From September 28, 2019 through May 13, 2022 the Cincinnati Reds went 26-10 against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Reds have now lost five straight games to the Pirates.

The game started out well for the Reds on Monday night. Chase Anderson pitched four scoreless innings, but there was a 40 minute rain delay. David Bell decided to pull Anderson after the first batter reached base in the fifth inning, with the Reds up 2-0. The floodgates opened up with the Reds playing some atrocious defense. The Pirates kept pouring it on, and despite only collecting one extra-base hit the entire night, a double, beat the Reds 8-3.

The Reds need to go 3-5 or better over the final 8 games to avoid 100 losses.

Final R H E
Pittsburgh Pirates (57-97) 8 13 1
Cincinnati Reds (60-94) 3 5 2
W: Ramirez (2-1) L: Law (2-2)
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Biggest Play of the Game

According to Fangraphs WPA statistic (winning percentage added), the biggest play of the game was Derek Law allowing a 2-RBI double to Jack Suwinski with 1 out in the 7th inning, giving the Pirates a 4-2 lead. That play decreased the Reds probability of winning by 25.5% (from 35.5% to 10.0%).


TJ Friedl hit his 8th home run of the year, and it was an absolute bomb (412 feet into the right-field seats). Friedl now has 16 home runs combined from AAA and MLB this season, and continues to show some decent power added to his game. Could this be a sign of things to come? Take a look at his home runs by year breakdown:

2017: 7 (429 AB at A, A+)
2018: 5 (489 AB at A+, AA)
2019: 5 (226 AB at AA)
2020: DNP
2021: 13 (417 AB at AAA, MLB)
2022: 16 (413 AB at AAA, MLB)

Jonathan India smoked a ball off the wall in the first inning. It was India’s first extra-base hit since September 9th (16 games). It was especially encouraging to see it coming against a quality RHP (Roansy Contreras). India entered play on Monday hitting .242/.308/.386 with an 89 wRC+ vs RHP this season.

Aristides Aquino hit a single at 113.6 mph in the 7th inning. That was his hardest hit ball of the year. He followed that up with a 405 foot home run in the 9th inning with the game out of reach.

Chase Anderson continues to pitch well for the Reds. Tonight’s line: 4.0 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 0 BB, 5 K. He has been a pleasant surprise late in this season.


The defense was just brutal tonight. No other way to say it. Hopefully some of the athletic prospects on the way can help remedy this, because the Reds defense has been really bad for three straight years.

Derek Law and Joel Kuhnel combined to give up 8 hits in 2 innings.

Jose Barrero went 0 for 3 with 2 strikeouts. He is now hitting .153/.187/.208 on the season.

Not so random thoughts………….

I am a big fan of Jeff Brantley, but I didn’t exactly agree with his comments tonight. He went on a fairly big rant in the 9th inning about how embarrassing for the players it would be to lose 100 games. Maybe that is the case in the clubhouse, I will never know, but from my perspective sitting at home, I don’t really see it. The Reds clearly did not do everything to try to win this season from the beginning, and then completely gave up on this season at the deadline (a decision that I agree with given where they were.). The final win-loss total does not matter much to me.

The Cubs lost 101 games in 2012, then won the World Series in 2016. The Houston Astros lost 106, 107 and 111 games in 2011-2013, and went on to win the World Series in 2017. There are plenty of examples of teams (like the Pirates) that have lost 100 games and not been able to get back on track in relatively short order, but I’m not sure I see how it’s as big of a deal as Brantley made it out to be tonight.

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Reds at Pirates
Tuesday, 6:35 PM
TV: Bally Sports Ohio
Hunter Greene (4.91 ERA/3.75 xFIP) vs Mitch Keller (3.99 ERA/3.95 xFIP)

73 Responses

  1. LDS

    They need 3 of the last 8 to avoid 100 losses. Their best hope is that Aquino resumes his smashing of the Cubs and that Bell plays him every game.

  2. Melvin

    I agree 100 losses should be an embarrassment. Those players on the 1982 Reds I know don’t want to be associated with it. Five straight losses to the Pirates should be an embarrassment. Four of them at home no less. I also agree that Big Bob and son all the way down don’t care much about it one way or another. In any case the Reds are now down to winning three out of eight to avoid it.

  3. RedsFan11

    Couldn’t disagree with you more on this one Nick. As I said last night for as much as Bobby and Phil love to remind you of how great and historic this franchise is, it would fitting for them to be responsible for only the second 100 loss team in the 150 year history of the franchise…

    Brantley is 100% correct. The players and certainly the owners should be ashamed if they reach that mark……

    But I know I know, we should just have faith in Phil….I’m sure he’ll do everything necessary to turn it around next season.

    • AMDG

      Which players should be embarrassed if the team reaches 100 Losses?

      Should guys like Naquin, Pham, Drury, Castillo, and Mahle be embarrassed – traded away when the team was only halfway to 100 losses?

      Should guys like Stephenson Moran, Romine, Fairchild, Steer, Kolozsvary, and Garcia be embarrassed, when they played in less than 1/3 of the team’s games?

      Only 2 players (Farmer & Senzel) managed to play in more than 63% of the team’s games. Should those 2 players be the ones who feel embarrassed?

      • Melvin

        I think one point “The Cowboy” was trying to make is that the players currently on the roster now should be busting their butts to keep it from happening because they can and they are a part of the team this year and share in the humiliation. When you lose five straight to the Pirates including four at home there is something more going on than lack of talent.

    • Amarillo

      Should they be less embarrassed by 99 losses? I think the owners should be ashamed regardless.

  4. Doc

    I wonder. Pitchers excluded, what is the most number of losses experienced by any position player during the time that player was actually on the active 26/28 man roster. Probably Kyle Farmer. Has anyone else beside Farmer even made it through 2/3 of the year on the active roster? Certainly most of those playing now wouldn’t likely be embarrassed by 100 losses; they were in AAA for most of them. Farmer is probably more frustrated than embarrassed. He gave 100%.

    • Jim Walker

      Imagine how Barnhart must have felt from 2015-2018.

  5. Jim Walker

    I was away from the game tending to dog parenting needs when that keystone cops play went down to score the 1st Pirates run in the 5th. I just replayed the sequence. Then I watched the replay of 2nd run scoring.

    Barrero must have uncorked a cutter on that throw because unless the camera angle was really bad, the throw did not look so wide that Reynolds couldn’t have picked it. He appeared to just not react to it until it was right on him.

    I understand why Brantley was so spun up later in the game.

    • Still a Red

      On the first run, Sanmartin went to cover third. Barrero initially went out for the looping single, then immediately started for third…Freidl threw to the base…both Barrero and Sanmartin there…why is Sanmartin covering third…shouldn’t he backing up home plate?

    • BK

      Yes, Brantley’s rant was about a lack of focus displayed over a number of plays (poor throws, missing the cutoff man, not being aware of who is running the bases, etc.). Last night smacked of a team going through the motions and totally unaware that they are about to further tie their names (and reputations) to a historical marker that only one other team has hit.

  6. VegasRed

    The reason to root for 100 losses is not because we aren’t fans who care about winning but to highlight to all of MLB just how bad the Castellini did this year. 95 or 96 losses is no hum but to lose 100 or more your team really sucks bad.

    It will be harder for the Castellini to justify and gloss over. It also helps spotlight how inept the field management is.

    Now on might say it won’t make any difference to the owners or Bell but it should bother even the Castellini and the other owners and make not changing the field mgt seem even more derelict and just plain stupid in the eyes of everyone in baseball.

    One can only hope I suppose, and even if they get to 100 losses there is no guarantee Bob and his boys will care or it will affect Bell in no accountability Cincinnati!

  7. Rednat

    I would give Bell another year just to get Joey to finish line with some dignity and respect. Then in 2024 I would offer Brantley the head coaching job. At least he has some passion! I think there would at least be some accountability out there.

    • Kevin H

      Have always wondered if Brantley would make a good manager or pitching coach. Eric Davis as a hitting coach?

      Brandon Phillips as manager? Maybe that is a stretch, however something has to change.

    • Greenfield Red

      JV needs to hit better than .205 to finish with dignity and respect. He has enough money. He should cut a deal with the Reds, for 75% of what is owed, and retire.

      DFA Moose. Pay him to go away.

      JB is the Old Lefthander 2.0. He needs to stay right where he is.

      Find an actual major league Manager, and hire him. Don’t go cheap.

      • Doug Gray

        Why would Joey Votto take a paycut? The Reds didn’t give him a pay raise when he was easily outperforming his contract.

      • Greenfield Red

        Hey Doug. I didn’t suggest a pay cut. I suggested he retire. That he doesn’t show up in March. That he avoids another bad year for himself on a bad team.

        If the Reds bat him 3rd and play him at first 140 games next year, unless they need a warm body there, they are not doing their best to fulfill this rebuild.

        Everybody says it is a business. If so, everything you do needs to be about winning or preparing to win. Hitting him 3rd and playing 1st base is a hinderance, and again I say, if you don’t have a young guy to put there, then fine.

        Personally I think Spencer Steer should be the starting 1B next year while they wait for CES

  8. JB

    It’s at the point now where it’s a miracle if Barrero doesn’t strikeout. Painful to watch.

    • Luke J

      It’s at the point where I think he needs to severely close his stance a la Giancarlo Stanton. This might allow his terrible pull tendencies to end up with fair balls instead of pulling everything foul. If even a fraction of his hard pulled balls go fair, his average goes up immensely. It seems to be getting past making more traditional approach adjustments and into trying something major/unconventional. And it works for Stanton (for the most part).

  9. Kevin H

    Kinda glad I don’t have cable this year to watch the Reds. Balley sports ohio isn’t on YouTube tv..

    Anyway, while I disagree with some it has been a enjoyable season to come to redlegnation and interact with everyone.

    We can talk about the start, talent level, or any number of things. Yet, look at the Guardians and how the Ray’s have turned into contenders and even the O’s this season with all their young talent.

    No I don’t believe analytics work in baseball. Just my opinion, I feel people are making the game more boring and complicated.

    To my point this current coaching staff needs to go. They have talent on the field and coming up, and this coaching staff isn’t the answer.

    Maybe Eric Davis, Joe Madden I dunno but different voiced are needed.

    • Bill J

      KH, I wonder if not only the Reds coaching staff needs to go but, the minors coaching needs a shakeup. Things like fielding, base running, you know the basics should be grained in by the time you get to the majors. The other day, I believe it was the Cards, had a double play where the right fielder was covering 2nd base.

      • burtgummer01

        Talent on the field doesn’t matter just ask a couple not smart people here

      • Pete

        Talent is an issue there is no doubt. However, fundamentally the team is a train wreck. Doesn’t reflect very well on the farm system or the coaching staff at the major league level. In my humble opinion of course.

        How many here would be upset if the Reds had a total organizational overall? Because whether it’s the field manager or someone else, it cannot be argued it is outside the organization as a whole.

        Per the experts the team has one of the most talented farm systems in baseball. So we must have a good foundation to build from then. Lord let this not be wasted. If changes are needed, there is no better time than the present.

      • Jim Walker

        @Pete +1000

        No reason to believe the current ownership has a clue about how to develop and manage talent and lots of telltale indicators that maybe they don’t.

      • Kevin H

        Yes talent on the field. And just because you disagree doesn’t make you smarter.

        Plus being a armchair manager doesn’t make you any smarter burtgummer01

      • Greenfield Red

        Pete, I want to agree, but the farm system will finish 50 games below .500 again. Combined with the Reds, that will be nearly 90 games under. Is that the worst of the 30 teams? Probably.

      • Pete

        Green, is that a developmental problem then? Haven’t studied deeply but I’m guessing the team has drafted rather high over the last five or six years plus the current haul from the trades. The brainiacs in baseball have the system, or maybe just the players, rated highly. I think the best for all concerned especially the fans is if the Reds basically scrap everything and go with a whole new crew. I definitely think it would create some new excitement around the franchise. Who knows though I could be wrong.

      • Chris Holbert

        How may of them are constantly playing a position they have never played before the came to the majors with the Reds? Just because you are a MB player does not mean you can play every position well or fundamentally sound.

      • Chris Holbert

        How many of Reds are playing positions they have never played at a high level until they came to MLB with the Reds? Just because you are an MLB player does not mean you can play every position or even two or three good or fundamentally sound. I am not sure DB thinks that way, just put them in the lineup anywhere they will figure it out, they should be thankful they are playing in MLB. Then wham Bad News Bears

    • Amarillo

      All you need to do to see that analytics work is notice how Batting Averages have plummeted across the game due to the shift. Despite Batting Averages being at an all-time low, runs scored per game is higher than it was throughout the 60s, 70s, and most of the 80s. The only eras where teams score more runs than they currently do are the steroid era in the 90s and early 2000s, and pre-world war 2.

      • greenmtred

        part of that phenomenon may be the increased emphasis on the home run, though the shift seems a likely culprit as well.

  10. Klugo

    The FO doesnt care about losing 100 games. That’s obvious. The players do. They are trying to stick and they think they are good enough. Failing stings.
    That said, if your gonna lose now, the Pirates are the team to lose to.

  11. TR

    The Reds are loaded in many areas with potential winning talent. If the 100 loss season is a reality, use it for the needed shakeup in management from top to bottom.

    • Redgoggles

      ‘Loaded with winning talent’……are we watching the same team/franchise? Maybe as a AAA team, and that’s a maybe.

      So many holes to fill for this team to be a winning organization. The shakeup is much needed at the level of ownership/GM that is responsible for the roster construction, less so on the onfield management level as no manager could have pulled even a .500 record with this group.

      Folks who are focused on blaming Bell are giving ownership a pass on how brutal the roster is for him to manage.

      • TR

        If you regard the Reds as a AAA team, that’s your opinion. That’s not mine. if the Reds are going to get out of this hole, a shakeup is needed, period.

  12. SultanofSwaff

    Hat tip to the minor league coaches who failed to teach Fairchild how to bunt. He didn’t offer at a strike (rule #1), then missed by 6 inches and the ball hits him squarely in the chest. Painful to watch….the whole game in a nutshell.

  13. Mark Moore

    100 is just a number. But the problem to this fan is that it’s a VERY UGLY number. It matters, not because of anything substantive. It just matters to me. And as we inch closer and closer to the end of the 2022 train wreck, we appear to be going out just like we came in. The losses are just plain frustrating.

    Bring on the offseason. At least we’ll still have each other here at RLN to lean on.

  14. AMDG

    If they had a core of guys who played all season, then 100 losses should be an embarrassment.

    But that is not the case.

    With trades & injuries, 100 losses is the culmination of MANY players who only marginally contributed to that achievement.

    Consider that only Farmer (89%) & Senzel (71%) have played in more than 63% of the team’s games.

    And the only pitcher on the roster who has pitched more than 100 IP is a 22 year old rookie.

    • Doc

      Better said that the way I put it, but same idea. Thanks.

    • Chris Holbert

      What is that percentage for the other 29 teams?

  15. Hotto4Votto

    If the Reds lose 98, 99, or 100 games won’t make any difference to me, whatsoever. It won’t make how I feel about this season any different. It won’t make plans and strategies going into next season any different. It won’t have any affect on the next competitive club for the Reds.
    The only real consequence I can imagine, is that it will leave another stain on the Castellini’s tenure. I’m perfectly fine with that.

    • Jim Walker

      If a person stops to think about things, the fact the Castellini family hangs in and takes all the public beating over the Reds is probably itself a pretty good indicator they are laughing all the way to the bank with big bucks to deposit.

      With Bengals and the Brown family, at least it was THE family business and as the 3rd generation began to take over, they figured out there was more to gain from winning than from just taking what amounted to the guaranteed dole from the NFL for providing an opponent 16 weeks a year.

      • greenmtred

        i’ve had the same thought, Jim. one would think that being the owner–and the one who imposes spending limits–would be embarrassing.

  16. Jim Walker

    It is the morning after where I am. The morning after what? Just another typical Reds dumpster fire loss like so many others this year.

    As the criticism of Bell goes around here, I have been among those mostly holding my fire because whoever Bell wrote on the lineup card; or, however he ran the games, this Reds team by design from higher than Bell’s pay grade was not constructed to win games. `

    But last night was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. Simply put, this Reds team demonstrates on the field time and again that it is not well organized and directed.

    If it takes better players to make a manager better organized, the manager should not be the manager. That’s David Bell at this point. Would I trust him with the future of my team as the young prospect begin arriving? No way.

    • Daytonnati

      This is sort of where I am. Bell has to play the terrible hand he was dealt, but that should not excuse the seemingly unprepared, unmotivated team they have been fielding for the past month or so.

      I look for him to get booted upstairs.

      • Jim Walker

        Great Minds maybe??? 😉

        I was wondering recently what sort of soft landing in the Reds food chain they could find or create for Bell at least until he could find something better and quietly exit the organization.

    • Melvin

      “If it takes better players to make a manager better organized, the manager should not be the manager. That’s David Bell at this point. Would I trust him with the future of my team as the young prospect begin arriving? No way”.

      Well said Jim.

  17. Doc

    Took a quick look at the comparative stats for Friedl and Aquino. Both have roughly the same number of plate appearances. My quick glance says Friedl is head and shoulders better than Aquino offensively this year. BA, OBP, SLG, SB, pretty much across the board. Doesn’t say much for Aquino, and those 12 outfield assists are just not enough to make up for the offensive differential.

    • Jim Walker

      I do not necessarily disagree; but, Aquino’s defensive value goes beyond the actual assists to include all the times runners don’t test him trying score from 2B on a hit or 3B on a fly ball out or don’t try to go 1st to 3rd on a single, stretch a single to a double or score from 1st on a double. Some of these runners score eventually anyway but many do not.

      • BK

        But his potential value is diminished when he makes a lackadaisical throw to 1B when he should have easily picked off another runner.

      • Doc

        I can agree to a degree, but would add that some of the runners who are on base when he strikes out, or fails to get any kind of hit 80% of the time, also go on to score, but many do not. I would think that were his arm so valuable as to be a net positive offset to his hitting he would not have passed through waivers on previous occasion(s).

      • Melvin

        Joey Votto, who admittedly is an Aquino fan, had the same comments recently on a broadcast, Jim.

      • Melvin

        I’m not making excuses for Aquino’s inconsistencies. He NEEDS to be more consistent. However if you want to talk about value in terms of WAR Drury is the only position player all year with a higher one.

  18. Votto4life

    post hoc ergo propter hoc is a fallacy. just because a team loses 100 games does not mean they will then go on to win a championship.

    • Votto4life

      Just because a roster crows and then the sun comes up, does not mean the sun comes up because the roster crows.

  19. Bill J

    Seen this quote from Cy Young:

    “Too many pitchers, that’s all, there are just too many pitchers Ten or twelve on a team. Don’t see how any of them get enough work. Four starting pitchers and one relief man ought to be enough. Pitch ’em every three days and you’d find they’d get control and good, strong arms.” – Cy Young

    • Doc

      I believe I read that one year Young made 34 starts and completed 28 of them, and that was a fairly typical ratio. The complete games alone would be 252 innings. It would be very interesting if some researcher type were able to take a 10 year period in, say, the Nolan Ryan era, and the current 10 year period, and compare innings pitched to arm dysfunction and IL/DL and surgery rates. For 100 years clubs were four man rotations and pitching loads were closer to 300 innings than pitchers are now to 200 innings. It seems to me that the fewer innings that are pitched, the sooner the TJ surgery comes along, but that is an impression, not a data analysis.

      • Amarillo

        I think it has to do more with how hard Pitchers throw now. Pitchers back then hardly threw 80, much less today’s 100. I believe I read the Big Red Machine didn’t have a single pitcher that threw over 90, is that correct? This is an old example at this point, but Kerry Wood and Mark Prior threw over 200 innings at relatively young ages in the 2003 playoff push and it ruined their careers.

    • Greenfield Red

      Cy Young was probably throwing 70 mph fastballs. Big difference between 70 and 100 on the human body.

      • Optimist

        “Have you ever thrown a ball 100 miles an hour? Everything hurts.” – Bob Gibson.

        The hurting was one step from the season, or career, ending injury.

      • Doc

        Nolan Ryan wasn’t throwing 80 mph fastballs. In fact, Ryan, Randy Johnson, Bob Gibson, Curt Schilling and a bunch of others from the era 30-50 years ago regularly topped out upper 90’s to 100.

        Walter Johnson was measured at 99.7 mph (using military measuring equipment used to measure bullet speed.
        Bob Feller was measured at 98.6.
        Satchel Paige’s reputation was that of being faster than either of them.

        In the Johnson, Feller, Paige era, pitchers routinely threw fastballs most of the game. The curve ball wasn’t as prominent as it is now.

        I’d be interested in seeing the references to Young only throwing 80 mph. I can’t specifically find a speed estimate or measurement on Cy Young, only that he got the Cy, as short for Cyclone, from hitters trying to hit his heater.

        Perhaps it is the curveball more than the fastball, or the tightness of muscles from all the weight lifting, rather than the speed of the fastball that is the contributing factor in the elbow issues.

      • Optimist

        Certainly the twisting, however small, required for breaking pitches contributes a lot to arm stress. BUT, there remains an enormous difference in the stress as velocity increases, which is the point of Gibson’s comment.

        Doubtless there have been extreme outliers going all the way back to the dead ball era, but the exceptions cited don’t prove any rule. I’d add Billy Wagner to the list simply considering his size.

        Throwing 250 or 300 innings at 90-92 seems a lot less injurious than 100-150 innings at 99+. Unless they deaden the ball or bats, 13-14-15 man pitching staffs are necessary to hold down total innings per pitcher.

        And to go way back, there is no more “pitching in a pinch” – every pitch is in a pinch.

      • Greenfield Red

        Doc, I’ve never seen a study of how fast pitches were by the decade. I do remember all the hoopla around Tom Seaver and his 90mph fastball.

        Ryan, Johnson, Gibson, and a few others may have been somewhere in the 90s, but they are the exceptions to the rule. Now every team has at least 2 or 3 guys over 100. I don’t think our bodies are made to throw that hard for and extended career.

  20. Old-school

    There are going to be some disappointed folks here very soon as the season ends. Krall will let it leak that Bell is absolutely coming back as well as his entire coaching staff to see this draft and develop and acquire young players new model of doing things through all the way to the MLB level. When Bell said Reds already had a plan for Barrero in the off-season and it was starting now basically with him taking scheduled days to work on things and then get back in their every day hitting at SS for a week or so and then Reds hitting coaches would visit him in Florida during the off-season….cat was out of the bag.

    1.) Bell and his coaching staff will all be back
    2.) Moose will use the off-season to get healthy and then he will come to ST as the DH. Moose is not getting DFA’d.
    3.) Votto is coming back to play 1b and hit and it will be the off-season and ST biggest storyline.
    3.) Reds will add a few players through FA that will be more than just 2023 guys, including at least 1 SP.
    4.) Krall will set the budget with ownership in October and it will end up being mildly more than 2022.
    5.) Nick Senzel and Matt Reynolds will be multi-positional IF/OF utility guys at a combined $2.5 million. Kyle Farmer at $5 million will be non-tendered.

    • Pete

      That sounds about right but do you really think Farmer is going anywhere?

    • Optimist

      +95 or so to all this. Still an optimist here, but no denying that list is desultory. I still think #2 is the mildly questionable for a few reasons – 1-they showed they could do it with Akiyama; 2 – how much better shape/health can he be in – it’s not a straight rehab/recovery like Votto’s; 3 – even if that isn’t enough, if the choice becomes Moose or Votto for the 26th spot, Votto stays.

      And, if #4 is correct, Krall may be able to outline enough steps to lead to releasing him.

      Other possibility is that while Bell may return, I doubt all the coaches will. They’ve shown ability to change that up, and Krall may be able to make a move or two on the staff. Finally, are any of the coaches contracts expiring? That could play a role as well.

    • Michael

      No way Kyle Farmer is non tendered/traded. I would like to see it so Steer can play 3rd next year but it ain’t happening. Bell loves Kyle Farmer.

    • Old-school

      Look at the Reds last 5 years. Whenever a player becomes $5 mil in arbitration he is non-tendered. Billy Hamilton. Jose Peraza. Tucker Barnhart was traded rather than take on his $7 mil option. Wade Miley was put on waivers. Amir Garrett was traded rather than pay more in arbitration pushing $5 mil. Archie Bradley wasnt getting north of $5 mil.

      • Doc

        Maybe those players should have asked for, and tried to scrape by on, $4,750,000!

  21. Steven Ross

    Jeff Brantley played 14 seasons. Went to WS and was an All-Star in 1990. I believe what he says. It’s embarrassing to lose 100 games. We were out of it in April! Let that sink in.

    The Cubs and Astros have better Ownership. The Castellini’s have never won anything. I don’t see the Reds ever winning a WS unless they sell the team.

  22. VegasRed

    It is somewhat humorous to me to see the discussion about which players should be most embarrassed about the season record and potentially losing 100 games.

    Well I can tell you who should be most embarrassed because every darn loss is on his personal record and he (mis) managed every stinky loss——David T Bell!!!

    Guess he has no shame and no real sense of responsibility for this train wreck. What else can one conclude? Any other self-respecting manager would have the decency to resign. I mean how many trash teams is he now the manager of record? And even 2021 he presided over a massive collapse in august September and October. Loser extraordinaire!