The Cincinnati Reds will be looking to close out the series with a win against the Brewers and avoid being swept. Milwaukee will turn to Freddy Peralta to try and complete the sweep and keep their playoff hopes alive. The Reds are sending Nick Lodolo to the mound and he’ll be trying to keep his strong second half going and put a stop to the team’s losing streak. First pitch is set for 1:40pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Here’s the lineup for this afternoon’s series finale:

Milwaukee Brewers

Cincinnati Reds

Andrew McCutchen – DH TJ Friedl – LF
Willy Adames – SS Jonathan India – 2B
Christian Yelich – LF Kyle Farmer – SS
Hunter Renfroe – RF Spencer Steer – 3B
Mike Brosseau – 3B Stuart Fairchild – CF
Luis Urias – 2B Alejo Lopez – DH
Keston Hiura – 1B Aristides Aquino – RF
Victor Caratini – C Matt Reynolds – 1B
Tyrone Taylor – CF Austin Romine – C
Freddy Peralta – SP Nick Lodolo – SP

Starting Pitchers

Nick Lodolo 92.1 3.90 1.27 33 120
Freddy Peralta 70.1 3.45 1.02 25 76
Links: Nick Lodolo’s Stats | Freddy Peralta’s Stats

Nick Lodolo

A majority of Nick Lodolo’s starts have come at home where he’s gotten the ball 11 of the 17 times he’s pitched this season. He’s been a lot better at home, posting a 2.98 ERA (5.63 on the road).

When it comes to facing lefties and righties there’s a clear difference. Teams rarely send lefties to the plate against Lodolo – he’s faced nearly seven times as many righties this season – but when they do get a chance to they aren’t doing much of anything as they’ve hit .116 with one extra-base hit. Righties have found more success, but they’ve been having less success as the season has gone along. In the second half they have an OPS of just .703 against him after posting an OPS of .980 against him in the first half (six starts).


RHH 346 79 13 2 12 29 100 .262 .356 .439
LHH 50 5 1 0 0 4 20 .116 .240 .140

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Change Curve
Velo 94.5 94.2 88.3 81.6
Usage 26.2% 32.4% 10.6% 30.8%

Freddy Peralta

Not shown below is that Freddy Peralta has been better on the road than he has at home this season…. sort of. His ERA is 2.67 on the road and 4.05 at home. But hitters had an OPS that is 53 points higher on the road – a .591 OPS to .538 OPS advantage.

When it comes to lefties and righties there’s not a huge difference there, but right-handed hitters do have an advantage. They’ve hit .206 and make more contact than lefties do, but they also walk less. Lefties only real area they aren’t doing as well as righties is in hitting singles. Neither lefties or righties are having much success at all against Peralta.


RHH 160 30 7 0 3 12 40 .206 .269 .315
LHH 126 17 3 2 2 13 36 .156 .256 .275

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Slider Change Curve
Velo 92.6 80.3 85.8 76.0
Usage 55.4% 19.4% 10.7% 14.5%

When and Where

  • Game time: 1:40pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 72°, sunny, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Roster moves/injury news

Art Warren underwent surgery to repair his UCL. That is not the same thing as Tommy John, but details are still scarce at this point about what procedure it was that he had done.

43 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    Well, no Kolten Wong to start the day, so that’s a positive note.

    Hoping Lodolo has an “on” day today. Really hoping he and Greene can finish strong and carry that into the offseason.

    BTW, I don’t say it enough, Doug, but thanks for all you and the RLN team do to keep this forum running. Especially in a tough year like this, we can find common ground and camaraderie here. I’m stashing away some end-of-season points for you and the staff to be awarded closer to the end of the campaign.

    • Doug Gray

      Is it a positive note given how incredible Lodolo is against lefties?

      • Mark Moore

        From where I sit, Lodolo himself is a positive note. Incredible against lefties scores bonus points … 😀

  2. Mark Moore

    I’ll admit I’ve only heard DTBell speak a couple of times. Just now, WLW played a pre-game interview with him. I’m sure he’s a fine gentleman and we’ve heard repeatedly how much the players “love him”. And I get that could be important. But what I don’t hear (or see much) is the kind of passion I like to see in a MLB manager. I just don’t.

    Instead I hear and see somebody who is in over his head at this level and doesn’t get the kind of support any MLB manager should from the FO. So he’s doing what they want and the frustration and mediocrity just continues.

    I’ve been a fan since the mid-70’s when we moved to Southern NY State and I lived among Yankee fans. Before that, we kids in New Jersey were always imitating the Miracle Mets. But my personal love affair with the Queen City Redlegs has gone on now for almost 50 years. 1990 was still probably the high point for me.

    This season probably ranks somewhere near the bottom of my fan experience. Last season, I had a trip to Cincy all booked and killed in when they couldn’t win squat to close it out. I barely even toyed with the idea of a trip to see them this year (The upcoming Pittsburgh series was a passing option). I’d love to go to Goodyear (had to cancel a trip several years ago for medical reasons), but the burning desire just isn’t there.

    I’m sticking it out until the end with y’all. But it isn’t easy by any stretch. I don’t follow much in terms of the advanced analytics. I’m a little too old for that. I’m just a fan. And I want what any fan wants. To win some ballgames and see young players blossom in front of our eyes.

    Nice inning by India and Lodolo to start things off. Now for the Crooked Number Parade!

  3. Mark Moore

    It was too much to ask the Bernies to rest both Wong and Renfroe. Nick should have plunked him today.

  4. Mark Moore

    Are we really gonna let Bernie sweep us at home to close our season with them? I mean, I know they are a LOT better team, but another 4-game sweep?

    C’mon, man!

  5. Mark Moore

    Bit of luck for us on that one. Out hit by batted ball doesn’t happen often. Good timing for this one.

  6. Jim Walker

    Good recovery by Lodolo and the Reds to escape what could have been a serious mess in T2nd.

    The quick clean play and return by Fairchild of the double off the wall saving the 2nd run is one of those “little plays” which often go unnoticed but can change the complexion of an inning and a game.

    • Mark Moore

      Definitely saved a run and set things up for the 3rd “weird” out.

      I was thinking I was left alone to talk to myself today 😀

      • Jim Walker

        I also am not a pro football fan, and CBJ left all their big name skaters in Columbus for the streamed back / home half of the split squad exhibition doubleheader to open their preseason. The puck doesn’t drop for that one until early evening.

  7. Jim Walker

    Hey! A decent PA by AA. Peralta wasn’t about to risk throwing him anything that remotely resembled a fastball or even a breaking ball high enough to get hung in the hitting zone.

  8. Mark Moore

    Is that where we say, “At least we turned the line-up over”?

    asking for a friend

  9. Mark Moore

    TJ getting a little chin music for a HBP.

  10. Mark Moore

    TOOTBLAN to end the inning. Cowboy called it a bonehead move.

  11. Jim Walker

    All those people watching football just missed a Tootblan!

  12. Mark Moore

    It dawns on my, Cowboy is kind of channeling Marty and his “crabby old guy get off my lawn” persona. Not nearly as severe by any stretch, but he’s definitely not been shy with his criticism. I still find him the easiest to listen to of any from either WLW or Bally.

  13. Mark Moore

    We will definitely take runs any way Bernie will give them to us.

  14. Mark Moore

    TJ … really? After the TOOTBLAN you can’t execute anything productive?

    • Chris Holbert

      I think the real TJ has returned from his previous good hiatus….

  15. Mark Moore

    That feeling when just tying it up is a let down 😮

  16. LDS

    Mark & Jim, flying solo today I see. Making it interesting for those of us who aren’t paying attention, who’ll read the comments later. Go Brew Crew, we want 102.

    • Mark Moore

      Happy to be of service to the loyal RLN fans.

  17. Mark Moore

    For those not watching, you just missed a fantastic cover play by Lodolo. You’ll want to find it after the game. It ended the Bernie’s half of the 5th.

  18. Mark Moore

    Lodolo hasn’t been as sharp as we’ve seen him pitch, but he’s pitching well enough to win. Sadly, unless we can back him with a crooked number or two, he’ll get another no decision notch on his belt.

    Quality start with under 100 pitches through 6. Not sure DTBell will risk running him out there in the 7th today.

  19. Mark Moore

    Law in for the 7th. Again, too bad we didn’t back Lodolo up today with enough runs. At least it isn’t a loss, though.

  20. Mark Moore

    Y’all missed a pretty nifty GIDP started by Law after his glove got knocked off. Ended the 7th if you go look for it.

  21. Mark Moore

    OK, RoY. Time to show us your stuff.

  22. Mark Moore

    HP Chumpire’s inconsistency benefiting us a bit here.

    • Mark Moore

      Until the backwards K happened.

      Now it’s up to the Farm Dawg.

  23. Mark Moore

    Spencer Steer back in the plus column for his 2nd MLB HR. Now we have a lead to protect and only 3 Bernies to retire.

  24. Mark Moore

    HP Chumpire is NOT on Lopez’s Christmas card list.

  25. Mark Moore

    Diaz on for the 9th to get us three measly outs. Feels weird to have a lead at this point. It’s been a very long time.

    • Mark Moore

      Just don’t walk Bernie, OK Alexis?

    • Mark Moore

      You popped in at just the right time, Kevin.

  26. Mark Moore

    Adames, Yelich, and Renfro for Diaz. He handled the first two very well.

    • Mark Moore

      K’d the side to save it and we finally get one of those wins.

  27. Mark Moore

    It was a rookie trifecta today between Lodolo, Steer, and Diaz. I say bring ’em all out for Day.