening day next Spring. There will be no improvement. There will be no significant free agent signings. (What player in their right mind would sign with this team?)

    This team is entering a long, dark tunnel. Another lost decade or longer. The team will be no better in 2024 or 2025 or any year after that, as long as the Castellinis own this franchise.

    We are facing the absolute worst case scenario for any fan base in baseball. It’s not going to get better for many, many years.

    • Jim Walker

      I believe that one way or another an ownership change will come. Beyond the Votto and Moustakas contracts` which are guaranteed only through 2023, the Reds have zero future player contract commitments. This is often a telltale sign of a pending ownership change.

      Castellini has supposedly raised capital in recent years by selling non-voting or equity vanity ownership shares. On the heels of a smelly mess like this, folks are going to be queuing up to get their money back because the stadium and access privileges that made these arrangements good investments as marketing tools or personal prestige trophies are worthless with a team like the current team.

      One would think the same would also be true of many of the corporate sponsors for the same reasons.

      And what of the Williams’ family shares said to total 20-25% of the total equity, more in raw equity than the Castellini managing partner share? Or how about the minority stake the Lindner family retained?

      Even if the people controlling these shares are not inclined to stir the pot, there may be potential buyers sniffing around who will pay a premium for them to get their foot in the door as an opening salvo in unseating the Castellini family as managing partners.

      Time will tell. Let’s hope we all live to see it.

      • KDAVIS


        Some of the other partners , while still owning pieces of the Reds, have moved on to other ventures – mainly FC Cincinnati.

        At least three part owners of the Reds are now owners of FC – with the Lindner family the main owner of FC. They are not going to buy more pieces of the Reds

      • Jim Walker

        Thanks for the information. This might also mean if the next generation of Linders are into FC Cincy and still hold any Reds equity, they would be amenable to selling it.

        Castellini started by chipping away around the edges then announced he intended to buy all the team not controlled by the Linders and challenge the validity of the managing partner agreement in court if the Linders did not do business with him (Linder’s total equity was said to be a minority but ~1% greater than needed to have veto power over any moves to dump the managing partner arrangement)

        The Linders responded by agreeing to sell the managing partner share but retaining a lesser portion.

  21. Doc4uk

    Can start the road back by firing David Bell and Derek Johnson and naming Votto as the Player/Manager .

    From there give the fans some hope by bringing up 2-3 of the young studs from AA. They absolutely cannot be worse that the current bunch.

    • Greenfield Red

      Votto is less qualified than Bell to be a major league Manager

    • Tar Heel Red

      You have got to be kidding…right?

  22. Wes

    Been a Reds fan since Frank Robinson’s rookie year through thick and thin. This is bar none the worst roster they have ever put on the field. The GM and ownership should be embarrassed beyond belief. Sparkie couldn’t have avoided 100 losses. Sad state of affairs when such an abysmal performance is blamed on the manager.

  23. NachosGrande

    Thanks to all on who make this site a must-read for me throughout baseball season. The Reds were all sorts of awful this year from start to finish (who can forget the statements made before Opening Day…or the great sell-off of most players with a pulse (twice) this year). That being said, I appreciated Redlegnation for persevering and like most here, I can only hope that next year’s Reds team isn’t also destined for 100 losses.

  24. Steven Ross

    First, kudos to Doug, Tom, Nick, et al. Fantastic job recapping games under less than ideal conditions.

    I know Doug shakes his head at my posts but 90% of time, I’m venting because it’s so frustrating losing. I truly mean well.

    Finally, how can ownership bring Bell back? It’s time to clean house & plant the seed of hope.

    • Greenfield Red

      He’s on a cheap contract and as in the Reds Blog report I read today, there will be lots of Managerial openings this year. He will probably be back.

    • TR

      If needed change in Redsland is going to be made among the first steps, in my mind, would be the resignation or removal of the current manager’s father from the front office.

  25. BC

    A Reds fan for nearly 60 years and accustomed to seeing the Reds win or compete well in most games or seasons with a competent manager. I cannot think of a time where a Reds team was so under-talented, under-developed, and poorly managed as this year’s team.

    Has there ever been an MLB season where a division had two teams losing 100 games like the Reds & Pirates this year? In fact, the NL Central was the least winning of all MLB divisions?

  26. Jim Walker

    For the record, I went back to see what happened with the Reds manager situation in the 1982 season. John McNamara was the manager at the start of the season. Mac had taken over for Sparky Anderson after the 1978 season.

    In 3 seasons prior to 1982, Mac’s record with the Reds was 245-186 (recall there was a mid season players’ strike in 1981). Under McNamara, the Reds had won the NL West in 1979, finished 2nd in 1980, and compiled the best overall record in MLB in 1981 but were left out of the playoffs because due to a split season format adopted because of the strike (a long story of its own for another time).

    After the 1981 season, GM Dick Wagner traded several key pieces of the 1981 team and made little to no effort to retain another player or 2 in free agency.

    With the 1982 team off to a 34-58 record, McNamara was fired and replaced by Russ Nixon who finished out the season with a 27-43 mark. Nixon was retained for 1983, and completed the full 1983 season with a 74-88 record (6th place in the West) but was let go over the off season.

    David Bell could not have made this 2022 team even an average team. That said, as poorly as the Reds played much of the time in 2022 relating to fundamentals, I don’t see how he can be brought back to lead a rebuild based on young and upcoming players.

    I also have to wonder if in his heart of hearts Bell wants to come back. His boss is not the person who hired him; and, the team philosophy and outlook is not the same as when he hired on. Baseball-Reference projects that in his playing career Bell made just short of $24m in direct salaries. So, it would not seem like he really needs the Reds job.

    • Jim Walker

      A bit more for the record. The Reds owners (managing partners) in 1982 were the original Williams Brothers, Dick Wiliams’ grandfather (William) and great uncle. Dick Williams’ dad and an uncle were listed as Reds principal owners along with Bob Castellini at the time Castellini became managing partner in 2006.

  27. JayTheRed

    I have no faith this team will do anything to improve from outside sources. Free agents or trades. I stopped watching games in early June and would randomly check the box scores for the Reds. I am sad, about how bad this team was this year. I do have to say that injuries obviously did not help things at all. Like Votto4Life I just don’t see any hope at this point. Ownership, tell your fans what the plan is! If you don’t have a plan, then wake up! If you don’t want to support the team, then sell it to someone who at least cares about its fan’s which it’s so obvious they don’t care. What as a fan am I supposed to cheer for when you as the owner aren’t even trying to make an effort or leading your team.

    Rooting for the Blue Jays in the playoffs and maybe the Mariners if they beat the Blue Jays. Other than that, I doubt I have to worry about the Reds signing or trading for anyone good.

  28. CI3J

    The Royals just fired Matheny hours after their final game.

    They didn’t even lose 100 games.

    • Jim Walker

      Yep. Maybe upset he didn’t get them into the top 3 worst for the draft lottery? 😉

    • Redleg1869

      From ESPN:

      “The Royals had exercised their option on Matheny’s contract for 2023 during spring training, when the club hoped it was turning the corner from also-ran to contender. But plagued by poor pitching, struggles from young position players and a lackluster group of veterans, the Royals were largely out of playoff contention by the middle of summer.”

      Sounds a lot like the Reds except the Reds we’re out of contention by mid April.

  29. Rednat

    honestly I am not as worried about the reds as the state of baseball. there were 4 teams with more than 100 losses and 5 additional with well over 90 losses. not sure this has happened before. interestingly 3 of the 4 teams were the most dominant teams of the 1970’s- reds, pirates and A’s. there were 4 teams with over 100 wins and the yanks had 99 wins. 2 teams in the same division had 100 wins. not sure that has happened either?

    the league is broken. the gap between the good and bad teams is way too big. mlb is morphing into the nba where you have teams that would win the equivalent of 40 games a year in mlb on a consistent basis. I applaud for the commissioner’s for at least trying to change the rules to promote competition but I am not sure how the main problem of mlb will be fixed…LACK OF POSTION PLAYERS THAT CAN HIT.

    • Rednat

      JUST To add a couple of other interesting stats. only 10 players IN BOTH LEAUGES hit over 300. Only 6 players (IN both LEAGUES) Stole over 30 bases. Nobody had double digits in triples. I know we are supposed to concentrate on the advanced metric these days but c’mon, that is pretty pathetic.

      • Old-school

        League batting average finished at .243, the lowest since 1968 when they lowered the mound.

        Banning the shift should raise that but the Reds need more guys who can hit.

  30. GreatRedLegsFan

    Well, another miserable season is on the fold, finally. There’s no way the Reds will do significantly better next season with the current players either, so make no mistake. I believe that any change should start with the ownership’s genuine desire to win, and unfortunately that’s not the case.

    • CI3J


      The Reds, and especially their pitching, should be a lot better just by the virtue of players returning from injury as well as the development and growth of their Big 3 based on their experience from this season.

      Not to mention, hopefully some of the young hitters like EDLC, Marte, McLain, and Encarnacion-Strand sieze the opportunity in Spring Training and actually live up to their billing, plus I’d like to see more of Steer, Fraley, and Fairchild over a full season. Finally, I’d like to give Barrero one final “prove it” season. My only hope is they actually let the kids play instead of giving at-bats to a bunch of joirneymen on one-year contracts.

      2023 could be a very interesting season, if the Reds really focus on seeing what the kids can do.

      • MFG

        CI3J, I agree with you except for Berrero. We have better shortstops in the minor leagues right now. I really do not think he can hit MLB pitching. We have some young pitching talent to be excited about, the big 3 and a few bullpen arms. Our outfield is what worries me, Senzel is not a center fielder, Aquino should be released, Fraley a platoon only, etc.
        I am hoping one of our many young and talented infielders in the minor leagues can switch to the outfield?

      • Chris Holbert

        100%. That is my biggest issue with Bell. He would much rather lose with veteran journeyman, then see what a younger player can do and help to develop them at the MLB level. When the “prospects” come up they become bench players or are automatically relegated as a platoon guy, instead of seeing what they can do. Of course there will be growing pains, but they are losing anyways, so what do the veterans bring? How many times does he have to see Strickland and the other carousel of salvaged RP blow competitive starts by the young SP, to know they are DFA for a reason? If they are losing the game because of that, give Diaz that experience, and watch him grow, hopefully, into the dominant close they need. When Farmer is your “best” hitter, he was batting third, and had an okay year, for this team, and Fraley is cleanup, what does that say about the Reds.

      • Votto4life

        The Reds had Luis Castillo and Tyler Mahle for the majority of this season. After they were traded, at the beginning of August, this team really struggled.

        The Reds won’t have Castillo and Mahle to contribute at all next season.

        As far as injuries goes, there will be injuries next season as well. If Lodolo or Greene gets hurt in 2023, things are likely to get extremely ugly.

        I think there is a good chance the 2023 Reds will be even worse than the 2022 Reds. (I know that’s hard to imagine) They are just as likely to will lose 110 games next season, as they are, to losing just 90.

    • TR

      Don”t count out top ownership change in the offseason. There will be a result of Phil’s deflating comments on this past season’s Opening Day.

  31. james d zimmerman

    Well, where you gonna go, what are you gonna do?

  32. Joey Red

    I only watched one game this season and that was Opening Day. That was just because of tradition. And certainly didn’t go to any games. The Reds are a horrible franchise who dealt most of their best players just before the season started. Ownership over the years did lots disservice to the fans but nothing compared to that move. The Reds probably wouldn’t have made the playoffs with those players and may have finished under .500 but I doubt they would have lost 100 games. There should be nothing but outrage here at this site from everyone including and especially the writers. There is absolutely nothing positive about the Reds. Not one thing. And there’s absolutely no hope in the foreseeable future. So I’ll be watching only one Reds game next season. And the next. And the next. And so on. And so on.

    • Votto4life

      Joey Red you are 100% correct. It’s baffling to me why some are so blindly optimistic.

      Let’s say the Reds pick up 10 games next year, which, by the way, is very hard to do in a single season, the team would then finish 2023 with 72 wins. That means in 2023, the Reds will once again be a distant 4th place team. Pretty much what they are right now.

      I think it is just as likely the Reds will finish with 10 fewer wins in 2023, than it is that they win 10 more.

  33. james zimmerman

    Where you gonna go? What are you gonna do?

  34. CFD3000

    I have never been less disappointed to see the end of a regular season, in about 50 years as a Reds fan. I have hope for next year, because I always have hope for next year – that’s part of being a fan. But it’s been a painful year. I’ll be curious to see what happens with this new playoff format, and rooting for the Mariners and Blue Jays.

    But beyond the Reds woeful season of injuries and struggles I lament the continued erosion of competitive balance. There had only been one season ever with four 100 win teams. This year there were four, plus a 99 win team in the Bronx. On the floor side, there were four teams with 100 losses, and another five with 93 or more. Nine teams won less than 70 games. Nine!

    From my seat, the only aspect of baseball that doesn’t need fixing is Redleg Nation. Thank you again to Doug, Nick, Ashley, Mary Beth, Tom, Jim, and John, and to the community of discouraged but no less passionate fans that make this such a worthwhile place to critique, exalt and despair all things Reds. Thank you all!

    • Jim Walker

      The loss of competitive balance is concerning and all the more so because it results not so much from teams trying to be very good as it does from teams not trying to be as good as they could be. And whatever the public narrative about positioning for rebuilding, the truth is many of the owners not trying to win are satisfied to count their profits all the way to the bank as long as the rest of the owners let them.

      Literal relegation does not seem to be a viable solution for MLB. However MLB should look at imposing stern revenue sharing and draft penalties that are in effect a form of financial relegation. What if the bottom 3 teams were barred from the draft lottery for the top 6 picks and slotted at #7-9? What if they were fully or partially denied revenue sharing funds? Measures such as these along with the CBT, which actually seems to be working as a soft cap, might be a step in a good direction.

    • Rednat

      yes, That is why I am not as upset as others with ownership. they did spend some money on free agents, these players just simply are not very good. And the young players coming up just don’t seem to know how to hit. I mean is it Bob Castelinni’s fault that Barrero strikes out every time or Pham started the season 0- 30? Some of the struggles are out of ownership’s control and reflects the struggles of the league right now

  35. Jimbo44CN

    Thanks Doug. GReat site, even though I know you disagree with me quite a bit. Gave me something to do while watching a miserable season.

  36. SultanofSwaff

    Not to wish ill on anyone, but I hope yesterday was the last we see of Romine, Kuhnel, Solano, Strickland, Farmer (yes, I said it), etc. etc. in a Reds uniform. I’d much rather lose with young players……and I wholly reject the narrative that you need veterans to mentor younger players. It’s more about identifying the guys who have drive and competitiveness.

    • Steelerfan

      Sultan, to me one of the most painful parts of this season was that they were bad AND old. If you are playing are awful but playing a bunch of kids, there is at least some reason to pay attention and hope. But by the last two months of the season, between the trades and injuries, you know that at least 2/3rds of the players you were watching were absolutely irrelevant to the future

      • Jim Walker

        With Votto out of the picture and 38 years old, I kept wondering why we saw so much of Solano at 1B. Fraley looks only marginally better than Winker as a defensive OF, why not get him a 1B glove and see if he could pick throws at 1B]?

    • Jim Walker

      I mostly agree. Sometimes a clubhouse cop and clubhouse mentor are the same guy rolled into one. That’s an ideal situation for me because the guy isn’t the cop unless he is highly motivated to win.

      A team can win without a player/ mentor. I doubt it can win without a clubhouse cop be that a “good cop” in the mold of Tony Perez or a “nasty” cop in the mold of Greg Vaughn or Scott Rolen.

    • wkuchad

      I’m fine with Farmer back next year, only because he’s not blocking anyone. He’s not taking anyone’s spot that should be playing.

      2024 is a different story.

      • Jim Walker

        Looking at what the F Troopers did in the OF post All Star break, the Reds should be looking to add immediate fire power at 3B which Farmer would be blocking because whether it is Barrero or somebody else, the Reds need more defense at SS than Farmer has left in his body.

        Here are the F Trooper’s post All Star OPS/ wRC+ numbers:
        Friedl> .887/139 (158PA)
        Fraley> .903/145 (199PA)
        Fairchild> .897/146 (99PA)

        Fraley has a severe handedness split and needs a platoon partner other than Fairchild since Fairchild does not have a significant drop off against batting side pitchers. Otherwise the Reds OF looks OK until some of the hotshot prospects can be converted and give cause to believe they can do better.

        Fix what needs to be fixed more urgently first.

  37. Steelerfan

    Thanks to everyone here for giving me some reason to continue to follow the team this season. Appreciate all youe time and energy and hopefully we will have something more hopeful to follow next year.

  38. wkuchad

    One of the problems with firing Bell is the quality of the new manager. Many think literally anyone would be an improvement over Bell, but let’s save that for another discussion.

    If Bell is fired, we want an upgrade. Someone that can work with and develop all of our new, young players obtained this year. The problem is, most of those new, young players will still be playing in the minors in 2023. Besides the three rookie starting pitchers, there’s nothing about the 2023 outlook that would entice a top managerial candidate to want to come here.

    Sure, there’s guys that would take any managerial job offered to them, but is that the manager we want. That’s who the Pirates have to hire.

    My hope is by the end of 2023, we actually have hope for 2024. We see development in the minors (especially with position players), and maybe some of these guys are brought up late 2023 and shows promise. If 2024 has potential, wouldn’t the 2023 offseason make a lot more sense to bring in our next manager.

    I guess, no matter how you feel about Bell, is now the time to fire him?

    • Rednat

      I agree with you. lets just get through next year. no good manager in their right mind would take this job next year as it will likely be another 100 loss season. Plus you will have the Votto drama. If he comes back, how much do you play him if you really are in rebuild mode? Bell and Joey have a good working relationship so there is mutual respect there.

      I say just hold your nose and keep Bell for next year

      • TR

        I beg to differ. There are plenty of potential good managers who would want to take the Red’s manager job. There are only 30 of those ML jobs around.

    • Jim Walker

      Make the move with the manager now. This provides the new person with the opportunity to get their organization and system up and running ahead of most of the anticipated influx.

      • TR

        The K.C. Royals have wasted no time regarding their manager, Mattheny. He must not have a valuable contact in the Royals Front Office.

    • DataDumpster

      A good part of my musings on this blog documents Bell’s failures with the hope of obtaining a real baseball manager instead of the spreadsheet driven, happy talk nonsense that seems to substitute for strategy now. But, the DataDumpster agrees with you that it is too late and not purposeful to remove David Bell at this time.
      The team of 2021 with the ace SP staff, unexpected India/Stephenson juggernaut, Votto showing us how its done one more time plus the top seasons from Wink and Casty angling for that big payday was the year the Reds should have made a decent playoff run. But, while the FO waited for the clinching moment to renew Bell, it never came as the team collapsed to .400 (in the last 30 games or so) and then you knew the tank was in. So, the ever so compliant David Bell is here to stay in spite of two more collapses to add to the leger.
      What new manager though can figure out why there is so little development of the prospects, the excessive injury rates, the impact of the new training methods and philosophies of Bell, etc. only to be rewarded with a subpar team that is totally dependent on guys that probably won’t even have a meaningful impact next year? How do you even restock this team with credible veterans before you figure out where your 6 shortstops of the future are going to play? Furthermore, on a team that has never had good defense since Bell took over, why is India playing out of position at 2B, Senzel rolling around in CF, and Moose rolling around (just for fun) at 3B?
      There are a lot of self inflicted wounds to correct, messes to be sorted out, and real long term planning to take place. Who better than David Bell to put a happy face on it until the vultures move in (and hopefully succeed in finding a winning direction in 2024-25).
      Sometimes, patience just gets intolerable when you realize the “mossbacks” are fully in charge.

      • Chris Holbert

        Not to mention, Reynolds and Solano at 1B, Lopez and Reynolds in the OF. Just because guys are MLB players, does not mean they can play any position at MLB caliber defense. This is not U12 travel baseball..

    • TR

      I have no idea if this is THE time to fire DB. But I do know, as a very long time fan, that any manager whose team started the season 3-22 would have been replaced.

  39. Gpod

    At the end of last season’s collapse was when he needed to be fired….this year just proved that point with an explanation point (and 100 L’s)

  40. west larry

    Thanks to all of the writers and bloggers on this site for their insight and outrage. I’ve been a fan since the late 50s, and this was the worst reds team that I’ve ever seen. This site allows me to interact with people who actually care about the reds. Injuries contributed to this awful season, but lack of talent was the main reason we finished tied with the pirates, The reds had maybe ten true mlb players on this team. Hopefully next year we can add two or three more with the crop of prospects the reds have. Maybe the team can be competitive in 2024 or 2025. Maybe not.

    • Jim t

      @west Larry we come from the same era as fans. While I’m extremely disappointed in our season I’ll always be a reds fan and eagerly await opening day next year. I guess it’s in my blood. It’s history between my Dad and I and many friends growing up. As a youngster I listened to the games on the radio. As bad as the season was it would be worse if there was no reds games to follow.

      Most posting on here are angry at ownership for not using resources to improve the team but most will be back next year as will I. Enjoy the off season and see ya next year.

      • west larry

        Thanks for the kind words, Jim. I’ll be at spring training in March, but I may be wearing a bag over my head to express my frustration with the ownership group. I’ll be watching the games next year. I hope they will be a little better next year. Look forward to reading more of your posts.

  41. Joe

    Cut bell some slack, no manager past or present was gonna win when your putting a aa team on the field every day, need to get a front office that is committed to winning bottom line