Nick Lodolo threw 6.0 strong innings, but the Brewers held up their end of the bargain by keeping the score knotted up at 1-1 until Spencer Steer came through with a big time go-ahead solo home run in the bottom of the 8th inning. Alexis Diaz took care of the rest as the Cincinnati Reds topped Milwaukee 2-1 on Sunday to avoid being swept.

Final R H E
Milwaukee Brewers (82-71)
1 5 1
Cincinnati Reds (60-93) 2 6 0
W: Farmer (2-1) L: Bush (2-3) SV: Diaz (9)
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The Offense

Trailing 1-0 in the bottom of the 2nd inning, Cincinnati tried to put together a 2-out rally when Aristides Aquino walked and Matt Reynolds singled into right field, but both would be stranded when a ground out ended the inning. The 3rd inning began when TJ Friedl was hit by a pitch that caught some of his hair. He moved up to second base on a ground out. With two outs in the inning Spencer Steer hit a tapper in front of the plate that Brewers catcher Victor Caratini fielded but couldn’t make the throw to first to get Steer, but Friedl had rounded third base a bit too much and was tagged out to end the inning.

In the 4th inning the Reds offense got back to trying to make something happen. Back-to-back 1-out walks from Aristides Aquino and Matt Reynolds loaded the bases for Austin Romine. The control problems continued to Aaron Ashby as he hit Romine with the 6th pitch of the plate appearance to tie the game up and turn the lineup over. TJ Friedl popped up a bunt for the second out, leaving things up to Jonathan India if Cincinnati was going to further cash in on a bases loaded opportunity. It wasn’t meant to be as India broke his bat on a ground out to keep the game tied up at 1-1. Spencer Steer led off the bottom of the 8th inning with a 414-foot home run to center to put Cincinnati in front 2-1. It was all they would manage to get in the inning but it turned out to be just enough.

The Pitching

Nick Lodolo sat the Brewers down in order in the 1st inning on three straight grounders. The first pitch he threw in the second inning didn’t wind up on the ground until after it bounced off of the 5th row of seats int he outfield and back onto the playing field as Hunter Renfroe gave the Brewers a 1-0 lead. A single and a 1-out double followed to put two men on. Lodolo struck out Victor Caratini before he got lucky when Tyrone Taylor hit a line drive that struck Keston Hiura between second and third to end the inning.

That little bit of good luck seemed to turn the tide for Nick Lodolo. From that point forward he allowed just one walk, no hits, and he finished the day with just that one run over 6.0 innings of work before turning the game over to reliever Derek Law in the 7th. Following a 1-out single, Law made an outstanding play to get out of the inning on a liner back up the middle that knocked his glove off before he picked the ball off of the ground, turned and fired to second before Spencer Steer stepped on the bag and fired to first for a double play.

Buck Farmer took over for Cincinnati in the 8th and made quick work of the Brewers to keep the game tied up at 1-1. After Spencer Steer gave the Reds a 2-1 lead with a home run in the bottom of the 8th it was time for Alexis Diaz to take the mound to try and seal the win. The rookie reliever needed 14 pitches, but he struck out all three batters that Milwaukee sent to the plate to hold on for a 2-1 victory.

Notes Worth Noting

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Pittsburgh Pirates

Monday September 26th, 6:35pm ET

Chase Anderson (2-3, 5.21 ERA) vs Roansy Contreras (5-5, 3.68 ERA)

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  1. Mark Moore

    Diaz was throwing nasty stuff to a Bernie team that was over-anxious. It worked out in our favor. The win felt good, even if I did have to “talk to myself” almost the entire game … 😀

    • Kevin H

      My apologies Mark, I was watching the Bengals. Lol

      I owe u a spot lmao

      • Mark Moore

        You are forgiven, sir. I stopped watching NFL games years ago, But I did keep an eye on the Phishies beating the Bills. That’s a throwback for me to a time when the Principal Tympanist for the Grand Rapids Symphony and I used to bet each other on those games.

        I’ll let you know when I need a spot. 😀

    • Jim Walker

      Yeah, sorry to abandon you on the game thread but my wife came up with the idea of a free meal via burning a gift card one of us had received; and, that was an offer that was not be refused at several levels of my well being 😉

      Good job pulling this one out of the fire to avoid being swept !

  2. Dennis Westrick

    Amazing how effective the Reds pitching staff can be when they only walk one (1) batter in a nine inning game! Great job by all the Reds pitchers today and, again, Diaz for mayor of Cincinnati!

  3. Kevin H

    Reds win!! 60 wins and 3 away from a non 100 loss season.

    Still amazing to me after a horrid start they don’t have the worst record in mlb..

    Even more amazing or not, Bell didn’t lose his job . Lol

    • Jim Walker

      Must be 3 or 4 other teams trying their best to lose the most games.

      I hope one of the 3 worst records (which the Reds are all but mathematically eliminated from) draws all the short straws in the draft lottery and ends up out of the top 5 picks. I would say all 3 worst teams out of the top 5 picks, but since the their odds of the top pick are 16.5% each that might just be mathematically not possible once one or two of them are out of the top 5.

    • LDS

      I’m pulling for a 9 game losing streak. Really want the 102 losses. Nobody will remember the second worse Reds team in history.

      • Kevin H

        Why? I yes this time is not good, but what purpose does it serve to wish a 9 game loosing streak? LOL

      • LDS

        @KevinH, the ‘82 Reds lost 101. Similar roster, aging superstars, a few up and comers, some that never arrive. Two shaky managers, either likely better than Bell, but neither particularly great. Bell & Castellini deserve this distinction.

      • wkuchad

        What’s the old saying? With ‘fans’ like these, who needs enemies.

      • LDS

        @wkuchad, unlike some of you here, I’m not suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Still a Reds fan, not a fanboy, and always will be. Just not a fan of Bell, the Front Office, and the owners. I still believe in results and accountability. They don’t

      • 2020ball

        Well whatever it is you’re suffering from, I’m glad I don’t have it. Rooting for my team is somehow me suffering from a disease, yeah sure. It’s time you retired from the Reds it sounds like

      • LDS

        @2020, it’s time for Reds fans to have a realistic view of their current and future competitiveness. it doesn’t exist. Votto isn’t going to come back and back .350. They aren’t likely to invest in the bullpen or the starting pitching etc. Bell will likely be there for the foreseeable future. Krall will continue to chip away at payroll, etc. My team, win or lose, is a sucker’s bet. And one that Castellini loves as he laughs all the way to the bank.

    • Harry Stoner

      I’m actually pulling for 100.

      It needs to stick on Bell, Krall and particularly the Castellinis.

      Second best would be to close out the miserable season with 10 straight wins.

      • 2020ball

        Both of you are ridiculous. No fan i know roots for their favorite team to lose. With the new draft rules theres even less reason to want that. Gross….

  4. Kevin H

    Amir Garrett hit Jesse Winker today. Royals vs Mariners. Wonder what that video looks like. Lol

    • Kevin H

      Nevermind. Saw video. Garrett had no reaction. Jesse kinda looked at him but not ill will or anything

  5. Old-school

    Lodolo bright spot
    Steere big hit
    Diaz the closer in 2023

    Nice win with 3 key rookies making the difference.

    • JayTheRed

      I have to say Law has looked pretty good out of the buillpen too. Hopefully we can keep him for next year.

  6. DaveCT

    It’s been good to see Lodolo work through the tough innings. This is the type of player development that helps the team next year, IMO, vs in the last rebuild watching our rookie pitchers get clobbered time and again.

    Editorial Comment: If you aren’t watching the Mariners, what’s stopping you? Our formers Reds are really fun to watch as is this team. Julio is the real deal. Ty France can flat out hit. Geno is a team leader. They have an excellent defensive team. Check out their bullpen. I wish I knew how they did it, but I can say this is how its done. Young, power arms blowing people away. I’m happy for Castillo, especially, but the others getting their shot at the post season.

  7. RedsGettingBetter

    To be honest I thought the Reds went to split the series or at least they had chance to do it but they were able to avoid the sweep…This is the only way the Reds can win, just giving 1 or 2 runs not more… This offense is terrible and harmless… BTW Is Fraly hurt?
    Nick Lodolo could be the ace of the Reds rotation in 2023. He makes me remember Steve Carlton , hopefully Lodolo could make eventually the half of Carlton did in his career, at least, it would be wonderful…

    • Doc

      Fraley – eye infection I believe I read.

      • Jim Walker

        It was clear as Fraley’s K rate skyrocketed since being beaned that he wasn’t seeing the ball as well and was swinging through a lot of pitches he wasn’t missing before. If he is hurting and it is an eye infection, I am actually glad that it’s what’s going on with him versus fallout from being beaned going on 2 weeks ago.

  8. MBS

    With all the talk about extending players in the offseason, my 2 cents would be Lodolo should be 1st on the list, with Diaz just behind in 2nd place.

    • David

      I think that it is pretty clear, despite what I may have thought 5 months ago and his durability, Lodolo has had the best, most consistent year of the “big three” (Ashcraft, Lodolo, Greene).
      He should be the first to be “extended”.
      Extend Diaz, sure.
      Sometime next year, I would extend India and Stephenson.
      I think it is possible that India is the Left Fielder in the future game of musical chairs.

      Spencer Steer could play 2nd or third. But Encarnacion-Strand would probably be at 3rd base. Alex McGarry would be at 1st. He finished the year at AAA, and I think hit 27 HR, between High A, AA and AAA (actually, none at AAA). Whether he plays AAA next year or part of the year could be a plan (ancient baseball experts say…yes). They could have a formidable AAA team next year. Depending on whether Siani stays at AAA or the ML; De La Cruz, Encarncion- Strand, McGarry, McClain, and many more.

  9. William

    I am for winning the next nine games in a row. I hate to lose and would watch no other team regularly that does. This is my childhood team. I have always been a Reds fan since I can remember living. I look forward to seeing them win.

    • Melvin

      Winning is always better than losing. It’s just not likely this year obviously. Rookies win the day and gets us to the “Big 60”. 🙂 When it comes to 100 losses or not I have a feeling it’s going to be REALLY close having to win three out of the last nine to avoid it.

    • 2020ball


      Only trash fans would root for losses

      • RedsFan11

        Tell me what’s the difference between 93-99 losses? Correct nothing. Bob and Phil get to go spouting on about this amazing historic franchise they i talk about but have committed nothing to.

        Now what if they reach 100 losses? Bob and Phil actually do contribute to this historic franchise by putting a product on the field that lost 100 games for only the 2nd time in the 150 year history. Maybe they’ll actually have to answer for something?

      • Luke J

        @RedsFan11 6. The answer is 6. The difference between 93-99 losses is 6. I will never root for a single loss more, even if I think some magical number in the loss column will lead to organizational change (hint, it won’t).

      • 2020ball

        nothing is right, the same applies to 100. I’m actually amazed I received any blowback on this, y’all can watch the Reds and root against them I guess. You deserve this trash front office if thats your attitude.

  10. Redsvol

    Went to the game yesterday – some observations;
    -GABP is a great place to take in a game.
    – lodolo was phenomenal. Very good control. Really 1 mistake pitch when he came out to start the inning and seemed to not be ready (1st pitch of inning and to renfroe)
    – Frield makes things happen. Had a couple bonehead plays but I live his aggressiveness.
    – love Farmer but he really has no business starting. Is a leader though.
    – the best at bats on the whole team came from Reynolds and Aquino. Both battled.
    – Reynolds’s plays good defense. Saved India on a couple bad throws.
    – very disappointing at bats from India, romaine and Farmer. India doesn’t look like a player worthy of an extension to me. Doesn’t make contact, trying to hit a home run on every at bat
    – bullpen was phenomenal – all 3.
    – Lopez very overmatched some at bats.
    – Brewers are a very fundamentally sound team. They don’t give runs away.
    – if I needed a utility player on my team it would be Reynolds’s. Very sound player. Doesn’t get enough credit.
    – India needs to hit better, because his defense at 2nd isn’t that good.
    – the ceiling of several hitters isn’t that high. You can win with them if you have outings like Lodolo had. If you’re starter gives up 4 runs, these players will struggle to score 5 runs. We definitely need 2/3 better offensive players.

    • old-school

      @ RV. Ive been interested watching the pattern of use for Reynolds by Bell( and Krall who are on same page.) He took at bats from outfielders earlier in the year and made the team as a back up SS. He’s now playing again all over the diamond including LF and has played RF and 1b. I’m not advocating for him next year, but he has the unique capacity to play SS and could do so if needed for more than a game or 2. Why would he be getting so much use all over the diamond in a meaningless year if the Reds weren’t planning a role for him in 2023?

      Looking at the profiles of players- Ive not seen Steer play SS but I get the impression its more as a 1 game fill-in type deal, not for 3 weeks or else that would be his primary position.

      Barrero is obviously the guy the Reds are trying to give an opportunity but I dont think you can assume anything in 2023 with JB. Hope he comes back in ST a different hitter but who knows.

      EDLC, MCClain, and others arent ready for MLB.

      Kyle Farmer may cost $ 5 million so Im wondering if Reds are looking at Reynolds as a cheaper version of Farmer and spend $4mil elsewhere in 2023 and non-tender Farmer.

      • LarkinPhillips

        This is a very interesting idea. I like Farmer, but I am also ok with seeing him leave if it saves 4 million and it is actually reinvested (in say a bullpen.) I don’t see a massive drop off in wins/losses from having Reynolds as a utility player verse Farmer as the utility. I do hate the idea of having Farmer sign a multi year deal, which is what I worry about the Reds doing this offseason with him being the “leader.”

      • Jim Walker

        OS> Could be you are right on about Reynolds. He has reached the same age as K.Farmer less several months without becoming arbitration eligible for next year (per BBRef). He appears to be online for arb eligibility after the 2023 season if he gets even half a season of service time in ‘ 23.

    • burtgummer01

      Sign Farmer to a 2 year contract,in 2023 he’s the starting ss and in 2024 one of the new young guys takes over and Farmer is a super sub
      Barrero can go away

    • Jim Walker

      @Redsvol>> I think India has been playing through injury at a much reduced ceiling since his 1st hamstring incident. Folks in high pay grade positions with the Reds are apparently OK with this. Given the team’s situation, I wonder about it. We will have to keep an eye out during the offseason to see if follow on treatment and/ or extended rehab is necessary.

  11. old-school

    Im not an expert on the 2023 draft but read a few pieces that there are some franchise type players in the top 3 with elite hitting OF LSU, dominant power arm Tennessee and elite high school OF from Indiana I believe. Would be nice if the Reds could get one of the 3.

    Sad state the Reds most interesting and optimistic times in 2022 will be the flurry of deals at the trade deadline and the draft lottery in December. That said, I cant remember a time when the Reds MLB roster and farm system has undergone such a radical transformation in 1 year. Just looking at the 40 man from a year ago to now and the pipeline of new young talent is dramatic.

    • Jon

      Somebody made an interesting comment awhile back, I believe it was on this site. The comment was to the effect that the Reds may be better off releasing Moustakas this winter before the Rule 5 draft, as a prospect added to the 40-man roster could be more valuable than spending $16 million to buy out Moose. It will be interesting to see what Krall does about this, as I believe Moose certainly deserves the Heyward/Cain/Akiyama treatment.

    • Jim Walker

      Pittsburgh and Oakland (what an ironic pairing in another pro sport!) are tied for the 2nd worst record. Reds are 4 games “behind” them in 4th and only half a game “ahead” of Detroit which is in 5th.

      That’s a lot of territory for the Reds to lose unless they are swept by the Pirates in the series starting Monday. The Pirates do close with 6 against the Cardinals. However, the Cardinals look to have no chance at a 1st round bye or home field advantage anywhere down the line after the wild card round; so, they may be in cruise mode versus the Pirates in these 6.

    • MBS

      @Old, I got to strongly disagree with you. The arrival of Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft, and Diaz were the most interesting/optimistic events of the season. That being said the trade deadline seems to be a big success, and I am intrigued by the decisions leading up to the 40 man decisions.

      • old-school

        I agree MBS. Didnt word that well. The development of the big 3 + Diaz is the best news of the year. I meant most meaningful weeks or episodes of time for Reds baseball were trade deadlines or upcoming draft lottery since 90+ losses. There weren’t any meaningful series/matchups/homestands after 3-22 nor was there AS player like Castellanos/Winker or ROY chase. On field baseball meh.

  12. Jon

    I think Kyle Farmer has made the front office’s offseason decision easy with his struggles at the plate, especially after the All Star break. He is simply not part of the Reds’ future, despite being a great leader. I don’t know who the starting SS and 3B will be in 2023, but Farmer is not the solution.

    • burtgummer01

      More than adequate for a year or 2 until the new young guys get here

  13. TR

    Kyle Farmer seems to have quiet leadership ability. He could be a future manager.

  14. Pete

    At minimum, I surely would love to see a new hitting instructor. I don’t know if Zinter is at fault, partially at fault or no fault at all but it’s worth the chance to try someone new. Before making the final and ultimate decision on Brerreo and Aquino it would be great to see someone else try their hand at helping these fellows.

    The strike outs are an organizational wide issue. Dayton led the universe in strikeouts. Good things can happen if the ball is put in play. Nothing tends to happen if you just strike out.

    • Jim Walker

      Aquino has looked “fixed” not once but twice this year. Once from when he came back to MLB from AAA in mid to late May until his ankle injury not quite a month later (.280+ BA/ 115 OPS) then the recent run that ended with the 0/22 (or whatever) slide.

      Could be there is somebody in Louisville who knows him best. However, as much as I have advocated for AA, it is likely he just has a complicated batting style that is hard to get and keep dialed in and too easy to slip out of kilter.

      I do think Bell did Aquino no favors by riding him so hard in the 1st half of September when he was super hot, playing him in 15 games consecutive games in 13 (or 14) days due to the 2 doubleheaders. But if Bell needed to answer the question of whether AA could be the next 2021 version of Castellanos with the added benefit of outstanding defense, maybe he got his answer.

  15. Kevin H

    India doesn’t look worthy of a contract extension. Wow, just wow…

    Rookie of year last season. What I saw made good plays last year, Yes its this year and I know that, but my gosh some on here want perfection from players. I mean literally they want perfection. India will be fine and a leader.

    Aquino has one good stretch or a good month and he is the next coming of Babe Ruth for some. LOL

    I needed a good laugh today.. Thanks

  16. Kevin H

    What does it mean to be called a “fanboy” seems degrading to me. Not sure if I should be offended or not.. LOL

    • MadMike

      When in doubt, use urbandictionary to decipher terms that the kids use

    • David

      When I came to Redleg Nation, I was a fan boy.

      Now that I have been here for a while, I am a fan man.

      See the difference? 🙂

      Some people don’t.

    • Doug Gray

      I think that generally it’s used to insult someone. And that it’s being used as a way of saying you will basically ignore anything that is happening that isn’t good and only view things through the best, most well intentioned of ways rather than through a realistic prism of what’s actually happening and taking place.

  17. Harry Stoner

    The Rule 5 / 40 man roster decisions are big ones for Bull Krall.

    Do you hang on to Aquino, Moose, Farmer, Reynolds, the Other Farmer, Cruz and put some of the high-cost-in-trades Young Turk prospects at risk?

    Do you expose Fairchild and Lopez to Rule 5? They’ll likely get snapped up after their end of season performance.

    I’d release / NT Moose, K Farmer and Reynolds with the thought of resigning after the smoke clears. Hang on to B Farmer and Cruz.

    Let Aquino go if you need the room. I hate to say it but Fairchild is a better option at the moment and others will be coming along soon.

    • Indy Red Man

      I know I’ve said this a hundred times, but I love a big arm in RF in a small park like Gabp. RF scoops up a hit on the track in SF so what? It’s a double. Aquino in RF collects one off the wall and it’s a single. You also better hit it to the track if you want a sac fly.

      Aquino has attributes. Senzel is just a guy, an often injured guy. I’d love to see Fairchild, Lopez, and Aquino in the mix next year. Big fan of Max Schrock’s swing, but he’s always hurt too. Adios!

      • Jim Walker

        Unless Fairchild pulls an AA type zilch for 9 games and also makes a bunch of poor plays in the OF the rest of the way, he has to be the best all around OF currently on the team; and, would give Naquin and Pham a run for that rank over the entire season.

      • old-school

        @ Jim. You get your wish
        Fairchild hitting 5th in CF tonight against a righty no less
        Aquino in RF
        Steer 3b
        Farmer DH
        Reynolds 1b.
        Barrero SS

        I think we are watching 40 man roster crunching.

        No Lopez. Fraley must still be out and Siani got his cup of coffee against Burnes and Woodruff.

        It would seem Lopez is one of the odd-men out

      • Jim Walker

        @OS And you know that hurt me to put Fairchild ahead of Aquino but AA is just (to borrow a phrase) too prone to peaks and valleys in his offense. 😉

      • Old-school

        @ Jim
        Found a good article on the athletic- paywall written by grant Brisbee in June when the Giants had him. There were only 20 position players taken ahead of him in his draft. Brisbee makes the point hes got tools- particularly in the field with plus speed, throwing arm and defense in CF. It sounds like he got caught up in the numbers game as a 25 yo and the mariners and Giants were busy making other moves. If he’s a good defensive CF then put him there. Friedl isnt one. Senzel isnt one. Fraley isnt and Siani is but isnt ready yet.

        Id like the Reds to get back to realizing CF is a specific tool set and only a few can do it. IF EDLC ultimately lands there…great. But I’ve seen enough from the Reds current outfielders to know they dont have a credible center fielder. See what Fairchild can do the last 10 games with Siani getting a few more cups of coffee in between.

    • BK

      Fairchild and Lopez aren’t considerations from a Rule 5 perspective. Both are on the 40-man roster and would be exposed via waivers to every other team. Both will have an option remaining next year, too. So, another team could simply claim them and option them (far more flexibility than the Rule 5 process) if they wanted them. Personally, I expect the Reds to retain both on the 40-man throughout the offseason. Keep in mind I’m awful at predicting Red’s moves.

      • Jim Walker

        Lopez could get caught in a stupid “numbers game” and end up being exposed to waivers. No way that happens with Fairchild unless the Reds switch philosophies again and sign or trade for an MLB proven high end RH hitting OF.

      • Old Big Ed

        They have about five 4th-outfielder types — Aquino, Fairchild and Senzel as RH hitters, and Fraley and Friedl as LH hitters. Siani (LH) will be in the mix, and maybe another from within the system will make his way up next year.

        That is going to be a pretty bad outfield, unless someone breaks out into a legit 500 AB guy. That is unlikely, but these guys are all still young enough where it is not just a pipe dream.

        The wild card is Elly De La Cruz, who wants to stay at SS but also wants to be in The Show. EDLC to me computes as a classic CF, and within a month would likely be the best defensive outfielder on the team. He still needs some development time, to work on his pitch selection, but he is by far the most important player in the organization.

      • BK

        Regarding Fairchild … I’d like to see the K rate improve and simply see him more. His K-rate is improving, and he just needs the playing time to demonstrate consistency. As stated above, solid fielder, speed, and arm. If he hits, what’s not to like?