The 2022 Major League Baseball season comes to an end today. For the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago Cubs there isn’t much on the line. Neither team is close to the playoffs and are well below .500. Cincinnati, though, will avoid a 100-loss season with a win. That’s a number that they’ve managed to hit just once in their history, back in 1982. Graham Ashcraft will get the ball for the Reds. The Cubs are sending Adrian Sampson to the mound. First pitch is set for 4:10pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Here’s the lineup for the final game of the year:

Chicago Cubs

Cincinnati Reds

Zach McKinstry – 2B Alejo Lopez – DH
Seiya Suzuki – RF Jake Fraley – RF
Patrick Wisdom – 3B Kyle Farmer – 3B
Ian Happ – LF Donovan Solano – 1B
Franmil Reyes – DH Stuart Fairchild – LF
Nico Hoerner – SS Spencer Steer – 2B
P.J. Higgins – C Michael Siani – CF
David Bote – 1B Jose Barrero – SS
Christopher Morel – 1B Austin Romine – C
Adrian Sampson – SP Graham Ashcraft – SP

Jonathan India was originally in the lineup but he was scratched and replaced as the team’s designated hitter by Alejo Lopez.

Starting Pitchers

Graham Ashcraft 99.2 4.52 1.41 25 67
Adrian Sampson 101.2 3.10 1.21 26 70
Links: Graham Ashcraft’s Stats | Adrian Sampson’s Stats

Graham Ashcraft

In two starts since returning from the injured list it’s been a struggle for Graham Ashcraft. He’s been charged with nine earned runs in 6.2 innings while striking out just three batters. The rookie right-hander will get one final chance to straighten things out as he makes his 19th and final start in the big leagues of the year.

When it comes to his splits they favor how he pitches against lefties by a wide margin. Ashcraft has dominated against left-handed hitters this season, holding them to an OPS of .557. Right-handed hitters nearly slug that against him this season while also hitting .332.


RHH 231 71 16 0 9 11 33 .332 .372 .533
LHH 208 44 3 0 1 14 34 .232 .293 .263

Pitch Usage

2-Seam Cutter Slider Change
Velo 97.2 97.3 85.7 89.8
Usage 22.0% 49.4% 27.9% 0.8%

Adrian Sampson

After a quality season, Adrian Sampson is going to get one more start to finish things out. With a strong outing he could get his season ERA under 3.00, but he’ll have to keep the Reds scoreless or to one run depending on the number of innings he throws to get there.

When it comes to his splits, it seems that managers haven’t quite figured out that his splits are reversed as he’s faced more lefties than righties this season despite the fact that he’s significantly better against left-handed hitters. Lefties don’t hit for average, they don’t draw walks, and they don’t hit for any power against him. Right-handed hitters don’t walk much, but they are hitting .290 and they are slugging .460 this season against him.


RHH 187 51 9 0 7 10 34 .290 .332 .460
LHH 201 43 9 1 2 14 30 .230 .284 .321

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Cutter Slider Change
Velo 92.5 91.9 84.9 83.2 85.1
Usage 33.0% 31.9% 5.5% 15.7% 13.8%

When and Where

  • Game time: 4:10pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 75°, partly cloudy, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Joel Luckhaupt is bringing the notes for the final day of the season.

68 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    Once more into the brink we go!

  2. CI3J

    Just for reference, here was the Reds’ Opening Day lineup this year:

    Jonathan India – 2B
    Aristides Aquino – RF
    Tommy Pham – LF
    Joey Votto – 1B
    Tyler Stephenson – C
    Nick Senzel – CF
    Mike Moustakas – DH
    Kyle Farmer – SS
    Brandon Drury – 3B
    Tyler Mahle – SP

    Besides India, Aquino, and Farmer, all the rest of that starting 9 is either no longer with the team, or out with season-ending injuries. Mahle is also gone.

    It has not been a good season for the ol’ Redlegs. But it’s been a very consequential one.

    They went all-in on a rebuild, something I didn’t think they were capable of doing. Will it pan out? Who knows, but I can’t fault them for trying. What they did is what you’re supposed to do: Sell high on your assets with hope of acquiring another round of cheap, high-value assets that will eventually become expensive assets that you can trade for the next round. That’s how the Cards and Rays keep “reloading” instead of “rebuilding”, and I hope this is the beginning of the Reds starting that cycle.

    There is not much to play for on the last day of the season, and we ostensibly shouldn’t care if they lose 100 games or not, but I’d like to see them get that last win and avoid it, just for the heck of it.

    I’m looking forward to 2023. Hopefully, that will be a Season of Sorting where the Reds start to find out just what they have and what they need for 2024. The pieces are in place for this to become a young, exciting team ala the Atlanta Braves, we just have to hope the pieces they acquired actually live up to their billing.

    It was a forgettable season on the field, but it could be a year we look back on as laying the foundation for “The Next Great Reds Team”.

    Adios, 2022 Reds. Let’s get that win and avoid 100 losses, then turn our attention to 2023.

    • LDS

      Let’s hope it really is “all-in” on the rebuild. Too often this season, it’s looked like simply a salary dump with little concern for the consequences. I am ready for the off season and want to see what actions the Reds actually take. They have a lot of work to do, starting with cleaning up the 40-man roster as TM pointed out a couple of days ago. I saw earlier today the Reds have only had a single 100 loss season in their entire history. Whichever way today ends up, I ‘m just glad the season’s over.

      • Greenfield Red

        I’m with you LDS. I hope this is an all in rebuild. I like the trades from both the winter and the trade deadline. Most of the guys who were traded away have been failures so far with their new teams. Meanwhile the prospects brought in give promise.

        For next year, I think they will being in several 1 year rentals like Drury and Solono this year Hope they can be traded next year at the deadline for youngsters very similar to who they got this year for Naquin a d Drury. A strong international class in January will help. I hope they add more high end than just Duno. Picking early in the draft should help too.

        I think Bell will be back. Let’s hope he plays to develope youngsters rather than playing veterans to try to win and get an extension

        I think there is hope.

      • TR

        It’s tough to be a Reds fan without having hope. Remember the old Brooklyn Dodger saying before Jackie Robinson joined them in 1947: Wait Till Next Year.

    • Daytonnati

      In a weird way, they got worse.

    • Votto4life

      Just because the Reds dump salaries does not mean they have went all in on a rebuild.

      It amazes me how many people think slashing payroll is the same as a rebuild. The Reds cut payroll to save money, not to make the team better.

  3. Mark Moore

    C’mon, Graham. Finish them off this inning. Don’t run up your pitch count further …

    And the 3-run bleeder as I type that.

  4. Old-school

    Walks will haunt.
    Still can envision that at Old Riverfront.


      Speaking of Riverfront remember the sound of the ball hitting the wall?


    The walk parade continues! Then Boom

  6. Mark Moore

    Just seems to be Ashcraft has run out of gas. It happens. I get that. And I still think of him as part of the starting rotation over the next couple of years. But I do believe we’ve seen this movie more than a couple times now from him after his return from the IL. Hope he has a short leash.

  7. Kevin H

    Band box homerun. Joke of a ball park. Fence wise.. ran by a joke of a organization.

    Have a safe year everyone!!

  8. LDS

    Ashcraft is ready for the off season. Still not back to his pre-injury form.

    • Old-school

      He’s thrown 138 innings between AAA/MLB. Prior high was 70’s.

      I think he and Lodolo were not on the 40 man so went to ST in February during the lock out so hes been going a long time.

  9. Old-school

    Did we just witness alert baserunning?

  10. Gonzo Reds

    100 losses on the way! Sell the team Bob!

    Just glad my new team the Blue Jays (that’s where I went Phil!) made the playoffs and will host round 1. Hope they can do what the Reds haven’t done in forever it seems… win a playoff series!

    • Gonzo Reds

      Should add Blue Jays spring training in FL where I live unlike the turncoat Reds who bolted for Zona.

  11. Mark Moore

    Nice heads-up by Barrero paying attention to what was going on. Snagged that run because of it.

  12. RedsGettingBetter

    Well, after Cubs scored 3 runs the game is compromised because it is very hard to this offense to trim the difference and counting on Ashcraft can hold the Cubs don’t surrender more runs

  13. gusnwally

    I really do try to maintain a positive outlook on our beloved Reds. Having been a fan since the early 50’s, they have been a major part of my life.But, here I go thinking, we can do this. Assuming that some of the young studs ( Marte, DeLaCruz, Williamson etc) pan out. I think we can be competitive in 2024. Not a strong contender necessarily. But, at least a decent baseball team who is not a total joke. Probably will need to spend some money for FA’s to go with the afforementioned studs. But, I do think guys like Friedl, Fraley,Fairchild , Steer, Stevenson India combined with all the players mentioned could be a decent ball club. As I have stated a few times before, that means we cannot say goodbye to TS and India and our good looking young pitchers. Just simply because they are now starting to make some money. So we shall see. Have the Castellinis just plain been lying to us. Or is there actually a plan.

    • William

      It has been a long season. I followed the Reds, and they lost 100 games. How in the world am I a Reds fan and have very little interest in the Bengals? It is what it is. I will be following the Reds rebuild in the off-season. Hey, I have to do something. Go Reds in 2023!


    Glad we got that run because once again 1st and 3rd, 1 out and wouldn’t have score if not for the passed ball. Next year I hope for more contact and productive outs with less strikeouts. Enjoy the final reds game 2022

  15. Old-school

    Doug pointed out the reverse splits for Sampson.
    He’s using a 2 seamer inside against the lefties followed by a tailing change up that is tough.

    Righties getting more solid contact.
    Farmer, Solano and Fairchild all hit the ball hard.

  16. Old-school

    4 balls hit hard in a row as Steer singles in Fairchild

    Im going to agree with Jim on Fairchild. He s a good outfielder , has some speed, has some pop. Maybe he gets his driver’s license next year.

  17. Mark Moore

    A lot of hard hit stuff flying today. Too bad Suzuki recovered enough to snag that one by Siani.

  18. Mark Moore

    Calm day at GABP. Cowboy saying it plays a little bit bigger when it’s like this. The Lettuce Guy just missed that one.

  19. Old-school

    I think we’ve seen the last of Aquino and Lopez in Reds uniforms. Lopez is blocked at 2b and 3b by India and Steer and Farmer and the next wave and isnt toolsy enough to play MLB. The announcement that Senzel will be a super utility player and the Steer acquisition ended things for him. Even if Farmer were non-tendered, they d go with someone with SS ability.

    • Mark Moore

      I’m generally in the same camp on that. No surprise about AA. Lopez has value for somebody given he’s a reasonably productive switch-hitting contact guy.

      • eddiek957

        I wish all the young guys hit as well as Lopez

    • Jimbo44CN

      Perhaps you will finally get your wish on Aquino, even though I really dont think Fairchild or Sienna are an improvement over him. I hope they do let him go as he will have a better chance somewhere else.

      • Old-school

        You lie in the weeds for weeks and weeks and never comment on RLN…except when I call out aquino. Then you respond to my truth on Aquino. Thats the definition of ad hominem attacks. The Reds need a RF and Aquino isnt it. Idont see how anyone can say differently but they are certainly entitled to that opinion. Nick Krall surely will give his soon. I got nothing against him personally. He just cant hit and has no plate discipline and has been given every chance in the world.

    • Jim Walker

      Senzel is probably gone too unless he signs for 2-3 years on the cheap. Steer is an RH batter and that guy at MLB minimum.


    Ashcraft, except for that 2nd inning with command issues has done a nice job today and this year. Real positives going into next year with Nick and Hunter. Hopefully the rest of team will improve as well with changes, etc.


    OK, 2nd and 3rd, one out! hit or productive out anyone?

  22. Mark Moore

    Missing those runs we didn’t score last inning 😮


      Happen a lot to the Reds this year. That’s why I think productive outs are so important, gives positive energy to the team, fans and players.


        Also puts more pressure on pitcher to hold them, instead of going back out there in a tie game. I know easier said than done but man.

  23. Mark Moore

    As we approach our final descent (or crash, whichever is applicable tonight), I have a little “points housekeeping” to deal with. I always poke around the cushion of my favorite chair, check around my desk, etc. to see what I have left to distribute. Here goes:

    +500,000 for Cowboy and Thrall. I really like them, especially Cowboy.

    +100,000 for Joey’s time in the booth and a bonus +10,000 for that day he wandered GABP like a fan.

    +2,500,000 for all the regulars here on the forum. It’s always fun and interesting, even when we’re very frustrated with our favorite team.

    Finally …

    +4,873,219 for Doug and the team here at RLN. We had a dicey start with the delays this season, but you continue to deliver and provide a place for all of us to cheer, rant, complain, and discuss. It means far more than you’ll ever know to this old Reds fan.

    Bring on the Hot Stove. Hoping for a Braves vs. Mariners finale to 2022. I think I could watch that.


      Mark – I echo your comments! Thank You, Sir! And Thanks to Doug for this wonderful site and another great year. On here the season never ends!

  24. Mark Moore

    That’s a Clete for me as we tumble to the ignominious 100 loss season.

    • Daytonnati

      Mark, it turns out that the pig that was kicked all year was us 🙂

  25. CI3J

    Well, 100 losses is looking pretty likely now. It’s like Back to the Future, you have a photo of 100 losses, and it’s slowly fading into reality.

    I do agree, this team deserves it.

    • LDS

      Seems like they really wanted the 100. Only the 2nd team in Reds history to manage it. Let’s hope Krall & company are serious this off season. Let’s start the slaughter tonight.

  26. RedsGettingBetter

    As the Reds season has gone nothing else could be different that finish in a very bad note today… I thought Ashcraft was done after 5 IP and 80 plus pitches but Bell gave him another extra frame to balloon his ERA because the wheels got off the car…The mark of 100 losses will be a reality finally… Just left to be watching what the Front Office is gonna do during the offseason so the team coming in 2023 can be a little bit funny to follow…

  27. Magnum 44

    When you say the hot stove do you mean the crackpot? I got a feeling it’s going to be a slow off season. Nothing to get excited for, but for a better or worse I will always watch I will always pay attention. Like Phil said there the only game in town.

    • Daytonnati

      I agree with this. It will begin with a vote of confidence in David Bell.

  28. Indy Red Man

    I’ve been into murder investigation shows lately. Just forewarning you Kuhnel if you somehow make your way onto my favorite team again. I know how to hide my DNA, etc. Every time that lard donkey comes on I want to go full Elvis on my flat screen.
    Haven’t felt that way about anyone since Gary Majewski

  29. Moon

    Josh Kuhnel, like Aquino, is another guy that most likely saw his last action in a Reds uniform. It is sad to me because I like these guys and I know they are trying. But you have to perform and they have not. The difference between a hall of fame hitter and an run of the mill player really is not that much. One more hit in 10 at bats? But you want to be on the upper side of the narrow window, not the bottom side. I have been a bit dissapointed since the Reds purged at the trade deadline with the performance of the younger guys that were given opportunities. Sorting is underway and I was hoping to see a few more real keepers than I did. My guess is the sorting will continue next year. But we at least did see find out some of the guys we don’t need to waste time on anymore.

    • Broseph

      Enter Bill Durham, the difference between .250 and .300. For this team it’s more like .200 and .250 – which sadly is an even easier feat.

  30. CI3J

    Can the Cubs score 20?

    That should keep these last 2 innings interesting, at least.

    • CI3J

      Or, how about this:

      What if the score ends up being 22-3? One last reminded of how terribly the Reds began the season.

  31. LDS

    That the Cubs are better than the Reds is unequivocal. But they are this much better. It’s like batting practice out there. Just get it over with – quickly

  32. Harry Stoner

    I’m pulling for a 20-2 drubbing.

    If you’re going to lose 100 and pretend like nothing is happening then this might be the way to pound some sense into Krall and Bell’s heads.

    But it won’t.

    We’ll hear Bell say what a big part of next year that Kuhnel and Minor and Strickland will be.

    • LDS

      Wow, you’re even more cynical than I. Though if I had my way, Krall would fire Bell and the entire field management team tonight. And not let Bell make any post game comments.

  33. VaRedsFan

    It’s only fitting the Strickland should pitch the last inning of the season. The 1 guy that didn’t even earn his roster spot, yet stayed on it all year, and was the poster child of this awful Reds season.

    • Harry Stoner

      I fear we haven’t seen the last of Strickland.

  34. Kevin H

    Well honestly just a very frustrated fan. I talk about rooting for mariners and I do like the team, however I am a fan of the Reds and it’s hard an frustrating..

    I have alot of opinions, but I do believe coaching change and fresh voices is needed.

    No expectations going into the off season.

    Peace everyone.

  35. LDS

    62-100, worse than any projection at the start of the year, that I can remember. Seems like USA Today had them in the low 70s. The rest were higher. Times for the heads to roll. Come on Krall, show us all that you have what it takes to win.

    • Harry Stoner

      Krall would have to start by firing himself.

      The trades that were made in the offseason and during the season almost guaranteed the end results we are seeing.

      Bell’s managing certainly added to the misery.

      Was an injury besides Stephenson’s really that influential?
      Votto was clearly hurt all year but his decline could also be attributed to not having Castellanos, Winker and even Suarez batting around him.

      This was a self-immolation and we won’t hear anything more than platitudes about it.

  36. Gpod

    One word: “Embarrasssing” ….this game, this season, this franchise

  37. DataDumpster

    Almost too sad to even comment on so I’ll paraphrase one of the commentators who I don’t think was trying to be funny:
    “Well, it takes an absolute team effort to lose 100 games…so, uh, it will take the same a kind of effort to turn it around next year.” Glory be, 2022 Reds, but there is some good playoff baseball awaiting us.

  38. Mark A Verticchio

    It’s a shame most, if not all, of the pieces they got from the trades are years away. I still hope a few young guys make the opening day roster especially EDLC and a few others.